Demon Eye (2019) Movie Script

[foreboding music]
[phone ringing]
[phone continues ringing]
[computer beeps]
[foreboding music]
[John] Hello?
Sadie, is that you?
- [Sadie] Yeah.
- [computer chimes]
You, uh...
you never pick up.
[John] Can I...
Can... can I see your face?
[Sadie] No.
I've missed you so much, poppet.
Did you get my letters,
you know, my emails?
[Sadie] Yeah, but...
but I didn't read them.
[John sighs]
[chain rattling]
Are... are you alone?
What is that?
[chain clanking]
[Sadie] That noise.
It sounds like a...
a big ass chain on the floor.
[chain rattling]
[ominous music]
[chain rattling]
[creature snarling]
[creature panting]
[John] You know, I...
I've got to go.
But you just called.
Sorry, poppet.
I love you so much.
[baby bawling]
[baby wailing]
[foreboding music]
[baby whimpering]
[whimpering continues]
[doorknob clicks]
[baby wails]
[doll wailing]
[ominous music]
[John] Sadie?
Oh, fuck!
[creature growling]
[creature barks]
- Leave my girl!
- [creature snarling]
Anything but my girl!
[creature barks]
[tense music]
[ominous music]
[light music]
[foreboding music]
[car door closes]
[car revving]
[crow cawing]
[keys jangling]
[wind gusting]
[Sadie gasps]
[somber music]
[sighs deeply]
[foreboding music]
- [gasps]
- Sorry.
I'm Dan.
John gave me the keys.
You're Sadie, right?
Did you move his shit?
Because It wasn't left
like this.
It was the cops
who went through his shit,
I just put it right.
It's all there.
Jeez, what crawled up your ass?
Uh, I'm sorry. About John.
Don't be. He was an asshole.
I liked him.
Lucky you.
What's with the, um,
the cameras?
Don't know. He wouldn't say.
Did you come for the job?
[Dan] What your dad got for you.
What are you talking about?
John was under the impression
you were coming
to stay with him.
I'll... see you around.
What job?
For the paper.
Tony Jones, Editor.
If you're interested,
give him a call.
Hold on.
[keys jangling]
Nice knowing you!
[in soft voice]
[keys jangle]
[candy wrapper rustling]
[ominous music]
[water running]
[faucet squeaks]
[pills rattle]
[door creaks]
[blood trickling]
[suspenseful music]
[chair squeaks]
- [keyboard clacks]
- [computer beeps]
[suspenseful music]
[computer beeps]
[electricity crackles]
[baby wailing in distance]
[baby continues wailing]
[tense music]
[baby wailing]
[baby continues wailing]
[tense music]
[doll crying]
[suspenseful music]
Are they the moors?
Is that what you came here for?
[keypad beeping]
[Intercom rings]
[man on intercom] Hello?
Hi, I'm Sadie Wright.
I've got an appointment
with Tony.
[man sighs on intercom]
[door buzzes]
[door clicks]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[sucks vape]
[blows air]
[clears throat]
So, uh, you're John's lass?
So they say.
[Tony] And you're a Yank?
- Born here, bred over there.
- Hm.
[inhales vape]
You don't look like him.
Thank you?
[Tony chuckles]
I don't look like my dad.
He were black.
So, you're a photographer?
[Sadie] Stroke journalist.
I've just graduated.
Aye, he said.
[Tony] Begged me
to give you a job.
Odd that.
He said you were coming across.
And then, let slip that, uh...
you hadn't spoken
since you were a kid.
[inhales heavily]
Fuck me.
Are you embarrassed?
[smacks lips]
'Cause I know
what you Limeys are like.
[inhales deeply]
what're your plans
for the future?
Going back to the, uh,
good old US of A?
I don't know.
Mom hates me living here,
so I guess that's good enough
reason to stay.
[both chuckle]
That's your dad talking.
[Tony] Bollocks to the rules.
Have you got your documents?
ID, passport.
We need it for the paperwork.
Am I hired?
This newspaper's failing.
[Tony] We've got about...
six months max.
So, if you want short-term,
you're in the right place.
Plus, I owe it to your dad.
He were a bloody good reporter.
That Padfoot shit he cooked up,
really saved our bacon.
[Tony sighs]
Why'd he top himself?
You tell me.
He looked tired
in those last few days.
Probably cancer.
Get yourself
to the bottom office,
that's where you'll start.
[tense music]
[doorknob clicks]
- [Dan] Shit!
- [gasps]
I said we'd get caught.
[clears throat]
Shut the door, then!
What do you want?
I'm Dan's new partner.
He didn't say
he'd been partnered with a girl.
You're American.
How exotic.
That's me.
Uh, right, we should probably
get down to some work, so...
[Sadie] Yeah.
See you later.
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- Uh, you're there.
So, are you, like, my boss?
So, who was the slut?
My fiance.
Oh. Okay.
[phone ringing]
You're kidding?
[Dan] No.
No, he's a nutcase.
Yeah, okay...
Okay, I'll take her with me.
- Yeah, bye.
- [phone clanks]
[calm music]
[Dan] What're you doing?
They're enchanting.
[Dan] Full of demons.
So say our readers.
What's left of them.
[eerie music]
[camera shutters click]
- [Sadie] Shit.
- [Dan] What?
Battery's dead.
Good start.
I've got more in my bag.
[clears throat]
[clears throat]
No photos!
So, let me guess, Craig.
You've seen the Burning Girl.
Haven't you?
Okay, so what do you want
to tell us about?
[Craig snickers]
I know who's got the Demon Eye.
[Dan] Don't bullshit me, Craig.
[Craig] Your readers
are gonna love this.
[camera beeps]
[Dan] Can you tell me
about the Demon Eye?
[Craig] Well, I've got
to tell you,
it will blow your mind.
I know more than
you could ever imagine.
- [camera beeping]
- [Dan speaking indistinctly]
[muffled chatter]
[clears throat]
Say it again.
You've grown, poppet.
- What did you say?
- [scoffs]
Me and your dad, we go way back.
We used to talk
to the shadows together.
Look at you two, eh?
The perfect accident.
[Craig sighs]
[Craig] Your dad took too much
and he paid the price.
I'll be in the car.
He could go to some dark places.
You remember?
What're you talking about?
He broke you. Didn't he?
[John] Jesus Christ!
[Craig] Poppet?
- Go screw yourself.
- Sadie!
We'll come back.
Do you still cut yourself?
- Fuck you!
- [Dan] Sadie!
Ah. It's good to bleed.
Just like Daddy.
He took his own life, you dick!
- Sadie!
- He was murdered.
- [Dan] We're leaving.
- Murdered!
Murdered! Murdered!
Tell Tony I'm sick.
Who gives a shit about Tony?
Get your hands off me!
[Dan] Don't let him get to you.
[Sadie] Murdered?
He just wants attention.
[Sadie] Well, he got mine.
- [pills rattle]
- What are you taking?
[Sadie] I used to see shit
without these.
Shit that wasn't there.
Should you drink with them, too?
Are you a doctor now?
As well as a miserable dick.
[Dan] All right, listen.
First of all, I know that
you're upset about your dad.
Even though you say
you don't give a shit,
it's obvious that you do.
Second of all,
don't you ever act
like you did back there
when we were on the job.
I know to you,
this is just a piss around,
but it's a career for me.
And third of all, the reason
I'm such a miserable dick
is 'cause I miss John, too!
[liquid sloshing]
Did Dad have cancer?
Not that I know of.
Well, then, why did he do it?
Look, there was no note,
no nothing.
I'm not sure
we'll ever find out why.
He was an asshole.
And that... freak was right.
He was greedy,
he did whatever he wanted.
But murdered?
I mean, come on, seriously?
[Dan] Don't listen to Craig.
He just wants
to get inside your head.
I can't drink that.
[glass clanks]
Do you like to smoke?
You mean, grass?
[Dan] Yeah.
I'm in.
It's in my car.
Just... give me a minute.
[retreating footsteps]
[foreboding music]
[Dan] You ready?
Um, yeah.
[book thumps]
[ominous music]
No more.
Because you might as well
inject it into my ass.
And what's wrong with your ass?
Tell me more
about the Burning Girl.
It's just... folklore.
From the Moors.
Well, you were buying it
with crazy Craig.
It sells papers.
There's folk round here
thinks it needs to be put back.
Are you ready for your
history class, Miss Wright?
- [Sadie] Yes, Mr. Pothead.
- [Dan snickers]
I'll have none of your cheek
or you'll go over my knee.
- In 1851...
- Mm-hm.
...a young weaver
named Sally Pearson
was woken in the night
by her beloved dog.
[Dan] She rose from her bed.
Grabbed her father's tools,
and crafted a piece of tin
into the shape of an eye.
The Demon Eye.
[ominous music]
The amulet.
She said it was an act of God,
the work of a higher power.
But she also said
that it spoke to her.
Saying what?
[Dan] That a famine
would gut the Moors
and its people would perish,
if they didn't turn their back
on sin.
[Sadie] What kind of sin?
Drinking, gambling...
All the fun stuff.
The people laughed in her face.
And the famine took half
the town.
So they made her a saint?
They took her for a witch.
[villagers shouting]
[dog barks]
- [flesh squelches]
- [screams]
[Dan] She was marched up
the Moors,
and her eyes were plucked out
of her skull.
After that,
they burnt her alive.
[flames crackling]
With her dog chained
to her side.
[Sadie] Padfoot?
And after the ashes settled,
all that was left
was the amulet.
The Demon Eye.
A warning from the creator.
It was left in the earth for...
nearly 200 years.
Someone found it.
Or so they say.
That's why they think
business is bad
and the town is failing.
It's nothing to do
with the Lehman Brothers.
So why hold onto it?
The Demon Eye
will give you
whatever you desire.
But the price is pain.
Delivered by two deadly demons.
And the Burning Girl.
- Right.
- [both chuckle]
John put that together.
Readers love it.
But there's got to be replicas
or some shit.
Not in this town.
No one would dare.
What would you wish for
if you had the eye?
You don't want to know.
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
[Sadie] What?
This isn't good.
See you tomorrow.
No, wait.
You stupid fat bitch!
Why did you make me, Dad?
[generator hums]
- [gasps]
- [baby wailing in distance]
[beast panting]
- [baby wailing]
- [beast panting]
[beast growls]
[baby wailing]
[baby continues wailing]
[Sadie gasps]
[doll wailing]
- [baby wailing]
- [Sadie whimpers]
[Sadie] I'm never...
I'm never... never good enough.
[phone rings]
[phone ringing]
[scissors clank]
[phone ringing]
[ominous music]
[clears throat]
[approaching footsteps]
- About time.
- [Faye] Where've you been?
[Dan] It's over an hour.
[Sadie] No signal.
[Faye] Oh, my god.
Have you been sick?
- Jesus.
- You're worse than your dad.
Why would you say that?
Look, can we just fake this,
Faye, stand there.
Are you okay?
Get over yourself, asshole,
I was just drunk.
Like this?
[Dan] Look, have a think, Faye.
Okay, the story is,
you were out here hiking,
and then, out of nowhere,
you see the ghost
of the Burning Girl.
This is where Sally
was set on fire?
We don't know,
but we need a story, so...
welcome to fake news.
Not yet. A bit more this way.
Right, that's fine.
And point into whatever
you were doing. Yeah.
[Dan] Mm-hm, okay.
Are you kidding me?
Screw you!
I don't think you're cut out
for this.
[Sadie sobbing]
[disembodied voices]
[beast panting]
[Sadie pants]
- [knocking on door]
- [gasps]
[Faye] Are you still in there?
[scissors clank]
[Faye] Go home if you want,
you're not needed.
[Faye] Hello?
I'm not going anywhere.
[mouse clicking]
[Dan] Is that from today?
Oh, my god!
Right. What've we got?
Nothing, except for fat selfies.
- Fuck off, Faye.
- [chuckles]
What happened?
The weather turned.
We couldn't get the shot.
Well, we're gonna need
Both of you,
get home and make something up.
They want Padfoot.
I'll sign it off.
You should go back
to America, you know.
[Sadie] What?
You're a bit too big for here.
Fuck you, Faye.
I'm sorry about this.
I know we had plans.
She's got her eye on you.
Don't be stupid.
She has.
What're you doing?
Showing her who's boss.
[somber music]
[foreboding music]
[Dan] Just ignore her,
she just wants attention.
[seatbelt clicks]
I'll just be
a couple of minutes.
[Dan] You all right?
Yeah, I'm just tired,
that's all.
[sharp exhale]
Do you want to come in?
Hi, Mom.
This is Sadie.
I know.
[Dan's mother] I knew your dad.
Long time ago.
I've just come
to grab my laptop.
You're not with Faye tonight?
I'm working with Sadie tonight.
[Dan] I won't be long.
Excuse me.
[suspenseful music]
- [dog barks]
- [glass shatters]
[Dan's mother] I'm sorry.
It was a long time ago.
I don't want an apology
from you.
[dog whimpering]
[door thudding]
[dog whining]
[doorknob clicks]
[foreboding music]
[Dan's mother] I'm sorry.
It was a long time ago.
[Dan] I don't want
an apology from you.
[Dan's mother]
What do you want, then?
[Dan] I want you to keep out
of my business.
I'm just trying to help her,
make her feel better.
[Dan's mother] She's bad news.
You keep away from her.
[Dan] Stop telling me
what to do.
[Dan's mother] She's trouble,
the same as he was.
Just keep away from her!
Let's go.
Do you have a dog?
[Dan] No. I hate them.
No reason.
[somber music]
Your mom seemed pretty upset.
She's always like that.
Has to get her own way.
Were you talking about me?
Do we have to do this now?
I guess not.
She hates me doing this job.
Thinks I could do better.
What's that got to do with me?
Do you mind if I stay the night?
Uh, Tony wants an article
on Padfoot,
so we'll just have to make
something up.
Do you mind
if I get a quick bath
before we get down to it?
[Dan] Sure.
Uh, where's John's files?
They'll give us a head start.
They're in the kitchen.
Um, his papers
are a bit spread out.
I'm a messy worker.
[ominous music]
[water splashing]
[ominous music]
[mouse clicking]
[John] Right. Is it on?
- [button clicks]
- Yeah, yeah.
Right, uh, okay.
[blows air]
Well, I don't know who's
gonna be watching this, but...
Well, I, uh...
I need to share my thoughts.
Okay, so, uh, well...
Here we are.
So I've, uh,
I've had this lot put in.
And, uh...
Well, it's cost me a bob or two.
But they won't miss a trick.
Gonna be my eyes and ears.
Prove, uh, well...
Prove I'm not going mad.
[camera recorder beeps]
- [mouse clicks]
- [computer chimes]
It's here.
[chains rattling]
[chains clanking]
[John] Dan?
Dan, is that you, mate?
You don't scare me, Craig.
[chains rattle]
[John] Look, I've told you.
Just a few more days,
and it's going back
where it belongs.
It's the only way
we can end all of this.
[beast growling]
[John] Shit. Shit!
- [beast barks]
- [computer beeps]
- [John] Shit!
- [computer beeps]
[water sloshes]
[razor rasping]
- [computer beeps]
- [John] What the fuck are you?
You fucking sick bitch!
Fuck's sake!
What the fuck are you?
What the fuck
is happening to me?
[sighs heavily]
One more day.
One more day,
that is all I can take.
[inhales sharply]
They're haunting me.
Everywhere I go,
asleep, awake...
They're fucking ever changing,
you know, shape-shifting.
But the Demon Eye is working.
I'm getting my family back.
And that's all I've ever wanted.
[camera beeps]
[foreboding music]
[amulet clinks]
[water churns]
[eerie music]
[generator hums]
[Sadie screaming in distance]
What is it?
There... there's something
in the water.
[tense music]
[Sadie panting]
[Dan] There's nothing here.
[Dan] I'd lay off the drink
for a while.
[Dan sighs]
What's with the lights?
They keep on going off.
I can't do shit
without my laptop.
[tense music]
Let's turn in for the night.
[retreating footsteps]
[somber music]
[toilet flushes]
[knocks on door]
Come in.
If you need me, just call.
[Dan] What?
Oh, nothing.
I just, I just thought...
[Dan] Do you want me
to stay in here?
- [chuckles]
- [Dan] Because I can.
If that's what you want?
About the pills...
It's none of my business.
I mean, it's private.
You're so English. Christ.
I've been in therapy
since I was, like, eight.
Telling you my shit
is really no big deal.
I've had psychotic episodes,
in the past.
Right before I turned... 16.
The quack said it was down
to acute anxiety.
Mom thinks it's the trauma
I suffered here as a kid, and...
I put it down to the shit load
of LSD I took
to get through school.
Why was school so bad?
I was fat.
Like, uh, really fat.
Never fit in.
Never had a boyfriend.
Always a loner.
But, um, whatever triggered
the visions,
I've not suffered since. So...
Until tonight.
What happened...
when you lived here?
Did John...
No, no. Nothing like that.
He was the best dad ever.
We used to, um,
play with these...
my little dolls, you know,
make houses for them,
take them for a walk,
have tea parties together.
He loved it.
So what happened?
[blood trickling]
You don't have to tell me.
My mom couldn't live
with him, so...
she moved back to the States
and took me with her.
How did...
How did you meet him?
Me? Meet John?
- Yeah.
- Uh...
That's a bit
of an odd one, really.
I was all set
to go off to Oxford.
I'd just got a place to study
English Literature then.
Then I saw an ad in the paper
for a reporter.
You turned down Oxford
to work at The Echo?
Yeah. That's what my mom said.
She's still pissed off
with me, and...
Truth is, I don't know
why I did it.
But, John interviewed me and...
I just knew.
That was my future.
Sounds stupid.
No, it doesn't.
[foreboding music]
This feels...
I need to take it slow.
Can we do that?
Just... one step at a time.
- [beast panting]
- [chains rattling]
[beast panting]
[Dan] I want to be with you.
[both scream]
[phone ringing]
[Sadie's mom] Hey, hon, it's me.
Mom. What?
[Sadie's mom]
Are you still in bed?
It's got to be, like,
11:30 over there.
Is everything okay?
Are you taking your meds?
[Sadie's mom]
Are you harming again?
Don't start that shit.
[Sadie's mom]
I'm worried about you.
I know.
[Sadie's mom] Is the house
on the market yet?
I'm gonna stay over here
for a couple of weeks.
- Maybe months.
- [Sadie's mom] What?
- Why?
- There's opportunity over here.
[Sadie's mom] For what?
Oh, my god.
Do not get dragged
into your father's world, Sadie.
- He was a very dark man...
- [phone thumps]
[sharp exhale]
[ominous music]
Have you heard
of the Burning Girl?
Who hasn't?
Where's she buried?
Out there, somewhere.
[driver] There's only one person
who knows that.
Craig Cooper.
Folk reckon he dug up
the Demon Eye.
Well, what do you think?
I think he should be locked up.
Bloody devil worshipper.
Into the occult and black magic.
Sick in the head if you ask me.
[car engine revving]
- [Tony] Get out!
- I'm sorry.
- [Tony] You're fired.
- [Sadie] I overslept.
Where's my front page?
- I, I'm...
- [Tony] Look.
I don't mind you staying up
all night drinking,
it's part of the job.
God knows, your father
was always doused in drink,
but he always came in
and he never missed a deadline.
- Ever!
- We have something.
A lead on the Demon Eye.
Aye, Dan said.
He did?
Look, I don't know
what's going on between you two,
but Faye's having
a bloody breakdown,
so nobody's making my coffee!
Now, I am telling you,
as your boss,
you keep your hands off his cock
or you find a new job.
[Tony] Now I've got to go
and see the chief exec,
and tell him why my staff
are a useless pile of dog shit!
- [Sadie mumbles]
- Eight 'o' clock tonight.
I want a good headline.
Or the both of you,
you're yesterday's news.
[Sadie] Wait!
- Where's Dan?
- [Tony] Down the Red Lion.
- Meeting Craig.
- [door buzzes]
What're you doing here?
My job.
We made a mistake last night.
Are you playing me?
No, we made a mistake with work.
I never miss a deadline.
Why didn't we get something
to Tony?
Well, let's put that right.
What's this about?
Crazy Craig.
I think he has the Demon Eye.
That's a big story.
Are you sure?
I don't know, but...
if I can get him to open up.
And if he really has it,
put it on display...
it might go national.
Why Craig? Why now?
I saw something, last night.
A video, in the basement.
John had the amulet.
And it wasn't found
by the police,
and it wasn't found
in his belongings.
I think Craig took it from him.
You were in the basement?
Did you see the cameras
filming the house?
Did you see me in the bath?
Did you like it?
Come on. Let's go.
- Ah.
- [Dan] Sorry about that.
Sadie's joining us.
- If you don't mind?
- Not at all.
Have you calmed down, poppet?
Why did you say
my dad was murdered?
- 'Cause he was.
- Let's not go there again.
[Dan] Craig.
You were telling me
about the Demon Eye.
[clears throat]
Get us another drink, eh, Dan?
Another drink.
Or shall I get going?
How do you know he was murdered?
Because I killed him.
[Craig] I gave him
the Demon Eye.
Has it got inside you
already yet?
'Cause it got inside mine.
Made me...
- drive my eye out.
- [gasps]
Sleep, awake,
it's all the same to me.
What did you ask for?
I... I don't know
what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
You've got the eye
around your neck.
Look, I can make
the Burning Girl stop.
I don't want to live anymore.
So why don't you give me
the eye back?
What? Are you all right, poppet?
[Sadie] Stay away from me.
She'll take away your eyes.
Fuck off. Dan!!
[man screaming]
[automated voice] Doors open.
[tense music]
[tense music]
- [gasps]
- Did you sleep with him?
What're you talking about?
Dan! Did you shag him?
- No.
- Liar!
He said you shared a bed.
Yeah, but...
but nothing happened.
You fat slag.
I'm pregnant.
Does he know that?
He does now.
[sharp inhale]
You've had your fun.
Now you'll never see him again.
I've had you fired.
[Faye] And do us a favor.
Go home and find a rope.
Your dad's waiting for you.
[door closes]
We'll see about that.
[Faye] Excuse me.
[keys jangling]
- See ya.
- [Sadie sighs]
I doubt it.
[door opens]
[baby wailing]
[wailing continues]
[suspenseful music]
[doll crying]
[crying continues]
[suspenseful music]
- [clanks]
- [groans]
[beast growling]
- [beast barks]
- [screams]
[somber music]
What happened?
What are you doing here?
The backdoor key's
under the mat.
I can't take this.
I've got to get out of here.
What about me?
- You have your baby!
- No, I don't want it.
I told her to get rid of it.
[Dan] I want to be with you.
Well, what about Faye?
Where are you going?
I'll come with you.
Just don't reject me.
You're a part of me.
[gun clicks]
[Dan and Sadie grunting]
- [man groans]
- [Dan grunting]
- [thwacks]
- [Sadie groans]
It's killing me.
Look, I have to return the Eye
to Sally's grave, then...
then... then she'll leave me
in peace.
[paper rasps]
This is where Craig found it.
I... I don't know why,
why he gave it to me.
Maybe... maybe
to watch me suffer.
- [static]
- Fuck!
Bloodletting, in this shrine
that I've built.
It... it's the only way...
- [static]
- Fuck! Fuck!
Leave me alone!!
[chair creaking]
[Craig] Wakey-wakey!
- Help!
- [Craig snickers]
[Craig] No. You won't be heard
down here.
[foreboding music]
[blood trickles]
[foreboding music]
[John groaning]
[Sadie] Daddy?
Jesus Christ.
[Sadie] It was you.
With my dad,
all those years ago.
We were looking for answers.
And the Eye gifted me that.
But I didn't quite like
what I saw.
Let her go, or I'll kill you.
[Craig laughs]
Hey! We're dead anyway!
The Burning Girl
will see to that.
[Craig] It's ironic, isn't it?
John always wanted to see
his children together.
And here you are.
In the flesh.
Leave her alone!
What're you talking about?
Haven't you told her?
Dan here...
is your brother.
You're sick.
[Craig] Tell her.
- I said, tell her!
- It doesn't matter!
[Dan] We didn't know each other.
I love you.
[Sadie] No.
No, no, no!
Did you know from the beginning?
[Craig] Of course, he knew.
But you wanted him.
You wanted his touch,
so the Eye granted it to you.
So, where is it?
[Craig] Where is the Demon Eye?
She doesn't have it!
I left it at work!
- Liar!
- [Sadie] I swear!
[Craig] I know it's hard
to give up.
I gave it to your dad.
And he promised
to give it back to me.
But you know what?
[Craig] The Burning Girl
will show me the way.
She likes the smell of blood.
It's upstairs.
Under my bed.
Don't shovel me shit!
- [whimpers]
- There won't be a second chance.
[Craig snickers]
- [knife rasps]
- [Dan screams]
There's a blade behind you.
Hurry up!
- [Dan] It's cutting my wrists.
- Deal with it!
You have the Demon Eye?
Just cut it!
- [Sadie] It's too late.
- [static]
Untie me.
Come on.
[Sadie panting]
No! You're my brother!
[Dan] We didn't know each other.
- It's still sick!
- [Dan] I want to be with you.
[Sadie sobs]
We'll go to hell for this.
- [Craig screams in distance]
- [gasps]
We've got to get out of here.
[thrilling music]
[Dan] Leave it.
I have to put it back
or she'll kill me.
[Dan] Put it back where?
[in soft voice]
[Sadie] Come on.
What are you doing?
Where's this?
[Dan] Uh, that's where we took
the photograph.
So she should be buried
about 30 or 40 feet west
of there.
Let's go.
[demonic voice] She's gonna
wrench his eyes out, poppet!
She's gonna kill you, too.
You have to get out of here.
- What?
- [Sadie] Put it back.
- [Dan] I'm not leaving you!
- [Sadie] Get out.
- You have to put it back.
- No!
Go! Get out!
[John] Sadie? Is that you?
[John] I've missed you
so much, poppet.
[John] You'll be safe with me.
[John] You won't have
to cut yourself anymore.
[eerie music]
[thrilling music]
[engine sputters]
Come on!
[engine starts]
- [beast growling]
- [gasps]
[Sadie's mom] Sadie?
[Sadie's mom] Are you gonna
get out of bed?
Get out of bed, Sadie!
[Sadie] I can't, Mom.
I'm too sick.
[Sadie panting]
[foreboding music]
[Dan] Sadie.
[Dan] In here.
What're you doing in here?
[Dan] You killed Faye.
[Dan] You wanted her dead.
No. No.
No. There's no way out.
She gave us what we wanted,
and now, we have to pay
for our sins.
- [gunshot]
- No, no, no!
[Sadie sobs]
[Sadie crying]
[ominous music]
[Sadie] Dan?
[Sadie panting]
[disembodied voice]
[Sadie] Dan?
[foreboding music]
[baby wailing]
[bones crunching]
[baby wailing]
[Sadie gasps]
You killed my baby.
- [liquid splatters]
- [baby wailing]
- [squelching]
- [whimpering]
- [thuds]
- [Sadie sobs]
[baby crying]
[electricity crackles]
[disembodied voice]
[ghostly voice] Dan?
- [beast barks]
- Ah!
- [thuds]
- [Dan groans]
Now leave us alone.
- [screeching]
- [screams]
- [flashlight clicks]
- [gasps]
[Sadie panting]
She's gonna kill my boy.
He needs more time.
- How?
- [Dan] I love you, Sadie!
I don't think I'm coming home.
Does she want my blood, eh?
- I don't know.
- No, no, no.
She wants you to see
what she sees.
She wants your eyes.
No, no, no!
[Sadie] Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
You want blood?
I'll give you my blood!
- [squelches]
- [Sadie screams]
[somber music]
[Sadie] What do you want, Tony?
[blows air]
Thought I'd see how you were.
I don't know where Dan is.
I know that's why
you're really here.
Do you know what that is?
It feels and sounds like
a paper.
That's an increase in profits.
The Echo is back.
We can't print 'em fast enough.
Craig attacking you,
Faye pushed to her death,
her fianc on the run.
You've got a story to tell.
And we've got the money
to pay for it.
[soft chuckle]
Surgery in the States
don't come cheap.
You're gonna need funds
if you want your sight back.
The thing is, Tony...
I never really liked what I saw.
- [taxi horn honking]
- That's my cab, so...
[Tony] Do you want a hand?
I can manage.
Well, you know where to find me.
Are you all right?
Where's the car?
[driver] Just in front of you.
There's a medal here, Miss.
Put it in the bag.
I think I deserve it.
[foreboding music]
[keys jangle]
[ominous music]
You got to be careful
Who you make
Your memories with
You got to be faithful
The eyes you think
That you have made
Chase me away
Now I've got the tractor
In my mind
You are my friend
Now I've got my crosshairs
Here tonight
So beautiful
I'm gonna chase you out
Of my life
- I could be so spiteful
- Be so spiteful
- Once I get you in my grave
- Get you in my grave
Chase me away
Now I've got the tractor
In my mind
You are my friend
Now I've got my crosshairs
Here tonight
Through these woods
I'll chase you
I have a thirst
I'll break you
Up these hills
Into over there
I'll take few chances
In the wind
Now I've got the tractor
In my mind
You are my friend
Now I've got my crosshairs
Here tonight