Defiant (2019) Movie Script

[mysterious music]
Take a deep breath.
Is that getting worse?
I don't know about worse.
It's certainly not
getting any better.
You always wear your mask?
You're around 'em a lot,
the more you breathe that in
the worse it's gonna get.
You can't keep breathing
the same air as them
and not expect to be affected.
Take a puff.
It's been about three and a
half years since the Taking.
I don't really remember
much before then.
They say the amnesia
wears off eventually,
but I don't feel it yet.
Just some weird dreams
here and there.
How's the head?
Still nothing.
I had this dream.
You had giant eagle wings,
you were carrying me
upside down by your talons.
Which is a super weird
thing to say to your doctor.
It's not even the weirdest
thing I've heard today.
I know very few things for sure.
I know my parents died in the
car crash that took my memory.
I know our world is just
finally beginning to know peace.
Our sovereign leader came to
us when we needed him most.
I know my name is A51-317.
It's in our best interest to try
not to remember the old world.
The hate is contagious.
Well, keep your mask on
while you're working.
We need you guys in the field.
If he's for us?
Who can be against us.
I know we must protect
our new world at any cost.
I know the Taking purged
much of the old world filth.
But others rise up
in their place.
Many are left that would
destroy our peace if they could.
The forbidden book teaches
them to hate.
That's why we do what we do.
-Someone has to keep
the evil out.
-[gun clicks]
I know for sure I'm no different
than any other citizen.
I trust our sovereign
leader when he says
that if he is for us,
who can be against us?
[intense electronic music]
[gunshots banging]
Do we make ourselves clear?
[gunshot bangs]
That's right.
[gun clicks]
You didn't even know.
I fooled all of you.
Red, shut up.
Is that it?
Anybody else with a weapon?
I asked a question.
I take it he's with you.
Please don't. Please.
He's her brother.
He's her brother.
Shut up.
A brother?
It's always nice to see
families sticking together.
What do we have here?
Looks like somebody's
been naughty.
It's okay, buddy.
It's gonna be okay.
Don't do that.
Don't give him hope.
You people don't deserve hope.
[gun clicks]
He's all I have left.
He's not all you have left.
[gunshot bangs]
[somber music]
You... have... nothing.
Burn the books.
I don't care what you do
with the women.
But make the men watch.
I demand execution.
What did you just say?
I have nothing illegal
in my possession.
The only thing I'm
guilty of, is association.
I am entitled to
execution by him.
We bring her.
You think you're real
smart, don't ya?
You know we're gonna
have to search you, right?
To verify that you don't
have any contraband on you?
And we're real thorough.
You didn't have to
get me anything.
You've hardly been gone.
Kill them all before they talk.
You will not regret this.
[somber music]
What was that back there?
She demanded execution.
We do what he sees best.
Is that understood?
[distant gunshots popping]
You know I love you, right?
No matter what.
[distant gunshots popping]
[Woman] You didn't have to
get me anything.
You know I love you?
Hardly been gone.
No matter what.
[overlapping talking]
No matter what.
I love you, Paulie.
You're gonna be a messenger.
You're gonna bring
people good news.
[suspenseful music]
[somber music]
[dramatic music]
[gravel crunching]
[smoke alarm beeping]
[suspenseful music]
[Paul] Sacred father,
may our sovereign leader
live forever.
That he shall, my child.
I can't believe it's you.
How am I so privileged to
have you in my presence?
Be encouraged, he is with you.
Mighty warrior.
I come with glad tidings.
-I'm so sorry, sacred father.
-I see region housing hasn't
lost any of its charm.
Bit of a cooking mishap?
Yeah, I was attempting
a new recipe.
Be not ashamed, child.
We've all burned things
we desired to try.
You are A51-317, yes?
[Paul] Yes, your grace.
[Father] And you live alone?
Yes, sacred father,
most of our teams do,
to help maintain focus
on our task.
Which I'm sure you
already knew that.
I'm sorry.
Very wise, my son.
Lust of this world
only distract us
from our unadulterated
worship of him.
Must take the kingdom first.
All the rest will be
given to you as well.
It's what we aim for,
your grace.
I hope you don't think
we've fallen short.
Of course not.
We know you're a good
and faithful servant.
As I said, we come
with glad tidings.
Your time has come.
He has requested your presence.
The king of kings
and Lord of Lords.
The sovereign leader is here.
A51-317, I presume.
Follow me.
[water lapping]
Do you thirst?
I'm fine, your sovereignty.
Thank you.
Drink, son, you look parched.
I have many great plans
for our new world.
Plans that prosper us, to
give us a hope and a future.
And the way I desire
for my plans to unfold
is with the involvement
of my people.
Only the people called
by my name will prosper.
And my people must soon
be sealed in my name.
You understand what I mean, A51?
No, your sovereignty, I don't.
You will.
As you know, I'm a
very hands on man.
I prefer to do
all the executions myself,
but sadly it's not
a possibility.
Which is why I need
the dedicated.
It's why I need men like you.
On this current execution
tour, I've been traveling
throughout all of the regions
asking a few of my elect
to step up into their rightful
roles in the coming days.
We'll need to work together
more than ever
in the next hours of our world.
Anything, your sovereignty.
Absolutely anything.
Perhaps I'm stepping
out on a limb here,
but I summoned you
here to offer you
a new position in my
I'd like for you to take over
my world preservation
operations in all the region.
Everyone who is opposed to peace
in the five surrounding cities
will be dealt with by your
team, chosen and led by you,
and as you succeed,
the opportunity
for advancement is limitless.
Your sovereignty,
I-- I am beyond honored.
I'm no one.
I don't deserve a place
in your leadership.
I see so much potential
in you, A51.
Do not doubt yourself.
My power is made perfect
in your weakness.
A power that has yet to
be displayed to the world.
Do you believe that?
Do you believe in my power?
[flames flaring, crackling]
Don't feel like you have
to answer right away.
We'll be in touch.
Take heart, my son.
I am for you.
[somber music]
[glass clinks]
[mysterious music]
[Dr. A6] I wouldn't accept his
offer if I were you.
[switch clicks]
Dr. A6?
Put the gun down, Paul.
What are you doing here?
I'm glad to see my makeup
and fake cough
has fooled you all these years.
I guess you can call
me Harold now.
You're defiant?
That question has
so many answers.
But it boils down to
a true understanding
of a few certain words.
Peace, hate...
To believe in a word
is not the same
as knowing and believing
in its meaning.
Don't move.
I swear to God I'll kill you.
I don't know what you're doing,
but I am required to
kill you if you don't
help me understand right now.
The girl, Esther, that
you took this morning,
is part of a special
group of defiants I lead.
Her brother is the young
boy you watched die.
I need you to help us
get her back.
Your memories, they're
getting worse, aren't they?
Shut up.
Just shut up.
So you were just spying
on me the whole time?
Oh, it's much more than that.
-We think it's time, Paul.
-Stop calling me that.
Tell me, did you remember
the entire book all at once?
Or is it coming back
to you in pieces?
[gun clicks]
-Not our first rodeo, kid.
It's not our intention
to hurt you,
despite what you might believe.
You ready to talk?
Got nothing to say to you.
Except I hope you thought
through every angle of this,
'cause they're going
to come for me.
They don't want you, Paul.
You are in so over your head.
The sovereign leader offered
me a promotion, personally,
to kill all of you.
I know.
It's not for why you think.
They found out things about you.
They know who you really are.
They know that your memory's
beginning to return.
We want you to join us, Paul.
That's what this is
about? [laughs]
Oh, oh, this is my
welcome party then, huh?
Tell me, what would possess
you to believe
that I would join you?
You recognize her?
I'm gonna kill you!
Let me out, you have no
idea what you're doing.
You're the one with the
forbidden book and the illegal
old world photo in your house.
[Paul laughs]
Oh, I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you, and
I'm gonna make it slow.
I'm gonna find your wife
and kids, I'm gonna
make you watch.
Did you ever have a dog?
Did you ever have a dog?
Do you know where you lived
before they moved you
to region housing?
-What was your favorite color?
-Let me out.
You know about you what
they tell you about you.
So far that's been your
greatest asset.
Your sovereign leader wanted you
because you're a clean slate.
You're the perfect
follower because you have
no idea who you are.
But all that changed when
you began to remember.
They're trying to contact him.
We need to get him back.
Oh, no.
We were just getting
to the good part.
Very soon, your sovereign
leader's gonna be murdered,
through a fatal wound
to his head.
Probably a gunshot.
We believe he may even
arrange it himself.
Three and a half days later,
he's gonna rise from the dead
and claim to be God.
We'll see you soon, Paul.
[mysterious music]
[bird cawing]
This is A51-317, I lead
Peace Team Gallica 3
in Region 5.
Password you're about to
ask for is rainbow scepter.
I have reason to believe
that there will be an attempt
on the sovereign leader's life
in the very near future.
Do you hear me?
I believe the sovereign leader
of the new world
is gonna be assassinated.
[phone beeps]
[mysterious music]
This will just be our secret.
I promise not to tell
Dad if you don't.
And when you come and
dig this up someday,
always remember,
it's for you first
and then the rest of the world.
It has to be in that order.
You first and then the
rest of the world.
-You have got to be
kidding me right now.
-[gun clicks]
Ma'am, I don't think you
understand the gravity
of what you're doing right now.
I work for the sovereign leader
and have reason to believe
his life is in danger.
Let me use your phone.
I know who you are.
You're not using the phone.
You're not going anywhere.
To be honest,
I'm afraid if I move,
I just might kill you myself.
We're gonna wait right here
for the government men
to show up and give me my reward
and give you what you deserve.
Ma'am, I don't know
who you think I am,
but you are clearly confused.
[Leader] People of the new world
I'm back.
-[people cheering]
-[Paul] Ma'am?
-I hear a lot has happened
the last three days.
-[Leader] Sorry I've missed out.
Obviously I don't mean to make
light of what has happened.
I know it's been a very trying
and burdensome time
for many of you.
I'd like to tell you that one
of our own has betrayed us.
But in reality we've been
infiltrated by impostors.
As many of you know, three
days ago I was shot in the head
and confirmed dead by
several physicians
by the defiant terrorist
known as A51-317,
assisted in the completion
of his treasonous act
-by Dr. A6-RB19, a local
peace team physician.
-How'd that work out for you?
[Leader] These men pretended
to be like us so that they
become a part of our system,
all the while plotting
against us.
So many of these hateful
groups have remained
in our new world
far longer than we should've
allowed them to.
It was only a matter
of time before
they did something drastic.
So for the security
of our new world,
it is in our best interest
that true citizens
of the new world
from here on out
be distinctly identifiable.
No more of these
hateful murderers
getting into our stores
and our hospitals,
our schools, and our homes.
From here on out, those
who choose to live by peace
will receive my seal, on their
right hand or their forehead.
In an effort to expedite the
process and ensure your safety,
you will unfortunately
not be able to buy or sell
without it, but region
peace teams and police
will be available at
every major retailer,
hospital, and world
preservation center,
allowing for quick
and simple access
so that those of you
who choose peace
can get on with your everyday
lives as quickly as possible.
And as some of you
have suspected,
I am the God of all creation,
the long awaited savior...
...will rise from the dead
and claim to be God.
And I have come up to my
people because I saw your pain.
I have come so that you
might have abundant life.
Let me release you from your
pain and your death, my people.
Let the God of all comfort
comfort you.
-For I so loved the world...
-[man] Region 5 Police, ma'am.
Open up!
-...whoever believes in me...
-I hope they televise
your execution.
...shall not perish...
I want to see you pay
for what you did.
[Leader] ...but have
everlasting life.
I have brought you
everlasting life.
-[door closes]
-[man] Thank you, ma'am
we'll take it from here.
Defiant scum.
Hey, what about my reward?
As soon as you receive your
seal, ma'am,
it'll be deposited
into your account.
[suspenseful music]
[Paul] I didn't do this.
You're making a big mistake.
It doesn't matter.
You're defiant now.
Why are you doing this to me?
We didn't do anything.
And you're welcome for
busting you out.
You were minutes away from
a televised beheading.
They know it wasn't me.
I'll just tell them it was you.
It wasn't us, we took you
back to your house that night.
Everybody wave.
Just kidding.
Please don't.
Look, you don't have to do this.
-Let me out and I promise
not to pursue you.
-I'm not gonna come after you.
-Paul. The whole world thinks
you killed him.
The only one who can
prove you didn't
is the guy
you supposedly killed.
If they ever find you,
he will execute you
on live television, knowing
full well you're innocent.
You don't make any sense.
Why would he frame me?
To make defiants look
like terrorists.
To have a reason
to push the seal.
Defiants already look that way.
If that's all he needed, he
could've blamed any one of you,
the whole world would've
believed it.
But if it came from the inside,
he could call it
a security breach.
He could scare them
into thinking
that everyone around them
might be defiant.
It's all about the seal.
You're a scapegoat, kid.
Doesn't make any sense.
Just identifying citizens
is not that important.
Oh, it's much more important
than you realize right now.
Do you all actually believe
this garbage?
Or do you just not like
following rules?
It's not about rules, kid.
It's about history.
It's about being on the
right side when it's written.
What if you chose wrong?
What if we're right?
Either way, you'll just
have to trust us.
You're in no position
to make demands.
Not to mention you've been
off the grid for three days.
Your Region 5 rifle
was used to kill him,
and they found that book
in your house
with the picture of your
defiant mother inside.
Where what?
The book, where is it?
Unless they burned it already
it's still at your house,
where we left you and it.
It's still there,
but there's a few guys
camped out at the house.
We may or may not have
bugged your house.
Just being honest.
We have to go back.
Did you miss the part
about not making demands?
Look, you hate me
and that's fine.
But I have to have that book.
We're not going back
there, that's a death wish.
The picture.
I'll do anything.
Will you read it?
If we get the picture,
will you read the book?
I don't hate you, kid.
But you better have a good plan.
[suspenseful music]
Can you guys hear me?
Yeah, we got you.
It's just up here.
Ok, I didn't bring
my full bag of tricks,
because this kind of
got sprung on me,
so I hope you're fine
with winging it.
[Harold] What are you doing?
All region housing has
an electronics override
outside the house, just in case.
In case of what?
In case we want someone
in the dark.
See? If somebody would've told
me ahead of time,
that this was the plan,
I have a perfectly good
EMP back home.
-A lot less digging.
-Caden, how do you
use this thing?
Very carefully.
Don't point it at anyone you
don't want in serious pain.
As soon as it's turned on,
their ears are toast,
as well as their balance.
Okay, there's one in the
house and two parked outside.
[suspenseful music]
Here we go.
[car engine starts]
That's far enough
right there, sir.
Oh, absolutely.
You can never be too
careful around here.
[high pitched screeching]
[weapon buzzes]
Don't, buddy.
Come on, it's not worth it.
I'm okay, I just tripped.
Pretty impressive, right?
It almost completely
disguises my thermal image
from your stupid little drone.
C55, I didn't do it.
You know at first,
I'll be honest,
it was really hard
for me to believe.
Three years.
Three years we raided together,
and never once did I
question your loyalty.
And then it hit me
the other day.
Never do I remember
you ever pulling the trigger.
Not once.
You always found a way
to have one of us do it.
Shut up.
I stood by you for three years,
and the whole time you were
just plotting your betrayal.
You were so quick to help them
when they demanded execution.
You were trying to save them.
Think about this.
I didn't save any of 'em,
they were all executed.
I don't know that.
I didn't see that happen.
I'll take the seal right now.
Does that sound like
defiant to you?
They think that's the end.
I know he'll believe me
if I can just talk to him.
He doesn't want to talk to you.
Best case scenario,
you can say sorry
when his machete touches
the back of your neck.
C55, I'll do anything.
How many?
Are they armed?
Not lethally.
Kill them.
Kill them, and you get to spend
one more day in our world.
[somber music]
Don't touch it, Reggie.
Whoa, kid.
What are you doing?
Whatever I have to do
to clear my name.
You know that won't work.
You're dead as soon
as they take you in.
What's it gonna be, A51?
Don't do this.
[gun clicking]
Hey, what did your dad say?
Don't do that.
We don't shoot people,
even if we're pretending.
Paul, don't do this.
Make up your mind quickly,
or else I'll kill
all of you
with a smile on my face.
Kid, you don't have to do this.
Everyone just shut up.
You don't have to
do this anymore.
[gunshot bangs]
Sorry I'm late, I thought
you just needed
a little extra time.
Why'd you do that, Reggie?
It was a stupid thing to do.
We have to go,
they're almost here.
[slow dramatic music]
[Harold] I saw the heaven open,
and behold, a white horse,
and he who sat on it is
called faithful and true.
In righteousness he judges
and makes war.
His eyes are a flame of
fire, and on his head
are many crowns.
He has names written,
and the name written
which no one knows
but he himself.
He is clothed in a garment
sprinkled with blood.
His name is called
The Word of God,
the armies which are in heaven
follow him on a white horse,
clothed in white,
pure, fine linen.
Out of his mouth proceeds
a sharp double-edged sword,
that with it he should
strike the nations.
He will rule them
with an iron rod.
He treads the wine press
of the fierceness
of the wrath of God,
the almighty.
He has on his garment and
on his thigh a name written,
King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
[somber music]
We have plenty of firewood.
[birds chirping]
Do you like ravioli?
You've got to eat
something, Paul.
It's been a long day.
You know I killed him, right?
Did you gather that
from all the holes
in the story they fed you?
Yes, I understand that.
Harold has a hard time
telling a complete story
at times like these.
He tends to try to
protect the heart
rather than tell the full truth.
Do you like pasta?
I've been trained to
recognize poison.
Just eat.
So what's with the tree?
It's dying.
Carpenter ants in the roots.
How can you tell?
They leave sawdust behind.
I'll leave you to your tree.
How long were you and
Reggie married for?
We were actually at our
wedding reception
during the Taking.
Do you have children?
I had a son, and Reggie
had two daughters.
They were in the raid
with the boy and the girl.
Reggie, for what it's worth,
died honorably.
I was aiming for Harold and
he jumped in front of it,
to try and protect him.
I know my Reggie.
And I don't think he was
trying to protect Harold.
[mysterious music]
[man whispers] Paul.
Caden. Oh, scared the crap
out of me. What do you want?
Scared the crap out of me,
what do you want?
Caden, go to bed.
That was the plan till you
pumped me full of adrenaline.
[man whispers] Paul .
Caden, this is not funny.
Not even close, bro.
[man whispers] Paul.
I am for you, Paul.
[mysterious music]
Show yourself!
[man whispers] Not yet.
But I'm not going
to hurt you, Paul.
It's time.
Oh yeah?
What's it time for?
To remember.
Do you want to remember?
What do you want from me?!
I make all things new.
Remember, Paul.
What do you see?
My mother.
She's getting us dressed
for something.
I'm just a boy,
about six or seven.
[man whispers]
Who was with you, Paul?
A little girl.
About the same age as me.
And a baby, boy.
[man] Paul, only I am for you.
Remember that I am for you.
Now we're driving, it's more
recent, like a few years ago.
[man] I am for you, Paul.
They're arguing about
something in the front.
We're about to crash.
I reach over to help.
The boy and girl.
[man] It's okay, Paul.
I am for you.
Who are you?
[man] I am, Paul.
I am.
You're gonna bring good news.
You're gonna bring good news.
[owl hooting]
[Paul] How could
you not tell me?
You got some serious
anger issues
you need to take care of, kid.
How could you not tell me?
Oh, so you're actually
gonna shoot me this time?
Harold, don't push him.
Paul, you need to relax,
talk to us.
I swear my nightmares are
better than real life lately.
So what exactly
did I not tell you?
The boy and girl from the raid.
The last two people
I sentenced to death.
They were my brother and sister.
Well, look whose memory's
coming back.
So you knew?
Is that all you remember?
Why, am I missing a few details?
You're missing the fact
that you're pretending
to all of a sudden care about
something you think you know.
I saw them!
I remember!
Maybe they were at one time.
But not anymore.
Now they're defiants,
and you're A51-317,
leader of Peace Gallica 3 of Region 5,
isn't that right?
So why do their lives
matter to you?
What makes now so different?
Who are you, kid?
Only you can make that decision,
but don't make it for them.
You make that decision
because you know that I Am
called you by name.
I deserve to die.
[Christina] Harold.
If that's what he said to you,
then pull the trigger.
I know you don't think I'll
do it, but I have nothing.
Everyone I have is gone.
Then you should probably
pull the trigger.
[Christina] Harold.
Would it ease your pain?
No, Paul.
He's always gonna
be gone in this life,
and I'll always have
to face that.
Please don't.
[man] Paul.
[Harold] What do you
believe in, Paul?
I honestly believe
I deserve to die
for the things I've done.
You do.
But you don't have to.
That's the beauty of it.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
You didn't know what
you were doing.
I don't understand.
[Christina] You never will.
Just please don't kill
any more of us.
So what now?
We get your sister back.
[ Rachel] Wake up, Esther.
Bend your arms.
Wake up, sweetheart.
Bend your arms.
I can't anymore.
Yes, you can, come on,
don't give up on me.
How can you still do this?
I need water.
When was the last time we ate?
We just had those steaks
last night.
That's not funny.
Thank you, Lord,
for another day.
Come on, Esther,
take a deep breath.
Thank you, Lord,
for another day.
Thank you, Lord,
for another day.
Thank you, Lord,
for another day!
Thank you, Lord,
for another day!
[man] Shut up in there.
Thank you, Lord,
for another day.
We are blessed to have
been counted worthy.
I had an incredible dream
last night, Esther.
They're coming.
I believe they're here already.
Finish strong, sweetheart,
finish strong.
What, who?
When peace like a river
Attendeth my wake
-Rachel, who's here?
When sun rose like
Sea billows
[man] I said shut up!
But ever my light
- Thou has thought me to say
It is...
[door rattling]
What did I say about singing?
Another week without food.
I had food to eat
you don't know about.
Search the cell.
What do I do with him?
He can take her spot.
She's not coming back.
[Esther] What are you doing?
Sovereign leader isn't here yet.
And Lord haste the...
- [gunshot]
- [Esther] Rachel!
You understand,
I'm not gonna have an uprising
on the day we're understaffed.
When the faith
Shall be sight
Where is he taking her?
[singing drowned out
by dramatic music]
Here to finish what you started?
What are you doing,
don't touch me.
I'm so sorry.
I know this doesn't
make any sense,
but I need you to trust me
right now.
Why would I ever trust you?
'Cause you and I are
the only family we have left.
You can join us or you can stay.
The choice is yours.
I'm in, what do you need?
To leave, now.
Come on.
Backup could show up anytime.
We can't leave Rachel. They just
took her, we should get her.
-There's no time.
-We can't leave her,
they're gonna kill her!
Keep your voice down.
It's too late.
[Rachel] It is well
[choir] It is well
[Rachel] With my soul
[choir] With my soul
[Rachel] It is well
It is well with my soul
Eat something.
What's your name?
I'm Paul,
that's Harold, Christina,
that's my sister Esther
over there.
Thanks for rescuing me.
Not fully rescued yet.
What's your story?
My parents were survivalists.
We've been hiding out,
living off whatever we could.
Where are they now?
We ran into
some old friends recently
who had shifted their loyalties.
Apparently that's legal now.
They took me instead.
Where do your loyalties lie?
What do you mean?
Why haven't you
become a citizen?
My father never really
trusted him, I guess.
The leader.
I mean, you've heard some
of the stuff he says.
Or does.
Something's not right with that.
That's not normal behavior.
Have you seen their eyes?
And what's with their masks?
Their leader tells them
that they're allergic to us.
The serum in their mask
makes them cough,
convincing them that
they're allergic to us.
Their eyes are what
you look like
when hope has been ripped
from your soul.
It doesn't feel good.
You still never answered
his question, though.
Where do your loyalties lie?
I guess with whoever
has answers.
Like real answers.
But until then, with you guys.
I owe you my life,
and I have no one left.
Look, this isn't
a survivalist group.
We have a very specific
mission that we've been
preparing for for a long time.
We feel like you're better off
not being with us at this point.
This is the safest
I've been in years.
I'll do anything you guys want.
Adam, trust me...
Do you have any special skills?
I'm not gonna throw an orphan
back on the street.
Do you have any useful skills?
I like to make stuff.
Let's get started.
Not you.
Read this first.
What is it?
You want to be friends?
I can't imagine how
you must feel.
I feel angry.
Annoyed that you expect me
to believe
you couldn't recognize
your own family.
I recognized you that day.
As soon as you said my name,
I remembered.
Just not enough.
Well, I suppose now
that you remember,
we can just be one big
happy family again.
-Don't call me that.
[gentle music]
I don't know how to forgive you.
I know.
I'm not expecting you to.
I've been beaten and tortured,
more times
than I can even count.
Today was the first time
in almost a week
that I've eaten anything.
And it doesn't even compare
to how it felt
to watch Jacob die.
I couldn't remember his name.
What was he like?
He was funny.
The only one who ever
got your awful jokes.
And he looked up to you
way more than he should've.
You did a great job
looking out for him.
All alone, I can't imagine.
Just sucks, you know.
Feels like they've won.
Didn't Mom used to say
something about losing?
If you pick the right team,
you'll never lose.
And then Dad would say,
"unless you picked the losers."
Do you remember him?
No, not at all.
What was he like?
You're not missing much.
You're not so bad.
For a little brother.
Are you the oldest?
I could probably convince you
of anything at this
point, couldn't I?
We have a problem.
-Well, he's back in town.
-So what's the problem?
All the authentication for
the notification systems
changed after the seal.
We didn't account for them
switching the system that fast.
-You didn't account for it.
-I'm sorry, again.
-Meaning what?
-Meaning we have no way
of notifying the public
when it's live anymore,
and I have no idea
where to start hacking,
none of us have the seal.
So I don't even know what
technology they used.
Caden, that's still not English.
We can put it up, but
nobody'll know about it
-before they take it down again.
-So what are our options?
Short of him stepping up
to the podium on live TV
and telling the world he
changed his mind about us?
We're pretty much up a creek.
Caden, after it goes live,
how long do we have
before they take it down?
Maybe three minutes, five tops?
So we just get to the
podium, would that work?
Yeah, 'cause they rent
that out on the weekend.
No, if he had me.
You said yourself, if he had me,
he would want to do it
on live television.
Yes or no, would it work?
Would he do it live?
The world would demand it,
but you can't.
Would it save lives?
This is some kind of penance?
That you can risk your life
and earn forgiveness?
I'm not doing it to be forgiven.
I'm not losing another m--
Kid, I'm not losing another
member of this team.
Maybe you all don't remember,
but it's still
really fresh for me.
I know what it's like
to live blinded by hate
and think I know love.
To kill and destroy
and think you're doing
the work of a god.
Don't they deserve a chance
to know the truth?
Was this only the plan
if it didn't put
any of us in any danger?
Do we value our lives so much
that we're gonna stand here
and watch them
walk off the cliff?
Or do we jump?
Do we jump and hope to God
we can fall fast enough
to get there first
and soften the blow.
Look, if everyone does
their job right,
I'll be home for dinner.
-Do we still have that watch
Reggie used at my house?
-Yeah, I've got it.
-Can you and Adam add
more power to it?
-Oh, yeah, like a lot.
As soon as I'm done giving
my speech, I need to
get out of there.
-Yeah, I got it.
-Caden, have you charged
my phone since being back?
Yeah, but as soon as you
turn it on, they'll swarm.
I'm counting on it.
I need you to get as far away
from here as you can.
In the opposite direction.
As soon as you have,
turn this on.
We play our cards right,
it'll buy us
a few extra minutes
before they get here.
Everyone should start
packing now.
Even if this works,
they'll find this place.
Nobody's safe here anymore.
Es, it's gonna be okay.
I have to do this.
I know.
I hope you know
what you're doing.
I'm proud of you.
Jacob would be too.
I'll see you soon.
You know I love you, right?
No matter what.
Thanks for not giving up on me.
I'll see you later.
Thanks for everything, guys.
Please don't let my brother
risk his life
without telling him the truth.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
Don't be.
[gate creaking]
[suspenseful music]
How close is it to
being uploaded?
I'm not exactly working
with broadband out here.
If we can't get this up
it was all for nothing.
I understand the stakes.
That's not our only problem.
[suspenseful music]
You have a visitor.
[mysterious music]
Hello, Paul.
It's immensely good to see you.
[somber music]
Did you know this was his plan?
I'm not surprised though.
Let's get right to the point.
I am nothing if not
a god of mercy.
I'd like to offer you
your old life back, in full.
We'll let the past be the past.
What will you tell the world?
The truth.
That you were framed for my
death by my administration
to create an opportunity to
explain my power to the world.
And if I refuse?
We have to help him.
We can't leave him.
He'll never make it out.
There was a time not long ago
where I would've done
anything for you.
Would've given my life
without thinking twice.
All I wanted was
my old life back.
That was before I understood
who you are.
And who am I?
Do you know why
I chose you, A51?
I didn't choose you because
your mother was taken.
Or because you climbed the
ranks of the peace teams.
I chose you to be
the face of my immortality
because you have known
nothing but the new world.
And that youthful naivety
is what I knew
would keep you faithful
even when the whole world
turned its back on you.
You chose me because
I was broken.
But only to display my power.
To show the world
how I can fix you.
I'm not broken anymore.
We'll see about that.
Before you make your decision,
can I show you something?
We'll give you a few minutes.
What are you doing here?
Figured you'd miss me.
I'm not making it out
of here alive, Harold.
Never was.
I know, Paul.
Do you remember burying a
little wooden box with your mom
when you were a boy?
I don't have time for this.
We can still get
you out of here.
Paul William Wooden.
Answer my question.
By a big oak tree.
A soy bean field
behind the house.
Do you remember what
you buried in the box?
No, not everything's
come back to me.
I need you to remember.
I can't.
Don't you think I've tried?
The key?
To this day, I could
never understand
why someone would bury the key
to a box inside the box.
That woman would do
the weirdest things.
Man, I miss her.
You knew my mother?
How could you not say anything?
I tried to stay close to you,
to look after you. I did.
I found any way I could to
insert myself into your life.
I didn't think you were ever
gonna remember anything.
Until you mentioned that dream.
[Paul voice over]
I had this dream.
You had giant eagle wings.
You were carrying me
upside down by your talons.
Every time I wore that
eagle sweatshirt,
you would ask me to pick you up
and spin you around
upside down,
and screech like a bird.
Every time I came to
your house for a checkup,
I thought my heart was going
to leap out of my chest.
To see you in so much pain,
to watch you
being filled with so much hate.
Just wasn't the boy
I remembered.
Who are you?
I'm the person who's
failed you the most, son.
But I had to know that you were
defiant for yourself first,
and not just to have
a family again.
You don't have to
do this anymore.
I'm so sorry, Paul.
Aren't family reunions
I was gonna mention
the connection between
father and son
after my assassination,
but the public tends to
sympathize with family,
and that wouldn't really
help me any.
Have you made your
decision yet, A51?
Eternity awaits.
-[computer beeping frantically]
-We have another problem.
-We've got company.
-Do they know we're back here?
I don't know, but if they
keep coming, they're gonna know
really quick.
-What can we do?
-Adam, they're jamming
my signal.
I'm almost done.
See, Paul, I would never
treat you like that.
I would treat you like a prince.
Like a son deserves
to be treated.
If I join you, what's
gonna happen to him?
What happens to him?
He would be given the option
to join us as well.
All are welcome.
We only want peace.
Why do you even want me back?
Because getting the rebel
who betrayed me to come back,
it's the ultimate display
of my redemptive power.
If you join us,
the whole world will see
that I have the power to change
even the darkest of hearts.
He couldn't get Judas
to come back, but I can.
See, you don't want peace.
You want submission.
They're the same thing.
Only if you choose
the right side.
News flash, Paul, I win!
To me, every knee will bow,
every tongue confess.
So what's it gonna be, A51?
Will you join us?
Or does daddy die?
[wind howls]
The key inside the box,
she told me the way in
is what needs to be protected.
If you don't protect the key,
anything can get inside.
It's for you first,
and then the rest of the world.
You did what you had to, Dad.
I'm so proud of you, son.
You're gonna bring good news.
You can do this.
I'll see you soon.
We need to get this as
close to them as possible,
and them as far away
from us as possible.
Is it on?
Es, I love you like
you're my own.
I'm so proud of you.
If we live, we live to the Lord.
Or if we die,
we die to the Lord.
If therefore we live or die,
we are the Lord.
If we live, we live to the Lord,
or if we die,
we die to the Lord.
If therefore we live or die,
we are the Lord.
If we live, we live to the Lord,
or if we die,
we die to the Lord.
If therefore we live or die,
we are the Lord.
If we live, we live to the Lord,
or if we die,
we die to the Lord.
If therefore we live or die,
we are the Lord.
Caden, we have to go, now.
I've got it.
I figured I'd give you a second
to enjoy your defiance.
Let you feel like
you might just win.
For if we live, we live to
the Lord, or if we die...
[gunshot bangs]
Why, Paul?
I was so good to you.
I offered you everything
you ever wanted.
I can redirect the domain's IP.
Explain quick.
Okay, when this first started,
we bought server space
all over the place
not knowing what we'd need.
Meaning I can change
the IP address
to each of the servers
as they find them.
Whatever site we send them to
will always be the same,
-but behind the scenes
it's constantly changing!
-Caden, that's brilliant.
It's basic DNS, how did we
not think of this before?
How much longer will that
keep the site up for?
Minutes, maybe days.
It's completely in his control.
This is the last
thing we can do.
Now, what he wants the world
to know, they'll know.
[man whispers] Paul.
You've done well.
I will hold them back.
I am for you.
There's no use in them
getting all of us.
At the very least I have
to see if this works.
Tell everyone you can find
how brave I was.
My name's Paul Wooden.
I'm not the killer
they say I am.
That really doesn't matter.
What matters is that
there's nothing to fear.
What matters is that
there's still hope.
The same hope that
was written about
thousands of years ago
exists today.
[gun clicking]
My friends and I have
risked our lives
-to try and give you hope.
-[gun clicking]
-We've been working
for a long time...
-[gunshot] put the forbidden book
if you want it.
God willing,
it's live right now.
As long as the site's up, they
can't track your download,
but it won't be up for long.
They'll take it down
because they don't want
you to have hope.
They'll take it down because
your leader quotes this book
as though it's his own words.
My name's Paul William Wooden.
And I am defiant.
Who are you?
[somber music]
They don't have the seal.
Who are all these people?
What are you doing here?
He told us to come here.
The man
with holes in his hands.
He told us you'd be here.
You're the ones who
released the book.
I was told to give you this,
when the time was right.
I know very few things for sure.
I know my name is Esther Wooden.
I know the peace this world
claims to have is a lie.
I know the man with
holes in his hands well,
the one who came to many
of you in dreams,
the one their leader
pretends to be.
The one the forbidden book
is written about.
If you're standing here,
I know you've been through
a great deal.
You've fought, you've lost much.
You've barely scraped by.
But your fight can
be for something.
Can you teach us?
How to fight.
No more fighting.
I can teach you
how to surrender.
It's how you win the fight.
Surrender to the one
my brothers died for,
the one my father died for,
my friends fought and died for.
His name is Jesus.
And this book,
it's called The Bible.
It's the true story of the
old world, and the new.
I'm not gonna lie to you,
if you choose to live by it,
you will lose a great deal more.
Perhaps everything you have
will be taken from you.
But you'll have everything.
I don't know much,
but I know that.
I know that I have everything.
He who didn't spare his own son,
but delivered him up for us all,
how would he not also with him
freely give us all thanks?
So who are you?
You'll have to make
that decision at some point.
Decide now for yourself,
but don't do it for anyone else.
It's for you first,
then the rest of the world.
It has to be in that order.
I am defiant.
So who are you?
[crowd] I am defiant!
What then shall we say
about these things?
If God is for us,
who can be against us?
We are defiant.
We are many.
And we win.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]