Deep Trap (2015) Movie Script

For men, 90% of it is due to stress.
"Miscarriage isn't the only reason.
It'll get better once he knows
it's not a physical dysfunction.
Try not to push him. It can be stressful
Stimulation and mood, alright?
Come together next time
if possible.
It's just a simple test.
Thank you.
Hey, newlywed.
How often do you make love?
Enjoy while you're young.
Soon, your wife
becomes a family.
With 2 kids, we can't make time for it.
I forgot how to do it.
Without the male hormone
you're doomed.
It might be my story.
I cry over TV shows these days.
Poor you, You ran out of hormones.
Hey, hey.
Let go of me.
I like my wife very much.
I love her very much.
Hey, relax.
He's drunk.
I love you too, boss.
I should go.
I have a TV show to watch.
It's on me!
I'm home.
Your favorite ice-cream.
You're late.
It was hard to say no
He insisted on drinking.
Why didn't you answer your cellphone?
Honey, I'm sorry.
Take a shower. Then we should talk.
I'm sorry.
Shall we go on a trip?
Are we there yet?
Are you sure it's okay to take a day off?
But what can I do?
Quit my job?
Feels good to be out in the fresh air.
We should have went to Jeju.
Oh, just... stuff.
How did you find this place?
On the internet.
The restaurant's too far.
Did you make a reservation?
There's nothing here.
Wow, it's
Maybe the road is reconstructed.
Make a call.
No signal.
What are you talking about?
What was that?
Hit the accelerator!
I'm doing so.
So different from what I heard.
Can't see the ocean.
Let's go in. It was a long way.
What's the sound?
Is it Sanmaru restaurant?
Can we order?
What's the best menu?
It's a weird place. Let's leave.
But you took me here.
Our chicken soup is great.
You can choose a chicken
We'll order that.
What the hell?
Go pour some water.
We pasture the chickens and
only feed snake and worm.
The meat is amazing.
Wow, so tender!
It's good for men.
Booze, please.
I'll give you a good one.
Hey, go bring my booze.
Booze is supposed to be
kept in pots.
What booze is this?
It's not just any booze.
Drink up.
You, too.
No, thanks.
Take a glass.
Good idea.
Hey, he's very handsome.
Husband. It's been 5 years.
What about kids?
Not yet.
You've come to the right place.
Drink up. I should go now.
It's really good booze.
Hey, I'm going to the mountain.
Do it right! Serve them well.
Have a good time.
Wow, fresh air.
Sorry I was so irritable.
It's been years since our last trip.
We had some hard times.
What about now?
You're still in pain.
Come to think of it,
I haven't been a good husband.
Sorry, I was selfish
It's okay.
I don't need a baby.
Magic baby-maker.
Badger, elk,
and viper snake.
These are magic baby-maker.
Just sex isn't enough. You need this
Hey, set the table.
What the hell are you waiting for?
Don't drink this cheapie.
She'll bring a good one.
It's not centipede wine,
is it?
No, much better.
Drink this.
You don't know anything.
Did you say you're 5 years older than me?
Yeah. We're bros now?
Can I call you Junsik?
- Sure.
- Okay, Junsik.
Let me fill your glass.
You're a good drinker.
I like drinking.
Why don't you have a drink?
No, thanks.
It's really precious booze.
Good for women also.
Come closer.
Fill up the glasses,
you moron.
Snake wine.
You're not supposed to make it in glass jars.
It should be made with alive snakes.
This is real.
These even raise up
90-year-old grannies
May I get a drink from her?
Sure, go ahead.
Thank you.
You don't talk much.
She can't talk.
Let me give you a drink.
Don't touch!
You'll get hurt.
Nice sound.
Don't we have something to talk about?
Honey, let's leave now.
Why? I like it here.
You're too drunk. I'll drive.
Alright, then.
No drunk driving.
There's no street light here.
It's too dangerous.
Spend the night here
and leave tomorrow morning.
You're letting us sleep here?
We owe you big time.
Don't worry about it.
You have a beautiful wife.
You think?
You want to do her?
That idiot.
I raised her from young,
that ungrateful bitch.
She was such a whiner trying to escape
that I cut her tongue.
It's a joke!
She was an orphan
so I helped her
Right, Minhee?
God, your faces.
You frightened me.
Drink up.
It's good, fetal egg.
Where are you?
Do you know where my husband went?
To the mountain?
Do you need help?
You're hurt.
It might leave a scar.
Your name's Minhee?
How long did you live here?
Don't you feel lonely?
Hold this.
Drink up.
You want a baby?
Drink up.
Good job.
Bro, why do you
leave so much behind?
I only take the healthy parts.
Why couldn't you have kids for 5 years?
You can't do it?
Can't get a boner?
I love her very much,
but it seems not enough.
When did it start?
Any specific event?
How about with other women?
Haven't even thought of it.
You need to treat it.
Stay a bit longer
I think I can fix you.
Let's go. Bring the guns.
Where were you? I was worried.
Sorry, we went hunting
You should have told me.
Didn't want to wake you up.
Let's go home now.
We had a good time, bro.
You should stay.
I have to go to work.
Here, take some fresh chestnuts.
Be careful.
Take care.
What's wrong?
The car won't start.
The fuse is out
We have a broken car.
Can you come now?
Oh, alright then. I get it.
The repairman says he can come tomorrow.
Well, spend another night here.
Leave tomorrow morning.
You're doing us a great favor.
Don't worry.
No motel around here anyway.
Hey, bring that.
I'll do it.
It's okay.
Set a table with booze.
Help yourself. Eat with salt.
I love the smell. The meat is so juicy.
By the way,
is it okay to hunt like this?
Isn't the mountain wildlife sanctuary?
This whole island is mine.
I decide what to do. Sue me.
Sue you? I'm a confederate.
I don't serve these
to just anybody.
I like you, bro.
You're my special guest.
You know, in Mongolia
to very special guests
they even serve their own wives.
For a night.
I don't disagree with them.
How do you like it?
She's quite pretty, don't you think?
It would be rude if she was ugly, yeah?
Have a drink.
Did I say something awkward?
Help yourself.
Let me go to the restroom.
I'll go with you.
You, too?
Enjoy yourself.
How's the booze?
Nice and strong.
And about your problem...
Try not to care too much.
Come by at midnight.
I'll leave you two alone.
She's not my wife. She's my sister.
It's really fine with me.
It might cure your problem
Think about it.
And stay a little longer!
I can fix you.
It's raining. Let 's get inside
Get inside.
Get in.
Just take the booze bottle.
Go in, Junsik. Let's drink more inside.
Take a seat
You, set the table.
Take a seat. Let's drink more.
Weather goes back and forth.
Do you want it to succeed or not?
Come in!
I'm so tired. I'll go to sleep first.
She looks tired.
Bro, I'll go with her.
Have another drink.
I'm tired, too.
One more drink!
Are you asleep?
Bro, are you asleep?
We're not finished.
Let's have another drink.
Sorry, I had enough.
Think about it.
He never gives up.
It's fine with me.
No, I'll just sleep.
It's okay.
Take a seat.
Make yourself at home.
Let's have another drink.
Have a drink.
I'll be at the garage.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
It'll be fun.
Good morning.
Junsik, wake up.
It's almost noon.
Where are you?
You said you'll open today.
What the hell? Then when are you coming?
Okay, okay.
He's coming late at night.
I'm sorry.
Let me check if there's a backdoor.
My car broke down.
I'll come to work tomorrow.
Tell the boss, would you?
Son of a bitch.
What you mean?
What are you doing?
You son of a bitch!
Can't find a way in.
The old man...
What did he say?
Arsonist something.
A long time ago,
"when my mom died,
my alcoholic dad used to beat me.
He brought a stepmom
and that bitch beat me, too.
She tried to abandon me.
So I set fire on the house
when everyone was asleep.
It was out of anger.
Didn't know they'll die.
That crazy old man doesn't know anything.
Sorry, don't worry about it.
I have to check the snare
if anything got caught.
Come with me.
I have to reset this.
You go check the other one.
It's not far.
Bro, this?
Not that. There's another one over there.
On your tight.
Is it this restaurant?
Yes, I heard the chicken soup is amazing.
Is it Sanmaru restaurant?
Can we order?
Where is my husband?
Serve the guests.
You took him with you!
He'll come back
with the repair guy.
Serve them some water.
- Are you from Seoul?
- Yes.
Our chicken soup is great.
You can choose a chicken
- That will be fun.
- You think so?
Hey, stay here.
You'll miss him on the way.
Excuse me.
Let me fill your glass.
Thank you.
I said stay.
Come sit there.
Let go of me!
Who is it?
Open the door.
Why are you doing this?
Where's my husband?
I said open the door.
Before I break it open.
Your honey's right here.
You're embarrassing me
in front of the guests.
Don't you get on my nerves
Why aren't you undressed yet?
Take it off.
I'll do it myself.
Lie down
It's okay.
You came to me yourself, bitch.
Let me go!
I said wait!
Let me go!
I'm leaving.
Why is everyone leaving?
You're leaving?
What are you doing?
You motherfucker!
You asshole!
Don't annoy me.
Annoying assholes.
Hands off, bitch
Wipe up, moron.
What's taking you so long!
Bro, what happened?
I looked all over for you
Where were you?
What happened to your face?
Come inside.
Where have you been?
Your wife is waiting.
Your husband's here.
Come in.
Let's leave this place.
Who is it?
It's me, bro.
Wait a sec.
Anything you need?
A towel.
Hurry up, moron.
It's okay.
I'll be back soon.
Help me.
Bro, are you there?
Where are you?
Son of a bitch!
That crazy bastard.
Let's go to the police station.
I'm sorry. I really didn't know.
It was me.
What are you talking about?
It was me.
I arranged it all.
Last night was my plan.
So you know I slept with her?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Honey? Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. I didn't know.
I thought
this place might cure you.
Bring your husband here. I can fix him.
I'm home.
I was afraid
you might give up.
I hoped
we could go back to
our happy days.
I'm sorry, Soyeon.
I hurted you.
It's my fault.
Shut up. You're annoying me.
What the fuck are you doing!
You don't like it here?
I was good to you.
Why are you trying to leave?
I don't get it.
Please don't!
What are you doing there?
Fetch a basin for his blood.
Why are you doing this to us!
Please don't!
Bitch, you brought him
here yourself.
Your business is done?
Your business might be done,
but my business isn't.
You guys are so annoying.
Don't you annoy me.
Try not to move.
It will shorten the process.
Mr. Park!
Mr. Park?
Are you inside?
Look at the chicken.
What brought you here, bro?
A couple from Seoul has gone missing.
Did they have to go missing in my jurisdiction?
This couple. Do you recognize them?
I've never seen them.
Mansik says he saw them.
Well, visitors come and go.
Hey, drop by sometime
to have a chicken soup.
Alright. I will.
Chickens look nice and chubby.
- Call us if you see them.
- Okay, bye.
You should come with him.
- What's wrong?
- Must be the goats.
It's the goats.
Let me check it.
Shit, it's my property.
Just checking.
What the hell? Are you crazy!
Just checking.
You crazy bitch!
You crazy bitch!
Murder at Sanmaru restaurant!
What the hell?
You crazy bitch!
Where did they go!
You're nuts.
Are you crazy?
Hands off.
Fuck off, moron.
Alright, Minhee. Let me handle them.
Let me go.
Fuck off, bitch!
Are you okay?
Oh, no...
Where are you, bro?
You guys are annoying me again.
Don't try too hard.
No one has ever escaped.
Soyeon, did you tell him?
I was very gentle to you.
Yes or no?
Where's Junsik?
Die! Go to hell!
Junsik! Son of a bitch.
You can do anyone but your own wife?
When you were doing Minhee
When you were doing Minhee
You didn't notice, idiot?
Son of a bitch!
Die. You're tiring me.
No! Please, no!
Please don't kill him
It's all my fault.
I'll do whatever you say.
I'll stay as long as you want.
Please don't kill him.
Damn sure you would.
I was good to you, bitch.
Trying to play me?
This is my island.
You should die.
What's wrong with you?
Go wait at home!
Crazy bitch.
Honey, are you alright?
Honey, are you alright?