Default (2014) Movie Script

Copied G.
Six point start.
Three targets escaping West
on a light vessel.
Hey! Show me your hands!
Show me your hands!
Your hands!
Show me your hands!
Come here! Over here!
Watch it.
Come on, move!
Show me your fucking hands!
Right there. Right now.
This was the scene
outside a New York court this afternoon,
as Somali pirate Mateo Wal-i-Musi
was brought in
for his arraignment.
was captured last April
in an aborted takeover
of a U.S. cargo vessel
off the coast of Yemen.
He is being brought to the U.S.
to face federal charges.
It's still unclear
whether the pirate
is old enough
to be prosecuted.
Investigators think
he's nineteen...
After a deadly fire fight,
U.S. Special Forces
retook the ship,
but not before
11 American crewmembers
had been tortured
and executed.
The surviving pirate
from the attack...
Tonight we also
have pictures
of Somali pirates like
we've never seen before.
Defense attorneys argue
he's just a naive boy
caught up in a criminal
enterprise against his will,
while prosecutors point
to the brutal death
of 11 victims
as evidence
for the maximum penalty.
on a special edition of "In Focus"
we'll try to answer the question
of just who
this young man is,
how it relates to the evolution
of the modern African criminal,
and what it means for America.
This is Frank Saltzman...
No, no, no.
from the Seychelles,
this is Frank Saltzman.
That's what I just did.
You didn't have
enough gravitas.
Right. Gravitas.
Are you okay?
On your next vacation
to get away
from it all,
take heed.
Using the tips
we share with you tonight,
you can avoid
the perils of paradise.
Reporting from the Seychelles,
this is Frank Saltzmanz.
That's great, Frank,
just one more.
B roll is going.
- Are you good, Kane?
- Wait, wait.
Let's go, come on,
let's go.
Do you have it?
That's right, just walk
straight to the camera.
Over the towel.
Yeah, well, I'm ready.
Okay, ready?
Three, two...
So, on your next vacation
to get away from it all,
take heed.
Because the tips we...
Oh, shit...
I got it, I got it.
Hey, take the bottle.
Are you okay, Frank?
Frank, from all of us...
happy 100th show.
Congratulations, Frank.
Come on, Frank.
Frank, we didn't...
Frank, please,
it was just a joke.
Why would you do that?
- Come on, Juli.
- Stop. Would you stop filming?
No, wait...
I didn't even know
I was still recording.
You, Pete, turn it off.
I was gonna go to...
Before it happened, it seemed
like a really good idea.
You're a fucking moron,
Kane, please, don't...
No, we didn't do it
because we don't like Frank.
How long were you two
planning this?
I was just doing
what I was told.
No, because I know you can't buy
this brand on the island,
which means
you brought it with you.
- Is she right, Pete?
- Yeah, I know I'm right.
Because we left
on the 17th,
which means that you guys
had a six-day window
to realize what a stupid
fucking idea this was.
- Juli, come on...
- Frank is vulnerable.
You know America was...
waiting for that to happen.
Come on, Jul...
I hate you,
you know that?
You know what?
A what?
- This amazing sun set.
- It's beautiful.
Class dismissed.
Marcela, you have to watch
your hands there, sweetheart.
You gotta watch your hands there.
Did you say "watch" or "wash"?
Pete, get this, get this.
Can we forget it now?
Come on!
Come on.
Let's have a good time.
You have to go
dance with her.
I'll dance with you.
- He's embarrassed.
- Don't be shy.
Now you know
how it feels.
- Yes, yes.
- I'm officially saying...
after this,
I'm going to sleep.
Good night,
good night, everybody.
Happy Seychelles.
Can I keep
this camera tonight?
What are you doing?
Tired, we have
a long day...
Just relax, you know,
really really natural.
Oh, come on.
Did you think about
asking me first?
Throw it at me
at the last moment...
Well, I'm asking you
right now.
Is someone at the door?
Jul, you still
turn me on, babe.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Why didn't you
bring this up earlier?
You look so beautiful.
Oh, shut up.
When we're done
I'll erase it.
Be like it never happen.
No, see,
I don't trust that.
'Cause then Pete
is going to get it.
When we're done,
I'll erase it.
You're a great cameraman.
I just want you
to know.
Give me a kiss.
You know, I didn't think
it was possible
to make
a boring sex tape.
And I hesitate
to even call it a sex tape
because you guys
fell asleep after,
like what,
30 seconds of making out?
But guess what,
it's your lucky day,
'cause I'm going to erase it,
save you all the embarrassment.
Right after I show it
to Marcela.
What are you doing?
Never meant
to embarrass you or...
In retrospect...
Relax, relax.
One hundred shows.
A fucking train wreck.
Oh, no, honestly,
you wouldn't say that.
My mom thinks
that is a huge deal
that I work for you,
like ridiculously huge.
Is she a fan of what I do
now or before?'s...
All right, let's go.
- Say goodbye.
- Bye!
The plane is huge.
Are you kidding me?
- I thought it was...
- This is our plane?
Hold on, wait, you guys.
We have this whole thing
to ourselves.
Shut up!
Make sure we
have everything?
Yeah, we got everything.
Impersonate Elvis.
Thank you very much.
- Hello!
- Hi, come on.
Oh, look at this room!
Oh, my God!
I'm pretty sure
in the seventies,
they shot porn
in this room.
Oh, come on, this is awesome!
Look at this place.
Oh, my God!
There's half a plane here.
It's really cool.
Look, there are wires.
Well, here we are.
Home sweet home.
Oh, my God!
President Al Sayed
flew on this plane, right?
Yes, baby, 35 years ago.
And the network gave me
a shoestring budget
so we are
on a 75% discount.
For 75%
of a fucking plane.
Frank, I'm sorry.
It was the best I could do on such short notice.
Spare metal here. There are wires hanging.
I know, I know.
Keep filming, Pete,
you need to practice.
At least I can stay awake.
"We'll erase it, baby,
I promise."
What's he talking about?
You don't remember, do you?
I know it's not,
it's not your fault.
I mean, it's not that bad.
I mean, it's color coordinated,
we got a TV. What more do we need?
- A TV that works.
- Yeah.
I think it's
kind of cool.
It's not so bad.
I mean, it's bad,
but it could be worse.
It's beautiful.
So get this, Pete.
We fly out of New York
on the 17th, right?
That's right
So that gives my beautiful wife a six-day windowto
realize what a stupid fucking idea this was.
You are so sweet.
Marcela, when you have
a minute or 30 seconds
I've got a video
you need to see.
- What is it?
- You'll love it.
Trust me.
Starting to pull.
Will this plane fly,
anybody want in?
I got 20
that says no.
I found the liquor cabinet.
- How about you, Frank?
- Any fucking drink will do.
- How long is our layover?
- About six hours?
You know, we should pop in
to see my aunt Jennifer.
She'd love to meet you.
She's a big fan.
She actually says to me
that you are cute.
That's what they want.
Well, the ANC execs tell me
your best demographic
is women over 50. What the fuck?
She and her little
sewing circle
get together every Thursday night to watch you.
- Did you see that? - See what?
There is a fucking gun
on the stewardess.
I don't know, just look out
the window, Kane!
What do you mean?
Juliana, stay there!
- Kane, what?
- Stay back!
What's going on?
Pete, what's going on?
Back off!
- Please just stay there.
- What's going on?
He's got a gun
on the stewardess.
- Get out of the way.
- No.
Get on the radio,
call the tower,
tell them
what's happened.
This is not your plane!
We understand
but we cannot let them in.
Get your fucking head
away from the door!
Listen to me.
We cannot let them in.
That's my crew out there.
Get out of the way!
Go, go!
Take the phones.
All of them.
Anything you want.
- Is this all of them?
- Yes. Yes, that's it.
You! Continue filming
Continue filming
or you will be shot.
Sit quietly,
follow the instructions
and you will not be harmed.
Disobey and penalties
will be harsh.
We will be in the air
Someone is coming.
It's okay.
Marcela, it is okay.
Okay, okay.
He just wants the jewelry.
Whatever you want, okay?
Whatever you want.
Okay, okay.
Just give it to him.
Okay, Marcela,
he just wants...
he just wants the jewelry
and the watches.
They're just going to rob us
and they are gonna leave.
He wants your ring.
I got the ring here.
You want this? Take it.
Take it easy!
Oh, fuck,
the engine just turned on!
We just sit here.
What are the chances...?
All right, all right,
calm down.
He told me to film or he was
going to shoot me in the head.
How are we going to notify
the guards with him watching?
If we take off in the air,
we're going to die.
I fucking guarantee that.
Maybe you're right.
We need a phone.
- We gave them our phones.
- No, we didn't.
They took my international
but I have another one
in my bag in the front seat.
They didn't see it.
How the hell are we
going to get it?
Excuse me, do you
know the language
that the hijackers
are speaking?
But look,
if this goes wrong,
I'll be the one
who gets shot.
I got an idea.
Marcela, now.
The other side,
the other side!
Medication, medication.
Take one.
Why the hell
are they filming?
Did you get it?
Thank you.
Make the call,
just make the call.
Yes, I speak English.
There they are.
Shit, I think
it worked.
Nadifa, you're brilliant.
It's been five minutes.
Why haven't we received
- It takes time.
- Call them again.
Call them again.
- Do you speak English?
- Yes I do.
Good, then there will be
no misunderstandings.
Tell your guards to keep
100 meters away at all times.
We both know if you attempt
to take off you'll be shot down.
And if you attempt
to engage me
I will trigger the detonator
I have in my hand.
Do you understand?
Do you understand
or do you not?
I understand.
You see?
We're moving back
100 meters
as you requested.
it really scares me that you
can cry on command so well.
- What?
- What's going on?
- Why are they turning around?
- Where the hell are they going?Nadifa, what's going on?
- Pete, Where are they going?
- I don't know.
You respond well
to death threats.
That makes you
a rational man.
Now I have only one request.
I want to speak
to the president
of the American News
Kevin O'Connell.
I have Frank Saltzman
and his crew
on board this plane.
I want to speak
to their employer.
If you don't have him
on the phone in 15 minutes,
I am going to execute
a hostage.
There's no need
to speak like that.
We can end this
without violence.
That is up to you.
Before I can arrange
any kind of phone call,
I need assurance
that hostages are unharmed.
I'll be expecting the call.
Oh, my God, no!
Marcela, stop.
Marcela, stop.
No, no, no, no, no!
I asked only
two things of you.
and all your cell phones.
All right, it wasn't her.
It's my mistake, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- It's my mistake.
- Thank you.
No, no!
Kane, Kane, Kane!
Oh, fuck!
Kane, Kane, Kane!
Which hand did you dial with?
Which hand did you dial with?
Look at me!
Which hand did you dial with?
Are you getting this?
Hey, camera!
- Are you getting this?
- Yes I am.
Wait, what are you doing?
Someone once did this to me.
You will live,
trust me.
No, no...
Every time you think
of disobeying me again,
remember how this feels.
Say you'll remember.
- I will.
- He didn't do anything!
- "I will remember."
- I will!
What a fucking bastard.
Honey, let me see this.
Look, what the hell
do you want?
You, actually, Mr. Saltzman.
Do you have any more
cameras like this?
Yeah, I have,
I have some smaller ones.
Good. Position them
all around the cabin.
- Document everything.
- Okay.
I need two.
- Okay, okay.
I need you to film,
I need you to film it
for me, okay?
No, no.
I got it, I got it.
What you want?
Come to the front cabin.
It'll be short,
it's okay.
We've just received
this breaking news
that less than an hour ago,
a chartered plane carrying
ANC destination reporter
Frank Saltzman
was apparently hijacked
off an island nation
1,500 kilometers east
of mainland Africa.
The military has successfully
blockaded the aircraft
on the ocean side tarmac,
where they're currently
trying to negotiate
with the aggressors on board.
This is Kevin O'Connell.
I represent ANC.
Who am I speaking to?
Months ago,
you ran an expos
on so-called
"Somali pirates."
Do you know
the piece I mean?
We apologize if the...
I did not ask
for an apology.
I asked
if you knew the piece.
Frank Saltzman and his crew
are only in mortal danger
if you allow them to be.
The hijackers have
only made one public demand.
That is for us, ANC,
to air a video of theirs
tonight exclusively
on this network.
Once you have, I will release
all the hostages unharmed.
That's all we want.
You just have to understand
this will take a bit of time.
Hello? Hello?
Did you hear me?
Are you done yet?
You want to look good.
I need to do it right.
It's going to be okay.
See? The lights are back on.
There, you see?
Tell them to calm down.
It's okay.
Let me.
Kane, what the fuck
is going on up there?
There's some kind of
interview or something.
Did they say anything
about taking off?
No, they kicked me out
before they started.
my wireless receiver's
inside that case.
Hey, honey, it's me.
Yeah, I know
about the hijacking.
That's kind of why
I'm calling.
Well, an old friend
at ANC called me,
they needed someone
on the island
to act as a liaison between them and the...Move.
Please go straight and move to the right.
There's like a thousand guys
with machine guns
surrounding it.
Yeah, well,
it's a little late
for that 'cause
I'm already here.
Are you nervous?
An honest response
might disappoint.
Over 700 people are currently
being held hostage
by men like us.
And that number only includes
those that weren't executed
right away.
If I were you,
I would be nervous.
This is...
You can't spread messages
without words.
You'd be surprised.
Is it working?
- Maybe you should put...
- No, no, wait.
It's working.
No hard feelings
about before?
In my country, men shake
with their right hands.
Well, in my country,
men don't introduce
themselves with Zippos.
You may leave.
Run this way!
I'm going to make this
simple for you, Mr. Saltzman.
Here is a list of questions
for you to ask me.
I can't accept this.
You may be able
to get this on air,
but it's not going to look
if I throw you some
obvious softballs.
Frank says he won't read
from his list of questions.
Of course not.
All right.
Let's start with the basics.
Why don't you tell me your name,
and spell it for me
so we can put your name on that
little graphic underneath, okay?
My name is Atlas.
That is spelled A-T-L-A-S.
It doesn't sound
like a Somali name.
I assume that's an alias.
Who said I was Somali?
You assumed?
I suppose I did.
I'm sorry if I offended you.
Why should I be offended?
Is it offensive in America to be from
Somalia? No, you just don't look Somali...
Are you going to ask
a real question
or do I need to write
a new list, Mr. Saltzman?
Why did those soldiers
suddenly back off?
Did you ask them nicely
if you could finish?
I mean,
I don't want to assume.
It's amazing the effect
a bomb on a plane
will have.
- It was bomb.
- What?
I really think
he said "bomb."
So, why are we sitting here
with guns to our heads?
There is no gun to your head.
Don't deceive them.
Ask a real question.
Anyone see anything,
you know, when we were getting
on the plane,
a box, a package?
He had a backpack.
No, I moved that when I was
setting up the cameras.
I mean, it was empty.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
There was no bomb in there.
are you absolutely...?
I think they're bluffing.
Maybe they took it out of the backpack
before you picked it up. This is bullshit.
There's no fucking bomb.
I'm telling you.
Tell me what you didn't like
about the network's
recent segment on pirates.
Everything, everything.
I even take exception to
the use of the word "pirate."
So what should
we call you then?
You actually prefer
the term "terrorist"?
We terrorize foreigners
with guns and threats.
Terrorism implies
that there's certain...
it's for
some ideological cause,
ot just mere profit.
That is why it intrigues me.
The media reserves the word
"terrorist" only for Arabs.
Why do I deserve
special treatment?
Why do you want to get
lumped in with fanatics?
Ask yourself.
What does the Middle East have
that Somalia does not?
So, what you're
telling me is
whenever we really want
to really scare our audience
we pull out
the "terrorist" card
to protect our interests
in the Middle East?
But, if one
were to waste it
on something like Somalia
which doesn't have any money?
What, the word somehow
loses its luster?
- That's ridiculous.
- Let's us speak off the record.
Take your microphone off.
Yeah, I'm with you.
Shit, I just lost them.
What do you mean
you lost them?
Oh, shit, you think
they figured it out?
I don't even,
I don't understand...
Soon, I am going to ask
for money
for my own ideological cause,
but I guarantee you
that makes no difference
to your terrified friends
back there.
Fear is fear.
Respectfully, I disagree.
See, if all you want is money,
we can arrange for that,
we can make an exchange.
But if what you want to do
is convert or kill
all the infidels
there's no room
to bargain there.
So, you are saying...
because I'm just
a greedy negro,
your friends
aren't scared of me?
I didn't say that.
We're just more familiar
with your motives.
Are you?
We can put this to the test.
If the majority of your friends
agree with you,
that the motives
behind my actions
determine how scared
they are of me,
I will release you all
- You mean that?
- But...
if more of them agree
with me,
that fear is fear,
regardless of motive,
I will kill you.
It's not a true belief,
unless you're
willing to die for it.
Is it a problem with the
receiver or the microphone?
Put that away,
he's coming.
- Go with him.
- Why?
He wants you
to go with him.
- Fuck's sake, again, what?
- Just do what he wants, Kane.
Just so you know,
your mic's not on.
would you fear these men more
if they hijacked this plane,
in, let's say,
in the name of religion more
than just pure financial gain?
What's the difference?
You know, either way
they're psychopaths.
Yeah, Kane got it back.
What do they want?
What are they saying?
Hold on one second.
What do they have him
doing there?
So, this man standing here
is a psychopath?
Yeah, that's what I said.
What, does he have
some sob story
to justify his actions?
I'm sure it's very good.
Thank you. You may go.
What, that's it?
Well, if I'm a psychopath,
do you really want
to stick around?
Thank you, Kane.
You really called him
a "psychopath"?
Oh, God.
We need to put you in front
of the camera more often, baby.
Kane, after you left,
he told Frank:
"Not a good start for you."
What does that mean?
"Not a good start," what?
"Not a good start for you."
Do you have any idea
what that means?
No, look,
he was in there.
What the fuck
does he want now?
He says to gather
what you can from your bags
to cover these windows.
And close the ones
with shades.
Whatever it is,
let's just...
Whoa, take it easy.
We're covering the windows,
just doing what you're saying.
He said
they need her up front.
This is Juliana.
Kane, I've got an idea.
We're not scavengers.
Carry on.
does this man frighten you?
Is that a trick question?
Would he frighten you more
if he were a religious fanatic
or just a hijacker
holding us for ransom?
Can he see what I'm doing?
He doesn't have a clue,
just keep going.
I...I...I don't know.
Let me restate.
Does it make a difference?
I got the N and the O.
Yeah, I think
there is a difference.
I can rely on money
to come and save us
but I'm not certain
about God.
- You may go.
- Thank you, Jul.
Be safe.
Thank you.
Make sure you pull the shirts
tall so they can read it.
Marcela, they want you next.
Kane and Juliana are fine,
you'll be fine.
The skinny kid
is getting nosy.
- How are we doing?
- Almost there.
Frank, my turn.
- Do you want me...?
- Please.
What the fuck are they doing?
She's been up there too long.
Do you believe this?
- That's great.
- I know.
He gave it back?
What would frighten you more,
a loud bang
or a quiet noise?
It's going to be okay,
just answer the question.
I guess...
the bang is scarier,
but a quiet noise
is creepier.
So a poised person
whispering in your ear
can be just as terrifying
as a lunatic howling?
- In different ways.
- Listen...
Would it frighten you more
if I were a raving madman
threatening to blow up
this plane in the name of God,
or if I calmly had a gun
pointing to your head
while waiting to collect
my money?
Just answer the question.
I guess it doesn't matter.
I wouldn't want to be
in either situation.
That is understandable.
Thank you, Marcela,
that is all.
ANC wants a live report.
I'm not a reporter;
I wouldn't know what to say.
You'll say what you see,
it's very easy.
What is that?
Something in the window.
Hold on.
"No bomb."
What's going on up there?
If she's not back in a minute...
He asked for you to come.
Frank asked you to come.
Give it to me,
I'll take it.
Pete, there's something
about the question.
You do realize
the consequences
if this boy
doesn't agree with you?
It's your rules.
It's your opinion.
Pete, sit down.
What kind of questions
did he ask you?
He asked me something
about a loud noise.
Something about God.
Did he ask you
anything about God?
Something about what makes
you more fearful.
God or money.
- Money, yes.
- God or money.
I think they're both
pretty terrifying.
Take your time.
I don't care
why you're doing this.
So whether I'm doing this
for religion or money,
it does not influence
how much you fear me.
It is the same end result.
are you okay?
Frank, what is going on?
Just tell me.
Just tell...
Fear is fear, Frank.
All right, okay.
Well, I lost.
So you're going
to kill me then.
Just like that.
No more interview.
If that is
your only question,
then you have missed
the point entirely.
Is anything happening?
Juliana, does anything
seem to be happening?
No, but the side of the plane
looks like Wheel of Fortune.
Shit, maybe we should have
spelled it in French.
Frank is still up there.
Is the military
doing anything?
- Are you sure?
- There's nothing!
We're ready to go.
Yeah, he's in here.
I'll put him on.
Say bye.
Your name, Atlas, that's got
to stand for something,
you know,
I was thinking...
it kind of reminds me
Please don't.
You see...
the omission
of the word "terrorist"
is not the only thing
I disapproved of
in that network piece.
I also hated its arrogance.
They pretended to understand
that boy who was captured.
Listing his choices,
talking about his family
like they knew him.
They don't know him.
I get it, I get it.
No, no, no,
you don't.
I hated the piece too.
So what,
you would have fixed it?
I know more about your plight
than you think I do.
- Oh, do you?
- Yes.
I've been to Somalia
many times.
I've actually been reading up
on that kid on trial,
Mateo Wal-i-Musi.
The one that you're
always talking about,
you know, the angle
that I would have used...
Stand up, Frank.
- The angle I...
- Stand up, Frank!
Did you hear that?
What that fuck?
It's the pilot.
They're doing something
to the pilot.
Kneel down.
Pretend with me, Frank,
that you are a young Somali.
Say it.
Say what?
"I am a young Somali."
I am a young Somali.
According to your network,
you are doomed to die
because you lost a game
of chance called privilege.
just at the last moment,
someone gives you
another chance.
They tell you
that if you take the knife,
you will be spared.
Take the knife, Frank.
Take the knife, Frank!
Now, of course,
just taking the knife
is not enough.
- You have to use it.
- No.
I want you to stab
this man right here.
- As hard as you can.
- No!
And then,
your debt to me is paid.
Stab this man, Frank,
or my friend here
will shoot you in the head.
You begged me
for a way out, Frank.
You begged me for a way out,
I am giving you one.
I cannot!
You can and you will.
Stab him right here,
as hard as you can
and then your debt to me
is paid.
No, I can't.
Do it and live,
or don't and die.
Goodbye, Frank.
Frank, you okay?
Well joining us
on the telephone now
is regional correspondent
Ian Finley
live from Victoria
International Airport
in the Seychelles.
Ian, what can you tell us
about the situation
at this time?
Okay, listen,
hold the wound.
Hold the wound.
Hold it, hold it.
Why did you do this?
Why did you do this?
Ian, can you tell us anything
about the condition
of Frank Saltzman at this time?
All I can tell you
is that the authorities
are doing everything
in their power
to keep this plane
on the ground.
Don't you wish you had
more than two choices?
But you didn't, Frank.
You didn't.
Fuck you.
I don't know
if I'm stopping the bleeding.
I don't know
what the fuck I'm doing.
So, Ian,
you talk about movement.
Can you describe what sort
of movement you're seeing?
Ian, can you hear me?
This is different.
They had been keeping
their distance
but now the teams
are moving.
Jesus Christ.
I said do not engage me.
I said a boundary
of 100 meters,
you agreed
to these conditions.
We haven't been able
to reach...
Don't patronize me.
You broke your word.
The consequences
are on you alone.
Where are you?
What these guys are doing,
they're moving,
they're staying
right beside the...
Oh, fuck!
Just because you're not
on the tarmac with us
does not make you safe.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Where the hell
did those come from?
How is he doing?
What did he say?
It's a profanity.
It doesn't quite
translate in English.
He's still talking.
It's good I suppose.
- If we take off...
- No, Marcela, we have to...
If we take off they'll kill us
and if we stay they'll kill us.
Can I at least
bring him some water?
I stabbed him,
for Christ's sake.
Can I just talk to him?
You didn't kill him.
I had you stab him
in a place
that bleeds heavily
but is completely non-fatal
if treated
which is what your friends
are doing back there right now.
All blood and no bite.
You had me stab a man
so you could prove a point?
I needed
to get your attention.
That is the difference
between talking about something
and feeling it.
You think
this proves something
about me or about you?
I don't know
what you're saying.
Yeah, yeah.
Just talking, all right?
He's a little lucid.
He's a little lucid,
can he talk?
Well, he knows this plane
inside out, don't he?
So, can he tell us a way
of keeping it on the ground?
A way of disabling it?
What if they blow up
the fucking plane?
So I take it,
pirates play favorites.
What do you mean?
You treat that little skinny one
different from those two.
Who is he to you?
Why do you bring up the boy?
Precisely that,
like the one in New York,
he's just a boy.
His gun is older than he is.
He is like...
a photo in a dark room.
Slowly developing.
What is your cause?
enlighten our audience.
What do you want?
You see?
It has taken you this long
to admit that.
That you don't know me.
That you don't have
all the answers.
Maybe that is the lesson
you take back to your network
instead of them guessing
all the time.
You know?
I'm sick of hearing this.
That the media is shallow,
the media is lazy,
and that we are responsible
for everything.
That's lazy in itself.
I mean, the person who is
oversimplifying everything
at this table is you.
You're oversimplifying
and avoiding.
That boy...
every time they yell at him
or hit him,
I see you recoil.
And you try to hide it,
but you can't.
He says it is possible
to disengage
the fuel line below.
Okay, below,
where, where?
There's an exposed hatch
down to the cargo deck
right there.
Oh, you gotta be
fucking kidding.
Kane, you're not going
to do this.
Okay, can he talk us
through the steps?
Come on, Kane.
Please, Pete...sometimes
we put the camera down.
Remember that.
Juliana, seriously?
You can't let...
They are too complex.
You can't possibly
remember them all.
Besides it's dark in there,
you can't see anything.
I'll let him know.
We gotta get him
out of here.
Tell him whatever you need
to tell him.
Okay, listen.
I got another camera.
I'm going to stick
a wireless mic on it.
You'll take it down with you.
How you doing?
We'll have the receiver
up here.
Walkie talkies...
Kane, the battery is running low. If you're
going to go, you got to go now! I got it.
Nadifa says she can hold it
for two minutes.
If I say come back,
come right the hell back, okay?
- Okay. See you in a bit.
- Shit.
If you won't answer
any questions about yourself,
may I ask you a selfish one?
That depends.
I'm not who I used to be.
You can call it fame
or whatever you want.
But I'm not that guy
Just, why me?
A-list newscasters
don't visit East Africa
as much as they used to.
I'm afraid you were chosen
by default.
But if it's any consolation,
I'll probably put you back
in prime time tonight.
You know?
I know about your deadline
and all of that, but listen,
why don't you just
let the others go,
I can stay behind.
You probably made
the network's day
with all this...
It was getting a lot
of interference earlier.
If it still does,
try channel 2.
Okay, Nadifa,
here's what I want you to do.
I want you to put
those in your ears.
I need the earphones...
the earphones...
Okay, Nadifa,
can you hear me?
Where are you now?
Do you see the panels yet?
Red panels, all the way
to the front of the plane.
- Yeah, I got a hole.
- You're in the right place.
Okay, through that?
Yeah, I see it.
Hold on.
There should be
some red panels to your left.
Let me know
when you see them.
Yeah, a panel.
I've got that.
Let me know
when you see them.
He knows Kane is gone.
Nadifa, say he's in the bathroom
to calm him down.
Everybody quiet.
Listen, everyone, calm down.
Calm down, Nadifa!
He's in the bathroom,
he's in the bathroom!
Oh, my God,
oh, my God!
Tell him to come now.
Nadifa, are you there?
He's too far away.
Tell him to come now.
- Do you hear me?
- He's in the bathroom.
He's just in the bathroom,
calm down.
He's calling the others.
He's coming.
He's coming!
Everybody calm down.
Just calm down!
Right fucking now,
get him up here.
Kane, Kane...
You gotta get the fuck out
of there now.
You gotta get the fuck out
of there now, Kane.
Damn it, Kane!
Do you hear me?
If you can hear me,
I'm just going to be
pressing buttons, yeah.
You fuck!
You fuck!
Juliana, don't!
Everybody calm down.
Juliana, calm down...
Did you see that?
I don't know.
Flash of light.
You don't think...?
I don't know.
But the deadline's not up.
They haven't even passed off
the footage yet,
why would they just...
I don't know.
Nadifa, ask him
if I can use the bathroom.
I don't know
what you think you saw,
but everything is fine.
We're conducting
the interview.
Our spotters
saw a flash of light,
we need to be sure
it was not a gunshot.
You have my word.
Your word is not good enough
at this point.
Is the network liaison
still there?
Have him come aboard
with a camera;
he will validate everything
I've just said.
Hello, do you hear me?
We can work with that.
For this transaction,
it will cost you
5 million dollars.
The liaison first,
then we talk money.
One condition.
The footage
can leave for free
if the liaison stays
until I get the money.
Give us 15 minutes
to secure ourselves.
- How is he doing?
- He's okay.
He says you were not
strong enough to kill him.
I need your attention please.
The authorities believe
violence has occurred.
They will not clear us
for takeoff
unless we allow someone
to board the plane
and prove otherwise.
We need to clean up...
Clean yourselves.
We need to clean up
and cover up.
Can you pick him up?
Sit him down here.
He needs to go
on this chair.
Frank, could you come
with me, please?
We have nothing more
to talk about.
I haven't said everything
I needed to.
Well I have. Fuck off!
I'm not asking you. I'm telling you.
Frank, come!
The liaison is ready,
but before we send him in,
you need
to uncover the windows.
We're making progress
on the money.
There's a small addendum
to the money request,
I want it given in full
to the Kips Bay
Children's Outreach Fund.
That's K-I-P-S Bay
Children's Outreach Fund.
This will be
our last communication
until I get
takeoff clearance.
Well, we're just now getting
our first live look
at the situation,
but we have just received word
that our own Ian Finley
will in fact be allowed
on to the plane
to confirm the condition
of the hostages through video.
Kips Bay?
Children's Outreach Fund?
You have very good hearing.
stop fucking with me, okay?
Two of my friends are dead
and I want answers.
You owe me answers.
Mr. O'Connell...
You don't negotiate for us. We can't pay 5 million dollars
live on our own network.
Sir, you won't have to.
The liaison
is just to get us in.
Finley's not even
an ANC employee.
He's just there
as a personal favor for us.
There are only two plays here,
Mr. O'Connell.
You pay the money
or we send in your man.
Your choice.
You just make sure
he is safe.
This fund.
It's a front, isn't it?
A front for what?
It's for
a very powerful attorney.
What the hell
do you need a lawyer for?
Frank, I need you to know
that your friends dying
was not planned.
Fuck you!
Don't call me Frank!
Kips Bay,
that's in New York.
The kid
in the network story.
That's what the expensive
lawyer is for, isn't it?
Is that
what this is all about?
America does not negotiate
with terrorists or pirates.
I couldn't take someone hostage
and demand his release.
I need to have him
acquitted by law.
What do you care?
It's just like the kid
in the back.When I asked you earlier
why you were so protective
of that kid,
I thought to myself secretly,
he must be his little brother
or something?
The kid back there isn't
your little brother...
Mateo Wal-i-Musi is, right?
You wanted an interview,
you got an interview!
the fucking question!
My brother Mateo is on trial
in New York City,
but in the jury's mind
he is already guilty
because your network's piece
made him the poster boy
for piracy in America.
So this is revenge
against the network?
No, it's not
about revenge;
it's about re-education.
Your network wanted
to investigate
how a boy could be involved
in such atrocities?
Well, I have shown you here,
Let me get this straight.
So, you're not really
a pirate, are you?
I left Somalia
when Mateo
was still a baby.
Off to better myself.
By the time I got back
he was already taking orders
from those two.
There was nothing I could do.
When he was captured
on that ship,
they fled and set him up
to take the blame.
So, this whole thing
is a trap for them.
Something like that.
And they don't know
who you are!
Oh, they will.
They will.
Why film everything?
When America sees
that skinny boy in the back,
they will see my brother too.
The abuse he endured.
How they cornered
a helpless child
and make him do
unspeakable things
for their own gain.
In other words...
exactly what you've done
to this kid!
I don't understand,
you blame these two
for having made your brother,
but who made them?
I mean, aren't they somebody's
fucked up little brothers, too?
Where does it end?
That kid killed
one of my colleagues.
If he is supposed to be
the mirror image of Mateo,
what does it do
for your brother?
How does it
make him look?
Makes him look
like a killer.
- Do not deviate.
- Finley, you're crazy, man!
Can I ask any questions?
Only if you allow them,
So what are the assurances
that he'll let us leave?
Ian Finley and his cameraman
obviously approaching
with great caution.
I just realized
I forgot to get my sister
a souvenir. We'll pick one up in Nairobi.
And so what if America
sees this footage
and they decide
that that kid back there,
and therefore
your brother,
is to be held responsible,
because they
were taken advantage of,
and that's not right,
but ultimately,
they made the choice.
In which case,
I would like you to share
with America right now,
why you made the choice
to stab that pilot.
Diagnose your motivations
for the camera, please.
What's stopping me
from telling your friends
you're going to hang
them all out to dry?
Even if you could,
it would be
mutually assured destruction.
I'm just curious...
if you're not a pirate
by occupation,
what are you;
I mean, before today?
I am a schoolteacher.
Frank...go to the back
and be smart.
And as you can see
on your screen now,
they've just opened the door,
that's the first time
since the plane
was taken hours ago.
Is he a cop?
I don't know!
Should we say something
to him?
I mean,
we gotta let him know...
Let's see what happens.
I was told that there were
more than three hostages.
You mean more than three
white hostages?
No, I meant passengers.
What about the African crew?
Are they not hostages?
Yes, of course they are,
but that's not what I meant.
Can I just speak
to one of them please? You have two minutes.
Sir, are you the captain?
I am.
How many passengers
boarded the plane?
However many you see here.
How about asking one
of the non-African hostages,
since you like
to make the distinction.
No, actually...
I think we're okay.
I'm just going to...
if I may...
Make it quick.
Why are you allowing them
to film,
if you don't mind my asking?
It's none of your business.
You have one more minute.
Just to reiterate
if you've just tuned in,
we do not have a feed
inside the plane at this time.
We're going to have to wait
for Ian and his cameraman.
It's been about
three minutes so far.
As you can see,
everything is fine.
Okay, Finley, let's go.
Let's go.
Go, go.
Oh, my God,
there's blood on his shirt.
- Fuck!
- Wait, wait, wait!
It's been roughly
ten minutes
since Finley
was brought on board.
It was thought that
he would've returned by now.
Where did the blood
come from?
On my shirt,
where did it come from?
They killed two
of our friends already.
Nadifa, what are they
arguing about?
Whether or not to kill us.
At least they're
arguing about it.
This isn't what you think.
He's not even a pirate.
He's using this whole thing
as a setup
for the other two. What does that mean?
It's revenge
for what they did to his brother.
What do you mean, his brother?
What do you mean?
Who is his brother?
- You know English.
- Oh, fuck.
Say it again,
who is his brother?
- Sir, there was something else.
- Who is his brother?
What do you mean?
You misunderstood!
Who is his brother?
You misunderstood!
Who is his brother?
Frank, if you know
his name tell him.
Who is he?
Mateo Wal-i-Musi.
Mateo Wal-i-Musi?
Okay, hold on.
Is that true?
Leave that boy alone!
Leave him alone!
Is that true?
This is your trial!
You fucking cowards!
Get up!
Shit, oh, shit!
Fuck, fuck...
It's crazy!
Why not take me instead?
Let her go!
Let her go!
Why not take me instead?
It has always been about me!
Come, come, come.
Frank, no, Frank...
Quickly, quickly!
Oh, my God!
The door has just opened!
And that appears to be
Frank Saltzman.
I don't know what to say!
Say something, Frank!
Move back!
It seems he has a gun
to his...
Oh, my God!
Give me it!
Are you stupid?
They're gonna shoot us down!
I don't know!
Okay, go, go.
Everybody down!
Everybody down!
Hey, hey!
Ladies and gentlemen...
I recommend that if you find
this difficult to watch
as indeed I do,
perhaps you mute your television
for a few moments...
We've just received
this breaking news...
Good evening.
Today marks
the one-year anniversary
of the deadly hijacking
of Nairobi 86.
A tragedy that killed
nine people,
including four of our fellow
ANC employees.
Kane Lamprey,
Juliana Christensen,
Marcela Descalso,
and of course,
Frank Saltzman,
an American news icon.
Even a year later,
investigators continue to make
shocking discoveries,
after sifting through hours
of footage recovered
from cameras
on board the plane.
Each new revelation
has sparked a media frenzy.
But has it
also played a part
in the recent decision
to throw out the case
against alleged pirate
Mateo Wal-i-Musi?
And will it have
a similar effect
in the upcoming trial of
the young surviving hijacker?
Later in the hour we'll have
an exclusive interview
with Pete Bowers,
one of the only survivors
from that deadly day,
one year ago.