Deliver by Christmas (2020) Movie Script

Two snowflakes.
One Christmas tree.
Three Santa hats.
Are you ready, Aunt Molly?
Not quite, Zoe.
This is all she's been
talking about all day--
wanting to get a Christmas tree
with you for the bakery.
I'm just running
a little behind on my orders.
Are all these all phone orders?
Yep, and I still
have to fill all these.
There's gotta be
a better system.
Just 'cause
you don't understand it...
Ha! You got that right.
It's simple.
The green ones
are sugar cookies,
lime-green is gingerbread,
the red ones
are oatmeal ornament balls,
and the white ones
are bread orders
for local restaurants.
And if someone wants
sugar cookies and gingerbread?
Well, that...
is what a stapler is for.
I think
someone should get Aunt Molly
a computer for Christmas.
I think that's a great idea.
Oh. Nice job.
Now he looks like Rudolph.
Well, I'd say we're ready
for the final touch.
Want to do the honors?
First Christmas
in a new house...
calls for a new tradition.
Looks pretty good.
It's perfect.
Hello, neighbors.
-Hi, Aunt Amy.
Wow. I have lived
in this neighborhood
my whole life
and this is, by far,
the best job
anyone has ever done
decorating this house.
Thanks. My dad helped.
cross it off the list.
What list would that be?
We created a list
of things to do
to make this
the best Christmas ever.
What a good idea.
Look at you, bro.
Embracing small-town Christmas.
And to think that this time
last year,
you were in Arlington,
writing software patches
24 hours a day.
remind me.
Was "snowball fight"
on the list?
Oh, yeah.
I thought so.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ambush!
No fair! Two on one!
Okay, Jimmy.
I got your back.
I've never seen you this busy.
All thanks
to a glowing article
someone wrote about me
in their magazine.
It was all true,
and you can thank my editor
for putting you on the cover.
I should send her
a box of cookies.
Oh, it's been hectic,
but I am so grateful
for the business.
I'm getting
so many Christmas orders
that I may be able
to hire help soon.
Please let it be someone
with a better
order-taking system.
My system works just fine,
thank you very much.
being able to take orders
online through my website
would be great.
I will add that
to my "to do in all that
spare time I don't have" list.
you've worked so hard
to get here.
I think it's great,
But you're worried
that I'm gonna get buried
in all my work
and miss out
on all the wonderful things
that life has to offer?
Okay, yes.
I'm just saying,
you're young
and I don't want you
to be too busy
for anything, or anyone, else.
Are you guys ready yet?
You know what, maybe
the two of you should just--
No way. This is
your and Zoe's annual tradition,
and we won't break it now.
So how about Zoe and I pitch in,
help you with these orders?
That way, you get a good tree
before they're all taken?
Yes, I will take you up
on that offer.
-Thank you. Okay!
I don't know what hurts more--
my elbow
from throwing snowballs,
or my pride,
after being pelted
from my seven-year-old nephew.
But nothing
a little cocoa won't fix.
We have a surprise for you.
One for you...
Thank you.
And one for Charlie.
But it's not Christmas yet.
Just open them.
Both of you.
These are something.
We're throwing
a crazy-Christmas-sweater-
slash-welcome-Josh-and Charlie-
to-town party.
You guys have been here
for a few months now,
it's time you met
some of the locals.
I have a lot of friends
that are excited to meet you.
It'll be great!
Right, Charlie?
Yeah. And I can add that
to our list.
And not to give anything away,
but mine might light up.
You want any help
with the party?
I was gonna bake
Christmas cookies
for the kids to decorate,
but I'm so busy with
this tree-lighting festival.
Say no more.
I will bake the cookies.
How many do you want?
Two dozen?
Are you sure you know
how to bake cookies?
Do I "know
how to bake cookies"?
Tell 'em, Charlie.
I mean, I've never
seen you make cookies.
I know how to bake cookies.
This kid's gonna help me.
Okay. I'm putting
"baking Christmas cookies"
on the list, too.
Thank you.
That is a big help.
This is my first year
being in charge of the annual
tree-lighting festival,
and I'm a little behind
on some of the details.
You want some help
with that, too?
If you're serious,
I just might
take you up on that.
Can I help, too?
The more, the merrier.
Okay, you're both hired.
Now, I do have the ingredients
for tomorrow night's cookies,
so I'll go home
and get them for you.
All right.
Me and this guy,
we got a--
we got a big errand to do.
Top-of-the-list item,
right, buddy?
How about this one?
Hmm... I don't know.
The spine looks kind of crooked.
That one's awesome.
Ha. If I put that one
in the store,
there won't be any room
for any customers.
Look at that one!
Check the needles.
Not very soft.
Yeah, you're right.
The search continues.
Check out that one.
All right,
let's see what we got here.
Sorry. I didn't see you there.
I was just checking to see
if the needles were soft.
we just walked up ourselves.
But... why soft needles?
Oh, just means
the tree won't dry out,
it's well-hydrated.
Yeah, and if the needles
are too soft,
they won't hold ornaments.
You know your trees.
And how does this one stack up?
Oh, I'd say it's perfect.
So, whose tree is it?
Well, we could, uh,
cut it in half.
You want the top half
or the bottom half?
Or we could cut it long ways,
that way,
we each have a tree
that can go flat against a wall.
Great space-saver.
What do you say, buddy?
Should we give them the tree?
I think we should take it.
or, in the spirit of Christmas,
we could do the kind thing
and give them the tree.
I thought you were going to say
something like that.
okay, you guys
can have the tree.
Well, if you insist...
That is so kind of you.
Thank you.
Hey there.
I think the ladies
are gonna take this one.
Sorry. That one's sold.
What I was gonna say is,
"always check for a 'sold' sign
before you check
for soft needles."
Good idea.
Well, I, um, hope
you find your tree.
You too. Happy hunting.
Same to you.
And we go the same way.
The good trees are up here.
Mm. You know what?
We're gonna check back there.
Don't forget to check
for 'sold' signs.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
Over here!
The cookies smell good.
Well, let's hope
they taste
as good as they smell.
I think we got the best tree
in the whole place.
That's no question.
Do you think those other people
ended up with a good tree?
Who, that lady
and her daughter?
I'm sure they did.
Thought they were really nice.
Did you?
I did.
Seems like there's a lot
of nice people here.
Yeah, I'm glad we moved...
being close to Uncle Jimmy
and Aunt Amy...
and Grandma.
Me too.
Well, looks like we're done
with ornament bin one.
Don't forget this one, Dad.
Your first picture with Santa.
Looks like
I'm hurting Santa's ears.
Remind me to apologize
when we go see him this year.
Ah, it's all part of the job.
I miss her.
Yeah, me too, buddy.
You know, your mom loved you
more than anything.
Time for the cranberries.
Cranberries are so yucky.
Why do we even put them
on Christmas trees?
Why not...
Or cookies?
Because if we strung cookies,
you would eat them
all before Christmas.
Besides, cranberries
are an old tradition.
I guess
it's what they had available
back in the olden days.
Like when you were my age?
Right after
I churned the butter,
I would string the cranberries!
Round and round!
-Okay, okay, okay!
-Whoa, careful!
Can you reach?
That's it.
Best Christmas tree ever.
Let's, uh...
Let's take a photo.
Hmm. Are Christmas cookies
supposed to smell like that?
Oh, no.
Watch yourself.
Not sure we can cross
"Christmas cookie baking"
off our list yet, Dad.
Maybe you can scrape them,
like you do
when you burn the toast?
I think
they're past scraping.
Three, two...!
That's so great.
I think this might be
one of the prettiest ones
you've ever had.
Mama, feel the needles.
Wait a minute.
What am I feeling for?
Aunt Molly's friend said
they're supposed to be
nice and soft.
You did such a good job
on the tree this year
that you get to pick any cookie
in the store that you want.
As long as it's okay
with your mom.
Just one.
So who's the friend you saw?
Oh, he wasn't a friend.
Just a fellow tree shopper
being helpful.
And did this helpful tree guy
happen to be cute?
Um, I didn't really notice.
Because you're blushing.
Because it's hot in here...
...from the ovens.
Do you have any undecorated
sugar cookies?
Sure. Why?
My Amy, my friend, she asked me
if I could bring her over some.
She's having a bit of
a cookie emergency.
Mm, take as many as you want.
All right. Got it.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
-Looks great.
'Tis the season to be jolly
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa-la-la, la-la-la
Troll the ancient
Yuletide carol
See the blazing yule
before us
You having fun?
Best crazy Christmas sweater
party ever.
That's a tongue-twister!
I decorated this one
to look just like our tree.
I love it.
Gotta go!
Hi, honey!
You just might win.
"Craziest Christmas sweater."
What do you mean?
I didn't know
there was a theme.
I got ya.
Oh, the look on your face.
Are you enjoying the party?
Are you kidding me?
This is amazing.
If it wasn't for you,
these kids would be
decorating charcoal.
Thank you for trying.
Ah, come on.
Hey! Josh.
Come and meet someone.
This is our friend...
Jessica Morris.
Hi, I'm Josh.
Jessica's also helping out
with the festival.
She's getting together
all the decorations
for the town tree.
Well, that sounds
like a big job.
Oh, it is,
and we still have to sort
and count all the lights.
I've already
roped Jimmy into that job
and maybe Josh could help him?
Um, Jimmy told me
that you're a big tech
Ah, it's more like I have
a big brother who exaggerates.
He's being humble.
Well, welcome to Colbyville.
Thank you.
It's nice to meet you.
There's a bunch of us
going caroling in a few days.
You should join us.
Oh. I'm not much of a singer.
Everyone can sing!
It'll be fun.
I could get your number
and text you the details.
What's your number?
The Crazy Christmas sweater
thing was a-a good idea.
I'm glad you had a good time.
I liked your friends, too.
Mm! Were there any friends
that you, uh, I don't know,
liked better than others?
Well, let's see, yeah.
I thought that Mr. Blanshard
had a really nice handshake.
I know
what you guys are doing.
Sorry. We just thought
you could use a little push.
You're just such a great guy,
with so much to offer.
And since it's
a new chapter in your life,
maybe it's time
to get out there again.
Look, I appreciate that,
but it's not just
"a new chapter" in my life,
it's Charlie's, too.
When Christie didn't come back,
the only thing I could do
to stop thinking about her
was to work.
Hour after hour, I coded,
night after night.
And then, Charlie, he came to me
one morning and he said,
"Dad, I'm afraid
of losing you, too."
And that's when I knew
I had to change,
I had to sell the company
and I had to move here...
to do what's best for Charlie.
So my dating life
c-can wait.
That little guy
is so wise for his age.
Look, I love you guys.
And I really appreciate
what you're doing,
but you gotta stop
with the awkward set-ups.
you're gonna be
way too busy
with all of... this.
What's this?
This is everything I need help
with for the festival.
There are notes in each file,
but, mostly, it's just
calling up all the vendors
who've agreed
to make a donation
and arranging
for pick-ups and deliveries.
Be honest,
is this too much to ask?
It's my pleasure.
Thank you so much.
Gonna go find Charlie.
That was a great party, Dad.
Yeah. It was.
I saw you playing
with some kids your own age.
Yeah, we had a lot of fun.
Well, good.
You get some sleep now
so we can be fresh
tomorrow for--
Best Christmas Ever."
Aw, this guy's seen
a lot of love.
Me and your mom got him for you
before she went away.
Do you think
he ever gets lonely?
Well, he's got you.
He's got me,
he's got Uncle Jimmy,
Aunt Amy, Grandma.
Well, that's his family,
but he has no friends here.
Hmm. Maybe we should
get him a friend.
Yeah, everybody needs a friend,
why not every bear?
Under the covers.
Goodnight, Daddy.
"Thank you for your offer
to donate cookies.
I am checking in on behalf
of my sister-in-law,
Amy Harling,
to arrange pick-up
or delivery."
"I can deliver them.
And Merry Christmas
back atcha."
"We'll start
setting up around 10.
Any time after that."
"I still have
a few more cookie questions."
"If it's not too late,
I can probably answer
your questions better
on the phone.
Can I call you?
Hello? Sweet Life Bakery.
Molly speaking.
This is Josh,
from the tree-lighting festival.
Thanks for getting back to me
so quick.
I can't even believe
you're up this late.
Well, if I'm not baking
in the middle of the night,
there are no croissants
for breakfast.
Never thought of that.
That's okay,
I didn't know
the middle of the night
was when most festival
organizing happens.
Good point.
I'm used to being up late
from my last job.
Security guard?
Computer programmer.
Writing code
and exciting stuff like that.
Well, it's nice to meet
a fellow night owl.
Well, I'm ready to answer
your cookie questions,
so long as none of them
have to do
with how to bake them,
because my last attempt
did not go so well.
Well, if you play
your cards right...
I might share some of
my secret cookie tips with you.
Oh, my son would love that.
How old is he?
That's such a great age.
I don't have kids myself,
but my niece is 10.
Yeah, he's a--
he's a great kid.
He and I just moved here
a few months ago,
and I really want this Christmas
to be special for him,
so any cookie baking tips
would be greatly appreciated.
Mm! Speaking of which...
do you know what type
of cookies you want
and how many?
That is a good question,
to which I do not
have an answer.
Same as last year, maybe?
That, I also don't know.
Okay, um, where at the festival
will you be handing them out?
You know, I just went
to a cookie-decorating party
and it was a huge hit
with the kids.
So, what about a booth where
they could do that kinda thing?
Oh, that sounds fun.
I could mix in some of
my new oatmeal ornament balls
with the traditional
cut-out sugar cookies,
and provide the frosting
and sprinkles?
You know what?
I better check in with
my sister-in-law about this.
Would you mind if
I got back to you?
No, not at all.
I will be here.
Unless everyone goes gluten-free
and stops eating bread.
Well, until then.
Sounds good. Bye.
Would you mind moving that
a bit closer to the corner?
Thank you.
Are you sure it's not too cold
for ice cream?
It's never too cold
for ice cream.
Which reminds me--
why do ice-cream cones
make great reporters?
Please, no jokes.
There's people around.
Because they always
get the scoop.
Oh, come on,
that's a good one.
No more jokes, okay?
All right.
No more "dad" jokes.
I guess
I'll get the chocolate.
You can't just get
plain old chocolate, Dad.
Look at the special
Christmas flavors.
Hmm... when you're right,
you're right.
'Tis the season.
Gingerbread cookie,
rum raisin, candy cane...
Who wants raisins
in their ice cream?
What do you mean? Maybe
I want raisins in my ice cream.
No, then we can't share bites.
Come on.
I can't decide between
gingerbread or candy cane.
I really like gingerbread.
But candy canes
are really good, too.
It's a tough call.
Happy holidays.
Ready to order?
Mm, ah...
No. I think we need a minute.
We know you.
The Christmas-tree stand.
Looks like we're on the same
Christmas activity schedule.
It sure looks that way.
My niece and I are on the hunt
for the perfect gift
for her parents.
Aw, cute bear.
Thanks. My other bear
needed a friend.
He was kinda lonely.
Oh! Did you make
your Christmas wish yet?
Not yet.
I'm still not sure
what to wish for.
Could it be for
anything in the world?
Yeah. Think so.
Go ahead of us.
We're not ready.
-Are you sure? Thank you.
-Oh, yeah. Of course.
Zoe, you're up.
I'll tell you what.
I'll forgo the raisins,
just for you.
You get the candy cane,
I'll get the gingerbread cookie,
and we'll share bites. Okay?
Thank you.
Maybe we'll see you
at the next Christmas activity.
I sure hope so.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
This is so good, Aunt Molly!
So, I'm thinking
a little too much vanilla?
Oh, no way, it's perfect.
If it came alive,
I'd have to marry it.
Hey! I might have
something to say about that.
But I definitely vote
that this should go on the menu.
In fact, I'm going in
for a second piece.
Can I have
another piece, too, please?
You may not.
A little birdie told me
you've already had
a double scoop
of ice cream today.
Aunt Molly's
not a little birdie.
She's more like a stool pigeon.
Hey. Watch it,
or the torte disappears.
if I can't have another,
may I be excused?
You may.
So... anything interesting
happen today?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Zoe told us you ran into
some guy from
the Christmas-tree stand.
So much for
the pinky swear of silence.
Still, seems really like
a lovely coincidence.
Yes, it was just a coincidence,
and that's all it was.
He seems like a really nice man
and, um, a great dad.
You can tell
his son just loves him.
Maybe you should have
invited this great dad
to dinner.
Mm, I'm sure there's
a really great mom at home.
Who is it?
I don't know.
Business, probably.
Hey! I can't believe she...
I think you've had enough.
Hello? Sweet Life Bakery.
Hi there. It's Josh.
Uh, "fellow night-owl Josh"?
Oh! Hey.
I didn't recognize your number.
I'm calling to tell you
I got the go-ahead
to do the cookie-decorating
Great! It's such a good idea.
I know the kids
are just gonna love it.
But I gotta admit,
that's not
the only reason I'm calling.
I have ulterior motives.
Oh? Intriguing.
My son and I are...
we're still trying
to cross "cookie baking"
off our Christmas list.
And as I mentioned before,
my last batch
was not a success.
How much "not a success"?
Oh, we set off the smoke alarm.
Oh, no.
Maybe there's something wrong
with your oven?
It works when I bake lasagna.
Wow, you're a...
jack of all trades.
Except baking cookies,
Well, what did the recipe say?
350 for nine minutes.
And how long
did you chill the dough?
You did chill your dough, right?
I was in
a little bit of a hurry.
That's probably the culprit.
If they're warm and soft
when you bake them,
they'll just spread and burn
because they're thinner.
Always ask a pro.
Well, um, good luck
and let me know
how it goes.
Well, if you hear
the fire engines,
you'll know it's me.
"I shouldn't have shared
my secret tips.
You could put me
out of a job."
I'll grab one more, to be safe.
Yeah. Josh is gonna be there?
You know,
I wish I had labeled everything
perfectly from last year,
but things tend to get
a little jumbled.
With this being my first year
as the one in charge,
I just, I don't want anything
to slip through the cracks.
You're doing a great job.
Are you kidding me?
We got this.
Where are these lights?
Well, there are
these lights here.
Well, that's not bad.
Oh, and all of these ones,
over here.
That's a lot of lights.
And then
there's these new lights
that also need to be checked.
Okay, so we should
have this done by...
next Christmas.
We are really appreciative
of the help.
It's a really big tree.
And Jessica got
the Christmas store
to donate
all the ornaments for it.
If you want to help us out
with that, too,
we could use
a few extra hands.
I can't.
My hands are tied up.
Well, check your schedule
and-and give me a call.
All right.
Thanks, honey.
Decorating a Christmas tree
with a beautiful woman--
what a horrible thing.
Is this what
we're gonna talk about
for all 20,000 light bulbs?
Fine. I'll drop it.
Thank you. Bulb me.
It's just nice
having you nearby, okay?
I'm sure it is--
free labor and all.
I know this is a hard time
of year for you and Charlie.
I was worried about you
for a few years in Arlington.
Yeah, and now you can worry
from next door.
Not worried, exactly...
it's just that something
has me a little concerned.
What are you concerned about?
I-I got up last night
to get a drink of water
and I went to the kitchen window
to see if it was snowing,
and your lights were on
and it looked like
you were talking to yourself.
In the middle of the night.
I was.
I was on the phone.
I was placing a cookie order
for the Christmas Festival
with the lady from the bakery.
You were talking
to the bakery lady
in the middle of the night?
Well, yeah.
If she's not baking
in the middle of the night,
there are no croissants
for breakfast.
Oh... right.
I never thought of that.
But what were you doing up?
Are you having trouble sleeping?
Jimmy, you're my brother,
not my mother.
If we're gonna live
next door to each other,
we got to have
some boundaries.
Right. Boundaries.
I need thicker curtains.
Plug it in.
Hey, guys.
Hi, Dad.
Grandma's going
to the community center later
to wrap Christmas presents
for soldiers.
It's organized by the U.S.O.
..."Holidays for Heroes!"
Can I go too?
You said when Mom
was a nurse in the Army,
she couldn't come home
for Christmas,
and that made her really sad.
I thought
this might be a nice way
to honor Christie's memory.
I love that, Mom.
She'd love that, too.
And remember number nine
on our "Best Christmas Ever"
Yeah, isn't that, uh...
"build a snow fort"?
No, silly! That's eight.
Oh, right.
Nine is "an act
of Christmas kindness."
One of my favorites.
So, can I go?
You can go,
on one condition--
that you do an act
of Christmas kindness for me
and you help to get all
those bulbs into those lights.
Are all these presents
for the soldiers?
Yeah, we want to make sure
that they know we're thinking
about them at Christmas.
And once they're all wrapped,
we just pack them up
and we will send them overseas.
I think I'm better
at opening presents
than wrapping them.
Oh, ho, ho.
Let me show you.
You'll be a pro in no time.
you just put some tape there,
and... got it.
Hey. It actually
looks pretty good.
Pretty good?
It's perfect.
You know, why don't you take
these the wrapped gifts,
put them on that cart,
and wheel them over
to that lady there,
with the Santa tablecloth.
Oh, one more.
That's perfect.
Good work.
Wow. Did you wrap all of these?
My grandma did most of them...
but I helped!
I have an awesome idea for you.
Let me see if you go for this.
Hey. I know
the lady in that booth.
Oh, that's Molly.
She's helping people
make special holiday message
videos for the soldiers.
Molly thought
that, by hearing how much
people back home
appreciated their service,
it would make
opening the presents
that much more special.
It's called "Ho, Ho, Ho,
from the Homefront."
She seems like
a really nice lady.
The nicest!
Always thinking
about other people.
It makes people happy
just to be around her.
Yeah. It does.
Hey, can I make a video, too?
Well, we're just wrapping up
for today,
but we're here all week.
You just need to come back
with your mom or dad.
I'll come back with my dad.
Maybe he'll want to make
a video, too.
You did great.
The lumber
for the booths
will arrive on schedule.
I called Uncle Moe's Hardware
and asked him if he would
donate the supplies.
That's a great idea.
He wasn't even on my list.
What did he say?
and he'd deliver it himself.
But I get to help build it!
Of course!
I'm counting on you.
We can use the money we save
on more lights and mistletoe
for the mistletoe garden.
How are we going to decorate
the cookie booth?
Well, what if we make it just
a big old gingerbread house?
And then could we decorate
gingerbread houses instead?
Can we do that?
All right, before
we get ahead of ourselves,
let me get in touch
with the bakery.
Good idea. Good idea!
One sec.
I... love gingerbread.
Well, that's good,
'cause Charlie had an idea
to turn the booth into
a big old gingerbread house.
Oh, that's a great idea.
If I could live
in a gingerbread house,
trust me, I would.
Well, you could just bake
your own house, couldn't you?
Gingerbread does get baked,
Of course
gingerbread gets baked.
How else would you make it?
And, not to brag,
but my gingerbread
is kind of out of this world.
Well, I'm glad to hear that,
and don't kill me...
but once we came up
wi th the booth,
Charlie had an idea
what if, instead of
a cookie-decorating station,
we just let the kids make
gingerbread houses?
Ooh! That's a big change.
I can make a bunch
of squares and rectangles
and triangles--
oh, and mix
a big batch of frosting.
Oh, I don't want to make
a bunch of extra work for you.
Oh, are you kidding?
That's fun for me.
Well, we're gonna
need a volunteer
to help the kids with it,
and I don't know much about
gingerbread-house construction.
I can help out.
Really? That'd be perfect.
I was saying
I wanted to get more involved
this year anyway, so...
I was planning on
closing the bakery
and heading down
to the festival.
All right. It's a date.
Okay, um...
We're up.
Look, I gotta run.
Uh, I'll call you tonight?
-Yeah, go.
Huh. Gingerbread houses it is.
Do you know
what you're gonna ask Santa
to bring you yet?
I'm still narrowing it down.
All right,
well, you better hurry up,
because we are up
Ready? Big smile.
I'd say "Deck The Halls."
How come?
Because even
if you don't know the words,
you can still sing along
with all the...
fa-la-la, la la-la, la's .
I like
the 12 Days of Christmas.
Is that because you'd like
12 days of Christmas presents?
But not if it's all swans
and geese and hens and stuff.
I counted,
and there are 23 birds,
including the partridge.
That's a lot of birds.
Your turn.
Uh... okay.
Oh, I got one.
What's your favorite
Christmas tradition?
Does it have to be
one we've already done, or...?
Well, I mean, that's kind of
what traditions are, but...
I guess not.
Then I would say,
"Ho, Ho, Ho
from the Homefront."
Interesting. What's that?
It's part of "Operation:
Holidays for Heroes,"
where you can send in
a special Christmas
video message
for soldiers
who are away from their families
at Christmas.
That sounds like
a really nice idea.
I thought
we could do it together.
I'd love that.
I really wish your mom
could see you now.
She'd be so proud
of who you are.
Do you still miss her a lot?
Of course I do.
But we're doing pretty good,
aren't we?
Just the two of us?
I feel bad sometimes
'cause I can't remember her
that well.
Oh, Charlie.
You were really little.
But trust me,
she loved you like crazy.
And if you ever want to see her,
you just look in the mirror.
You got her eyes
and her exact smile.
I do?
You do.
Now let's get
this thing finished.
Go get that brace.
On it, Dad.
That one.
There. Last one
and the cookie orders are done.
Mm. It's like having
my own little, helpful elf.
Hey, watch it.
I'm taller than you,
and I'm still your sis.
That wasn't a reference
to your size.
Well, good.
I was referring
to your pointy ears.
Oh, by the way.
Guess who I ran into
yet again yesterday?
You didn't.
Christmas-tree guy?
In line to see Santa.
You must have promised Zoe
something really good
because she didn't mention it.
Oh, she didn't see him.
He didn't see me...
but I saw him
and his son.
And his very lovely wife.
Oh. I see.
It's a good thing I didn't
take you up on your advice
and invite him for dinner.
Well, I was just joking.
You lit up
when you talked about him.
I did not... light up.
You had a bit of a glow.
There was no "glow."
Hey, did I catch you
at a bad time?
No, not at all.
Charlie's spending time
with his grandma,
so I decided to come out
and get him a gift.
The booth
looks incredible so far.
I can't wait
to see it all decorated.
Well, I'm going
to Tout De Sweet Confections
Thursday at 3:00.
I was hoping you could give me
a list of the things we'll need
to decorate
the gingerbread houses.
Oh, fun.
Um, let's see.
We'll need gumdrops, obviously.
And maybe
mini candy canes,
chocolate buttons,
cinnamon candies,
and peppermints?
Maybe red and green licorice?
Perfect. That sounds
like a good start,
and I'm sure they'll have
some suggestions there as well.
Okay, well, uh,
I don't want to take up
too much of your time.
I'm sure you're busy.
Not really.
I'm just finishing up.
But I don't want to keep you.
Oh, no.
You're not at all.
Uh, I actually
enjoy the company.
So... what made you
become a baker?
Did you go to school for that?
I studied finance.
I wanted to be a banker.
From banker to baker?
What made you change your mind?
working in a bank.
Come on, there's got to be
more to it than that.
Well, it's kind of a sad story.
While I was working
at the bank,
I baked a wedding cake.
What'd you do?
Ruin someone's wedding?
No, the groom did that.
It was a big wedding,
half the town was there.
I baked this huge,
three-tier wedding cake,
and I was so nervous
about it being perfect
that I made three
practice cakes beforehand.
I even matched the dress
on the top of the cake
to the actual bride's dress.
But, unlike the top of the cake,
there was no groom
at the altar.
He just...
well, he never gave me
a clear explanation.
He just had a change of heart.
I'm sorry.
On the bright side,
everyone loved my wedding cake.
It was so good
that my boss at the bank
offered me
a small business loan
if ever I decided I wanted
to open up my own bakery.
Or maybe she just felt bad
that I was left at the altar.
Oh, I didn't mean for you
to have to tell me all that.
That's okay.
You're a good listener.
Ah, I know what it's like
to need
to talk to somebody.
Oh, gosh,
I was rambling.
My point was
that I love my bakery
and I wouldn't trade it
for anything else.
It's not about
what I don't have,
it's about what I do have.
Like my son, Charlie.
That's so sweet.
He's a lucky kid.
And how long has it been
just you and Charlie?
Five years.
Christie was, uh...
She was amazing.
She was actually the reason
I got up the nerve
to start my own business.
I met her while doing I.T. work
at the V.A. hospital,
where she was stationed
as a nurse.
Oh, my mom was a nurse.
Yeah, she worked
long hours,
but she always
made time for us.
It's such a selfless career.
All Christie wanted to do
was help people.
Then she got deployed.
She wasn't supposed to be
anywhere near combat,
but her convoy was targeted.
It was just...
bad luck.
For a while,
my mind was just spinning.
It was like...
being in the middle
of a nightmare
I couldn't wake up from.
But then I just
put my head down
and I-I-I moved forward,
for Charlie.
I'm sorry,
I shouldn't have--
No, no, no, look.
I don't get to talk about this
very often.
And plus, like you said,
it's nice to be able
to talk about this
with someone who listens,
and isn't always just telling me
to get back out there.
I know.
Everyone means well, I'm sure,
it's not like there's
a switch a person can flip.
Yeah, people
don't seem to understand
that dating can be complicated.
And-And I have
a business to run.
I don't need complicated.
Charlie's my everything.
Way to go, buddy.
You were winning.
Charlie, come on over.
Come here.
You're getting too fast,
young man.
I don't know how I'm gonna
keep up with you anymore.
Next time,
I'll give you a head start.
Well, how about
we get some hot chocolate?
-Sounds great.
-Come on.
I did not burn the cookies.
Wow, look at Zoe go.
She's really improved.
I know, can you believe it?
She must get it
from Harold's side.
You and I were both hopeless.
Speak for yourself.
I was grace personified.
I seem to recall
you "gracefully" spending
a lot of time on your behind.
for Christmas dinner,
can you bring
the bread and rolls?
Of course.
And what about dessert?
Oh, Harold has been begging
for another one
of those chocolate tortes.
...Better make it two?
So, what's next?
we still have
a snow fort to build.
Plus, we haven't gone sledding.
Don't forget about my idea
to make the video message
for the soldiers.
There's still
a few things I gotta do
for the, uh,
which reminds me...
Who's texting you?
Is that
"Gingerbread Man" again?
Last time, you called him
"the cookie guy."
Can we at least be consistent?
and candy canes."
Let's do it.
Good job today, honey.
Thanks, Mom.
My treat.
I do!
You do?
Well, what kind of ice cream
flavor do you want this time?
Hmm... cookie dough, please.
Ooh, cookie dough is good.
I'm gonna get bubble gum.
There you go.
Thank you. See you again.
Merry Christmas!
How are my favorite sisters?
Mr. Blanshard!
Good to see you again.
Molly, all you ever do
is work.
You really have
to come by the restaurant
and try the bruschetta
my wife makes with your bread.
It is so good.
What a great idea.
Maybe you can invite a friend.
The two of you have conversation
over a nice dinner.
And don't forget the wine
and candlelight.
I'll make it
very romantic for you.
Thank you, Mr. Blanshard.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you.
Even Mr. Blanshard
is totally onboard
with you inviting Josh
to a romantic dinner.
I mean, are you just gonna
keep talking on the phone?
For now.
It's complicated.
He's a single dad.
Oh... that's a wrinkle.
He's totally devoted
to raising his son,
and I respect that.
He basically said
that he's not interested
in dating anyone right now.
That's fair enough.
And that can change.
Clearly, you like him.
Okay, just a little.
When I talk to him,
it's easy.
There's something freeing
about not being face to face
that I can't describe.
We tell each other things
that we don't tell other people.
I don't think that will change
if you meet in person.
And if there's no chemistry,
well, you have a new friend.
But if there is chemistry...
Well, I mean, we'll see.
I am gonna be meeting him
at the tree-lighting festival.
But aren't you curious
to see what he looks like first?
Actually, I, uh...
I know exactly where
he's gonna be at 3:00.
-No, n-- no!
Thank you so much for coming.
Oh, hi.
Wow. Right on time.
You know, punctuality
is a rare quality these days.
Oh. Thank you.
A hug.
It's great to see you.
It's too bad
that you missed the Christmas
caroling the other day.
Yeah, I-I'm sorry.
I've just been so busy
with the festival.
Thank you
for your donation.
I think the kids
are gonna be so excited
about the whole
gingerbread booth and--
Wait till you see
what I pulled for you.
Got some great stuff.
This is a really bad idea.
I should not have
let you talk me into this.
I can't get a good look at him.
Maybe we should
just head back to the bakery.
What are you doing?
Going inside,
to get a better look.
I don't want to meet him!
I just want a quick peek.
We can't even see him
from here.
Besides... he doesn't know
what you look like, remember?
Well, what if
he recognizes my voice?
No. No.
We can't take any chances.
Just be patient.
I'm sure he'll turn around.
Oh, my gosh!
I-i-it's him.
Well, it must be,
he's the only man in the store.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's "him" him.
So wait.
Josh who calls on the phone
and the guy
you keep running into
are the same guy?
Maybe it's just a coincidence?
Text him.
"Hey. Have you...
made it to the candy store yet?"
He's getting his phone out!
That could totally
still be a coincidence.
These are so fun.
Perfect for sprinkling around,
you know?
Just sprinkle,
sprinkle, sprinkle.
You can add as much color
as you want.
Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle.
It's not a coincidence.
It is him.
"Make sure
you get the gumdrops."
He's coming!
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
It doesn't make any sense.
Josh is a single dad,
but I saw that man
at Santa's Village
with his wife.
There must be
something that we're missing.
Do you know Josh's last name?
Heart... Hardwick--
No. No, no, no. Harley.
-Yes! Harling.
Is his sister-in-law in charge
of the Christmas Festival?
Um, yeah.
Hold on.
That's her!
That's my friend, Amy Harling.
It's Josh's sister-in-law.
She's married
to his brother, Jimmy.
His sister-in-law?
I think I need to sit down.
This is so exciting!
Yes! You said you had
a strong connection
over the phone
and chemistry in person.
I did
and I do.
We do.
You know what this means?
That I'm gonna be sick?
This means
that I'm going to buy you
the most beautiful dress
for when you meet Josh
at the Christmas Festival.
Goodnight, buddy.
When we wake up,
it'll only be...
three days
till Christmas morning.
We've done so many fun things
this year.
We're gonna do
a lot more fun stuff,
like the tree-lighting festival,
Christmas dinner with Grandma
and Aunt Amy and Uncle Jimmy.
What's on the list
for tomorrow?
Well, we still have
to record our video message
for "Ho, Ho, Ho
from the Homefront."
I can't wait.
Me neither.
I'll see you
when the clouds turn.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, too.
Hi, Molly.
I just called
to let you know
that the gingerbread
is almost finished.
Well, that's great.
How was, uh... your day?
My day was interesting.
How so?
Oh, you know, just had
some interesting s-stuff.
How was yours?
Well, I-I went
to the candy store,
checked out the decorations.
Oh. Right. That was today.
You know,
Tout De Sweet Confections
is pretty close
to my bakery.
Well, I wish I would've known.
I would've stopped by.
That would've been neat.
Well, since we switched
to gingerbread,
do you want any help
getting that to the festival?
Oh, no. No, my van is plenty
big enough to deliver it.
Well, great.
see you there?
Yes. Yes, you will...
...see me.
Okay, bye.
Hello there.
-Charlie Harling.
We're here to record
our "Holidays for Heroes"
video message.
Ah. Just go on back there.
You keep turning up
like a lucky penny.
You're not the video lady.
Well, I-I'm-- I'm one of them.
We have a few that volunteer.
Are you here to make
a video message?
I'm sure you're busy.
Maybe we could come back
a different day.
Yeah, but we're--
we're here now.
We've got lots of Santa hats
and some elf costumes
for your video,
if you want
to go check them out.
That's okay.
He set this all up
as a surprise.
I'm not sure why he suddenly
wants to do it another day.
He's probably nervous.
He seems like a sweet kid.
Well, he-he is.
And, uh, his father seems
pretty amazing, too.
Um, I-I'm actually really glad
that you're here.
I wanted to thank you for
helping me out with the lights.
Oh, it's my pleasure.
Well, to show my appreciation,
I'd like to take you out
for dinner.
Have you ever been
to Blanshard's Junction?
Not yet.
It's the best.
-What do you say?
I think
that's really nice of you,
but there's not a need.
Please, I insist.
Wait, now I'm having
second thoughts
about the dress.
I'm telling you,
it's perfect.
So? What did you say?
Pfft, I was so shocked,
I just rambled for a while,
and then I told her
I'd let her know.
She probably thinks
I'm a fool.
I don't know.
Maybe she likes
funny and foolish.
It's just dinner.
You know
what I just remembered?
Charlie and I are supposed
to finish decorating
the gingerbread house today.
Dinner's not until
five hours away.
You've got plenty of time.
Oh, and plus, we were gonna
cross "snowfort" off the list.
I don't wanna push it.
I think I'll just text her
and politely decline.
Anyways, it's not like
she made reservations.
Oh. Jessica.
She made reservations.
Come on, man.
Allow yourself
to have fun sometimes.
It's not about me.
It's about Charlie.
I just don't think
he's ready for that.
I don't want him to think
anything comes before him.
Now, this...
is what I call a snow fort.
Pretty cool!
"Pretty cool"?
This thing could withstand
snowballs shot from a cannon.
Yeah, except I can't see
over the walls.
Oh, yeah, good point.
Well, I could be
on the lookout for intruders.
Maybe, but if you stand up,
you might get pelted.
Ah. Yeah.
I guess I got
a little carried away.
I have an idea.
-My periscope.
I love it!
Because, then...
we could see the enemy
advancing from miles away.
Well, it's a toy periscope,
so maybe not "miles away".
Yeah, right. Right.
Okay. All right.
So, where do I find one of
these low-powered periscopes?
Upstairs, in my closet.
I'm on it.
I hope my Dad can find
someone that will
make him happy again,
like he was
when my mom was alive.
And if possible,
could you please
deliver this by Christmas?
-I got ya.
Sorry, couldn't resist.
Well, here's your periscope.
Come on.
Let's cross "snowfort"
off the list.
You go in,
I'll be in in a minute.
And if nailing your dad
with snowballs is on the list,
you cross that off, too.
You're getting pretty good
with that thing.
It's fun.
Maybe I'll be a carpenter
when I grow up.
Well, that's a good job.
I mean...
not if I become a fireman.
Ha. Well, you got plenty
of time to decide.
good job on the lights.
Just one more thing.
The sign?
In the back of the car.
The booth looks great.
Yeah, she's gonna love it.
-Oh... you know.
Well, I better get home
and shower.
Mom's coming over
in a little while,
to watch Charlie.
That's right!
Dinner at Blanshard's.
Any advice?
Get the ribeye.
You know what I mean.
You're thinking too much.
Charlie wants you to be happy.
And so would Christie.
You're right.
So lighten up!
Enjoy yourself.
It's dinner.
Just go with it.
And I mean it...
order the ribeye.
Oh, what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse, open sleigh
Jingle bells
Doo-doo, do-de-doo
Our families
have had these stores
next door to each other
for generations.
I practically grew up here.
I've known Jess
since she was a baby.
Must be something,
to grow up in a candy store.
It had its advantages,
but my parents used to make us
do so many chores
that it really did
feel like work,
not free candy.
Well, listen,
I just wanted to say hello
and enjoy your dinner.
Thank you.
So what about you?
Have you always want to be
a computer programmer?
When I was a kid,
I wanted to be
a professional hockey player,
but it turns out,
my math skills were stronger
than my slapshot.
Hey, your store
has a great website.
Oh, thanks.
Now 75% of our sales
is actually online.
Whose platform are you running?
I have no idea.
I usually stick to the marketing
and I farm out the tech stuff.
The "tech stuff"?
Talking to a tech guy.
Oh, I didn't--
I didn't mean it that way.
Do you have to answer that?
Hey, I just saw your text now.
The, uh, finished booth
looks incredible.
I will probably be up
for a while
so give me a call
when you get this.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, Mr. Blanshard's bread!
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no!
Mr. Blanshard,
I am so sorry.
I was just about to call.
It's not like you to be late.
I know.
My system failed me.
In 30 years,
I have never run out of bread,
and we were this close.
The restaurant's packed tonight.
Yeah, I guess
with Christmas coming,
everybody wants to be
dining out.
Mm. Well, I am grateful
for your business
and this order is on me.
Aw, it's a Christmas miracle.
Listen, why don't you come in
and let me cook something
for you?
I'd love to, but I can't.
I still have
a ton of gingerbread
to finish baking
for the festival.
Something to go, then.
Look, I absolutely insist.
It'll take me five minutes.
Okay, five minutes.
Um, you know what?
Maybe another time?
Ah! How did it go, sweetie?
How was Charlie?
Aw, fantastic.
He reminds me so much of you
at that age.
We did lots of fun stuff.
We even started
the annual Christmas puzzle.
Ah, I always knew
it was Christmas
when the puzzle would come out.
We made a good start,
but I held off.
I knew that the two of you
would want
to finish it together.
Thanks, Mom.
-Bye, sweetie.
Hey. What's the emergency?
I need you to deliver
all this stuff
to the festival for me.
I thought you were gonna do it.
Because I can't.
What are you talking about?
Last night,
I saw Josh eating dinner
at Blanshard's Junction
when I delivered bread.
Well, a man's got to eat.
I still don't understand
the problem.
He wasn't alone.
He was with Jessica Morris
on a date.
Are you sure?
A couple of days ago,
you thought his sister-in-law
was his wife.
There were candles and...
wine and laughing...
I know what a date looks like.
Oh, Mols.
I feel like such a fool.
I made up this entire fantasy
in my head.
But he wasn't flirting with me.
And he's not too busy
with his son to date, either.
He's just...
in dating someone else.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
There she is.
Wow. I'm nervous.
Why are you nervous?
The festival's gonna go great.
Thanks. You're great.
Hi. Molly?
It's me, Josh.
Oh! Actually, I'm Jane,
Molly's sister.
Oh, I'm sorry, my mistake.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Is she coming?
No, she can't.
She's really busy with, uh...
Yeah, crazy-big muffin order
came in this morning.
Well, would you tell her
I said thanks?
Yes, of course.
Dad! Dad.
Ready to get set up?
Yeah! I'm gonna need somebody
to taste the frosting,
see if it's any good.
Uh, listen.
Would you mind texting her
and saying that if she does
decide to come to the festival,
I sure would like
to put a face to a voice.
I will.
Oh-- thank you.
So close.
Oh, I'm glad you're always
on my side in a snowball fight.
Always, Dad.
Thank you.
"'Twas the night
before Christmas,
and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung
by the chimney with care,
in hopes that Saint Nicholas
soon would be there."
And of course
he gets the first one.
Hi! Charlie and I
are about to start in
on the gingerbread houses.
If your muffin emergency
is over,
we could use your expertise.
What do you say,
jellybeans for the roof?
Except that's one too many.
And that's one more too many.
Who's that guy?
A soldier.
Are you happy
with how the video message
turned out today?
Not completely.
It was well-written
and you presented it well
on camera.
Yeah, but I was hoping
something else would happen.
What's that?
You promise
you won't get angry?
Of course.
I'm happy
that I made the video,
but there was another reason
why I wanted to go back there
with you.
Because I thought we would see
the lady who works there.
Who? Jessica?
No, the other one,
the nice one
that we saw when we were
buying a Christmas tree
and getting ice cream.
She was the one that was
running the video booth
the day that I volunteered
with Grandma.
She is a nice lady,
but why do you want
to see her again?
One of the other ladies
who works there said
that she makes
everyone around her happy.
And that's true,
because you seemed really happy
when you were talking to her.
I am happy.
Charlie, you make me happy.
You understand that?
Yeah, but like you said,
everybody needs a friend.
Wow! Look at
that gingerbread house.
Oh, can I help?
-Okay, Grandma.
You can help me with the roof.
Why don't you sit here?
-All right.
-Hey, Josh!
-Do you have a second?
Want to finish it up?
I will.
I'll be back in a minute.
Let's get at 'er.
Why isn't Aunt Molly here?
had something come up.
But she made
all of this gingerbread,
and she bought a dress,
and she loves Christmas!
You're right.
She should be here.
Oh. Excuse me.
Oh, hey, Jane.
Thank you so much.
This is the best
Christmas festival yet.
Oh, well,
it wasn't just me.
There are so many volunteers.
I can't believe Molly baked
all that gingerbread.
That's heroic.
Well, she had a whole lot
of help in the planning.
I think
it's from your brother-in-law?
-My brother, Josh.
That's him, over there.
He really jumped in
and took care
of about a million details.
Oh. Is he dating Jessica?
No. We're trying
to set them up.
He humored us
and went to dinner with her,
but we're 0 and 1
in the matchmaking game.
But, you know, at very least,
he'll make a new friend.
You know, I do think
he's interested in someone.
He spends a lot of time
talking to somebody
on the phone.
Hmm. Interesting.
No time to explain.
What are you doing here?
Just put the dress on
and come with me.
Oh-- why?
I'm so excited!
Me too.
Okay, who's ready
for the big event?
I love you, Dad.
I love you, son.
But before we light
the tree--
a Christmas wish,
for everyone here tonight,
everyone in Colbyville...
and everyone in the world--
may this season of gift-giving
include the gift
of an open heart... open heart that lasts
not just for a day,
or Christmas week...
but that lasts for a lifetime.
Okay. Here we go.
Merry Christmas!
You probably
remember me from...
The tree stand.
And the ice-cream store.
But there's something else
that you should probably know.
Merry Christmas.
I can't believe it's been you
the whole time.
From the moment I met you,
I knew--
There was something about you.
All those talks on the phone...
I felt like I knew you.
I couldn't wait to meet you.
I wasn't sure
that you wanted to.
That's 'cause
I wasn't brave enough
to tell you that I did.
We both said
"Dating is complicated."
This doesn't seem
too complicated.
It doesn't.
The simplest thing
in the world.
Hi. My name is Charlie.
Hello, Charlie.
We've heard so much about you.
Pleasure to meet you.
Hi. My name's Charlie,
and I know what it's like
to not be with someone you love
at Christmastime,
so thank you for the sacrifice
you're making,
so that the rest of us
back home
can have
th e best Christmas ever.