Delta Force 3: The Killing Game (1991) Movie Script

For his ceaseless efforts
in bringing together the Islamic
and Judeo-Christian world.
To work for peace
in the Middle East,
we of the Soviet Peace
and Brotherhood Union,
award the president
of the Friendship League,
Mr. Anwar Mossach,
our committee's
International Prize For Peace.
I, Khalil Kadal, shall be the
deliverer of your retribution.
You have one week in which
to comply with my demands.
If the president of the United
States refuses to negotiate
the complete withdrawal
of all forms
of Western interference
in the Arab world,
I will dispatch
the American people
to the hell they deserve.
One week.
The Russians want him
and so do we.
That is your target,
Major Stewart.
Khalil Kadal.
What I don't understand,
is why we don't send
an F-16 strike in there
and blow his ass
straight to hell.
Oh, I'd like nothing better,
but the son of a bitch
has his ham strung.
His disciples make a hell
of a delivery system.
For all we know, major, walking
down Fifth Avenue right now
is one of his crazy followers
ready to take out
half of New York City.
And the only way
we can stop those guys
is for Kadal himself
to give the word.
So we've got to take him alive.
And we do it now.
Now everything is okay.
It is time.
Everything is ready.
Salim will deliver
the bomb personally.
You must treat it carefully.
I have waited
for this many years.
Listen to me.
What we have done
up till now is nothing.
This is a nuclear bomb.
It will never be forgotten.
Not in a thousand years.
You can trust me.
I've known you
since you were a child.
You are the only one I will
trust to deliver our gift
to the world.
Lieutenant Richard O'Keefe,
I'm your new
intelligence officer.
Put your hand down,
Good to see you again,
Why isn't the camp ready
Uh, it's been a bit
of a rush job, sir.
I see that.
Any word from General Wilson
Not yet, sir.
I'm online with the Pentagon.
Whatever you need,
I'll get it for you.
I wanna know everything
about this guy Kadal.
I wanna know his habits.
Where he goes, what he eats,
when he sleeps.
I wanna know
when he's taking a dump.
Yes, sir.
This is an urban attack.
Hit and run.
Our only objective
is to get Kadal out alive--
I repeat, alive.
--And not hit any civilians.
Now, the front of the building's
where the concentration
of guards will be.
Greg, you go up the back
to the roof.
you only got 15 seconds
before the rest of us
make our move.
How many sentries
Usually only the one.
Ron, Jimbo.
Yes, sir.
You guys follow Greg up,
make sure his ass stays clean.
Sammy, you blow us in
through the side.
What kind of walls
we got here
Eighteen inches thick.
You can pick your spot.
No sweat. Pound of C4,
pinch of wire.
They'll be seeing daylight.
Yeah, well, just don't take
the whole fucking building down
like you did last time.
Yeah, yeah.
Any questions
It's a piece of cake, sir.
Not really.
General Wilson has placed
defenders in position.
How many I don't know.
So keep your eyes open.
Kadal's stand-in
will be wearing white.
If you take a paint squib
to the body or the head,
you go down.
No questions asked,
no fooling around.
And gentlemen,
the general will be inside.
Don't hit him.
How many defenders are there
Eighteen, sir.
Regards, soldier.
We're not here.
How's the schedule
Should be within the minute,
Come on.
Ten segundos.
Should I break your neck
Then be quiet.
Move out, move out.
One. Two. Clear.
Go, go, go!
Move, move!
Move it!
Watch out.
Three o'clock, major.
You're dead, you son of a bitch.
Your whole goddamn chest
has been blown open.
Die, goddamn it, man, die!
What, you don't wanna die
All right, tough guy.
Best way for fighting men
to get to know one another.
What the hell is going on here,
All right, knock it off.
Let's all settle down here now.
Gentlemen, meet Captain Sergei
Iliechleskov of the U.S.S.R.
That is Ivan Bruk.
Pietre Idonovich.
I'll start comparing notes,
You two will be
our demolition men.
All of you,
introduce yourselves.
From now on you're on one team.
Let's get something straight.
I don't like you.
I don't like you.
Who is it
You make your own stuff
Some old family recipes.
This one here's my baby.
Designed it myself.
See this
It's a time-delayed activator.
What do you got there
Oh, it's a kind of
psychological bomb.
Yeah, it makes a big boom.
Well, we use it in riots.
People usually hear it
and run away.
Very quickly.
It's neat. It's lightweight.
How's it work
I'll show you.
Won't even damage
the shithouse.
Uh, Vanya!
Well, what'd he say
He said not to worry.
- Fire!
- Major!
Major! We have a problem.
Our destination has changed.
Kadal is scheduled
to make an appearance
at the fortress
of the Sheik of Mahmoud
in the Sudalian Desert.
Now, they're sending us someone
who knows the area.
An infiltration expert.
What, another Russian
I'm afraid so, sir.
A Captain Usuri.
All right,
when does he get in
Tomorrow. Then we leave.
Do you know
this Captain Usuri
I'd like to introduce you to
Captain Usuri with the KGB.
Don't worry.
This time she's on your side.
This is Lieutenant O'Keefe,
our intelligence officer.
He likes to keep
his secrets a secret.
I'm sure the two of you
will work well together.
May I
I'm impressed, lieutenant.
Infrared scans
But you stole them from
a Soviet satellite, I think.
Well, yours just happened to be
in a better position than ours.
So I just downlinked
the transmission
- and time-base corrected it.
- Yeah.
I just can't work out
what this is over here.
Oh. Those are caves
at the base of a mountain.
The Sudalians
have converted them
to a communications
There's a tunnel that
connects them to the fortress.
That's our way in.
How do you know
My father was
Sheik Mahmoud's
personal advisor
for 10 years.
The fortress
was my playground.
I'm... How do you say
Your inside man.
Make sure
I can access Langley
and Tel Aviv databases direct.
And U.S. Immigration.
I want a satellite hook-up,
photo-fax transmission,
and a master calendar of public
defense online, got it
I don't wanna
wait forever for this.
Is this your first time
- All right, good.
- Roger. Over and out.
We're all a little nervous
our first time.
It'll be okay.
Now I got into
this crazy business.
I had a dream of opening
my own place some day.
My own fireworks factory.
You know, I've never
missed a Fourth of July.
Listen, uh,
after we finish this, um,
I'm not going back
to Russia.
Will you consider me
as a partner
Yeah. Yeah, why not
How come
I gotta see how you do
in this mission first.
Nice knife.
Sign of the Spetsnaz commando.
Each mission, I put another.
They don't keep you guys
too busy, do they
Okay, listen up.
Before I left home,
I promised my son I'd be back
in time for his birthday.
I intend to keep
that promise.
And I want to see all the same
faces on the way back.
We go in, we take Kadal,
we keep him alive
and we get the hell
out of there.
All right, gentlemen
We're getting very close.
Prepare to jump.
Ready camera 3
and go now.
Three go.
Camera 1,
ready for a zoom on Mike.
Stand by, 1.
Zoom, go.
We have to wind up. I thank
my guests, the audience,
and all you viewers
out there for joining me,
Michael Rolands,
live on Current Events, JGBS.
- Go. Lights fade.
- Fade the lights.
- Music up.
- Music up.
And roll the credits.
Thanks for coming.
Hey, that was good.
I thought that you could have
pushed him a little more
on the Lithuania situation
but, uh, hey, not bad.
Not bad
I thought I was great.
You were good.
Heh. Look, I gotta go.
I'll see you tomorrow,
Oh! No!
Oh, God! No! No!
Oh, no!
Oh, please!
Somebody, help!
Shh, shh!
Shh, it's okay.
No. No.
I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna call an ambulance.
My leg...
It's okay.
I'll take a small group
to secure the area.
Andrei, Drake,
we'll move up to the ridge.
Let's go.
Stay back.
How did we land
in a goddamn minefield
I can't explain it.
There was nothing
on the satellite scans.
They must have
just done it.
I've cleared a path!
To my left, up the middle.
Hold it.
What the hell
are you doing
He's going to die. There's
nothing we can do for him.
Back off, captain.
I said, back off.
This is my man.
I decide!
You put that weapon away,
and that's an order.
You do not understand!
No, you don't understand.
This is my command.
You wanna shoot him,
you're gonna
have to shoot me first.
You want my command
Go ahead.
Make your move.
Sometimes I wonder
if you are fit to command.
Got him
Ever seen one of
these babies before
In the States,
we call it a rattlesnake.
I can blow a line
a hundred yards long
and 10 yards wide.
Let's go.
Let's start an IV.
Move out!
Come on, let's go!
Take cover!
Hit it!
Andrei was a good man.
Strong warrior.
His death is a great loss
to all who knew him.
We're losing time.
We should take this truck.
Take some added
clothes for cover
and we pick up
on the schedule.
Is it vodka
I made it myself.
Pietre, let's
try this.
Watch it!
The kid!
All right,
just relax.
Sam, what's up
I don't know.
There are a whole bunch
of villagers coming at us.
Get this thing started.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
All right,
I'll check the engine.
You guys, listen up.
Hey. We got four soldiers
in a jeep.
Then they have
to show her...
Come on in.
Well, this is for you.
Oh, thank you.
So how are you doing
How's your leg
I'm still pretty shaky,
but I'll survive.
this is my neighbor,
who saved my life.
Hussein, this is Michael.
I like your show.
I catch it every week.
Nurse Davies to Pediatrics.
Thank you.
Speaking about television,
I've got to run now.
Look, I want to see
the final--
Uh-uh-uh. Now, you just
take it easy and...
Don't worry
about the show, okay
Okay. Bye.
Thanks, Michael.
Have a seat.
Look, uh...
I-- I'm so sorry that I got you
involved in all this mess.
Oh, it's okay.
Don't worry. It's okay.
Have you heard anything
from the police yet
They haven't
found him yet.
I just wish I had a gun.
I would've killed him.
Sure didn't have us in mind
when they built this place.
Okay, listen.
The communication center
is in the caves.
The secret tunnel
that leads to the fortress
is at the back
of the caves.
That's our only way in.
What are we up against
Four to five soldiers.
Two on the radio. The rest
are guarding the outside.
When do they change
Every seven days.
All right, Greg,
you know what to do.
All right, everyone,
listen up.
We got one shot at Kadal.
We don't want to blow it
by going in there
and having him not be there.
Captain, you're going to go
through the front gate,
you're going to mingle
with the people.
Find out if Kadal
is in there.
If he is,
lay the explosives,
find him
and stick to him.
We'll wait for you
in the caves.
Good luck.
Are you nervous
Yeah, a little bit.
We are all a little nervous
our first time.
All right, captain,
take that man out.
Take Sam with you.
gonna take those two
on three.
Nice shot.
Jimbo, let's do it.
Come on.
Come on.
Major, it's all clear.
Find out when
the last shift started.
Get a man on the radio.
Business as usual.
Prison One to base.
Prison One to base.
Do you hear me
All right.
Loud and clear.
The caves are secure.
What's your situation
I'm in place.
Military presence
is full.
There are trucks
and half-trucks
outside the fortress.
Any sign of Kadal
But the women have said
that he will appear.
There are rumors that
he's going to give a speech.
Okay, this is
what you got to do.
Place the explosives
for our escape route out.
If all goes according to plan,
we'll move by midnight.
Over and out.
There's that son of a bitch now.
Kadal! Kadal! Kadal! Kadal!
Kadal! Kadal! Kadal! Kadal!
That's Arabic.
Listen to me...
and listen well.
Unless you comply
with my demands,
I shall deliver unto you
an explosive so enormous
that it contains the awful power
of God's universe.
I have given you one week,
and still your president
has not responded.
His impunity
will be your destruction.
There are only
three days left.
Then my messengers
shall strike.
Many people will have to pay
with their lives.
Sounds like intelligence
was right.
Then your president
will talk to me.
This is my final warning.
Kadal! Kadal! Kadal! Kadal!
You don't wanna take
anyone with you
I'd rather go
on alone, sir.
Richard, let me have
the radio.
Base camp to Prison One.
Do you read me Over.
I read you. Over.
- What's your status
- Over.
That I will be
in the west wing.
Proceed as planned.
Over and out.
Your parcels have been
Over and out.
Well, okay.
- They're after me.
- I'm cutting up. Over and out.
Irenia. Irenia.
I lost her.
Let's go.
I, Khalil Kadal, will continue
to send my messengers of death
into the Western world until
the president of United States
agrees to negotiate with me
on the removal of all forms
of Western decadence.
That was just part of
a five minute videotape
delivered to our Paris office
in which Khalil Kadal claims
for the human bomb attacks.
While these are
the only two incidents
Kadal has claimed
responsibility for,
intelligence experts
all over the world say
he's been behind the wave of
devastating attacks recently.
Like this one in Beirut
two weeks ago,
which killed 20 schoolchildren
and wounded 80 others.
in Northern Ireland where
an entire block was virtually
wiped out...
Who is it
It's me, Hussein.
Come on.
The show already started.
So it's very busy there.
Michael's interview's
just starting.
It sounds great.
The lights went out on me...
All right.
What was the lot
Were there any other hostages
besides yourself
I was the only American.
This is nice.
It's okay.
...and German.
He was an engineer.
When they took off
the blindfold,
uh, I couldn't see properly.
My vision is still, um...
Still a problem.
When did you first realize
you were going to be released
Come on, Michael.
You pump it up.
Let's get some emotion
running here.
You really like your
job, huh
You bet. evade them.
When do you go back
I can't. Not until I get rid
of this dumb weight.
...was a shot
I am definitely gonna be
at the next show,
even if I have to be part
of the audience.
Can I come with you
I think about them a lot.
Thank you.
We'll make Michael jealous.
Get Irenia.
Come here.
All clear.
You'd better
cut this off her.
I leave it to you, Sam.
Just when I thought this mission
was gonna be boring.
Have you got Kadal
Not yet.
So go and get him.
This is gonna take a
little longer than I thought.
Hope my friends
don't see me like this.
What friends
Looks clear.
Hold still.
How's that
Now don't move.
Shit. What a mess.
Are you okay
I don't wanna make
a mistake.
We'll never know.
It's the beauty
of being a bomber.
You son of a bitch!
Now, let's see.
Where were we
Piece of cake
Charlie! Pietre!
Right down that hall!
Oh, God.
- They're here.
- Let's hit it.
Come on, go around.
I've had my fill of the party,
now, let's go.
Move out! Move it out!
Move it on out!
Man down!
We got a man down!
Come on, let's move.
Come on, get him
out of there. Let's go.
Come on!
Look out!
Go, go, go!
Uh, we completed
our mission.
We have our package.
We're on our way, over.
What is your situation
This is base, I read you.
Rendezvous point scheduled.
Over and out.
He's gone.
All right,
cover him up.
You want to bury him
He's going home.
I'm sorry.
Hey, what about
the 50-50
Fifty-five, 45.
No, sir.
We'll have to talk about it
when we come home, okay
Holy shit!
Hey, Major,
we got a bunch of
Sudalians on our tail.
Thanks, guys.
I made contact with
the chopper, sir.
All right. Let's
secure this area.
Chopper LZ is directly behind
Choppers'll be here in a couple
minutes sir.
All right, Greg, take Ron and
Jimbo up to the high ground
and cover our flank.
Sam. Pietre. Every bomb you've
got on the road.
Brook. He's a baby.
Keep him down.
Captain, keep 'em alive.
Irenia, front of the truck.
Let's go.
Major, we've got
All right. Nobody moves
until you hear me fire.
Keep a foot on Kadal.
All right. Everybody,
out of sight.
Sam! Pietre!
Find some cover!
Nobody fires until
I give the word.
Shit. Pietre.
Okay. C'mon.
I got you.
Sam Are we going home
Yeah, we're
going home, man.
Going back to U.S.
Give them a good firework
for me, will you
You got it.
Pietre, c'mon man.
Don't die!
Don't fucking die
on me!
You fucks!
I'm gonna get every
one of you.
Pull back.
Get him out
of here.
Come on you guys.
I've got you covered.
Move it!
Get that son of a bitch
onto the chopper.
C'mon. C'mon.
Move it.
Fall back.
Get him out.
Let's go!
Get him out!
I'm only gonna ask
you this once.
Where's the bomb
And when's it
going off
When the bomb goes off,
All American will be witness
to it on television.
So go fuck yourself.
I will talk only to
your president.
Right now, I am
the president.
Piece of
That man
is crazy.
He can cause you
a great deal of pain.
I don't like
to see it.
Give us the information
we need. Now.
Major Can I talk
to you for a minute
These are I.N.S.
of all U.S. residents who have
visited Sudalia
in the last 12 months.
These are official photos of
Kadal's father and sister.
He's gonna recognize them.
The oscillograph is gonna give
us a reading to confirm.
My theory is, the only one in
the photos he's gonna recognize
are likely suspects.
Washington is standing by to
But it's still
just a guess.
It's the best
we got right now.
So, how accurate
can you make it
I'll show you.
This is what we use.
Together with the polygraph,
we get 95 percent accuracy.
I know he won't forgive you.
I think we got our man.
I'm quite sure.
This is the man.
Anwar Hussein, huh
All right, lieutenant,
better get on the horn
to Washington.
Tell 'em what we got.
Here we are.
I feel safer
with you here.
If you pull back a bit.
All right.
I got it.
Everything all right
I can't wait
to get back.
We're at the location
and we're moving in.
Let's go.
Hey, look at this.
Wheel chair receipt.
Dave, give me
the portable.
This is Charlie 6.
Hey, Bill, run a check on Wendy
Jackson for me, will you
That TV producer who was
attacked last week.
They saved that one
for you.
Welcome, everyone.
We're going out live in
about 10 seconds.
Attention up, crew.
Dim house lights.
Nine. Eight.
Seven. Six. Five.
Good evening.
And welcome to another edition
of Current Events.
I'm your host Michael Rolands,
and with me in the studio
we have the minister of interior
from Ecuador
Dr. Jose Garcia.
And from Honduras, Minister
Eduardo Galvanitos.
Gentlemen, the topic tonight is
the influx of immigration
into the United States.
We're FBI.
I'd like to ask the first
question to you, doctor.
What do you think is the reason
why all those people are
leaving your country and coming
into the United States
Well, the question of
immigration is a complex issue.
Listen to me carefully.
I'm taking control of this
television studio.
I have a bomb
under your chair.
If you do not assist me,
many people will die.
Put down your guns or I will
kill her.
I have a bomb!
Nobody move!
What the hell do
you think you're--
This is an atomic bomb.
This is the switch.
I'm standing on the switch.
If I remove my foot,
If I will fall,
we will all die.
And this whole city will be
I'm here as a messenger of
Khalil Kadal.
Allahu akbar!
Allahu akbar!
I will talk only with the
president of the United States.
He must negotiate with me.
Hussein, we need some
more time.
Take this
piece of shit.
You're a good egg,
Oh my god, why are you--
Shut up, bitch.
Shut up!
Mr. Hussein, we've got hold of
the president.
He's on his way.
You're lying.
Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me!
Shut up!
Talk to them.
Talk to them!
Please. Oh God, do what he says,
please! Please help!
You have three more minutes.
If the president does not call
here on the telephone,
I take my foot
off that switch.
Three more minutes.
Let's go!
It's down this hall.
Let's go.
Go. Go!
C'mon you worthless piece of
shit! C'mon!
Get in here!
Thirty seconds.
Twenty seconds.
Five seconds.
Three seconds.
C'mon, c'mon.
Allahu akbar!
Allahu akbar!
Hussein, no!
I want everybody to hear.
Since I was a child,
I believed in you.
I wanted to be like you.
You were everything.
You were the one who said that
there was no return,
no going back.
It is only fear at
which people stop.
Is it fear that I hear from your
lips now, Kadal
We must go on with our fight.
Now! We must show them!
Even if you and I die for it.
We'll die together.
Allahu akbar!
Nice throw.
Nice catch.