Deep Space (1988) Movie Script

What have you got?
I've got nothing,
the whole damn thing's
out of control, we've lost it!
Uh-uh, I think we're losing it...
Oh, crap...
That's it, we're out!
It's red stage now!
Total loss of direction!
I knew this would happen!
This thing wasn't made to
withstand the duration!
I don't think that
really matters right now.
Well it will when the big boys find out!
And just how are they gonna find out?
Oh, Dr. Forsythe.
What seems to be the problem?
We've lost all control over centaur one.
Are you telling me it's going to crash?
Yes sir, it should impact
in approximately two hours.
I see.
Have you any idea where?
Oh no...
Metro city police, please.
Metro division, front desk.
Sergeant yamotta here, can I help you?
Yes, is there a
detective mclemore on duty?
Yes ma'am.
May I speak to him?
Sorry, he's not here right
now, can I take a message?
Well partner,
scum always rises.
Wake up, they're here.
Hold it, police!
Cops, !
Oh shit, look at this.
Shit man, he's just a kid!
What's in the bag?
Trick or fucking treat!
Killed for a bag of Halloween shit.
We were assured nothing like
this could possibly happen!
The facts are simple.
Dr. michaelson?
You know we've been developing
something in outer space,
a new form of biological warfare.
It's not germs or viruses,
it's something much more complex,
something that's not only alive but
calculating as well. - Why the hell
are you telling me what I already know?
We're developing a new
secret weapon on behalf
of the United States government,
your boss, general Randolph.
Was supposed to
stay in outer space, Forsythe,
not come crashing down into god knows what,
or where! - We're doing everything
in our power to locate
the exact impact point.
We are of the opinion that
it will not survive a crash.
- Let's hope so.
- And what if you're wrong?
We are of the opinion that
if it does survive a crash,
we'll be able to shut it down.
Don't worry.
Well, how's it look?
Oh spiffy.
Good. - Very spiffy.
It's much nicer than the
blood-stained look.
Oh shit, robertson.
Keep your cool partner, keep your cool.
Looks like you two have been having
an interesting evening.
What happened here? - Self defense.
Tell me about it.
12:35 A.M. we observed the suspects
inside the building... - Hold it.
That body over there does it belong
to one of these, suspects?
Quite possibly.
Go on. - Well,
when they came outside,
the subjects drew their
weapons and opened fire.
We returned the fire.
I'd like to see this in written format,
within a couple of hours.
Why sure captain, sure.
Otherwise you two okay?
Actually, you know... - Yeah yeah,
we're fine captain.
Officer green?
Hand 'em over.
See you two in a couple of hours then.
I can't, I can't sleep, without bessie.
Hey mclemore.
Some weird lady called for
you at the station tonight,
she said it was important.
What did she want?
She said somebody was gonna die tonight.
And she was right.
Come on man!
I bet you've got an
arsenal hidden somewhere.
Would you let me hold something
at least till we get our pieces back?
Jerry it's been a long, tough night.
Besides it's only gonna
be for a couple of days.
One never knows what can happen.
Come on man, let me have a 38?
Jason, are we gonna be here all night?
Look, you're the one that wanted
to come out in the wilderness and make out
like some kind of nature
girl or something, okay?
Well how was I to know that you'd be
risking my life on a set of faulty tires?
You could have killed me!
It's still
not too late sweetheart.
This is the last time...
Did you see that?
What is that?
I don't know!
But I'm gonna go find out!
Are you crazy?
I don't want to get raped by some martian!
You, should be so lucky.
Ha ha ha.
Are you coming?
Hey, didn't you see nothing?
Come on fellas, wake up!
Come on boys, we gotta go take a look-see!
Ah, the hell with 'ya!
Go myself!
My men were not flying this!
It wouldn't have happened if they were!
You think we were flying it?
You think we were flying it?
You were... - That's what you were
supposed to be doing! - It's crashed sir!
It's crashed!
And it's alive. - Done it again!
Gimme that!
Where is the damn thing?
We've got to find it!
Get the hell out of here!
Hmph, you're lucky it didn't
wipe out an entire block!
Hawkins? - Yeah?
I want you to cordon off that area,
I don't want anybody getting through,
it's probably already crawling
with public officials!
That thing lived through
the crash, that's amazing!
Yeah well if that thing gets loose...
It won't.
Leave it to me.
That's right Forsythe.
We're going to leave it to you.
Thank you.
Jesus h., Christ!
God dammit!
I ain't gonna drink no more!
I don't believe it!
Let's take this home!
Now that you've got a souvenir
let's get out of here!
Come on! - All right, all right,
let's go.
Hey wait a minute, hey!
Look at this thing!
Someone's approaching the object, doctor!
What should I do?
There's one person?
No, looks like two.
And the project?
Still in dormant mode. - Good.
It's hardly been touched by the crash!
Jason, I'm afraid!
It's really heavy, too.
Maybe there's something
inside, alive!
Jason, please!
Look at this, there's a small opening!
Wait a minute!
That's not right!
What's wrong? - The project!
It's waking up!
That's bad news!
Status? - Still dormant,
but approaching an active level rapidly.
Well stop it!
I can't!
Well you damn well better!
that's it.
It's all over.
What do you meant it's all over?
General they were designed to kill.
That's what you paid all your money for.
Designed to kill yes,
but not innocent people!
You'll have to destroy it!
No hold it, it's going
back into the dormant stage!
Now let's wait, it's not
going to attack anyone again
in its dormant stage.
If the worse comes to the worse,
we can destroy it.
Could be worse.
Oh, ooh...
Must be good stuff.
Where's mclemore?
How's that report coming along mclemore?
That's very good.
Put it on my desk.
Can I get you something,
a cup of coffee maybe?
I'm sorry didn't mean to
disturb you... - Wait, wait I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
Just the long hours I guess.
That's all right. - You new?
I just started last week.
Come on, sit down.
Sit down. - Thanks.
Ooh, ooh,.
Rookie? - No, actually I put in
two years in Atlanta before this.
Well, welcome aboard miss...
Sandbourn, Carla sandbourn, I'm sorry.
That's all
right, my name is uh...
LAN mclemore.
I know all about you detective mclemore.
Well then, you must work for
the alimony division huh?
Oh let's just say that I've uh,
always been interested in legends,
especially when they're still alive.
Okay. - Now how about
that cup of coffee? - You buying?
Yeah, yeah sure.
Come on.
You're a strange one.
Everybody's talking about you.
Oh yeah? - Uh-hmm.
What do they say? - Oh, just that
you're tough, and gutsy,
and very very good.
Oh, wow.
And the dispatcher
even says you've been in
a dozen gun battles and you
haven't even been wounded.
Now how would you like to
uh, find out if all those
great things are really true?
What do you mean?
How about dinner
tomorrow night, my place?
And you can forget all that other stuff,
but I am a great chef.
Oh really?
What's your specialty?
No my real specialty is
uh, just steak, cooked,
just right. - LAN.
All right, hi. - Hi.
Ian there's this, old broad on the phone
wants to talk to you.
Says she's getting psychic
waves or something?
Uh-hmm, why don't you tell
her I'm not in tonight huh?
Uh, I did.
Uh, - she knows you're here.
Maybe you should talk to her?
Now look, Jerry I'm not up
to handling any nut cases tonight okay?
I'll get rid of her. - Good.
Where you going merris?
I got a call to make. - Forget it.
We got a double homicide
off innsmouth road.
I want you both out there, have a look,
before the lab boys move in
and pick the place clean.
Tomorrow. - Yeah.
I'll meet you out there mclemore.
Officer sandbourn.
I wouldn't plan on becoming
too close of a friend,
of detective mclemore if I were you.
Why is that? - Most of his close friends,
end up getting themselves killed.
Well I'll, just have to be careful then.
That would be a hell of a good idea.
Murphy what's going on here?
Get your men moving and
keep out of the way of the lab guys.
Hey doc!
Ian, well, the party's complete.
Batman, and Robin!
God, there's pike.
Uh hiya, Robin.
What the hell are
you two doing here?
Captain sent us out
to keep an eye on you!
Yeah he didn't want you
nibbling on the victims.
Uh, yes. - An old drunk,
reported a crash here a few hours ago.
I'll give you a tour.
What have you got, Nate?
This is the weirdest shit
I have ever seen!
As light as a feather, but we can't put
a scratch in this with any of our tools!
I may have to bring in the big guys.
Well it was probably
one of their aircraft
that crashed, huh?
You kidding?
If this was one of them
air force spook jets
this place would be crawling
with feds right now,
and we'd all be getting
some snooze, at home!
So where are the victims?
The big pieces, are
over in the body bags.
How many victims were there?
Two teenagers.
We think.
Were they in whatever
it was that crashed here?
Yeah mclemore, they were driving it!
Boy I'll bet his dad will be pissed
when he finds out he wrecked it, huh?
You're the detective, you figure it out.
Oh, good evening captain robertson.
What is that?
I wish I knew.
Anybody got any idea what went down here?
That's the $50,000 question.
Pike's been giving us
the, meat wagon tour.
It's your turn now captain.
Funny man huh?
Very funny.
This is some, double-homicide.
Mclemore, I'd like to see you,
and merris, in my office by noon tomorrow.
You want to see something really weird?
Come here.
Just uh, what is this?
That's what we've been
trying to find out.
Seems to be the only thing
in one piece around here.
What is it exactly that,
you're doing with the rock?
This rock as you call it is organic.
By that I mean to imply that
it's made up of living matter.
Are you saying that it's alive?
In the strictest sense of the word, yes.
Simple, the rock did it.
Case closed. - Throw this rock in jail!
It's connection with this,
with this case is uncertain,
however it's unusual enough to,
warrant a thorough investigation.
Well good, let
us know how it comes out.
We're splitting.
Hey, come here!
Come here!
What do you see?
What is that?
I don't
know, I guess it's a rock.
I got a bad, bad feeling
about this one partner.
Hey hey here's another one!
LAN we oughta butt out man.
Let's take "em home,
do a little investigating on our own, huh?
Here you go with that lone wolf
bullshit again mclemore!
Let's get out of here
before somebody spots us, come on!
You uh, ready to go?
I sure as hell am.
Take that thing back to the police lab,
I can't do anything more with it here.
Don't worry doc!
Someone is moving
the project sir!
It's already killed two people!
It's back in the dormant mode.
But beyond that I don't know what to do.
Well I do, get Forsythe in
here while there's still time!
All right get Forsythe.
Yes sir.
I hope you
know what you're doing.
All you have to know michaelson is that
I give the orders around here,
and your project is wiped!
New developments?
The best yet.
I want you to destroy that thing!
Are you serious?
I'm giving you your orders, Forsythe.
Perhaps it's best.
Shut up michaelson.
All right you want to destroy it?
Be it on your own head.
But it'll cost the program
millions of dollars!
Save it for the inquest,
just you push the buttons.
Okay I'll do it,
just leave me alone here, okay?
Just make sure you push the right ones.
The right ones!
Like hell I will.
I've been unable to make any abrasions
on the outer surface with surgical knives.
The matter is extremely durable.
There seems to be no seam or,
visible means of entry into the object,
suggesting that it may be a solid mass.
The damn thing, it has me
completely baffled at the moment.
I'm gonna try something.
I'm going to apply hydrochloric acid
to the surface of the object.
Yeah? - LAN?
Ian, where the hell are you?
It's 1:30 in the afternoon,
what to hell's going on?
Look your late, and
robertson's throwing a fit!
So what, I'm on official probation.
I want to sleep.
Listen up LAN.
Roger's is dead.
He was literally torn apart,
right under our very noses.
Wait a minute, that lab guy?
And guess what else?
Shock me. - The big brown thing is gone.
Look you better get down here
right away, LAN.
All right, all right,
I'll be right there.
Yamotta on the night desk swears,
no one entered the
building during his shift.
Anything else? - Rogers, apparently was
recording his findings.
When we played the tape back,
all we got was unintelligible garbage.
Here's the report
on the metal found at the murder site.
Our tests indicate that
it's an unregistered alloy.
What's an unregistered alloy?
Well, it's not made up of any substance
that coincides with our testing apparatus,
so we're sending a little piece of it
down to ucla research center,
because their equipment is a
little more sophisticated
than what we have to work with here.
Thank you janus.
The eye witness is about to be released,
and I'd like for you two
to have a talk with him.
I think we ought to
go back and have a look
at that accident site.
I don't care what you do,
as long as I get results.
All right.
You happy?
Okay Levinson, give it to us again.
Uh yeah, sure boys, I-i-I'll tell 'ya.
My nerves is kind of shot.
I mean you'd be, jumpy too if you'd,
seen what I seen. - Spaceship.
No no, no I-l never
said it was no spaceship.
No sir uh, it was a, a u-foe.
A what? - A u-foe.
What is that, some kind
of a new foreign car?
Ian, a u-f-o?
Oh like u-f,
u-f-o? - Heh heh, done told you that.
Well tell me again and try
to remember exactly what it looked like!
Come on buddy, think!
I'm thinking Sonny, I-i-I'm thinking!
Are you thinking?
Now come on, tell us what'd it looked like,
an airplane, a rocket?
A Mercedes-Benz?
No it was a Cadillac!
A giant, Cadillac hubcap, uh, on fire!
Bright light, I swear it!
Hey there...
This is my own hooch!
Yeah, I know. - Come on Jerry,
get him out of here, please?
Come on buddy, let's go.
If anything real comes to
mind you let us know, huh?
Come on!
No no no no, no no no!
Find a nice, soft park bench
to lay on before somebody runs you over.
Come on, there 'ya go, there you go.
Christ that smarts!
Oh shit!
Lookee here.
Hello guys.
This area is restricted.
By who? - By the
United States government.
Special police business.
Those badges don't mean anything here.
Jerry do you smell something?
Ah, smells like the
old, government cover up.
I'm fully authorized to shoot
anything or anybody who appears to be a
spy for a foreign government.
And right about now
you boys are beginning
to look a little red.
I'm gonna count to three.
If you're still here at
the end of my count,
the United States government is going to be
forced to take full
possession of your bodies.
Come on!
Oh shit, this zombie means it!
Come on let's get out of here.
Mclemore come on, don't fuck around,
let's go! - Three.
Ian, want to take a ride?
Ian come on!
Look at, look at this shit man,
all right! - Let's get out of here!
What's your report Hawkins?
Just had a couple of cops
over here, I think they were checking out
that crash last night.
Well lock up the area,
keep security in place!
I did,
but they might be persistent.
Well take it up with
the local authorities!
Sit on them, stand on
them, whatever it takes!
whatever it takes.
I would feel a hell of a
lot better if I had my gun.
Oh man don't be such a wimp!
Come on man, just don't feel
comfortable being unarmed!
You know know what they
say about guys that uh,
can't go anyplace without a gun, don't you?
You know all that bullshit about it being
an extension of your, thing?
That's right.
I'll tell you what partner,
just between me and you,
I enjoy all the extensions I can get!
Trusting owner?
Or dead owner.
It belongs to a James
Ridley, 1822 north federal.
Guess we'll uh, pay him a home visit.
See if Mr. Ridley or any of his relatives
have been through a meat
grinder recently, huh?
Yeah let's do it.
I'm starved, let's
get something to eat.
By the way Jerry, I've
got a dinner engagement
with a young lady tonight
so you're on your own.
Oh yeah?
New talent?
Well actually it's the
lady cop you saw me with
in the coffee shop this morning.
You sure you can uh, handle
that all alone, partner?
A lot of good you'd be to me,
uh, unarmed, and all of that?
Is there a James Ridley here?
My husband is dead.
He died two months ago in his truck.
Sorry ma'am. - Sorry about that.
Huh, well don't be.
He's having it a hell of
a lot easier where he is
than I am here.
Are you police?
Oh god, something's
happened to Jason!
Ma'am, was your son driving a 1976
buick station wagon
registered to your husband?
Was there an accident?
Well we're not quite sure,
we found his car in the
woods outside of town,
it had a flat tire and
it was up on the Jack.
All right, well when you see Jason,
all right you tell him,
to fix the damn car and
to get his butt home!
Look, why don't we just have
her come down and identify the body?
What body?
Okay, ever since we ran
into that mp road block
I'm telling you, we're on
to something big Jerry,
I mean big! - Who'd want to kill
a couple of teenagers like that?
Nobody killed those kids.
I mean, nobody that we can arrest anyway.
Ian, what are you, what are you,
what are you saying to me?
Well look at the facts.
Remember the other night, that uh,
that weird thing crashed out there?
Yeah. - Okay you got two kids
torn apart, some bum says
he sees a flying saucer,
Rogers gets killed by some
powerful son of a bitch
right here in our own station,
I mean it's not exactly your standard uh,
assault with a deadly
weapons charge now is it?
Look, why don't we just
turn in our findings
and get the hell home?
I mean robertson is dying
to bust our asses as it is!
Hey, come on, let's give
the guy a break huh?
Since when did we ever let
robertson get in our way, huh?
Since never LAN, and that's our problem!
We never follow the code,
your reports are never on time!
Come on we break the rules all the time
and we're constantly
mouthing off to the guy!
We're also two of the best guys
he's got on the force too!
And-and we can be two of the best cops
he had on the force!
Hey Susan.
I got something for you
to play with here.
Sorry, I got your phone number last week.
Now come on I'm serious,
how about running that
through your computer
and see if it matches up
with those prints of those
two kids who were killed
last night on innsmouth road would you?
Here, fill this out.
What's this? - Access forms.
Access form, for what, that?
You two work fast!
But, that's the reputation.
Yes sir.
Your presence is requested
in captain robertson's office.
Oh boy.
So much for our quick getaway, huh?
Well let's go,
brighten up his day.
Fine, I heard you the first time.
Well good news captain,
we got a couple of leads for "ya.
Keep 'em to yourself.
It's been ruled an accident.
An accident? - By whom?
You're off the case.
- Off the case?
- Your hearing is improving.
You're not gonna let 'em railroad us
out of this case, are you?
He's got a point captain,
I mean Rogers was one of us!
I'm not particularly happy about
what happened to Rogers
but what's done is done.
What the hell ya gonna do about?
Nothing. - Nothing?
There goes your hearing problem again.
Don't force me to make
your temporary suspension,
real permanent.
Ian, come on. - No, wait a minute Jerry!
You can't take us off
this case, it's too big!
Mclemore, I do it by the book.
That's why I'm captain,
and you are, suspended.
- Now get out of my office.
- , let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Has any of this gone through yet?
No, uh, no no, I was
just getting started.
Yes sir.
You son of a bitch!
Take it easy general.
Easy my ass, I just got a call,
those things are still alive and
they've killed more people!
Look I don't know what went wrong!
I entered the destruct code,
it must have malfunctioned or something!
Oh there's a malfunction all right,
but I don't think it's in the computer!
Now look if the code isn't working,
maybe we can locate it, hold
it til we can pick it up!
How do we find it?
It's back on the monitor,
and we've almost got it now.
There it is!
Looks like a warehouse or something.
Here let me see, it's
in an industrial area.
Give it an order to self destruct!
I will but there's no
guarantee it's gonna work.
Hello? - Finally, I'm able
to talk to you Mr. mclemore!
Who is this?
This is Elaine wentworth.
I know what's been happening.
What's happening?
Last night, something
came from the stars.
Something more terrible than death itself.
And it's right here, now!
- What makes you say that?
- I have certain powers
from the super-conscious mind.
What I'm trying to tell is that I am aware
of the forces that conflict
in the cosmic norm.
Oh I get it, you're the lady that's been
calling the station, right?
And nobody will listen to me!
I'm terribly sorry about your coworker.
How do you know
about Rogers, that information
hasn't been released yet?
I think you should believe me,
you should believe that I can help you!
Now people are going to die
if you don't let me help you!
Well you can help me,
by staying out of my hair,
miss uh...
One more thing Mr. mclemore.
- Sure, go ahead.
- Your steaks are burning.
Quite a dinner. - Uh-hmm.
To us. - To us.
Just don't forget my burger.
How could 1?
It's not every day that a girl gets invited
for a gourmet meal.
Listen these are the finest
burgers in the world,
I had 'em flown in! - Hmm..
For you, the best!
You're so romantic.
Um, would you like to hear a little,
after dinner music?
I think that would be very appropriate.
What do the neighbors say?
They're all scots
around here, it doesn't matter!
Is that supposed
to make me want to dance?
Nope, they're supposed to make
you want to take your clothes off.
How is that?
How is that?
That's the only thing
that'll make me stop playing.
Now what do you do when you
stop playing the bagpipes?
I don't know, it never worked before.
Did now.
LAN. - Oh, yeah?
Can I ask you a, a kind
of personal question?
Sure, yeah, what is it?
How close are you to
solving those murders?
I thought you were gonna ask me
if this was my first time.
Come on,
you can level with me, I mean
we work for the same boss!
My boss is the street, who's yours?
Boy, you're a
hard guy aren't you.
You ought to know.
What's that? - What?
Well that's something that uh,
Jerry and I found at the
crash site last night.
You know what it looks like?
What? - A roach egg.
A big, ugly looking roach egg.
You know something, right.
It looks like a giant roach egg!
Come on let's go!
Where are we going?
Come on we're
going out, I got an idea!
God, talk about hit and run.
Don't you think you should at least explain
why we in the
middle of the night?
I got a friend who works
as a researcher in a bug control lab.
I'm gonna take this by him,
let him take a look at
it, see what he thinks.
Well there's one
thing for sure mclemore.
You sure know how to
show a girl a good time.
Hey professor!
Come in!
I'll be with you,
detective mcelroy.
Yes, of course.
How are you?
I'm fine professor, I'd
like for you to meet
officer Carla sandbourn.
Hello. - Very pleased to meet you.
Well doctor, uh detective macelroy,
what uh, brings you back here again,
another unhappy spouse
using black widow spiders?
No professor I'm afraid not.
I want you to take a look at this thing.
what have we here?
I don't know, what do you think?
A giant roach egg?
It would have to be an extraordinarily
large member of the blattelae order.
Extraordinarily large.
Okay how large, I mean, this high, what?
It's impossible.
Okay, well let me hit you with something
a little further out.
I don't think this thing
is from this planet.
No, from outer space!
I know it sounds crazy, but there's a lot
of weird things have been
happening around here,
and I think that thing is the cause of it.
Why don't you just uh,
bust it open and see what's inside?
You think that's wise?
I don't see that you have
any other alternative doc.
Hit it harder!
Wait a minute,
I've got drill in the
back, that should do it.
Is this actually what you
do in your spare time,
or is this a, a special occasion?
I don't have any spare time.
Oh a 24-hour a day company man?
You could say that.
So this actually means that
you were on duty earlier
when you were in bed with me?
Well I would call that
working under cover
for the, vice squad.
This should do the trick.
Go ahead.
Well doc, looks like it's letting off
a little hot air.
I don't know if this
was such a good idea.
Jesus Christ what the hell is that?
Off, get him off!
Help, get it off him!
Oh, god!
Oh shit! - Oh!
Oh, LAN, help!
Look out, oh!
The terrarium!
Throw the switch!
What was it? - I don't know?
Is itdead? - I don't know,
call an ambulance!
I can't, I can't move!
Will you snap out of it
and call an ambulance,
this guy's gonna die, now do it!
Operator, give me county general!
Yes it's an emergency!
Hold it boys!
How's he doing? - I wouldn't push him.
Doc, can you hear me?
Listen, what kind of gas did
you use in the terrarium?
It's a special combination,
of some very lethal gasses.
Do you have any more of it?
Take good care of him. - Right.
How many of those pods did you find?
Jesus Christ, Jerry took one
of those pods home with him!
Come on, come on!
He's not answering, let's go!
Fasten your seatbelt!
You're mad, you're going to kill us!
Look you wanted to be a cop,
you gotta learn to drive fast,
take some chances with your life, you know?
You're insane!
Uh, oh, don't! - Oops!
Are you trying to kill me?
That was LAN mclemore.
Jerry you here?
You okay?
Stay here.
I'm gonna kick some monster ass!
Oh my god!
What are you doing?
Oh! - Ah!
Oh! - Oh!
What are you gonna do?
I'm going monster hunting.
Ah shit!
Where is it?
It's in the kitchen!
Let me borrow the bat! - Here!
Take it easy, I'll be right back.
What is that thing?
Look lady if I were you I'd
get the hell out of here!
Oh, help!
Punch it up!
It's all right, come here!
Easy, easy, it's okay!
Bitch is gone!
It's for you.
It's a woman.
Who in the hell is this?
I'm sorry about your friend, I really am!
I tried to warn him but
he wouldn't listen to me!
Now listen, I'll help you find that thing
that killed your friend if you let me.
Talk to me! - Seek out and destroy
the parent creature.
It's bigger than the one
you encountered tonight.
And you know where it is?
It's in an alley,
arkham alley, markum Lane,
I see warehouses...
Look for it in a very dark place.
How do I kill it?
Killing is your business sir, not mine.
Yeah right.
Anything else? - Be careful.
No shit!
How's the shoulder?
My shoulder's fine, it's
just that my nerves are shot.
What, what are you doing?
What about me?
You want a gun? - No, I'm gonna
of course I want a gun, I'm
a police officer remember?
Oh just give it to me.
Better check it.
Not very confident are you?
There's some shells in that
backgammon case, right there.
Are you gonna do this alone?
No, I've got you right?
Don't you think we should ask
for a little backup firepower?
Well, what do you want me
to do, we'll call and say
"send down a couple of
squad cars, we've got a
"monster from outer space cornered?"
I see what you mean.
Besides, I've got a score to settle.
Revenge motive, I keep forgetting.
Tough and gutsy, huh?
What are we gonna do,
invade Angola? - Look,
let's just go to arkham place.
And don't ask me why.
Going somewhere mclemore?
What the hell do you want?
Ever since I run you off that crash site,
you've been snooping around.
I don't like getting the brush off!
I can see that.
You've been doing pretty well by yourself,
there's one thing I want to know.
Where is it?
Don't fuck with me mclemore!
I don't know how you do it,
but you've been trailing that thing.
I want to know where it is.
Look, I want it, you want it,
so why don't we get
together and kill it, huh?
Oh, nice, but I don't think
my boss would go for it.
Ian who is this guy?
Shut up lady.
Excuse me?
Easy now.
You're making a big mistake buddy.
Yeah right.
You just turn around and walk that way.
Let's go.
Hold it right there.
Open it up.
Come on, come on!
Search him!
Okay hop in.
I'm telling you, it's my best suit!
Shut up, and sayonara!
Let's go!
Will this night ever end?
Hawkins come in!
Hawkins come in!
Come in!
God damn it where the hell
are you Hawkins, we've located the project!
And you've got to get
over there immediately!
Hawkins, come in!
Come in!
It came in a little while ago.
Mclemore killed it, whatever it is.
Did you find mclemore yet?
No sir.
Still no word yet.
Send a car over to his house,
and keep trying that radio!
Yes sir.
I know you're in there!
Come on, get out of there!
Come on kitty kitty...
Get the hell out of there!
Oh, so there you are cat.
Now where have you been?
Come on over here, come on, okay.
- This should be the place.
- That's what you said,
at the last six warehouses we went to.
What's that?
It's calling card I think.
So this is the place huh?
I guess we just got lucky.
Call robertson, have him
get some backup down here.
I thought you wanted to do this alone?
I do, but somebody's gotta come down and
clean up the mess, 'cause
I'm gonna make a big one.
What about moi?
I want moi to stay here,
keep an eye on things.
And if I come running out of that building
I don't want you to blow
me away by mistake!
Yes sir!
This is officer sandbourn.
I'm with detective mclemore,
4600 Hampton street.
Send a couple of cars right away.
Tell me uh, officer hanson uh,
can uh, this thing in fact, go any faster?
Not without endangering civilians sir.
Well, let's endanger a few.
Yes sir.
Real good hanson.
LAN! - Eh!
Jesus Christ, what happened to you?
Don't be worrying about me!
I got to get you the hell out of here!
Then I've got some business
to take care of, now go on!
Hanson, take the left side!
stick around.
How the hell are we ever gonna
find our way out of here?
I don't know, it's like a maze.
Try that way.
LAN, what the hell are we running from?
You remember that little
creature we saw at Jerry's house?
Yeah. - Well imagine that,
50 times bigger, and pissed off!
Look over there!
Get out of here!
Throw that fucking jar!
Throw the jar!
Throw the jar...
Carla, fire at him!
, fire at him!
Oh, try again!
There's nothing!
You have the right to remain silent.
Which way to robertson?
Are you, you two okay?
Hey buddy, any injuries back there?