Deliha 2 (2018) Movie Script

It was my first day on the job.
I was so hard-working.
Me and this store, we were a great match.
And then, a little boy came near me.
"Miss, miss..."
How does this work?
It's simple.
I love children, you know.
What was I supposed to do?
I thought I'd open the box and show him.
It started off well,
but there was too little space.
I had a good grasp of the gadget, though.
Oh, God! Help!
Oh, God!
-Are you alright?
-What was that?
I was fired right away, of course.
You might ask,
"Why didn't you marry Cemal?"
Cemal was a great guy.
And he loved me very much.
But his mother...
She called me a "jobless idler".
For no reason!
And what did I do?
I threw her down the balcony.
But we were on the first floor.
They made such a fuss about it.
They sent Cemal on exile near his aunt
all the way to Merzifon,
so that he wouldn't marry me.
I haven't even been to Ankara!
Go figure.
Acun! You travelled around the world
with just slippers, didn't you?
Like my father. He travelled
around Europe when he was my age.
He was a trailer truck driver.
He worked for a company
exporting fruits and vegetables.
But he did travel, after all.
I've made up my mind.
I need to start a career and earn money.
That's the right way for me.
And I have a dream.
Right, Dad?
Good night, Dad.
Don't worry.
You'll soon be proud of your daughter.
I'm going to sleep. Put a blanket over me.
Good morning, Mom.
-Good morning.
-How long does this menopause last?
It's cooler over here.
Fato! Fato!
-We're going, right?
-Yes, but be quiet!
It's between you and me. Secret.
Come down in five minutes.
Where are you going?
-To the fortune teller!
-Where did you find the money?
From Grandma's funeral stash, of course!
-Stop going to these fortune tellers!
-Wait a minute.
Ten, 15, 18, 30. 32 days left.
To find a job!
I'm off. See you!
God, if I can go down in 10 seconds,
let me find the job of my life. Amen.
I was making a wish, and you stood there!
I couldn't slow down on time.
-Are you alright?
-You broke my bottom!
-Zeliha, we're disgraced before everyone!
-Nobody is looking.
Anyway, I still have no job.
I'm still penniless, Fato.
I know, Zeliha.
You've been trying your best.
What time did they fire you yesterday?
See! You said,
"They always fire me before noon."
-So that's progress!
The fortune teller will take care of this.
Don't worry.
Let's hope so.
Look at her!
If you had married, you would've
been a nice housewife by now.
It's too little too late for you now!
I'm not obsessed with marriage like you!
Learn to cook!
-Learn to iron!
-I'll make a career!
I can't sit idle all day like you.
You keep dragging your feet!
Or go prepare your husband's slippers!
"My husband!"
Get out of here!
Zeliha, was that the woman who fired you?
I'm about to faint!
My blood pressure is up!
How can I go to the street market
with this hair?
Don't go there. Go to the disco!
Imagine yourself dancing.
Shake your head!
Don't cry. Try to enjoy it!
-Get out!
-It was me who quit.
Sorry about what I said there, Fato.
Marriage is the best career for you.
You're over the hill already.
I'll get married, but...
His mother drives me crazy.
She keeps saying the girl's side has to
undertake the engagement ceremony.
What does that mean?
Put simply, it means "mother-in-law".
You stayed with your cousins
in Germany, right?
Yes, yes.
Zeliha, his relatives say they want
a ceremony in a wedding hall!
Why can't the man's side do them both?
I've been cleaning houses for years.
I've paid for my brother's school.
How can I ever find that money?
Don't worry, Fato. We can do it.
We're on the girl's side, right?
-I'm on the girl's side.
-I'm on the girl's side too.
We'll work it out.
But don't tell these to your silly fiance
without telling me, alright?
Or I'll get upset.
-Don't worry.
-I won't.
That's enough. We have work to do.
Don't purse your lips.
Come on, Fato!
-You look different.
-That's possible.
OK. I don't want any problems.
Just tell me what I was in
my past life and I'll leave.
I told you, it's not clear what you were.
What do you mean it's not clear?
I've got to be something! Look at me.
I have to learn.
I've got to pick the right job!
What if you were a black mamba?
Is that how you want to live?
What was that?
A kind of snake with a black mouth.
You're the black-mouthed snake!
-There are people waiting in line.
-Look at me. I feel like I was a model!
I must have been someone famous!
A singer, an actress.
Maybe an astronaut.
Oh, Fato. I can defy gravity!
Remember? I got up on the threshold
in the living room barefoot!
You climb trees too.
Right! But I don't want to be an
astronaut. Space is too far away.
I need something closer.
I want to be able to walk to work.
-There's too much traffic.
-So I need a job close to home.
In your past life, you were a cook
in a tribe! Get out of here!
Shoot what in a tribe? Like vaccine?
-I'm so scared of vaccination!
-Cook! A cook!
Someone who cooks. Not shoots!
A cook, you said? Is that spelled "cook"?
A cook, with "C". Whatever!
-Say "Wow."
I must bring my cooking skills
to the people!
Get up, Fato! I'm a cook!
And I'm not paying!
And finally...
put in the chickpeas...
One more handful.
A handful of chickpeas.
-That's the ingredients for the ashura.
-More. OK.
Now close the lid.
Close the lid.
-You can now light the stove.
-I closed the lid.
-The ashura is ready to cook.
-And most importantly, cinnamon.
-Let's open it.
We have the cinnamon ready. Here.
-Put it in as the last ingredient.
-Right. I'll put that in last.
-Now it's time to wait.
-I'll wait.
-Perhaps you can read a book.
-Or watch a TV show.
I get kind of bored, you know.
I just wait.
-I'm looking at the steam vent, but...
-Right, let's wait. have to wait.
So can't I wait outside?
In fact, as you know...
This pressure cooker
is blowing off steam!
-What did you say?
-And it's hissing. I can hear the hiss.
I'm feeling slightly anxious here, Mom.
-Shut up. Don't get me started.
Where are you going?
You didn't help in the kitchen!
How are you, Samir?
I'm sorry. I used too much force.
Samir, can you taste that for me?
It's delicious. Well done.
Thank you. Hope you enjoy it.
It tastes nice, Zeliha. It could be worse.
Hope you enjoy it, Hseyin. Eat it all!
My dear, it tastes a bit different.
What did you put in this?
What did I put in it? My love, of course.
I was born a cook!
I'm only now finding out!
You're a very clever girl.
You can do anything you want.
-But look--
-I would've liked to give you some more.
But I have to go and become a cook now.
Don't you think it should taste sweeter?
I'm the greatest cook since my mother!
Perhaps you should cook that again.
Zeliha, dear!
Sir. Do you only sell coffee,
Turkish delight and so on here?
-So I can't work as a cook here?
Are you sorry?
Do you need a famous cook?
A cook? No.
Your loss.
This is a dessert. It's no good for you.
Oh my.
Don't make me upset.
Wake up, sir. It's your lucky day.
From where do I remember this stupid face?
-Faik, the real estate agent!
-What are you doing here?
-No, what are you doing here?
They said you ran abroad.
So you just ran to the next neighborhood?
-I didn't run away. I changed industries.
-You changed your appearance too.
Who licked your face?
You look more polished now!
That's you!
Hey, don't touch it! It's a silk shirt.
-Is this ugly place yours?
-It's mine. I'm the new Nusret!
You? Come on. We were wondering
what you did with the money
you earned from the houses you sold us!
Is this all you could do, you thief?
Look at that!
Get out of here, girl.
I don't have time for you.
Don't gesture at me!
I'd spit on the ground, but I promised
my grandma not to.
The poor folks live in the
lower neighborhood, Deliha!
You turn right from here,
and go right down.
Give your mother my regards.
Tell her to come here if she's hungry.
I'll fill her up!
I'll fill her up!
I'm sorry, Grandma.
Shut up!
What the hell!
-Don't let that girl roam without a leash!
-Come on!
She might bite someone!
-Fake Nusret!
-She messed up my shirt!
Look at that! What a mess!
Don't be upset. He's a horrible person.
I won't be upset. I have a past with him.
I've passed over him, beat him up.
In the neighborhood.
I'm fine now.
I need to ask you something.
-Is your name Zeliha?
-That's me.
I'm Eda, from primary school!
Do you remember me?
No. I dropped out of primary school.
Before you dropped out,
we were in the same class.
Actually, when a teacher tried to beat me,
you threw him out of the window.
Threw him out of the window?
I threw him out of the window!
I threw him out!
I remember! You're Eda, the loser!
-How are you?
You were expelled from school
because of me.
It's alright. I didn't come back.
I mean, I couldn't.
When my father died,
my mother cried so much.
-My condolences.
-Thank you.
-Did you make the ashura?
-Yes, I made it.
-Taste it, tell me if you like it.
-I will.
People said it's perfect.
Do you think you might have put
cumin instead of cinnamon?
-Perhaps I might have.
-It doesn't matter. That happens.
Are you looking for a job?
Yes, I'm looking to be a cook.
Do you work here?
-Yes, I'm the assistant chef.
-Good. What is this place called?
Cucumber Restaurant.
-Cucumber? What's that supposed to mean?
-Cucumbers, you know?
Oh, the vegetable.
Why name the restaurant after a vegetable?
Is the owner an idiot?
No, the owner is a great person.
-Is he dead?
-No, of course not. Heaven forbid.
Let me tell you something.
It's great that you want to be a cook,
you can't be a cook
without studying for it.
Right, but I don't have the money.
Mom wouldn't let me anyway.
Because she doesn't have money either.
Well, if you're enthusiastic
about cooking...
you can start working here as a waitress.
You can learn all about the job here.
And you'll make money.
-Make money?
-Sure, you'll earn a wage.
-Earn a wage?
-Yes. Not much, but...
-we'll pay you a wage here.
-So I'll have my very own wage?
-Is that so?
-I'll have my wage!
-Sure, you'll work here.
-That's great! I'm delighted!
Wait a minute. Let me get up.
Wait. Let me come out.
I'm so excited. Oh, God!
-You want a hug?
Can I hold you in my arms?
-Hold me? Wait.
-Sure I can! There!
-You'll hurt your back!
So, I'll take this.
I'll leave these for you to eat.
I cooked it, after all.
You can eat the pomegranates, at worst.
There you go. I'm so happy.
I'm taking the tray. Mom would be mad.
-So what time do I come tomorrow?
-We open at nine.
So I'll be here around twenty past seven.
Alright, thank you very much.
Oh, well. What a wage.
See you.
I hired you without asking the boss.
Oh, well.
There you go! Great!
I found a job!
Oh, God!
Grandma, I found a job!
A job! I found a job!
-I'll drown you in money!
-Wait! Stop!
Come here, Mom! Let me kiss you!
-Prepare the bags for my wages, Mom!
I found a job!
Should I get a plane? A jet?
Who knows? Acun knows.
Mom, are you alright?
I told you, Acun!
I told you I had the talent.
Behold, business world! I'm coming!
She's coming!
Is the TV on?
It's the first day of my career!
-That's my shirt! Where are you going?
-What's wrong? I'm going to work.
Where are you going so early?
I became a cook at a restaurant!
What idiot made you a cook?
You wouldn't understand.
Go wash your husbands' feet!
-Get out of here!
That name doesn't look good on you. Silly.
When Zeliha arrives, teach her what
she needs to know about waiting tables.
She's great. You'll love her.
Does she speak French?
This girl is crazy.
I turned the wrong one.
-Zeliha, Ferdi. Ferdi, Zeliha.
Ferdi, please teach Zeliha
all about the job.
She's a very smart girl.
She'll pick it up quickly.
You look like someone I know, but...
-Do you tell fortunes?
I guess all unlikeable men look similar.
Let's start with carrying the tray.
-This is a tray.
-I know.
You hold it first.
Let me see how you hold it.
No. Your hand has to be under it.
Be delicate and attentive,
as if you were carrying a jewel.
How am I supposed to know?
I've never carried a jewel!
Shut up!
Don't bring it close to your body.
It has to be a little higher.
Don't let it carry you.
You carry it. Please.
What play?
No. Please. Please.
Why do you talk like that?
-It's French.
-Oh, you're French?
No, I'm from Kayseri. Let's continue.
Wow, that's heavy.
You should fix your manners.
It's not easy to be a waitress.
Imagine you have a customer here.
Hello, welcome.
Hello, welcome. Are you hungry?
Why are you asking if they're hungry?
You ask a visitor if they're hungry.
It's a custom.
They came here to eat already!
Don't ask if they're hungry.
-No, I will ask!
-Pick up the menu.
Read the menu of the day.
Beef bourguignon.
You sound like you're upset.
I think I'm all ready.
Where's the kitchen?
Mr. Bear's Place?
Oh, there are lots of candles here.
She's too curious.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Good morning, folks. Welcome.
Zeliha, let me introduce you
to the rest of the team.
Oh, hello.
Folks, Zeliha is my friend
from primary school.
-She'll be working here for a while.
-She's keen for the work.
-I'm very keen.
-She's hardworking.
-"I'm hardworking. My principle."
I've missed reciting the Student Oath!
I'd appreciate it if you could
help her around.
Appreciate it.
Look at him!
Plump face!
His face is like dough!
How did you grow those cheeks?
Come on, speak!
That's such a sweet thing!
Miss soulless.
Baldy! You want a slap on the head?
-She called me baldy!
-Oh, no.
That's Zeliha's style.
She's a bit of a joker.
Don't get her wrong.
Have a nice day, folks.
She called me bald! She must be blind.
-Never mind, smail.
-I do have hair, you know.
Perhaps I should go in and help them?
No, you wait for the chef.
I'll introduce you to him.
I feel for the guy. He's so bald.
They may not appreciate your jokes.
Perhaps you should--
It's not a joke. He's just bald.
Extremely bald.
Too bald. Such a shame.
Some maniac took off the letter "D".
Does that read "Mr. Bear's Place"?
-Right. They took off the "D".
-It really reads "Mr. Bear's Place"!
Right. It's different when you
take a out a letter.
It actually reads "Mr. Bear's Place".
-Do you know who took that letter off?
-Someone who envies me.
The industry is jealous of me.
They say I'm the new Nusret.
They say I dance with the meat!
They say I slap the meat so well.
They wish I slapped them too.
-That's what they say? Nice.
-This is a new move I came up with.
-You want me to show you?
See, you pick up the knife.
You slide it, and then slap the meat.
Slide it. The rhythm matters.
Don't spoil the rhythm.
-Mr. Faik, what are you doing?
-I'm slicing dner kebab!
As I slice it, I slide the knife
and slap the meat, just like that.
So what's our chef like?
Mr. Can. He's a nice person.
Very talented.
But he's a bit formal.
He doesn't speak much.
But he's a fine man.
I mean, girls like him a lot.
And I can't fault them.
His eyes...
...his gaze...
...his posture...
...his attitude, his talent...
...his grasp of body language...
...he's a very nice man.
Edo, I'll leave you two alone
to make love.
What? With whom?
You're in love with that man!
That's not true! Please!
I'll get you two together!
I know a person in love when I see one!
Zeliha, don't! You'll embarrass me.
-End of discussion. Just leave it to me.
-Don't you attempt that!
-You'll embarrass me, Zeliha!
-I've got it! It's all done already!
You've already gotten married yesterday!
I really feel for you, you know.
See, we're all tradesmen here.
They say you invested so much money.
They say you made the place pretty.
But they say your place is empty
all the time.
But it's not me saying that.
-Thank you.
-I feel for you.
By the way, I spoke to your landlord.
He said, "If it's OK with Mr. Can...
Tell him to leave at
the end of the month.
You can take over his place."
I'm thinking of expanding my place.
My place isn't enough for my customers.
They call for a reservation.
They say, "Give us the meat!"
I say, "I don't have any free tables!"
I say, "Do you want to sit on
top of each other?"
And we laugh.
OK, so here's what we do.
I'll leave now, and think for a while.
And I'll let you know when I decide. OK?
-Does that "D" look a bit different?
-It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter?
Come on. If he walked in now
and put his arms around you, grabbed
your waist and kissed you on the lips...
Why would he do such a thing?
Don't be silly.
If he said,
"If I can't have you, nobody can.
I'd hunt a bear with my bare mouth
for you!"
Shut up. He'd never say such things.
Or maybe he would.
A bear...
-Did I say "bear"?
-Yes, you said "bear".
You mean "Mr. Bear's Place".
Whoever did it, well done.
It's me. Zeliha.
Nice to meet you.
Are you the cook here?
I came here to become a cook, but I'll try
to help you however I can.
Chef, I wanted to talk to you about that.
Can we have a word?
Zeliha, can you give us a minute?
I'll leave you alone, sure.
You stay alone, have a chat.
Of course.
You help the folks inside.
Chef, Zeliha is a friend
of mine from primary school.
She even got expelled from
school to protect me.
She was looking for a job.
She went to the next door restaurant.
But I thought she's be mistreated there.
You're so easily scared, auntie.
I thought, maybe she should work with us.
-To stand on her own feet and...
It's not often that you
ask something of me.
-Plump face, why don't you play music?
-The chef doesn't let us.
-What's that?
-What's this?
-A knife. Careful, it's sharp.
-What's that?
-A pan.
-What's this?
-A pan!
-What's that?
-A pan.
-What's that?
-What's the one next to that?
So what's this?
-Hot peppers.
-What's this?
-Cracked wheat.
-What's this?
Thank you. Don't worry,
you won't have any problems with her.
-What's that?
-What's this?
-The mixer.
I'll take a look. I'm sure it's nothing.
What's going on?
That mixer doesn't stir the flour
very well, you see.
No problem. Everything is under control.
He did it.
I begged him. I told him not to do it,
but he didn't listen.
Shame on you.
Look what you did to the kitchen!
That's not a toy!
Come on, Zeliha!
Video Call
My Love
What am I going to say...
My love.
The call got cut off.
My dear, my little one!
It's the evil eye. What were we saying?
-About the engagement ceremony...
-I was thinking, perhaps we should
do it at home
rather than in a wedding hall?
However you like, my little one.
I meant to tell you because
your mother insisted.
Not without a ceremony! It's the
girl's side that's supposed to do
the ceremony anyway!
If you can't, tell us.
We'll take it over as well.
You're marrying a grown up woman.
We'll dance and celebrate
because he's marrying you!
My love...
Zeliha, go wash your hands and face.
She's just getting started.
Of course she needs some time to adapt.
-Such mistakes are natural.
-But she's lying.
-Right, and she made such a mess.
-I won't even speak!
If she makes another mistake,
I'll fire her.
OK. Fine.
By the way, I'm not bald!
Cucumber Restaurant.
Reservation? I'll take it.
You don't really need a reservation.
I don't know, nobody comes here.
It's empty all the time.
I guess it didn't catch on.
How many? Three. Evening.
Will you be hungry?
Right. What will you eat?
The menu. Let's see.
Beef Bourguignon.
No, Bourguignon!
What do you mean you don't like
my manners? I don't like you either!
Do you think I'm making things up?
I don't care! Don't come!
Or come, and I'll show you.
Come here. I'm waiting.
Come on.
Right, come on.
Have you got ice in your veins or what?
Be quick!
Our rivals are making a profit,
and we're still putting out chairs!
Don't yell at the boys, fake Nusret!
Deliha, it's you again?
Don't call me Deliha!
I'll spin you around and beat you!
I'm here from now on. Watch out.
What do you mean you're here?
I'm working here now. Too bad for you.
You did this, didn't you?
What, the sign? I don't know.
-Come on.
-I may have done it.
But then, maybe not.
I'll burn that place down, Deliha!
Come on, Mr. Bear!
-The cups are here. I'll go pick them up.
-Are you alright?
-This man has been bugging me.
So much talk for just one dinner.
Look at that. He made a list of
top ten restaurants.
Chef Batuhan's Top 10 Restaurants
Perhaps he's waiting for
some time to pass.
It's been three months!
He visited other restaurants
in their first week.
Anyway, you can go.
Lunch is ready, and it tastes great.
We can open in an hour.
Let's open, Eda.
The customers must be waiting in line...
-Would you like to taste it?
You should.
-What do you think?
-It's normal.
What does it taste like?
-Like a carrot.
-Not like that.
Close your eyes and
describe what you taste.
No, close your eyes.
Take another bite.
Now, imagine the things I'm telling you.
Oh, well.
You're in a beautiful forest.
All alone.
The weather is sunny.
And you're a big fat carrot.
You're dancing merrily.
You jump around and disappear
out of sight.
You made me disgusted by carrots!
Why am I supposed to
be a big fat carrot?
Why am I wandering around
the forest as a carrot?
By the way, killer rabbits chased me!
What if they ate me?
-What are you doing?
-It's falling down. Slick it back.
-I don't want to. Please, don't touch it.
-That's all you have. Get it cut.
-No, I like my hair.
-What hair? You don't have hair.
That's none of your business!
And I can't work like this.
I can't either.
It's getting in my eye, like a worm.
-You're bald.
-I'm not.
-You're bald.
-I'm not.
-You're all bald.
-I may have lost hair but I'm not bald.
No, this isn't hair loss. It's baldness.
Accept it. Get it cut.
-I won't get it cut. I like it!
-They'll make fun of you.
-"Look, he's bald but he doesn't know."
-I don't care.
-"Look at that baldy!"
-Who cares?
They'll tweak your cheek and say,
"Hey baldy!"
-I don't mind.
-They'll call you egghead.
-I don't care.
-Get it cut.
Won't I be bald if I get it cut?
You're a bald man who doesn't
admit that he's bald.
If you get it cut, you'll be
a handsome bald man.
-Let me cut it. I worked as a hairdresser.
-I don't want that!
-You're too bald.
Even Ferdi is more handsome than you.
And he's got a little mouth.
Girls, I'm getting chubbier by the day.
I don't know what to eat. You choose.
I'll have nioise.
-A Caesar.
-Of course, madam.
-Are the orders ready?
-Ready in two minutes.
I'm doing all the work.
It's all on me. And the boss
keeps pushing me.
You saw how many messages
I got since we came here.
And look how many you got.
He pushes it all on me.
I can't take it anymore.
He just keeps pushing me. Why?
Who's pushing your button?
Such a shame.
-Don't let anyone push your button.
Who is he to push your button?
Give me his address and I'll find him.
He can't use that kind of language!
Oh, dried beans. It's my favorite dish.
But you should have it with rice.
And onions.
That's not dried beans, dear.
It's cassoulet.
Don't call me that! Whatever that means.
Cassoulet is a French dish.
You go inside!
This? Is this a French dish?
Does it become a French dish
when you put chicken in it?
No way. This is dried beans.
And you eat that with rice. And onions.
That's it!
She can't eat onions, dear.
-No way.
-Too bad. Why?
Because we're women, you know?
Women can't eat onions? Is that a rule?
It causes bad breath.
You shouldn't eat it either.
So men can eat it, but not women?
Do you think I don't have taste?
You're such losers!
No wonder those men push you around!
You'll get a slap in the face! Go inside!
Oh, great.
Enough of that French nonsense.
Good, leave. Good riddance. You losers!
Eda, your friend is a nice girl.
And I'd love to support her,
but that state of chaos inside
is the last thing I need now.
So... understood?
-These are her first days. Perhaps she's--
Pay her two days' wage.
Come over here.
I lined up the plates
without dropping any.
I've got something to tell you.
-You kissed the chef!
-Oh, God!
-No, no kissing.
It's something else.
Wait. Let me pay your wage first. Here.
-What is that?
-It's your money.
-Yes. You earned it.
-No way. Is this my money?
Oh, God. Edo!
This is the first big money
I've earned, you know.
I was always fired.
I'll kiss this! No, I'll put it in here.
No, I need to get it framed.
Because it's the first money I earned.
Oh, but I can't. Because I'll go to Paris.
-To Paris?
-Yes. I have a rendezvous.
Oh, God! I'll sleep with this!
I can, right? One can sleep with this.
Oh, God, this is great!
I'll come much earlier tomorrow, right?
I should come very early.
Because I'm working now.
Sure, come tomorrow.
Alright, so I should go
home and sleep.
OK, come early tomorrow.
OK. Oh, I forgot my bag.
I should keep it with me.
Heaven forbid.
I'm actually known for beating thieves up.
No, I can barely pay the wages this month.
It didn't catch on.
I don't know, it just didn't.
I'll close it down at the
end of the month.
I'll call Mr. Ali tomorrow.
I don't care what he does. Get a new
tenant, or give it to that fool next door.
There's nothing left to try.
Nobody comes and goes. It's just empty.
Right. OK.
Clap if you say "Accept"!
She's here.
-I've got a lot of work! I'm going to bed.
You still haven't been fired?
That's strange.
Dad, they're closing the restaurant.
I was just starting to earn money.
And I have a dream, you know.
You always told me to fight on.
When I was a kid,
in a game of dodgeball...
they hit me with the ball on my bottom,
What did I do? I beat them all up.
And I went back into the game.
I should fight on again, shouldn't I?
That's right, I'll put up a fight, Dad.
Acun! I won't let anyone close down
a place I work.
I say no to losing!
She says no!
Turn down that TV!
I'm going to sleep.
Fato, wake up! It's done.
Give me those. Nice and warm.
This will bring us lots of customers
at the restaurant. Very effective.
Come on, we don't have time.
Make sure you come!
-"If you don't come I'll beat you up?"
-Sorry, sir.
Wow, Fato!
Hey, you're coming.
Sir, make sure you come.
Or you'll get beaten up.
Don't sit here! Go and eat.
If you don't go, you get a beating.
Or so I heard.
Don't let them chase us.
Let's hand some out here too.
Zeliha, I'm going home.
Well done, sir.
You've opened the store so early.
I live in the store, dear.
Oh, your workplace is close to home.
Where on earth have you come from?
Let me give you these.
-"Beat them up"?
You're really something.
Why beat people up?
If the restaurant closes, we all lose
our jobs. And I need to go to Paris.
There must be another way.
Find a better way.
So, it's that new restaurant.
I know it. Just around the corner.
It just didn't catch on with people.
You look so much like my uncle Kasm.
-Can I touch your cheeks a bit?
Can I kiss you?
Can I play with you some more?
You're so sweet, sir!
Alright, see you.
Oh, dear.
Don't close the door.
The air conditioner is broken.
Too bad. It's hard to be without
an air conditioner in these times.
Without an air conditioner...
Who are you to intimidate my sister?
How dare you not let her out!
This isn't over. You'll see!
-You got a problem, sister?
-It's my sister's husband.
-Your brother-in-law?
-Something like that.
He drives me crazy.
He bosses my sister around all the time.
I call her to have a coffee
and lemonade outside.
She says her husband won't let her.
-Who do you think you are?
-That girl can beat even me.
I'll show you! This isn't over.
It's not over!
I won't let you get away with this!
Zeliha! How did you get in?
I called him in the morning, told him
a fire broke out. He believed it.
Come on. We have a lot of work to do.
-Hey, baldy!
-I peeled garlic for you.
Put it on your bald head.
They say it cures it.
I've never seen anyone
do it so fast before.
I'm very good at this.
Everyone, look at me.
I'll hit this onion with my eyes closed.
If its bud comes out, we'll have
a lot of customers, OK?
If customers are coming, let's get ready.
-Shall I turn off the music?
-No, it's fine.
How will people eat here in this heat?
I barely persuaded them to eat meat
instead of fish anyway!
Don't say fish. It makes me sick.
I find it disgusting.
-Oh, my God.
-Wait a moment there.
-Let me see that.
-What? Is it a bug or what?
No, that part of your neck there
is so nice.
That's some nice meat in there.
Is that all you can think of, Faik?
Don't run! Come back.
The boys will repair the air conditioner
in a minute.
What happened to him?
He fainted.
-Yes, baby?
Not you.
We have 20 customers! Tourists.
What shall we do?
We'll feed them, of course! Come on.
I'll serve them water.
My God!
Are you from Kayseri or France?
Make up your mind.
It's none of your business.
Why do you people speak so mournfully?
Is there a problem?
What happened?
Hello, mer?
Where are you?
You need to come here right away.
To the restaurant, of course!
Come on, it's a five minute drive.
Please come.
We've got some people
we need to entertain here.
My little friends!
I owe it to myself to entertain you.
Bring it on!
Come on, folks!
You played so well.
And you're all relatives!
Not a single one without talent.
That's a genital trait in us!
Thank you.
Good evening.
I'll bring my guests here from now on.
Thank you very much. Come again.
I actually have a German group tomorrow.
Can we prepare a table of fish
and appetizers?
That would be great.
They've done their research.
They asked for red mullets.
Do you think we can cook red mullets?
-We don't serve seafood, unfortunately.
-But I can get fish from the fish market.
Our chef is among the greatest in Turkey.
We'll prepare a wonderful menu for you.
-How many guests will there be?
-Around 20.
-Wonderful. Thank you. Good evening.
-Good evening.
-Good evening. Hope to see you again.
Oh, sorry to spoil your moment.
I'll hand out the leftovers.
Come on, let's close down.
Who do you think you are?
We were just going to go to the cinema.
Can't I see a film with my sister?
Come on.
-Have some, sister. Good for your nerves.
I'm her elder sister! I'll beat you up!
You eat that. Good night.
Have some, sir.
What's up, friend?
What's up, sweetheart?
Zeliha, were you fired, dear?
I wasn't fired. I'm going on.
I'm a businesswoman.
And look, I brought you a dessert.
It's not as sweet as you are, though.
Open your mouth.
What do you think?
It's soft. Jiggly. Sweet.
No, not like that.
You close your eyes and imagine.
Look at me now. Watch me.
I'm dancing in it.
I'm in a beautiful village.
The weather is sunny.
The nice men of the village
are playing Rummikub.
-Would you like tea?
Then, the sky suddenly turns dark.
An evil wind blows on my face. Wow.
One of the men playing Rummikub
twists his head around!
A bride comes near me.
That tea man turned into a vampire bride!
He growls at me.
Stop it!
What's going on?
Grandma, what is this?
Why are you watching a horror film
at this age?
I drifted off into that. I was so scared.
I'm going to sleep.
I have a lot to do tomorrow.
-You're not going to sleep?
-I will, after it eats the man!
You'll sleep there?
I'll sleep here.
I got a lot of tips today.
That's great.
God, I'm happy.
My dark eyed gypsy
I've fallen in love with you
I love you so much
But you don't believe me
The little people were great yesterday.
What's up, Edo?
-I went to the fish market.
-Fish what?
The fish market.
Someone bought all of our fish!
All of it?
-The chef will be so upset.
-Don't worry.
stanbul is surrounded by sea.
I'll go to Karaky and get some.
No, the tour guide asked for red mullets.
The chef won't want to
disappoint her.
I could barely persuade him to
change the menu anyway.
-And nobody sells red mullets in stanbul.
-Where are they sold?
In the Aegean Region.
We're in great trouble. I feel so bad.
We can find some other fish,
but the chef won't accept it.
Don't worry. I've got this.
I'll work it out.
We'll make our chef happy.
-Don't worry.
You remember the sweet fisherman
at the wedding in irince?
Your guy introduced us.
His friend, you know.
Can you get me his number?
Don't make me talk to your guy.
I'm waiting. Send it to me.
I'll be the new Nusret! Film me!
Turn it!
The world turns...
The night becomes day...
What is he doing?
But the best dner kebab...
Is at Mr. Beard's!
Mr. Faik!
Did you film it?
Yes, sir.
Why did he fall?
The job is done.
The fish will be here by evening.
-Red mullets.
Perhaps we shouldn't take this risk.
We might embarrass ourselves.
Why doesn't anyone trust me?
-No, I trust you.
I do trust you.
No, don't. I'm offended.
I'll quit this place.
Tell me, where did you find the fish?
-I told you I'd find it.
-Come to the kitchen.
My mom is like that too.
She never trusts me.
Why don't you trust me?
I told you I'd find it.
Full speed ahead for Zeliha!
Good day, everyone.
Turn the fire down a little.
-How is it going?
-Going well, chef.
I'll show off my skills today!
Where is my chef's knife?
-Coming up.
-Come on.
-Here, chef.
-Thank you.
You can do it, chef.
"You can do it, chef." Look at you.
-Come on!
-Shut up! He'll hear you.
-Don't worry. I've got this.
-Zeliha, quiet!
-You're so much in love.
-That's not true!
Relax. I'll tell you when
he looks this way.
-No, don't tell me!
-He's not looking now.
-Don't be silly.
-He's chopping cabbages. Wait.
He looked! I swear! He stared at you.
-Zeliha, he'll hear you! Shut up.
-Relax. Go with the flow.
He looked again!
I swear! He gazed at you.
It's like he wants to tell you something.
I swear.
-Quiet! He'll hear you.
-Look at him! Exchange a glance!
I swear, he's looking at you right now.
He put the knife down
and he's staring.
He's staring. He's coming.
I swear he is.
He's walking. He's right next to you.
-He's right next to you!
-He said Eda.
-Is there a problem?
-No, there's no problem.
-There's no problem.
Chef, shall I put on music?
Put it on, crazy girl.
-Chop it up and give it to me, OK?
-Right, I'm putting it in the container.
What happened to your belly dancing?
This one has lyrics about love.
Eda, bring the fish.
Let's start cleaning it.
There you go.
Mouse! A mouse!
Chef, come here, there's a mouse!
-Come on!
Zeliha! What mouse?
It was a mouse, Eda!
It went in there, I swear.
-It was so big.
-Where was it?
-Calm down.
-It was big as a dragon!
-It had big teeth. It growled at me.
-Don't be silly.
-I swear it did.
-Oh, well.
I wonder what she saw.
-Open the door, Zeliha!
-Calm down. They'll open it.
-But this is the cold storage room!
-Don't worry, Eda.
At worst we'll die
before you call me by my name.
Your name?
We've been working together for months,
and you still call me "chef".
But this is a workplace.
You're so professional, Eda!
-Zeliha, open the door!
-They'll be here soon, don't worry.
-But you're way too relaxed.
-I am relaxed.
Two tourist groups just as I was about
to shut the place down. That was good.
Shut the place down?
Eda, the restaurant has been empty
for three months.
Of course I thought about it.
And the danger still hasn't passed.
But it's a new restaurant.
People have yet to find out about it.
Where is the chef, and Eda?
I've got them.
-Where's the fish?
-I've got that too.
Look at my finger.
Either I'm unlucky, or I'm not
cut out for this. I don't know.
No, you're the best chef I've ever met.
Say "It's you."
-Come on.
-It's you.
-Look at my face. Say "It's you."
It's you.
I was looking at your earring.
It's beautiful. I like your style.
And your shirts, chef...
-I mean, your shirts.
-Your shirts.
...they're always ironed razor sharp.
I wonder how come? They say men are not
as neat as women, you know.
Since you live alone,
I wonder how you can do that...
Yes, I live alone.
I didn't mean to ask that, but...
I was interested because of...
The ironing. Ironing is a whole thing
unto itself, you know.
What kind of a concept is ironing?
Can you talk to me about irons?
Because I'm really...
-I don't know why I said that.
-You know what?
You thought we'd die of the cold.
But it's really warm in here. It's...
Did I shut you in here... Wow!
Were you kissing?
I saw you! You were getting into it.
Eda, let's get two kilos of tomatoes here,
-You were really about to kiss!
-The tomatoes are here.
-Looking at one another like idiots.
OK, everything is fine.
We see it in the movies.
They stare at each other like idiots.
Eyes close, lips open.
And they kiss shamelessly
like there's no tomorrow.
That's exactly what I saw!
If you'd like to kiss,
let me close the door again.
It's here! Great!
What's going on?
I'm here, Zeliha!
Well done, Erol Sere! I'm coming up.
That's my Erol Sere!
I knew you'd come!
-Red mullets, right?
-Red mullets.
-That's it!
-It's the least I could do, Zeliha.
My dear Erol Sere!
You didn't trust me, right. Look.
This is Erol Sere, king of the fishermen.
A world brand in fishing!
Let's do the victory dance.
Let's celebrate!
Well done!
Come in sideways.
-It's beautiful.
-Isn't it?
This is where I work.
I got a stool for you. Sit there.
Don't be seen. Hide, OK?
-I'll ask you when I'm stuck.
-I speak it well, but in case I forget.
-What was "Welcome"?
-"Are you hungry?"
-"Are you hungry?"
"Haben sie hungrig?" Right, I know it.
-Are you...
Welcome. Welcome.
Look at them, so beautiful!
Mother and daughter.
They're mother and daughter-in-law.
You, come over here.
Do you know what "Bastard" means?
It means mother-in-law!
-No, it doesn't.
-Yes, it does.
Fato told me.
She knows.
She said that's what it meant.
Where are you going? Come here.
You're disturbing the customers.
It's none of your business, little face!
Little face!
Little face!
This girl is crazy.
Well done, folks! Wunderbar!
See you!
Twenty days left.
Names for children born today...
Faik, Fikriye.
Silly Faik!
Mom, go take a bath or something.
Stop that!
Shut up.
The walls are nice and cool.
Where are you going?
It's my day off.
I'll meet Fato.
We'll look at some wedding halls.
Haven't you been fired yet?
Why should I be fired?
I'm a businesswoman. Trust me just once.
You wait over there. I'll ask something.
Hello, miss.
Ticket to Paris on September 23. Two way.
I hope all is fine and I can make it back.
I just assume that I'll come back.
-How much?
-Just a moment.
It's 1000 liras in total.
Well, I get paid 50 liras a day.
There are tips too, but that's rare.
50 liras a day makes 1500 liras a month.
I owe Grandma what I took from her stash.
Let's assume I pay that.
And then there's Fato's
wedding hall thing.
It's not enough.
Thank you.
Come here. They say they don't
know such a country.
As you can see, our wedding hall
is extremely spacious.
If you have extra visitors,
it will never disappoint you.
I've built this hall myself
down to every corner.
It's very nice, Fato.
You can fit everyone here.
And your mother-in-law can't argue.
You like gold foil, right?
It's all over the place.
You can dance here too.
This is a special place, miss.
We have a wonderful wedding concept
for our visitors here.
Shall I change the music?
Zeliha, I think I'm slowing us down.
Oh, isn't that Nermin?
She works in our restaurant. Nermin!
Who is that next to her?
What's that man doing to her?
I married my sister to you and now you
get her phone line cancelled?
Some respect, please. Have some respect!
Good morning, sister.
Sorry if I'm interrupting.
You called yesterday.
I saw your call too late.
I was wondering about your friend
who had problems with her mother-in-law.
-If she needs help...
-Thank you, sister.
-We'll take care of it, hopefully.
-I'm always here.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
Have a nice day.
You too.
This show you're watching
is a first in the world.
I'm going to slice the kebab
with belly dancer bells,
like tweaking on the cheek of a beauty
and then I'll serve it.
If this doesn't catch on, I have
another idea. What do you think?
I'm not impressed.
-Good morning, Nermin.
-Good morning.
Let me ask you something.
I saw you with a man yesterday.
-In Yedikule, in the evening.
-I'll make some tea.
I've already had some.
-You were carrying bags. And the man--
-Have some tea.
No, thank you.
-I thought, who's that man?
-Turkish coffee?
Thank you, I don't want any.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Zeliha, Ferdi will be late.
If anyone comes in, you've got them.
I've got them? Am I a waitress now?
But we don't open until noon.
I persuaded the chef.
We'll be open all day from now on.
Really? Wow. Well, I need an apron.
Can I put on that little mouth's apron?
By the power of dner kebab...
I have the power!
Would you like to come inside?
Wonderful. Wonderful.
Enough. Give it to me.
My God.
If I can kiss smail's bald head
and come back in ten seconds,
let us have a customer.
Wow! Great! This is real!
-Are you hungry?
-Yes. Can I have the menu?
Is that Mehmet Erdem?
Mehmet Erdem! It's Mehmet Erdem!
Oh God, it's Mehmet Erdem!
Come here.
Sit down, sir. Sit at the best table.
It's really you, sir!
Mehmet Erdem and his Japanese friend.
I like you so much, sir.
Well, what would you like to eat?
-I'll have meat.
-Meat. I'll bring you the best meat.
Mehmet Erdem! My God...
No way. This is impossible!
Mehmet Erdem is here!
I said Mehmet Erdem came!
You don't believe me? Go and see!
He's here!
Incredible! I'm coming, sir.
Mehmet Erdem isn't here.
Of course, it was a hallucination.
I thought so. I knew it was.
You see? I thought for a moment
that Mehmet Erdem came.
I wrote to his personal address.
We're not new. It's been three months.
We meet all his criteria,
so I don't understand.
He should've visited us and written
his critique by now.
He does go to other restaurants, though.
-Enjoy your meal.
-Thank you.
It's going well today. Come in, please.
-Sit over there. Are you hungry?
-I'll have... meat steak.
Meat stake.
-With rice?
That would be nice.
It's going well.
We've got a meat stake!
Hello. Yes, I left.
This client really tired me out.
I can't think of anything.
I'm so nervous, I might cry.
Bismillah, bismillah, bismillah.
-Here's your meat stake.
-This strategy, that rule. Oh!
I know, that's how marketing is, but...
I don't feel like doing it any longer.
The client really burned me out.
Alright, I'm feeling bad again. Bye.
Enjoy your meal.
Oh, she ran away!
The customer ran away!
The customer ran away!
She ran away without eating!
-What do you mean?
-She's gone!
What happened?
I didn't do anything!
I put my love into it.
Who served this?
Nobody speaks.
I said, who served this rice with ketchup?
If you don't speak, you're all fired.
All of you!
I did.
Look at the people we trust
and employ in this place...
Look at me.
Look at me!
Pack your stuff and get out of here
right now. And never come back!
Once again, it didn't work out.
I failed again.
But I used to eat rice with ketchup
when I was a child.
And it tasted great.
But once again,
I couldn't make you proud of me.
I'm sorry.
I wasted your time too, Acun.
As you can see, I have no talent.
Thirteen and 15 are both reserved.
You can put these on the tables.
Sorry, we have no free tables for lunch.
I can book you for dinner.
We can't take reservations right now,
because we have a crowd waiting outside.
We'll have to prioritize them.
But you can come here and wait.
-No tables for today.
-We can't take reservations now.
-No tables!
-I have a question.
-Where have you heard about us?
On social media?
-Why did we come here?
-Burcu Topcu mentioned it.
-Can we take photos?
-When are you opening?
-In a few minutes. Thank you.
We have no other tables. I'm sorry.
Can we have a word?
I'd like to show you something.
What is that crowd outside?
The crowd is waiting for the
restaurant to open.
Half of them wonder what the place is
like, the other half came to take photos.
And let me show you the reason.
I saw this on social media.
"After eating rice with ketchup yesterday,
I ended my 20 year career in advertising.
Why? Because I remembered
how free I was when I was a child.
I remembered how I lived to make nobody
other than myself happy.
How could rules limit us so much?
And why did we let this happen?
I'd like to put ketchup in rice
once again.
I hope to go back to my brave,
open mind in my new initiatives.
Thank you, Cucumber Restaurant."
Look at the number of retweets.
People have been sharing pictures
of ketchup on rice all day!
You fired Zeliha for no reason.
She's so well-intentioned.
Even when she makes a mistake,
it turns into a gift.
She's so fortunate.
It was us who was fortunate.
But you've been running this restaurant
so selfishly, so grumpily...
Nobody speaks in the kitchen.
Nobody wants to work.
-We're back to what we used to be.
-Eda, this place has some rules, OK?
We have to observe them. So calm down.
I guess you didn't understand the text.
Let me read it again.
"How could rules limit us so much--"
Please. That's nonsense.
Can! Why aren't you listening to me?
I'm trying to tell you something.
-Hello, madam.
-Yes, dear?
I'd like to speak to Zeliha. Is she home?
-What did she do?
-Nothing. I'm her boss.
-Did she start a fire?
-Did she bite someone?
-I'd like to get her to return to her job.
-Can I speak to her?
-Come in.
She must be in her room
if she didn't commit suicide.
Zeliha, it's me. Chef Can.
-Can we have a word?
First of all, I'm sorry. For firing you.
I was a bit upset that day.
There's this famous gourmet.
I was upset with him for not visiting us.
I don't want to close down the restaurant.
But you knew that already, right?
I may have been too harsh on you.
But you're very important for
our restaurant. Really.
Your energy, your craziness...
When you're not around, nobody smiles.
Everyone sulks.
You do make mistakes sometimes,
but as Eda said, they can turn into gifts.
After that ketchup on rice thing we
became famous. Can you believe that?
I think we need a bit of disobedience.
I wanted to make couscous with ketchup
but you don't serve couscous!
You're our cute and crazy Deliha.
Come on. Get up. We're going to work.
Don't call me crazy.
Can you give me a chef's cap? A big one.
Everyone's got one.
And I could use an apron.
I'll put it on as I cook.
Hey. What are you doing here?
Dear neighbor...
Here's the purpose of my visit.
I'd like to ask you something.
When exactly are you leaving the place?
I'm not leaving, sir. Me and my team
will be here for some more time. OK?
The team. The team. Oh.
That crazy girl and her band of friends.
You've played the restaurant game
long enough.
What are you talking about?
Look, man. I'm being gentle with you here.
Don't make me do things
I don't want to do.
-Come on, man.
-Don't touch it! It's silk.
Get out of here, man. Come on!
Alright, babyface!
Good God! What a maniac.
-Good night, Nermin.
-Good night.
-Good night. Let me kiss you.
-Good night, chef.
-Good night, Zeliha.
-Bye, plump face.
-Take care.
-Goodbye, Zeliha.
-Good night, chef.
It's too late. I might as well sleep here.
I'll open early.
-I need to tidy up the bar anyway.
-As you wish.
But lock the door properly, little mouth.
Good night.
Can you hold that for a second?
Who is that?
My late father.
He was my age here. This was taken abroad.
His friend took it on his birthday.
So cute, isn't it.
-Very cute.
-Do you want me to help you?
-No, I'm fine.
-Let me take that.
-No, my wrist is hurting.
Oh, well!
Look now, Dad!
That's one!
That's two!
That's three!
And that's four! Come on, you go in too.
There you go! Come on.
Knock on wood!
Wonderful. Alright, good night.
I'm going right to sleep.
Oh, God!
What year is this! This is nonsense.
The restaurant is on fire!
The restaurant... What, the restaurant?
Fire? I don't think I can come now.
Where is the fire?
Ferdi is there!
Ferdi is inside!
-Should we go in?
-No, no!
-Ferdi is inside!
-Oh, Ferdi!
-Are you alright?
-Give him some water.
-Ferdi is inside!
-Ferdi is here!
Zeliha, Ferdi is here!
Ferdi! I was so worried!
I'd give my life for you!
The situation is obvious.
I guess you expect me to say
a few words now.
I love you all so much.
Thank you all very much.
And a few more... emotional sentences.
At least we tried, you know.
At least we tried.
-It's me.
What's going on?
Good evening, Mr. Nezih.
Can I buy some paint?
What do you need paint for?
I need to paint a place
that burned down.
Calm down. We'll take care of it.
Put that money back in your pocket.
I have money.
I know dear. Come in.
-I have money.
-Put that money in your pocket.
I do have money.
I've got big bills and little coins.
-But I didn't count them.
-Don't worry about that now.
We'll take care of it.
-Anything you need, you can have.
-I need paint.
Sure, don't worry.
The kitchen is undamaged.
And we'll make this place
better than it was.
-We will, right?
-We will.
-So sweet.
-Thought you'd be hungry.
Put it on the table. Come on.
-How are you, madam?
-Come in, sir.
I'll get this much!
Let me tell you right away,
I'll eat eight or nine of these!
You can have the leftovers!
What are you doing here?
What are you doing outside
at this hour?
Come here!
Didn't I tell you not to go out at night?
Hey! Who do you think you are
raising a hand at?
Mind your business! She's my wife!
How dare you raise your hand
at her near us!
-Women aren't supposed to go out at night!
She works here all day as you idle...
In the coffee house!
-Don't hit me.
-Let's give him a good beating, girls!
It's so clean!
OK, I'll tuck it in.
She's gorgeous.
Mr. Can, after preparing the damage
assessment report,
-we'll sign it and send it to you.
-OK. And here's our restaurant...
-Is this the place that burned down?
-There! You like that?
We were already thinking of
redecorating the place.
Right, the old decor was so boring.
Eda, you...
Don't get so emotional, chef.
We've been eating nothing but lahmacun
for two days.
Perhaps you should make us some...
-Dried beans and rice?
Dried beans and rice?
-OK, come on. Let's make it together.
-I hung these with my own hands.
-Yes. I painted them too.
-They look great.
Ferdi painted the red one. It looks bad.
I'll paint it again.
So, I'll leave, then.
Batuhan Piatti is here!
What? Oh, no!
He didn't even bring me a menu.
Is this the man you were talking about?
Perhaps I should tell him
we haven't opened yet.
No, wait.
What shall we cook for him?
We have nothing in store.
Wait a minute. Don't panic.
That's a long wait.
We'll serve him what we're eating.
-Dried beans and rice!
Right, dried beans and rice!
Come on, friends!
-Come on.
Spoon and fork are ready.
The rice is ready.
The beans are ready.
Here's the pepper.
Wait, something is missing!
Now it's complete.
It's ready.
-Come on, Deliha!
-Take it.
Come on, Zeliha!
Oh, at last.
Welcome, Mr. Pipatti.
Did you say Pipatti?
Your spoon and fork.
And here's our beloved dried beans
and rice.
It's our specialty.
Rice and beans together.
And here's our onion.
Hope you enjoy it. Bon appetit.
-Sorry, what is this?
-It's an onion.
I see, but what am I
supposed to do with it?
-You smash it and take out its bud.
-Smash the onion?
That's the ritual of our place.
-Smash it?
-Right, smash it.
He got the bud out!
This is the most delicious thing
I've ever eaten!
-Can I kiss you?
No, why would you kiss me?
My God!
A heart too little to touch
I just want a kiss, nothing much
The bud of the onion
Won't come out without a smash
A heart too little to touch
I just want a kiss, nothing much
The bud of the onion
Won't come out without a smash
Come on darling
It's a bud
Eat the bud
A heart too little to touch
I just want a kiss, nothing much
The bud of the onion
Won't come out without a smash
It turned out so beautiful.
Welcome, Auntie Aysel!
-Thank you very much.
-Congratulations, dear.
-Thank you.
Zeliha is calling!
-Come here!
-Come on!
I'm answering.
Bonjour, Fato!
Wow, that's quite a crowd.
-I wish you were here, Zeliha.
-You know...
I have a special rendezvous for today.
So, did you put on the rings?
Yes. We will.
Zeliha, I owe it all to you.
Thank you very much.
Congratulations, Miss Nermin.
Zeliha. Give him my regards.
I will, Mom.
Hang up, it will cost me too much.
Greetings to Paris.
Merci beaucoup.
-Goodbye, Zeliha.
I love saying that word.
-Who is Zeliha meeting in Paris?
-Her dad.
Oh! But I thought your husband had died.
When her father was 27 years old,
the same age Zeliha is now,
he was a trailer truck driver.
He was in Paris at the time.
For the first time, he couldn't
be with us on his birthday.
He sent a letter.
And a photo.
We received those much later, of course.
Last year.
After the accident, his friend couldn't
throw away this letter. He kept them.
It was the last photo we had of him.
We lost him in that traffic accident.
And Zeliha never saw him again.
And that last photo was one
he took in Paris to send us.
It had the words,
"My daughter, my most precious gift"
written on the back.
Happy Birthday, Dad.