Demon Clown (2016) Movie Script

- Help!
(ominous music)
I never really was popular in school.
When I put on this
makeup, it's like a mask,
a mask so that I can show my face,
my true face, to a world that
wouldn't normally accept me.
- [Announcer] It's being
called a creepy craze
in California--
- [Announcer] You know,
we've spoken to quite a few
residents this evening
who had close encounters
with this clown--
- [Announcer] If you
have a fear of clowns,
you're gonna wanna steer
clear of California--
- [Interviewer] You saw the clown?
- [Man] Yes, I have.
At first, I thought it
was part of the party,
like a clown, 'cause it was a clown party,
like a circus party and as we were lookin'
outside and he was just standing
there with the balloons.
(electronic pulsing)
- Hi, I'm Norton Ramirez.
Hi, I'm Norton Ramirez and I'm a clown.
(tense music)
Well, my mom always used to say to me,
"Stop clowning around!"
That always resonated with me.
I used to drive around on the weekends
looking for birthday parties at parks.
- [Man] Is that a clown?
Where'd it go?
- I don't know what's
wrong with kids these days.
They, they, they--
They don't really like when you barge
into their house uninvited.
Down there, this sewer line.
Lot of kids used to hang out there
and you know, I used to
say hi to them and um,
they would think I wasn't real, you know,
and I'm like, "I'm real, I'm real."
You know, "Hi, I'm a clown."
- [Man] I don't, what the--
- [Man] Oh, fuck!
- [Man] What the fuck?
- Hi!
You need a clown?
(tense music)
- [Man] Yeah, I first met
Norton at a clown convention
and uh, I think he was a little confused
at what type of clown convention it was,
yeah, he was a little
weirded out at first,
but he ended up becoming
a really good friend.
He's the type of guy that
when you go out to eat in the morning,
you know, he'll pay for your meal.
Yeah, that's a special kind of person.
(ominous music)
- I just wanna make people happy
and what makes people
happy more than this?
I even did an ad in the newspaper
but those calls were (chuckling)...
(tense music)
After a while I couldn't find a job
and I couldn't share
my gift, my happiness.
I couldn't make everyone happy,
so I wasn't happy anymore and then,
I got a brilliant idea.
I would put billboards
all over near the schools.
I put ads on all the cool websites.
I'd go to the mall and hand out flyers.
I'd show up at PTA meetings and advertise.
I didn't end up doing that,
but I posted another ad on Craigslist.
- [Man] Hey!
What are you doing?
- My mom threw my horn away.
(eerie chime music)
- [Announcer] Dozens of
calls have been pouring
into law enforcement
agencies after several
sightings of a scary
clown began popping up.
- [Announcer] It has been
blowing up on social media.
A creepy, mysterious clown purportedly
roaming the streets at night.
A series of pictures posted on Facebook
and Instagram, the story getting huge play
on the web and bugging
people out on Twitter.
(eerie music)
- I don't remember that date.
- [Man] Get away from me!
- That's scary.
I don't like to scare kids.
I love kids, I love kids.
They just, that's not how I am.
I can tell you but,
it's not really easy.
Well, I guess it started with me getting
my first gig off of Craigslist.
(spooky music)
(doorbell rings)
Did somebody order a clown?
I thought it was weird that
there weren't any kids around.
Then she kinda disappeared
for, like, an hour
and I just sat there
playing with my whistle.
Then, the worst happened.
- You ready to clown around?
(Norton crying)
(Norton mumbling)
- [Woman Clown] Turn around.
Yes, this is your good fun.
(Norton crying)
(Norton breathing heavily)
I just ran, ran as fast as I could
until I couldn't run any faster.
And then over here,
I screamed for help.
There were these two kids walking by.
Help, help!
I don't think they could hear me.
Can you please help me?
Can somebody help me?
Why are you recording?
They just kept on recording.
Somebody help me.
Please help me.
- [Man] (mumbling)
Get away from me!
- Please.
- [Man] What do you want?
- I need your help.
- [Man] What kind of...
- And then nobody helped me.
(bell tolls)
(creepy carnival music)
I really think that my true
calling is being a clown.
I don't know anything
about this demon clown,
but underneath this makeup
is plain old Norton and underneath that,
is a perfect beautiful clown
with immaculate makeup.
I just want to make people happy.
I just want to be accepted.
Call me if you need a clown.
I love kids.
(ominous music)