Deliver Us (2023) Movie Script

Priestess: (breathing shakily)
(heavy footsteps)
- Priestess: (grunts)
- (body thuds)
(breathing rapidly)
- Priest: (gasping)
- (shudders)
(body thuds)
(breathing shakily)
(body thuds)
(breathes shakily)
(foreboding music playing)
(foreboding music intensifies)
(foreboding music concludes)
(church bell tolling)
(reading in Russian)
(in Russian)
(glass clinking)
Reporter: (speaking English
indistinctly on TV)
Sister Yulia: (praying
in foreign language)
(door creaking)
(unsettling music playing)
(groans loudly)
(groans harshly)
(gasps, panting)
(gasping sharply)
(grunting in pain)
(gasps, grunts in pain)
(door thuds)
(unsettling music fades)
(water running)
(breathing deeply)
(electrical crackling)
Sister Yulia:
(breathing shakily)
- (suspenseful music playing)
- (breathing shakily)
(yelps in pain)
(gasping, coughing)
(groaning in pain)
(suspenseful music intensifies)
(suspenseful music concludes)
Father Fox:
Forgive me, My Lord. I can't.
Russian Bishop:
You would refuse the call?
This nun, Sister Yulia,
has asked for you by name.
Father Fox:
I have given you plenty notice.
Stayed on months longer than
I should have, at your request,
performed exorcisms
I don't believe in...
Well, this isn't an exorcism.
This is verification
of a divine event
- and some translating.
- Father Fox: Bishop, I'm sorry.
(in Russian)
Father Fox: (in English)
My Lord, I saved that girl
from her family, not the devil.
I was fighting mental illness.
You healed her
when nobody else could.
Do you deny that?
I did what all priests
are supposed to do.
I gave her my love
and attention.
I made her realize
that her life had value,
that she was a child of God.
That is when
her illness stopped.
Russian Bishop: Mm. Perhaps,
but Sister Yulia's case
seems to be different.
Local priests have confirmed
its authenticity.
It's time for me to move on.
To be a good Christian
rather than a bad priest.
Russian Bishop: You really
shouldn't feel so guilty
for what you have done.
Priestly celibacy
is rooted in tradition.
Not Catholic dogma.
If it were just an affair
and I planned to end things,
it would be different. But...
(chuckles) ...I love this woman.
And the child she's carrying
deserves a real father.
Speaking of love,
this nun, Sister Yulia,
is pregnant with twins.
She claims it's immaculate.
She says her two unborn kids
talk to her,
and that she knows
that one of them is good
and one is evil.
Take a read, would you, for me?
Father Fox: (sighs)
Cardinal Russo will personally
oversee the verification.
He's an expert
in ancient languages,
just like you.
Why's the Vatican
sending a famous scholar?
I mean, someone
like Cardinal Russo
could be Pope someday.
It shows you how seriously
the Vatican is taking this case.
Laura: (gasps) Look.
- (dog barks)
- Laura: (laughing)
- Come here, Plato. Hey.
- Laura: Hi.
Buddy, come here.
How did it go?
Father Fox: As well as expected.
How you feeling?
Laura: A little sick
this morning, but I'll be okay.
(church bell tolling)
abusive childhood...
immaculate conception.
(exhales heavily)
This woman needs help.
You should go.
You know she's not
actually possessed.
Laura: I know that, but...
isn't this being
a good Christian,
rather than a bad priest?
- Making fun of me?
- (laughs) I'm not.
I'm saying that even if you
have to pretend to be a priest
to help this woman,
that's Christian. No?
Well, technically,
I still am a priest.
But... I have
a different purpose now.
I don't want this
to take me away from you.
It won't take me away from you.
(pensive music playing)
I have to go to Estonia
for work.
You'll probably be back
before I am.
And when I get back,
we should talk about Canada.
I think Edmonton would be
a great place to raise a family.
But tell the bishop
it's the last one,
and that you mean it.
(music builds, fades)
(somber music playing)
(crows cawing)
(somber music continues)
(in Russian)
(door opens)
Sister Sniger: (in English)
His Eminence, Cardinal Russo.
Your Eminence.
It's such an honor.
(in Russian)
(in English)
I have read all of your work.
I can't tell you
how flattered I was
to be referenced so often
in your doctoral thesis
on the cuneiform alphabet.
You read my thesis?
It seems no matter
how old one gets,
there's always
something to learn
from the next generation.
Now if you don't mind,
I'd like to show you something.
Cardinal Russo:
What is it, Father?
You have doubts?
Father Fox:
I'm sorry, Your Eminence.
The colder it gets outside,
the more hot water we use,
and when hot water
passes through cold air,
you get condensation.
Have there been any developments
outside the initial report?
Sister Yulia refuses
to talk with anyone...
except you.
Father Saul: Do you have any
idea why that might be?
Ah. Father Fox, please allow me
to introduce Father Saul.
I, uh, suppose
what happened in Murmansk, or...
perhaps because there are
so few Catholics in Russia.
I see.
Sister Sniger: (in Russian)
(door creaks open)
(in Russian)
Sister Yulia: (in English)
Good afternoon, Father.
(in Russian)
(in English) You speak English.
Sister Yulia: Yes.
They didn't tell me that.
Where did you learn English?
(exhales heavily) I didn't.
Uh. The only reason
I'm able to speak English
is so that I can speak with you.
Why don't you tell me
why you became a nun?
For purpose. At first.
Then as time goes by,
you realize that you have
come here to die.
But in my case, God said, "No."
And that is why
he's given me children,
because he wants me to live.
You don't think that
these children are from God.
I think all children
are from God.
Well, I suppose
that you are right.
Why did you ask to speak to me?
Sister Yulia: Uh...
They... they tell me things.
Things I would have
no other way of knowing.
And they told me about you.
What did they tell you about me?
They told me you are
the only one
that can keep the bad thing
from happening.
You think something bad
is gonna happen to you?
Sister Yulia: I didn't bring you
here today, Father.
The Church didn't bring
you here.
God brought you here.
They are trying
to stop His plan.
(door creaks open)
They think they know better.
Um. We're not finish--
Old Nun: (in Russian)
(in English) We need your help.
Father Fox:
Hey, Sister. We're not...
(door creaks open)
(reporter speaking on TV)
Father Fox: (in Russian)
(reporter speaking on TV
Father Fox: (in English)
You wanted to see me,
- Your Eminence?
- Ah.
Father Fox. Please come in.
- Uh, help yourself to a drink.
- Father Fox: I shouldn't.
As you wish.
Do you recognize this language?
It's cuneiform, obviously,
but it's not Sumerian.
It's not Akkadian.
It's a syllabary
I've never seen before.
I believe this to be
a secretive language
used by an elite class
of Zoroastrian priests.
Kind of like the lost language
of the druids.
And this is the original text,
transferred from
person to person
for thousands of years.
Father Fox: What, uh, kind of
material is this written on?
Cardinal Russo:
There are others. Look.
All of these
are telling the same story.
Hebrew, Coptic, Arabic,
Avestan, and Akkadian.
"A virgin will give birth
to twin boys,
one good, one evil."
"Before the Messiah
can learn to love,
the Antichrist will try
and kill his brother."
"He will use the holy man... "
Both: "...the soldier,
and the father."
I don't think this word
is supposed to mean "virgin."
I think it implies
that the Messiah
will be born a virgin birth,
but that the devil
will have to enter her
through free will.
She'll have to choose
to have sex with a man.
Of course.
Why didn't I think of that?
(unsettling music playing)
(unsettling music fades)
You think this prophecy
might be real.
It's quite possible.
Sister Yulia
is carrying twin boys.
This is Zoroastrian scripture,
more than a thousand years
before Christ.
The others and I believe
that this prophecy
is as divinely inspired
as the Book of Revelation.
It's not Christian.
I was told you were
a bit of a doubting Thomas.
Your Eminence, from what
I've seen here today...
not to mention Sister Yulia's
history of mental illness,
if it were up to me, she would
already be in a hospital.
She saw things as a child.
Visions she didn't understand.
Her parents, doctors,
everyone thought
she was hallucinating
so they medicated her,
when, in fact, I believe
she saw visions from God.
(breathing shakily)
- (clock ticking)
- (door opens)
(breathing heavily)
(muffled scream echoes)
Did you hear that?
(muffled crying)
Thank you, Father Fox.
You've been most helpful.
You're dismissed.
Father Fox: Your Eminence.
(foreboding music plays)
- (music fades)
- (water dripping)
(rats scampering, squeaking)
(door creaks)
(sharp, dramatic sting)
(distant thud)
(loud thud)
(suspenseful music playing)
(loud thud)
(suspenseful music continues)
(clock ticking quickly)
- (wind whooshing)
- (music intensifies, fades)
(sinister music playing)
(whispers) Sister.
(yelling) Sister Yulia!
Sister, stop!
(music intensifies)
Father Fox: Stop!
(sinister music continues)
(gasps sharply)
- (sudden dramatic sting)
- (gasps)
(breathing heavily)
Cardinal Russo:
(whispering) Most of humanity
will be damned to hell.
Father Saul: It will keep her
sedated while we induce labor.
Cardinal Russo: Labor? I thought
this was an abortion.
Father Saul: It is.
But this late in the pregnancy,
this is how it has to be done.
Cardinal Russo:
But what if you're wrong?
Our duty is to the Church.
To the teachings of Christ.
We cannot kill the Christ child.
We have to.
If they are born,
they'll bring about
the end of days.
The choice is our burden,
our sacrifice.
That is vox Dei's mission
on Earth, Your Eminence.
Cardinal Russo: God help us.
(footsteps approaching)
Killing children?
That's what you've been
sent here to do?
The time will come when
the Antichrist and the Messiah
will be born together.
But not now.
What are you talking abou...
You actually believe
this nonsense?
She could not possibly
have known what she knows.
- Those things.
- What things?
Cardinal Russo: Visions she saw
when she was a child.
- The prophecy says...
- Your Eminence,
you are a Cardinal of
the Church of Saint Peter.
If you do this, you will
damn yourself to hell.
I'm sorry, but vox Dei...
Vox Dei? God... God's Voice?
What does that mean?
We are charged
with protecting humanity.
(Sister Yulia groans softly)
Cardinal Russo:
The Antichrist will return...
when mankind is furthest
from God.
Your Eminence,
she's just a girl.
She wants these children.
(groans softly)
(whispers) What have I done?
Cardinal, where did they go?
(distant muffled chattering)
(lamb bleats)
(lamb bleats)
(intense music playing)
(Father Fox struggling, grunts)
We have to go, now!
(slamming, clattering)
(suspenseful music playing)
Cardinal Russo:
Buckle up before...
No, no, no, no!
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music concludes)
(car engine starts)
(car engine revving)
(breathes heavily)
(train horn honking)
Cardinal Russo:
Three tickets to Kiev, please.
- (speaks in Russian)
- Cardinal Russo: Kiev. Kiev.
(announcement in Russian on PA)
(in English) Laura...
I need your help.
Can you do me...
(train honking)
Cardinal Russo:
There we go. That's it.
Gentle. That's it.
You don't look so good.
Is there anything I can do?
(door opens)
(speaking in Russian)
(in English) Ticket.
Thank you.
These are for Kiev.
You are headed to Tallinn.
Cardinal Russo: I'm sorry.
We must have bought
the wrong ones.
We don't, uh, speak Russian.
I trust you to pay
the difference at the station.
Thank you. Bless you.
Let's try
and get some rest, okay?
(Sister Yulia screams in pain)
(in Russian)
(in English) Sister, you have
to keep your voice down.
- Please. I'm so sorry.
- They are coming now.
Cardinal Russo:
I know what to do.
- (high-pitched ringing)
- Sister Yulia: (groans)
You need to help her breathe,
She needs to breathe in and out.
- In and out. Okay?
- Sister Yulia: (whines in pain)
- (train rumbling)
- (groans)
(scream echoing)
(intense music playing)
(scream echoing)
Cardinal Russo: Push!
- Breathe... and push!
- (straining)
(intense music continues)
Cardinal Russo: It's out!
Sister Yulia:
Why isn't he crying?
(muttering indistinctly)
(sobbing loudly)
(music intensifies)
(music concludes)
(train chugs)
- (gasps)
- I'm sorry.
Our... our luggage was stolen
and, uh,
we need to get to an embassy.
- Baby: (coos)
- You have children with you?
Do you have papers?
Baby: (cooing)
- (breathing heavily)
- (high pitched drone echoing)
Baby: (crying)
- Passport official: (grunts)
- (glass creaking)
Passport official: (screaming)
(gasps, breathes shakily)
You will be okay.
I stitch you while you sleep.
The child survived.
Sister Yulia: Yes.
It was a miracle.
Have you named them?
Samuel and Jacob.
- Jacob. Samuel.
- Every second
is that much closer
to the coming of His kingdom.
- (sniffs)
- Sister Yulia: (chuckles)
(door opens)
- We've arrived.
- (signal bell ringing)
(indistinct chatter)
(foreboding music playing)
(clock ticking ominously)
Sister Yulia: Not that way.
- (high-pitched screech)
- (scream echoing)
Passport, please.
We bring children for adoption.
It seems you're going to make
a couple very happy today.
Yes, we are. God bless you.
(signal bell ringing)
(music swells, fades out)
(church bell tolling)
Reporter: (on TV)
A full solar eclipse
is now expected later
this week.
Scientists have observed...
(Reporter on TV
continues indistinctly)
(bell chimes)
(faint high-pitched sting)
Reporter: (over radio)
Scientists have observed
extreme shifts
in global ocean tides,
likely brought on
by abnormal activity
in the Earth's core
and rotation speed.
These oceanic shifts
have nudged the moon off
its expected orbit.
Such a phenomenon
has been suggested in theory
but never observed in nature.
("Kuud Kuulama"
by Maarja Nuut & Ruun plays)
("Kuud Kuulama" fades out)
My grandfather lived out here
in his later years.
He and I were very close.
- Your family is in oil shale?
- Yes.
We're making the transition
to renewables as fast as we can.
He became very strange
toward the end.
But this place is big, warm,
and should have everything
you might need.
Let me show you.
- (light switch clicks)
- (electricity crackles)
He wasn't always this eccentric.
He started prepping
for the end of the world.
I guess that's what happens
when you get old.
Your world literally
is going to end.
There's food, dried goods,
hunting supplies, you name it.
Cardinal Russo:
This is fascinating.
Is this supposed to be
you and your grandfather?
Laura: I believe he saw
visions of the end times.
That's what he spent
his time painting.
Uh. The other thing.
Because my grandfather
died suddenly,
there are almost certainly
live traps still out there.
But as long as you don't go
off any trail north,
you will be fine.
I grew up hunting.
Do you mind me asking,
how did your grandfather
pass away?
(somber music playing)
It was unexpected.
Of course.
We should probably
put them down.
Let me show you to your rooms.
Father Fox: "God forgive me."
"I will continue to serve you
in this life and the next."
(gentle music playing)
Sister Yulia:
God bless you, Laura.
You really are an angel.
(chuckles, sniffles)
Laura: (in Russian)
(continues talking on phone)
(door opens)
Sister Yulia: (in English)
let me check your wound.
Oh, you tore a stitch.
I think you'll be okay.
Oh, I can come back if...
- Father Fox: No.
- Oh, no.
It's fine.
Let me walk you to your car.
How long can they stay here for?
Laura: As long as they need.
This place is on company land
and I have no use for it.
Thank you for doing this.
You mentioned Canada,
raising our family there.
Laura: Yeah?
Father Fox:
I think a fresh start
would be good for us.
Really? You mean it?
I don't think we can go back
to Saint Petersburg.
I'm sorry to put us
in danger like this.
No, no, no, no.
Don't apologize.
A person who saves one life,
saves the world.
Baby: (crying)
Laura: Are you sure
you don't need to see a doctor?
No, I'm fine.
Sister seems to know
what she's doing. Go.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Get some rest, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- Laura: I'll be back tomorrow.
Baby: (crying)
(tense music playing)
Baby: (continues crying)
(baby's cries echoing)
(tense music continues)
(Father Saul inhales)
(tense music fades)
- Father Fox: Thank you.
- Sister Yulia: You're welcome.
You know, um, I think
we will be very happy here.
I have never been this happy
and this at peace anywhere else.
(soft chuckle)
(fawn crying)
(fawn crying)
- (fawn crying)
- Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's okay. It's okay.
(fawn snorting)
(pensive music playing)
Hey! That's our dinner.
(fawn cries)
Ah. (laughing) We need the meat.
We get used to the comfort
of this life
and forget the beauty
of this world
is equal to the brutality
it takes to live in it.
Oh, the old man, he left a map.
Shows where the traps are.
He left markings on the trees.
There are nets and springs.
The springs are
the dangerous ones.
(exhales) I feel so free.
Don't you?
I haven't felt this good
in 20 years. (chuckles)
Come. Help me find
the rest of these traps.
We're going to need to
if we're going to have children
running around here someday.
(ominous clock ticking)
Man: (in Russian)
(in Estonian)
(in English)
I'm looking for Laura.
(in Estonian)
(in Estonian)
(intense music playing)
Sister Yulia: (in English)
How's your wound?
Father Fox: Oh, it's fine.
We have to make sure
that the wound isn't infected.
Come on. Sit.
This might hurt a little.
(gentle music playing)
Sister Yulia: It's impossible.
It's completely healed.
(breath hitches)
Baby: (wailing)
Sister Yulia:
They're doing this to us.
Father Fox: (sighing)
Sister Yulia:
They want us to be together.
(door opening)
(door closing)
Something smells good.
- (door opening, closing)
- (animal howling)
Cardinal Russo:
Makes perfect sense.
Born in Russia.
Given your location by God.
And look. Here.
See? This is where
you gave birth on the train.
The hallowed elephant.
I believe
this is where we are now.
You will die as a priest...
but be reborn...
as a father of twins.
But this is just one of many.
This is not the prophecy,
but it's a possibility.
It's not set in stone.
It depends what we decide.
You, Father Fox,
you, Sister Yulia...
what you decide.
Babies: (crying)
Cardinal Russo:
They're fighting. Even now.
Neither one is good or bad,
but one is a conduit
for the light.
The other,
a conduit for the Beast.
- (gasps)
- (high-pitched ringing)
Baby: (wails)
(stairs creaking)
(electricity crackles)
(indistinct whispering)
(faint rustling)
(electricity crackles)
Katya: (singing
in foreign language)
- (suspenseful music playing)
- Katya: (continues singing)
(continues singing, stops)
(animal howling)
(suspenseful music fades)
(bell chiming)
Father Fox: (preaching)
At the time he was betrayed
and entered willingly
into his passion.
He took the bread
and giving thanks,
broke it, and gave it
to his disciples, saying,
"Take this,
all of you in need of it,
for this is my body
which will be given up for you."
In a similar way,
when supper was ended,
he took the chalice, and,
once more giving thanks,
he gave it
to his disciples, saying...
"Take this, all of you,
and drink from it."
"For this is the chalice
of my blood,
the blood of the new
and eternal covenant,
which will be poured out
for you and for many
for the forgiveness of sins."
"Do this in memory of me."
(solemn music playing)
(gasps softly)
(solemn music intensifies)
(both breathe heavily)
(music swells, fades)
(birds chirping)
Baby: (coos)
It's how
they communicate with us.
Like the men on the train...
we share the same dream.
- (pensive music playing)
- Baby: (coos)
I think we were chosen.
Like Mary and Joseph.
Baby: (coos)
I think
we are meant to be a family.
- (knocking)
- (pensive music concludes)
- Oh, my God. What's happened?
- Laura: It's not mine.
Some asshole at the factory
threw blood on me.
(tense music playing)
(hesitates) Are you...
are you sure you're okay?
Babe, I'm fine!
(whispers) I'm fine.
I booked a flight for Canada...
in the morning.
I know it's sudden, but...
sooner is better for all of us.
- (tense music concludes)
- (flames crackling)
(slurps, exhales)
At first, they thought it was
some kind of virus or bacteria,
but now, they're saying
there must be something
in the air or water,
and, of course,
they're blaming me,
saying that I'm responsible.
Is there something wrong
with the water?
No. Multiple tests
have all come back negative.
I don't know what it is.
But it's getting scary
out there.
I've never seen people
act like this.
Sister, hi!
How are you and the babies?
(in Russian)
(suspenseful music playing)
(in English) Wow, he...
These are all
my grandfather's paintings.
Father Fox: Yes, the Cardinal.
There's more in the attic
if he's interested.
Um... (speaks in Russian)
(in English)
Um, I will let him know.
Where is the Cardinal?
Must be hunting.
(suspenseful music continues)
- (suspenseful music fades)
- Baby: (coos)
- Baby: (coos)
- Sister Yulia: This is Jacob.
Laura: Hi.
Sister Yulia:
And this is Samuel.
Here. You take him.
(suspenseful music playing)
(grunts softly)
They're beautiful.
They're beautiful.
(soft music playing)
Reporter: (on radio) a mysterious outbreak
continues to ravage Estonia,
leaving experts baffled.
From nausea to psychosis,
whatever's scanning
to the Baltics
is like nothing we've seen
in all of history.
Some are calling it
a freak plague, others,
the end of the world.
Many believe
the outbreak originated
in the mining region of Kose.
Some theorize a
past conspiracy,
involving the Kuusik family
going back decades...
(continues indistinctly)
(in Russian)
(suspenseful music playing)
(in English) Strange.
Katya was supposed to come.
(suspenseful music intensifies)
Laura: Daniel,
I have some clothes here
I think Sister Yulia could use.
Father Fox: Very sweet of you.
(suspenseful music continues)
(cell phone ringing)
(in Russian)
(in English) Uh... okay.
(in Russian)
- (in English) I... I... I...
- Father Fox: What's the matter?
Laura: (whispers)
Someone's out there.
Father Fox: You saw something?
Someone's out there.
Someone's out here?
Babe, I don't...
I don't see anyone.
(groans) I'm sorry. I don't...
I think
I'm just getting paranoid.
Oh, I'm sorry. (groans)
Father Fox: I understand.
Laura: (breathes deeply)
Thank you.
- I love you.
- I love you more.
Hushed voice:
Kill the child and save many.
Hushed voice:
Kill the child and save many.
- I will give you kingdoms.
- Baby: (wailing)
Hushed voice:
I will give you power.
- Babies: (crying)
- Hushed voice: Kill the child.
I will give you
all the flesh you desire.
Kill the child and save many.
you have had and lost.
- Kill the child.
- (wails)
- (whispers overlap)
- (foreboding music playing)
Cardinal Russo:
(breathes heavily)
- (tense music playing)
- (gasps)
(exhales heavily)
- (growls)
- (tense music fades)
Laura: Hmm.
My grandfather said
it was supposed to be
a portrait of me.
Come on. (kisses)
I have to stop by the factory
before we drop off
the rest of the clothes
for Sister Yulia.
Sister Yulia: (singing
in foreign language)
Sister Yulia: (singing echoing)
Hushed voice: Kill the child.
Kill the child and save many.
(intense music playing)
You are what you serve.
(screams in pain)
Cardinal Russo: (screaming)
(groans, sighs)
(panting, straining)
(wolves howling in distance)
Cardinal Russo:
(grunting, panting)
(wolves howling)
- (wolf barking)
- (gasps, pants)
- (grunts)
- (chain clanging)
Young Russo: We can make
all the pain go away...
if you agree
to help us kill the child.
All your suffering,
all your fear...
(wolves growling)
- (wolf barking)
- ...will disappear.
Save yourself.
- (spits)
- (growls)
- (exhales)
- (barks)
(wolves growling, barking)
God, have mercy on me.
Have... have mercy on me.
- (wolves growl)
- (grunts, shouts)
(eerie music playing)
Officer 1: (in Estonian)
Officer 2:
Officer 2:
Protestor 1:
Protestor 2:
Crowd: (shouting in Estonian)
- (in English) We should go.
- Crowd: (continues shouting)
I've known these men
since I was a little girl.
I'll be fine.
I'll be right back.
Wait here. Wait here.
(in Estonian)
Crowd: (continues yelling)
(ominous music playing)
(in English) Stop trying
to reason with them!
- (speaks Estonian)
- (indistinct clamor)
Protestor 3:
Crowd: (clamoring)
(in English) Stop trying
to reason with them.
- (shouts)
- (clamoring continues)
(solemn music playing)
Hey, you're gonna be okay.
(muttering) The baby. The baby.
Baby, look at me. Hey.
O holy hosts above...
(continues indistinctly)
(solemn music intensifies)
Let the fire of the Holy Spirit
now descend
that this being
might be awakened
to the world
beyond the life of Earth.
(praying indistinctly)
(prayer echoes)
- Baby: (wails)
- Father Fox: (sobbing)
Man: (speaking indistinctly)
(inhales deeply)
(keys jangling)
(suspenseful music playing)
Where are you, Russo?
(gasps, sobs)
(wolf growls)
Hey! Get!
Get away from him! Hey! Get!
Hey, get away from him!
Hey! (screams)
Get away from him! (screams)
Hey... take it.
(foreboding music playing)
(wolf howling in distance)
(inhales deeply, exhales)
(eerie music playing)
Baby: (cooing)
Father Fox: (praying)
As it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.
Baby: (cooing)
Hushed voice: Kill my brother,
and I will give you kingdoms.
I will put you on a throne.
Kill my brother,
and you will be seen.
Kill my brother,
and you will be known.
Kill my brother,
and you will be king.
- Baby: (crying)
- (screams)
- Baby: (crying)
- Father Saul: (pants)
Father Fox: Stop!
Both: (grunting)
- We have to kill the child.
- Father Fox: (choking)
Father Saul: (screams in pain)
- (breathes heavily)
- (gasps for air)
(gasps for air)
We need to leave.
It is only a matter of time
before the rest of vox Dei
find us.
(eerie music playing)
(breathes heavily, gasps)
(breathes heavily)
Look at this! It's so clear.
This is us when we escaped
from the convent.
This is Russo. His death.
Laura. (pants)
And Laura's baby. Your baby.
Just look at these paintings!
This is our dream.
This is us as a family.
What else do you need?
What don't you understand?
(eerie music intensifies)
(inhales sharply)
I've wasted my entire life.
Sister Yulia: What?
The prophecy is real.
- Yes.
- (laughs)
Sister Yulia:
This is the point of all this.
It hasn't been decided.
The devil could win.
He is not fighting against God.
- He's fighting against us.
- (gasps) Oh, my God.
What have I helped you do?
(intense music playing)
- (high-pitched ringing)
- Father Fox: (groans)
(grunts, groans)
(high-pitched ringing continues)
- Father Fox: (groans)
- Laura: (chuckling)
(groans, screams)
Laura: Imagine
what your life would be like
- if it weren't for them.
- (gasps)
How much better it would be.
They took me away from you.
You're raising good for God...
but bad for men.
Whose side are you on?
This battle
has not been decided.
You can save humanity
all by yourself.
You only have to kill
the bad one.
It's not too late for us,
my love.
(deep voice) Kill the child.
(normal voice)
Then, kill yourself.
Kill the child.
Kill the child.
Kill the child.
Kill the child. Kill yourself.
- (gasps sharply)
- (intense music concludes)
(breathes heavily)
(gasps sharply)
- (banging on door)
- (dramatic music playing)
- (banging on door)
- (gasps)
Father Fox:
Why did you lock this door?
- (grunting)
- Sister Yulia: (screaming)
Father Fox:
It hurts my feelings.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee!
(grunts) Mother of God,
pray for us sinners.
Fear no more!
(dramatic music concludes)
(birds chirping)
(in Estonian)
Sister Yulia: (in English)
Help! (pants)
- Officer: (speaking Estonian)
- (in English) Help!
- (intense music playing)
- Father Fox: (panting)
Help! He's trying to kill us.
He's trying to kill my children!
- Then he wants to kill me!
- (wails)
- What did you say?
- (high-pitched ringing)
(high-pitched ringing continues)
Father Fox: Hey, guys,
don't listen to her.
- She's just a crazy bitch!
- What's that in your hands?
- (shouts)
- (gasping)
Fuck! Ah!
- (grunts)
- (screams)
(breathes heavily, grunts)
Father Fox:
This is for your own good!
We are God's vessel on Earth!
I'll only kill the bad one.
I know which one is which now.
Hey, hey. I'll show you.
Sister Yulia: We are meant
to protect the Messiah
from his brother!
Father Fox: The world
doesn't have to end!
Don't condemn half of humanity,
because you can't
sacrifice one child.
Think of Abraham and what
he was willing to do to Isaac.
Samuel, he is using you!
Remember those dreams.
- They were a warning.
- That child is the devil!
- (wails)
- If the world ends now,
most of humanity
will be damned to hell.
You cannot save the world alone.
It will take all of us,
all of us together to do that.
- I alone have to.
- Fox... this isn't you.
You must be somewhere in there.
- Please.
- (thunder rumbling)
- Give me the child.
- Please.
Give me the child.
- Please.
- Give me the fucking child!
God made the world like this
for a reason.
The good and the bad.
And we must save both!
- He didn't save Laura.
- (thunder roaring)
- (sobs)
- What about my child?
- He didn't save him.
- (exclaims)
Sister Yulia: (yells)
Fox, stop!
I think we were chosen.
Like Mary and Joseph.
I think we are
meant to be a family.
(thunder roaring)
Sister Yulia: Fox! No!
(pants, cries)
(solemn music playing)
(breathes shakily)
(praying in Russian)
(praying in Russian, sobs)
(praying in Russian)
continues praying in Russian)
(uplifting music playing)
Sister Yulia:
God has chosen to become man.
To suffer the same desires
and temptations as all men do.
He too will learn
how to love true suffering.
It is up to us to guide him...
and to make sure
that he is prepared
to fight his brother.
We are not meant
to know the why.
Love is the only way forward.
(solemn music playing)
(music concludes)