Deliverance Creek (2014) Movie Script

- Hey.
- Nice shiny blade there.
Stand easy.
They're ours.
Stand easy!
Looks like you claimed
another easy victory
for the union, major.
Where's your regiment from?
Kind of a ragtag bunch
from all over.
Well, lookee here,
this one's still alive.
Just finish him off, Cyril.
Well, now,
where is the fun in that?
Don't kill me.
Look, I know something.
We're going to pick up our pay.
It's coming all in gold...
six union regiments' worth.
Uh, deliverance creek,
Ah, I don't know.
I didn't hear that part.
You didn't hear that part.
Well, then I guess
you don't need
both these ears of yours,
now, do you?
And look, see,
I could use another pair
for my collection.
No, please! Don't!
Stop! Aah!
Come on, boys,
let's move out!
I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
You have the worst timing.
Oh, come on, I'm one
of only two deputies left.
When I saw you riding up,
I thought you was Harlan
coming home.
You know, you want me
to stop coming by, Belle,
just say so.
I want to see more
of you, Nate.
In fact, I don't know
what we're waiting for.
I haven't had even a letter
in over two years,
and if that don't
make me a widow...
Don't sit right... me being
with another man's wife,
but I couldn't have stopped this
even if I tried.
So, when the time comes,
will you marry me?
But you're not saying
we have to wait until then,
though, are you?
No, ma'am.
I'm off duty Sunday.
You can be back before sunup.
Now, come on...
Let's go scare the hell
out of those kids of yours, huh?
What do you want?
Oh, just making sure
everything's all right
over here, neighbor.
Thank you for checking in on us,
but we're making do.
You'll have to excuse me.
I have supper to fix.
Well, now, come on, now.
I see deputy cooper
riding up here all the time.
Why accept his help
when I'm right next door?
You're drunk.
Go on home and sleep it off.
You goddamn bitch!
Get off my ranch!
You're gonna regret this.
Give my regards
to your wife.
Where have you been?
I went over to tell
Belle Barlowe
her calves got
mixed in with ours.
She went off hollering.
I shouldn't even have
to deal with that woman.
That land should be ours,
That burr in your boot
have anything to do
with that handprint
on your cheek, Jeb?
You even listening
to me, woman?
I'm telling you what's what.
Well, go clean up for supper.
You got to leave tonight.
It's true.
You know I don't know
what it says.
Slave auction's
coming here Monday.
This was on master's desk
with a list.
You and the boys
are on it, Moses.
There's peppers
to throw off the dogs
and enough food to last
till you get there.
Wait. You're not
coming with us?
- Little Edward's still poorly.
- Kessie.
Master thinks I'm down here
making a mustard plaster.
If I leave now, he'll know
five minutes after I've left.
Then we'll wait.
We go together.
You go now. He won't even
notice you're gone till morning.
I'll pick my time and go.
It's okay, baby. We're gonna be
together real soon.
Kessiah... Kessie,
master's looking for ya!
I'm coming, Alma!
They'll leave you
at the schoolhouse
in deliverance creek, Missouri.
I know all about
the underground railroad, Ben.
I just want you to be aware,
now, that's all.
You spent all summer trying
to talk me into this, Ben,
and now you're trying
to talk me out of it?
Don't... now, Hattie Gatlin...
what's this, just wanting
to use my schoolhouse
but not have me pick them up?
You heard what happened
to those Quakers out in Fayette?
I understand
the dangers, Ben.
But I've never felt so right
about anything in my life.
Oh, hi.
What are you doing here
on a Saturday?
Don't you know
that there's no school?
Hey, where's your mama at?
- Hi, aunt Hattie.
- Hi, Caleb.
What a wonderful surprise.
- All right, go play.
- Run along.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Pleasure to see you,
Mrs. Barlowe.
Why, hello, Ben.
I'll be seeing
you ladies at church.
Awfully early
to come a-courtin'.
You ride all the way out here
to give me a hard time?
Can you come stay Sunday night?
I can be back before sunup.
Are you and Nate
passing the night together?
This war's not gonna
last forever, Belle.
- What if Harlan finds out?
- Harlan is dead.
- You don't know he's dead.
- I know he's dead.
People around here
are gonna figure it out.
Tongues wag
no matter what I do.
Is it that crazy to think
maybe this time
I can choose who I love?
I just hope all this
turns out like you want it to.
Thank you.
Yes, aunt Cordelia.
Why didn't you tell me
Belle Barlowe is behind
on her payments?
She makes a little payment
each month...
Same as most other
widows in town.
She's not a widow,
last I heard.
A war widow.
How's she gonna round up
her cattle alone?
She's only got little ones.
Why do you defend her so?
Go nail this
to Belle Gatlin Barlowe's
front door.
One, two, three.
What's wrong, ma?
You up for branding
some calves?
Thought maybe we could
take a few to auction this week.
Ma, come here! Look!
That thieving son of a bitch
branded all four
of our spring calves.
How many other thieving
sons of bitches do we know?
You're not gonna shoot
an unarmed man
coming out of his privy.
I do whatever
I goddamn please.
Isn't that what you do, Jeb?
You missed your mark,
or are you asking him to dance?
Haven't rightly warmed up yet.
What are you up to, Belle?
Well, clearly
not as much as you two!
See, Jeb here's
been branding my calves
while you've been
leaving love notes for me
on my front porch!
I run a bank, Belle,
not a charity.
Stop jawing and get my gun,
Jeez! You could've
blown my knee off!
What do you want?
You owe me four...
five calves! You hear?
I'm pretty certain that...
All right!
All right, all right, all right!
All right! All right!
Son of a...
We'll bring 'em round.
No, we'll take 'em now.
You heard her, boy!
Get those calves.
Yes, master.
I'm pretty sure if Jeb
hadn't just visited the privy,
he'd have wet his pants
for sure.
How we feeling,
master Edward?
Let's have a listen.
- Okay.
- All the way up.
What do you hear, Kessie?
It's what I don't hear,
master Edward.
Your chest ain't crackling
like a fire.
Master Grayson
wants to see you, Kessie...
You wanted to see me,
That day that I bought you,
it was hot.
You remember?
What was it... July?
I could tell
just by looking at you
what a waste of your potential
stooping over cotton was.
I took you
out of those fields,
brought you into my home.
And this is how you repay me.
I'm sorry, master.
Have I done something wrong?
Don't you do that! Don't you
insult my intelligence!
That dumb field slave
that you jumped the broom with
couldn't find his way
to the bottom of the road
without you drawing him a map.
You know what I'm doing here?
I'm drafting up
Etta Mae's freedom papers.
You know why?
'Cause she can't
work the fields no more?
I'm freeing Etta Mae
because she is loyal.
But you...
I'm never freeing you.
Master Edward,
what are you still doing up?
Looks like someone's
feeling better.
But shouldn't you be
in bed, Edward?
I'm not tired, daddy.
Master Edward.
Oh, Edward.
Come on, Edward.
It's time for bed. Now.
Go on. Clean it up.
Yeah, in your dreams.
Morning, miss Gatlin.
I've been a Barlowe
for some time now, duke.
Oh, you'll always be
the Gatlin sisters to me.
- Pray for me, won't you, Hattie?
- If you think it'll help.
Hey, give me that.
- Mind your manners.
- Yes.
He came home, and...
- Morning, Jeb. Miss Crawford.
- Deputy cooper.
How you doing?
I can't wait for tonight.
One, two, three.
All right,
what are we gonna eat?
We should make
a pie every day.
Oh, pie.
Caleb, go take your brother
and sister to the barn, please.
If it's food you want,
I'll fix it.
All right, then...
I'll have a steak,
kidney pie with the crust
just ever so slightly burnt.
Hey, little sis.
The hell was that for?
Scaring me and the children
half to death.
What are you doing
in these damn uniforms?
You hurt?
It's not my blood.
It's Toby's, Belle.
I'll tell Caleb
to go fetch doc Burton.
You're gonna have
to help him, Belle.
No one can know we're here.
Come on!
It's safe.
Come on out.
My sister's root cellar's
not gonna hold more than three.
I mean, or I could
come back in the morning
and take them straight
to the next pickup.
One of the Higgins boys
spotted me
coming back from
the schoolhouse this morning.
Those Higgins boys
work for Indian john.
- That's right.
- Who's Indian john?
Slave bounty hunter.
He's a white man,
but he dresses like an injun,
scalps like one.
I'll take them all.
No, Hattie. They won't be able
to hide behind the shelves.
These folks were here
before us. They should go.
But please take my boys now.
Together they barely
add up to one man.
- Huh?
- Pa, please.
- Go on, son. I'll wait here.
- No, pa, please.
You can get me in the morning
when they're safe.
Maybe by then,
their ma'll be here.
I got it.
You did good, little sis.
Don't congratulate me yet.
I still got to stitch him
back up now.
You seen Harlan?
He's dead, Belle.
You certain about that?
Crossed paths with Ren
right after we left bloody bill.
He fought with Harlan
at Palmito hill.
No one from the creek
survived except Ren.
May he rest in peace.
You don't need to play the
grieving widow with me, Belle.
Go burn those
union jackets now, you hear?
You let her go.
That's my sister.
What's going on here, Belle?
Come here and give
your big brother a hug.
You got big.
What are you doing
bringing these men here?
You heard the lady. Get.
Stop scaring all my kin.
Hey, runt,
put these on the fire.
Don't want to leave
no evidence.
What is this? You desert?
You're looking at my own
personal regiment.
Started with Quantrill,
rode with bloody bill,
and now it's just us.
Were you with Quantrill
when he raided Lawrence?
You murder all those
women and children?
You a Yankee now, Hattie?
She is no such thing.
You forget about daddy
being hog-tied...
And hung...
By those very same Yankees
you seem to love so much?
Hell, just the thought of it
makes me want to ride across
that river and kill some more.
Those were innocent
women and children.
Whose fathers and husbands
and sons murdered our daddy.
That's enough, jasper.
Hattie, you come with me.
Help me fix something
for these men to eat.
Good to see you, Hattie.
You best watch yourself,
Belle, they're
in the root cellar...
another jacket on, runt!
- Whoo!
- They're not safe here, Hattie.
They find them, they're gonna
kill 'em just for fun.
Come on, now.
It's not safe.
We got to get you out of here.
You can't let jasper
and his gang stay, Belle.
These are just little ones.
Is that their ma and pa?
Get in. Their pa
is back with the Spencers.
Why didn't they all
just stay there?
Because bounty hunters
are after him.
You are making me sick
with worry, Hattie.
Did Ben Crawford
put you up to all this?
'Cause I don't like it.
You need to go tell Nate
I'm not coming.
Just don't say why.
You be careful.
I hoped I'd never set eyes
on you again.
And I hoped you'd be
fat and ugly by now,
so I guess we're even.
I don't know why
you're so mad at me.
You're the one that ran off and
married that old son of a bitch.
And when the preacher said,
"does anyone here object?"
You were nowhere to be found.
We was just kids, Belle.
Now that we're all grown up,
did it ever occur to you
that maybe it wasn't my idea
to become Mrs. Harlan Barlowe?
You rest up now, Toby.
We should ambush 'em,
do what we're good at...
hit 'em from the trees,
get in and out
before they know
what's hit 'em,
kill half of 'em before
they even know they're dead.
We robbed a bank
in daylight.
Yeah, mayb...
How's Toby?
Well, fever's down.
I was gonna suggest you cheer
us all by playing the piano,
but it does seem to be missing.
Times are tough.
You were born with that beard,
weren't you?
Why shave it off now?
What'd you do, jasper?
Robbed a couple saloons
in Kansas.
Now you think
you're ready to rob a bank...
That's what I've been hearing
your men whispering about?
Six union regiments
are getting their pay
in deliverance...
Coming by stagecoach
filled with solid gold.
I'm still working on that.
Hell, jasper, now,
that is the most important part!
Well, it's coming, and when
it does, I'm robbing it.
Well, not while
you're staying here you're not.
- No.
- Come on, Belle.
I can see you're struggling.
And from the looks of it,
you've been struggling
for quite some time now.
Bank trying
to take your ranch?
Where'd you get that?
It's just Crawfords
thinking they can take
with one little piece of paper
what's rightfully mine.
So then why don't you
help us rob 'em blind?
What I don't understand
is why you
have to work so hard
to keep this here ranch.
With the money from the bank,
you can take your kids,
start fresh somewhere.
Maybe I want to start
my life over here...
In deliverance.
You got yourself
a fella, Belle?
Is that what changed you?
We're robbing that bank...
With or without you.
Whoa, whoa.
Come on.
Wasn't expecting you
until tomorrow.
That shipment needs
to go out tonight, duke.
I wish I could help you.
Really, I do, but it's...
it's jimmy's night off.
Isn't there something
you can do to persuade him?
You're very persuasive.
Ask him yourself.
He's in the bar.
You just tell me
when you want me to stop, okay?
Then again, you might not
want a drunken ferryman
in charge
of your precious cargo.
Can they stay the night,
somewhere in the saloon maybe?
All my guests
are the paying kind.
The only reason I agreed
to our arrangement tomorrow
is I think...
I think you may be the one
truly good person I know.
Myself, well,
I'm bound to burn in Hades.
But the way I see it,
sometimes you can beat the odds.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, what is it?
Oh, god.
They hung Levi Spencer
and his wife...
slave bounty hunters.
I said that I would come back
for their father,
- but they're just children.
- Shh, shh, shh.
They're in my wagon now.
You got to stop this, Hattie.
It's not a game.
How many are there?
Two are just children.
They can stay.
I'll dump whatever whiskey
we have left,
hide them in the barrels
in the morning
and get them across as planned.
But then that's the end.
You hear me?
What are you doing up?
I had a bad dream.
Well, you know what?
You're still dreaming.
You know you can fly
when you're dreaming.
Are you and the kids
all right?
Yes, we're fine. Hattie really
shouldn't have said anything.
I never saw Hattie.
And you never showed...
who are those men, Belle?
That's my brother jasper
and some men he served with.
So that was your brother
I saw you with in there?
- He's been shot.
- Yes.
That's not jasper.
That's a friend...
From when we was kids.
Come on, get the kids up.
I'm taking you with me.
I'm not leaving my ranch.
Well, I'm not just
riding off and leaving
you and the kids alone
with a bunch of killers, Belle.
I know this is hard
for you to understand,
not being from deliverance.
This ain't got nothing to do
with which side of the war
I'm on here, Belle.
I've known all about jasper
and his Gatlin gang
long before
this war ever started.
You're not staying.
Well, see,
that's not your say.
Can you imagine
how it would look?
You out here alone with them?
It's a small town, Belle.
There's no secrets here.
Go on, Nate.
You want to share
any of those secrets with me?
I know who you are, Belle.
Then you know I don't need you
to protect me.
If that's what you want.
All right.
Keep 'em moving.
Serve 'em up when they're done.
I'm going to town.
I'll be back in a tick.
I don't bite...
Unless it's breakfast.
I got those spurs from my pa.
If you like 'em, try 'em on.
Go ahead.
Come here.
Boy, look at that.
You got sausage fingers
just like me.
Give me your foot.
So, uh...
What was my mom like as a kid?
She was hotheaded.
She was brave.
This here at least is the third
time she's saved my life.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
Time before this,
I was right about your age.
It was before duke cleaned up
the whorehouse.
- I was living there with my mama.
- What was it then?
It was a dirty,
run-down whorehouse.
Anyway, this old cowboy...
he comes in after the roundup,
and he's all flush with cash
and liquored up,
and, well, he liked
this one whore named Sadie
because she had this reputation
for having this
famously powerful cooch.
You know what?
I got a better story for ya.
Come on.
No, no, I couldn't
tell you that one.
- Oh.
- I should let you rest up.
If you need me, just holler.
What do I holler?
Caleb. Caleb, sir.
Nice to meet you, Caleb.
- How old are you, boy?
- 12.
12, sir.
I should take these off.
No, no, no,
I want you to keep those.
Nah. I couldn't.
Yeah, you can.
I'll make you a deal.
If fen ever I have a boy,
I know where to find 'em.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Have you seen either
of these two men around town?
No. I'm sorry.
I haven't.
Thank you.
You need to leave now,
Union soldiers everywhere
looking for you.
- Is Toby able to ride?
- No way he can stay on a horse.
Let's put him
in the root cellar.
The rest of you
need to ride on.
- Let's go, fellas.
- All right.
- Mount up.
- Mount up.
- What's going on, ma?
- Go. Go, go, go.
- What's going on?
- Up you go.
It's just like hide-and-seek.
You just got
to be quiet to win.
Okay? Okay.
What can I help
you gentlemen with?
We'd like to search
your property, ma'am.
What ever for?
We're searching
for bushwhackers, ma'am.
They're not here.
Well, we've been told
that they are.
May I ask what brought on
this accusation?
Why would you be burning
union regimental papers
and union officer insignia?
Why do you think
I burned them?
Because I'm ashamed.
It's no secret my husband
fights for the confederates,
as do many men
from deliverance.
In the letters he sends home,
he includes little mementos
for his sons.
I won't even
let the children see them.
It's shameful.
She's a bald-faced liar.
Everyone knows her husband
hasn't written in years.
Let's go, men.
Can't you see
there's nobody in here?
Please stop this.
Stop, ma'am.
- You're scaring my children.
- Stay down.
Stay down.
One's coming down now!
No! That's my son!
Caleb. Caleb.
Ca... Caleb, baby, Caleb.
Caleb. Oh...
Caleb. Caleb. Cal...
What have you done?
The lord as my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures.
He leadeth me
beside the still waters.
He restores my soul.
He leadeth me in the paths
of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil...
I'm leaving.
But first I'm gonna
ride over there,
and I'm gonna kill
Jeb Crawford.
You ride over there
all shot up,
barely able to sit in a saddle,
we may as well dig
another hole next to Caleb,
'cause you won't be
coming back alive.
I want to kill
all those Crawfords
for what they took
from you, Belle.
What they took from us, Toby.
He was your son.
Caleb was your boy.
I think
you must've known that.
Think you knew it the moment
my daddy made me marry Harlan.
I think you knew it
when you took up
with that girl from Carthage.
But I know you knew it
when you saw him.
He looked just like you, Toby.
He was your son.
Harlan didn't know it.
I think you did.
I love you.
You hear me?
Nate brought that for you.
Is he still here?
He left hours ago.
I don't understand.
They came together.
How'd Moses get separated
from our boys?
This is my sister's ranch,
and her root cellar
only holds a few people.
Moses insisted
Hattie take your boys
along with an elderly couple
who'd been waiting.
We don't think
they killed Moses.
But we are fairly certain they
took him back to the plantation.
What's a Crawford doing
on my property?
I'll wait outside.
He's nothing like the rest of
the Crawfords, and you know it.
Blood is blood.
Put the gun down, Belle.
This is the mother of those
two boys that were here.
This is Kessie.
this is my sister, Belle.
She don't look
like a runaway.
Kessie forged
her own freedom papers.
- She came by stagecoach.
- Negro can't read or write.
She can, Belle,
and she can talk, too,
so please address her directly.
How'd she get the money
to come by stagecoach?
She forge that too?
Master kept his papers and
money in a safe in his office.
I made a copy of that key and
broke in while he was sleeping.
You best watch yourself,
'cause that is a tall tale
if I have ever heard one.
if she can do all that,
now, why is she here
instead of across the river
with her boys?
Because those bounty hunters
that hung the Spencers
are out looking for her now.
I'm sorry about all this,
truly I am,
but I can't put Franny and Abner
in this kind of danger.
You're just gonna have
to hide her someplace else.
I'm not asking you
to hide her.
We... Ben and I think that
in order to keep her truly safe,
it's not to hide her...
you at all.
The safest thing for Kessie
is to pretend to be
someone's slave.
Why would I
be needing to do that?
I've got freedom papers.
It worked down south.
We got no free slaves
here in deliverance.
So who's gonna be
my new master...
you or Mr. Crawford?
Well, no one's gonna believe
that a schoolteacher
or a banker needs a slave.
But a rancher who used to own
slaves, on the other hand...
We came back to murder
Jeb and Cordelia.
Robbing that bank
first thing in the morning.
Is that when
the gold is coming in?
We're gonna take 'em
for everything they got, Belle.
I want revenge too.
But a bullet for each of them
while they sleep
is little comfort.
I want them to suffer
as I have suffered.
I want them to feel
what it's like to have
everything they love stripped
away from them piece by piece.
Caleb was my boy.
So, if you want my help,
you do it my way.
So when do we figure
the gold comes in?
When every deputy
in five counties is on duty.
I know how to get
that information.
Thank you
for the piano, Nate.
- It's...
- I could come by later...
Move it wherever you like.
I would.
I would like that very much.
I'm so terribly thirsty.
- I'm sorry.
- Come on, sit down.
I'll get you a glass of water.
Are you all right?
I'm sorry
for your loss, Belle.
Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
- Next.
I came to set up
a payment plan
for that lien y'all sent over,
Mr. Crawford.
I'm sure we don't have
to take care of all that now,
Mrs. Barlowe.
If she can afford a slave,
she can afford
to pay back her debts.
Take her money, Benjamin.
Perhaps we can let
Mrs. Barlowe
get back on her feet first.
The tragedy
that befell Mrs. Barlowe
was of her own doing.
Your husband
led those union soldiers
directly to our front door.
As the good book says,
"as ye sow, so shall ye reap."
"I have sinned, for I have
betrayed innocent blood."
Matthew, chapter 27, verse 3.
Even Judas felt guilt
for what he'd done, Cordelia.
Mmm. Kessie makes
really good food.
Beets and corn on the cob
is really good.
What did you do
at school today?
I learned about bugs,
like flies...
- You best sit down.
- That sounds good.
It's still hot.
Hi, mama.
- So guess what.
- What?
There... there was
a chicken, and it...
- I learned about flowers.
- Were they roses?
So what are you
gonna do next?
I'll get my boys,
head north and try
and get some work,
earn enough money
to buy Moses out of slavery.
How long is that gonna take?
I could arrange for a white man
to buy Moses back.
Why are you saying all this?
You really broke
into your master's safe?
You show me how you did it,
you have your whole family
back together in a week.
White folks
always promise things.
But all they deliver is pain.
Maybe it'll be
different this time.
Look, here's one
she made earlier.
So all we got to do
is steal two keys,
which are probably
in the bank.
So what are we gonna do,
rob the goddamn bank twice?
They're not gonna keep
the keys to the bank
in the bank, jasper.
Look, I say we forget
all that, okay?
When the gold gets here,
we just hold 'em up
as they're loading it
in the back of the vault.
How many soldiers
you think they're gonna have
protecting that gold, Toby...
40, 50?
What, you think
the Gatlin gang is gonna be able
to fight off
an entire union regiment?
Belle's right, all right?
This is the only way to do this.
And if done right,
no one gets hurt...
not us, not anyone
in deliverance.
Only people gonna feel
any pain is Crawfords...
When they open that vault,
find it as empty as my pantry.
And what's
she doing here, Belle?
I mean, why are we trusting
a negro we don't even
damn well know?
Because she's quick as a wink,
and without her,
we don't have a clue
how to break into a safe.
Oh, yeah, and she can also
turn on us just like that.
Take all the reward money
and leave us hanging out
dry in the town square.
I'll be long gone by then.
You see what I mean?
She's uppity.
I'm a runaway slave.
Who am I gonna go running to?
Who am I gonna tell?
I'm here for one reason...
that's to get my share
and collect my family,
then I'm gone.
Cordelia's gonna have
one key.
It's probably hanging
around her neck.
Good, 'cause I'm gonna
strangle her with it.
Ben Crawford
probably has the other one.
- Mrs. Miller.
- Hello, Ben.
Why don't you let me
help you today?
That's mighty
nice of you, Ben.
Here we go.
Oh. Pardon me.
Now, let me...
head on over to fontaine.
Pick me up a load
of pine planks.
Use Belle's wagon.
Runt, I want you to find me
four dead possum,
muskrat, whatever.
The deader, the better.
Dutch, you're about my size.
So take Finn here
over to Lafayette
and pick Toby and I up
a couple black wool suits.
And how about a couple
top hats and ties?
Top hats?
I thought we was
robbing a bank.
Who the hell says we ain't?
What are we doing?
What is all this?
Y'all got a job to do.
Come on, then.
Hey, Cyril.
You ever question my authority
again in front of my men,
I will kill you.
I must say,
it's a point of pride
that you've chosen our bank,
major McCallister.
My family is loyal
union supporters.
The walls are solid brick,
- and the vault is solid steel.
- The vault's not ready.
Oh, they're just
finishing now.
Is it ready?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mm-hmm.
I don't think many banks,
even in New York city,
have one.
It was just invented
last year.
Still, I'd like
to have one of my men
posted inside your bank.
Well, that won't be necessary.
We have our own security
inside the bank.
Oh, god, no!
No, not me, oh!
Look how easy that would be,
like picking fat ticks off
a sleeping dog.
Instead, here we sit, idle.
Seems queer, don't it?
If Toby and jasper
don't come out
that bank tonight
with bags of gold,
we're going in
and do what we should've done
in the first place.
As long as jasper's taking
orders from his little sister,
you're all taking orders
from me, you hear?
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah.
Oh, Ben.
I got your note.
Everything all right?
It is.
It's just, I went out
to see Kessie this morning,
and she's anxious
to see her boys.
She wants to head out tomorrow,
first thing.
That's when we're doing
the union payroll.
We could set out the next day,
when things settle.
I mean, I can take her,
I just need to know where
the boys are, Ben.
I-I don't...
I don't want you to go alone.
It doesn't take
two of us, Ben.
If we feel like it's safe,
I can take her.
I just need to know where.
So you don't think
I can handle it?
Now, Hattie Gatlin,
that is not what I said.
You don't have to...
it's written all over your face,
which is incredibly insulting,
since I've already done
a few runs on my own.
That's not what's written
on my face here...
That's all.
Ben Crawford,
if you want to say something.
Then just tell me what you...
now, I'm working
all night tonight...
And probably half
the day tomorrow.
Then you and I will take Kessie
to see her boys...
You've got your lantern,
a pot of coffee, and a bucket.
How generous, aunt Cordelia.
I'll be back at 6:00
in the morning.
I got you this shotgun.
You won't even have to use it.
You asked me to do this,
so I'm here.
I raised you like a son.
You're the only one I trust.
Hattie knows the kids
are staying with mom, but...
In case anything goes wrong...
- I've been thinking about...
- don't.
That works for some,
but not for you.
Come on, Belle.
I'm sorry, okay?
I'm... I'm sorry that I never saw
what was right in front
of my own damn face,
and if I could go back
and do it over again, I would...
I want to.
It don't work that way, Toby.
You know that.
After this robbery,
let's just leave, okay?
Just you and me,
and we'll start a new family,
and I'll... I'll raise your kids
as my own,
and we'll have more kids.
Belle, we can have
a little boy.
We're closed.
But it ain't even 5:00 yet.
Don't you see all
the commotion around here, boy?
Please, sir.
My ma, my pa,
my two brothers...
they all got took
by the smallpox.
The smell of "putrefication"
is a sure sign of the smallpox.
I ain't touching
them bodies, boy.
You don't need to do nothing.
I just need a place
to put 'em for tonight.
- On three.
- Yes, sir.
All right.
Don't just stand there, boy.
- Go.
- Uh, yes, sir.
Get the hell out of here.
I call.
Go on.
Hey, Zeke.
Let's show these dumb yanks
whose town this is.
- Play Dixie.
- Okay.
- Yee-ha!
- Whoo-hoo!
hear your country call you up
lest worse
than death befall you
to arms, to arms
to arms, in Dixie
- come on, sing!
Lo, all the beacon fires
are lighted
let all hearts
be now united
to arms, to arms
to arms, in Dixie
advance the flag of Dixie
hurrah! Hurrah!
In Dixie's land,
we'll take our stand
and live or die for Dixie
Stand fast!
Hold your position!
To arms, to arms
to arms, in Dixie
your fierce defiance
stamp upon
the accursed alliance
to arms, to arms
to arms, in Dixie
advance the flag of Dix...
Now play
battle hymn of the republic.
Come on.
Mine eyes have seen
the glory
of the coming
of the lord
he is trampling
out the vintage
where the grapes
of wrath are stored
he has loosed
the fateful fire
from his terrible
swift sword
his truth
is marching on
Come on, Johnny!
Glory, glory,
glory, glory...
glory, glory, hallelujah
his truth
is marching on
in the beauty
of the lilies
Christ was born
across the sea
with a glory
in his bosom
that transfigures
you and me
as he died
to make men holy
let us die
to make men free
What the hell is that?
His truth is marching on
what the hell is that?
They changed it.
Changed it from...
what is this damn thing?
I heard tell of these things.
They're combination locks.
- Yeah?
- A what?
You got to know the numbers
to open it.
How many numbers?
I don't know.
It's over.
Can you hear it...
When you get the right number?
It's got leather.
You should be able
to hear something.
Can't hear a goddamn thing.
Advance the flag of Dixie
hurrah! Hurrah!
You're gonna pick a time
like this to be thirsty?
If you put your ear on it,
you can hear better.
To arms and conquer peace
for Dixie
to arms! To arms!
Hear anything?
Too many muskets went off
by my ear.
You do it.
You do it.
You heard anything yet?
No, it's too loud.
- I hear something.
- Yeah?
Well, keep going.
That's two.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
- Fight! Fight! Fight!
- Get 'em.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Draw, come on.
That's enough!
Come on, Belle, we got
to get the gold out of here.
We can't just leave him here
to die, jasper.
He's a Crawford, Belle.
Let him bleed.
Help me!
Belle, quit this,
or we're all gonna be killed.
- What have we done, jasper?
- What we planned, Belle.
We ain't never getting
Caleb back,
but we are gonna take
our revenge.
And that is what this
is all about.
Let's go.
Kessie, come on.
We done everything we can.
You got it.
Hold up!
Kind of late
for a funeral, ain't it?
You never can be too careful
with the smallpox.
It's best to get 'em
in the ground quick.
Haven't heard of any cases
of the pox in this town.
Yeah, this poor bastard...
he died three counties over.
No one would take him in.
Be my guest, take a look.
This is the last one, boys!
Every lawman in the country
is gonna be looking for men like
us spending double eagles...
So we're not.
Each one of you'll get a stack
here of these greenbacks.
This should keep you
more than comfortable
until the heat dies down.
Meet up again in a month
outside of Bismarck.
Everyone will get their cut.
All right, boys,
get out of here.
We'll see you later.
Let's ride out, Toby.
Easy, easy.
- All right.
- You got it?
I got it.
I don't want to leave you
behind again, Belle.
You better go, Toby.
I'll be back in a month.
I'm going back to jasper's
little sister's place
and get that gold
for myself.
I felt like telling someone
about it, but, uh...
Didn't want to worry
about it later.
Buddy, I went down
to scarlet town
ain't never
been there before
well, you slept
on a feather bed
I slept on the floor
I don't mind
a lean old time
or drinking
my coffee cold
but the things
I seen in scarlet town
did mortify my soul
They robbed the bank
last night.
Looked at that
dark grave
ringing that iron bell
in scarlet town today
Is all the money gone?
Miss Gatlin.
What's all this?
Someone robbed
the bank last night.
They shot Ben Crawford.
Don't know
if he's gonna make it.
You can't go
in there now, ma'am.
- What are you talking about?
- Excuse me?
This is my bank.
This is the scene
of a crime now.
You're not allowed in.
- The hell you say.
- Then tell me, major,
how you and your men allowed
this to happen.
You were right outside
the door.
We will not
be held responsible.
with all due respect,
you refused to allow my men
in your bank.
When we finish counting up
what's missing,
you're on the line
for every cent of it.
When Ben Crawford
pulls through,
he could probably tell us
a whole lot of things.
Sure could.
Go get the undertaker
down here for me, will you?