Deewana (Crazy) (1992) Movie Script

Yes, Madam?
Have you kept all the luggage?
And his woolens?
It must be cold there.
I've kept those also.
Check everything.
Nothing must be left behind.
It's time and Ravi has
still not come down.
Phone the station Master. Ask him to
delay the train till Ravi gets there.
It's so very late,
and still no sign of him.
Naughty boy! Now that it's time
to go, he's showing his love for me.
Put the "vermilion" on his forehead
His face is aglow like
the rising sun.
That's why he's so renowned
for his singing!
Okay Mom, let's go
I'm getting late.
When you reach there...
I'll take care of myself.
When will you return?
The moment the show's over,
I'll be before you!
Enough! You must not be
remembering us even!
When you go away, this house
echoes with silence!
If you say such things,
I'll cancel the show.
My foot you will! If you really
care for me, then get married.
A wife is not a Barbie Doll,
which I can buy in a shop.
She'll be just that for this home!
Tell me, when will she come?
Any time. If I meet her this tour,
Oh God willing!
But you'll have to promise me,
not to faint on seeing her!
I promise!
To faint when I see her!
Look after yourself too, son.
Look! Uncle's here too.
Where are you off to?
To Sundarnagar for now at least.
I'm doing a dive show there.
Son, get those files.
Yes, Dad.
He is the heir to our house. There's
this vast estate and business.
But he's busy gallivanting
here and there.
This musical career of his,
doesn't go with our status.
He's still naive.
He'll learn by and by.
And he just does a few shows.
But it's question of our reputation.
Oh come on. Forget it.
You have to sign some papers.
There are the details of
the timber we've supplied.
And there are some new tenders
which have been approved of.
You've perused through this,
so tell me where to sign.
But read it anyway.
Yes Auntie, you better, else Dad
will make it all on his name.
Even if I do that, it'll be you,
who'll inherit it, stupid!
Sign here.
I just want to see Ravi married.
Let his wife come, and a grandson too.
I'll go on long pilgrimage.
Then see, how he realizes his
responsibilities automatically.
This money is so strange!
No matter how much one gets,
it just doesn't seem enough!
You have made me a part of this
evil deed also, Sir.
If ever Her Ladyship comes to
know of this, then we all will be...
You know well, Sir, that,
I'm very scared of death.
Don't worry, man.
Worry is like a funeral pyre.
And I'm busy making one, for that
old hag and her son.
Anyway, because of her goodness...
all the property is being slowly
transferred on by son's name.
When all the papers are completed...
The mother and the son, will be...
I was a step -brother, you see.
You don't know what it means
to be that.
I've gone through that hell!
I'll avenge my every insult.
I'll annihilate the whole family
and it's lineage.
And after that, I'll not be
what I'm today...
I'll be "Sir Dhirendra Pratap".
A loyal man from the Mansion...
was killed before his time.
Looks as though one meets cheerful
souls like you in this town.
Thanks for the praise, but it takes
one artist to recognize another.
So you're an artist too, eh?
I pen songs, compose music
and sing. Too
If you wish, shall I sing for you?
Never mind.
You sing pretty well.
If you don't mind,
shall I play something now?
What the hell...
Be careful.
You were playing so beautifully,
I was a bit carried away.
You're great!
If the car had been
slightly on this side...
So what? The show would've still
continued, but of a different type!
Come on now;
let's go to the guest house.
Your luggage has been brought in.
I think I'll have to be
a bit careful about you.
How long will you do that, Sir?
I've made my wife a glamorous doll,
from a plain Jane!
That means you're a magician too
This whole town's magical.
The local girls here, besides
being lovely, know magic too!
You're not married, are you?
Then you just can't escape!
Don't ask for the meaning,
just carry on with your singing.
And don't try to venture out at all.
For if you do, then some beautiful
girl is bound to cast a spell on you.
Are you telling me?
Or scaring me?
Are you getting scared,
or understanding it?
Your Rest House
is very comfortable.
Yes, even Amitabh said the same.
I'll come at exactly 7 o'clock.
You rest for a while.
I'll go now.
Remember, 7 o'clock.
Didn't I tell you? There's not
a ticket available at all.
It's no use throwing tantrums!
There's so much rush, that,
it's like a general election!
Blast your mouth!
Why do you do this?
You have just one niece.
And I'm her only uncle too!
But what has that to do with this?
It has a lot to do with it!
You think yourself to be a poet.
And you couldn't even promise
7 tickets for your niece?
What a man!
Does one need tickets
to prove one's manhood?
Didn't I tell you once that
tickets are just not available?
Even if I drop dead,
I won't get them!
I'll kill you!
My God! You're really angry.
Don't get so cross.
I'll do something and
get you 7 tickets.
Even if I have to resign for it!
For your love, I'll resign and after
that, I'll start my drama company.
But promise that you'll act in
my company.
I know all about your company,
for I am your life.
And that's why I'm so
unhappy for life!
1 niece and 7 tickets!
I'll see whether I should love you or not
I'll see whether I should love you or not
Should I put my heart at stake?
I hid you in my dreams
I kept you in my memories
I hid you in my dreams
I kept you in my memories
I'll find you somewhere, for sure
I'll see whether I should love you or not
Should I put my heart at stake?
You are like an innocent lotus
in full bloom
You are like an innocent lotus
in full bloom
You are like the poetry
that I recite
That innocent, youthful face of yours
reminds me of a glowing moon
No amount of appreciation is enough
What more can my heart say
Your beauty is one in a million
I'll see whether I should love you or not
Should I put my heart at stake?
When will our eyes meet
The day our eyes meet
Something will happen in our hearts
Will keep you my heart
Will embrace and never let you go
Will play with your tresses
And forget the world in your love
The desperation will not decrease
I'll see whether I should love or not
Should I put my heart at stake?
I hid you in my dreams
I kept you in my memories
I'll find you somewhere for sure
I'll see whether I should love you or not
Should I put my heart at stake?
What do we do now?
Why do you worry?
Just see my charm!
I'll kill you!
My God!
Who are you?
Why had you come here?
Tell me...
I'll kill you!
You'll kill me?
Why did you scold me?
What were you doing here?
Nice way of asking for it!
We had come last night too, but,
but people had mobbed you, so...
What's your name?
That which is applied to the eyes?
Or the one that is put on babies,
to ward off the evil eye?
Both, I guess.
What shall I write?
Anything that is nice...
And the next time...
What's wrong?
A sprain.
Oh yes, when you ran...
How will go home?
I'll reach you. Come on.
Easy now.
Where do you live?
Behind the little hill;
near the Big Tree.
At the foot of Chhoturam's House,
near Moturam's House.
My uncle Devadas lives there
Oh, that man?
So you're his niece, are you?
So that means, people here,
are like this...
Like what?
All the Dick's and Harry's...
I'll kill you!
I'll have a heart attack!
He was so near, yet so far now.
What happened?
Yes, what happened, dear?
You better think of poor me too.
But what happened to her and how?
First show me her room, so that
I can get rid of this weight!
Don't you threaten me!
I'm half dead as it is.
Please, show me!
But what?
The room
Come this way...
Put her down on this.
Will somebody tell me
what has happened?
Auntie, I had gone on the hill...
where I slipped and...
Oh my dear!
Not hurt are you?
You came like a God
for this Vibhishan.
You mean Sudama, uncle.
It's all and the same.
Please carry on.
I'll get some tea.
It's your photograph.
Kajal is a great fan of yours.
She's singing your songs
day and night.
It'll be better if you
take care for some days now.
I'll not take care of myself,
but take care of my thoughts!
It's very difficult to do that;
It nearly kills you!
She's dead already!
What's happening with me today!
I ask something to my wife,
and my neighbor answers.
I ask Kajal something
and you answer instead.
Have I cracked a joke?
Here you are... Tea.
You made just one cup.
No... you have it.
How long will you be here?
My mother says there is lot
of black magic in the hills.
So I thought, I should leave
tomorrow itself.
Sir! Coming here, is in your
hands. But, returning? No.
Well said. It takes one artist
to recognize another one, right?
Whenever you see yourself in
the mirror, remember...
somebody else is seeing you too.
You are my desire
I want to hear my through trembling lips!
I desire the sweet fragrance of your hair.
I want to see my image in your deep eyes.
Your the light of my eyes
The sweet scent of the night
Your walk is like the evening that
goes down in a slow rhythm.
When will you come for me?
When will you utter my name?
It's been 3 days now. Everyday,
I book the ticket and cancel it too.
Ravi just doesn't talk of going.
This town is known for it.
I had gone down to drink water and
stooped before you a little later.
We then got married and
since then, I've been ruined.
Blast you!
Where do you think you're going?
For whom?
For Madam.
What's going on around here?
Sweet scented letter?
Trying to ruin my reputation?
What nonsense you're talking!
Are you on your senses?
Tip, Sir.
Tip, eh?
Here, take this.
I'm defamed... ruined.
I've no face to show now!
What are you going on about?
Open it, and read it.
Who'll pen to me?
You're right. You'll just get
a telegram now... Am I not correct?
What are you laughing about? Whose
letter is it and what does it say?
You'll not understand it.
I'll have to do that.
Do you love, Ravi?
Is that the truth?
What's this? A florist's shop?
Is it true?
Tell me!
I've been asking you for hours now!
Why don't you tell me?
I'll answer you darling.
Ravi, loves our dear Kajal.
And she loves him.
But how can that be? They are
so very rich; And we so poor.
You have very old views.
It takes one artist to understand
another one. I'm right, aren't I?
I'll kill you!
I'm going...
I say, listen...
"My songs... they're incomplete;
my music seems to have fallen silent"
"My breath is quickening
and life is taking a beautiful turn"
"Come to me, Kajal.
I can't wait anymore"
"Come, grant me a new lease of life;
Give everything a new meaning"
I laugh too much!
See, there are tears in my eyes.
They are not tears, but dewdrops.
Shining like stars on your cheeks.
You are my life itself!
I yearn for you
I wait for you
I yearn for you
I wait for you
Hey sweetheart you are my only love
My darling my life is yours
and I am yours too
Hey sweetheart you are my only love
You don't come in my dreams anymore
You are right before my eyes
You are in my heart forever
You've made a home in my heart
I trust everything you say
Hey sweetheart you are my only love
You are the one I was longing for
You are the fragrance of my life
I am your lover
I am crazy for you
I've left the whole world for you
I've left the whole world for you
I love you more than possible
I love you more than possible
Hey sweetheart you are my only love
Hey sweetheart you are my only love
I yearn for you, I love you
I too am only yours
Hey sweetheart you are my only love
What did you ask God for?
You tell me what you asked for.
No. You tell me.
You will tell me.
For my sake.
Love does not believe in barriers
of customs and traditions.
Neither is it a slave
to the spoken word.
I know what you've asked for!
You are my present, Ravi.
And my future.
I will worship the ground
you walk on.
My destination will lie
at any place you wish.
I give you my love today.
Say that again.
Call me by that name.
If you ever call me Kajal, I'll think
you have distanced me from your heart.
Where were you, all these days?
At home... I had a sprain, you see.
In your leg, or in your heart?
But your eyes say something else...
What do my eyes say?
So, you've forgotten your friends
over some silly guy, eh?
Whom are you talking about?
That fellow in your Guest House.
He can be our chief guest.
And our dear Kajal,
can dance in his honor.
I won't dance for him. And why he
should be your chief guest?
Won't he listen to his
I'll kill you!
Where were you till now?
Waiting for you.
Why didn't you meet me before?
You never called me.
When you look at me like that...
my eyes become a mirror,
in which you are seen.
Liar! How can I be in your eyes?
Don't you believe me?
Then see...
My God! I'm really in your eyes!
What kind of a magic is that?
Even I didn't know before, but I
realized it after coming close to you.
Then let's always be like this.
Near, too.
Oh hell!
They're coming.
My friends, Ravi!
Don't listen to them. Say anything,
lie if you must...
We are having our annual function
and you're in town.
So we wish that you attend it as our
Chief Guest. We'll be very happy too.
But you should know that by now
you're dancing to her tune...
And why are you feeling shy?
Your lover must be
arriving any minute.
How will I dance without
my glasses on?
How will I see him?
They're all crazy about him!
They're waiting to receive you
at the gate.
You shouldn't have
come backstage.
Well, I thought I'd
meet you girls first...
and give you a surprise.
You're supposed to be a good dancer.
I refused to believe it.
I said you make me dance instead!
But then, if you can make me do so,
without actually dancing...
you'd bring about a catastrophe
if you really did!
Won't you say something?
I'm a helpless soul.
And I'm thirsting for you.
I will find peace only when
you dance for me.
See? Even your anklets know
how I feel.
Anklets, oh!
Anklets, oh!
Anklets, oh!
Anklets, oh!
Your anklets, jingle softly, steal my sleep,
blow my mind, call me to you, oh lord!
Anklets, oh!
Anklets, oh!
Anklets sway in rhythm, make exotic sounds,
and call you to me, oh lord!
Anklets, oh!
Anklets, oh!
I dream of you all the times.
I have your name on my lips.
The days are long and
the nights are lonely.
I dream of you all the times.
I have your name on my lips.
The days are long and
the nights are lonely.
How do I render my heart's desire?
I don't know if it's day or night.
Our breaths are as one
The jingling of your anklet
is in every beat of my heart
Anklet, oh!
Anklet, oh!
Anklets sway in rhythm, make exotic sounds,
and call you to me, oh lord!
Your anklets, jingle softly, steal my sleep,
blow my mind, call me to you, oh lord!
My anklets bear your name
It's in your arms that I want to spend
my lovely evenings in
My anklets bear your name
It's in your arms that I want to spend
my lovely evenings in
I wish I were your anklet...
and steal your fairness
I am scared of such things
The bonds of love are very weak
Bring on the hot food...
What's the matter?
Did Ravi say something?
He's leaving.
See! It's all due to you.
You never see the consequences.
You're an artist
and he's another one.
If he had to back out,
why did he playing to her?
How will she live now?
You think life to be drama too!
You raise a curtain
and then drop it!
And never give a thought to what
goes on behind it.
Right Sir; I'll take your leave.
Thought I'd meet you before going.
You looked after so well;
Treated me as your own. Gave me love.
I'll always remember it.
I'll go now.
I can't see Kajal.
If I could have met her...
What else do you want from us?
Having crushed her under her sorrow,
have you come to ask her welfare?
To know whether her heart
is broken?
If you wanted to this, why did you
show her dreams of love?
I always told you;
We're poles apart.
I never thought you'd do this.
She tried whole night for you.
What has she done?
I just want to know,
what's our mistake?
I'll kill you!
Uncle, you can start
the wedding preparation.
I'll take my Sonu with me.
Didn't I say I can judge him?
You misunderstood him for nothing.
Now will you move or not?
There is so much to be done.
How can I afford to leave you?
Someone's very happy today!
I'll kill you!
How are you?
You've been away so long!
I'm fine!
I've got such a gift
for you this time...
that you'll never believe it!
I'm listening, Son.
This gift will really knock you out.
I won't tell you anything now.
The line's very bad.
I can guess what is!
I've carried you in my womb!
Whom will I know better, if not you?
Secretary, my son is
bringing home a gift!
My darling girl, I was to play a role
in your life, only till here
Always keep her happy, Ravi.
Madam, she's here!
Don't lift that!
Then how will I see?
Use my eyes instead!
Okay then! I'll shut my eyes.
A long, happy married
life to you, dear.
You have filled my cup of happiness
to the brim, son!
I feel like showering you with
all the wealth in the world!
Invite the whole town. We must show
them that fairy has come in our home.
Congratulation, sir!
What's all this?
Ravi has got married, and
brought his bride home.
Now all your plans are...
You bastard! You always grin when
you come with some bad news!
What are you doing? Leave him.
Somebody may see! Come on.
See this ring. I will put it in the
water, and you both have to find it.
And the one who wins,
is winner for life!
You must win, Ravi
Auntie, of course! I will!
Are you ready?
Here we go.
Hey, that's unfair
Okay, play again.
My daughter-in-law has won!
Heartiest congratulations!
Same to you too;
I'm very angry with you!
Angry, with me?
Then? Such a happy event...
Yet no advice or request...
You did show that I'm step relation,
didn't you?
You're anger is very just.
But he went in your presence
and came with his bride.
Bless him, please.
Bless you, son.
This is your uncle-in-law.
Seek his blessings, my dear.
Bless you, dear.
May you always be happily married.
I'm really very happy.
I feel so contented.
I'm literally walking on air.
How I wish my late brother
was alive now!
This house seeing such a happiness
after many years.
Let there be such a celebration, that
the world will stop and stare!
I am always lost in thoughts of you
I have almost forgotten myself
I have given you my life
My goal is to make you mine
My goal is to make you mine
We only fall in love once, my darling
My dear, I love only you
Darling, I too have given you my life
My dear, I love only you
Can't imagine which slut he has
brought home, the bastard!
You only blessed her, didn't you?
"May you always be
happily married!"
To gain things one has to
add fuel to the fire.
But then, that fire can be used
to burn the house down too!
And that fire,
I've picked up a spark too.
It's just a question
of an opportunity
My every effort has
gone drown the drain!
I'm trying to crush the lineage and
they're trying to have heirs!
If a fruit is found to be rotten,
it is thrown in a garbage heap!
I'll put such a scar on her, that,
she'll hide her face all her life.
I've to send some
documents to Bombay
You come with me, and sign them
in the presence of a Notary.
After that I'll go to the temple
Do we have to go now?
Yes, I've taken an appointment.
I was to take Sonu to the jeweler's.
Go later on.
Who's minding? Go ahead.
The moment I return, I'll take you.
Brother-in-law, you?
Who are you?
Where are you from?
With whose permission
are you here?
Want to rule the roost?
Give birth to an heir?
There's nobody to hear
you scream today.
He won't give you an heir!
I will!
Today! At this very moment!
What happened?
Your cousin... Rape...
No man has ever eyed any woman
from our family with lust!
And you tried to touch her
with your dirty hands?
Hit him, Ravi!
Take him away from here!
We had harbored our own predator!
He tried to rape...
If I hadn't remembered your loyalty,
I'd have cut him into pieces!
Take him away, and let him be
not seen in this town ever again!
Why did you spare him?
Why did you not kill him?
How will I face everybody now?
Is this how you behave with the
very people to whom I'm grateful?
Whose blood do you have
in your veins?
Answer me, whose blood?
Shameless fellow! You rascal!
Get out of here.
Go on...
My God! What a severe beating
he gave your son!
That's no way to hit someone.
You came at the right time.
Or this thing was finished!
Ravi didn't lift his hand at my son.
He has challenged the devil in me!
He has fanned the spark that was
latent within me for years!
She was going to cut my son
into pieces, my foot!
Now, I'll mince her whole family
and throw them into the sea!
Now watch them enjoy
the dance of the devil!
Hurry up. You've already netted
the guy you were to impress...
Why are you hurrying so much?
We're not to catch
a train or something.
Look after yourselves over there.
I know, I'll be careful;
Look after her.
I'll just show her
around and come home.
Don't worry.
I'm speaking from the farm house.
It's raining very heavily here.
Speak a bit loudly.
I can't hear you.
I'm at the farm house. It's pouring
here. I'll be home in the morning.
Kajal's well, isn't she?
Yes, she's fine.
I'm very scared.
Thanks one in Heaven!
Keep on thundering... so that
she showers her love like this!
I'll kill you!
Go ahead.
These mannerisms of yours
are what made me fall for you
These mannerisms of yours
are what made me fall for you
When you hold me in your arms
my heart's every need is fulfilled
These mannerisms of yours
are what made me fall for you
This watery season...
This drenched night...
On my lips...
are your words...
There's a fire inside,
and water outside.
My heart has started beating wildly
Your ways, your scent
everywhere I look, I see only you
Where did this beauty come from?
These mannerisms of yours
are what made me fall for you
When you hold me in your arms
my heart's every need is fulfilled
These mannerisms of yours
are what made me fall for you
Half awake...
half asleep...
we are lost in this season.
Your image is in my soul
Let me play with you lovely locks
I see you, I want you
I can't live without you.
Such a golden opportunity
has come for the first time
These mannerisms of yours
are what made me fall for you
When you hold me in your arms
my heart's every desire is fulfilled
These mannerisms of yours
are what made me fall for you
These mannerisms of yours
are what made me fall for you
Tell me, why do take
so much time to get ready?
Look at us! We just pull on a shirt,
jump into pants, and that's it.
And you girls...
Go and chase them!
You're alright, aren't you?
You get going from here,
while I stop them!
No. I won't leave you like this.
Don't be stubborn...
Just Go!
Who is it?
Who's there?
What's all this, dear?
Where's Ravi?
Why don't you speak?
Where is he?
Answer me, dear.
Where's is Ravi, I say!
They killed him!
They all killed him together.
Are you on your senses?
Do you know what are you saying?
No, Ravi!
You can't leave me and go.
You can't do this to me, my Lord!
How could You snatch a son
from a widow?!
You must return my son to me!
Even the henna on her hand
is yet to fade away...
She has yet to enjoy
conjugal bliss!
My dear girl...
You! Do you really think
you'll get away with it?
I'll scream from the rooftops
and expose you to the world!
That you'll do only if...
your voice reaches beyond
the walls of this mansion
I've just seen my son's corpse!
This house has seen many
a happy occasion.
But now its walls shall hear
heartrending screams!
There'll be mourning here.
I shall light your funeral pyres!
Take them and lock them up!
Remember, God has His own justice!
One day, you'll have to pay for this.
Forgive me, Madam.
Please forgive me.
For greed of money, I too had
become a partner in this sin.
But after Ravi's death...
I never dreamt they'd kill him.
What a tragedy! Forgive me.
Before another tragedy strikes,
let's leave this city. Let's go.
Come dear;
We'll go far away from here.
Turn every stone; Those three must
not see the sunrise tomorrow!
Such a great tragedy and you
didn't even inform me.
What can I say? My age old ancestral
home has been ruined.
You trusted that man
a bit too much.
What else I could do?
Ravi was a kid then.
I thought he'll learn everything
as time goes by...
But time itself caught up
with my son.
Don't worry. I'll see that,
that man gets punished for his sins.
No. I've to save
whatever's left now.
Just remember however...
You are neither alone,
nor helpless now.
I laugh too much! See, there are
tears in my eyes.
They are not tears. They are dewdrops
shining like stars on your cheeks.
I'm very scared.
Thank you Lord.
Keep on thundering, so that
she showers her love like this!
I understand your sorrow, my dear.
But life has to go on.
But why? Why do we have to live?
Because, if you live, then I too will
be able to pass my remaining days.
Tell me, Mother... what shall I do?
There is a scream within me,
which is yearning to come out.
What do I do? Tell me!
Enough! Be brave, dear girl.
I need somebody or the other to love
I need somebody or the other to love
I need somebody that would die for me
I will give my life right then
I will spend all my time with them
day and night my homies.
I need somebody or the other to love
I need some who would die for me
I will keep that piece of heaven
right next to my heart
That sultry face will always
remain in my eyes
I will keep that piece of heaven
right next to my heart
That sultry face will always
remain in my eyes
You will never find a Cassanova like me...
From Earth to Heaven
I need somebody to love
I need someone who would die for me
I have neither aim nor destiny
I learned to play with thorns
I have neither aim nor destiny
I learned to play with thorns
I'm a crazy man
I have no care for the world
The sky is in my hands
The Earth is under my feet
. I need somebody to love me
One who would lay their life for me.
I will give my life right then
I will spend all my time with them
day and night my homies.
I need someone to love,
someone who would die for me
Are you blind? Can't you see?
Aren't pedestrians humans?
What have your parents
taught you?
Leave him, dear
I am alright.
This is not your job,
this is ours.
What can she do to him?
He's a spoilt son of
a rich father.
How can a motherless child
value any mother?
The rich can only earn money,
they don't know any discipline
Because of you I had to bow
to that worthless inspector.
You're just not bothered that an heir
to all this, literally does nothing.
Except, of course,
being a vagabond!
You may forget that you are my son,
but this city won't.
I hadn't asked for your name,
your house, your wealth, had I?
You have got all that without asking.
That's why you are so ungrateful.
Else you too would have been
a worm in a gutter.
Pressed under some garbage heap!
That would have been far better!
At least I'd have been,
free of your pressure
What nonsense!
You can hear alright, but don't
try to understand.
That is, it is just a coincident,
a tragedy, that I am your son.
And you are my father.
Wait for sometime.
We'll be back soon.
Buy some flowers, sir.
Madam, your flowers.
They are not mine.
Now don't you worry at all.
The property is on Kajal's name now.
Now he can do what he wants.
He won't get a penny!
And if tries any tricks, the law
will put a noose around his neck.
But suppose he comes to know
that we are here now?
Don't you worry about
this fact at all.
Come, my dear.
Set it down here.
It is all right.
Bless you!
What is the matter?
His heart is aflutter.
What is the matter with me?
That is what I want to know also.
When I am with you, I wish to be
alone and when I am alone I miss you.
You were not like this, friend.
Where is that Raja?
He is dead!
I buried him with my own hands!
I have ruined my life with
these very hands.
Do you know?
I see her every moment.
And I tell her to go away,
and not to chase me.
But every time, her face comes before me
like the Moon emerging from the clouds.
You are my friends, aren't you?
Tell me, what should I do?
You are in love. So you better
say farewell to your life.
Fallen in love have I?
Bitten by the lovebug?
Raja is in love!
Yes, I am in love.
No, don't do that. If it is so
unbearable, we'll kidnap her.
Tomorrow is Holi. We have the
opportunity and the reason.
What impudence is this?
It has become unbearable for me.
Get out of my way.
I love you.
But I don't love you.
But you can't stop anyone
from loving you.
What shall I do?
What shall I do for you
to believe?
Shall I kill myself?
I never said that.
Thank you for sparing my life
Such craziness,
I've never seen before
I have therefore...
Such craziness,
I've never seen before
I have therefore...
my darling, decided to name you "Deewana"
This is my blessing
That my lover...
laughingly, with love, named me "Deewana"
At first sight you stole my heart
At first sight you stole my heart
In front of the whole world,
I've made you mine
I can't think without seeing you.
I am constantly longing for you
Such craziness...
I've never seen before
I have therefore...
My love named you "Deewana"
The lust for you is always in my eyes
The lust for you is always in my eyes
The scent of your body has
become part of my breath
Your are my every desire
We will never be apart
Such craziness...
I've never seen
I've therefore...
My love named you "Deewana"
It is my luck...
that my lover...
laughingly, with love, named me "Deewana
Listen to me. There can be no holier
place for me to tell you this.
I swear by all these Gods and
Goddesses that I love you very much.
And I wish to marry you.
Let go of my hand.
I said, let me go.
What do you want?
Why are you chasing me?
What do you know about me?
Can you bear it? Do you have the guts?
Forget me! I have a past.
I am a widow of somebody.
What happened, dear?
Why are you crying? Why don't you
say something? What happened?
I don't wish to live.
Why don't I die?
Don't say such things.
Be calm my dear. Be calm.
And I wish that even in Steel,
"Sahai Industries" becomes the best.
There's an important meeting going on.
Mr. Sahai is busy. Try to understand.
Yes, son?
I've some important work with you.
Tell me your 'important work'!
I wish to marry.
Do you know, that to marry
one needs a girl?
I know, and I have chosen one.
She is very nice.
But there has been a lot
of unfairness with her.
At a very young age
the poor girl was widowed.
Are you on your senses?
Do you know what you're saying?
Tomorrow there'll be a headline
"Ramakant Sahai's son marries a widow"
But I love her very much, dad,
very much indeed.
So this is the same girl because
of whom you went to jail.
By marrying a notorious girl,
don't blemish our family name.
Do you know you're talking about the
girl whom I'm going to marry?
Then you better hear this.
I will not let your marry her.
Then you hear this too.
If I wed, it'll be only to her.
And no power on earth can stop me.
Not even you!
Listen. Before this spark
turns into a raging fire...
see that she leaves this town.
Let's get out of here!
Under whose orders? Under whose
orders are you doing this?
Mr. Sahai!
Who doesn't know Mr. Sahai here?
One of the top industrialists around.
He donates millions
during the elections.
And takes it all back
with interest, also.
And today, he has done
a great deed.
His men attacked a helpless old
woman and her young widow.
And what was their crime?
That his son wishes
to marry that girl.
Coming! I'm coming to you only.
What a place you've chosen!
You've insulted me in their presence.
This could have been
discussed at home too.
Home? Do you know the
meaning of that word, even?
You raze people's homes!
Don't forget you're humiliating
your own father.
Had you really been a "father"...
you wouldn't have ruined
your son's happiness
You're crossing your limits, son.
You can afford to behave like this.
After all how long
does a bubble last?
Your father here, makes other people's
lives, and ruins them too!
Then from today, I break this bond
of father and son between us.
See, they are all witness to it.
I renounce your name, wealth
and fame as from now!
And, remember, if anybody gives as
much as a look towards that house...
he'll have me to reckon with.
I have left everything and come,
mother. Absolutely everything.
I have left that world itself!
That name, that wealth, that
estate that... father even.
I left all that and came to you.
I am begging for Kajal from you.
But, do you know that she's a...
I know it. But how can it be
her fault if she's a widow?
If you have to blame somebody
then blame God.
After knowing all this also...
But... she...
Just give her to me. I just want to
give her all the joys in this world.
And make her life carefree,
that is all.
I am in love, mother.
In love.
I can't live without her...
I just can't.
Just give her to me. I beg you...
Give Kajal to me.
I have had my life, dear. I have
had my share of sorrows, too.
How long will I go on living now?
Which mother will tell her son's wife
to forget the memories of that son?
Yes, I'm telling you to do that.
You have a long life ahead.
Didn't you see... in this
short span haven't you seen?
That there are wolves on the prowl?
Every man is waiting for a chance.
An opportunity to knock...
To get a woman alone to himself
sometime for the other.
Raja has come like a guardian.
An angel.
He has come like a son in this
house and he loves you.
This world is very bad, my dear
It won't let you live.
It won't even spare the purest
of woman. And you are first...
Life will pass in his memories.
I beg you. Don't ask me to forget him!
I will die, otherwise.
Stop it!
Whenever I see you in these
widow's weeds...
it reminds me that my son is dead.
If I am still alive,
it is only for you.
But I won't be with you forever
and today this boy has come...
leaving everything behind;
by revolting against the world.
To make your life carefree
and you say you won't remarry?
You will have to marry; for my sake!
For the sake of my motherhood.
If you don't accept this,
then you'll see me dead!
Come forward, Raja, step ahead!
Before the society intervenes
with its age old norms...
marry this innocent one!
I am telling you this,
as my son's mother.
You are my first and last love.
I have never loved anyone before you,
and neither will I love, after you.
Life's every moment is yours.
I have willed my every heartbeat
on your name.
I know...
I know somebody else's memories
are resting in your heart.
And that, a wedding night is more
than just two bodies resting together.
And till I arouse those intimate
feelings for me, I'll not touch you.
How did you like
our sister-in-law?
You Fatso! Leave him alone!
Why irk the poor guy?
"Poor guy" eh? Just look at him.
Don't touch! I am a householder now.
I have a wife now. A mother.
The best mom in the world.
I will have to earn
something for them.
You all know that I'm not
skilled at anything.
I mean...
Forget it.
I'll tell you something. My dad has
a garage which is closed for years.
We'll all join hands
and reopen it.
We used to break things before.
We'll join them now!
Here, mother.
May my son flourish
in his business.
Have you won a lottery or something?
You are my lottery, mom.
Look what all I've got for you.
I don't have much of
a choice in saris.
So I first took
a shot in the dark.
And this is my first pay.
Your first pay ever, for me?
Of course, for my sweet mother.
You have refilled an emptied
womb of a mother.
May God help you to reap
a rich harvest
Just keep you hand on my head
this way, and bless me.
And then see how I lay all the
joys of the world at your feet.
Welcome, sir.
Please sit down.
I had come to the city.
Thought I'd meet you. You're
our family solicitor, after all.
Thank you for remembering me.
Now, what can I do for you?
I think I'll have to knock
at the Supreme court's door.
What for?
The High Court has refused to
accept my sister-in-law's will.
In which she had willed half her
property on my son's name.
My son is no more now and neither
is there any other heir left.
I don't see what objection the govt.
Has to transfer it in my name.
Actually, the court dealings all
depends on proofs provided.
And till today no bodies of the
three concerned are found.
You mean you want me to bring those
3 bodies in front of the court?
And by now, those bodies must have
been eaten by scavengers too.
You're quite right sir.
But the govt. Still wants proof.
If I don't have the proof
that they are dead...
what proof does the court have
that they are still alive?
Proof? Yes, there is one.
Somewhat raw however...
Do you know what you're saying?
You are raising the dead!
Please don't get me wrong.
See this.
What is this?
Laxmidevi had made a new will.
And in it, she had willed all
estates to her daughterinlaw...
and the expected kid.
This is just a copy.
The real papers are
with the court.
And if there is no proof, the estate
shall be confiscated by Government.
You have told me half the story...
And the rest, you can
find out for yourself.
Three lives. They have disappeared
in the garb of death.
They have a loyal Solicitor.
It'll be your job to
keep an eye on Sharma.
Where does he go?
Who are the people he meets?
You might have to pile up the bodies,
in order to make me have my way.
In return, I'll stack the
currency notes for you.
Your advance.
How's it going?
The car's ready hours ago.
Give me the keys.
I'll give her a run.
Starting trouble, eh?
I've checked everything well.
This is Danny here.
Raja had taken a jeep on a trial run,
and he's had an accident.
Where are you going?
What's wrong?
Don't do too much of patchwork.
Else, my mom will have a fit!
You're being childish now.
Don't worry.
I can take it, it's my mother
who'll go in a flap! Easy, Okay?
I'm fine.
I'm... alright.
Let's go.
What's this bandage?
What happened?
Nothing. Just a scratch.
I was going in a jeep, You see...
and while going, the brakes failed!
What?! You're not hurt, are you?
Not at all. I'm right before you;
safe and sound.
All features in good shape.
She also didn't listen to me.
She just went away.
That's why she went off like that!
I was so sick with worry.
She hasn't even eaten
anything today. She's fasting.
Today is "Karva Chauth", silly!
Don't you know?
You women are really weird!
You turn a man into the God!
See dear? I eventually won you!
What did you say?
Say it again. Nobody has called me
by that name ever before.
What are you saying?
Ravi is alive?!
You didn't imagine it,
did you?
A mother can never
"imagine' her son.
But unfortunately, I lost my son,
having found him.
He could be looking for you too.
If he seeks, then he'll also lose.
Ravi will know about Kajal,
and she'll know about him!
Why is time testing us thus?
Nobody can help that.
So leave it to time itself.
If he's in this city,
I'll find him.
Mr. Sharma shifted his office
from here sometime ago.
You must be knowing his new address?
No, I don't.
Look! Sacrificial goat!
Out with the money!
What are you gaping at?
Out with it.
No! I won't give this to you!
The wound is deep, but not serious.
He should come around by morning.
What is this man to you?
That, even I can't tell you.
But he must be meaning something...
You? When did you arrive?
Just before the moon went into hiding.
And before the Sun showed up.
May I ask, where you
have been?
Sure. I was coming home. And I found
some thugs surrounding a man.
He was all alone.
And I jumped in to help him...
A little scuffle ensued...
and here I am, after
admitting him to a hospital.
Who taught you to fight
for others?
Well... for all you know, one of
them might turn out be our own.
How is he?
He was unconscious. The doctor said
he'd come around by tomorrow morning.
He's in the hospital.
And his folks know nothing about it.
Poor chap.
How do you feel now?
You are Raja I think.
Tell me; where can we contact
your family?
I have a mother, but...
I'm a stranger to this city.
So this city is a mystery to you.
Whole life's a mystery to me.
Sorry. I didn't mean to
reopen your wounds.
Now I've yesterday's
debt to repay too.
Can't I share your pain?
You saved my life.
I'm very grateful.
Death did call, but didn't
see me in the eyes.
What does life want from me?
There must be some deed, half done,
which you have to finish.
Believe me.
Okay. Let's see this too.
Have you noticed? Nowadays, Mother is
not herself. Her mind is elsewhere.
What happened?
You're well, aren't you?
If your Highness permits it...
I'd like to celebrate in great style.
And if I don't consent,
will you still go ahead?
Then, why ask?
Just to keep you happy.
That I know. But why celebrate
with so much noise?
Share everyday, moment, joy...
Whatever you get.
For who knows what tomorrow
may bring?
I talk very philosophically, don't I?
Due to me!
How's your friend now?
I didn't know a stranger would be
so close in so few a days.
You talk so much about him.
I'd like to meet him too.
We'll invite him also
for the party.
Shall I tell you something?
Mother is very uneasy.
She gets startled and
she's always in thoughts.
Never mind. Tonight she'll relax too.
She'll be delighted to meet my friend.
Like another son!
Shall I go now?
I'll await the evening too.
May I go then?
Go on!
What are you thinking about?
I've been trying to figure out
my future life.
Don't be a kid.
Everything's going to be all right.
What can anyone expect from me?
I'm a shadow of myself.
I have a heart...
but I'm not sure it beats.
I'm living, because I have to.
Know something, Ravi? I have
never achieved anything in life.
But I'm glad, my love has given
my life a new meaning.
I want you to meet my love,
my friend.
I want you to meet my mother.
She has given me a lot
of love and affection.
I don't want to turn you down, Raja.
No buts. It's my wife's birthday
today. And you must attend.
Today? Your wife's birthday too?
I will surely attend.
You've obliged me by coming tonight.
Come, I'll introduce you to my mother.
Meet my friend, Ravi.
And this is my mother...
At whose feet my world lies.
Son, by hugging you to me,
I've really found peace at heart.
You have the world
at your feet, Mother.
And even the lost
find their destination.
Come and meet my love.
But take care!
It may be a bolt out of the blue.
So? How do you like her?
You've been proved right
time and again. It was a bolt.
Let's get the tradition of breaking
a heart over and done with!
Hey... Just see what's happened
to the lights.
My darling son...
What's all this, mother?
I'll tell you everything, son.
Kajal was leading her life
as a widow.
There were hurdles at every step,
and no one for protection.
And then Raja came as a son, and...
On my insistence, Ravi.
Kajal bowed to time.
But, my darling son,
where were you?
Who knows, Mother?
It was as thought a part of
my life was first erased.
I was saved, and I don't know where
the tide of time carried me.
Some villagers saved me.
It was all due to your prayers
and good deeds.
I was alive, but unconscious.
And when I came round,
I remembered you.
And as I recalled,
I went to our mansion.
That empty house told its own fate.
Who are you?
You, Sir?
After the news of your death, your
uncle was very bad to your family.
I don't even know whether
they are alive or...
And now that I find you alive...
What a great blunder I've committed!
Come, Mom.
The lights have returned.
Oh indeed!
Do me a favor. Sing us a song today.
So we know how you feel.
The pain of missing you kept alive
Something's forgotten
Something's remembered
The pain of missing you kept me alive
Something's forgotten, some remembered
How has fate colored our lives
Where it has made us meet
How fate has colored our lives
Where it has made us meet
My loyalty got me nowhere
Brought me so close, yet we are far apart
How can I survive this heartbreak
How can I stay away from you
I've felt your absence after you left
Something forgotten
Something remembered
Who knows what loyalty will give you
My heart renders it's best wishes
Who knows what loyalty will give you
My heart renders it's best wishes
My wishes have dimmed down
My dreams are for you
I am barely alive
I am lost in loneliness
And I lost you too
Where my wishes got destroyed
Something forgotten
Something remembered
The pain of missing you kept alive
Something forgotten
Something remembered
This one word has put such
a great distance between us.
The society has robbed me
of that right...
that I call you "Sonu".
Who is at fault, can you tell me?
I've always kept quiet
like a dumb doll.
You came into my life like blossom,
and then left me in death.
But I always called out to you
in that perplexed condition.
But being a woman, how could I have
taken decision for myself?
And look at me! I neither died then,
nor am I living, being alive.
Even death eludes me.
This is a strange predicament.
Decide something, Ravi.
I'm neither a God, nor Almighty.
I'm not human now...
I'm just a feeling less being.
I cannot change what has happened.
Let your present bring you happiness.
Come, let's go.
Yes, that'll be proper.
Be happy and feel free, my dear.
May you get every joy in life.
Come, Son.
Don't try to change
the law of nature.
You can't do it.
No power on earth can!
I'm just a past.
But you are her present.
And a yesterday
can never become, a today.
You don't understand, Ravi...
He'll pay for his deeds...
I won't spare him now.
He has been very cruel to my family.
And my life also owes me something.
Who are you?
How did you enter?
I've a message for you,
from your uncle...
No need to vent your anger, okay?
Your Kajal is in our custody.
I'm so very happy to
see you all alive.
Ravi, I feel like hugging you!
Where had you gone?
Couldn't death touch you?
Why do you make me
to repeat this act?
Where are Kajal and Raja?
What's the hurry, young man?
Be patient.
I've waited all my life
for some estate.
You'll have to sign some papers.
It's a small price to pay
for the death my young son.
Give us Kajal and Raja first.
Leave those innocent kids.
I'm ready to sign.
See? She's the most matured one.
She has always listened to me.
In the eyes of the world,
the dead never come back.
Else, life would have found it
difficult to go on.
Where is Kajal?
I won't tell you!
Tell us. Where is she?
I'll die, but I won't tell you.
I'll kill him!
And this girl will be a widow again!
Wanted to hug me, eh uncle?
The bodies will change,
but the souls will remain the same.
I'll come back again,