Delinquent (2018) Movie Script

[Joey] All right, so Baker
is stumbling through the house,
pushing us out of his way,
trying to get down
to the basement.
- [Allyson] God!
- [Joey] So the cops see him,
and they're like,
"Excuse me, sir,
can you put down the keg?"
And I-- At this point,
I'm like,
"I want nothing to do
with this situation."
- [Allyson] Uh-huh.
- So I back out of the situation.
I'm just-- I'm watching it
from a mile away.
And it's ail great.
[both laugh]
So one of the cops
comes up to Baker,
and he goes to grab him,
Baker flips a switch.
He's like, "Don't touch me,
you pig fucking piece of shit!
"I'm not gonna take this
shit from you.
"You can arrest me
right now.
"I'm not losing
this fucking keg.
I'm not losing
my fucking deposit!"
- Oh, my God.
- They tackle him to the ground.
He breaks his nose,
and then he gets arrested.
Well, yeah, but did he get
his deposit?
- No. He didn't get his deposit.
- [Alyson] Joey!
You keyed my fucking car,
Get off of him!
What the fuck?
Hey! Break it up!
Get off him! Get up!
Fucking pussy!
Fuck you, man!
[Hendricks] You're lucky
you didn't break his nose.
Because, you know,
I thought he was
the lucky one.
So, Joey,
did you key his car?
Yeah, nobody saw me do it.
Trevor has had a grudge on me
ever since...
this has to be
between me and you,
...ever since I stuck my tongue
down his girlfriend's throat.
Keep it up, Joey.
You know he punched me.
So this whole thing
is bullshit.
Mr. Hunt's just itching
to kick you out.
Joey, you are so fucking cool.
Come on, really.
Is this who
you want to be?
[hip-hop music playing
over car radio]
[news jingle over TV]
[news anchor]
How safe
is your drinking water?
[door opens]
Many people are asking
that question
after the state fined
- Hey.
- Hey, zombies.
Come on, Joey.
We were watching that.
Come on, Dad's not
coming home tonight,
so you two have the pleasure
of cooking dinner with moi.
Dad's never home.
How do you think
he pays for this TV
or the bed you two
sleep in?
Come on.
- Come on, we're cooking dinner.
- [Chrissy] No...
We gotta make some dinner!
We're gonna make
some dinner.
We're gonna make some dinner.
[indistinct chatter over TV]
[distant laughter
and chatter]
[man 1]
You took a bite out of it!
[man 2]
We got to get that elevated.
[man 1]
Careful. Be careful.
[man 2]
You got nipped, you pussy.
Get the whisky.
Good god, get the whisky.
Oh, let's take
a look.
[man 1]
Ail right, here.
- Jesus fucking Christ!
- [laughter]
Hey, hey, hey,
keep your voice down.
I got-- I got children.
I think we're gonna
have to operate.
- [drill whirs]
- I think we have to operate.
- [man 1] Doctor, he's prepped.
- He's prepped? He's prepped?
- [laughter]
- [police siren blares]
[man 1]
Hide the shit.
Evening, Melissa.
How's your night going,
Oh, poker night,
always good for me.
I bet.
You been playing down
on Norwalk Street?
I don't follow.
A construction site got ripped
off a few hours ago.
It seems like the German
Shepherd got someone good.
Well, I'm in tree removal,
not construction.
How's business?
- Booming?
- Does it look like it's booming?
Ah! I'm out.
I got him good.
Son of a bitch busted me
on the river
with an inside straight.
When did you get
Me? I've been out awhile.
Good behavior, baby.
Shit, if we'd known
you were coming by,
we could have made it
strip poker.
Hey. Come on.
God, you're pathetic.
Well, it is getting late,
so unless you got a warrant...
Yeah, I think if I came back
with a warrant,
you boys would be playing cards
for cigarettes.
Good one.
Okay, you drive safe.
Keep your hands 10 and 2
on the steering wheel.
[car door closes]
- [engine starts]
- Bitch.
Sexy bitch.
Let's go put one on Keegan.
[Britt laughs]
Yeah, yeah.
[gun pops]
Are you shooting my tree?
There's a million other
goddamn trees out here.
There is my tree.
You gotta have respect
for something
that's been around
that long.
- Yeah, I know.
- You know?
- [gun pops]
- [bullet pings]
Good shot.
You have plans tonight?
Cancel them.
Dad, I can't.
I've canceled on Alyson--
You're coming out
with us tonight.
Don't wet yourself.
Keegan got his ass bit off
as shit.
You'll be in the cold,
keeping watch.
Ail right?
Oh, yeah,
call the babysitter.
[hip-hop music blaring
over car radio]
Yo, Joey.
It's good.
Dude, you knocked
Trevor out, bro.
I caught the whole fucking
thing. Look at this shit.
Yo, put that shit away.
What the hell's
wrong with you?
Where are
you going?
I gotta go
to the bathroom.
You can wait
until 9:30.
I'm literally
about to shit my pants.
You're gonna be responsible
for this shit
ail over this floor.
Stop laughing.
I'm serious.
I am leaking.
- Joey, all right, sit down.
- I have to shit my pants so bad,
I'm about to flip
this table.
All right, please stop saying,
"I have to shit my pants."
Just say, "I need to use
the bathroom."
Okay. I really have
to use the bathroom.
You're unbelievable.
You're unbelievable, oh
You're disgusting.
I can't believe they let you
get away with that.
Yeah, they can't wait
for me to graduate.
Yeah, if you graduate.
Oh, no, I got my shit
on lockdown.
You are the one
that I worry about.
Someone's excited.
I'm off tonight.
What do you wanna do?
Dude, tell your dad
to watch those kids for once.
No, that's who
I'm hanging with.
We're gonna do
family stuff.
What family stuff are you
gonna do with your dad?
I don't know.
Gonna drink beers,
watch a couple movies,
something like that.
Fine. if you wanna hang out
with your dad,
maybe I'll let
Morgan Silerino take me out.
Whoa. Oh, no,
I don't want that.
Ail right...
Friday night,
when you get off work,
I'll come pick you up
and I'll take you
to that Mexican restaurant
that you love so much.
Seor...Mexican name.
It's Seor Pepe's, racist.
[Joey] There's soda
in the fridge if you want any.
Make sure
these two liars
are in bed by 9:00 p.m.
And they are not allowed
to watch the 10:00 p.m. news,
no matter what
they tell you.
Are you still
dating that girl?
Make sure they're in bed
by 9:00.
- Later, brats.
- [door opens and closes]
[indistinct chatter]
[man 1]
That was not my fucking fault
that there was no car there.
- [man 2] Of course it was.
- [man 1] No, it was not.
- [man 2] It was way your fault.
- [man 1] Definitely your fault.
Ah, the entertainment's here.
Start with me, miss.
- Yeah, if you had a dick.
- [all] Oh!
You punk-ass bitch.
Aw, look at you.
Oh, what's going on,
little cousin?
You're part of the crew now,
huh? Goddamn.
How many high school bitches you
hitting, huh? Got any for me?
Glad I'm not part
of this family.
Sure, you are. Your wife didn't
tell you about me and her?
- Oh!
- All right, listen,
-the babysitter here?
- Yeah.
Okay, do we need her
for these guys?
Ail right, listen,
my son's coming out
with us tonight,
so let's tighten it up,
not act like a bunch
of jerk-offs.
- Real professionals.
- That's right.
Grab a seat, pull it up.
Tonight, Joseph,
we will be taking our talents
to Main Street Antiques,
where their inventory features
more than a few fine items,
but none worth
mentioning more
than an incredibly rare
set of coins.
- Coins?
- [Britt] Oh, yeah, coins.
But not just any coins.
What about an alarm?
All right, Joe,
don't worry.
We got that covered.
You're gonna keep
a lookout,
keep a lookout for
if you see a cop car,
late-night jogger,
a little forest critter
or anything.
You let us know.
Got it?
Channel 2.
When I was up in Winslow,
there were these two guys.
Fucking identical twins,
real ugly, mean as shit.
One of the brothers was always
reminding the other brother
that he was
three minutes older.
They fight like kids still.
So, the older brother, he starts
banging one of the chick hacks.
She's about like
a one and a half,
but in prison
that's a fucking 7, believe me.
The younger brother, he catches
wind of ail this shit,
he decides that he wants in
on the action.
Why not make it
a family affair, you know?
So he pulls it off.
He starts fucking banging her.
Maybe she couldn't
tell the difference.
Yeah, they might be different
by a couple minutes,
but the inches
are probably the same.
Anyways, some asshole ends up
telling the older one
that they're both
getting water at the same well.
So, the older one,
he's smart about it.
The next day,
the younger brother,
he's taking a shower.
It's going well.
Water pressure's good.
Hasn't dropped
the soap.
He goes to shampoo.
Suddenly this guy just starts
fucking screaming out.
"Fuck! Ow!
Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
It burns!"
The older brother had put bleach
in his shampoo.
He nearly went blind
in his right eye
and it burnt the skin
right off his dick.
She could tell the difference
between them after that.
[all laugh]
Joe, head around the back.
[lips sputtering]
[alarm beeping]
Four, one, nine, nine, eight.
One, nine, nine...
[alarm beeps rapidly]
She probably left out "pound."
Four, one, nine, nine, eight.
Got it.
- What the fuck is this?
- You got to record.
Orange key.
After you.
Holy shit.
There they are.
[keys jingle]
Someone's coming.
- We're clear.
- Let's get started.
Keegan, man...goddamn.
- What a dick.
- Fuck it.
Holy shit, you scared
the shit out of me.
Wait, you're friends
with my son, Brendan.
Hey, yeah. Jeremy.
Have one.
No, thanks.
What are you doing out here
I was going for a walk.
What about you?
That's my shop.
Piece of shit.
My wife kicked me out again.
[Rich, over radio]
Do you copy?
How you doing out there?
Do you copy, Joe?
Do you copy?
What did you say you were doing
out here?
Joe, do you copy?
You think
I'm stupid?
Fuck you!
Get the fuck
off me, man!
You punks think you can rob me?
Come on, just fucking
chili out.
Chill out! Relax.
Relax, man.
No, don't...
I know who you are.
Don't I?
I know who you are.
- Shut up.
- I know-- I know who you are.
I know who Ali of you are!
Where's Britt? What happened?
- Where's Britt?
- Uh...
- [Britt] Rich! Rich!
- Stay here.
Bring the car around, now.
Stay here.
[loud thump]
[both grunt]
Come on.
[both grunt]
[both panting]
What is that?
Turn it off.
Turn it off.
Turn it off.
Turn it off.
Turn the fucking thing off!
Get it out.
You guys put everything back
where it was, right?
You guys wore gloves, right?
Let's go.
Joe, check the pockets.
What? No.
A wallet?
What if someone
fishes here?
For frogs?
[TV playing faintly]
- Hey.
- You're late.
- How much is it?
- Well, it would have been $20,
but I was here for an extra
hour and a half.
- Yeah, here.
- Thanks.
Just so you know,
Blake hit Chrissy
and she tried
to scratch his face.
Are you ail right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Good night.
Good night.
The kids will be up soon.
- You knew this guy?
- Yeah.
I used to be friends
with his son.
The police will come
looking for him.
People disappear
all the time.
now, I was thinking...
what if we told them
what happened?
You know,
he attacked us.
You mean like we go on down
to the precinct and we say,
"Look, we were knocking
over this antique store
"and, you know,
the owner caught us doing it,
so things got out of hand."
This isn't high school.
You don't get to weasel your way
out of it with the teacher.
We just go along...
[children laugh] we did before.
Now I got to look after
these two clowns.
I need you to be my rock.
Will you do that?
[children laughing continuous]
[door closes]
[man, over P.A.]
Winter Dance tickets
may be purchased
from Mrs. Galenson
in the main office.
Hey, gang.
Sorry I'm late.
What are you guys doing?
How close?
If you guys want,
you can send it to me tonight
and I'll go over it.
[car engine starts]
[cigarette lighter scratches]
[car door closes]
[indistinct chatter]
It just doesn't make any sense,
just that you fucking said it.
It doesn't just happen...
Home early?
Party got canceled.
[Rich] Huh, you had to drive
Ali that way?
They could have let you know
-show a little courtesy.
- Yeah, it wasn't too bad.
Tara, this is my little cousin,
He's cute, but he's got
a tiny pecker.
Runs in the family.
Come on.
She knows.
She gave us the code
for the alarm.
Her and the owner?
He was seeing her
on the side.
You said we were the only four
that knew.
She's a good kid.
Her and Britt have known
each other forever.
Britt's friends
don't mean shit.
Why didn't you tell me
about her?
I told you what you
needed to know.
Seems like a lot of people
are needing to know.
Can't afford to make
any more mistakes.
Glad you finally decided
to look out for us.
Some trees are gonna fall.
The important thing
is they don't fall on our house.
Come on in
and have a beer.
Come on.
I gotta go check
on the kids first.
All right, come back,
I want you here.
[indistinct shouting]
You avoiding me?
Relax, I got sick.
You couldn't even text?
And my phone died.
Fuck you, Joey.
I'm not stupid.
Something happened.
You think I'm lying
to you?
I texted you,
like, 20 times.
Where were you?
Joey, are you listening?
I'm sick of this shit.
Just tell me the truth.
Allyson, come on,
what are you--?
You're lying.
Please don't--
Don't do this right now.
Fucking douche.
Fuck you...
Where's your daddy, buddy? Huh?
- Where'd he go?
- [boy] Brendan, step back.
Go find your daddy,
tittle bitch!
Hey, come on, come on,
Brendan, Brendan.
No, it's not cool.
Fuck, be cool!
What the fuck?
Fucking pussy.
Hey,'s not worth it.
What the fuck's you guys'
problems, man?
Get the fuck
out of here.
Keep running your fucking mouth.
Yeah, yeah.
Come on.
Fuck you, guys.
You all right?
I didn't need
your help, man.
What's so funny?
You don't think I can fight?
I used to wrestle you every day
after school.
I know you can't.
[car horn honks]
Whatever, man.
Hey, Brendan,
I was just joking.
I feel bad for you, man.
Sometimes shit
looks like a mess,
but there's really
an order to it.
Keegan couldn't make it, huh?
I heard a mutt
got a hold of him.
Yeah, no,
he'll be ail right.
I'll tell him
you asked that.
I'll give you 500
for the lot.
Don't break our balls.
First off, half of them
are engraved.
Can't sell them online.
There's three PCD tipped
Pergo blades in there.
Barely been used.
Your dick's barely
been used.
It don't mean
it's worth something.
Okay, all right,
500 it is, Stick.
Everything has its place.
No more fucking around.
Now...the coins.
Where are they?
I ain't got them.
I got somebody lined up
for these.
Yeah, we had to cancel.
- And?
- [Britt] And nothing.
And that's what you're gonna
tell anyone who asks.
What do I see from this?
Shit. That's what.
Fine by me.
You look like a gambler.
Why don't you go
fuck yourself,
-grease-monkey motherfucker.
- [imitates mockingly]
- Hey, chill.
- No, fuck you, man.
- Hey!
- I'm fucking tired of your bul--
What are you gonna do?
Stick, what are you
looking for?
Just talk to me.
What are you looking for?
Trying to figure out
what Ali this is worth.
The tools...
they're yours.
You can keep them.
Opie thinks I want
a bag of tools.
Joe, go wait outside.
You actually trust
that guy?
[Rich] Sticky knows
what's good for him.
[officer, over radio]
We got a 586 vehicle
parked in a permitted zone,
registered to Gregory Carlson.
Hey, Melissa.
How's it going out there?
How's the search for Greg going?
Still looking for him?
Or are you guys back
to running speed traps as usual?
[Melissa] We were hoping
to find him in one,
but this morning a Statie
found his car
parked out by the train station.
[attendant] He probably
outsmarted ail of us.
Took off somewhere
a lot warmer than here.
Pump one, please.
[unscrews cap]
[pump beeps]
Hey, Joey.
You know it's cheaper
at the Shell, right?
But it's good to support
local businesses, I guess.
Brendan, I'm kind of busy
right now. What do you want?
The other day, man...
I was just really fired up,
and I hate those guys.
And thanks.
Yeah, man,
don't mention it.
- [woman] Hey, is that Joey?
- [Brendan] Yeah.
Weill, ask him over for dinner.
Brendan, ask him over
for dinner.
My mom saw you at school
the other day,
and told me to ask you if you
want to come over for dinner.
Uh, I would love to,
but I gotta, you know,
feed the kids tonight, so--
All right, man, it's cool.
I just--
Yeah, I just thought
I'd ask.
Okay, here we go.
I hope everybody likes
asparagus, yeah.
Oh, damn it.
It's okay.
- Sorry about that.
- [Brendan] It's okay, it's okay.
Brendan, let me have your plate,
Thank you.
- Joey, asparagus?
- [Joey] Uh, yes, please.
Okay, good.
There you go.
what do you do
with yourself nowadays, Joey?
It seems like
you haven't been over since...
since you boys
were at Truman.
Yeah. Yeah, it's been a bit.
I remember when you guys
were tittle,
we couldn't pull you away
from that big screen TV
in our playroom.
You remember that, Brendan?
Yeah, you guys
had cable.
Oh, is that what it was?
Weill, we're glad to have you.
You looking at colleges?
Oh, no, no,
I'm not right now.
Well, you should really
get started.
There is a lot to consider.
Yeah, I don't know if it's...
if it's for me.
So, I noticed
that you smoke.
- Mom, come on.
- What?
Yeah. Yeah, I...
I do.
My cousin Britt
got me--
Uh-huh, well,
I think you should quit.
You know, it's very bad
for your health.
I will, for you,
Mrs. Carlson.
- Glad to hear that.
- [phone rings]
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
Yes, hi, detective.
No, it's not late.
We actually just sat down
to dinner.
Let me know
if you hear from him.
[phone beeps off]
so, where were we?
[Joey] Remember we used to built
those snow forts?
[Brendan] Yeah. The neighbors
never stood a chance.
- The Creeleys.
- Oh, the Creeleys.
Whatever happened
to them?
Private school.
Of course.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Big surprise.
You ever get the feeling that
everybody's talking about you?
I mean, ail the time.
You heard about my dad,
Just ever since he took off,
it's just...
I just want to punch them
in the the fucking face.
Yeah, I usually do.
And how do you feel
about it?
Yeah, I bet.
She really thinks
he's coming back.
You don't?
I mean, he hasn't answered
a single phone call.
He hasn't even tried
to call us back.
Doesn't really seem like
he wants to be found.
"We, the lowdown fools.
We the lowdown fools."
What are you doing,
Don't play by the rules
We got mad money
And we make the girls drool
Every time we're in
The hallways
The teachers be yellin'
Joey and Brendan
You's a couple of felons
No time for you
No time for school
Because we're
The motherfucking
Lowdown fools
Lowdown fools
We the lowdown fools
Because we are the
Motherfucking lowdown fools
- Did you see that?
- [laughs]
Every time that we step up
In the party
Every time a party starts
You know we're there
And none of the girls
Are wearing their underwear
Mess with Joey
And you'll get smacked
Come in Brendan's 'hood
And you'll get whacked
[imitates gun racking
and firing]
Because we are the
Motherfucking lowdown fools
- Shit.
- [laughs]
Man, we thought
that was so cool.
It wasn't?
Man, why do you always have to
act like such a dick at school?
You just got this, like,
tough guy routine, you know?
Just, I know you, man.
You're a realty good guy.
No, I'm not.
Yeah, you are.
I'm not.
- You really are.
- I'm not!
Shit, now I'm gonna have
that stupid song
stuck in my head ail night.
- Lowdown fools
- Lowdown fools
Because we are the
Mothertruckin' lowdown fools
- [Joey] Mothertruckin'?
- [Brendan] Yeah, that's right.
- I changed that.
- Why did you change that?
Because I'm
the better rapper
and I make the executive
Yeah, that's true.
You are the better rapper.
[Brendan] Yeah, and you're
kind of just like P. Diddy.
I'm like Notorious B.I.G.
and you're P. Diddy.
[Joey] Oh, fuck that,
you are not Notorious B.I.G.
[man chattering over TV]
Get up, zombies.
Goddamn it, Joey.
Get off me.
Get up.
Get out of my bed.
Come on.
Brush your teeth.
Don't hit each other,
and I'll read you
a bedtime story.
And then the Fire Queen kissed
the Ice King on the mouth,
with tongue,
and melted his heart.
And then they died.
No, they didn't die.
- [both chuckling]
- They didn't die.
Ail right, sleep tight, guys.
Let the bedbugs bite.
[men whooping]
[funky music playing distantly]
No mercy. No mercy, Rich.
[Rich laughs]
You should have got home
way earlier.
We had gimpy here
bring over
some of his brother-in-law's
One sip left.
Ah. Yours.
It's yours.
Big chug!
[all laugh]
He's drunk already.
He ain't chucked it up yet.
- Hey...
- Up. the Southfield Police,
may they be slow on their toes
and heavy on their feet.
May they forever doze
on our quiet Main Street.
[crowd cheering]
Yeah, let's go!
- Brendan! Go!
- [Joey] Go, go, go!
Oh, shit.
Yeah, man,
I yak after every race.
Man, that's torture.
Yeah, it's a little gross,
but you know, I always win.
Oh, yeah? You took fourth.
Good enough for me.
I'd cough up a lung
if I ran like that.
You know, you should really
stop smoking, man.
It's not a good look.
Yeah, I know.
you should stop.
What are you, your mom?
What are you, your mom?
You know that big boy,
He must have lost, like,
40 pounds over the summer.
I think he got
that stomach surgery.
Oh, yeah.
- [imitates sucking sounds]
- Yeah, shit.
It's that stomach shit.
Ah, fuck...
Gastric bypass.
Oh! Look at you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you, Professor Joey.
Man, that shit
really makes you smarter.
Yeah, it does.
[cell phone vibrates]
She won't leave me atone, man.
Yeah, you know,
she's got a lot on her mind.
It's just like, when she's home,
like ail alone,
she gets so crazy.
It's weird.
She just wants to clean
and clean and clean and clean.
You know,
I don't get it.
I realty don't.
No, I get it.
You know, when my mom
was still around,
my dad used to go out
drinking without her.
It used to fuck her up.
She'd get so crazy
and so nervous.
It was like a crime
was being committed
if we weren't scrubbing
the baseboards.
Cali the police.
Can I hit that?
Can I please
have some of that?
- Thank you.
- Right there, brother.
You okay, there?
Wow, this is the Cali bud.
Yeah, you definitely
know your stuff, there.
Hey, Joey?
How long did it take,
you know, after she died,
until you got used to it?
Brendan, your dad
is coming back, okay?
So shut up.
That fucking thing.
Give me that.
What? I Th--
Britt tells me you've been
hanging out with this guy's kid?
What are you up to, Joe?
You trying to get us caught?
I was keeping an eye
on the situation.
Making sure he didn't
find out anything.
You stay away
from this kid.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
What did I tell you
about shooting my goddamn tree?
- [gun pops]
- Aah!
Brats, move.
Move, move.
Thank you.
Just watch your stupid
TV show.
Get up, Joe.
Dad's cooking dinner.
Wake up, Joe.
Dad's cooking dinner.
Come on, wake up.
Wake up.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
[food sizzling]
I like your technique.
I like what's going on.
Let's speed it up
a little bit, Ali right?
Don't be shy with the plane.
Get the plane.
Put it right in here.
That's it.
That's what I'm talking about.
The whole truck.
The whole truck.
Bring the whole truck.
Like this.
That's nice on the...
How are those coming along,
They're good.
Let's get them steaks
in here.
We never eat this.
It's good, isn't it?
I don't like it.
You haven't tried it yet, honey.
I'll make you a piece smaller.
She said she didn't
like it.
Yeah, I heard her. Hm.
Maybe this piece needs a place
to come and park. Remember this?
Chrissy, you don't have to eat
it if you don't want to.
There it is!
What do you
think of it now?
- Pretty good, isn't it?
- Mm-hm.
It's better when it comes in
for a landing.
What do you think of yours,
It's bloody good.
Bloody good.
Well, maybe you need
some more blood on it.
Put some more blood on that.
That's what
I'm talking about.
Can we afford this?
What's life if you don't treat
once in a while?
You're liking that more,
I'm noticing that.
[utensils scratch]
[utensils scratching loudly]
All right.
That's enough.
[scratching intensifies]
Okay, that's enough.
Hey! That's enough!
I try to do
something nice...
and you act like
a bunch of brats.
You know, this was a-- A really
great meal that you cooked.
Oh, I did, huh?
I'd like to applaud
the lady of the house
for cooking
such a great meal.
Putting on an apron,
going out there in the cold.
Come on.
Thank you.
- [Rich] You're very welcome.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Family time.
We should do this
more often.
[boy] What are you getting into
this weekend?
I don't know.
I haven't decided yet.
- I might go to a party.
- [boy] Really?
[Allyson] Everyone is so wasted
and annoying all the time.
[boy] Well, I'm having a little
thing at my place Friday night,
if you want
to come through.
I'm so sorry.
That's okay. That's okay.
That's okay.
[no audio]
[siren wailing]
[Rich, over answering machine]
It's Rich. Leave a message.
This is the business
of Greg Carlson, 46,
of Southfield,
which he owned and operated
for nearly 20 years.
Although official cause of death
has not been fully declared,
-foul play is suspected.
- [Joey] Come on, guys.
You know, I can't leave you
alone for ten minutes.
What did I tell you
about watching this shit?
Murders don't happen
around here much.
Not at Ali, really.
They're gonna start
looking everywhere,
they'll start putting pieces
We covered ail of our bases.
There's no way that they can
trace this back to us.
Shut the fuck up, Keegan.
You stupid motherfucker,
I swear to God,
you say another fucking
stupid thing like that,
I'll kick the shit out of you.
I'm fucking so tired of you,
you fat motherfucker.
We were doing fine
without you here.
- [Britt] Step outside.
- [Keegan] This is because
you couldn't hold your shit
Now we're in this fucking shit!
See what's happening here?
People are getting tense.
And when they get tense,
they get chatty.
And when people
get tense and chatty...
they act like morons.
You know what happens
to morons?
They get caught.
Two babies being born
He's too tall.
Put her over here,
and him over here.
All right, there we go.
[bell tolling distantly]
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Did Britt ask you
to keep an eye on me?
You were going
to the funeral.
When you're dead,
everyone's your best friend.
Who was he to you?
That's why I couldn't go in.
I never know what to say.
Just follow
what everybody else does.
I could.
You know, the last time
I was here, my grandmother died.
And I couldn't go in,
even for her.
Hear what they're saying?
That his face was bashed in
so badly,
they couldn't have
an open casket.
It wasn't an accident.
Yeah, well, people will say
anything for a better story.
Hey, Tara--
You know, not a single
one of you has me fooled.
I know who you are.
Half the fucking town's
at this guy's funeral.
Small town.
We got company.
We really do need
to stop meeting like this.
Not here asking
about power tools, Ritchie.
Trying to figure out
what you are here for, babe.
Where were the two of you the
night Greg Carlson was killed?
Aw, honey, I don't even know
what day that was.
I was at Dowdy's
having a beer.
Yeah, I already checked
with the bar.
They didn't see you.
We had a bonfire.
I was having problems
with my girl.
They wanted to get me drunk.
How old are you?
What, are you trying
to arrest them
for giving alcohol
to a minor?
- Joe--
- [Joey] No.
My best friend's dad
is dead.
I'm still in my funeral clothes
and you're here
stirring up shit.
Brendan's dad...
he's never coming back.
They will never
share a beer together.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Now get off our property.
You heard him.
[car door slams]
[engine starts]
Hey, you really go
to that guy's funeral?
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch
Like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind
But now I see
[knock on door]
Honey, are you in here?
Your cousins are downstairs
and they want to say goodbye.
Down in a minute.
[hip-hop music plays]
[car horn honking]
- What's going on?
- Hey, hey, hey.
- You have cows in there?
- Shh.
Sorry, sorry.
What the hell
are you doing here?
- What's up, man?
- Hey, Brendan, look,
I'm sorry I wasn't able
to make it to the funeral,
but you gotta get the fuck
out of here, man.
- No, no, no, no...
- Seriously.
You gotta come somewhere
with me.
I can't.
I-- Literaily, I can't.
No, you have to.
I'm sorry, you gotta go,
You have to. I know something
that the cops don't.
Yeah. Come on, man.
You have to come with me.
Let's go.
[Joey] Hey, Brendan,
where are we going?
[Brendan] You know, one night
my Dad came home,
said he had to tell me
He must of had about ten
fucking martinis.
He said, "Brendan...
"do whatever makes you happy
and fuck the rest."
[banging on door]
Whose house is this?
Brendan, it's 1 :00
in the morning.
Brendan, where the fuck
are we?
Come on.
Jesus, who is that?
What happened to him?
You've got the wrong house.
Bullshit, you know who I am.
Hey, man, come on.
- Let's get out of here.
- [Tara] You got the wrong house.
Cut the shit, okay?
You were fucking him,
weren't you?
What are you doing, man?
Come on, let's go.
You know you weren't
his only whore, right?
Yeah, that's why you fucking
killed him.
I didn't...
I didn't kill him.
Bullshit! You're a fucking liar
and a whore!
I am not a fucking liar
or a whore!
If you don't get out,
I'm gonna call the cops.
Oh, yeah? Call them.
Cali the fucking cops.
- [Tara] I will.
- [Brendan] Call the cops.
And tell them
you fucking killed my dad!
I will. I will call
the fucking cops!
- Brendan!
- Bitch!
Come on!
Hey, Brendan, did you--?
Did you tell anybody
about her yet?
You scared her, man.
I don't care.
What the fuck do you know
Yeah, shit.
That's what you know.
All right, come on,
pull over.
- [horn blares]
- Brendan.
No, man, fuck the rest.
- Fuck the rest.
- Pull over!
- Fuck the rest!
- [Joey] Pull over the car!
- What the fuck--?
- [tires screech]
What the fuck
is your problem?
Get out, I'm driving.
Get out!
You know what?
Fuck you, Joey!
You want to know why
we don't hang out anymore?
Because my dad
didn't want me hanging out
with your white-trash,
loser family!
- [horn beeps]
- Dude, get the fuck off me, man.
Fucking asshole.
Fucking asshole.
Brendan. Brendan.
Why are you so sweaty?
Uh, I went for a run, buddy.
You don't run.
It was a fast walk.
Thank you.
Hey. what's up?
What are you doing
on this side of town?
I was driving by.
You saw my car over here,
didn't you?
You were wondering,
"I wonder what he's doing here."
They brought me in
to ask me a few questions.
This and that.
The guys are clueless.
Dogs without noses.
I was--
I was in and out of the place
in, like, ten minutes.
I didn't tell your dad
and your cousin about this.
Wouldn't want to get them
worried about nothing, right?
Got you, you pussy.
[starts engine]
What are you doing here?
Your cousin send you?
Fucking idiot,
didn't show up for work.
No phone call,
no nothing.
What do you want?
Spit it out. What?
I-I-I saw Keegan
at the police station.
- What?
- I saw Keegan
at the police station.
What were you doing
at the police station?
- I was--
- [Keegan] Hey!
Hey! I don't know what he's
telling you, but it ain't true.
- Fuck did you do?
- I went to the police station.
- What?
- Just listen.
I figured they were
gonna bring me in eventually,
so why not just
beat them to it?
You don't voluntarily walk
into a fucking police station.
What'd you tell them?
Sent those fuckers
on a wild goose chase.
How's that?
I gave them some names
of some guys
he owed money to.
Guy was a lowlife.
Huh. So what happens when they
find out you were playing them?
They won't. I gave them some
secondhand bullshit.
Who'd be dumb enough
to go down to the police station
if they were guilty?
I promise you, we're good.
[Rich] You did this
without talking to me.
What were you doing
at the police station?
- We're good!
- We ain't good.
I went to go pick up Allyson
at her place
and drove past
the police station
and saw Keegan's
car there.
Nice of you to show up
three hours late,
and no phone call,
no nothing.
We got a shit storm
going on over here.
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Come on, come on.
No, no, no, no, no.
Hey, come on!
- [Joey] You psycho.
- [Keegan] He's an asshole!
- He tell you what he did?
- You fucking psycho!
Did you tell him
what you did?
What, you gonna murder me, too?
He showed up
at Tara's house
with the dead guy's kid!
- What?
- Started interrogating her.
I didn't-- I didn't know--
I didn't know
we were going there.
And he didn't know nothing,
He didn't find out
Tara's freaking out.
Threatening to go
to the cops.
I don't know what to do.
Shut up!
Both of you, shut up.
You weren't strong enough
for this.
It's my fault, see,
because I was too stupid
to realize it.
You put all of us,
all of us, the kids,
at risk.
No, no, not me.
You can't even take care
of your own family.
Mom knew.
Yeah, Mom knew.
She told me we could never rely
on a piece of shit like you.
- [Britt] Rich.
- [Joey] Yeah?
[door slams]
He ain't gonna be able
to keep his mouth shut.
You ever hit my kid again,
I'll snap your fucking neck.
She serious?
Tara can be so dramatic.
It's hard to tell.
Maybe you should
go talk with her.
She doesn't
listen to me.
Even if she doesn't
go to the cops,
they're gonna bring her in
No way she can make it
through an interrogation.
You're one to talk,
you fucking snitch.
if I talked, the cops would be
kicking in your fucking door.
Britt, if Keegan said anything,
we'll deal with it.
But for now
he got a point.
If she's teetering,
it's only gonna get worse.
That's why you should go
talk with her.
Did that already.
If you got another way,
I'd like to hear it.
What are we talking about?
What are we
talking about here?
What the fuck you think
we're talking about?
[grass trimmer whirs]
Let me know if you need
anything else.
Hey, Alyson.
Hey, I really need
to talk to you.
Yeah, now you want
to fucking talk to me?
All right.
- Allyson!
- Can I help you?
Something really bad
And I'm scared.
And I don't know
what to do.
Story of your life.
Whatever it is...
whatever you did...
some things can't be fixed.
What the shit, Joey?
Shut the door.
Watch your mouth,
you zombie.
[operator, over phone]
911, what's your emergency?
911, what's your emergency?
Hello? ls someone there?
Yeah, I'm here.
[pounding on door]
What are--?
What are you doing here?
- Are you--?
-ls Brendan home?
Yeah, but are you okay?
What's going on?
Hey, Mom.
It's okay,
he can come up.
Look, man...
I'm really sorry,
Leaving you back there
was a dick move.
I didn't mean anything I said
about you or your family either.
We were best friends, man.
I was there.
When your dad was killed.
I was there.
I was supposed
to be lookout,
but I missed a car
in the back.
It was for fucking coins.
No harm.
The insurance,
you know.
But then your dad
got out of the car,
and he was drunk.
He came after me,
and then Britt came out.
Was he scared?
Was my dad scared?
Yeah, he was scared.
[dispatcher, over radio]
en route to 47 Fairfield Road,
possible 1-1-2-0
in progress.
Please use caution.
Suspects may be armed.
[knock on door]
Tara, you home?
You sleeping?
- [Keegan] Rich!
- [Tara screams]
Damn it.
Stay down! Stay down!
Oh, no.
Please, please, please,
Britt, come on.
Come on, you fucking
know me, Britt.
You fucking pussy, do it!
[police sirens wail distantly]
Do it. Do it, and let's get
out of here.
Do it!
If you guys need anything at
ail, please let me know, okay?
Thank you.
Do you know how brave you are
to do what you did?
Hey, uh, do you know where
Blake and Chrissy are right now?
They're in a safe place
with our social worker.
Don't worry.
You're under arrest.
Do you have any other family?
Yeah, I-- I think I have
a great-aunt on my mom's side.
[officer] You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say...
[Reynolds] There's a chance
they could go to her,
but I can't make
any promises.
if you cannot afford one,
one will be provided for you.
Do you understand these rights
as I've read them to you?
[phone rings]
[man, over phone]
Hey, Mei.
They're coming in.
I'll be back.
It's gonna be okay.
I love you.
I love you, too, baby.
[door closes]
[cell door opens]
[exhales softly]