Delo (2021) Movie Script

"House arrest"
- What will they make of despair?
- What they choose.
They're free; and human life
begins on the far side of despair.
"The Flies", Jean-Paul Sartre
How would you describe
your neighbor?
A brawler.
Never happy with anything.
Just a small person in general.
In the past, extraordinary people
outstanding scientists
lived in this area.
And now, excuse me, an embezzler.
You understand, this is embarrassing to the point of tears.
After an hour-long meeting
Judge Morozova made a decision.
House arrest
for Professors Olga Krylatova
and David Akhaladze.
They were charged with embezzlement
of the funds from a government grant
intended for organizing a scientific conference.
Why did you go out? It may
activate your GPS bracelet.
It is safe within ten meters.
I went out yesterday.
Why are you sitting there?
I smoke.
You smoke.
Let's run away like Bonnie and Clyde.
- I'll be Bonnie, do you want it?
- So I'm Clyde?
The police will catch us
and knock us down to the ground.
But there will be no prison in the area.
This is a small town. Everyone knows everything.
Too bad you refused to live with me.
You have no fever.
Absolutely not.
You know why your father
quit his job?
He found out his boss was selling
meat under the counter. So he resigned.
If he had filed a complaint
he would make things worse for himself.
Where's Anatoly?
This is Anna Mikhailovna,
my new lawyer.
This is my mother,
Svetlana Valerievna.
Nice to meet you.
Anatoly had to do other things.
He got scared, mom, and left.
He claimed his daughter was ill,
but I saw her
on TV, winnning
the women's sumo championship.
Why sumo is not clear, of course, but...
In general, I wanted to defend myself,
but my friends, Lena and Lesha,
which I completely trust
recommended you.
- Thank you.
- Drink, its very cold here.
Tell this fool
to stop insulting the mayor!
Mom, please, stop.
Here. His whole protest.
Obscene pictures of the mayor with an ostrich.
Yes, I'm a lawyer.
I have to tell you
that I had a short break
in my career,
but I think it's okay.
Of course.
Just a minute...
He even made the news!
Between articles about a pipe that exploded
and lice in kindergarten.
It was revenge, Mom.
Petty revenge of a petty man.
Because of this?
How did you find out
that the mayor allegedly stole
five million?
Edik told me.
He's my wife's current lover.
She left me
together with my daughter.
And where did Edik hear it?
he is a contractor.
He worked on placing of the statue
of Peter the Great.
You know I'm afraid that
there's no way we can
prove the connection between
your business and the mayor.
You have no evidence or documents.
True, I have no documents.
But this embezzlement issue has only surfaced
after I uploaded the image
on the second.
And on the tenth they already came for a search.
So I see a connection here.
You do not?
The trial will start soon.
Ahead of it, we must decide
what to say, and how.
He will go to jail.
- No, there is not a shred of evidence.
- They will falsify evidence.
That's how my mother was arrested.
Let's go over it in order.
David, we have to define
your defense strategy.
They accuse you of embezzlement.
This is a serious claim
You are already under house arrest, and you must not
use the phone or the Internet.
We must make an important decision.
Admit guilt,
in exchange for a reduced sentence
or deny guilt
and walk to the end. There's no way back.
I'll go to the end.
I did not steal anything.
If so, I have
a series of questions for you.
What day is it today?
No. This is not a holiday.
What will I call it?
A historic day.
On this historic day, I...
In the end, you need to say thank you.
Waving a hand.
For the truth!
For the truth!
For honesty!
Something like that.
The main thing is to stay calm.
This is still a trial.
So I'm right.
- No nerves, don't worry
- Don't worry either.
- I love you.
- Me too.
- See you later.
- OK.
If they release me,
we're going to Gubanov on Saturday, okay?
At a meeting held on Tuesday,
The court ruled to continue the house arrest
Of the professors
Olga Krylatova and David Akhaladze.
Today, in the Dzerzhinsky district...
Maybe you should repent?
Apologize to Vorontsov,
apologize to the mayor.
Apologize to the mayor?
While you're screaming about him,
they won't leave you alone.
How can I apologize after all this circus?
What for? What for, mom? For the truth?
For interfering.
You are no longer fifteen.
I'm not fifteen, I know.
I'm fifty.
I can not take it anymore.
See everything and say nothing, remain silent.
You have never been silent.
They'll put you in jail.
If they get dirty on me,
I'll get dirty on them.
Do you know what the difference is?
I'm on the right side!
They mock the people.
For example, your pension...
How much do you get?
And the mayor... He is a millionaire.
You know?
They stole under Peter the Great.
They stole under Katrina.
Even under the Communists!
But there were also good things.
Victory in war..., art.
Our country is still big.
Now they are lying, and claiming
I stole something.
But I've never stolen.
It's ridiculous.
It's not even funny!
And this government...
It will last another thousand years.
You're not like that, Mom.
You're not like that!
We need a parliamentary republic.
We need democracy.
But you see what's going on?
Everyone leaves.
Soon there will be no one left here.
Everything will crumble.
We are not in Switzerland.
The boundaries are different.
The people are different.
- Eat.
- Switzerland.
Come on, eat.
I'll help you.
All is good.
- You look tired.
- I'm really tired.
What I like in Switzerland, by the way...
- What is it?
- The people there do not complain.
Maybe it's their nature.
Like it?
The taste?
You put too much salt.
- I added some salt.
- You oversalted.
are you here?
There's no one!
What's going on?
You are flooding us.
Your knocks
are shaking my room.
I have no leak.
The water comes from here.
There's a leak on the wall in the toilet
Maybe your pipe has burst
or something like that, right?
So why are you closing the door?
- Because I can not let you in.
- Or maybe because you have a leak?
I don't.
I can not.
Look, there's some water on the ceiling.
Flowing down the wall.
This is the leak.
David Guramovich!
My dear and beloved neighbor,
our conversation has reached a dead end.
You voted
for the mayor, right?
Go complain to him.
Well said.
We all know who is the real thief.
We all know who's the real thief.
Mr. Inspector,
why do you keep visiting me?
- "The Animal Farm".
- Indeed, "The Animal Farm".
By the way, this is not about farming, if anything.
- I know. I read it
- Really?
I prefer "1984".
It's closer to our reality.
- Really?
So why did not you install cameras
in the bathroom?
It could have been quite entertaining.
By the way, you can make money from this
so much money.
Here's a suggestion: split in half.
Will you organize it for me?
Online Live-Stream...
And I'll offer my naked body
in the shower.
Women are attracted to me.
Only those over the age of 50, but still...
- Not interested.
- OK, I got it.
Three years ago a guy hanged himself in the bathroom.
If only there was a camera there...
it would be interesting.
Did you destroy him.
Pushed him over the edge?
His conscience destroyed him.
Do not play the demagogue to me.
Speaking of conscience,
your colleague
Olga Ivanovna testified yesterday...
She told us a lot of interesting things.
She is a wonderful and decent person.
Our great expert
in Russian literature of the 19th century.
It must have been fascinating.
You can talk too.
You specialize in the Silver Age?
My mother is proud of me. I'm the only person
in this city who speaks six languages.
- The sheet needs to be removed
- What sheet?
We can not
hang laundry to dry.
Show me the constitutional clause
which forbids it.
- We will definitely show you, dont worry.
- I'm waiting.
Why are you torturing us?
Me, my mom.
Colleagues of all.
Admit it.
You will get a suspended sentence.
I'm not torturing anyone.
If I torment anyone, it is myself.
You'll end up in jail.
"Stay with me before you go."
"Loyalty cried into the night."
"About unprecedented freedom."
"It's sweet to crave her by candlelight."
"...stay with me before you go."
This beautiful painting
is from my dad's collection.
Konstantin Kluge was a Russian immigrant.
He went to France and stayed there.
He created paintings in this style.
Nobody knows him here.
Maybe a day will come, and they will know him.
I have a pain here.
- Yes?
Sometimes it's so painful,
I can not walk.
I heard a heart attack
can radiate to the back.
Yes, that's true.
- You smoke too much.
- Right. I can not stop without help.
You need a comprehensive medical examination.
You may have to be hospitalized.
Not an option.
They will think
I was afraid of the investigation.
It will look bad. Later.
- Will you give me a shot?
- Yes.
Your blood pressure and pulse are normal.
Then I'll inject you with a painkiller.
Do you have any other complaints?
Terrible insomnia.
I take everything I find.
This is not a good idea.
I'll prescribe you sleeping pills.
- Do you need sick leave?
- No. Not necessary.
Lie down.
If you have an emergency,
call me.
I live nearby.
I want to understand.
Someone stole 15 chairs
purchased with state funds.
Someone paid for fewer rooms
and stole some expensive equipment
that, according to all the documents,
was purchased for the conference.
David, tell me,
can you prove
that you did not steal anything, and did not sign
on any financial documents?
I did not buy anything
I did not steal anything.
And I did not sign anything.
I made a program,
gave lectures.
I wanted to invite the experts.
Our best.
I wanted to invite French and Germans,
but for some reason, it was not possible.
Just a second, sorry.
My phone rings.
Excuse me.
You hear
what is she is talking about?
I told you that.
How am I supposed to get there?
Listen, we agreed
they'll send you to jail.
Sorry, that was my husband.
I forgot I was supposed to
collect our son.
- Can we start a little earlier tomorrow?
- Of course. By the way...
I intend to file a complaint
against the mayor
All those chairs, 25 or 60...
What, we're in a humorous novel?
It's ridiculous, it's a real joke.
And not even funny.
She asks the right questions.
When he was a kid, he burned
his pioneer tie.
Because he did not agree with
the school program.
Then his father's desk
started burning.
He was startled,
and shouted when they put out the fire.
He shouted in Persian,
a language he barely spoke.
Just a minute. What are you blaming
the mayor for?
I blame him
for the theft of state funds
intended for a statue of Peter the Great.
It does not seem immoral to you
? Vulgar and unforgivable?
- Vulgar?
- Yes.
He sees everything in black or white.
For or against.
He's not even going
to the nearby supermarket
because he thinks its commercials lie.
He walks three kilometers
to the second supermarket.
Wait a second.
Do you understand
that none of this matters?
It is not related to your case.
Even if you prove
that he stole from the annual budget.
Do you understand this?
This is firstly.
Secondly, consider what it looks like?
You blame the mayor
for the theft of five million.
And the mayor...
blames you
for stealing 15 chairs.
None of you feel guilty.
None of you plead guilty
What's the difference between you two?
I'll tell you what's the difference.
You will be eaten alive
and no one will notice.
He's not always right.
David, I'm begging.
You are a good person.
But you must take it
more seriously.
Please save him.
See you tomorrow morning.
Please do not say anything now.
I beg.
Come on in.
Sorry for the mess.
We're not divorced yet,
so you're allowed to come here.
Listen, I wanted to...
I wanted to apologize, but...
you also need to understand us.
Here. Take it, please.
It's for your lawyer.
A bribe?
A help.
From Edik and me.
Hello, Irina.
I'll call you back.
I'm with Dad.
Okay, dear. I kiss you. Bye.
How is my daughter?
She forbids me to tell you.
If Edik...
If he gave me the original budget
no one would know I got it from him.
I promise.
Edik gets half of his contracts
from the municipality.
So you understand
what's at stake for him?
I have to prove to everyone
And especially to Irina, that I'm innocent.
You know?
We all know you're innocent.
Okay, I'll try.
Kin Lin?
What brings you here?
They did not allow me to come to you.
But I came anyway.
I'm happy.
You made my day.
Look what a beauty.
They've moved you to
Professor Arkady Borisovich.
Now he is your
scientific advisor.
Yes. And he's bad.
Very bad!
- Very bad?
- Yes.
He does not understand Mandelstam,
and you understand him.
Thank you.
"Historical and cultural images
in the poetry of Mandelstam".
- How is Mark?
- Everything's fine.
- And Vania?
- He's fine too.
Have you calmed down? Studying?
I miss you all.
Give them my greeting.
Do you have a pencil?
I'm often thinking of you.
"Mandelstam is a rare example...
of unity between life and poetry."
"It seems his biography...
is of paramount importance."
"Given his personality..."
I'm just flipping a little.
Do you remember how little
snatched an execution order
from the hands of Bliomkin...
and tore it?
He saved a man's life.
He could have been shot himself.
Do you understand what that means?
The professor is a thief!
Give the money back to Pushkin!
Corrupt officials!
Keep your hands off the literature!
Keep your hands off the literature!
Turn off the water.
The counter will go up.
You will see. The rent will go up.
How will we pay?
I can not teach now.
Who needs Farsi nowadays?
Mom, there is always a demand
for your Farsi.
You know it.
You smoke too much.
- Give me the bucket.
- Just a second.
I'll show them.
The members of the kolkhoz
have their meeting.
Wait, wait.
Give the money back to Pushkin!
The professor is a thief!
Sure, clear.
What else?
How much did they pay you?
Why are you so gloomy?
The professor is a thief!
You're not ashamed.
Corrupt officials!
Keep your hands off the literature!
Keep your hands off the literature!
Pushkin will not forgive you!
Pushkin will not forgive you!
It was not in vain that he wrote
"Crime and Punishment".
Are you stupid?
"Crime and Punishment"
was written by Dostoevsky, not Pushkin.
I'm here for you now!
The professor is a thief!
Just what I needed!
Go to hell, all of you!
- Come and bring me painkillers.
- What happened?
- It hurts again.
Damn it!
I finished.
The pipes are just fine.
Maybe water splashed out.
A neighbor downstairs came to complain.
If she calls me,
I can check her apartment.
Do you shower with the bracelet?
Are you getting hit by electricity?
So how do you bathe?
I don't.
I tried recently.
I covered it with a plastic sheet,
but it got disconnected.
The police burst in.
They aimed guns at me,
and I was naked.
What did you expect?
In prison you will not have a bracelet.
You can bathe.
I guess you're right.
- What will we drink for?
- You tell me.
You know what?
I'm really stinking.
Damn it!
Do not be afraid, sit down.
Let's drink to...
So that it doesn't leak.
Very wise.
No more leaks!
No more leaks!
Very wise indeed!
One more before we break up.
Then I have to go.
Let's drink for it!
- You sing well.
- Thank you.
Did they hit you hard?
Don't you see?
Does it hurt here?
Why did you...
Why have uploaded to your page
a photograph of the mayor
mating with an ostrich?
What did you want to achieve?
First of all, it was not a photograph,
but a harmless cartoon.
It was just a joke.
A joke that no one understood.
Joke, you say?
- And you say no one likes you?
- They don't.
They will like me
when I win the trial.
- Does it hurt?
- Yes.
Admit guilt.
Then you'll end up on probation.
Otherwise, it's the jail.
Unpleasant people.
- Does it hurt here too?
- It's tolerable.
So you recommend me to admit
to something I did not do?
Is this your solution?
- Can you hold it?
- Sure.
- OK. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
By the way, the ostrich is a very proud bird.
You underestimate it.
I will definitely look into the issue.
It's worth the effort.
I'm treating the wound.
Tell me if it hurts.
I think they were afraid of me.
That they were really scared.
You're the only one who thinks
that you're scary.
I'm the only one who's afraid of you.
- You're a literary boy.
- Right. I am a literary boy.
All these buildings...
Where once professors
and deans lived.
Lived. Fell in love.
Many quarreled and divorced.
Now only old men remained.
And we.
Happy Birthday!
Thanks Mom.
I'll give it back to you.
- Hold the dog.
- Thanks.
Call Irina.
She refuses to talk to me.
Do not forget that
dad's birthday is approaching.
I told you.
I fixed the window
with these hands of a literary boy.
You will be proud of this hand.
Well done.
- What happened to your leg?
- It is nothing.
You're lame.
- Is it sore or numb?
- I'm fine.
Are you worried?
No, and you?
- What about him?
- He's always worried.
You need to read him poems like before.
I still do.
Do you think Dad
would be proud of me?
We all know who the real thief is.
We all know who the real thief is.
David Guramovich!
Come join us!
Happy Birthday!
Thanks, what a beauty.
I wonder, what are you doing?
You probably don't know
they want to expel Kirill.
Why? What happened?
He organized a one-man protest
at the university.
- Protest against what?
- For your sake.
- Has he gone crazy?
- Well, you are innocent.
Why did he do such a thing?
- I even have photos.
- Show me.
He managed to stay for 30 minutes.
Then the security came running
Alekseev, even the Rector.
They called the police.
Held him at the station.
- Look, the lieutenant colonel is real.
- Yes.
Well, he's great.
But tell him
that he should not do such things.
My dear, my beloved,
You made me so happy!
I already thought they came to pick me up,
but it was you.
I think it's been ages
since I felt like that.
So strong, so free.
Simply, so good.
To us!
"She whistled
and fell on the table.
Sang a little
and rolled down the ashes
of murder ballads.
I have nothing to lose.
The world is so small.
Friend, let me hug you."
"She whistled
and fell on the table.
Sang a little
and rolled down the ashes
of murder ballads.
I have nothing to lose.
The world is so small.
Friend, let me hug you."
David Guramovich.
Can I exchange a word with you?
Hello, Arkady Borisovich
- Hello, Arkady Borisovich.
- Hello, kids.
Arkady Borisovich,
good to see you.
- I came to apologize
- What for?
Don't you know?
The Rector fired you.
Everyone supported him.
Even you?
No, not me.
It was not wise to upload a cartoon
with the mayor having sex with an ostrich.
I understand the point.
But it was pretty rude...
...and your text...
...nothing's proven.
Wait a moment...
They voted against me, or abstained?
It's absurd!
Think what you want.
- I have to go now and get some rest.
- Fine.
- Goodbye everyone!
- Goodbye.
Well, they fired me just like that.
What can be done?
What can be done?
- Everything fine?
- Fine, but I must go now.
Maybe I'll be arrested.
Okay, two more minutes.
Come on, play it.
You told us to play it?
Play already!
How is she?
It's bad.
Irina's with her now.
My grandfather had two strokes.
It took several years,
but he got out of it.
If only your mother didn't lock the door,
her condition would be better.
I'm not allowed to visit her
in the hospital.
The lawyer asked,
and they refused.
Katya, you know I can not
hold mom's dog.
I can not
take him out for walks.
Mother read him poetry.
He needs food.
I have other worries.
- My cat is afraid of dogs. I simply can't.
- Of course you can.
I brought dog food.
Put food into one bowl and water into the other.
It's not complicated.
I'm going to visit your mother.
What should I bring her?
I do not know.
Her will is there.
Don 't say that, David.
We have not yet reached that point.
Tell her I'm fine.
That I have a good chance
to win the trial.
Tell her not to worry.
Give her a big kiss.
And tell her
I will read poetry to her dog.
Why Mandelstam
was so brave?
He did not know
that Stalin would punish him?
Maybe he did not fully understand...
...Did not believe...
that he's close to death.
Or maybe simply
could not do otherwise.
This is also an option.
He was a wonderful poet.
Sensitive, refined,
one of a kind.
Very good.
I'm wondering where the border is
between honor, duty,
the desire to be decent, conscience...
and what we call a career.
Or maybe you don't have to choose between them.
Maybe I'm talking nonsense.
We must compromise to protect
ourselves and our families.
We have no choice.
It is difficult.
And as you get older...
everything gets harder.
The choice...
My mother had a heart attack.
She's in the hospital.
I was forbidden to visit her.
I do not know what to do.
What should I do?
Go to her anyway?
Yes, I understand.
I think I should go to her.
Drop everything and go to her.
We'll finish it
next time, okay?
I'll make sure they arrest you.
Please no.
Do not do it.
His mother has died.
What was he supposed to do?
Do not you have a conscience?
Of course he ran away.
Anyone would do that.
This is not a reason to run away.
Give me a better reason.
Do you have a conscience or not?
My brother was also a policeman.
He was killed while on duty.
It's probably hard for you
to return after maternity leave.
It's none of your business.
And do not think a woman
can not be a lawyer.
Thanks. I will write this down.
Will you let me go to the funeral?
Say goodbye to her?
I have no right to give my dead mother
a farewell kiss?
I arrived 40 minutes late.
If I were on time,
maybe she would have heard my voice.
Maybe I would wake her up from the coma.
Why do you do that?
Because I said the mayor is a thief?
Everyone knows that.
I'm sorry.
You still won't get permission.
What are you doing?!
In the meantime, let's pretend
that this did not happen.
But this is an assault on a police officer.
You provoked him.
Don't be foolish.
This is article 318.
You know that well.
Please inform
your ward about it.
And you, confess to embezzling of funds.
Otherwise you will go to jail
according to another article.
David, are you okay?
- Let me help you.
- Thanks.
I'm sorry.
You're not feeling well?
Come, sit.
Excuse me,
...but I must refuse your services.
I'll represent myself at the trial... I originally planned.
- So you think I'm not qualified?
- No, not at all.
My maternity leave
means that I'm not a professional?
Of course not, no.
- Do you think he's scaring me?
- No.
I'm telling you why.
I just want to give my mom
a great funeral.
She loved the company of people.
I'm sorry.
I want all her friends
to be there.
- I will have no money left for a lawyer!
- David!
Listen, stop!
Let's do it like this...
It will be a kind of a loan.
When we win the case,
you'll pay me, okay?
For me it's a matter of honor.
Why are you doing this?
I do not know. Maybe I went crazy,
and I'm following your example.
When will your wife receive
the documents?
Hopefully very soon.
A complaint is accessible to the plaintiff.
I'm so thankful to you.
- Are you sure you're okay?
- I just need to sit down.
- You have a fever.
- I'm fine.
Thank you, Anna Mikhailovna.
Your bag has fallen.
- That's it, see you tomorrow then, okay?
- Thank you. Till tomorrow.
- Excellent.
- I will wait for you.
"Wooden cabinet, double lid".
What is a double cover for?
"Burial shoes: 550 rubles".
All others cost 500.
Why these cost 50 rubles more?
Nowadays even dying costs dearly.
Why did you book a restaurant
for the wake?
You have no money.
I give you and Edik three days.
Edik could not get the documents.
Three days or I'll turn you in.
And everyone will know what I have
this information from you.
But the bribe payments
are not documented.
Not the bribe payments.
The purchases.
Edik has all the receipts.
He runs the show.
Everyone will know where the information came from.
I understand.
- You want him in jail?
- No.
I want to prove
The mayor is a thief.
I want the mayor jailed,
not Edik.
Where does it hurt you?
Everything on this side.
- Which side?
- Left.
And the heart?
It's fine.
It is good.
- Do you feel the hand?
- Yes. Here, a little.
I always want to call my mother.
I'm constantly expecting her to call.
I woke up late this morning.
I thought she would take care of me.
It is terrible.
The fact that I wasn't allowed to go to my mother's funeral,
do you think this is normal?
For you as a person.
It's disgusting.
This does not seem normal to me.
It's despicable.
But you should at least say thank you
for not being imprisoned for escaping.
So I'm supposed to say thank you?
For running away.
Thank you for not jailing me for running away.
As for your mother,
I don't think it's normal.
As for me, I would imprison half of them.
Including the mayor.
But what I want doesn't matter.
They'd rather imprison me.
We want the same thing.
- What is that we want?
- We must fight for the truth.
So how do you fight?
I do not steal.
David, how do you fight?
You're hanging posters on the balcony.
You're writing anonymous letters.
- Do you want a revolution?
- No.
So what do you want?
You specialize in the Silver Age, you
you know very well that there was a revolution.
You know the consequences.
Is that what you want?
Do you want it to happen again?
I do not want them to steal.
It's all.
It's immoral, and it's repulsive.
So what do you offer?
You have to shout from the roofs of the houses.
There is no other way.
This is a radical approach.
No need to say it's repulsive.
I might just go to jail.
Why not?
Do not know.
Not sign anything.
Deny everything.
Just go to jail and see.
I might be more useful there.
Let's drink to this...
...for my life.
...for my incomprehensible future.
- Which of your parents was Georgian?
- My Dad.
- And your mother?
- Not Georgian.
- A Jew?
- Maybe. It is not clear.
So you're mostly a Jew.
No, for her it was a tiny percentage.
- And what's your feeling?
- Neither.
- Let me raise a glass...
- OK.
There will never be a better time...
It sounds like Japanese poetry.
There will never be a better time...
Let's drink to this life.
Anna Mikhailovna, hello.
Come in.
Good to see you.
- Sorry I'm late.
- No problem.
- Are you fine?
- Yes.
- What is it, on your face?
- This?
It was him?
One of his thugs?
It was the mayor?!
David, are you completely out of your mind?
Not everything revolves around you.
- It was not the mayor.
- So who was it?
My husband.
He doesn't want me to work.
He wants me to stay home.
Let's start working.
What does your husband do?
If it's not a secret?
- I suggest that today we focus on accounts.
- Fine.
As the mayor of our city...
I wish all the residents
happiness and prosperity.
On the day of our city,
on behalf of the entire municipality
I promise you...
that we do our best,
steal as much as possible...
to make your life comfortable and wonderful...
We wish you health,
success for your families,
happiness and the fulfillment of all your dreams.
Oh, damn it!
What's going on here?
Nastia, this is your neighbor.
Open up. There is a leak.
The water must be shut off.
David Guramovich!
David Guramovich, get up!
Help me.
You're alive!
- Does it hurt?
- It does not hurt me. I'm just scared.
Everything will be ok.
You are great.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, really great.
I believe in you.
Everyone knows the mayor is stealing.
- Really?
- Yes.
So why are they silent?
How can people behave this way?
I'm sorry.
- You're very kind.
- Everything will be ok.
Everything will be ok.
Why ostrich?
Why not?
It's funny, isn't it?
It's a funny bird.
Pretty beautiful. Quite rare.
And the caricature...
Our principal
steals from the company's money.
Everyone knows.
Everyone is angry about it, of course.
But I would never
write about this.
You belong to the younger generation.
Why do you doubt?
Because I...
I'm probably a coward.
I do not have enough courage
for this.
How many friends did you have
before you were arrested?
Quite a few.
Do they make public statements?
Do they bring things up
on their web pages?
Of course not.
How sad it all is,
that they dont write.
It's because they are afraid.
What can I do?
And you're not afraid?
No more.
I'm no longer afraid.
- This is Georgian, right?
- Of course.
You have an unusual accent.
My father was Georgian.
We lived in Tbilisi.
I spent half my life there.
When I came here and started teaching,
I had to get rid of
the Georgian accent...
so as not to scare my students.
Got it.
Strange, suddenly I feel really good.
"And like faces
disappearing into the fog
the words are dying on her lips.
It seems like a scared bird
flying in the woods in the evening."
That's the key.
- The key to why?
- To the soul.
Do you want me to read it to you?
You pee on my pillow every day.
You've peed yesterday.
You've peed today.
You do not deserve poetry.
It is possible to read it all
before the trial?
Not just to read it,
but to understand it.
Well, that's up to you.
This is such a parody of the crime,
of the investigation, of justice.
- There is no concrete evidence!
- That's what you think.
Let's see.
Have you read Barskaya's witness statement?
- Who is she?
- Your neighbor downstairs?
- Downstairs?
- Yes.
- No, I haven't read.
She says you discussed with her...
how the conference money was spent.
She's lying.
Why should I tell her? What for?
She says you spent
all on conference.
I guess she's getting points
for saying that.
I wanted to ask you something else.
You said last summer
you had a business trip.
When was that?
- To Moscow?
- Yes.
In the second half of July,
I think.
Receipt for withdrawing money
is also from July.
Do you remember
the exact dates?
I do not remember the dates.
- I'll try...
- It is important.
That was before the Mom's birthday.
Before Mom's birthday.
The twentieth.
- Yes, the twentieth.
- Or twenty first.
The twentieth or twenty first.
The twentieth or twenty first.
We will have a few things
to say at the trial.
- Really?
- Yes.
- You know what?
- What?
Let's drink for your whole family.
The children and grandchildren.
May they all be healthy.
And enjoy life.
That they always have work and money.
Maybe recurrent leaks
are a good thing, after all.
Thank you very much.
But it can't be leaking all the time.
There's always enough work.
- For the repeated leaks.
- OK. For the leaks.
I'm done.
Forgive me, Guramovich.
I have to cut off your water.
I did not receive any notification.
I do not know that.
It's none of my business.
I have no choice.
Come and live with me...
like in the old days.
How are the documents going, Katya?
The trial will start soon.
Can you hear me?
I'm serious.
Get me the documents
and leave this Edik of yours.
We compared the figures.
They matched the official ones.
Edik's documents
and government documents...
indicate that the entire amount has been spent.
Why didn't you tidy Irina's room?
You promised to fix it.
The mayor is a decent person.
He likes Edik.
And his wife is lovely.
She invited me to a dinner.
What can you call someone
who steals every day decent?
A person who takes bribes every day.
Katya, did they wash your brain?
Both of you complained to me
at the restaurant.
You told me everything.
You knew everything.
Everyone, even his employees,
knew that he was stealing!
Everyone knew! Even you!
The whole city knew!
Everyone knows everyone steals
and receives bribes every day.
Firstly, not everyone.
Secondly, I live my life as I wish.
And you did not steal drugs...
from the hospital.
We had nothing to eat.
We starved to death in a tiny shared apartment.
That's why I stole.
Now you live comfortably
in a beautiful apartment.
You can eat to satiety.
At that time you were reading books,
while I was saving my family.
You're the one who broke Irina.
Where have you been
when I tried to save our Irina?
I tried to help her.
By kicking her out of her house?
She stole from us to pay for her injections.
- You cried.
- Yes, I cried.
And she was dying.
I did not know what to do.
I shouted, I screamed.
I thought maybe it would help her.
Even if she emptied the apartment...
stole all your dear books...
who cares?
She's our daughter.
Do you understand?
Now she has recovered.
And you were not there
when I fought for it.
You said, you're the dentist,
you dig into people's mouths...
while I was trying to save us.
Listen, fuck you, ok?
Several years in prison
will help you clear your head.
Forget the documents.
No documents.
The call is over.
Your grandson will be born,
and you will not be there.
Maybe it's better that way.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
Let's run now.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello.
- Drunk again?
- Not at all.
Can I use your phone?
- My phone?
- Yes, I have to call, it's urgent.
- Thanks. Just for a minute.
- You are welcome.
Irina, it's me.
Do not disconnect.
Please, listen to me to the end.
You needed help.
My little daughter.
My little bunny.
And I was just yelling at you
without understanding anything.
Excuse me.
Only now do I realize that I am...
Excuse me, if you can.
I am...
an idiot.
It's all.
I love you.
- I feel weakness in my knees.
They're kind of cottony. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You should stop drinking...
and stop stealing as well.
Come on, go now.
David Guramovich!
The door was open.
The bolt is broken.
My legs feel kind of cottony
since the morning.
I can get up, stand,
but I can not walk.
This is something new.
It has never happened before.
I can not concentrate at all.
This is also new.
Why does my condition not improve?
You're a doctor.
Maybe you should change the treatment?
Help me.
I feel really bad.
I see.
Well, do something.
Admit your guilt.
They will cancel the house arrest
and we'll take care of you.
If you admit, you'll get on probation
and we'll take care of you.
But you said you were proud of me.
What has changed?
Aren't you ashamed?
I may die, just like that.
- Stop it.
- What?
What don't you understand?
I can't inject you with anything,
until you confess.
I just can not.
Do you want me to get fired?
Of course not.
But my legs...
My feet...
I don't feel them.
- I understand.
- I can not.
- I understand.
I can not.
I can not.
- Kin-Lin!
- Professor.
I'm so glad to see you.
Aren't you feeling well?
Are you sick?
Yes, I do not feel well.
I'm sick.
I made corrections.
- There was no point!
- No?
There is no need to talk about everything.
I feel so sorry for you.
I'm really sorry.
I will not continue here without you.
I'll come back home, to China.
I will write books there.
Too bad.
I cared for you.
Write me.
I have to go back inside.
I have to lie down.
You're so sweet and kind.
So very kind.
Thanks. I'll keep it.
I'll keep it as a souvenir.
So kind...
Very kind.
- Why do you need Tolstoy?
- This is my talisman.
You think you can listen
to some records there?
Jazz ones, yes. I think it is possible.
Did you take warm clothes with you?
Okay, I'll leave them here.
I have everything I need.
We are ready...
for the final hearing.
We did everything we could.
With God's blessing.
- My tie!
- No ties.
- Why?
You can't take anything
that you might use to hang yourself.
- And boots without laces.
- No laces.
Hanging myself
sounds like a good idea.
There's something elegant about it.
I'll go down in history.
As Capone, the thief of the chairs.
Anna Mikhailovna...
What if I plead guilty?
Then everything will be over.
I will stop hurting everyone.
I can no longer stand it.
you want to admit guilt...
for what are you being accused of?
I understand your fear,
but we will not admit guilt.
- No?
- No.
- Then, no. Thanks.
- We don't admit.
- OK.
With God's blessing.
I forgot my razor.
I'll put it in my pocket.
So we don't plead guilty.
By the way, did I tell you...
that my husband left me.
- No.
- Now you know.
You never told me
what is his profession.
It does not matter anymore.
I did not believe!
Nobody believed!
Do not get too excited.
They may appeal.
Even though they have nothing...
and though I think
that they will close the case.
So let's drink for the second round.
No. I will not drink for the second round.
During all this
I lost all my customers.
My husband left me.
I lost all my friends.
I prefer that there is no second round.
But we did it! We won!
We can drink for that at least.
For you!
The truth is we have nothing to do with it.
What do you mean?
They are removing the mayor.
Investigators came from Moscow.
They will announce it tomorrow.
It turns out...
that there is a big deal
about the engine factory.
There's corruption...
and of course...
our case regarding the statue.
They will send a new mayor,
from Moscow.
He's young.
Obviously everyone is stressed.
The old one was also young once...
but maybe it will be different.
You never know.
I've almost forgotten!
Our inspector called to apologize!
He said he was under pressure.
So it was all in vain!
My mother's death,
my wife,
all this pain... in vain.
My case did not interest anyone.
Everything was completely in vain.
David, are you going to answer?
I can not right now.
Dad, what happened?
Why are you lying here?
Dad, are you drunk again?
Mister, can you call an ambulance?!
Dad, say something!
Call an ambulance!
Dad, get up!
Come on, please!
Do not dare to die!
I've arrived, please.
Get up for me, Dad.
Dad, I'm here.
I'm begging you, please!
Please, Dad!
Dad, it's me, I'm here.
It's me, Irina.
Please, get up,
I'm begging, let me...
Everything is fine.
Come on, let me help you.
Softly. And you will help me.
Get up, let's count to three... Come on.
When the little one is born,
you will feel better, and we'll be fine.
We'll go home.
You'll be able to rest.
We'll go for a walk in the park.
We'll even go to Lake Baikal.
You will teach us to swim.
Why are you lying on the ground?
Have you lost your mind?
Dad, I love you so much!
Please, let's go home.
OK? Everything will be fine.
I'm here, I forgave you.
I forgave you, really.
Professors David Akhaladze
and Olga Krylatova
were found not guilty
and released from detention.
They were charged with embezzlement
of the state funds
designated for a scientific conference.
However, former colleagues of the professors...
voted against their return to university.
With the approaching new year,
scammers have found a new way...
to cheat bank customers...