Defekt (1977) Movie Script

I'm willing to listen!
Well... Sorry, maybe it's nonsense.
So there are these three disappearances.
I've been thinking about these.
The disappearances were
notified on 5th January,
on the 23rd April and on the 24th August.
Maybe there's no direct
connection at all because
they disappeared in different
parts of the country.
If we read documents,
environmental studies...
I read the police records...
And I've noticed some common motives.
All three missing persons are women.
21, 28 and 42 years olds.
And the other strange thing...
They missing since the holidays.
After New Year, Easter and August holidays.
And we know where they started.
Two women traveled far,
but the third divorced
woman could have visited
her relatives who live in other towns.
And one of them... Interests me specially.
- Thanks!
- May I?
- Please!
This is the town where
the first woman started.
We know her destination.
She went to a mountainous village
in the northeast where she works.
If I want to get from
the town to this place,
I choose two ways.
But for my part I'd prefer
to ride on the main road.
- And why?
- Because in January was a big snow
and the main road has already been cleaned.
Bravo! Go on!
The third woman was going from southeast
to north on 24th August.
And if they arrived where they wanted to go
then here or here... their paths
have crossed each other.
Gedeon, you always fantasize!
- But I suppose that...
- What?
One of them should have
travelled in January,
the other woman should have
travelled in August... But it's not true.
And their cars were found some
kilometres away where they started.
Yes, in that position what I said before.
The divorced woman's car who's
disappeared after Easter was smashed.
The other two cars were all right.
Yes... And?
I just thought that their paths
should have crossed each other.
There are many similarities
and should be a common motive,
a common solution.
And I think, this will be...
What do you think?
I couldn't tell you exactly.
But they always disappeared
after the holidays.
And now there is a holiday again.
What if a lonely woman
is going anywhere now?
And she is passing through this area.
Man, it's not a Bermuda Triangle!
This is the middle of a
civilized, european country.
But if I look at the results of
the investigation... You're right.
But the phantasmagories
don't move this case forward.
Only the determined, consistent work.
Well, what is your suggestion, Gedeon?
I think, one police woman should drive
in this neighborhood on holidays.
- Driving alone, right?
- I'll hide in the car.
And what do you expect to come
of this? Ehh, what a rubbish!
A woman is your bait. Oh, come on! Don't
believe everything you see in the movies.
- I thought you will not allow that.
- No, of course not.
Your daddy wouldn't be proud of you.
But I have another suggestion.
So the solution must be here.
And the situation is the same
The holiday.
For this reason I ask you
to let's take over the area
and check everyone.
First of all the lonely women
who come this way.
Maybe we can find something...
- What?
Hmm, I don't know.
Listen, Gedeon!
There's a concrete tube.
And there are two cats in it.
Why can they not see each other?
Because it's dark.
It's not dark.
- Because that's a curved tube.
- No.
Because the cats are
there in other moments.
So that's the problem with your theory.
- But boss...
- No!... Thank you for your effort.
- But if I...
- It's not your job.
- We'll never find out what happened
to these women. - We're doing everything!
We've found the child murderer, too.
That's right, but these women
have been missing for one year.
We must be patient.
You'll see, time is on our side.
It's clear but I believe
our time has come.
All right.
Well, if you find a volunteer
then one police car will be permitted.
So one colleague can go with you
And I will not oppose it.
Thank you.
I hope didn't disturbing you.
Happy holidays!
And I welcome your Papa.
- Thank you.
BLOWOU Starring
Directed by
Better we stop that, boss.
It doesn't make any sense.
The holidays've gone,
Tomorrow is working day.
This is the third night and we
haven't found anything yet.
You let two guys go...
If they give a sobriety test, well,
the drunkometer would have exploded.
We are not looking for
drunk drivers, sergeant.
Well, who are we looking for then?
I don't know...
I don't know anything for sure.
But first I was so sure.
I don't blame you...
I was the only volunteer for this.
You know, it comes with the
age. I became grumpy.
If I get really tired I have
very bad temper. - It's okay.
I think, you're right.
Maybe nothing is going to happen.
And I'm gonna be an idiot again.
Actually, why have you
undertaken to this task?
- It was better for me.
- Wouldn't it have been easier if you...
No... It wouldn't.
My wife left me.
She's gone three weeks ago.
- I'm sorry, sergeant.
Me, too.
- Cigarettes?
- No, thanks. I gave up smoking.
- It's raining.
- Yes, that's just what we needed.
And now?
Straight ahead.
- Turn we right?
- Okay.
- Good evening!
- What do you want?
I'm sorry... But I have an accident.
I crashed my car.
I hit a cliff.
Can you help me? - What can I do?
I don't have a car or phone.
What else would I do?
There's a main road 28
kilometres from here but
the first village is a little further
than the main road.
Please wait overthere!
- Tire blowout.
- And the rear wheel, too.
Maybe it has a bigger problem.
Spare wheel?
- Only one.
That's not too much.
The car key?
- Here.
Where is the gearbox?
Look at there!
You see! There are broken
glasses everywhere.
So what do I do now?
In morning some workers will come
here to the quarry. They will take you.
Look, may I wait for the morning at you?
I got drenched totally.
I don't have enough fuel and
the car window's broken.
I shall see.
My wife is sick.
I understand.
And what's the...
She is sick!
Have we been here yet?
I don't remember. Maybe we
were here the noon before last.
It doesn't matter, let's go then.
All right.
Put this on!
- Thank you.
- I will make some tea.
- Wait a minute, please.
- Shhh, keep quiet!
She is sick.
Sorry, but I didn't hear that you
come and I'm not dressed yet.
It doesn't matter.
Listen... Don't do anything crazy.
What do you want?
Don't do this!
Please, let me go!
I wake up your wife and I'll scream!
Leave me alone!
That's what we
searched. That's it!
Sergeant, look at here!
Tire blowout.
And the back of the car was smashed.
It's empty... And the motor room is cold.
It has been here for half
an hour, maybe for a week.
For a week? I don't think so. We were
just here the day before yesterday.
The rock wasn't here then.
Ehh... God knows.
- Let's have a look around!
- And where, boss? In the woods?
Just honk!
Now go forward, slowly.
I remember there is a quarry right here.
- Who are we looking for, boss?
- The watchman if there's nothing else.
It was a holiday, boss!
Keep the light over there!
Damn... Why did you have to give up smoking?
Turn over there!
- And now?
- We should wait till morning.
- Here?
- No... Let's go back.
I haven't noticed that before.
And there's a path right down there.
- We will check it, boss. Right?
It's late at night, boss.
That's okay, but I will just tell
we're come to wish a Happy Holidays.
Boss, this is warm.
It's empty.
What are you thinking about, boss?
- A cigarette.
Where the hell are they?
Hello! Is anybody here?
No one!
So, what now?
I don't understand.
Where are they now?
Never mind, boss.
We'll wait here till morning.
Anyway, we want to go
back to the quarry.
They will come back here... or not.
However, it's agreeably warm here.
Eh... And, of course,
I shouldn't have stopped smoking.
It's still lukewarm.
Do you want some tea, boss?
Georgian tea.
I've drunk better.
Look what Jesus brought you, boss!
Are you all right?
God bless you as you came.
- What happened?
- I have a blowout.
Put some clothes on,
I'll see what I can do.
Have you got a saller?
- What? - A saller...
That's only what's in the toolbox.
Well, that's not too much.
Mikulics... Hey, Mikulics!
Are you cold?
Just get in the truck cabin.
I need some time to repair the tier.
Your coat is all wet.
And your blouse, too.
Good thing that I couldn't
see this in the dark.
I wouldn't have come here
if I knew about it.
It doesn't really matter now.
- You shoudn't be so anxious. We got time.
- How do you know?
Holy shit, I knew that we sleep
through the critical moment.
The car is missing.
- Maybe, the car wasn't here.
The car was right here. But it's gone.
Let's go to the quarry!
It was a blowout. The lady slept in her car.
She said the accident
happened before midnight.
- That's not true.
- I don't know, she told me.
I just tried to help her.
And then...
- Then?
- After she's gone.
- By the smashed car.
It had no more trouble.
And where did she go?
To the town, I think.
- Registration number?
- I prescribed it at night.
Come on, let's go then!
What's the matter?
I killed a man.
Thank you, colleague. Goodbye!
Here you are the name and
the address of the owner.
They bought the car three weeks ago.
Can I have a cigarette?
Look around! Find the car
as soon as possible!
Hey boss, there's a woman
here with her husband.
The woman says she
killed a man at night.
Tell them to come in.
- They're not at home.
- I see... I will wait here for them.
There's nothing, boss.
Listen! I want you to go to their workplaces
and if they aren't there you
check all car services.
And when you can find
them, bring them here.
I'm gonna stay right here. Okay?
- All right, boss!
Boss, shall we begin?
Before bring them in!
Look around! You kept
everything untouched, right?
For God's sake, what
happened? Calm down!
The carpet. Someone
put it on the chair.
Someone's been here!
You can start now!
Is this that door?
Bring me the key.
It must be there on the cupboard.
Unless... Someone moves that, too.
Keep the light over there!
Come here!
How did you open this?
There is something here!
Ehh, shit!
Get them out of here!
Help me, Tauber!
Pull it!
Boss, it's a woman!
Hello? Police?
A strange-looking man
have been here for hours!
Please, can you come here?
I give you the address.