Deliver Us from Evil (2020) Movie Script

I have a new assignment for you. A big one.
You promised you'd take on
one last assignment.
Because it's so big,
no one else wants to do it.
Who is it?
Koreeda Daisuke.
He's the Director of the Tokyo Branch
of the Kanto Organization.
That man killed way more than
just a couple of women.
(Tokyo, Japan)
He's the most evil amongst all evil.
He dares to touch my woman?
Who is this?
Are you Koreeda?
Who the hell are you?
Is anyone there right now?
Someone answer me!
Try and kill me.
You think you can do it?
Be quiet.
I did my best.
I know there's no need to
dress up for the target,
but you should at least shave.
Beer, please.
Have you decided where you'll go?
Thank you.
Not yet.
I'm a bit disappointed to see you go.
No one's as reliable as you, lately.
All of them are half-hearted.
He was speaking Korean.
He was an overseas Korean,
so he had Korean blood running
through his veins, just like me.
He broke out in this business by himself.
Would you be okay with one more
assignment before you leave?
Fine, forget about it.
If you stay here you'll
keep smelling blood anyway.
Just like we agreed,
I will transfer the money
through the underground bank.
The commission fee is 15%, okay?
Just one more hit, it would
truly be your last hit this time.
If you dont follow the agreement,
you will be my last hit.
Do you want to deposit all of it
into your account?
Yes, please.
I'll do as instructed.
I apologize.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Hey, Fujimoto.
The sea from that painting,
where is it located?
Oh, that painting...
Excuse me.
It says Panama.
The Republic of Panama.
A paradise for the world's richest.
You can hide in there
all the money you have.
Can you find out more for me?
No need to find out anything,
you can enter freely.
The weather is nice,
the tropical beach...
The South American women...
Sounds good, right?
How long will it take?
One week.
Have you decided already?
Okay, soak in the sea
for the rest of your life.
Rest and have fun.
I bet even dying there is better than--
Where did you say that company is?
- Mom, what should I wear today?
- Yes.
Eat first.
(Bangkok, Thailand)
I am not sure where is that.
Could you please send me
the information by email?
Little princess, please get off.
Carry your backpack properly.
Yoo Min.
The babysitter will be picking you up today.
Call me as soon as you get home.
Mom, show it to me.
The coin magic trick.
The coin magic trick? Now?
Its not easy in the morning.
Let's see, do I have a coin?
Here it is!
And it's gone! Where is it?
Yoo Min.
Yoo Min!
Didn't you forget something?
My sweet daughter, I love you!
See you later!
You won't find a better
golf course in Thailand.
As you can see, almost everyone
here is Korean,
so it will be very easy to manage.
In two years you'll
pay back your investment.
After that, it's all profit.
You just have to pay the deposit
within this week.
I'm sure you know this, but it's not
easy to come by such good conditions.
If paying the deposit is
too stressful for you...
I can pay the deposit right away.
But the conditions seem too good,
which worries me a little.
In that case, will you think about it
for a few more days?
(HMC International School)
- Come here.
- Where?
We're going to see your mom.
Stop smoking.
(Panama Holiday Tour)
Have you seen it?
Do you like it?
What's with the silly reaction?
Do you know someone named
Kim Chun Sung in Incheon?
Yes, why?
He wants to talk to you.
Frankly, I was quite hesitant to call you.
It's not like telling you about it
would change anything.
But I still have to tell you,
considering it's related to you.
I received a call from Bangkok.
It was Young Joo.
Are you listening?
She begged me to contact you.
I felt something's not right, so I asked her
what's wrong but she wouldn't tell me.
I just told her I don't know
where you are.
What are you going to do?
It's all in the past.
If she calls you again,
just tell her I'm dead.
Is there no way to contact him directly?
If you'll be able to contact him,
please let me know.
How is it?
Did we leave out anything?
If we do this, will anyone report her?
She smuggled herself from Yanbian.
First, spread this as much as possible.
We need her personal information
in order to proceed with follow-up actions.
That way, we will know if the child
was kidnapped or if she ran away.
Run away? Where would
a 9-year-old run away?
But so far there were no blackmail calls.
Once that happens we can officially
form an investigation team.
Hold on.
Yes, sir.
Is this right?
Miss, I found her!
Yoo Min's nanny,
the woman who took her away.
Where's Yoo Min?
Not clear yet.
My boys found her,
something is definitely going on.
Apparently she only wants money,
I'm on my way right now.
You have to come too, quickly!
What about the police?
No, you cannot take the police there.
As long as we pay her,
you'll be able to take your daughter
back safely.
What should I do now?
Come here as soon as possible!
Don't tell anyone else, got it?
I received a call from that guy.
He asked me to deliver a message to you.
Kim Chun Sung. The message was simple.
"Seo Young Joo is dead."
The South Korean police asked
if they should get the body back.
Who is Seo Young Joo?
Hello? Hey!
(8 years ago)
The National Intelligence Agency seems
to have been involved in this incident.
It was revealed that the
National Intelligence Agency...
...had a confidential team handling
all of the foreign affairs,
whose members apparently
received assassination training.
He sneaked into my bedroom
and tried to kill me.
Chief, who sent him?
These were the instructions from above.
"Disband our department starting from today".
So now that we're useless,
they're getting rid of us?
Go to the airport, right now.
This is the last thing I can do for you.
You can go wherever you want.
Leave whenever you can.
The world has changed.
Until when will I have to hide?
Is it because of that woman?
You know what you should do.
You scared me.
What's the occasion? Visiting
without contacting in advance.
What happened to your hand?
Is there a problem?
I came to see you before I go abroad.
I may never come back.
Are you kidding me?
Stop it, I'm getting nervous.
(Incheon, South Korea)
When Ms. Seo Young Joo declared
the missing child,
she wrote your name
as the contact person.
The body was badly damaged.
Will you be okay?
Looks like they wanted to dispose of
the body, so they got rid of it.
Even if you are not a family member,
you have the right to take her body.
Have you decided?
They found her near the pier.
The local police searched nearby
and found her wallet.
Her money and her ID card
were taken away,
but inside there was still
a picture of her daughter.
The embassy used this to confirm it.
You can keep this now if you want to.
Excuse me...
What about the child?
I heard they're still looking for her,
but the security over there
is not very good.
There are many cases of
disappearance and abduction.
For now we will have to wait
for their investigation results.
You already knew?
Soon after that,
she came looking for me.
She said she was pregnant
and asked me what to do.
I told her to make a choice.
Either give birth,
or go to you.
It was her own choice.
We have a problem.
- Hello?
- Speak.
It's about your last target.
Ray has been to his funeral.
You mean that butcher?
I asked around.
Ever since he was a kid,
Koreeda grew up in this business
with someone who was
like a little brother to him.
Ray, that butcher... It turns out
he's Koreeda's little brother.
The two haven't been keeping in touch
for a long time, so no one knew.
Now he's out for blood, looking for
the guy who killed his older brother.
He will find us soon.
Have you heard the rumors
about this Ray guy,
how he hangs people up
and cuts up their stomach?
They say he's paranoid and
he never loses his prey.
Regardless, nothing has changed.
Just stick to the plan.
You'll be leaving for Panama anyhow.
To the Narita Airport.
You already knew that Koreeda
is connected to Ray, didn't you?
That's why you assigned him to me.
That's why I kept asking you
to take on one last job!
Ray would have been the target.
Shit, it's too late now, anyway.
I warn you, you better leave immediately.
Hey, play some music.
Ray is on his way.
Once he arrives,
I won't be able to help you out.
Where is Kim In Nam?
In Incheon.
I don't know anything else, I swear!
I told you everything I know.
You know how this business works.
I told him to go to Incheon
to find Kim Chun Sung, that's all.
Hey, we're all compatriots here.
There's no need to take it this far.
Sure, my dad was Korean.
After the independence, he smuggled
himself from Busan to Osaka by boat.
Since he arrived empty-handed,
he started working as a butcher
in the market.
After slaughtering animals
during the day,
he would come home drunk
at night and beat us to a pulp.
He said that whenever he saw us,
we reminded him of the woman who ran away.
What I'm trying to say... that I have also slaughtered plenty
of dogs and pigs ever since I was young.
It is unfortunate, but this is my way.
This was sent from Bangkok.
There is a man named Lee Young Bae,
he lives in Bangkok.
When you get there, call
the number above to meet him.
Dont expect too much.
What should I do once I meet that kid?
(Looking for a missing child,
9-year-old Korean girl)
Are you going to Bangkok?
Didn't you do enough?
He killed my brother.
I'm going to put an end to this myself.
Just prepare 2 locals for me.
(Bangkok, Thailand)
Brother Chun Sung contacted me,
he says you're his junior.
I heard you're a killer, how come
there are no wounds on your face?
Anyway, he asked me this favor
so I looked into it.
Aren't you hot?
When Koreans come here,
they usually hire locals as helpers.
They say if you live together
you're like family,
but here is different.
I got stabbed in the back more than once.
Giving money to the babysitter
and asking her to abduct the child,
that's commonplace in this area.
The problem is that this wasn't
a case of pure abduction.
All the money in her account was taken away,
so the job feels well designed.
It means someone knew
that she transferred a lot of money
in her account recently.
So I digged even further.
His name is Han Jong Su.
Real estate guy.
He's wanted for fraud in South Korea.
He's been here for a while.
Specializing in fraud and using
real estate investment as bait,
it's been about a year since
he approached Seo Young Joo.
They were seen visiting places together,
for real estate investment.
I bet this is our guy.
Such a high class house
is suitable for two people.
There is also a large courtyard,
suitable for children to run and jump.
What's the child's name?
Shi Yu. Chung Shi Yu.
Shi Yu! I bet he's gonna love it.
See you when we'll sign the contract!
Thank you!
And tell your husband
not to talk nonsense everywhere he goes.
I mean to keep his mouth shut.
Keep his mouth closed, okay?
Is she deaf? She can't hear shit.
Why are you doing this to me?
I don't know! I don't know anything!
You have approached the wrong person!
It's not me!
Why? Do you want to chop it off?
No way!
I used real estate as bait!
I waited until she prepared the deposit!
Then the child was kidnapped.
Then I called her to...
Go on.
I knew she had the deposit money,
so I called her and told her that
if she pays the kidnapper,
she'll be able to take
her daughter back safely.
Where is the child now?
Dead! She's dead!
She's dead!
She's dead!
That bitch killed her, not me!
She said she'll take care of it,
and asked me for more money.
It's true! I told you everything!
So call an ambulance for me!
I will really die here!
Where's the child's body?
Fuck, ask that bitch!
She said she killed her
together with her husband!
I really told you everything now!
So please stop.
Call the police,
I will them everything.
Stop it already!
It's all my fault!
If you let me go, I will...
I will find the woman
who kidnapped the child.
She is the kidnapper.
She is the one. We got her.
She's inside, go meet her.
You have a lot of money.
Apparently you brought a shitload of money.
And you fearless fool
dare to come here alone?
What an imbecile.
I'm going to kill you!
You bastard!
Looks like these fools don't know.
I know where the kid is!
I will tell you, okay? Please!
Thank you!
I'm back.
Let's eat.
I heard you can speak Korean.
Don't yell, don't scream. Got it?
It will become unbearable,
beyond your imagination.
So I hope you'll answer properly.
Do you remember this kid?
Where is the child's body?
Who got rid of the body?
She is alive!
She is alive.
I told Boss Han that she was dead,
but she is still alive!
So please spare our lives!
Say it again.
I heard it's possible to sell the child,
so some of my husband's friends
took her away.
They paid us and took her away.
Who took her?
Who the hell took her?
Go meet that person.
After that, I don't know.
It's the truth.
How is that child?
Not bad.
Gonna be useful.
What about the date?
The day after tomorrow.
Get her moved tomorrow.
Korean children are not easy to find.
Let her eat well.
Did she really say Chaopo?
There is a red pill called "Yaba".
Everyone uses that drug around here.
It's a large market,
the scale is massive.
That's their main business.
Selling children is just a sideline.
Japanese and Korean kids are so rare
that the buyers are queuing up.
Everyone is waiting for
an organ transplant,
but they can't get it in Korea.
Since they can't get it there,
they end up coming here.
The funny thing is that
the people who come here,
they are not searching for Southeast
Asian kids, they prefer Korean kids.
So you need to hurry.
Don't touch.
It's been five years.
She's the same after all this time.
I was going to ask you for money.
Why did you come here?
Shut up.
You said you need money for surgery, right?
Why do you mention this so suddenly?
All you have to do is follow this
fellow here and be his tour guide.
Do you know what a tour guide is?
Just for one week.
Yes, Kaolee. It means Korean.
How much will you pay me?
I don't need a lover.
What the hell? I hate this guy's glare.
Shut up.
I'm Yui.
I'm looking for a child.
She's so pretty!
God, look at her eyes!
Pretty different.
Is it your kid?
If you help me find the kid,
you'll be able to pay for your operation.
You probably already realized by now,
but this is not going to be easy.
Twenty thousand?
Thirty thousand?
I want it in dollars, divided.
Pay the deposit first,
and the balance after the job is done.
Can't last more than one week. Deal?
Stinky bitch.
How about it?
Is he gay, or something?
Bitch, what are you talking about?
Are you?
Go to this restaurant in Lat Phrao
and call this number.
Tell them you want to buy a kid.
Wait there and someone will contact you.
This is all I can do for you.
Take Yui and try to find the kid.
Yui, get a cab and go.
See you again.
(Women's toilet)
Will anyone even call us?
He was supposed to call in 10 minutes,
it's been hours!
Oh, crap! It's so hot!
What do you do for a living?
You don't really look like a gangster.
But then again, you don't look
like an ordinary citizen either.
Shit, I'm talking alone.
Let me see the child's picture.
I have to know the kid's face
if we're supposed to find her.
Jesus! Give it to me.
But hey...
Do you think I help you out
for the money?
I'll show you something.
I have a kid, too.
Five years old, living in Korea.
Then what are you doing here?
You're really in no position
to criticize me.
I don't have the confidence,
how can I show up looking like this?
I will only scare the poor kid.
So be good to her once you find her.
Don't lose her again.
You bastard...
He's asking what are you looking for.
Tell him I'm looking for a kidney.
Why would you ask for a kidney?!
He needs kidneys...
Got it.
He's asking you to cross the road
and get in the car.
- Miss.
- Shit...
Where do you work?
Just look straight ahead, idiot.
It's them.
Follow me.
How can they...
How is this possible? This is madness!
She says that once you pick one, they'll
take the kid and prepare for surgery.
Tell her I want a Korean kid!
He wants a Korean kid.
She says there was one,
but was already ordered.
She can help you find
another kid in a few days.
- Ask her how old is that child?
- What?
Ask her how old is the Korean kid!
Fine, why are you so angry?
It's a girl, a 9-year-old girl.
Tell her I want to see that kid,
I need confirmation.
She says she can't, the kid was
already moved to a different location.
Tell her I want that kid, and that
I'm willing to pay double the price.
Actually, I can give her
as much as she wants.
Wait outside.
God, I'm so sick of this.
I came here to escape from all that crap,
but fuck, everywhere is the same shit.
Is there a place I can go
to avoid human filth?
Wait and see, one day I will
leave this place for good.
Where are you going now?
He always does as he pleases.
Wait for me.
You are crazy! What are you doing?
- Ask them if they've seen this kid.
- What?
Ask them if they've seen this child, hurry!
Kids, have you seen this child?
He saw her!
He asked her how old is she,
they're the same age.
Where, where did he see her?
They were in the same car!
What? A car?
Why did you go inside?!
What will we do if they come back?
Where is this child right now?
Do you know where this child is now?
She went for surgery.
God, what do we do?
She went to have surgery.
What? surgery?
Ask him where is that place?
Do you know where she'll have surgery?
I want to play football.
We play football together.
All of us played football there.
He wanted to play football,
and they played football there.
First, take all the kids away.
What are you talking about?
Take all the kids
and get out of here, tell him!
Hey, kids!
Come with me, your sister
will take you out of here.
Come on, hurry up!
Who are you?
Why did you go inside?
We were just chatting.
We really didn't do anything, I swear.
What are you laughing at?
- You want to die?
- Fuck!
Why did you enter this room?
- I will kill you.
- A gun! Gun! Gun!
You made a big mistake!
You will both get killed!
Lan will kill you both!
Come here! Come here and translate!
Ask her again where the kid is.
Tell her this is her last chance.
She was here until yesterday...
They moved her this morning,
she's going to have surgery.
What kind of surgery?
Heart surgery.
She says it's a heart transplant.
The doctor came in this morning
and agreed to do the heart transplant.
Where did they take her?
To the Ratchaburi Province!
But she doesn't know the exact location.
I must know where!
I must know the location!
Lang Yao!
Lang Yao?
Is she going to Lang Yao?
He says she was taken to Lang Yao.
Okay, let's go.
Who are you?
Who the hell are you?
Oh my god...
Come here! Don't look!
You have to take this kid
and get out of this place at all costs.
Once you get out,
wait for me across the road.
Come here! Let's go!
Lee Young Bae, you bastard!
Don't move!
Get in the car! Get in the car!
Let go of me.
Reporting to the headquarters.
We arrested the person
who fled the scene.
The suspect will be transferred
to the headquarters.
It's a place for child trafficking.
Whose territory is this?
It's Lan's organization.
Someone messed with his business place.
He won't just sit by and watch.
Two Koreans came to buy kidneys.
One of them ran away.
Find out who that is.
Yes, boss.
There was yet another person.
Someone good with handling knives,
definitely an expert.
Find all the relevant people.
Kill them all.
Yes, sir.
Lang Yao means "long water road",
and there is a river to the Mekong.
A village is right at the end
of that river.
Everyone calls it Lang Yao.
It's midnight anyway,
it's useless to go now.
By the way, did you try calling
anyone in Incheon?
That guy had Kim Chun Sung's phone.
This is my new number.
Contact me when you find the child.
This is all I can do for you!
I'm helping you out of respect
for our brother who passed away, but...
If you keep chasing me,
you'll die by my hand.
I will kill everyone
who's related to you.
It's all on you.
Did you do this?
It's not me.
And what's with the informal speech?
Then you have to prove it's not--
It's really not me!
How can I possibly prove it?
Someone asked me to be a tour guide.
Who are you again?
Call the embassy for me, hurry.
She said she didn't do it.
Someone asked her to be a tour guide.
Ambassador... Ambassador... Yeah.
The Embassy won't make any difference.
Do you want to be locked up
here for ten years?
Even if the Korean Embassy
gets involved, it's useless.
He asked if you want
to be detained for ten years.
She will have many lovers
in there for the next ten years.
He said you will be
very popular in prison.
Do you have any idea how serious this is?
Six people were killed by Koreans
in downtown Bangkok!
You will tell me everything
if you don't want to rot in jail.
- Once you go to jail...
- Lang Yao...
He heard that there are Korean kids there.
That's all I know.
Your Thai is very good,
you can say it yourself.
Lang Yao? What's there?
Chaopo's factory.
Find out the exact location
and dispatch everyone there.
That guy is dangerous,
have the SWAT teams on standby.
You're good!
Where do you come from?
What about the ammunition?
Can't just sell it to anyone.
Can I see that one?
That one? All right.
I heard you deal with Chaopo.
What did you say?
Call him and ask him to come.
Who the hell are you?
Where did you take the Korean kid?
Hey, kid!
You're good!
Do you like soccer?
Can you speak English?
A little.
Where did you buy this ball?
I didnt buy it. My dad gave it to me.
Your dad?
My dad makes soccer balls.
I see!
Can you tell me where he works?
That building.
Found him.
He may have weapons.
Don't act without authorization.
He's on the move.
Stay on him and look out for the
people he comes in contact with.
If he resists, shoot him.
After him!
What do we do?
Do you want to just leave?
Let's move fast.
Do you know how much she's worth?
Get ready for surgery.
SWAT team joining in.
How do I get the boat ticket?
Go to the Arunsiam Hotel In Ratchada.
Use the name Lee Chul Jae
to book for accommodation.
Then the smugglers will call
the guest room.
The meeting is at three o'clock,
they'll call you and ask for the payment.
They are South Americans.
Is this safe?
That Japanese bastard is still
looking for you, isn't he?
And as long as I'm here, he'll keep
looking for me until I'm dead.
Because of you I'm going to die too!
You have no clue how scared I am!
Your current place may also be dangerous,
try to move to a safer place.
I know, so please, just leave already!
A shooting battle between
drug organizations based in Bangkok...
The police officers also opened fire
against the members of the organization...
It's too late to cover our backs now.
They dared to ruin my factory?
We first wanted to catch the Korean,
But then a heavily armed guy
suddenly appeared,
turning this into an even bigger mess.
Compared with the money your police
received from me,
that factory is worth nothing.
What's important is that someone
is playing on our territory,
and they're trying to provoke us.
Who is Lan?
I wanna talk to him!
You will help us find him?
Who the hell are you?
This area belongs to us.
We kill him.
You can take his body instead.
Why would you want to get him so badly?
I don't remember anymore.
The reason doesn't matter.
It's okay, me and your mom
are good friends.
No matter what happens,
I will definitely take you home.
Find that Korean!
It's me.
What the hell? What happened?
Chaopo's people chased me all the way
to the store, what is this?
I found the child.
Oh my...
That's great, that's great news, but...
If I get caught by them...
I will be finished, you know that.
I'm leaving this place.
Before that, I need someone
to take care of the child.
I'm at the Arunsiam Hotel in Ratchada.
Both the police and Chaopo are after me.
Be here tomorrow before three o'clock.
I don't know, sorry... I'm hanging up.
This one, too.
Lee Chul Jae
Excuse me, sir?
My child...
Can you call a doctor to my room?
I'll have her checked.
You mean, right now, sir?
Quickly, please.
Ok, I'll look for a pediatrician.
Thank you. Thank you!
You wanna go to Panama?
Come to the market street
behind the hotel in 20 minutes.
Who is it?
I was asked to make a house call.
Just let me check.
You're a good girl.
I don't think she got hurt.
But I feel like she got a lot of stress.
She isn't speaking at all.
I think it's a psychological problem.
Is it serious?
It can be.
Can I ask you a favor?
I have to go out.
Can you stay here just 10 minutes?
Just 10 minutes with my daughter.
Please, come back in exactly 10 minutes.
Thank you!
Yoo Min, you can't go in there.
Ah, you found a coin!
I'll show you something fun.
Give me the coin.
With this magic wand,
I'm going to make it disappear.
Look closely.
One... Two... Three!
The magic wand disappeared!
Your mother also liked magic tricks.
I wasn't brave enough to protect her.
But I will never make
the same mistake again.
I promise you.
I will never leave by your side.
No matter what happens,
I wont leave you alone.
Yoo Min.
Will you count from one to ten?
Slowly count to ten in your heart.
After you're done counting to ten,
I will already be back by then.
I promised you.
No matter what happens,
I will definitely come back.
You! This way.
This way!
I heard there is someone else with you.
I'm taking my kid.
You will depart from the 2nd terminal
of the Laem Chabang Port.
See you there at 5 PM.
Don't forget the rest of the money.
Yoo Min!
Yoo Min!
Yoo Min!
I beg you to spare the kid's life.
There's no need to take it this far.
Do you know what people who die
by my hands say the most before dying?
"There's no need to take it this far."
They say there is no need to take it so far,
while begging me with their fearful eyes.
I do this precisely
to see them like that.
Just wait and see. It's not over yet.
Fuck, I am going to kill you!
Put him in a suitcase,
so that he can take him.
I changed my mind.
How much did they offer?
Take him there and wait for me.
I pay double.
And I'm gonna open his stomach there.
But do not touch him!
He is mine.
What about the bag?
Hurry up! Untie me!
Untie me!
Where is the child? Where is the child?
- Don't shoot!
- Translate, quickly!
Where is the child?
I don't know!
Tell me!
I don't know, that man took her!
Where is the child?
Where is the child?
Yoo Min? Yoo Min!
Yoo Min...
I'm going to kill you, you bastard!
Yoo Min...
Yoo Min?
Oh my god...
Yoo Min!
Yoo Min, wake up!
Are you okay? Wake up!
Okay, good!
Yoo Min, it's okay!
Are you okay?
Take the child away! Take the child away!
Please take her away!
Are you all right?
You knew from the beginning
how this was going to end.
It's okay!
It's okay...
You said you want to leave that place?
In the bag you'll find your money
and the things you will be needing.
Once you arrive there,
tell them that I sent you.
They will help you settle in.
All the documents that you need are there.
In case I won't be able to make it,
promise me that you'll at least
take Yoo Min away.
This is why I called you.
Thank you for helping me.
Once you're there, you can start over.
After finding Yoo Min,
for the first time in my life
I wanted to live.
In case something happens to me,
I entrust my daughter to you.
(Hwang Jung Min)
(Lee Jung Jae)
(Park Jung Min)
(Director/screenwriter Hong Won Chan)