Deeper (2014) Movie Script

Hey sweetheart.
Hey baby!
Hey, hold on for a sec.
Beautiful girl, what are you
doing out here all alone?
Where you going?
Need a ride?
Excuse me?
doing a documentary.
Wonder if you have
a second to chat.
I don't know,
I'm like on my way
to work right now.
were just wondering
if we could ask you a
couple of questions.
What kind of question's that?
If I give you,
you know, something like that
maybe you come in
here and answer
the questions for us?
Ah, that's a bit weird.
if I offered you
Little bit of cash?
A little bit of cash?
All right.
you like that?
Oh, just take it.
All right, thank you so
much for helping us out.
I bet you don't have any
trouble at the clubs, do you?
We don't have much trouble.
seem like a fun girl.
You like to party?
You know, you have
a lot of layers on.
It's cold outside.
So, what
are you up to today?
I'm walking home from school.
home from school,
very nice.
School girl.
Hah, that's always hot.
- When was the last
time you had sex?
Well, that's why we broke up.
It's been a while.
Now what
you got under that hoodie?
Why don't you take that off?
It's hot in here.
It was a fishing boat.
had a fishing boat?
Let's see a little bit more skin.
So can you take your shirt off?
Question one.
Question one?
- Depends, what kind
of cash do you have?
Oh, okay.
Look at you, little
business lady.
Ooh oh oh!
You see that oh?
She wants it right away.
What do I gotta do for this?
I want you to
look at the camera and say
"Hi, daddy".
Hi, daddy.
All right
baby, see you later!
Yeah, that's right, bitch!
We got your money!
So degrading.
you're telling me!
- How am I supposed to
come back from North Korea
and do a piece like this?
You said you wanted a break
from the horrors
of dictatorship,
and I believe the term you
used was "fluff piece".
- Well, this is a little on
the nose, don't you think?
Boss thought it was funny.
Not funny at all.
So, what?
You're not interested
or you think
the wife will give you shit?
- Come on, Mark, my spidey
senses are tingling here.
I think we have
some actual angles.
These guys have started
their own little smut empire.
Yeah, but who cares?
What, you don't watch porn?
Come on!
Not like this!
I don't know.
Don't puss out on me.
- I just can't believe there's
a market for this garbage.
- These guys offer
something different.
They pick up random
girls and coax them
into having sex.
Well, that's bullshit.
First we prove that these
girls are total plants,
then we springboard into
a serious psychoanalytical
and social commentary
piece on internet porn.
You're hilarious.
Why do you have such a hard
on for these guys, dude?
- Because these guys
objectify women, dude.
Aren't they paying us?
Fuck 'em.
They want exposure.
They didn't say what kind.
I've seen stuff that's
worse than this,
and I know you have too.
At least no one's dying here.
Yeah. At least no one's dying.
Yeah, you gotta have off.
Yeah, I mean, with this
weather, are you kidding me?
Ugh, it's the wife.
Hold on a sec.
Hey, babe, how you feeling?
Ah, no.
There's some crazy weather
coming into Seattle
so they rerouted us to Portland,
and we were having a hard
time getting a flight,
but my co-producer
extraordinaire got us
the best pilot on the west coast
and he's gonna fly
us in right now.
I'll be back in like 48 hours.
I know, I know.
Look, it's an easy one, okay?
I love you too.
Okay, take care of
that bun in the oven.
I can't believe
we're meeting these guys
on a street corner.
You tell the wife?
Ah, not yet.
Excuse me.
You know what's crazy
is I have no idea what
to expect right now.
Oh! That's camera.
What up, beautiful people?
You the guy from Xice Magazine?
Yeah, I'm Mark.
What's with the last-minute
location change?
I thought we were doing this
interview at your office.
- Yeah, I just thought it'd
be better for the story,
get to know me a
little bit better,
see me in my element, a
little bit of atmosphere.
Who is this?
This is Sue.
- Hi, Susan Chen,
Mark's videographer.
- I thought you
worked for a magazine.
Yeah, we shoot everything
for the online magazine,
and then that saves me
having to take notes.
- Ah, you're not
gonna like this,
but that's a no-go.
It's only our cameras
allowed in the van,
I mean, unless little Suzie
Chu here wants to get naked
and play around with Johnny-boy.
Suzie what?!
- Um, look, we worked this out
with your people weeks ago.
- What can I say, the
rules are the rules.
Are we gonna have a
problemo, or what?
Ah, I dunno.
Let me just have a
chat with my partner.
Love watching you leave,
Suzie Choo-choo-choose me.
Oh, that's a good one.
I want to punch that
guy in the face.
I can't believe they
get girls into that van.
I know.
- Ugh, now they've
got the camera on us.
That guy's an asshole.
- Well, that's exactly how
I'm gonna make him look.
You're gonna stay?
I'm here.
Oh, shit.
Mark smells a story.
All right, well,
I still get paid?
Of course.
Okay, have fun.
I'm sure it's gonna be
a tough day for you.
Yeah, yeah, fuck off.
I'll see you at the office.
See ya!
So, gentlemen.
So, what's the plan?
- Well, we're
gonna make a movie.
You ready?
It's a little early
for porn, isn't it?
Yeah, right.
Actually in our industry,
the early worm catches the
bird, if you get my drift.
Very clever.
All right. Hop in.
Back here?
- So, this is where
the magic happens?
Yeah, watch out for stains.
All right, introductions.
This here is my boy John.
I got him doing
double duty today.
He's going to be
driving and fucking,
'cause you're an extra
body, and an artist
needs his space to work.
'Sup, man?
'Sup, man.
So, you really do this at 10 AM?
God damn right.
- All right, Johnny-boy,
start the engine.
These hoes ain't
gonna come to us.
All right.
Woo! Yeah
baby, let's do it!
- So, gentlemen, how
does this usually work?
We just drive around
until we find a cute girl
who wants to have sex
in the back of a van
at 10 in the morning?
Well, yeah, pretty much,
and I'm ready to
get my dick wet.
- I'd rather you
not do that, man.
- Oh, what, you
don't like it either?
What's the story behind that?
- Well, the story is I'm
interviewing you, so.
- Lighten up, buddy,
it's just a camera.
You want and interview or not?
- I think you need me
more than I need you.
- I didn't know this
was a pissing contest.
You're making it one.
Well, how far did you fly
to be here with us, Mark?
- I've flown a lot
further than this, Steve.
I though it
wasn't a pissing contest.
This interview can
go two ways, right?
Either you give me full
access, we have some fun,
I write a nice article, and
your company gets more exposure,
we do the opposite.
My publisher talked
to your company.
Money might have exchanged
hands, it doesn't matter,
either way, I'm here
because you guys wanted
more publicity, right?
So if it's gonna be a no,
I'd rather know now,
before I have to see
your boy John naked.
- Oh, you want to
see John naked.
My dick is magnificent.
- It's up to you, man,
what do you think?
All right, chief, fire away.
Okay, so, where should we start?
How long you been employed?
- What, you didn't
do your homework?
It's three years.
Before that you were
in the film industry,
but I just needed
it for the record.
- How much money you guys
making off the website?
A lot.
What's a lot?
A lot is a lot, man.
Jesus Christ.
A lot's a lot.
What about you, John?
What got you into
the porn business?
- Mm, 'cause I get to
nail hot chicks all day.
That's why I do this shit.
Okay, what
about you, Steve?
What about me?
Why'd you start this business?
- 'Cause I get to film my
buddy Holmes Junior here?
Whoa, hell yeah, mothafucker!
- Why do you call
him Holmes Junior?
- Well, you know that
porn star John Holmes?
- Well, my dick is a quarter
of an inch shorter than his.
This close.
That's lovely.
So what about you, Mark?
- What, are you asking
my dick size too?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey.
Check out this one.
Look at her ass, holy shit.
Up here.
Yeah, she has got a
serious case of RCA.
What's RCA?
- Raging cock
addiction, and bad.
Oh my god, wow.
Dude, we gotta
come back for her.
Yeah, we will,
just calm down, cowboy.
- So these girls that you
pick up off the street,
you rehearse with them
before you shoot, or...?
No, no rehearsals.
It's actually pretty simple.
We just pick them up, we
offer them some money,
they take off their clothes,
and Johnny-boy here
sticks them with his dick.
They fuck for a buck.
Exactly, yeah.
We can get them to do
anything we want them to do.
Come on.
Believe it, bro.
Yeah, see, the trick is
everybody else uses pros.
We're the only bona fide
amateur porn station.
The ladies agree out of
pure charm and seduction.
Seduction or manipulation?
Uh, seduction.
Okay, we'll call it seduction.
What kind of seduction
are we talking about?
- Well, that's why
you're here, Mark.
You're here to bear witness.
I, Steve Coulter, am the
most persuasive prick
in the business!
I'm the only guy with
100% amateur rating.
Like, you know how guys,
they're really good at math?
Or they can play the piano,
or painting the Sistine
Chapel or something?
They're blessed with
abilities that nobody knows
why they have them.
Ah, idiot savants?
He's funny.
- Yeah, I don't know
about the idiot part,
but savants, geniuses,
call it whatever you will,
but for whatever
reason, I was blessed
with the peerless
ability to get women
to take off their
clothes and fuck.
I'm not good at
much, but at this,
I'm a fucking ninja.
I am the master.
I could do it in my sleep.
I mean, I didn't
have you come here
to make me more money, man.
Look around.
We're doing fine.
I want someone to capture this
for pure posterity.
- Oh, hey, hey, whoa,
look at these two.
Whoa, wait, two?
Is there a problem?
- No, this is where
you watch and learn.
All right.
excuse me, ladies.
Do you have a second?
What is it?
- We're film students
doing a documentary
on the neighborhood
and we were wondering
if we could ask you a
couple of questions?
Like a survey?
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Like a survey.
We could throw you a
little bit of cash.
We're kind of in a tough spot,
'cause we need to hand
it in by tomorrow.
All right.
All right. Well, just hop in.
In there?
- Yeah!
Yeah, in here.
Why not?
What did my parents say
about getting into
vans with strangers?
Oh, come on.
We're not kidnappers
or pedophiles,
we're just three handsome dudes.
What's the worst
that could happen?
All right, fine.
I'll offer you a little
bit more in cash, okay?
How's that look?
You like that?
See? So easy, just hop in.
Beautiful. Thank you.
All right, well, I'm Steve,
this is John, and
this here is Mark.
I'm Sam.
This is Beth.
So, what do you do?
I'm a writer.
For documentaries?
No, I'm a journalists.
- Yeah, actually, Mark here,
he writes the questions for us.
Ask me a question.
- Okay, why did
you choose to get
in a van full of strangers
for a bunch of money?
Of course.
Okay, okay, all right.
Johnny-boy, hit the gas.
Let's do this.
So, ladies.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Mark.
Let's get to know these
girls a little bit better.
Look at Sam. Isn't
she beautiful?
Sam, you're fucking smoking hot,
if you don't mind me saying.
But I guess you hear that
all the time, don't you?
Yeah, I knew it.
So, are you from around here?
Born and raised.
All right, we got
ourselves another local.
Another local?
You guys do this often?
You look familiar.
Have you ever been
on camera before?
Yeah, like something dirty?
You two know each other?
- So, you guys
are all strangers?
You've never met?
Wanna get to know me?
- Yes, yes, Sam, I want
to get to know you.
To tell you the truth,
I couldn't give a shit
about getting a good grade
on this doc for school,
'cause now that you're a
couple burners in my van
and the camera
rolling, well, it's
it's got me thinking.
Could you two hold hands?
I'll pay extra.
- I thought this
was a documentary.
I have a nice secluded spot,
we could park and
nobody'll bother us.
- How much money are
we talking about?
Hold on.
Can you two make out?
I wanna know if you
two can make out,
and then we'll talk business.
You want us to kiss?
- You kind of want to kiss
each other, don't you?
Just close friends
getting closer.
I don't know.
This is pretty weird.
Well, it's a cliche, I mean,
you're in a van with a
bunch of guys who want to
watch you kiss your friend,
but I'm not asking you
to do anything dangerous.
I mean, isn't it on
your bucket list?
Do something naughty,
once in your life?
Feel your heart racing?
All right.
All right.
Oh yeah.
Oh, yeah, that's nice.
That's really nice.
That's really nice.
Okay, now do it again.
Okay, now how much
are you paying them for this?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
just let it be, all right?
And now we're in fantasy land.
Yeah, Steve.
How much are you
paying us for this?
Hold on.
Beth, can you pull
down Sam's top
and give her a
little kiss there?
I don't know.
Can't people see
through the windows?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
These windows are really tinted.
maybe somewhere else?
- Well, I gotta see
the merchandise first,
before I set value
if you catch my drift.
All right.
Atta girls.
Let's have some fun.
You like fun do you?
Oh, yes, yes I do.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, look at those little pups.
Beautiful, Sam, beautiful.
Okay, Beth, now it's your turn.
But not here.
Sorry, who are you again?
I'm a writer.
Yes, he's a writer.
This is where we turn.
Okay, great.
I just need you girls to
sign a couple release forms.
Here you go.
It's for the documentary.
Oh, the documentary.
- Wait a minute, let
me get this straight.
You guys are walking
down the street,
we roll up, and
now you're willing
to let us film you
in the back of a van?
For money?
You're killing me here, Mark.
- You're not very
much fun, Mark.
Where were
you two going today?
The mall.
The mall?
You wanna see our tits or not?
- Oh, yeah, bring
me the boobies.
Find a place to
pull over, buddy,
and I'll get you all the boobies
you can shake a stick at.
Okay, Sam, I want
you to bend over.
I want you to show us
that ass a little bit.
Oh shit that's hot.
That's nice.
You like that?
Oh, shit, that is hot.
Okay, now, I want you
to pull that top off.
Okay, but I want you
to do it real slow.
Really slow.
There we go.
Atta girl.
John, you seeing this?
That's some good stuff, man.
Yeah, daddy likes it.
Here's the pull over.
Just take us in a little bit,
then get back here
and show these girlies
what Holmes Junior's all about.
All right, good
girl, Sam, good girl.
Okay, now, Beth, want
you to get in the shot.
Want you to pull
down that bra, okay?
Hey, Beth?
What the fuck!
Don't fucking move.
Hurry up, Sam, we
need to get moving.
I am. He's heavy!
Oh god.
What the fuck is going on?
Shut the fuck up!
Not so tough now, are you?
Who are you?
- Do you believe
in karma, Steve?
I'm like the Seal
Team Six of karma.
Get their phones.
Hey, hey...
And tie their hands.
Who's this?
It's my wife.
She's pregnant.
Yeah, we're due in two weeks.
Listen, I was flown in
here from New York, okay
There's an X-Bus in New York?
I am here doing a story
on them for a magazine!
Yeah, bullshit.
It's not bullshit.
You can check in my bag,
my wallet's in there.
Give me his wallet.
Listen to me.
Look, you can let me go.
I'm not gonna say anything.
You're a fucking journalist!
Shut the fuck up, man!
You write everything down!
- This has nothing
to do with you!
It's what you fucking do!
Shut up! Shut up!
Unless you are being
asked a question,
you say nothing.
I have a family, lady, okay?
I don't work with these
What the fuck did I just say?
Okay! Okay!
Get up. Get up.
Get in the van.
Put him in the back.
Get up.
Slowly. Move, move!
Sit down.
All right, I need you to tell me
exactly what you're doing here.
- I told you, my
magazine hired me
to do a story on these perverts.
- Because they paid my company
some money for exposure.
Why you?
- I've done a bunch
of crazy stories.
I've been to some wild places.
And now I'm in the woods
with a gun pointed at me.
- Yeah, well, you weren't
supposed to be here.
Well, then let me go.
Well, you're involved!
Not by choice!
It's not exactly going
the way I wanted it to.
These things never do.
Now that guy is dead,
and I need to see this through
because I made a promise.
To who?
Who did you make a promise to?
You can stop this.
It is never too late.
Look, my company has some of the
best lawyers in the country.
We get people out of
hot water all the time.
I can help you out of this.
Yeah, I've heard that before.
Men are full of shit.
I'm not full of shit.
All men are full of shit!
Just hear me out.
Did Steve do something to you?
You could say that.
Hey, babe.
Think you could help me out?
I got something
caught in my eye.
Thank you.
Did he hurt you?
Listen, I can do an
article about this, okay?
We can do an exclusive.
I can tell your story and we
can get you a lot of attention,
you just need to tell
me what this is about.
- Hey, you wanna tell
me what's going on here?
I don't know anything.
Hey come on, you can tell me.
Hey, listen, what are
you getting paid today?
I'll double it, okay?
And then I'll double it again.
You just gotta tell me
what's going on here.
Who is this bitch?
She's not a bitch.
- All right, all
right, your friend.
She's a friend of yours.
Why'd you invite
her to the shoot?
She looks out for me.
- I know you feel
trapped right now,
and I know you feel
the only way out
is to go deeper, but
that is not the answer.
Come on, just talk to me, okay?
I can help you out of this.
You can trust me.
This conversation's over.
No, listen to me.
Get up!
Just tell me what he did!
- If you don't start
listening to me,
we're gonna have a problem.
Don't fucking cross me.
- You don't have to
point that at me.
That's not necessary.
Shut the fuck up.
Oh shit!
What was that?
What were you saying to him?
- This has gotten
completely out of control.
- You don't think
I don't know that?
...who the fuck that is,
and it really doesn't
help that you're
running around in
there with Steve.
Keep quiet!
I'm trying to hear
what they're saying.
- Augh, we gotta get
the fuck out of here.
That's not gonna happen, man.
- Fine, there's a
gun in the glove box.
Whoa, hey.
Tell me what you did to her.
I don't know that fucking bitch!
- Well she sure
as fuck knows you.
And I know you planted
them on the street,
so you must know them.
- There was only supposed
to be one girl, okay?
One girl! Sam!
I don't know who that
other fucking chick is!
Knew it.
- Oh, go fuck
yourself, all right!
What does it matter now?
- Okay, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
We gotta play it cool, okay?
If she wanted us dead,
we'd already be dead.
I don't think she knows
what her next move is.
Let's not force her hand.
Get out of my way.
What are you doing, man?
You're gonna get us
both killed, man.
- Yeah, well, what
are you gonna do?
Just fucking stand there?
- I'm gonna find out
what she wants, okay?
If we give her what she wants,
I think we're gonna be okay.
"We're gonna be okay"?
"We're gonna be okay"?!
Look at this guy!
He's my best fucking
friend, and he's dead,
and we're fucking next!
If you hadn't attacked her,
he'd still be alive right now.
Fuck you, all right.
You gotta be kidding me.
It's fucking locked.
Okay, well, listen.
Let's just, let's
just calm down, okay?
Let's think about this.
Fuck this stupid-ass shit.
What are you doing?
- Shut up.
- Help!
Help! Help!
Help, please!
Please help me!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut up!
You shut the fuck up!
Please help me!
- Dude, she's
coming, she's coming!
- I told you not to
fucking cross me.
Get the fuck up.
Come here.
Over there.
Trying to run on me, Mark?
And here I was starting to
think you were on my side.
Sam, pay attention.
Take this taser.
If he moves or does
anything, you do this.
Got it?
Good. Stay put.
You need to start talking now.
Steve Coulter.
Born February 21st, 1989.
You're lying to me.
She trusts you.
You know that girl.
I don't know anything!
That is bullshit, okay!
I wanna get the fuck
out of this van,
right fucking now!
So, what?
Is she forcing you to do this?
Just please stop.
- I have nothing
to do with this,
and I am stuck here, okay?
I have a family that
I want to see again!
I need you to help me.
Shh! She'll be back soon.
Your name's Sam, right?
Do you know Steve?
But you know Beth, right?
I can't talk to you.
Tell me what she wants.
She wants him!
Who the fuck is Beth, Sam?
She's a friend!
What kind of a friend?
A new friend.
Graduated 2007.
Parents divorced in 2009.
I know everything
about you, Steve.
Not so smart now, are you?
Fucking die right
here, you slut!
She approached me.
We became friends.
She told me she needed my help.
We've been through some
of the same things.
- If you think you
can just sit here
and be an innocent
bystander, you're wrong.
- I didn't think it
was gonna be like this.
I didn't want anyone to die.
- We can help each other
get out of this alive, okay?
Do you understand me?
I need your help.
- It's Steve. She
just wants Steve.
Oh yeah?
I don't think she's just
gonna let us walk out of here.
What were you two doing?
He was asking me questions.
What was he asking you about?
How we met.
- And you didn't tell
him anything, did you?
- Trying to get
information on me?
- Nothing I wouldn't
ask you to your face.
- You better slow
it down, Sherlock,
because the more you know,
the less chance there is
of you getting out of
here and getting on Oprah.
I love Oprah.
Get on your knees.
Both of you get on your knees!
Face away from each other.
Tie them together.
- What magazine
to you write for?
It's called Xice Magazine.
It's like a indie
pop culture magazine.
Indie pop culture magazine
- Stop fucking
entertaining him, Sam!
Are you done? Get up here.
We need to get moving.
There's so much blood.
Well, clean it up.
With what?
Do I have
to do everything?
Do you know why they call
the internet the web?
Because it's spun by
spiders like you, Steve.
- You're a crazy
bitch, you know that?
- Do you know how many
hits Steve gets a month?
- Don't you fucking
talk to her, man!
Six million hits.
Did you ever read
Charlotte's Web, Steve?
- Who the fuck cares
about Charlotte's Web?
It's a children's novel.
In it the spider, Charlotte,
writes messages in her web,
which ends up saving
the pig's life.
Ah, that's wonderful.
You need to start
to listen to me.
Do you understand me?
Because I am the spider now,
and I will write those
messages about you
for the world to
see, do you hear me?
Sam, start the car.
Where are we going?
Where the fuck are
you thinking...
Hikers or something.
Go around.
Shit, Beth!
Beth! Beth!
Are you okay?
Yeah. What's up?
Your van almost hit a tree.
Oh, yeah.
Hit a sharp rock or
something back there.
I think I blew a tire.
Do you remember that
conversation we had earlier?
If you wanna live and you
want these hikers to live,
you'll close your eyes, and
you think happy thoughts.
Shut up!
Well, you need a hand?
It's fine.
Thanks though.
- Yeah, have you seen
anyone else out here?
No, nothing.
You got everything you need?
Spare tire?
Yeah. Should be good.
Oh, you're not alone.
No, she's in good hands.
Yeah, just the two of us.
- You guys headed
out to Eagle Lake?
What are
you guys way out here for?
Hiking? Camping?
Camper van.
- Is that blood
on the windshield?
No, it's mud.
- That's on the
inside, that's not
It's mud.
You guys sure you're okay?
- I think maybe you
should leave now.
Excuse me?
- I said get the
fuck out of here.
I'm sorry.
Look, we're just
having a bad day.
She didn't mean it.
Thank you for your concern.
Come on, honey.
It's not worth it.
No. It's not.
What's going on?
It's Susan.
Rebecca keeps calling me.
I don't know what to tell her.
Call me.
Call me, call me,
call me, call me.
- What the fuck just
happened out there?
- You idiots just got
two people killed.
Are you fucking serious?
You have gone too far.
You have crossed a line.
Hey! Are you listening to me?
Shut up.
Sam, you can do it.
You can do it.
I can't.
I need you to turn around.
You can do it.
Sam! Sam!
Don't listen to her!
I told you not to talk to her.
- You killed two
people in cold blood.
Jesus Christ!
I had no choice.
Is it on?
Yes, it is.
Are you rolling?
Yes, I think so.
Put this in your mouth.
Put this in your
mouth and swallow it!
What are you doing?
- We're gonna make
a video, boys.
Are you awake in there, Steve?
Now I need you to
look into the camera.
I want you to tell
us your full name,
and who you are.
I'm Steve Coulter.
Why are you doing this?
"My name is Steve Coulter,
and I am a rapist".
Say it!
Fuck you!
- "My name is Steve
Coulter, and I am a rapist".
Say it!
- My name is Steve
Coulter and I am a rapist!
Yes you are, Steve.
And how many girls
have you raped?
- This is bullshit, I
haven't raped anyone.
How many girls?
It's not rape, okay?
I pay them!
- And what about before
your fucking business?
What about in college?
You ever rape anyone when
you were in college, Steve?
(Steve screams.
You know, I could
do this for real.
Just go further and further
into the woods with you.
No one knows you're out here.
No one even knows
you're fucking missing!
So why don't you tell me what
this feels like on your dick?
I don't
I don't touch the girls.
I just film them.
My hands are clean.
Check the tapes.
I have.
Then get out of my face, okay?
You're barking up
the wrong tree.
I don't think so.
- I sell videos of
consenting adults having sex.
Since when is that illegal?
- Have you ever used
gamma-hydroxybutyric acid?
What is that?
- Never!
- Ever?
All right, all right!
Okay, okay, yes.
Maybe once.
Shhh. Close the
door, close the door.
What are we doing?
Shut the fuck up.
what do we do now?
Take off her shirt.
Nice and easy. There
we go, there we go.
Kenny, shut the fuck up.
Yeah, you.
It's that voice.
It's that fucking
voice behind the camera
that makes it all happen.
- This is entrapment
and you know it.
Oh, call it whatever you want.
You're fucking guilty.
Here we go.
Okay, turn her over.
Yeah. All right.
Johnny-boy, you first.
Okay, here we
go. I'll flip her over.
Okay. Make it hurt.
Yeah. Right.
I don't keep count.
- And these videos
are on your website?
Which is it?
- You can only access it if
you have a special password.
- So people pay extra
to see these videos?
Good boy, Steve.
How you doing there, big boy?
How you holding up there?
Those pills I gave you,
they making you
feel pretty good?
What are you doing?
- I have you a male
enhancement drug.
What? Why?
There you are.
Do you like me Mark?
Or is that just a
banana in your pants?
- I have nothing to
do with this, okay?
I have nothing to do with this!
I know.
I know, but John's dead,
so I need you to stand
in for him, okay?
Stop it.
You do not tell me what to do,
do you understand me?
- Steve, I want you to feel
what one in six women feels
every year.
I've given you all you want.
What more do you need from me?
- I don't need any more
information from you, shit head,
but I will take something else.
Smile for the camera.
- Doing all right
over there, babe?
Remind me, how does
it start again?
Say "hi, daddy"?
Say it!
Hi, daddy!
- You know, it feels
like something's missing.
You need something
in your mouth.
I want you to look in the camera
and I want you to tell us
that you're full of shit.
- And tell us how
worthless you are.
Yes, you are.
You're up, Mark.
Time to shine.
What are you...
What the fuck?
Put it in his mouth.
No fucking way!
Yeah, no fucking way!
- Put it in his mouth
or it's a fucking gun.
If you put that near my mouth,
I'll fucking bite it right off.
- Mark, if you ever want to
see your fucking wife again,
you're gonna do it,
you understand me?
I can't
fucking do this.
Do it!
Fucking can't fucking do this!
You don't want him to
put it in your mouth?
This is the only reason
you're still alive.
Pull his pants down.
He can't bite you with this.
Don't do.
Don't do it!
Do it!
No! No!
If you ever want to
see your fucking kid again,
do it!
Do it!
Shut up! Shut up!
Do you want to see your baby?
Do it! Do it!
Shut up! Do it!
Don't move!
On the ground!
She was holding us hostage!
Don't talk, don't move.
Hey, hey!
Behind the van, arms up!
Let's go!
I'm not armed.
I don't have a weapon, okay?
On the ground! On the ground!
All right.
Now tell me what the
hell is going on here.
- She fucking took
us hostage, man.
That's what the
hell's going on here.
Can you get us out of here?
Are you by yourself?
Does that van work?
I don't know. Yeah?
She one of them?
I don't know.
I don't fucking know, man.
Let's just get the fuck
out of here right now.
Hey, hey,
we don't get your
boyfriend to the hospital,
he's dead, all right?
Take this.
Keep your eye on this one.
I shot her in the shoulder.
She's in shock.
She's still breathing.
- Do you have a cell phone
or a radio or something?
We need to call like backup.
Tell me you have a
fucking radio, man.
Please, please
tell me you have a phone.
Oh my god.
Come on, come on,
give me a signal, come on!
Hello? Hello, can you hear me?
Mark? What?
- Come on, I've
got a fucking bar.
- I can barely hear
you, where are you?
Mark, you're breaking up.
Oh, shit.
Stay with the van!
You got me pretty good.
You shoulda moved on.
I think I'm bleeding out.
Well you were helping
the wrong people.
I made a choice.
You can't go through
life pretending
you don't see what's right
in front of your eyes.
It's no way to live.
It's no way to die either.
- Living, knowing
I never even tried
would have been worse.
Those are bad men.
And they're getting
what they deserve.
Nobody deserves that.
That's exactly my point.
I was only trying to help.
My name is Mark Tallion, okay?
I've been taken hostage.
Can you hear me?
I don't know.
I'm in the woods somewhere.
I think I'm east of the city.
People have been hurt.
We need, we need help!
We need backup!
I don't fucking know.
No, I'm in the
middle of nowhere.
She killed two hikers.
Another guy came
out of the woods.
Get someone out here!
Hold on.
Fuck. Hello?
Come on!
Come here, bitch!
Yeah, you skanks
are all the same.
Stupid and weak.
Yeah. Tell me how it feels.
The fuck?
You like that?
You wanna rough me up?
Hurt me?
Fuck me?
What the fuck was that?
He attacked me.
He was trying to kill me.
So you decided to fuck him?
Beth, calm down.
I had no choice!
Are you playing me?
I thought you understood
what we were doing out here.
I do understand.
- Well it sure as fuck
doesn't look like it!
You weren't here, Beth.
He was on top of me.
What was I supposed to do?
I don't know?
Maybe keep your pants on!
I needed you.
You weren't here.
I can't do this all by myself.
I had to go after him.
Where's Mark?
He's gone.
What do you mean.
I lost him.
He's a journalist!
Yeah, well I don't
know where he went, Sam.
Maybe if you had
been helping me,
instead of fucking that
sleezebag in the van,
then we would be on track still!
- You brought us out
into buttfuck nowhere.
It's not my fault Grizzly
Adams happened to be
out here hunting deer
and saving people!
Your plan has gone to shit.
We need to get out of here.
We're almost done.
You fucking bitch.
I really thought she
was gonna kill you.
I need some water.
Where you going, hot shot?
It's over.
Let's get out of here.
Not that easy.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
You know how hard it was
to find someone like her?
Damaged, vulnerable,
yet strong, angry?
You found her?
Hey. It's me.
It's almost done.
See you soon.
I've met you before, you know.
That's why you recognized me.
It was back in college.
Kappa Sigma Phi party.
Bunch of people were
about to graduate.
I was barely out of high school.
I remember, I was
having such a good time.
I was there with my girlfriends,
and Jonathan talking
to me all evening.
I thought he was cute.
I probably would
have slept with him.
I remember thinking that.
You told him to give me a drink.
I remember that.
I remember John
giving me a drink,
and that's it.
Nothing else.
The next thing I
remember is waking up
sore all over.
Everything hurt.
I was in a room I didn't know.
I went home that day
sick and I cried.
I didn't know why,
but I cried all day.
I just felt like
something was wrong.
I had no idea.
Make it hurt.
- Three days later
is when I first heard
about the tape.
It was going around campus,
spreading like wildfire,
and you guys had already
moved on to the next girl,
and the next
and the next, and the next...
I moved on with my life,
much as I could.
Went to a lot of therapy,
blamed myself a lot.
I drank too much.
I let it happen.
Then I heard you guys
had started a company,
and there you were,
just going on with your life.
That drove me mad.
I couldn't stop
thinking about it.
I couldn't sleep,
knowing you were out there,
abusing women, getting paid,
laughing about it
to your buddies.
That's when I met Beth.
Did you know it's more likely
for a woman in the military
to be sexually assaulted
than killed in combat?
Anyway, she
understood how I felt.
She wanted to make
it right for me,
for her,
and you were such
an easy target.
You had your head so
far up your own ass,
putting yourself out
in the open every day
making your sick
little X-Bus videos,
and well, here we are.
I know, I know.
You're sick of hearing me talk.
You're tired.
You just want this
all to be over now,
but I put a lot of
thought into this, Steve.
Especially this next part.
Thought for hours about what is
the most important
thing to a man.
To you, your most
prized possession.
Watching you confess,
suffer, and beg
was the most satisfying
moment of my life.
You what?
Make it hurt.
Press it.
Help me!
At this time we're not
allowed past the entrance
that leads down
this unpaved road.
What we do know is
that it all started
with a shocking
video posted online
from an anonymous account.
The video depicts
what some are calling
the most gruesome and
violent vigilante act
in online history.
The police have told us
that three people are dead,
another three are
seriously injured,
and two remain missing.
The individuals we have
identified from the video
are Mark Tallion, a journalist,
Steve Coulter of
X- Bus Industries,
a porn site that
features sexual acts
happening in a van,
and his business
partner, John Wilkinson.
Wilkinson and Coulter
were in the news
some time ago,
facing rape charges.
Those charges have been dropped,
and the accused acquitted.
Police are now releasing
new information.
We are learning
that the three men
were last seen leaving
downtown Seattle together
in a white van.
A source close to
Tallion reports
the men were planning to
film a pornographic video.
Was today a typical day
on the X-Bus gone wrong,
or a well-hatched plan
of abduction and revenge?
I'm Joanna Wills
for KCXY Seattle.