Demon Baby (2014) Movie Script

Hello, Rose.
How are you feeling today?
What can you tell me about
the person in this photograph?
It's Theo, isn't it?
Your fianc?
What can you remember about
when this photograph was taken?
Surely you remember something?
It was your anniversary, wasn't it?
Sorry, I was going to let you sleep.
It's okay. How long have I been out?
Uh, just over an hour.
Do you want me to take over for a bit?
Nah, you're alright.
We're nearly there anyway.
Well, you looked like you needed
the rest to be honest.
Oh, I look terrible.
No, you don't,
you just look tired, that's all.
Hey, I was going to give you this later,
but I couldn't wait.
I thought we said we weren't
going to bother this year?
I know. I couldn't help it.
- I didn't get you anything.
- It doesn't matter.
Anyway, I think when you open it, you'll see
it's more a present for me than for you.
- What are you like?
- I know, I'm terrible, aren't I?
Anyway, you had better wear that
while it still fits, okay?
When exactly do you
expect me to wear this?
Ah, you know, the usual.
Family gatherings, christenings,
weddings, funerals. That sort of thing.
It's lovely.
Well, you know, I thought you could
wear it for a few months at least.
Come on.
Jesus Christ, Rose!
What the fuck are you doing?
Sorry. I thought I saw
something in the road.
- There's nothing there.
- There was.
There was something in the middle
of the road. I'm sure I saw something.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Are you sure? If you're not feeling up
to this weekend, we don't have to be here.
We can turn right around, go straight back
to the city. No one's going to miss us here.
Theo, I'm fine. Come on, just carry on,
let's get out of the middle of the road.
Look, I want this weekend
to be special, yeah?
Just you, me and four days of good,
solid hardcore uninterrupted relaxation.
Who was that?
It was just Emma. I told her
I would call her when we arrived.
You know what she's like?
Yeah, so... why didn't you answer it?
It just... it cut out
before I could answer.
It's fine, look, I'll send her a message
when we get to the campsite.
The reception here is terrible anyway.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm fine, honestly.
You know I love you, right?
I love you too.
Come on, let's just get to the campsite
before it gets too dark.
Okay. Next stop, paradise.
why have we stopped here?
- This isn't a campsite.
- This is our very own campsite.
Are you joking? This is a car park.
Okay, this car park has the best view
in the whole of Britain.
You said we'd be at a proper campsite.
Yeah, well, I kind of thought this might be
a little more romantic, you know?
Besides I want to get away from the crowds.
Up here it's just you me and the view.
I'm not going this whole weekend
without a proper shower.
- I told you that before we set off.
- Okay, fine.
If it means that much to you
and you stink that badly in the morning,
I promise we'll go to a proper campsite
for a shower, okay?
It is beautiful.
Not as beautiful as you.
Come here. Come on.
Okay, um, why don't, um...
you start to unpack
and I'll put the tea on, okay?
Yeah, sure.
There's nothing I'd rather
be doing right now.
So, it says here, we should allow about
four hours to get up to the bothy.
So if you want to get there for lunch time
it's an early start, yeah?
Come on, don't throw that away.
I would have eaten that.
Sorry. You should have said.
It's all right.
Why don't you try on your little present
while I finish the washing up?
What's the matter? Do you want me to stop?
I'm just tired.
Hey, come on, if you're not in the mood,
you're not in the mood. It's fine.
- I just don't really feel like it.
- It's okay.
Why don't we just finish
clearing up and get some rest?
Sure, okay.
I know you...
I know you're uncomfortable
about it, but...
the doctor did say that it's...
you know, perfectly normal to...
well, you know, while you're pregnant.
Hey, you go put your feet up
and I'll finish up in here, yeah?
Thank you.
Theo, wake up.
What is it? What?
I heard something.
Something hit the van.
No, it's the wind, honey,
just go back to sleep, okay?
It wasn't the wind,
it was a great big bloody bang.
So it's the generator cutting out,
I guess. Look, the TV's off.
It must have run out of fuel. Okay?
- Come on.
- Aren't you going to go check?
There's no point, that's all it was.
Okay? Don't be scared.
It's all right.
See, I told you
there was something out there.
Yeah, okay, just...
just stay in the van, all right?
What are you going to do?
Just stay inside, okay?
Look, it's probably nothing,
but keep the door shut.
Rose, there's no one out here!
Oh, hang about... there's a van.
No, no, wait, stay in the camper.
Rose, stay in the camper.
I'm gonna check it out.
Jesus Christ!
- Shit, Theo, you scared me.
- Sorry. We've got a visitor.
Uh, sorry mate,
what did you say your name was again?
Sorry to startle you, miss.
My names Thwaites.
Constable Thwaites.
I was walking my dog through the village
when I spotted your vehicle.
I thought I had better come up
and check it out.
We get the odd poacher around here,
and some shady characters up to no good.
Right, um, I mean,
are we okay to stay up here?
We get lots of camper vans up here.
It's cheaper than the campsite
and the views are better.
As long as you take your litter home,
you can do what you want.
Nice van.
I've never seen one like this before.
How long are you planning on staying?
Just for the weekend.
Are you from, uh...
are you from England then?
Yeah, well, um, I mean...
I am, and she's a local.
Thought so.
Um, can I get you something to drink?
Tea, coffee or...
Seeing as I'm off duty, I wouldn't mind
something a wee bit stronger if you've got it?
Uh, well, I've got...
- A bit of whiskey if that all right?
- It's not my favorite, but it will do.
Do you want any water?
I haven't got any ice I'm afraid.
I'm sorry. Constable Thwaites was it?
Have you got some sort of ID on you?
It's just like you said...
there's a lot of weird people
around and...
you could be anybody.
You're not even in your uniform.
Quite right, miss.
You can never be too careful around here.
For all you two know,
I could be a murdering rapist.
No, we don't need to see your ID.
Rose, come on.
You must have some kind
of proof of who you are?
No, no, no.
It's fine. There you go.
So do you spend most evenings
patrolling mountain car parks
looking for suspicious vehicles?
You'd be surprised.
It's a big part of what we do.
Keep your eye on the freaks and weirdo's
getting up to no good in remote places.
Well, it's... it's good to know
someone has got their eye on us.
I will be off.
Now, make sure you keep your door locked
and if I were you,
I'd get a lock on that generator.
It might not be there
in the morning when you get up.
And if you want my advice,
book into the campsite.
Lovely heated toilet blocks
and you've got the comfort of knowing
there are other tourists around.
Yeah, well, it's, um, it's the tourists
we're trying to avoid up here really.
I'll be on my way.
All right, cool. Um, great, well, if we...
see anything suspicious
we'll call the police I guess.
- Ey, you do that.
- Yeah.
Sleep tight miss.
he seemed nice.
He was a prick!
The pervert couldn't take his eyes off me.
Well, can you blame him?
Look at you. Hey...
I can't imagine what it would have been like
if you were wearing your little present?
Theo, why do men only
ever think about one thing?
We don't only ever think about one thing.
Now come on put that lights off
and let's get down to business.
I'm joking, let's get our heads down.
What about those bangs?
Look, why would he bang three times
and then just disappear?
I don't know. Maybe he got
bored and wondered off,
you know, I spent ages
getting out of bed, you know.
Come on, just relax.
You've been on edge since you got here.
You're right. I'm sorry.
It's all right. Come on,
close the blinds and let's get to sleep.
I think that's enough excitement
for one evening.
Theo, stop!
- What is it?
- It's nothing.
The blind just gave me
a fright that's all.
Look, shouldn't you be
making me some breakfast?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
And how's my little man doing today? Hmm?
What's that?
You want mummy to put on her present
and give daddy a lap...
- Hey, wow, did you feel that?
- Feel what?
It kicked.
That's impossible.
Look, babies don't start kicking
until much later on.
It did honest, I felt it. Hey, little feller,
are you in there? Can you hear me?
- Mm-mm.
- Theo, just get off me, alright?
I can't breathe with you on top of me.
Alright, grumpy.
- Who was it?
- Um, withheld number.
I don't know, I guess if it was important
they'll probably call back, yeah?
All right, mister, you were right.
This was a great idea.
I told you so.
You know, we should make it
a family tradition coming here.
Champagne, madame?
- And what's this in aid of?
- To us.
To a new chapter in our lives.
And to our new family.
Look... Theo,
I know you're excited, but...
please for God's sake don't get
carried away with all of this.
It's still incredibly early stages,
it's not even twelve weeks yet.
No, come on,
why are you talking like that?
I'm just being realistic.
There are so many things that can go wrong
at this stage of the pregnancy.
I just don't want us
getting our hopes up, that's all.
Hope's up?
Rose, we're having a baby, alright?
Of course I'm going to get my hopes up.
Seriously, look, I know you're worried.
Shit, I'm terrified, but...
I mean, people have babies all the time,
you know? If they can do it, we fucking can.
Alright, look, the chances
of something going wrong
are so small it's not even worth
thinking about, okay?
Now come here and give us a snog.
Let's get a photo,
just one for the family album.
This is going to be a gratuitous selfie.
- Rose.
- What?
- Put your oar up.
- Sorry.
Theo, wait, I need, I need to pee.
All right, but be quick about it because
it's suppose to chuck it down in a bit.
Theo, that's not funny.
Theo, where are you? I can't see you!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you all right?
What are you doing?
I thought I saw something in the woods.
Come on, let's just get to the bothy.
Here we are, it could be worse.
No, it couldn't.
- Here, do you want a bit?
- I'm not hungry.
Come on, you're kidding me?
We've been walking all day.
I'm fine, I've eaten some shortbread.
I don't think we should stay very long.
How much light do you think we've got left?
Well, not very much really.
It could get dark really soon.
Look, um...
to be honest, I think we should probably
end up staying here the night.
I'm not sleeping here.
Come on, we have to get back to the van and
if we set off now we'll have plenty of time.
I'm sorry, I mean, without a compass or
a map we could get really lost around here.
You know, these tracks go round and round in
circles. We could end up lost in the woods,
having to eat each other,
cut our own arms off.
Seriously, though, okay,
we've got a roof over our heads here,
we've got a fire, we've got some water,
we got some food, and we've got each other.
I mean, come on, it's going to be
pretty romantic, don't you think?
Look, we haven't even got
any sleeping bags and...
as for this bench come bed thing...
We don't need sleeping bags, we've got
these blankets here to keep us warm,
we can use our backpacks as pillows.
Come on, it will be an adventure.
Look, I know you're going through
emotional roller coaster right now, okay?
But if you don't let me, I can't help you.
All right, I'm here for you,
you know that, yeah?
I'm sorry.
Look, my head's just all over
the place at the moment.
I know how hard you're trying. I do.
It's okay. You're just tired, that's all.
Okay, look... I'll get a fire going,
you get a bed made up and then tomorrow
I promise we'll leave first thing
and we'll spend all day in a really
boring girly clothes shop for you.
Okay? Come on, chop to it.
I'm pregnant.
Eight weeks. Do you really think
that we're ready to have a child?
I've already made
an appointment at the clinic.
My mind is made up and I'm not keeping it.
Rose, you fucking have
an abortion... we're through.
It's my decision.
Hello. You're up?
- Yeah.
- What are you doing?
Nothing. Just thinking.
Okay, about what?
Yeah, you can't be thinking about nothing.
- Come on, what is it?
- It's nothing interesting.
Yeah, okay, that's for me
to decide, though, no?
Come on, what's up?
You've been weird since you got here.
It's nothing.
I'm just tired.
I couldn't sleep in there,
the itchy blankets and the smoke.
I had a terrible nights sleep
and I just needed some fresh air.
That's all, it's no big deal.
Did you have another nightmare?
I don't remember.
Look, it doesn't matter, all right?
The mist has gone.
We're both up so let's just get away
from here and get back to the van.
Are you okay?
I'm just...
I'm just tired. I need a cup of tea,
shower and a proper bed.
Are you sure that's it?
Yeah, come on. Let's just get going, okay?
Ah. The very people I'm looking for.
I think this may be yours.
- Hah.
- Where did you get that?
A very honest dog walker found it by the Loch
on his way up to the bothy this morning.
Handed it in at the station at Glenmore.
I recognized you
from the photo on the phone.
When I was driving to work this morning
I saw your van was here,
so I thought I'd pop back
and see if you had returned.
Thanks very much for that. You know, if that
was back home, you'd never see that again.
And you just happened
to be passing by our van?
That's right, miss.
Yeah, well, were both very grateful,
aren't we, Rose?
All in a days work sir.
Now... there are a few missed calls
in your phone there.
Somebody's very keen to get hold of you.
are you two going to take my advice
and book into the campsite tonight?
There's a big storm coming and I wouldn't
advise staying up on the tops again.
We were actually going to book
into the campsite anyway.
We could do with a proper shower really.
Good. Well...
enjoy your last night in the Cairngorms.
I'm sure you will.
How do you know it's our last night?
Because when I first met you, you told me
you were staying for the weekend.
Take care of your belongings
when you're out and about, miss.
You might not be so lucky next time.
Okay, cheers.
Alrighty, let's hit the shops before
they shut. Get some supplies, yeah?
- Theo, I'm going for a shower.
- Okay.
There's someone in here.
I said there's someone in here!
What are you doing in here?
How did you get in?
The old coin trick, works every time. I've been
doing that one since swimming lessons at school.
You scared the shit out of me.
Look, if they catch us in here
we'll get thrown of the site.
You know, I just thought,
well, I need a shower.
You're in the shower,
be a shame to waste water, right?
Waste not want not.
- You're like a dog on heat.
- Can you blame me, look at you.
- Theo!
- What the fuck?
Theo, just...
I'm sorry, I just...
What the fuck is the matter with you,
seriously? This is fucking bullshit!
I'm through with this shit,
fuck it, I'm done.
Help! Somebody help!
Get your arms up.
How far into the pregnancy?
How many weeks?
- Ten weeks. I think.
- Ten weeks?
I recommend a...
medically-induced abortion.
It's similar to late
or natural miscarriage.
You'll be giving birth naturally.
I need the name
of your husband or boyfriend.
You can call my parents.
See you sharp at 9:30.
Hey, how are you feeling?
- What happened?
- You don't remember?
Baby, you're not well.
What are you talking about?
We need to get you some help.
For what?
Um... the Doctors,
they want to run some test.
Um, but their not going to do
anything until the morning,
but you are going to have
to spend the night here, okay?
- What's happening to me?
- Hey, hey, hey, don't worry.
I'm not going anywhere, okay?
I'm going to stay right here by your side.
All right?
Now I told the doctors
about your situation
and they reassured me that the baby's
is going to be just fine. Okay?
What baby?
What do you mean, what baby, Rose?
Our baby.
Theo, there is no baby.
What do you mean there is no baby?
Of course there is.
There's no baby, Theo.
I'm not pregnant.
Honey, you're just in shock.
Of course you're pregnant,
look, here, feel your stomach.
See, you feel that?
I had an abortion.
No, you didn't. Why would you say that?
I had the abortion.
- I was going to tell you.
- No, you're just in shock.
- It was my decision...
- Listen, you...
You don't know what you're saying. Okay?
I've spoken to the doctors about it.
Honey, they've checked.
The baby is fine, you're fine.
Everything's going to be just fine.
Okay, you just need to get some rest.
Why are you speaking to me
like I'm a fucking child?
Theo, listen to me. There is no baby.
I had an abortion two weeks ago.
And now there's someone after me
and I don't know who or why,
but someone has followed us here from home
and it's been here ever since we got here.
Listen, Rose, for God's sake,
no one is following you.
Why would I do this to myself?
Why would I cut myself, Theo?
Okay, who's this person then that...
would follow you into the showers
and slash you with a razor blade?
Why would anyone do that?
Why would I do this to myself?
I don't know why you did it, but you did.
It wasn't me, I...
This isn't real!
Theo, something is happening to me.
Maybe they've been
giving me drugs or something.
I don't know. Why won't you believe me?
Your razor blade
was on the shower floor next to you.
Okay, I saw it.
There was no one else there.
It's okay.
Rose? Rose, calm down.
Rose, breathe more slowly.
Rose, calm down. Rose.
Rose, breath more slowly, Rose.
Hey, can someone get in here quick!
Rose, just breathe!
Rose, breathe slower. Breathe slower.
Breathe slower. Hey...
- Hey, where do you think you're going?
- I need to get out of here, don't stop me.
Excuse me, miss. Where do you think
you're going? Stop. Stop her.
- Come here now!
- Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go!
How are you feeling this morning?
You know why you're here, right?
Can you tell me what happened
at the hospital last night?
Did you and Mr. Peers have an argument?
What did you talk about?
Rose, it would be better for everybody
if you just gave me a statement.
We know what you did.
Whether it was in the heat of the moment.
We know what relationships can be like.
One minute, you're the best of pals,
the next minute, you can't stand
the sight of each other.
It wasn't Theo.
It was someone else.
Fucking lights.
What the hell is happening?
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Shit. Come on, come on.
This is pointless, Rose!
We're going to find you, Rose!
Okay, Rose?
We're ready to begin.
I just want you to relax. Here we go.
You'll feel a slight scratch
from the needle.
I'm going to use a cannula,
which will cause a little bit of pressure.
I can't do this!
I want you to relax, Rose.
Please, please I can't do this.
Hello, Rose. It's Dr. Shah here.
I've been trying to call you
for the past two weeks.
Rose, please pick up the phone.
I need to see you urgently.
I want you to know
that you are still pregnant.
I really don't know
why you left the procedure.
I need to see you as soon as possible.
The time is running out, Rose.
Please call me as soon as possible.
- Hey, wow, did you feel that?
- That's impossible.
The baby's fine. You're fine.
I can't do this!
Please, please I can't do this.
- I just want you to relax.
- I have to get out of here.
It's been six months since that weekend...
and you've still not spoken about it.
You need to start talking
or we're never going to get anywhere.
We're here to help you.
Well, if that's it, then you might
as well go back to your room.
Your baby is due any day now.
Have you given any thoughts to some names?
His name is Theo.