Deep Sea (2023) Movie Script

- Mama!
Mama! Mama!
Mama! Don't go!
No! No!
Please! Don't leave me alone!
Mama! Don't leave me!
- This
rain won't let up.
- You got drenched.
Don't catch a cold.
- I'll be fine after I dry off.
ShenXiu, what's going on?
Come on! How many
times have I told you?
- All right, LaoJin!
- Behave on the bus.
- Don't be
so tough on the kid.
- I have to, she never listens.
- Sweetpea, come here.
Quit messing with your sister.
You're so well behaved!
- Yeah well,
you're a little troublemaker.
- Aren't you?
Oh yes you are.
- Yeah.
- Mama's little one.
So cute.
- Mama.
I dreamed about you again.
Are you all right?
I don't know what
city you're in now.
Dad says I'm not the
same as I was before.
But if you saw me on the street,
you'd still recognize
me, wouldn't you?
- All right, come on.
Here we are.
- This way
to board the ship.
- Let's go.
- This way, everyone.
- ShenXiu!
Come on, come on!
- I'm coming.
Mama, today's a special day.
Dad's taking us on a cruise.
I'm finally going
to see the ocean.
I'm so excited.
- Mama, look, seagulls!
- Don't let
the moment pass you by!
Get your photos. Ten
yuan apiece!
- Okay.
I remember when I was little
you told me the story
about the Hyjinx.
You said, on your birthday,
if you make a wish to the sea
it would come, take you and
make your wish come true.
- Come
on, come on, let's,
let's take a photo, right?
Come on!
- Look, honey, doesn't he
look like a little sea otter?
- Yeah, he does!
- It's true, he does.
Oh, ShenXiu, hurry,
come and join us.
Come on, sweetie.
- Come on, ShenXiu!
- Okay.
- Take this.
- Come on.
- Here we go!
- Take this!
- Oh, look at you,
you look so cute.
- Sir, arm
around your daughter.
- Oh, all right.
- All right, done.
Come and have a look.
- How do they look?
- Papa?
- It's really pretty-
- Hey, Papa, I-
- Yeah, yeah, sure. Go play.
Just come back before dinner.
- This little
one's so cute.
- Oh, yeah!
- We can always
do another one, you know?
- Okay.
- 'Cause it came out so great.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- How about one more?
- That's good.
Okay, all right.
- It's beautiful.
- This is a 6-day,
7-night luxury cruise.
- At this price,
it's totally worth it.
- Hey!
- Whoo! Mama!
- Oh, there you are!
- Clown? Do you want a clown?
- No, no, no!
- We're
going to have dinner.
- One more minute?
- Huh?
- It's getting dark.
- One more second?
- Hey, little friend.
- Huh?
- Buy a copy?
The Legend of the
Deep Sea Restaurant.
168 yuan. So cheap.
- I'm sorry, sir, I-
I was just looking.
- Mm! Hey now, no
buying, no looking.
What if you ruin it?
Go on! Get outta here!
- Sweetpea, don't run so fast.
Come here, honey!
Be careful.
- Hey, come here.
Look. Look at this.
A lollipop.
- I want, I want, I want.
I want, I want, I want.
- LaoJin, don't drink so much.
- Oh, all right.
- Let's see.
Valued customer, China
Mobile wishes you
a happy birthday-
- ShenXiu?
- A joyful and
beautiful life.
- ShenXiu!
- Huh?
- All right, everyone.
Here's to Sweetpea's
turning three in school.
Cheers! Our
little boy is growing up!
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
- Cheers!
Oh, here we go.
You are just right.
- The Hyjinx and the little
girl swam to a big castle.
It was her mama calling
her with a song.
- All right, cake's
- Your cake is here.
- Cake's here, make a wish!
- I wanna be with Mama forever!
- Okay! We'll be
together forever!
We'll never be apart!
- Come on, then.
- Mama?
- Wake up. Wake up!
Wake up. Wake up!
Wake up.
- Huh?
Huh? Huh?
You're singing Mama's song.
You're the Hyjinx?
- Mama.
- Mama?
Where are you going?
- Mama.
- You're taking me to find Mama?
Hey, you know where
Mama is, don't you?
- Mama!
- Hello?
Is anyone here?
- Look at this.
The food here is awful.
They make it look so fancy.
Why even bother!
- Exactly! This
is only the first day.
I haven't had one decent meal!
7-day luxury cruise?
More like a weight-loss camp!
- Classic
bait and switch.
I'm leaving. Even if
I have to swim back.
- Wait,
wait, wait! Sir, sir!
Just, just have a cigarette.
- Just one question.
The tomato egg dish.
A whole unchopped tomato?
You kidding me, huh?
- And
oyster ice cream.
I've never heard
of such a thing!
- Chocolate
covered intestines?
That's disgusting.
- All I want now
is some porridge.
That's all!
Look at me. I'm so hungry,
my gills are shrinking!
- Huh? What?
- Well, it's just that our
boss here is innovative!
The dishes are all
his creation, sir.
- A walrus?
- I beg you. No more creations.
All right? I'm sick of it.
They're not working.
Just bring me a bowl
of Dough Drop Soup!
- What do you know?
Our signature dish just
happens to be Dough Drop Soup!
- What have I been saying?
You take me for a fool?
Huh? What is this?
This looks like
an octopus. Right?
- Oh my.
- Isn't this seafood?
- Oh God.
- Hey, careful!
- Don't you dare!
- That is bad luck!
Oh, no, no!
- You're bad luck!
- It's disgusting!
- Uh, you're bad luck!
Just get outta here!
Just go!
Come on! Just, just get!
Go on! Go!
- Oh! Back away!
- Back off! Back off!
- Back off!
- Don't touch me!
- No! I can't take it.
It's the last straw!
Leave me alone!
Okay, okay.
Oh! Oh, oh!
I said it was the last straw!
- The squid is growing!
- No! What's going on?
Watch out!
- I'm turning back to normal.
- Our ratings
are back to 1-star.
These guests are too finicky.
Right, Lucky?
My food's just avant garde.
I don't cut corners.
Ah, whatever.
I've been needing a
vacation anyways!
Dare hit me in public?
- Sir.
Don't hurt it.
- Where did you come from?
- It's taking me
to find my mama.
Don't hurt it.
- What do you
think you're doing?
You'd better let
go! You hear me?
- Man! Hm?
- What a joke!
What was she thinking?
Mm? Whose phone is this?
Well, it's mine now.
- NanHe! NanHe!
The little girl just
now. Did you see her?
- I kicked her out.
- Oh?
- Mm? You're all wet.
- Don't worry about me, I'll
be fine after I dry off.
What do you mean
you kicked her out?
- I'm telling you,
LaoJin, all I do is work!
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Is anyone even eating?
- Uh, no.
- We're here! Please help us!
We're right here!
- What's done is done.
Not even my parents
were this hard on me.
- What about our debts?
- We'll pay them
back sooner or later.
- Oh, I promised our
customers Dough Drop Soup.
- Wait.
- What?
- Dough Drop Soup?
LaoJin. Look!
I caught the Hyjinx!
According to legend,
one small taste
you'll be drunk with laughter.
- No way, that thing
looks really weird.
Seriously, you can't
cook with that.
- Come on, it's not that
complicated, really!
Fresh produce is often
the main ingredient
in the simplest of dishes.
So go on and get
the guests back.
I'm making Dough Drop
Soup, my friend.
- You're really gonna eat it?
- Come on, let's go!
- Aren't you
afraid something's off?
- Eat it?
- October.
Harvest season.
Northern monsoons
nourish rich crops.
- Wait!
- Fields of golden wheat,
crimson red chilies,
crisp green vegetables,
fattened duck,
crystal prawns,
succulent ham,
and the freshest
fish of the sea.
Nature's bounty supplies
the Deep Sea Restaurant
with prime ingredients.
Exquisite cuisine requires
an exceptional chef.
Stir frying, oil braising,
sauteing, flash frying.
A delicate blend of ingredients.
Fresh aromas guaranteed to
stir your deepest desires.
Of all the delicacies
none surpass
our 100-year old secret recipe.
The Intoxicating
Dough Drop Soup!
- Please be careful!
It's the boss's pride and joy.
Don't spill a drop, okay?
- Is he experimenting again?
Doesn't he know better?
- You have to ask?
- Unbelievable, I
mean, this soup tastes funny.
I'm not sure. Are we
really serving it?
- I said make normal
Dough Drop Soup.
He just has to be so creative.
If the customers complain again,
I'm not covering for him!
By my witness, I won't!
- Food isn't just food,
but a journey to
cleanse the soul.
- Sorry.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
- Wait for me!
- Excuse me.
- Wait for me!
- That monster
that came from the ocean.
- Maybe
it's hungry like us.
- Seems like
it can't swim very well.
- Did you happen
to notice in its eyes,
that deep look of gloom?
- So many eyes! Which
one are you talking about?
- Get moving there!
- Ladies and
gentlemen, this way please.
- I heard the
food today is edible.
- Always the
optimist. We'll see.
- Waiter!
- Yes, sir.
- Which table was I at?
- Table 10, sir.
- Oh-oh-oh,
my memory's not so good.
- You're a
goldfish. That's normal.
- We're at table 9.
- The blueberry
bun isn't bad today.
Tastes like it was
kneaded with feet.
- Can you please stop
spinning the table?
You're making me dizzy.
- I'm just looking
for something edible.
Just take another selfie.
- Look at this dish.
- It's called Star Gazing.
- More like
Eyes Wide Shucked.
And this one?
- Our
Humble Apologies.
- No need to
apologize. Bad review.
- Sir! Please don't!
Wait, hold it right there.
Why don't you try
our Dough Drop Soup?
It's intoxicating.
- Hmm, what's that?
You are giving me goosebumps,
you know that?
- Oh! Let me tell you.
This delicious soup is just
what the doctor ordered.
And one customer
took just one sip
and swam 1,500 meters
with one single breath.
- But I just want
something light.
- Oh yeah, it's
really light, it is!
- Looks safe enough.
Let's try it.
- Yes, yes! Try it!
Sure! You'll see!
Ha! Say the word, coming
right up, and there it is!
- Oh! Isn't that the
girl with the bad luck?
What's she doing here?
With her here, we're doomed.
- We've got to get rid of her.
- Go get the boss!
Here's the manager,
where's the boss?
- Nobody move! Hold your breath!
Don't breath it in.
- My little bears.
- ShenXiu. Come.
Come to Mama.
- My mama!
- ShenXiu. Come here.
- What are you doing?
- Come try this.
- Ah!
- Wow!
- Huh? Ha?
- Ah!
- Huh!
Are you kidding?
- Oh!
- Hey, boss! What
is this thing, huh?
- This-
- I'll tell you what it is!
Rubber Sole Stew! Is that right?
I understand experimenting,
but you can't just
throw everything in it!
- It's tofu?
- What?
Wheat gluten.
- Wheat gluten?
- That's right.
It's delicious.
Please enjoy.
- Huh?
Listen, are you doing
this on purpose?
Huh? Are you?
You still chewing? Spit it out!
Do it!
Are listening to me?
- Huh? Ha, look, I'm sorry, sir.
I- I didn't mean to.
- Get out of here.
- But I. But I think
my mama's here.
- I told you your
mother's not here!
Oh, we're just playing around.
The show will begin
in just a moment.
- Oh, oh, you're the clown.
- Take a seat.
- Have a good show.
- Go ahead.
- All right.
- Be right with you.
How many times have I told you
that you're in the wrong place.
Look around you.
Do any of these fish
look like your mom?
What about me?
- Uh-uh.
- And what about this guy?
- Uh-uh.
- Enough. Why don't you go
look somewhere else, huh?
You're bad for business.
- Mm-hmm. But.
But don't eat it, okay?
- Don't eat what?
- The Hyjinx you caught earlier.
- Ah! I told you that
the Hyjinx is mine!
- No, but it seems that
Mama told it to come.
It knows me.
- It knows you?
- Yes!
- Sure. Yeah!
Huh? You call it, see
if it answers back.
- No, it's true! It,
it knows Mama's song.
- Ah, you're crazy,
you know that?
It's just humming,
not singing at all.
- Mama must have sent it.
Sir, I'm begging you.
- Don't call me sir!
- Please,
if you just let it
go, I'll do anything!
- Quiet! Quiet!
Quiet! Quiet!
Quiet! Quiet!
Quiet! Quiet!
Quiet! Quiet!
- You're ordering us around now?
- Let's get out of here.
- Today, I'd rather swim the
Pacific than be in this place!
Worst case scenario we swim
for 6 days and 7 nights.
- Customers, don't go, please!
- They can
play by themselves.
- It was
supposed to be fun.
- Hm?
Okay, let's go.
Come, come, come!
- Boss. Boss!
- Come on! Bring out the soup.
Hey, ladies and gentlemen!
Can I have your attention?
Next what you're all
about to see.
In my hand I
hold mysterious magic.
You mustn't look away.
The Deep Sea Restaurant's
most creative dish!
Intoxicating Dough Drop Soup!
- Nope!
- Not made
in our kitchen.
Especially ordered for you.
- What?
Not made from this kitchen?
Maybe it's ordered in.
- Boss,
now this is it!
- Huh! I should've
done this sooner!
- Attention, NanHe!
Come to the kitchen!
In the kitchen, quick!
Hurry up and get to the kitchen!
- What the heck?
- The clown. Clown.
- LaoJin,
can't you see I'm busy?
What's wrong now?
- Did you get rid of the girl?
I told you to get rid of
the girl. She's bad luck!
The Red Phantom is right
outside the window.
- I tossed her out.
Not far enough?
- How could you do that?
How could you be
so careless, huh?
- This is such bad luck.
- We're finished!
Now the Red Phantom will
suffocate us!
- I'll take a look.
Prepare to set sail.
- Heaven and Earth!
Somebody save us!
- And now, what's
gotten into them?
- Ha!
- Everyone get
up! Quick, get up!
Full speed
ahead! Full speed ahead!
Faster! Faster!
- Strawberry!
- Folks! That's the Red Phantom!
Oh! If you're caught,
you'll suffocate!
- Faster!
You got to pedal harder!
- Sweetpea.
- The ship's almost sunk.
Stop messing around.
Go play somewhere else.
- Oh my God.
- Come on now!
We've got to clean
up this red mess.
Keep the Red Phantom
away from here.
Well that's brave, applying
it as a facial masks.
- Good for the skin.
- Come on now!
- Sweet melon!
- Didn't you eat enough?
- No, I didn't.
- You didn't?
Hey, everyone!
What's up?
- Find him.
I've been starving for days.
- You'll have to take it
up with the boss, okay?
- Hm! This girl's bad luck.
She really summoned
up the Red Phantom.
Hm, good thing it wasn't big.
- Sir!
I'm begging you.
- You're back?
- Let the Hyjinx go.
Only the Hyjinx can
help me find my mama.
- Let it go you say?
- I beg you, sir.
- You know how much this Hyjinx
is worth, little girl, huh?
You gonna pay for that?
- I can, I can, I can.
If you let it go,
I can stay behind.
- What good are you?
If you summon the
Red Phantom again
we're all as good
as dead, you hear!
- So are you saying that,
are you saying that
the red thing is here
because of what I did?
- Why else? Huh!
That thing loves to prey
on gloomy little girls
like you, sweetie.
No, wait!
Don't be scared! I'm
just teasing you.
The Red Phantom is just
looking for trouble, you see?
Uh, the Red Phantom goes
away, as long as you're okay.
Here, let's look at you.
What's with your hair?
Here, let me fix that.
Be happy. Be happy that
everything will be fine!
- Get over here!
- You get over here!
- Get away! Quick!
I'll tell you what.
I promise you this will
never happen again.
I swear. I swear, I swear-
- Shut your trap.
We want Dough Drop Soup.
- Right!
- What did you say?
- That thing is so delicious,
you should've served it sooner.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
Uh, the thing is, uh,
well, this soup is not cheap.
No, it's not. It's, uh.
- I don't care! I want
some, I want some more!
Give it to me!
I want soup!
Out of the way!
- I, I'm all right.
- Sir?
- Hm?
- Can you
let the Hyjinx go?
- Why heavens?
Can you please change
the subject for once?
Just leave it alone, okay?
Wait a minute. Let me
think for a second.
- This
kid is adorable.
- Hey, wait! Okay,
how about this?
I'll hold on to the Hyjinx,
use a couple days for promos.
And you can help
out in the kitchen.
Uh, take a look up there.
Once we reach 5 stars,
I'll let it go at once.
What do you think, girl?
- Really?
- Yeah!
My business relies
on word-of-mouth.
- So you won't eat it?
- Eat it? It's our lucky mascot!
I would never do anything to it.
What do you say?
We work together,
then it's all yours.
- Um.
- Yeah, it's a deal done!
Now get to work, okay?
- Thank you, sir.
- No, no, no. Can
stop calling me sir.
Call me NanHe.
- Oh, uh, thank you, NanHe, sir.
- Forget it.
Look out!
- Huh? You're really
letting her stay?
If she summons the Red Phantom-
- That's why-
- Then what?
- We keep her amused.
As long as we keep her happy,
the Red Phantom won't appear.
We'll dock in five days.
We get as far away
from her as possible!
- ShenXiu! What a
beautiful name you have.
I'm Ahua. I'm good
at making dolls.
- I'm Lao Li. Do you like
blueberry buns, little girl?
- Oyster ice cream,
that's what I make.
- What are you all doing, huh?
Enough chitchat! Hurry up!
- All right, LaoJin,
enough with that.
Don't be so tough on the kid.
Go, go, go. Off to work we go.
- Ooh!
Ooh, yeah!
- This way!
- Just one more drop and then.
No problem. Keep her happy.
- Sorry,
sorry, sorry!
Service with a smile!
- Stay calm.
- There you go.
- Oh, lovely, finally 2 stars.
- It's true!
Got my stars back
Definitely my stars
are back again
- Huh?
Is this for me?
- My stars!
- Water fight? Come on, guys!
Quit playing!
- I'm rich!
- ShenXiu! Ooh!
- Hurry it up! Will ya?
- Soon I can
get rid of this baggage.
- NanHe made a new animation.
Let's go watch.
- On the vast ocean,
handsome Captain NanHe
and his gallant crew
look for Captain
Nemo's treasure.
Mysterious stars.
Toot, toot!
Let's go!
I'm really so handsome.
Hm? It's the Red Phantom!
Heroic crew, to
the stars! Ahead!
Defeat the Red Phantom!
Defeat the Red Phantom!
Defeat the Red Phantom!
- It's hurts. It's hurts.
- Uh-oh.
- Mama!
I want my mama!
- ShenXiu, the Red Phantom
looks just like you.
- What are you doing here?
There's a pile of dirty
dishes. Go wash 'em!
- Uh, listen,
we dock tomorrow.
Don't cause trouble now, okay?
Uh, today, none of us are
going to work, all right?
Uh, we're, uh, having a party.
- What do you mean a party?
- Listen up, everyone.
Bad luck, here, uh, she's, um.
- ShenXiu.
- She, yeah, ShenXiu!
She may be lots of trouble
but she works really hard.
Starting today, we
welcome her to our family!
- Oh, oh, you're heavy, mister!
- Party's
over. Back to work now.
- Are you always this heavy?
ShenXiu, almost 5 stars.
You happy, darling?
- ShenXiu. Not bad.
This kid. So grown up, hmm!
It's just that sometimes
you're not really smiling.
In the service industry
if you fake your smiles
the guests can tell.
Take me. See?
Do you have any happy
thoughts? Think about it.
Go on. Here, I'll
tell you a joke.
See if we can get you
to smile.
A while back, on our ship,
we had this little white seal.
This little seal
loved to smile a lot.
Not like you, little
girl, so sullen.
One day I asked him,
"Little seal, you're
so happy all the time.
What's your secret?"
And he said.
He said, he said, "Sir, I,
a dog.
That's how I look."
Got a cramp in my tongue!
Okay, okay! Enough!
- You are
so funny!
- Oh,
weather's good.
Go home. Go home.
- Are you okay?
- Get it! Get it, get it!
Get it! No!
- What's that smell?
- Soup.
- Dough Drop Soup!
- The Hyjinx escaped!
Go get NanHe!
- Hey! Lady, I'm calling you!
And when I call, you answer!
- Did you drink the soup, NanHe?
NanHe! Wake up!
Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
Just get away from me!
I didn't make the
soup out of you.
- Don't go!
- Huh?
You little thief!
- You promised you
wouldn't hurt it.
- Oh, shut up!
So I made soup out
of it! So what, huh?
I rise everyday before dawn,
just to pay off my debts.
It's still not enough.
Can you just let it go?
- The Hyjinx was my
only hope to find Mama.
- Quit dreaming.
It's just a Hyjinx.
Everything you see
is an illusion.
It's fake, okay?
If your mama wanted you,
she would have come herself.
Believe me.
- No. Mama sent it here!
- Even if that's true,
it already ran off!
You get it yet?
Wake up! It's already gone!
Your mama doesn't want
you! She doesn't want you!
- You're lying!
My mama would never not want me.
I don't believe you.
All you see is money.
- What'd you say?
Right. All I see is money.
I lied to you from
the beginning!
And? And so what?
Dock and let her go.
We don't need you!
Sir, madam? Take care.
Come again. Thank you so much.
- I suppose
I would, I would,
I would come again.
- Here to be funny.
- Oh!
- Next
order! It's fresh!
Come on, you know you want some.
Come and get some.
- Whoo! Mama!
- Oh, there you are!
Let's go home.
- Can I play a little longer?
- It's late. We're
going to have dinner.
- One more minute?
- It's getting dark.
- One more second?
- Boss!
Business is booming!
4 stars already!
- Hey, come on! Move along!
- What?
- You're not thinking about
catching another Hyjinx?
Oh! Come on!
Cheer up, my friend.
We have enough money to last
us for awhile, don't you think?
Let's make an honest living.
Why don't we just slow down?
- Hm?
- Hm?
Good thing we listened to you.
We kept her happy and we
had no problems, right?
Hurry up! Let's go!
Let's get outta here!
- Hurry! Hurry up!
- Hurry!
Hurry up! Come on!
NanHe, what are you doing?
Hurry up! You have
to get in, come on!
- I'm
coming! I'm coming!
- NanHe. NanHe?
- I was
wondering who you were!
So, so unhappy!
To have the Red Phantom after
you like a hornet's nest!
LaoJin, you call that steering?
My money!
It's ruined.
This is
just my bad luck.
It normally happens to me.
- NanHe. NanHe!
- I brought
this all on myself.
- NanHe?
- Relax, you just need rest.
- Did you see NanHe?
- No. No, I didn't, oh.
- Lucky?
- Hey!
- Easy, don't. Be careful!
- NanHe?
I couldn't find you.
- Hm?
- I'm sorry.
It's my fault that
your money's all gone.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, are you all right?
- Mm.
Huh? How can I be
all right, huh?
Look at this cut right
here! Look!
- Uh, I'm really sorry.
- You say you're sorry a lot.
What good is saying
you're sorry? Huh?
Look how you ruined
my ship. Look!
What do you want?
I didn't save you
for nothing, okay?
You really owe me
big time. Understood?
You need to help
me find a place.
The Hyjinx sings your mother's
song, am I right, huh?
Forget about it. At least
you can hear it, right?
Help me find the
Eye of the Deep Sea
and we'll call it
even, how's that?
- Huh? The Eye of the Deep Sea?
- That's it, baby girl.
Down in the deepest
depths of the sea.
Every single Hyjinx
always ends up there.
Find it, and you'll surely
find your dear mama.
- Huh? You sure about that?
- Yes, of course, dear.
When that happens, ShenXiu,
I'll get my fortune and
you'll find your mama.
Ha-ha! That is a
- NanHe!
- What? The Eye of the Deep Sea?
Is money worth your sanity?
- It's the same as going to
the seafood market, my friend.
And the deep sea needs
a signature dish anyway.
- You wanna go, go by yourself!
I'm not risking my life.
And, and also, I
have to point out,
who can even find it, huh?
- She can!
- Are you sure?
Can I really help you?
- Mm-hmm. Our bright
days are on the way.
It all depends on you, darling.
- Wait!
If you gonna take her
to find the Hyjinx,
you'll just end up
running into the Red-
- Shh!
We won't find it without her.
- You're crazy!
- No risk, no reward, right?
- You seen this old boat?
At that depth, you'll be
smashed to smithereens!
- I'll fix the boat!
- What's wrong with you?
I'll reward you later.
Hm? Well, what do you say?
Do you hear the sweet music?
All right, my brave crew!
It's time to listen
to your captain.
Fortune is calling.
Let our journey to the
Eye of the Deep Sea begin!
I wish you will get rich!
I wish you will be wise!
- Never an honest
day's work with him.
Always chasing
impossible dreams.
What a blathering fool!
Insane! The Eye of the Deep Sea?
Haven't we suffered enough?
- I know sometimes
the road's not easy.
Full of. What's that?
But isn't life an adventure?
Countless surprises
are waiting for you.
Don't miss them.
- What the?
- Shh!
- ShenXiu, rest
for a little while, okay?
- Something's going on.
Can you hear it or not?
- While it's hot.
- How can you even think of
eating at a time like this?
- It's not over yet.
Oh, LaoJin, his tongue is sharp,
but his heart is soft.
- Did she says left
or right? Remember?
Did you even write it down?
- LaoJin, you call
that steering?
- God save us, please!
- Mission accomplished!
- Mama! Mama!
Wait! No!
Don't leave me,
Don't leave me!
- Huh? Are we there?
- Uh-uh.
- Are you hungry?
It's so cold here.
- No.
- Go ahead, put this on.
Uh, you must be hungry.
I'll fix you an imperial feast.
It'll warm you up.
Let me see. What
do we have here?
Maybe? No, it'll take too long.
- Huh? It's snowing, NanHe.
- Yeah?
- This painting of yours,
where exactly is it?
- My home.
- Your home?
- Huh? Yeah, why?
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah,
it's all right.
It's just a simple small town
in the middle of nowhere.
It's a shame I
can never go back.
- What do you mean?
- You're so desperate
to find your mama.
Have you thought about
when you find her,
what exactly are
you going to say?
- Hm, I don't really know.
Just sometimes
it feels like everything
I do is wrong.
Like it was my fault she left.
I wanted to find her so I could
tell her that I've grown up.
I'm more mature now.
She can come home.
- Uh, eat this, eat. Here.
- NanHe, I know it's useless.
Mama just doesn't
want me around.
- Hey, what nonsense! What
stupid jerk told you that?
- You did.
- Uh, me?
Well, you should know I
was only joking, right?
Hey, I promise you we
are going to find her.
Don't worry about it, okay?
- But NanHe, the Hyjinx
seems to have nothing
to do with her.
Maybe we shouldn't go there.
- What? There's no
turning back now.
Whether they're connected,
you won't know until you try.
If you don't finish
what you've started,
it's like a never
ending nightmare.
Haunting you forever.
- And if we run into the
Red Phantom, what then?
- Well, I don't know.
We still can't run.
We have to beat it, okay?
And besides, you
forgot, young lady,
that I have superpowers
and I- I can split the sea.
I'm so powerful, no one can
keep me from getting rich.
- Ah!
- I'm telling you, when
I become super rich,
I'm going to give the
deep sea a whole new look.
You'll see.
I'll build the coolest 360
degree panoramic restaurant.
It'll be perfect for
stargazing and such.
I'll make sure to have a 5-star
chef on call day and night.
Whatever you
wanna eat, just order it.
And then after that, I'll
build an amusement park
with the water slide 100
meters long.
When you come to visit, you
won't even need a ticket.
When that day comes, if
we have no customers,
we can travel around
the whole world.
Me, bullied and abused no more.
And you, you won't have
to act so grown up.
Don't wanna smile, don't smile.
If you wanna cry, cry out!
When that day comes,
we won't have to please others.
We won't have to
live for others.
- Huh?
- Come, come quick.
Come look. I think we're there.
- Huh? See?
Way to go, kid.
- Wait!
- Looks like this is
not gonna be easy.
NanHe, did you
think this through?
- It's okay.
It's not the first one
we faced, you know?
We always find a way.
Brave, brave, my brave crew,
to your posts, all right?
This is your Captain NanHe.
Just ahead lies our destination.
The Eye of the Deep Sea!
The final stretch
may not be easy,
but to pay off the
deep sea's debt
and help little
ShenXiu find her mama,
I'm asking everyone to
muster all your courage!
Deck crew, grab those oars.
LaoJin, for now let's lay
off the booze, all right?
Plenty of good wine
when we get back.
- Mind your own business.
- Engine room crew. The power
of the ship is in your feet.
Sweetpea, put the candy away.
You can have it
when we come back.
Ahua, lead the galley
with all your noodle-pulling
strength to cheer us on!
- You got it, NanHe!
Let's go, team!
- For a better tomorrow ahead!
- Let's go!
- It's about to
get rough! Careful!
Seven, six, five,
four, three,
and two.
Don't panic! The ship is strong.
- It's the Red Phantom!
NanHe! The Red Phantom!
We can still turn back!
We can still turn back!
- Stay the course!
Don't stop!
- If we keep this up,
the ship will break apart!
- I know, don't panic! Press on!
We can make it!
- NanHe, do something!
- Oh, okay. Quick, quick!
Quick, quick! Turn around!
- And if we run into
the Red Phantom, what then?
- Well, I don't
know. We still can't run.
We have to beat it, okay?
And besides, you
forgot, young lady,
that I have superpowers.
I promise we're going
to find your mama.
Don't worry, okay?
- NanHe!
- No turning back.
No turning back.
Do not turn back.
- Are you serious?
- Stay the course.
- Stay the course?
- Must keep going.
- Are you kidding?
- No matter what.
- We're gonna die!
Mad, he hardly knows himself,
yet he wants to be
the hero.
Bring it
on. Bring it on!
- NanHe?
- If you summon
the Red Phantom again
we're all as good
as dead, you hear!
- So are
you saying that,
are you saying that
the red thing is here
because of what I did?
- Why else? Huh!
That thing loves to prey
on gloomy little girls like you.
Don't be scared!
I'm just teasing-
- ShenXiu, the Red Phantom
looks just like you.
- The Red Phantom goes
away, as long as you're okay.
I was wondering who you
were! So, so unhappy!
To have the Red Phantom after
you like a hornet's nest!
- So that's what it is.
That's what it is.
NanHe! Please,
come back, please!
- Huh? Ha!
- Because of me, the
Red Phantom's here!
I'm the Red Phantom.
- I have superpowers!
- LaoJin, turn back!
Turn the ship back!
- Let go!
- We can't go!
We can't go.
We can't!
- Got you!
- We can't go.
It's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
I'm not afraid of you.
I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid of you!
- Hang on. We're almost there.
Hang on.
We're almost there.
NanHe. Look, we made it.
Look. We made it.
Who are you?
Where are you taking me?
- ShenXiu!
- Huh?
- ShenXiu! ShenXiu!
ShenXiu, come to Mama, ShenXiu!
- Mama!
- All right, cake's
- Your cake is here.
- Cake's here, make a wish!
- I wanna be with Mama forever!
- Okay! We'll
be together forever!
Never be apart!
- What else can I do!
Can you at least help
out just a little?
- You think taking
care of her is easy?
If it weren't for this family,
I would've left long ago!
- Mama, don't go!
- ShenXiu! No!
- Papa, tell Mama
to come home, okay?
I promise I won't
make you angry again.
- ShenXiu.
This is your new mama.
- Hello, ShenXiu.
That's a beautiful name.
- ShenXiu, you're
a sister now! Are you happy?
- I'm Superman!
- Give it back!
- Look at me!
- Give it back!
- Yeah!
- This is my mama's
red hoodie!
- Mine!
- ShenXiu! A big sister
should be more mature!
He's your little brother!
You should know better.
- Let me see!
- I'm gonna check out!
- You're her father.
You should take
her to see someone.
She hides in that
red hoodie all day.
She's so withdrawn.
It affects her growing up.
- Miss, I'm
sorry for the trouble.
They call that a consultation!
ShenXiu, listen to me.
There's nothing wrong with you.
You just need to smile more
and you'll feel better.
That's all there is to it, okay?
- Papa, don't worry, I got it.
- Bye!
ShenXiu, my mom can
take you home, come on.
- No, it's okay, ma'am. My
dad's picking me up, thank you.
- Do you like them, ShenXiu?
They're nice?
- Yes.
- Sweetpea! What's this?
- Yay, my mama's the best!
- Another one!
- Today's
a special day.
I'm finally going
to see the ocean.
I'm so excited.
- But sir, arm
around your daughter.
- Ah! All right.
- All right, done.
- Mama!
- Clown?
You want a clown?
- Can I play
a little longer?
- Hey, wait for me!
- Hey, little friend.
Wanna buy a copy, huh?
The Legend of the
Deep Sea Restaurant.
Only 168 yuan.
- Sorry, sir.
I was just looking.
- Mm! Hey now,
no buying, no looking.
What if you ruin it?
Go on! Get outta here!
- ShenXiu.
All right, everyone.
Here's to Sweetpea's
turning three in school.
Cheers! Our
little boy is growing up!
- Don't!
- Whose phone is this?
It's mine now.
Oh no!
Help, somebody help!
Girl overboard!
- NanHe?
- ShenXiu?
- Mama.
- ShenXiu. Mama's here.
Wake up.
- Huh?
- ShenXiu!
- Mama. I've missed you.
- ShenXiu!
- ShenXiu.
- Mama.
- No!
- Hm?
Mama. I, I can't!
- ShenXiu?
What's wrong, ShenXiu?
Please, wake up. ShenXiu!
- Mama!
- ShenXiu, what's wrong?
- I can't!
- ShenXiu!
- I'm sorry.
- ShenXiu, please!
- ShenXiu! Wake up!
- ShenXiu! Wake up!
- ShenXiu!
- ShenXiu! Wake up!
- ShenXiu!
- ShenXiu!
- No!
- ShenXiu!
- ShenXiu!
- You stupid kid!
- Huh?
- Why did you do that?
Huh? What, what the?
- I'm sorry.
- You're just bad luck.
- I'm sorry.
- I brought it on myself.
Don't fall asleep.
Who's gonna compensate
me if you die?
I didn't save you for nothing.
So don't fall asleep!
Hey, do you know what, hm?
Let me show you a magic trick.
Look carefully! Bing!
Hm? Hm, hm?
Wake up! Wake up!
Hm? Wake up!
Are you hungry?
You must be starving.
Uh, imperial feast. Yeah.
What is this? Your
restaurant is leaking.
This is ridiculous.
Huh, don't mind the
atmosphere of this place,
it's authentic.
Oh look, a delicious
hot pot roast.
Oh, it's too hot.
It's too hot, it's
burning my mouth!
Yummy wheat gluten.
It's soft and chewy.
Or would you like a
little roasted duck, hm?
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am. No?
No. Not real.
This isn't real.
Let me go back. Let me go back!
No! Let me go back!
- This weather,
it feels so nice.
Feels just like home.
This time of year the wild grass
ripples like ocean waves.
When the wind blows,
it's stunning to see.
And then when it
snows everywhere,
it looks just like a painting.
If only I had superpowers,
I would split the sea
and go home.
- You, you have
superpowers. You do!
- This kid looks so grown up.
It's just that when you smile,
it's a little bit fake.
You just need to learn
from me, little girl.
I- I- I'll tell you something.
I'll tell you a joke.
See if we can get you
to smile a little.
A boat. There's a boat!
Hey, hey! Hey!
Please! Wait!
No, please. We're
Where are we? Almost there.
Almost there.
- Let me go.
Let me go.
- A while back,
we had this little white
seal who loved to smile.
I asked him, "You're
so happy all the time.
What's your secret?"
He said to me,
I'm a dog.
- Look, the stars in the sky
are so beautiful.
Don't go.
Don't leave me out here.
I don't wanna be alone.
Don't go!
Don't go. I'm so scared.
I don't wanna be
alone here.
- Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
- NanHe?
- ShenXiu,
that's it for me.
I have to go.
- Where are you going?
- Going home.
- You're giving up the deep sea?
- Well, I.
- I wanna go with you.
- What? You can't
come with me, no!
- But, but I will see
you again, won't I?
Won't I?
NanHe! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- You silly girl.
You know, this really
isn't your fault.
ShenXiu, look, a
new day is here.
- NanHe, I.
- All I know is that
sometimes the world
that we live in seems
so dark and gray.
Unlike dreams, they're
so bright and colorful.
But even so,
there are bright
moments waiting for you
and I truly believe that.
Even those short brief
moments we experience.
Those moments are
worth living for.
And whatever you do. Uh.
- NanHe, I got it.
- Hm!
Get going!
Whenever you smile, I
hope that from now on,
it's from the heart.
Just like me!
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- This time
of year the wild grass
ripples like ocean waves.
When the wind blows,
it's stunning.
It looks just like a painting.