Demigod (2021) Movie Script

[solemn music]
- [running footfalls]
- [woman crying]
[woman groaning]
[cries out]
[soft singing]
Come out, my child...
Don't fear us. We only want to help you.
Help you ease your pain.
I can smell you. And so can my sister...
- Child. Please.
- [woman whimpering]
Hello, my child...
Come out and make us proud... won't you?
[rapid breathing]
[soft growling]
[woman groaning]
[woman gasping]
[shackles clinking]
You cannot escape him...
It is your fate.
Please... please!
Help me!
Life begins in pain...
Pain is necessary...
[woman screaming]
He is coming...
For you are truly blessed!
[soft moans]
[music swells]
Please... help me.
[moaning and crying]
[screams and sobs]
[music intensifies]
[distant screaming]
[dramatic music]
[music fades]
[crows cawing]
[soft growl]
[Leo] Robin.
Honey, hey, wakey, wakey.
I think we're
almost there, maybe...
How long was I out for?
[Leo] Oh, a couple of hours.
[German music playing
on the radio]
Leo, this forest looks exactly
like the last forest.
[Leo] That's because it is.
It's 70,000 square miles.
A local in the village
told me that,
and he also told me
how old it is.
Do you want to know?
[Robin] Really damn old?
[Leo chuckling]
Yes, tack 1,000 years onto that
and you're
in the ballpark, sweetheart.
Babe, come on,
I think we're lost.
The GPS says we aren't,
or at least it did
before we lost signal.
We could ask... him.
[tense note]
Okay, the GPS is right.
We're not lost.
Oh, so that tells you
that we're not lost?
[chuckling] Okay.
[tense music]
Are we sure grandpa Karl
wasn't a serial killer?
[crows cawing]
- [Robin gasps]
- You alright?
Yeah, I'm just a little woozy.
- Yeah, still, but fine.
- Okay.
- I'll get out bags, alright?
- Okay.
- [sighs]
- [tense music]
[door creaks]
[somber music]
[Leo] How long
since you saw him last?
[Robin] The day we left.
I was six, maybe seven.
That's when he and your dad
fell out?
Something like that.
Ooh... Damn!
It's a hefty piece
of artillery here.
It's got to be worth something.
If he was here, he would break
your face for touching that.
[Leo] Ooh, protective
about his antiques, huh?
That one was his favorite.
[Leo] How the hell do you
remember which was his favorite?
I just do.
As a kid
he always had it with him
whenever he was telling
us stories.
It was like a prop.
He said it was a gift
from another hunter.
What were these guys
hunting, exactly?
- Is this him?
- [Robin] Yep.
Grandpa Karl and me.
Well, you look happy enough.
- What's that?
- [Robin] What?
[Leo] Did you draw that?
Is that you?
I'm going to walk
around outside for a bit.
[door opens and closes]
- [ominous note]
- [door creaks]
- [gasping]
- [flies buzzing]
[breathing heavily]
[flies buzzing]
So, grandpa Karl butchered
a shit ton of bunnies
before the stroke hit.
I don't know why
I didn't expect it.
God, that smell!
And yet my dad still wonders
why my mom went batshit.
I'll take care of it.
There's some ginger gum
in my backpack.
Thank you.
[somber music]
[Leo sighs]
Rest in peace, fellas.
[sighs] Bunnies buried.
- I wouldn't put it past him.
- [Leo] That was disgusting.
I don't think I like
grandpa Karl anymore.
Actually, I don't know
if I ever liked him.
Welcome to the family.
You know, when I was a kid,
I used to think this place
was paradise.
Even after my mom left.
The trees, the air,
animals everywhere.
Always felt
like I belonged here.
It definitely doesn't skip
on the ambience.
Clothes already smell
like death.
Easy fix.
So, how about we get you
out of that death shirt?
[soft chuckling]
Stay here. Stay.
[gun clicks]
[tense music]
[gun clicks]
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry, but...
No Deutsch.
Yes, American.
[speaking slowly]
I speak English.
[in English]
Lucky for you, so do I.
So, I'll repeat my question.
What are you doing here?
A visitor. We're visiting.
Karl's family?
[Robin] Yes.
I'm his granddaughter.
[Arthur] Of course.
The little bird.
[Robin] It's Robin.
I am Arthur, Arthur Fuchs.
No, we don't drink.
I mean, we do, but...
Shit, what am I saying?
I'd hoped you would decline,
but I had to offer.
This is our way.
So, you are...?
Surprised you didn't go
for the elbow bump.
[Leo chuckling]
[Arthur] Lion.
And a little bird.
A curious match.
Not by the ears, Amalia. Remember?
Sorry, Papa.
Who are they?
Friends of Karl.
Karl... the one who died?
This is my daughter, Amalia.
Her English is not the best.
Hi there, Amalia,
it's a nice rabbit.
Is rabbit the only thing to eat
around here, or what? [chuckles]
You knew Karl?
He was a good marksman.
- Almost as good as me.
- [gun clicks]
Go fetch our meat.
So, you kill a lot of animals?
[in English]
Not this time of year.
These woods can be...
How so?
- You don't know tales?
- What tales?
It's supposedly haunted.
No shit, hence the pic
of you and a monster...
What did Karl tell you?
Grandpa told me lots of things,
silly stories about
monsters and fairies,
and magical creatures
that lived in the woods.
I drew him a picture
before I left.
It's nothing.
People always say that
when they don't want to talk,
that it is nothing or no.
Der Jagerwald
is not one for fairy tales.
The Hunter's Forest.
Game is plentiful in the spring.
In the winter time, not much.
We are collecting what we can,
while we can.
we call it stockpiling.
Within days, every stag,
bear, bird, even rabbit
will be gone.
Not even footprints left.
And that is only the animals.
[Robin chuckles]
What else is there?
Do people disappear?
[Arthur] Many.
Men, women, children playing.
Entire families.
It's as if the woods
swallows them whole.
What do you mean?
One man survived.
Disappeared for weeks.
And then one day
he walked out of the woods.
[Leo] That's fortunate.
He was covered in blood.
Head to toe.
But no wounds.
He was raving like a madman
about a horned demon,
and a heart of death.
Died of shock
at the local hospital.
[running footfalls]
Good shot, Papa.
Well done, my girl.
What really happened to him?
He saw that
which he could not unsee.
Some call him Cernunnos.
[ominous note]
He's the master
of beast and wild places.
The great hunter.
The who?
Just another one
of grandpa's scary stories
told after too much whiskey.
The winter solstice comes,
the great hunt has begun.
With arrow, sword, and knives,
the supreme hunter
consumes his lives.
He is the governor
of pristine nature,
of the uncivilized world.
He is man, beast, god,
all at once.
He is the Lord of the Annwn...
- of the before.
- [Leo] Before What?
Before men began to wreck
the world.
I must be going.
My condolences.
Karl was a friend.
A fool... but a friend.
Night is coming to kill the day.
Sleep well.
And don't go out walking
after dark.
You up for, like,
a nighttime picnic?
No, not even close.
- Back inside.
- [both chuckling]
[eerie music]
[ambient music playing]
[ice rattling]
you know just what I need.
A little vodka martini.
Duty free, by the way.
So, want to get drunk
and make out?
Let me think a little... Yes.
Ah, that's better than great.
Smooth, just like me.
- Every time.
- [both chuckling]
Oh, look at this place.
What'll we do
with all this stuff?
[Leo] Like I said,
some of this stuff's
got to be worth something.
I mean, we can keep some of it
to remember him.
Yeah, I mean,
I guess you're right.
That's what we're supposed
to do, remember people.
Why did we even come here?
Because he left you everything,
such as it is.
You have to mean something
to him, right?
And we needed an adventure.
- [Robin snorts]
- This is at least that, right?
I mean, we're here now,
in his house,
in this super spooky,
but kind of romantic forest.
Eating this savory
and absolutely delicious
German sausage.
I actually enjoy it.
I remember him
talking about how our family
were these fabled hunters.
It was our calling
for hundreds of years
and ever since my great,
great, greater,
some such grandfather,
was handed a bow and arrow,
he used to hunt the land
and feed the people,
and we were providers.
He'd take me on these walks,
and tell me the stories
about wild folks and spells
and gods of the forest.
But my favorite part
was the animals.
They were everywhere.
We saw them eating
and drinking out of the pond,
and I thought
I could hear them speaking.
And then on my birthday,
the last year I was here,
he took me
on a different kind of walk.
[dramatic music]
We saw a stag in the clearing.
And it was beautiful.
I cried when he handed me
the bow and arrow,
and I told him I couldn't do it.
So, he did it instead.
And when the stag fell, I froze.
So, he dragged me over the body,
and very practically
- taught me how to butcher it.
- [metallic clink]
He took out its insides.
He made me name each of them.
And then he cut out its eyes
and ate one of them.
He said it was good luck.
And then he forced
the other one into my mouth.
And I...
I tried to chew it,
but it was covered in blood
and I gaged and I spit it out.
It was torture.
I was so scared and so confused.
My father was so angry
when he found out,
and grandpa said that...
family traditions
had to be upheld.
That's when I started
drawing monsters.
[tense music]
And that's when my dad knew
we needed a change.
So, we left.
I'm sorry.
That's an absolutely
horrific story.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[chuckle] But don't worry,
we'll figure it out.
I mean, even if
we have to move in.
I mean, can't you see us
living all rustic and stuff?
A couple of kids
running in the front...
forest, whatever.
Okay, so how are we going
to make money and stuff?
We'll live off the land
like hunter guy,
like your granddad.
I don't really see
that being in your wheelhouse.
Yeah, I'm bullshitting you.
I don't want to live here.
[both laughing]
[ominous music]
[muffled chatter]
[Leo] Oh, shit...
Jesus, this... no.
[Robin chuckles]
[Leo] Come here.
Much better.
See, now I won't have
any nightmares
about being gored in my sleep.
- What will you do with it?
- I think I have an idea.
Yep, under the bed.
Alright, perfect.
Okay, you can be big spoon.
[Leo] Mm, okay.
[contented sigh]
[tense music]
The eye of the hunter
must always be open...
...looking for opportunity,
looking for danger...
...for prey or predator.
Are you watching closely, Little Bird?
[distant groaning]
[metallic clink]
You must eat!
It is our way.
The only way!
Go and help them.
[suspenseful music]
[Leo gasps]
[Leo breathing heavily]
[ragged breathing]
[low rumbling]
[ragged breathing]
- [Leo gasps]
- [growling
- [Leo] Robin!
- [dramatic music]
- [clatter]
- [grunts]
[Leo] Let's go!
- [grunts]
- [growling]
Like little rabbits.
Always like scared, little rabbits.
and crude.
They deserved more.
The old man is gone.
There is only... these two.
This one...
[ethereal music]
She is his blood.
A promise fulfilled.
Help. No, please. Please!
- No!
- [thud]
[Robin grunts]
[Hettica] Fell!
[Robin gasps]
- [moans]
- [soft growl]
Come now, child.
- This is good for you.
- [coughing]
[ominous music]
Now the male.
[haunting music]
[Robin whispers] Leo.
Leo, wake up.
[soft moan]
[Arthur] Little bird.
They took you as well.
Where are we?
No fucking where.
Who took us?
Crazy people.
I am not so sure.
What the hell
else would they be?
No, I think
Arthur might be right.
There was something about them.
They were so methodical,
so focused.
So, how does
that information helps us
to get the hell out of here?
They have three women.
I only remember two women,
and a giant of a man
with a mask.
The monster.
Took me and my boyfriend
in the middle
of a lovely evening.
Papa, where are we?
The place we're going
to die, kid.
Don't frightened my child, girl.
My name is Katya,
and she should be frightened.
I won't ask again.
Arguing is not helping us
right now.
[Leo] I agree.
- You okay?
- [Leo] Sort of.
[groans] Christ, my head.
What did they make us drink?
It tastes like sewer.
[Robin] I don't know.
But we'll figure it out.
We'll be okay.
Where did they take
you two from?
Why does it matter?
My guy brought me to his cabin,
not far from here.
Actually, I don't know
how far anymore.
I was staying at the hostel
in Altensteig.
Oh, fuck,
I don't know what happened.
Please just...
try to think harder.
Fuck you. Who put you in charge?
Look, Katya,
the first thing
we need to discover
How do we do that, handsome?
I don't know. We look around.
A way out.
What the shit is that?
[eerie music]
Has anybody seen it before?
- [Robin] No.
- [Tabitha] No.
Do you know this symbol?
It's got to be ten degrees
out here.
You've clearly never been
in ten degree weather.
Does anybody
have a spare blanket,
or maybe a space heater?
How can you joke right now?
Humor is the refuge
of the damned.
I don't like you.
[Arthur] Shh!
[footsteps softly approaching]
[haunting music]
[Katya] Hey, let us go, please.
You can't do this to us.
Open these.
That's my boyfriend.
Oh, fuck it.
My client.
What is this?
What is happening?
[fire hisses]
The time has come!
Arthur! What she's saying?
"We gather this day
to give our tribute
to the god of the forest..."
"The god of all forests."
"Lord Cernunnos."
"One true lord
of the wild world."
"This holy winter day,
we honor him with devotion."
"And sacrifice."
"Lord of beasts,
we offer you this prey
on the day of your rebirth."
in your divinity.
Yes, we now bless
this holy place..."
"...with his blood."
[ominous music]
[Hettica] Grimur!
[sinister music]
- [squelch]
- [soft moan]
[bashing continues]
The first blood...
...we usher in the new hunt.
It is done.
His time has come.
The three of us welcome him.
The solstice has come.
The hunt has begun.
Bring him to the hut.
What the fucking hell is this?
Who are you?
We are servants.
Servants of the hunter.
[Fell breathing heavily]
Fuck off, you troll!
[in English] Such an ugly tongue
for a whore.
[Robin] You speak English?
We speak many things, child.
Tongues forgotten by humankind.
Tongues never heard.
Tongues forbidden.
Well, then, who are you?
Hettica is my name.
My sisters are Latara and Fell.
We are the animal's protectors
of the forest.
of the Lord Cernunnos.
The demigod reborn.
[Fell murmurs]
We are merely servants.
[Latara] Servants of the hunt.
[Hettica] Fell!
Leave her be.
We don't want his game spoiled.
[Leo] We're game? You said game?
[Hettica] Yes.
Sacrificial victims
gathered for his sport.
Whose sport?
The great hunter, of course.
Cernunnos is a myth.
[Hettica] He is that, and more.
He was reborn in the night,
as always, this time of year.
And we will repay his coming
with fresh game and sport.
We honor him with your life.
[Robin] I don't understand.
This is the way.
It is how it has always been.
He was born in the great kingdom
of Hyperborea.
In the Annwn,
the time before time.
the great white stag,
a glorious miracle.
And he taught man to hunt,
to slaughter,
to eat fresh flesh
and grow strong.
They say the blood
from his first kills
makes the trees grow tall,
which in turn feeds the beasts
of the land,
which in turn grew fat
and prospered to be hunted,
to feed man as our lord has fed.
The cycle continues
to this very day.
The cycle of death and rebirth.
The seasons rise,
only to fall and rise again.
And so, the day before this day,
he was born,
and he shall hunt,
and this land will flourish.
You understand more
than you let on.
What do you mean?
This is a bag of hot shit.
What colorful words.
Okay, I don't believe it.
Any of it.
What we've got here
is three psycho chicks
acting out some torture fantasy,
when they should be in the
village cooking sauerkraut.
The prey never believes,
until your skin hangs
on his wall,
until you witness his life.
Like the cabin dweller did.
The cabin dweller, yes.
[Robin] What?
[Hettica] Your blood, Karl...
He, too, was hunted,
and shown a rare mercy
by our lord.
Why would a hunter
spare any prey?
[Hettica] Why does the lion
release the bird?
So the bird will prosper
and multiply,
and cry his name out in song.
[Robin] I don't believe you.
Ask his friend.
[Robin] Arthur...
What are they talking about?
I did not want to upset you.
but man who came out
of the forest all bloody,
shouting about the horned demon.
That was Karl.
Karl, that's fucking brilliant.
That's why he was so obsessed
with this forest.
With the hunt.
He was hunting that
which had hunted him,
which had hunted his family.
We're being hunted?
You will be reminded
soon enough.
Unchain his quarry.
[shackles clanking]
Run! Run!
[Grimur grunts]
[Arthur calling] Amalia!
Robin! Robin!
[arrow hisses]
- Leo!
- [Leo] Go! Go!
I'll find you.
Run, run...
[yelling] Run!
[Arthur panting]
- [groans]
- [sinister music]
[all goes quiet]
[Robin sighs] Leo.
[breathing heavily]
[sinister music]
Keep your eyes open.
Keep your eyes open.
[twig snaps]
- [Arthur] Leo.
- [Leo gasps]
Have you seen Robin?
Amalia is also gone.
- You mean...
- I pray not.
She's missing, alone,
in the woods.
- She was right by my side.
- I know how you feel.
Arthur, you know these woods,
the land.
Is there any way
we can walk out of here?
It's three days' walk
to the nearest village.
- And even then...
- What about hiding?
I mean, there's
a maze of hiding spots.
We can lay low
until that thing's holy day,
or whatever, is over.
Legend says
the hunt begins today.
It does not end until Cernunnos
makes this last kill.
So, what the fuck do we do?
The witches...
They will remain close
to witness the kills,
to celebrate them.
Only they can stop this now.
So, we get hold of them,
and we make them
do their mumbo jumbo
to call their thing off?
- "Mumbo jumbo?"
- Or spells, or whatever.
What about the asshole
in the mask?
We kill him.
Have you seen the fucker?
How the hell
do we accomplish that?
We choose to become the hunters,
not the hunted.
It's easy enough.
But first, we find
my girl and your wife.
What about the other two?
They cannot be our concern.
[somber music]
- [gasps]
- Here, sit down.
Are you okay?
Yeah, fucking great.
[both panting]
No, that's yours.
You need it more
than me, please.
Thank you.
I'm Tabitha.
So, Katya...
What are you doing here,
so far from home?
This is my home now.
You don't believe that, love.
I have never seen anyone
die before.
So, what are we going to do?
We find the others.
How? We don't
know where they are.
We don't even know
where we are right now.
We'll find them, okay?
And we stay quiet.
- Okay.
- Alright, let's go.
Thank you.
(Woman speaking foreign
You're welcome.
At last!
[Tabitha] I wouldn't
drink that, if I were you.
[Katya] What's the alternative?
[Tabitha] Fair point.
[women singing]
[singing fades]
Should we to be out
in the open like this?
This place
is absolutely beautiful.
Even in this moment.
The natural world
may be worth saving after all.
Even if witches have to do it.
Didn't you say humor
was the refuge of the damned?
Oh, we're all damned, love.
Every last one of us.
[Katya] Tabitha!
[ominous music]
- [grunt]
- [thud]
Tabitha! Oh, my God.
[gasping] I can't breathe.
[screaming and crying]
What is this place?
They used to cut down trees here.
[Leo] Hey, Arthur...
I hope your plan works.
We're going to get
that motherfucker.
than a Louisville Slugger.
- [thud]
- [groan]
[groans] Arthur...
Jesus, what the hell hit me?
I did.
Arthur, what are you doing?
[Arthur] Hunting proverb.
One must always choose
his mate wisely.
In this particular instance
I had no choice,
but you guess at my meaning.
Arthur, untie me right now.
Right now.
I must save my daughter.
I'm sorry.
I know, I know.
Arthur, if you untie me,
I can help you do that.
- I can help you.
- [Arthur] You will help me.
Just as you are.
How do you know
if your daughter's alive?
She is my daughter
and a hunter, after all.
She will find a way.
Just as I am.
[Leo grunts]
Arthur, come back here!
This is about your wife
as well as my daughter.
You are the lion.
You will be hunted
to spare the little bird.
Arthur, please
don't do this. Please.
- [Arthur] Hunting proverb.
- [Leo] Fuck the proverb!
Robin needs me.
She needs you here.
You know...
Your blood will be shed
so that she may live.
[Arthur] She will remember you.
What more could a husband do
for his wife?
Do not be afraid.
He will make it quick for you.
Fuck you!
You come back here!
You come back!
Damn you, you motherfucker!
Arthur, come back...
He will find you more quickly
if you continue to scream.
[Leo yelling] Arthur!
[yelling continues]
[distant growl]
[distant roars]
- [yelps]
- [thud]
[softly] Arthur, you shit stack.
- [tense music]
- [thwack]
- [arrow shot]
- [gasps]
[Leo groans]
- [arrow shot]
- [groans]
- [arrow shot]
- [Leo grunts]
[arrow shots]
[sinister music]
[soft grunt]
[dramatic music]
[music swells]
[metallic clang]
[groans] Fuck!
Fuck you!
[music fades]
These trees, the forest...
...will remember you.
We will make sure of that.
[gentle music]
[Arthur] Ahh...
I kept her safe. I helped hide her.
Well done, my girl.
And this!
Well, what about Leo?
[Arthur] I have not seen him,
but I think I've bought us
a little time.
What do you mean?
Never mind for now.
We must go.
Are you sure?
Hunting proverb.
It's harder
to hit a moving target.
Okay, lead the way.
I'll carry this.
We'll move faster.
[Robin] Where are we going?
To the witches.
They are in ritual now,
the ritual of the first kills.
We must find them,
and make them rescind
the call to the hunt.
Wait... kills?
Who else died?
Arthur, what aren't
you telling me?
I saw your husband.
You saw him?
Keep your voice down.
When did you see him?
Is he alright?
When I left him,
he was just fine.
You left him?
It was necessary.
What's that mean?
You left him on purpose.
For Amalia.
For my precious girl,
and for you.
You abandoned my husband
in these woods, for me?
- I left him for the hunter.
- You left him to die!
Hear me, little bird.
He was not equipped
to survive this.
It was the only way.
[tense music]
- You...
- [grunts]
[soft groaning]
[Arthur] I traded
your husband's life
for that of my daughter.
I do not want to have
to trade yours as well.
Fuck you!
You are making me do this.
[soft grunt]
Stay here! Hide!
Come out, little bird.
Do not think me a monster.
If you had a child,
and that child
was all you had in the world,
you would do the same.
I do not want to hurt you.
Karl would not want me
to hurt you.
You are weak.
Karl will have to accept
my apologies.
Please don't do this.
[Arthur] Hunting proverb.
The panther and the sheep
never hunt together.
- [thud]
- [grunts]
- [metallic clink]
- [groans]
[groaning continues]
- [squelch]
- [moan]
Save... Amalia.
The blood of the kills.
We shall consume it to share his power.
And adorn this holy ground
with its essence.
With this blood...
...we consecrate and confirm
our alliance to our lord of the land. the god of the hunt. the master of all nature.
The chapel is blessed.
We ready ourselves to welcome him home.
The feast shall be great this season.
Many wonderful flavors
provided by the lord of providers.
Oh, yes...
We shall be rewarded.
[liquids flowing]
[soft moan]
[tense music]
[twig snaps]
[bushes rustle]
[tense note]
Holly shit, kid!
You're still alive?
Hunter. Not hunted.
Yeah, whatever, I'm just glad
to see a familiar face.
- [yells]
- [squelch]
[Robin] Amalia.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I need you to listen to me.
We need to run
until we're out of these woods
and we can't stop until we are.
Do you understand?
Your papa,
he loved you very much.
It's just...
Sometimes in life
people that we love leave us
before we're ready.
Okay, German...
You were...
...his entire world...
and he gave his life...
so that you...
...could survive.
Hunter. Not hunted.
You too.
I'll take your word for it,
now we've got to go.
Oh, yeah, you might need this.
[Hettica] Fell!
Remember your faith.
So devout, yet so restless.
You know her...
She should be accustomed...
...after all this time.
That's a matter of perspective.
[soft sizzling]
- You think it will end?
- [Fell sniffs]
This. The world. The land.
Do you think, one day,
it will all be gone?
As will we?
One day, we will be gone?
Like our sisters before us.
And the ones before them.
But the earth?
Our lord?
He will abide.
And our sisters will oblige him.
Until the end of time?
The thing that has been
is that which shall be...
...and that which is done
is what shall be done.
And the circle shall not be broken.
- Amalia, step back.
- [twang]
[metallic clank]
Death traps.
Traps, it sucks for us.
[Robin] We have
to keep going north.
You're right.
The North Star, Polaris,
we follow that
and we just stay quiet.
Your father taught you
how to read the stars.
My grandma taught me
when I was little.
Karl died.
Of course.
I miss papa.
I know, Amalia...
but you're a strong girl.
You're a fighter.
We're going to be okay.
[leaves rustling]
[tense music]
[quietly] Okay, Amalia,
we need to move.
[arrow shot]
[whispering] Amalia.
You let her go, you big asshole!
- [thump]
- [grunts]
[soft growl]
[haunting music]
[softly gasps]
[dull thud]
We three, your devout servants,
sisters of the glen...
...hail your victory and your presence
in this, your holy temple!
Such devotion pleases me.
Fetch me my weapon.
- [squelch]
- [gasps]
Bring her.
- [Robin] No! Wait!
- [Amalia whimpers]
- [Amalia whimpers]
- [Robin] No!
- [thwack]
- [cries]
Willful child.
I honor your spirit.
And your survival.
But there can be
but one survivor here tonight.
And this little bird's grandfather...
...ensured it would be her.
What are you talking about?
[Cernunnos, in English]
We have history, child.
Don't you remember?
[solemn music]
Your life changed forever
that day.
Didn't it?
Human beings
will go to great lengths
for their children.
Your father tried
to take you from me!
But Karl brought you back.
Even if he had to die to do so.
Now, you will serve Cernunnos,
as one of the three.
But you already have three.
- [Cernunnos] One of them was...
- [thwack]
- [gasps]
- [Cernunnos] ...lacking.
[Grimur groans]
Quiet, Grimur.
Reality is cruel.
Pain is necessary.
She was your friend?
[in English] The little girl...
She is my friend.
Prepare this one for the feast.
- [yells]
- [thud]
[repeated thuds]
Let her go!
- [thud]
- [groans]
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
[soft gasp]
- [thud]
- [soft groan]
[soft groan]
[Cernunnos mumbling softly]
[distant grunting]
[Hettica] I swear by the hills,
I will feast on your flesh
this night.
You can try.
[metallic thud]
You're not worthy to die
by our lord's weapon.
[repeated thuds]
- [thud]
- [grunt]
- [growls]
- [thud]
[soft growl]
- [slash]
- [groan]
Give me the knife.
[metallic clink]
[shrieking continues]
[both grunt]
[blade hisses]
- [thud]
- [grunt]
- [soft thud]
- [soft gasping]
My lord...
I birthed you... help me.
I beg of you...
I have been born many times, my servant.
Your reward is your service.
Now die with your dignity.
Spare me...
I have served you.
I am Cernunnos!
Master of these woods.
Your lord and master.
It is the way of nature
for death to precede new life.
One has come to take your place.
It is your time.
Leave her alone.
If you don't...
I will slit my throat with this,
and you will be
all out of witches.
Are you so ready to die?
You both have instinct
for survival.
A quality we share.
It is the law of this world,
those who can survive, will.
Those who cannot
will feed those who can.
[Robin] No!
There's more to human beings
than that.
Are you so sure, little bird?
You know...
You've known
since you were a child
in these great woods.
Woods that have stood
since the time before time.
As I have.
There have been men...
Men were hunted in this glen
but have shown kinship with me.
Like your grandfather,
little bird.
It was his promise
that drove him mad, not I.
Many Karls have come, and gone,
have worshiped me knowing,
or without knowing,
my wisdom imprinted
upon them like...
footprints in the forest mud.
Charlemagne, the Khan...
the horsemen of the plains,
and the ironmen of the north...
Your family stands in line
with those ironmen.
Your lineage, the hunt...
It is your destiny.
Karl understood that.
Now, you will take your place
at my side.
The hunt's lone survivor...
a great honor.
For there must always be
one to serve,
or to tell the tale.
The girl must die.
While you must embrace
your life as my servant.
It is your family's vocation.
My family's vocation
dies tonight.
I won't be your witch,
or your lone survivor.
Amalia, run!
Run! Live!
[suspenseful music]
- [metallic swish]
- [gags]
[Cernunnos howls]
[Cernunnos] You would have been
my most prized servant.
I'm nobody's servant.
[Cernunnos cries]
He spared you.
My beauty is gone.
As are my sisters.
But it matters not.
I have more.
Many more.
Everything that ends begins again.
The thing that has been
is that which shall be,
and that which is done is
that which shall be done.
It is the way of nature, no?
What will you do
with the life he has given you?
[soft moan]
[soft moans]
Dear God... what happened to her?
She's alive, but weak.
Where could she have come from?
Are you alright? Can you hear me?
What happened to you?
He let me go.
Who? Who let you go?
[in English] The horned man.
[tense music]
[man singing]