Deliler (2018) Movie Script

Halfway through the 15th century,
in the era of Murad II...
...Eflak, as the Romanians called it,
the region of Wallachia,
was annexed by the Ottoman Empire
without bloodshed.
The Prince of Wallachia,
as an assurance of his loyalty,
conceded her sons, Radu and Vlad,
to Murad II.
Murad II brought Vlad to Edirne Palace,
and made sure
that he got the same education
with his own son, Prince Mehmed.
And that's how,
the Prince Mehmed,
who would become known as "the Conqueror,"
and Vlad, who would become infamous
as "the Impaler," met.
In the centuries-long battle
between good and evil,
a new page was being written
in the ancient books of history.
This was a battle of
and tyranny.
The universe
rests upon these four pillars.
The same wind fills everyone's lungs
with their first breath
and the same soil covers everything
with its last breath.
You plant two seeds in the fertile ground,
and you feed them with the same pure water
so that their roots find life.
Both breathe the same air as they grow up.
But one of them turns out
to be an oleander...
and the other, a rose.
Both oleanders and roses
can thrive on these lands.
But when the oleander spreads its poison...
the owner of the land has no choice
but to rip it off and throw it away.
If a fire burns the innocent,
we will always have enough water
to put it out...
and enough wind to disperse its ashes.
By the royal decree of His Excellency,
Sultan Mehmed II, Son of Sultans,
Father of Conquerors.
"You, the Vaivode of the Eflak Province,
Vlad III Dracula,
I have been informed
that you've chosen to be
the 'Son of the Dragon'
and the 'Heir of the Devil'
over being our brother.
That you, who grew up at our mercy,
forgot what mercy is.
That you sit on the throne
we gifted upon you
so that you'd become a just ruler...
only to tyrannize people.
We have never punished your heresy,
but your tyranny will be stopped.
Effective immediately,
if even a single innocent soul is harmed
or a single drop of blood is shed,
you will pay--"
Ottoman Turkish.
I've missed it.
"You will pay the price,
and your punishment will be
as severe as your tyrannical acts."
If you wish to beg for mercy, do so.
So you can benefit from...
our Sultan's endless mercy.
Look, Envoy...
You know that turban on your head?
It reminds me of terrible things.
It reminds me of the terrible days I had
in that Ottoman palace.
Its ugly gardens, its filthy smell...
all those weird guys with turbans...
The shenanigans
of that spoiled brat, Mehmed.
Now, when I see your turban...
I remember those endless nights,
the dark nights that I cried constantly
throughout my entire childhood.
Remove that immediately.
That turban will be my shroud.
I will die...
before I remove it.
Alright, your call.
I'm going to do you a favor.
You will never be apart from the turban
that you seem to love so much.
Do you believe the Ottomans will sit
and watch when the heretics rebel?
Our brave men will crush you
until your evil reign is over!
You will not get away with this! Never!
The bird has been freed.
You should free yourself
from your burden as well, my Sultan.
Baba Sultan...
that son of a bitch, Vlad,
who became vaivoda by our grace
is terrorizing our people.
And as if that's not enough,
he butchered the envoy
who was relaying our final warning.
We must react to this insolence.
Whatever you feel...
and whatever you think...
will be written
in the pages of history, my Sultan.
What will happen to Vlad
will spread throughout
seven lands and three continents
as a lesson for everyone.
You have your mission.
Let the valiant sons of the Ottomans know.
When the decision is made...
The decree of our Sultan is law.
Allahu Akbar.
blessed the humankind with life
from his own soul.
Allahu Akbar.
He blessed them with ears,
and hearts.
But then,
the humankind,
hearts filled with delusion,
strayed from the true path.
They ravaged,
they destroyed, they tortured.
They are the ones who woved
to eradicate the Earth of tyranny.
-This is my oath!
-This is my oath!
Let it be carved into stone
if I fall in the battlefield!
What happened to me was always destined!
They're the ones who became
Ali's Zulfiqar...
and the justice of Omar.
They're the ones
who buried their own pain
and wore death as their armor.
They're the ones who died
so that others survive.
Earth was their bed
and the skies their quilt.
They're the ones who walked alone
and shed light upon the darkness
with their weapons.
the Valiants.
We heard your call...
and came to you, Baba Sultan.
You have our swords.
Who is Omar?
The father of our order.
Who is Ali?
Our champion.
What is the battlefield?
It is where we belong.
What is battle?
Our lover.
For whom will we die?
Our Sultan.
When will our journey end?
When there's unity.
Who is your companion?
The Valiants!
What do they call you?
The Valiants!
The tyrant has crossed the line...
and we have run out of patience.
What do you think will follow?
The time for words and forgiveness...
is no more.
Why do we call our empire
the Motherland, Skywolf?
Because a mother
never abandons her children.
You are both the sons...
and the empire itself.
Don't ever feel discouraged,
thinking you're alone.
And never let any of our children
think that they're alone.
You have your decree...
and your mission.
Wield your weapons at once!
Start your journey at once!
Punish the tyrant at once!
The reflection of my soul...
hangs around your neck.
As long as my head is on my shoulders...
this secret...
will rest on my heart.
The secret
rests on your heart.
May your mission go well.
What's going on?
Where am I?
Calm down.
Calm down, Niku, I'm healing you.
His Excellency, Vlad III.
Your Excellency.
Is my weapon ready, Alchemist?
After I infected the rats with the plague,
the red moss was ineffective.
But when I gave them the red moss first,
I couldn't keep the rats in order.
Cut the stories.
When is my weapon going to be ready?
I've achieved a lot already,
your Excellency.
you're going to conquer every city
with this weapon.
Walls, houses, palaces...
None of them will be harmed.
But all life in them will cease to exist.
All of them.
People, animals...
even insects.
Do you need anything?
Rats, your Excellency.
-They've all died during the experiments.
-Anything else?
And red moss.
They will go rabid
when I feed them the red moss.
-Get him whatever he wants!
-Yes, sir.
Right now!
If you accomplish what you're planning,
Constantinople will fall overnight
and the Turks will run away
tails between their legs.
I don't want to conquer
just one city, Alchemist.
What I want is to alter
the course of history.
So, finish the weapon at once.
I don't want you to end up like him.
I will, your Excellency.
The Valiants are a fairy tale.
No, they're not. My grandfather saw them.
They told me how they fought.
The Valiants don't exist.
Father said they're an old folk tale,
told to scare the children.
No! The Valiants are real.
I know they are!
-Guys, soldiers are coming!
-Soldiers! Run!
Gather around!
Listen to me.
We will pay gold
for any rats you can find.
Gold? How much?
Don't come near me, you filthy leper!
We will pay a sack of gold
for each cage filled with rats.
Come on! Go find some!
Any news from the Alchemist?
Just wait till
the weapon is finished, Elizabeth.
Mehmed and all those
goat-herding Turks who follow him
won't even have the power to flee back
to their Asian steppes.
I will destroy Mehmed, Elizabeth.
I will erase him from history,
and no one will remember his name!
No one!
Just wait till it's ready.
They will all die from the illness.
Plague, illness, hunger!
They will attack the palace, you'll see!
I will bury him in the same city
that got him the title of Conqueror!
The Holy Father stands besides you
in your holy cause.
You know, there's nothing we can't do
with the Pope's power.
The Pope has no power, Elizabeth.
He may fool others, but not me.
Idiots, bathing their babies
in their so-called holy water.
Morons. They even get in line
just to get some wine and bread.
But me, Elizabeth?
With these hands,
all on my own...
I'm going to give Turks hell.
You're the greatest commander
Wallachia has ever had.
But don't forget...
with the Pope by your side,
your reign will expand beyond limits.
My reign has no limits and boundries
already, Elizabeth.
Because I am the Son of God.
I am God's wrath on Earth, Elizabeth!
When will we get our gold?
Does anyone else want some gold?
There shan't be a victim without a decree
There shan't be a battlefield
Without a lion
There shan't be a victim without a decree
There shan't be a battlefield
Without a lion
Master, what is Kuman singing about?
The song means that you shouldn't
brag in a battlefield...
and that you shouldn't
cry over the fallen.
He may be right...
but you can't always help what you feel.
I couldn't get to him.
I couldn't save him.
I buried my brother.
A pain worse than death.
Come and eat something.
We have a long journey ahead of us.
Agar, come on, brother.
Come on.
The closest path to Trgovite
is through here.
But it is very dangerous.
Vlad's thugs patrol around here,
so we might have to fight them.
We must choose the safest path,
which is through the north.
If Vlad's thugs
patrol around the villages...
our path should go right through them.
Our Sultan's decree...
is not about one person's blood...
but about all innocents.
We shall pray...
and wield our weapons...
for their sake only.
We will go through here.
This time, it'll work.
This time, you're all ready.
My little soldiers.
The Princess is waiting for you outside.
I'm coming.
My Princess...
Tell me.
How are we doing, Alchemist?
-The red moss worked, Princess.
We're practically ready.
Are we ready or not?
We are ready, Princess.
No one can stand against the one
who wields this weapon.
We can give him the good news, then.
Where have you been?
I was worried about you so much, son.
Rats! Rats, Grandpa!
Calm down.
Just catch your breath.
What did you see? What did you hear?
Some soldiers came by
the homeless' street.
They made them collect rats.
And they killed some old guy
just because he asked for gold.
Then they put the rats in cages and left.
They took them to some magician guy.
He talked to the Princess.
Look at me.
No one saw you, right?
No, Grandpa, I'm sure.
Were you able to hear what they said?
They were talking about some weapon.
A weapon that no one can stand against.
How's your brother, Havva?
Thank God, he's okay.
Thank God indeed.
If our Prince, Vlad,
isn't satisfied with what you do...
he won't kill you.
Do you know why?
Because I would've killed you already.
Gold, silver... Pick up anything precious!
Kill every single one of them!
-Welcome, dear.
-You should eat something.
I know this is yogurt,
but what is this?
It's good for you.
Tell me what it is first.
It doesn't taste good,
but it'll help with your cough.
Come on, don't be so stubborn!
They're coming, run!
Wait here.
Stay here.
-Do what I tell you and stay here!
Stay away!
Stay back. Stay away!
Go check for any survivors.
Don't be scared.
We won't hurt the innocent.
Sister, stop crying.
The ones who died
are free of the wrath of the Earth.
And your father is a martyr now.
He is in heaven now.
May Allah bless us with martyrdom as well.
Please! Please, don't die! Please!
Someone help!
-Please don't die.
Please, help!
Someone, please help!
Someone, please help!
Please help my mother,
don't let her die. Please!
Please help.
Good job, kid.
We wouldn't be able to find you
if you weren't screaming this loud.
Please, don't let her die! Please, help!
Don't you worry.
I will relieve her of all suffering.
From now on...
know when to shut up...
and when to speak.
Now, tell me, Fisherman.
With how many fish
did our Lord, Jesus Christ...
feed five thousand people?
Two, Vicar.
where's the other fish?
In the orphans' belly, sir.
I accept this fish
as a tribute to the orphans.
Do you have anyone?
Not anymore.
My real family was slaughtered
in a town plundered by Vlad's thugs.
My blacksmith father...
was one of the Turkmens
the Empire sent to the Balkans.
Vlad took all of my relatives, one by one.
Lakum denokum wa lia deeni.
You have your religion,
and I have mine.
No one gets bullied in the Ottoman Empire
because of their religion.
Don't hide it.
Hey, what are you doing?
You can't feed a baby like that!
Pardon me, your Excellency.
All the bandits we sent to the south
have been killed.
This is the only one who escaped.
This the only one who did what?
Your Excellency...
they appeared out of nowhere.
Out of nowhere?
He had wings.
Wings, you say?
They were wearing fur.
-They looked like monsters!
They slaughtered every one of us!
Every one of you?
Then why are you here?
How many of them...
were there?
Have a drink.
You've come from afar, come on.
How many of you were there?
How many of them were there?
How many?
find them.
Wield all the weapons God gave you...
in order to withstand the Devil's tricks.
Because our fight is not with the people,
but with the rulers, emperors,
the dark powers of this Earth,
the spiritual armies of evil
who reside in celestial places.
"We speak to the Moon at night,
and we sleep during the day."
I'm not sleeping.
I'm thinking.
Did he raise you?
He teaches me the cause and the path.
Why do they call you Nameless?
Is it a nickname?
You have to deserve a name
before you get one.
The name is one with one's destiny.
There's a saying, "The brave
must be able to carry his name."
That's why he has to prove his skills
in the battlefield first.
I will have my name
when this journey ends, hopefully.
But I won't have one until it's over.
There's a gypsy camp around here.
Let's leave the baby with them.
Honey, you look so feisty!
This is your night, stud! Come on!
They look so weird.
Hey, get their horses!
The baby is hungry.
It needs rest.
We can provide food and a bed.
Where did you come from
and where are you going?
We came from somewhere,
we're going somewhere else.
Are you the mother?
Are you the father?
Why are you nodding? Are you the father?
I found...
both the girl and the baby
in a pillaged village.
You can eat and drink whatever you want.
You're in luck, we have a wedding!
Let's just rest somewhere.
You go ahead and have fun.
What are you looking at, idiots?
They're our guests!
Come on, let's have fun!
From you,
from your blood...
an army of thousands shall rise.
My little soldiers.
Go on, eat.
Eat and get stronger for our holy cause.
It was so fast,
we don't even know how it happened.
They got every Jew where we live.
Some of them were killed.
And some lucky ones, like us,
managed to escape.
We're grateful to the Turks.
Our so-called friends never helped us.
But the Ottomans we don't even know
welcomed us.
What's your story?
You're killing me here!
You damn snake.
Shalom alechem.
I brought you some soup.
You must be hungry.
They say it's the best soup around here.
I don't even remember
how much I had since I came here.
Thanks, we already ate.
Where are you going?
To our way.
You don't look local.
Where are you from?
He's a guest, just like you.
He escaped from Vlad's tyranny.
He's from Trgovite.
Do you have anyone, then?
Remember? You asked me back then.
So I'm curious too.
I do.
Anyone besides them?
Your mother? Your father? Any siblings?
I haven't seen my father or my mother
since I was six.
Our path is not one
you can have a family, Alaca.
Your pal who never speaks
wouldn't give up the baby.
He loves it for some reason.
Well, it's hard to leave what you love.
-Good night.
-To you as well, warrior.
Let him sleep.
He wouldn't rest
until the baby fell asleep.
We're leaving.
Our path is not good
for women and children.
They're good people.
Trustworthy people.
You'll be comfortable with them.
You need to stay here.
The thugs who murdered my father
weren't just random bandits.
They were Vlad's soldiers.
They will come for you.
Death is the least painful thing
on our path.
If they won't come for us,
we will go after them anyway.
It's easier if the enemy is behind us.
But you shouldn't worry about that.
I trust you with the baby,
and I trust Allah to keep you safe.
Our suffering and our destiny
is one with it now.
That baby is your gift to me.
I will dedicate my life to him
as long as I breathe.
Oh, you're already leaving?
-Just give it to me.
Miriam, come on!
Take the baby, Miriam.
Let go of the baby.
Come on.
Go inside, Miriam.
Take care of Mute's son.
You're a brave woman.
May Allah protect you.
Whenever I lose everyone...
an Ottoman comes to my aid.
Think of me as one of you. Godspeed.
The only kid we were able to save
from the Turkmen village.
Vlad's bandits slaughtered
her entire family.
When I visit our Father, Allah,
I will tell him all about their tyranny.
You don't have to visit Allah...
to tell him about their tyranny.
He has already heard you.
He has heard you...
and sent his lions to avenge your family.
The Papal Envoy is here for you,
your Excellency.
Well, well, well...
His Eminence the Pope
was very pleased to hear
that you were kicking the heathen Turks
out of your lands.
He has ordered me to tell you
that he has accepted you
as the protector
of the entire Christian domain.
This is why he has sent you
this special crown.
This crown symbolizes
that your status is of equal importance
with all the cardinals
in the eyes of the Papacy.
Such an honor.
You are now the guardian
of whoever believes in Jesus Christ.
Tell that Pope of yours...
I am neither a protector nor a slave
to anyone.
After I eradicate Mehmed,
if your Pope doesn't wish to see
his throne get upside down...
he will accept that I am the Son of God.
I am the Son of God.
Tell your master
that I forgive his insolence... for now.
You never open your eyes
until the Moon rises,
but I know you're awake.
Humankind has always loved the Sun.
But me...
I keep my eyes closed during the day
to appease the Moon.
Just so the Moon doesn't think
no one sees its beauty and feel sad.
Does the sun in your lands
scorch the Earth like this too, Mbariz?
Huh, brother?
Ours scorches even more...
but you wouldn't dare get burnt,
so that it doesn't get offended
and withhold its light.
Where I'm from, our wind,
our water, our soil,
are truly something else.
When you look up at the sky,
you see the blueness of the Caspian.
I miss it.
You know, brother...
if you can't reach something...
you won't dare to miss it.
My dear brother, Mute.
Still thinking about the baby?
Being apart is difficult.
I know.
But this is for his own sake.
Our path is filled with thorns.
It reeks of death.
Death is what we live for.
You did everything you could
for that innocent soul.
The rest is in Allah's hands.
Thinking this much
won't help you... or him.
Psst, Mute!
You can't shut your mouth, can you?
Why the hell are you entertained, Kongar?
A man shouldn't act like a clown.
Yeah, right.
Are you mad, Kagar?
Huh, brother?
Draw your weapon
and bash his head in.
But you must know
that you would be killing yourself...
not Kongar.
Oh, you!
Wanna know why?
Just like you lost count how many lives
you've taken in the battlefield...
he also doesn't know
how many people he buried.
After a certain point,
you become callous.
A constant smile settles in your face...
just like it's been carved with a dagger.
And then...
you either stop talking altogether
like Mute did...
or you constantly laugh
at the face of this treacherous world.
You will laugh, brother.
You will.
Just because he isn't the same as you...
don't think for a moment
that he's any different.
Don't do it, brother.
We'll get the wolves...
and they'll get the news.
We'll get the news.
They'll get the jackals,
and we'll get the wolves.
They'll get the news, and we'll--
Wake up, Kuman.
We set you free
so you wake yourself and others up,
not so you sleep.
Let the ones sleeping rise.
Let their hearts burn
just like iron going into fire.
Before the skies go red
and the ground turns into mud,
let all sons stand up and fight.
Open your eyes, Kuman.
Open your heart. Open your soul.
Spread your wings.
Wrap their wounds with your wings.
We swear by the horses
that breathe thunder...
and by the heavenly wolves,
you are not alone.
We... are the righteous.
Draw your weapons!
Mute, Kuman!
Kongar! Kongar...
Kongar! Kongar, are you okay, brother?
Kongar, don't let go!
-Vlad's thugs.
Kongar, open your eyes, brother.
Open your eyes.
Open them. Smiling suits you.
I swear I won't get mad, just smile!
Kongar, just laugh! Kongar!
From now on, you're on different paths.
Let him go.
Kongar will hold on.
He will recover.
We will continue together.
The duty won't wait.
-Just go.
-I said no.
Maybe we'll find a village, a healer.
Maybe the healer will have some ointment.
Maybe he'll get better.
He's resilient. He will survive.
Kongar wouldn't have wanted you
to cry for him.
He would've wanted you
to become a legend in the battlefield.
Do the right thing, brother.
Hail thee...
my Valiants.
Hail thee.
Hail thee.
Your debt is piling up, Viktor!
This is your last drink!
Bring some wine.
No need!
Just water.
Anyone else? No one?
Isn't there any man in this tavern
who will stand against me?
You all fell silent,
just like the Turks, Vlad impaled.
You're eating like a bunch of
starving orphans!
Oh, boy.
-we must find clean water.
Got it, master.
What are you doing here?
I'm also going to Trgovite.
You wouldn't take me with you
if I asked.
So I followed you.
Well, you followed us for nothing.
You can't come with us.
I... I sent him here!
I sent him here, Skywolf.
It was my fault.
-I sent him here!
They obviously didn't kill him, brother.
They took him.
We will find Nameless.
-But I sent him here...
-We will find him, brother.
We will.
We will find Nameless, Mbariz.
Don't you worry. We will find him.
You said the most strong soldiers
are the Turkish Valiants.
But my dad told me.
Our Prince, Vlad,
has waged war against the Turks.
I heard he's pillaging
the neighboring villages.
If the Valiants were real,
they would've saved the villages.
My dad told me
that they'll all run away soon.
You know, duty.
Karal of the Valiants.
We are not well at all, brother.
I know, brother, I know.
It's time to settle some accounts.
He's one of us.
He's the fisherman's grandson.
He has no one else.
Let's not talk here, Skywolf.
Go to the boathouse.
I'm leaving you with a hero.
Eren will take you to the boathouse.
Let's go, Valiants.
Let's go, kid.
Come on.
The secret rests on your heart.
The secret rests on my heart.
Sir, please have mercy. I beg you.
I beg you.
Well, well, well...
So this is our hero.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Alright, then. You don't want to talk.
Let's find out
if the fairy tales are correct.
Who are you people?
Hold him.
Hold him!
I'd believe the tales
if I didn't know better.
Who are you people?
-Your Excellency.
It's important.
Make him talk.
There's some movement in the south, sir.
Well, well, well. You were nameless,
but now you have a nickname.
There's an underground passage
to Vlad's castle.
I bet he has some soldiers there,
but I doubt there are too many.
we have a more pressing issue.
What issue, Karal?
Vlad's working on a secret weapon
in a cave near the castle.
What kind of weapon, Karal?
They'll spread the plague using rats.
They make the rats go rabid
by combining
a plague victim's blood and flesh
with some sort of red moss.
And then they'll release the rats.
So this butcher
is planning to kill everyone
with a plague.
We, since we were little kids,
grew up together
in the Order of the Valiant.
We swung our swords in many battlefields.
We killed.
We died.
they have Nameless.
So we will
invade that demon's den
as soon as possible.
can you destroy those rats on your own?
You bet.
You have your mission, then.
We will find the secret passage.
May Allah...
bless your body and your soul.
Give us your blessing.
We came to be with a splash of water...
and we will cease to exist
with a handful of soil.
You have my blessing.
Give me your blessing as well.
It is yours.
Then, good luck to all of us.
May Allah be with us.
Someone brave brought us here.
You've raised him well.
May Allah bless him.
Yes, I have.
You're strong.
Are you going to be a wrestler?
No. I will join the Order of the Valiant,
just like you.
What was your name?
We'll be glad to have you, Eren.
Very glad.
it is I, your son.
They're coming to cast lightning
upon your son.
They're coming to
slaughter your son, Father.
I hope you won't leave me alone
like he did.
You won't leave me alone
like that Wallachian peasant did,
who thought he was my father.
That ignorant, inferior, incompetent man.
Don't leave me alone
like that sell-out Prince did,
who left a little kid with the enemy
in an Ottoman palace.
I am your son.
I've known since the beginning.
You, who everyone calls God,
who everyone fears,
are my father.
You shall gift the entire world to me
and I shall baptise the humankind
with fire and death.
But if you're going to abandon me,
don't ever forget
that I won't accept defeat
as easily as that carpenter from Nazareth,
who people call Jesus.
He bowed down to the Roman army.
But I've never bowed down to anyone
and I will never do it.
If you let me lose against
those heathen, barbaric Turks...
if I die and get lost in the dark,
your name shall be left in the dark
forever as well.
It's your call...
I didn't talk, master!
the time...
has come.
The time
for martyrdom has come.
Let the ones who we kill become carcasses.
Let Zulfiqar be one with our weapons.
Hail thee, Valiants.
Hail thee.
Hail thee.
Hail thee, Valiants!
Hail thee!
Are they here to kill the Son of God?
-This is my oath!
-This is my oath!
I will not stop
until my weapon is destroyed
and my body is torn apart!
-This is my oath!
-This is my oath!
This is my oath!
Heretics and all kinds of tyrants shall
taste our blades!
-This is my oath!
-This is my oath!
I will not stop
until I crush the crusaders' crown
and take their heads!
This is my oath!
This is my oath!
I will not visit Allah
nor my Sultan
until I raise my banner
in the seven lands
and three continents!
-This is my oath!
-This is my oath!
My ruler is the Ottoman Empire...
and my guide is the prophet,
Muhammad the Trustworthy!
-This is my oath!
-This is my oath!
Let it be carved into stone
if I fall in the battlefield!
What happened to me was always destined!
Calm down, now.
End this nonsense!
End it!
Why do we call our empire
the Motherland, Skywolf?
Because a mother
never abandons her children.
Go! Attack!
From now on,
know when to shut up...
and when to speak.
Mom, please don't die! Please!
Good job, kid.
We wouldn't be able to find you
if you weren't screaming this loud.
There shan't be a victim without a decree
There shan't be a battlefield
Without a lion
There shan't be a victim without a decree
There shan't be a battlefield
Without a lion
There shan't be a victim without a decree
There shan't be a battlefield
Without a lion
what is Kuman singing about?
Hail thee... Valiants.
Hail thee!
Hail thee!
You don't have the power to defeat us.
Even your descendants
shall never see us defeated.
You let the Turks have me...
for the second time, Father.
So you have decided.
You can't kill me.
You can't.
Your god doesn't have a son...
but my Allah...
has entire armies!
In the name of Allah!
Let their bodies lie on our left,
and their heads on our right!
My brave boy.
You've made your master proud.
Hamza, Hunter of Lions.
Your name is not Nameless from now on.
I hereby name you Hamza.
You now have the same name
as the Patron of the Martyrs...
and you are now a comrade
to all fallen Valiants.
Hail thee...
Hail thee.
They are the ones
who die before they fall.
They are the ones
who come back with a vengeance.
They are the ones
who drown the tyrants in their own blood
and expel the darkness
with the sparks from their weapons.
They're the ones
who destroy thrones and crowns,
and then return to the mountains.
They're the ones
who make the world tremble...
but lie alone in their nameless graves.
Hail thee, Valiants.
They're the ones who face death willingly
so that others don't face it.
They're the first ones to go.
They're the ones who never come back.
They are...
the Valiants.
Let it be carved into stone...
if I fall in the battlefield.
What happened to me...
was always destined.
Hail thee, Valiants!
Hail thee!
Perhaps no one will ever know
who they were.
But until the story of humankind ends,
the legend of the Valiants will live on.
Hail thee, Valiants!
Hail thee, Valiants!
Hail thee!
This is not over.