Demon House (2018) Movie Script

[skateboard rolling]
[spare piano music]
I'm Zak Bagans,
paranormal investigator.
For the past 13 years,
I've investigated
over 1,000 hauntings.
I have a series on
The Travel Channel in the U.S.
called "Ghost Adventures."
I'm one of the world's
leading researchers
on ghosts and demonology.
And this is the case
that really fucked me up.
The story was huge.
It was the next Amityville.
And I went all out.
I had plenty of resources,
equipment, a great crew.
I thought I was
gonna crush this story.
But in the end,
nothing was as it seemed.
I fell ill and couldn't
leave my room for eight days.
I didn't feel like myself.
Crew members quit on the spot
or had to get fired.
Witnesses and experts
ended up in the hospital.
And at the heart of it all
was a little screwed-up house.
It took me three years
to finish this film.
I had everything I needed.
But the truth is,
this film is cursed.
[ominous music]
[wind whistling]
In 2014, I had a nightmare
where I'm a spirit hanging out
with other spirits.
And I show them
this trick I can do,
moving an object on a table
without touching it,
like what I try
to get spirits to do
during my investigations.
Then, I'm suddenly
in front of a door,
and I can't control my body.
And the door opens,
and a 12-foot-tall goat figure
is standing there,
and dark black smoke
comes out of its mouth,
and I'm forced to inhale it.
When I woke up,
my lungs hurt,
and I knew this was
some serious shit
that meant something.
A week later, a story
about a demon possession
in Gary, Indiana,
makes international news.
And a look at one
of the most documented cases
of demon possession
and exorcism in recent history.
While this news is breaking,
I'm filming a show
in California
when I start getting calls
about it.
The next day, over the phone,
I buy the house, sight unseen.
Now, "Inside Edition"
with Deborah Norville.
That "Portal to Hell" house
that we've been telling you
about in Gary, Indiana,
where so many eerie things
are said to have happened,
has just been sold.
And wait till you see
who's moving in.
The new owner is Zak Bagans.
What on Earth were you
thinking, buying this house?
A week later,
I arrive with a film crew.
A woman named Latoya Ammons,
along with her young children
and her mother,
are the family at the center
of this haunting.
they've since moved out,
and some squatters
have moved in.
It takes some convincing
to get them to leave.
Hey, Charles, it's Zak,
did you call?
Okay, thanks, Charles.
Hey, how you doing, man?
Leon Steadman.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
how are you?
- How you doing?
- I'm all right. I'm all right.
Your friends?
Who's your friends?
Oh, man.
This is my first steps
right now inside the home.
And... wow, this is it, huh?
Then, psychic medium
Chris Fleming sends me a text.
He's heard I bought the house.
He sends me a warning
that I'll never forget.
He tells me there's
a 12-foot-tall demon guardian,
just like the one
from my dream,
at that house.
And I better stay
the hell away from it.
I should have
taken his advice.
[eerie music]
But I didn't.
I just got the keys
to the Demon House.
So I have the house,
but I don't have Latoya Ammons
and her family,
who were allegedly possessed
in the house.
They've moved away
to Indianapolis,
so we go searching for them.
This is it.
This is what it all
comes down to,
after numerous conversations
with Latoya and her mother
about them debating on whether
or not they want to talk
or do an interview with me.
They always said
they'd return our phone calls,
and they never did.
So, we were able
to find their address.
I have to go try
and talk to them.
We're in Indianapolis.
Latoya did a news story,
like, a year ago or something.
And we were able
to find this news story
that wasn't related
to her exorcisms,
about a mold problem
here in these apartments.
And you could see her
standing there
with the address
on the right-hand side.
And that's how we were able
to be led here.
This whole story started
in 2011,
when the Ammons family moved
into that old rental house
in Gary, Indiana.
They started hearing footsteps
going up and down
their basement stairs,
saw shadowy figures
in the living room,
and flies swarmed
their screened-in porch
in the dead of winter.
The local Catholic church
told them
their house was haunted
by spirits,
and a couple clairvoyants
claimed that the house
was home to 200 demons.
Then it started affecting
their young children more.
They started having
dark conversations about death
with people who weren't there.
A family doctor wrote it off
as delusions.
Then, on April 27, 2012,
everything blew up.
[eerie music]
Now I'm outside their new home
150 miles away,
hoping they'll talk to me.
Someone in there.
Is Latoya or Rosa here?
How are you?
I'm Matt.
We talked on the phone
a couple weeks ago.
- This is Zak.
- What's up, man?
How you doing?
I wanted to see
if Latoya or Rosa
would want to talk to us.
Okay, yeah.
See what happens.
[tape fast-forwarding]
- It's bullshit.
- I knew it.
Oh, she won't?
Kevin explains
they won't speak to me
because I've spent time
in the house,
and they fear things have
attached themselves to me.
Kevin is willing to talk.
What did you notice first?
I was told not to even
go in the house.
It was really affecting
the kids
and my sister the most,
you know.
And really the youngest,
my nephew.
It was really, really
letting him have it.
It was hurting him, you know,
things of that nature.
Then, when they came to see me
and stay with me
those few days and nights,
it was attacking them
in my home.
I heard it.
I was upstairs in my bedroom,
and I heard, "Whoom!"
[distorted shouting]
They were all sitting
in my living room,
and they started this little,
weird, evil little chant
out of nowhere.
And it started with...
my youngest nephew started.
[video game music]
He stopped.
My oldest nephew picked it up.
He stopped.
My niece picks it up.
Are you okay?
[eerie music]
[wheezing gutturally]
[distorted groaning]
[eerie music]
[distorted roaring]
We were taking them
to the car,
and then all of a sudden,
my one nephew started
attacking the other one.
And then, my niece
just starting attacking.
They just kept attacking
each other.
[kids shouting]
Stop it.
[kids screaming]
[distorted screaming]
And my nephew
looks up at my mom,
said, "Get your hands off me,
you old bitch."
I said that's enough.
[deep voice] Get your
fucking hands off me, bitch.
[deep voice]
Fuck your old-ass car, bitch.
Had they ever talked
to your mom like that?
No, they would never do that.
- Ever?
- Ever, ever.
I had my oldest nephew,
and she had him.
And he looks at him,
he's like, he says,
"Are you ready to go,
my brother?"
"Yes, my brother,
I'm ready to go."
All of a sudden,
it just started grabbing
my oldest nephew,
just slamming him,
slamming him, slamming him
in the back.
Then he just
kept throwing him.
I don't know exactly
why it chose my family.
I don't know if it was...
Do you think
it was in the house?
I'm thinking it's a presence
that was in the house
before they moved there.
Do you think it's dangerous
for me to be in that house?
I wouldn't be there.
No way I would be there.
[eerie atmospheric music]
After meeting with me,
the Ammons won't let their
brother back in their home,
because I've been
inside the house,
and the spirits could have
transferred over to him.
Next, I track down
Father Michael Maginot,
the priest who performed
multiple exorcisms
on the Ammons family,
to fill me in on
the next part of the story.
They called 911?
They called 911.
Ambulances came.
They took the boys
to the emergency room.
When they got
to the hospital,
were there still
strange things
being reported
by the emergency room staff?
Yeah, there was one boy,
was very violent.
Could you mention
about the hospital again?
Tell Lieutenant Gruszka
what happened?
And my granddaughter start,
"I can't take it anymore,
Make them stop.
I can't look in their eyes.
I can't look in their eyes."
His head is doing this.
"I've been here long enough.
I came to kill.
I'm going to kill now."
This is how
he started talking.
What happens next
is witnessed by hospital staff
and Child Protective Services
case manager
Valerie Washington.
[whispering, screaming]
So I have
the intake officer's report.
And this is
by Valerie Washington,
the family case manager,
dated April 23, 2012.
And this was
Valerie Washington
that did say,
"Later that evening,
he began to growl.
He charged
at the grandmother's stomach
and head butted her
several times."
Help him, please!
Jesus, help him!
[indistinct shouting]
[eerie music]
He went up the wall
real fast.
Standing like this,
facing the wall this way,
and went up the wall,
and then came back around
and stood back in front of us.
What did you do
when that happened?
I left the room.
She walked out.
I saw her.
I ran out the room.
I saw you, girl.
So there's the CPS worker,
right there,
admitting to the police
that's filming this,
that she did witness this boy
walking backwards up the wall.
Who else was in the room
when that happened?
The psychologist.
The psychologist
was there too?
He was there.
He had just examined.
What did
the psychologist say?
He left the room too.
You haven't been here
since the last time?
I haven't been here
since the day
after he came here.
This home video
was shot by police
doing a wellness check
on the Ammonses
one week after the incident
at the hospital.
This is the first time
the Ammonses
have been back to their home
since then.
Is everything
pretty much intact,
the way you guys left it?
Yes, yes.
Okay, so this is...
Who's room is this?
My room.
Oh, so you had
the front room... nice.
I had to stay in there.
One of the officers
that was there that day
was Captain Charles Austin,
who had been there
a month earlier
on a Child Protective Services
Why did you come here
March 2012?
I'm the watch commander
for the police department.
One of the sergeants stated
that he was dispatched
to this location
to assist
Child Protective Service
and remove
two or three children
who had not been
attending school.
Upon walking in,
he saw several crucifixes,
candles which had been burnt,
and Bibles.
And he stated
that he had an eerie feeling
within inside the residence.
In my 37 years
of police investigation,
I've never run into anything
like that before.
[zapping sound effects]
So we stayed up here
for approximately 45 minutes,
and I was in disbelief.
What time do the things
in this usually start?
You said in the evening?
They don't have
a special time.
So I'm saying,
yeah, okay, right.
This is really occurring.
The officers then
went down into the basement.
And it was a table
with a crucifix, a Bible,
and a candle
which had been lit.
We stayed down here
for about 15 minutes.
And he was videotaping.
I was taking my iPhone
and I was taking pictures
and whatever.
And I said,
"It's time for me to leave.
I've had enough."
I immediately started walking.
And as I walked, I say...
"That's weird."
I don't know that much
about construction.
But why would somebody concrete
a whole basement
and leave dirt
under the stairs?
I said,
"That don't make sense."
And as I look closer,
I saw floor pan
with a candle on it.
Don't make sense.
Don't make common sense.
At this stage
of the police investigation,
what Captain Austin
perceives as odd
may be something much graver.
Is it possible this discovery
is the remnants of a ritual,
one capable of conjuring
something terrifying?
Then, in fact,
things start occurring.
What do you mean things?
What kind of things?
[eerie creaking]
We noticed when
we went in the basement,
there's actually two doors.
The one on the left that
actually goes to the room,
at various times
we were in the basement,
it was in a different position,
and neither one of us
had went into the room.
I had an audio recording
that I was walking
around the house,
just making notes
or commenting on things.
There was an unusual,
unidentifiable voice
that appeared on that audio.
They're burning stuff
all over the place here.
That's where...
background chatter]
I'm surprised
the fire department
hasn't been here.
It sounds like "heys" to me.
[indistinct whooshing]
[camera shutter clicks]
I'm surprised the...
[tape rewinding]
[indistinct whooshing]
Did you hear that
with your own ears?
When that happened that day,
I did not hear any voice.
I only heard it
on the recording.
[indistinct whooshing]
And I walked out of here
and got in my unit,
squad car,
and I drove approximately
a mile and a half away.
You pulled over, no?
Right, I'm in
a gas station parking lot.
And all of a sudden,
the AM/FM radio in my car
changed and went to static.
And it said,
"Who in there?"
[crickets chirping]
The home's previous owner
told me
that other police officers
had experienced things
in the house
that had caused them
to quit their jobs
and move away from the area.
I have come
to the conclusion,
because of everything
that had transpired
and all the things
that I had witnessed
and heard about,
that it affected women
and children physically
and the stronger men
We set up another meeting
to come to this house.
Who did?
Myself, the other officers,
Child Protective Services.
The same CPS worker
from before?
No, she wouldn't come back.
She was terrified.
Something was coming
from underneath those stairs
that was causing
the whole house...
To turn.
[eerie music]
In light
of these developments,
Reverend Maginot gets approval
to perform a minor rite
on the mother, Latoya Ammons.
You basically want to try
to either aggravate the demon
or abate it.
But if it's consistent,
okay, you're not really
affecting the demon,
and you may be
endangering the person.
Behold the cross of the Lord.
Flee bands of enemies.
May you be snatched away
and driven
from the church of God
and from the souls redeemed
by the precious blood
of the Divine Lamb.
I saw she had an aversion
to holy objects.
I put the crucifix on her head.
She began convulsing.
I took it off;
she stopped convulsing.
And then I did it
a second time.
Again, watching,
it's consistent.
And did it a third time.
Father Maginot sat
on the couch with a Bible,
some holy water,
and some salt.
And he was reading the Bible.
He was just intense.
He was really reading.
While Reverend Maginot
tends to Latoya,
the three police officers
who are present
begin digging in the basement,
under the stairs.
We were digging, whatever.
He had dug about 4 feet.
The officer?
And he found a nail,
a finger nail, a clip-on nail.
I think it was pink in color.
A nail?
Right, right,
a finger nail, a clip-on nail.
And he found some panties.
Women's panties,
women's underwear.
Also dug up that day:
a comb, two children's socks,
a heavy bar, and a red tin.
So who buried these objects
under the stairs?
And why?
Do you believe that
that house was haunted
before Latoya and her family
moved in?
If those items were there
from that original family,
it could be.
Now, I think it would be
what you would call
which is trying to communicate
with the dead.
We only assumed,
because we had no expertise,
that this was a portal to Hell.
something begins to happen
in the center bedroom.
We went in the center bedroom
on the first floor,
and the blinds
were dripping oil.
In fact, they weren't dripping
from the top,
as you would expect.
They were dripping
from the middle of the blinds.
There was
some liquid material
that had appeared
on some blinds in there,
and we had no source
for that material.
We left the room.
First, we photographed it
and documented it.
And then I wiped down
the blinds.
And then we sealed the room,
and I thought,
if the grandmother
had went in there
and introduced the oil,
I wanted to make sure that she
didn't go in the second time.
So we stuck a Q-tip
in the door,
at the bottom of the door,
and then we came back
about 40 minutes later,
after Father Maginot
had blessed the house.
And the Q-tip
was still in the door.
We went in, and the blinds
were dripping oil again.
Lieutenant Gruszka
went outside,
and we shined flashlights
on the outside of the window
to see if it was coming in
from the outside
or from the ceiling,
and we could never determine
the source of that.
This CPS worker would be
the next to fall victim
to the malevolent energy
in this home.
The CPS opened the cabinet,
and she took her left hand,
I remember.
She may be left-handed.
And she touched the dripping.
- The fluid...
- The fluid.
- That you'd been seeing.
- Right, right.
And when she touched
the fluid,
a whole half of her hand
like all the blood
had been drawn out of it.
It went white?
It was just completely white.
And she had to leave the house.
She had complained
of pain in that,
and it did turn white.
I went on the investigation,
like I said,
at the very beginning,
thinking that it was a hoax.
The more investigation we did,
I believe
that there's something there.
There's just too many people
that I know
are truthful people
that saw things,
some of them which I saw,
to discount everything.
I was talking to the Child
Protective Services worker.
Her hand was starting
to come back to life.
And Father Maginot came to
the front porch stairs outside,
and he stood there,
and he looked.
I say, "Father, what's wrong?"
And he looked exactly
like the CPS worker's hand.
He was flush
as a sheet of paper.
And it was like...
I said, "What's wrong?"
And he said,
"The blinds are dripping."
With so many unrelated people
finding themselves entangled
in this demonic web,
Father Maginot is compelled
to help the Ammons.
Evidence in hand,
he requests permission
from Bishop Dale J. Melczek
to conduct
an official exorcism
on Latoya Ammons.
His request
is granted immediately.
I adjure you,
ancient serpent,
by the judge of the living
and the dead,
by your creator,
by Him who has the power
to consign you to Hell.
Latoya would later recount,
this was the moment she felt
the spirit lift from her.
[atmospheric vocal music]
The stories I had heard
about this haunting
were compelling,
but as I began
my own investigation,
there was just
one nagging question.
Was the whole thing a hoax?
In early 2014,
I get a call from the producer
of a very big horror film
from a few years ago.
He's threatening me because
he wants the film rights
to the Ammons story.
Due to privacy laws,
his identity
is disguised here.
[on phone]
Don't bully me around.
Do not call me
and threaten me.
Don't call me and tell me
that Mr. [bleep]
is this big-wig attorney
and I better listen
to what he's saying,
because you're
being documented
right now by myself,
listening to what appears
to be threats.
And I didn't want
to go this route.
So Hollywood wants the rights,
which means there's money
in it for the major players,
from the Ammons family
to Father Maginot.
And now the Ammons,
who originated this story,
won't talk to me,
and they're apparently talking
about a movie deal.
Oh, she won't?
Are they doing something else
with another movie producer?
They are?
Charles Reed,
the home's original landlord
who I bought the house from
and who had owned it
for roughly a decade,
told local media
that he was skeptical.
"I thought I heard it all.
This was a new one to me.
My belief system
has a hard time
jumping over that bridge."
And the people who were
squatting in the house
when I bought it originally
told me they didn't experience
anything there.
You think it's
all about money?
Yeah, you want to know
the truth, yeah.
They had all these reporters
out in front of my house,
and I refuse
to entertain something
that I'm not seeing.
So it's like, it's a lie.
To me, I've been here
for two years,
and I hear
the occasional creaks
and this and that,
but I'm thinking
the house is just old.
Whether the claims
are real or false,
I'd like to find out
whether they're real or false.
I'm not here
to fabricate nothing
or sensationalize on anything.
If people are making this up,
I'm gonna catch them.
Well, I'm telling you,
I haven't seen it.
You haven't seen any ghosts?
But as soon as I slipped her
fianc some money to leave,
suddenly he had
all kinds of crazy stories.
Your friends?
Who's your friends?
Oh, man...
When they... "Inside Edition,"
it really came,
because they was at the story.
And if I was able to...
man, I had it in the bag.
What you're offering
is peanuts, man.
They came out here,
Deborah Norville,
the other little lady,
they was out there.
The producer...
the producer, man.
Oh, man,
when this first broke, Zak,
you should have seen it, man.
You just getting
the ass end of it.
Like I told them,
and by me not being on a lease,
I was done.
I couldn't do nothing.
Yeah, have you seen
things in here?
Have you seen ghosts
in here?
I'm not gonna tell you that
until we sit down
and we sit down
and make an agreement.
You know, it's a market for it.
And I've seen the market,
with the people...
But your fiance said
that there's nothing in here.
Well, that's her story.
"Inside Edition"
also wanted to talk to me.
But instead, I went to meet
with the home's
original owners.
There, I learned that other
members of the Ammons family
also took issue with
the claims they were making.
Charles has got me
an article here,
and this was published
February 5, 2014.
It says the grandmother
of the possessed kids
insists none of this went on.
Could this be
the other grandmother?
I don't know.
I read that...
So Latoya Ammons,
her mother is the one
that lived in the house,
that witnessed all that stuff
and did all the interviews
stating that she saw the kids
being lifted up
and tons of other stuff.
So now Latoya Ammons's
which is a different woman:
"My children,
Latoya's brother and sisters,
are outraged,"
the step-mother told me.
They know the true story,
and they're upset
about the family's name
being dragged through the mud.
"My family hoped
this would all blow over.
It has not."
Also, a photo leaked online
of a ghostly figure
in one of the house's windows.
But this was almost definitely
faked using a cell phone app.
On top of this,
I had the house inspected,
and the inspector found mold
and other things
that could have had
a psychological effect
on the residents.
So what does the house contain?
Asbestos, black mold,
Can that make you feel dizzy
or euphoric?
And then you have
to think about, too,
if any of those elements
would affect the human mind
or the body
to perceive those side effects
as paranormal-induced type
euphoria and spirit energy.
So it's something to take
into consideration.
I was starting to think
this may be
an overblown case
of mass hysteria
or that there was some other
normal explanation
that was now being turned
into a money grab.
But then,
with my own investigation,
shit got crazy.
One day, when we're filming
at the house,
a woman drives by
and says she used to
live there in the '90s.
You got my audio, Jay?
Check, check, you got it?
Did you used to live in here?
So you used to live here,
how many years?
Just stayed, like,
four or five years.
Did you all hear about
what's been going on in here?
You guys have all heard
about it?
Has your mom
been telling you about it?
I saw on Facebook.
Yeah, a lot of stuff
happened here.
If the claims are true
about the demons being in here,
I just want to make sure
it's okay
for them to be in here,
because the other family
did have three kids also.
Oh, for real?
Yeah, except they were
two boys and one girl.
Mom, are you giving them
permission to go inside?
Yeah, y'all just have
to be careful,
because like I said, I ain't
been here in a couple years.
[keys jingling]
My mama's landlord
used to own this house.
You ready?
I am ready.
This was my room.
The skeleton...
the skeleton key doors?
Used to be skeleton keys.
Not all the doors
were skeletons.
These are the latch doors.
This was your room,
right here?
My bed was right here.
How old were you then?
I was, like, 10.
Yeah, something like that.
What does it feel like
to be back in here?
Oh, my God, I'm shocked.
- Yeah?
- I'm shocked.
Mika, do you ever, ever
remember anything happening
to you or your friends
or your family
that was strange?
Well, my friend Kaneshia,
we used to leave
my friend Kaneshia here,
and when we would come back,
she used to be saying stuff
like she heard noises.
Did she ever say
what kind of noises?
Like footsteps going.
She did hear people
walking around?
That's the basement.
I never went to the basement.
Did you never like
to go in the basement?
Do you want to go
in the basement now?
Yeah, if you go first.
[eerie music]
You okay?
You need a hand?
You good?
Why did you never want
to come down here?
Did you just feel
something bad down here?
I didn't come
in the basement.
This is actually my first time
being in the basement.
I've never came into the
basement. (mumbles)
Ooh, Danny, you kicked me.
I didn't kick you.
Yes, you did.
Don't kick me.
Excuse my French, sorry.
No, you can say whatever.
You can say whatever you want.
Oh, no.
What's wrong?
Upon reviewing the video
with greater brightness,
you can see her leg buckle,
but nobody kicked her.
I never came
into the basement. (mumbles)
Ooh, Danny, you kicked me.
I didn't kick you.
Yes, you did.
Don't kick me.
Do you not like it down here?
No, I never really liked
the basement.
No? Why not?
Just didn't.
My brother stayed
in the basement.
Is your mom okay?
I don't know.
I guess she's scared.
That's why she wants to leave.
She all creeped out.
I want to do that little,
turn off the lights,
and then the green stuff
so you can see
and hear everything.
- The night vision camera?
- Yeah.
It's scarier
than watching it on TV.
They can get inside of you
and stuff
and do all kinds
of weird stuff.
They can make you sick,
and that ain't fun.
It's happened to me.
Who helped you, like,
get that stuff out of you?
A priest.
And that's when you started
wanting to do ghost hunting?
Well, yeah.
More or less, investigating.
That's what brought me here.
[eerie music]
Is the demon
still in the house,
or have they moved on?
I don't know.
That's what I'm here
to find out.
Will the ghost
come to our house,
since she lived here?
Are you worried about that?
- You are?
- Yep.
A real worry?
Yeah, 'cause I'm afraid.
Mika's microphone
has just picked up
a mysterious
electronic voice phenomena.
It sounds like, "Run, Latoya."
Latoya, of course,
is the name of the mother
in the Ammons family.
It's funny,
her son was asking me
with a serious look on his face
if the ghosts
were gonna follow him home.
I don't know what's wrong
with this boy.
Cold, with these demons.
After Mika and her kids leave,
we set up this religious altar
in the living room.
Moments later, something
I can't explain overcomes me.
[eerie music]
This moment is only captured
on the surveillance camera.
- Billy?
- Yeah?
What in the fuck
just happened?
Well, you attacked Jay.
You told him,
"Get the fuck out."
You said, "Get out, get out!"
Then you, like, rushed him.
You basically slammed me
against the wall.
Give me the keys.
Come outside for a bit.
I don't want to.
I know you don't.
You need to, though.
All right, just hold on.
[eerie music]
We leave and drive around
for an hour.
Then, the man living next-door
calls me.
He tells me there's
someone on my porch
trying to break in.
Are they turning my house?
Yeah, go over there.
Go over there.
Right now, we are just
around my house,
and we see three police cars
turning down the street
to my house.
Yeah, pull up over there.
Go, go, go.
Hang on.
Slow down, Matt.
Jeez, god.
The police
won't go near my house.
What I've witnessed is, yeah.
I saw the video
that Chief Miller filmed.
If you want to wait,
I'll take you guys in there.
Chief says he refuses
to ever do it,
because stuff follows you.
Yes, that shit'll follow you.
I won't tell him that.
It's a different kind
of haunting.
No, we get answer.
We could get answers.
We can get answers.
The next day, we tracked down
Valerie Washington,
the original CPS case manager
who quit and moved away.
Now, you were in the video
that was shot
by Chief Brian Miller.
I'ma get ready
to leave you guys.
- I got another case.
- Okay.
Do you still feel
what you witnessed that day
was beyond the capabilities
of a 9-year-old boy?
I'm positive
in regards to that matter.
Sometimes, even thinking
about it again,
it kind of just throws me back
into a series where
I don't want to go back to.
It's taken me a while
to move past that.
When he did walk up the wall
before my eyes,
he could not remember doing it
five minutes afterwards,
after he was
questioned about it,
after they asked him
questions about it.
Child couldn't remember.
He looked at us like,
what are we talking about?
He didn't even understand
the question
that we were asking him.
And the fact that myself
and the psychiatrist
witnessed this,
along with the family.
We had no words to explain it,
because we didn't
understand it either.
And the child
couldn't even explain it.
He didn't even believe
he did anything.
Do you believe
that this family was possessed
by these demons?
I believe that it was
something going on there
that was out of the realm
of a normal living person.
Something was going on
I can't even explain
at that house.
Have you sustained any
emotional or mental trauma
from what you witnessed?
Is this a factor in you
leaving here in Indiana?
It played into it,
because after that,
a lot had changed
as far as me trying
to do my daily routine work.
I worked
as a child fatality worker.
I investigated children dying.
I've seen children
in various situations...
burned, beaten.
But after that, it was just...
It was traumatic.
And I also talked
with a psychiatrist
in regards to that,
and she stated also,
it was a very traumatic
experience for me
and that I did need
to go and seek some help.
I have witnessed that anyone
that has ever went
to that home,
the effects that they had
after they continuously
went to that home,
the things
that happened to them...
I do not like
talking about it,
because, to me, if you feed it
as if you're scared,
it will bother you.
The day before Father Maginot
was going to perform
the second exorcism on Latoya,
he experienced
what he describes as an attack
while on a bike ride.
As I was riding
through the neighborhood,
anyone who looks up to me
is staring at me
with a puzzled look,
like, "What in the world
is riding by?"
And so that was happening
all the way
to the end of the path.
And all of a sudden,
I'm on the side of the path,
thrown down.
How did that happen?
Then I looked
at my bicycle seat,
and it was 45 degrees off.
Captain Austin
was also affected.
Just two days
after I interviewed him
in the house,
he found himself
in the emergency room.
I exited a restaurant.
I was in full uniform.
And when I exited
the restaurant,
I had the dinners
in my right hand,
I was walking
towards my squad car.
I walked down the sidewalk,
and as I walked
down the sidewalk,
both feet slid on the ice
and went up
about 3 feet in the air.
I did a somersault
and fell on my head.
I was unconscious
for approximately a month...
a minute, a minute.
And I was bleeding
from my head.
Everybody came
out the restaurant.
They was hollering
and screaming.
And they called the ambulance,
and they transported me
to Methodist South...
or Methodist
Northlake Hospital.
Captain Austin would also
end up being shot
during a home invasion,
but he survived.
As I make my way back
to the hotel,
I receive a phone call
from a distressed Mika.
[phone ringing]
Something is terribly wrong.
We were out
at my daughter's pageant.
I don't know.
My mama came back.
When did this happen,
just now?
Will you call us back
after the police leave?
On February 20, 2014,
just two days
after visiting us at my house,
Mika's daughter
attempted suicide
by overdosing on medication
and stabbing herself.
After this incident,
one of my crew members
quits immediately.
[dogs barking]
Father Maginot.
Okay, hi there.
- How you doing?
- Pretty good.
This is Mika.
- Hi, Mika, Father Mike.
- Hello.
It's been three weeks
since I got the phone call
about Erica.
This is Erica.
And Erica,
pleased to meet you.
Father Mike.
Do you mind if I talk
with her real quick?
For, like, five minutes?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Erica, do you want to...
Do you remember
going in that house?
Remember when you went in
with me and your mom?
Like, a month ago?
Do you remember when you went
inside the house with me?
Three weeks.
That's how long it's been
since Erica spent time
with me in the house.
Is the demon
still in the house,
or have they moved on?
Do you remember
a couple days later,
things that were going on
with you and your mom?
That day was,
like, in and out.
Do you remember
what caused you to get angry?
Okay, did it feel like you,
or did it feel like just
someone else out of nowhere?
Not when I threatened
my mother.
Have you ever
threatened her like that?
Okay, what did you tell her?
That I was gonna kill her,
Okay, in her sleep?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Do you remember
hurting yourself that day?
Do you remember
stabbing yourself?
No, I just... no.
She had holes in her wrists.
Her eyes were, like, red.
How did she have holes?
In both her wrists?
In both her wrists,
just little cuts,
like she had stabbed
her wrists.
- With...
- A pen.
And my sister is an RN.
- In both, you said?
- Yes.
Like when Jesus
would have been crucified.
Yes, yes.
It was scary,
because, like I said,
I never seen that.
Something was wrong with her.
She wasn't Erica.
- She wasn't her?
- She was not Erica.
[atmospheric vocal music]
"The influence
sometimes surrounds
a young girl or woman.
When life is void to her,
the influence whispers
that it is her own fault
and that she is worthless
and should commit suicide.
Dear Sister,
do not believe it.
Satan was a liar
from the beginning."
Okay, then we'll
just have Erica and you
come sit right here, okay?
[ominous music]
Oh, water, creature of God,
I exorcise you in the name
of God the Father Almighty,
the name of Jesus Christ,
His Son, our Lord...
My daughter
was screaming at me.
Talking about,
"I can't stand you!
I can't stand you!"
Is this typical
of your daughter's behavior?
I mean, it was strange.
You've never seen the rage
like this before ever?
No, it was strange.
It was like everybody
was trying to calm her down,
and she was just
snapping off.
Look down in pity on this,
your servant Erica,
now in the toils
of the unclean spirit,
now caught up
in the fearsome threats
of man's ancient enemy,
sworn full of our race.
Another weird thing
that happened when
we was at the hospital...
and I'm not making this up,
on everything I love...
my daughter was laying
in the bed.
And where Erica got up,
there was a "6," like,
engraved in her back.
So my daughter was like...
Wait, what?
A "6," like a number "6."
Was engraved in whose back?
It was in Erica's back.
"Mommy, Mommy, Erica got
a 6 on her back."
Do you remember
seeing this 6
that was carved in her back?
She was being all calm
and weird.
How was she being weird?
Because it wasn't her.
Like it was somebody else
in her stomach or something.
Do you know how this 6
got carved in her?
It was a number six.
Let us pray.
God, creator and defender
of the human race,
Who made man
in your own image,
Look down in pity on this,
your servant Erica...
[echoing] now in the toils
of the unclean spirit...
So it seemed like that
might have been the moment.
Of what?
The moment
that it might have...
- Left her?
- Left her.
So it seemed like it...
you know...
So I don't know
if that's what she does.
She doesn't remember that.
After news of Erica's
attempted suicide
hit the media,
my dear friend
Debby Constantino,
who'd been on my show
numerous times
with her husband, Mark,
saw the headlines
and began to try
to make contact
with the demon remotely.
After her attempt,
she called me
and told me that she believed
they had made contact
with a demon at the house.
The voice she captured is deep
and difficult to understand.
[garbled speech]
It almost sounds like it's
saying, "Something's wrong."
[garbled speech]
[tape rewinds]
Tragically, just a few months
after this recording was made,
Debby and her roommate
were murdered
in a double murder-suicide
at the hands of her husband.
This hit me hard.
I couldn't accept it.
I felt like I had lost
a member of my family.
I believe
that certain environments
can make demonic activity
more likely.
Poverty, high crime rates,
murders can all contribute.
Gary, Indiana,
unfortunately fits the bill,
with over a third
of its population
living below the poverty line
and one of the highest
murder rates in the country.
You guys ever heard gunshots
around your neighborhood,
around your house?
- Yes.
- Yes.
We live down there.
Do you know
where the house is,
where the drive-by was?
Yes, it's, like, right...
That green house right there.
A lot of the elderly
are getting robbed here,
and houses are getting
broken into.
We need to bring jobs back.
We need to get the schools
back open in Gary.
It hurts me to my heart.
The Ammons' old neighbor
told me
that a total
of five people died
while living in the house,
and one of those
was a little boy
that died in the back bedroom
downstairs in the basement.
It's the same bedroom
that Mika's murdered brother
had lived in.
I also had to consider that
someone close to the Ammonses
may have cursed the house
and invited the activity
on purpose.
Latoya Ammons's
former neighbor also told me
that her ex-boyfriend
may have been abusive.
Was he the one who had put
the altar under the stairs,
possibly trying to curse her?
I decided I would try
to confront him
to get some answers.
How far are we?
2.7 miles.
Oh, my God, my nerves
are just fuckin'...
Our secret informant who's
been on surveillance over there
just called
and said that he's there.
And right now,
I'm really tense for this,
but happy.
So we'll see what happens.
I want to talk to him
and ask him
if he had anything to do
with putting a curse
on that family.
Even if he won't tell me,
I can still just get
a good sense
of his personality.
I'll get a sense of his energy,
to see if he would be
the type of person
that would be into the occult.
This is gonna be him?
that's gonna be him.
- Yeah, that's him?
- Yep.
[tape fast-forwarding]
[unintelligible chatter]
I told him
what this was all about.
Man, he just dropped his head.
He was like, "Man, I don't
want nothing to do with that.
I don't want to talk
about it."
He keeps repeating
that he wants nothing
to do with us.
Thank you.
It appears to be a dead end.
I invite Dr. Barry Taff,
who holds a doctorate
in psychophysiology,
a minor
in biomedical engineering,
and who's conducted
over 4,500 investigations,
including the famed
"Entity" case in 1974,
to help me try to decide
if high levels
of man-made electromagnetic
or earth-made
geomagnetic energy
could be causing
false positive
paranormal events
inside the house.
This is the frequency
counter here.
And we plugged it in,
and it showed 60 hertz fields
throughout the whole house,
higher than I would want.
But it wasn't that bad.
Then we come to this.
Dr. Taff, what is
the geomagnetometer?
What are we gonna measure
for here?
Are these natural
geomagnetic levels?
It measures the earth's
magnetic field, primarily.
Okay, so this,
we're not looking so much
as the house...
But what's under the house
in the ground.
Right, and coming up
from it.
High levels
of geomagnetic energy
could trick the brain
into thinking
there was paranormal activity
when there wasn't any.
This is very normal.
We're getting low 500s.
This is what I would expect.
You start getting
over 600, 700,
then you have a problem,
because it means
something is creating
this low-frequency
magnetic field.
And what is it?
What are your readings?
About normal.
Everything is normal here.
Took out the 60 hertz
calibrated field meter.
Then, a few feet
away from the wall,
about halfway up my body,
I started seeing, like,
a 1-hertz oscillation.
Look, look.
Why is it spiking here
like this?
Why is it doing that?
Don't know.
We tested the walls.
It's not the wall, look.
Why is it...
I don't know.
Floating right there?
That's weird.
Now it's, like, gone.
So it's transient.
And what was odd
is the transient nature.
It's not against the wall.
It's not on the floor.
It's not up above.
It's a couple feet forward.
It's a couple feet,
middle of the room.
Half my height up,
and it's...
- Pulsing.
- Pulsing.
I'm getting a...
Hang on.
What's the matter?
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
Then, shortly after
is when I felt
- the pain in my temples,
- The rush of energy, yeah.
and then I had
to leave that room.
And when I left that room,
I started getting emotional
a second time,
like I was just gonna cry.
And then I would
get aggressive.
My eyes begin hurting
for no reason,
and I don't realize
it's a warning sign
for what's to come.
That's what happens.
It comes in, and it'll hit...
Slap your hand together
like that again.
[hand smacks]
Just as you did that,
we got a spike
on the instrument.
That's what happens.
It comes in,
and it'll hit me...
Why would that happen?
Your body is, in some way...
it's not...
well, it's in some way
affecting the electromagnetic
field here.
Your body is a capacitor.
It's being charged up
by this environment,
and you discharged it.
Let me see if I'm getting it
off him, then.
Let's try that back.
I'm getting real aggravated.
Look, look, look,
look, look.
It's magnetic, look.
We didn't get that
before, did we?
20 milligauss
coming off you.
That's a little high.
Why would your body
be emitting... now, remember,
biomagnetic fields
are really weak.
You need
a superconducting sensor.
And what was I giving off?
20 milligauss?
About maybe 8 million
to 12 million times normal.
8 million to 12 million
times normal.
- 8 to...
- To 12 million.
The average human body's
magnetic field...
we generate a magnetic...
is measured in millionths
of a gauss.
It's a 1-hertz... look at it.
It's like a...
yeah, not a 1-hertz.
You see that?
Wow, interesting.
And yet, when I...
move away from here
to see if the space
is affected.
It stopped moving
because he moved.
All of a sudden,
something causes me
to lunge at Dr. Taff,
and as I force myself
to walk away,
realizing I may attack him,
my cameraman captures
the device spiking again...
at the same exact time
as my hostile movement.
That thing just spiked
when I did that.
That a dog?
What happened?
Do they have a dog
next to us here?
- A what?
- A dog.
- Is there a dog?
- No, there's no dogs.
Then I just heard a,
You heard it here before.
Like a, "Ough!"
From over there... "Rowf."
Assume it's a dog.
Where did you hear it?
Come from over here.
Just here.
I thought, well,
there's a dog.
I heard dogs.
We have no animals.
Something starts to happen
to Dr. Taff
after he and my camera
operator hear the growl.
And now I'm noticing
a pattern
of how people act
when the house
is starting to have
an effect on them.
- Oh, no.
- What's wrong?
They appear lost in thought
and confused.
[eerie music]
Do you want to get
out of here for a minute?
Are you okay?
'Cause you're...
Actually, I need something
to drink, like water.
Yeah, I just feel very...
yeah, I'm feeling dizzy or...
I'm noticing that you keep
shutting your eyes and swaying.
Yeah, because I feel like
I'm gonna fall backwards.
I feel like I'm gonna pass out.
Let me see, if I move...
Are you okay?
As we head upstairs,
I go outside
to clear my mind
from the house.
And at that time,
I don't notice
Dr. Taff becoming
affected again.
Weeks after
this investigation,
we discover
something disturbing
captured on this camera
while he walks
in a state of confusion
towards the back hallway.
[eerie music]
The black anomaly
appears in seven frames,
shooting at 24 frames
per second.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven.
Which means that when played
at regular speed,
the anomaly manifests
in a fraction of a second.
As Dr. Taff walks back,
he places his hand
in the exact spot
where the black mass
just manifested off the wall,
at which time he immediately
becomes affected again.
Oh, it's really bad in there.
That same sense of nausea,
like you're gonna throw up.
Reverse peristaltic action,
very strong in there.
I take the footage
to Ed Wiebe,
who was a video engineer
for NASA for 32 years.
Really increased the
luminosity just a little bit,
just to see some of the other
detail on the object.
Prior to that, we can see that
it's different intensities.
There's not
the same intensity.
So we thought it was
a hand or something like that
from someone else,
say the cameraman, perhaps,
his hand wouldn't be broken up
into different intensities.
It would all be one hand.
I'm 100% sure that is not
the cameraman's hand.
You've got the regular shadow
of the cameraman back here.
It's like a gray,
very light gray.
But then,
as the anomaly's happening,
there's this real dark
band of shadow
all down in here.
We don't see it retract
back into the wall.
It's quite possible it could
have entered the cameraman.
I don't know if that cameraman
had any problems
after this shoot.
As a matter of fact,
that cameraman
did have problems.
A little while later,
he suddenly had to lie down.
He then begins acting
very strange,
like he's confused.
No one sees him wander off
into the basement alone.
[ominous music]
Later, we find
the cameraman, Adam,
lying on his back
in the back bedroom,
where Mika's
murdered brother lived.
As we return to the hotel,
that same cameraman, Adam,
starts vomiting blood
in my bathroom.
He then leaves my room
and begins screaming my name
in a strange voice.
We start rolling
with our cameras.
- What's wrong with him?
- Where'd he go?
- Wait.
- Shh.
He's calling security.
[elevator door opens]
Where did he go?
[ominous music]
Come here, you fucker!
Whatever is affecting him,
he's taunting it to do more.
I'm right near that fucker!
[ominous music]
[shouting indistinctly]
Dude, what's wrong?
Fuck that shit,
fuck that shit.
Adam, what's...
Not gonna fuck with me
like that.
What's in the elevator?
Nothing, nothing.
It's a bitch.
If there's anything here,
it's a bitch.
You hear, fucker?
What is wrong with him?
Have you ever seen him
like that before, Jay?
No, never.
How long have you known him?
That was the scariest thing
I've ever seen in my life.
[elevator door opens]
[whispering] Crazy.
- Security's coming.
- Yeah, I know.
[elevator door opens]
Adam, let's go,
before security comes.
At this same moment,
two floors above us,
Dr. Taff is also experiencing
something strange.
Got back to the hotel,
and I had a strange sense
of anxiety, irritability.
I'm sleeping, and suddenly,
not in the room,
in my left ear,
I hear, like,
a really loud bell.
Jump out of bed.
"What was that?"
I suddenly fell over,
and I wake up,
and I'm on the ground.
When Dr. Taff gets up,
he realizes he has blood
in both of his ears.
Meanwhile, back in the room
with Adam...
What's happening?
What do you feel?
You're fine in here.
Just, all of a sudden,
like, felt like something
was stabbing me in my stomach.
Do you think that shit's
making you puke and all that?
No, I don't.
Just, guys, can you just
cut the cameras, man?
Seriously, fuckin'...
Little shit like that,
it's not gonna fuckin'...
You understand how
this thing works, though.
It's trying to draw you in,
piss you off, and...
Like, that's been happening
the whole time we come here,
is these little pokes at us,
these little things.
Honestly, I know,
but it's like,
why the fuck
would it fuck with me?
God, dude, I thought you saw
a dead body in the fuckin'...
I thought I was gonna open
it up and see a mutilated...
What'd you say?
There was a face.
Could you get any details
or anything?
I think you know
what I saw, bro.
I had never told my crew
or anyone else
about the nightmare I had
a week before
I bought the house,
where I saw the face
of a goat man
exhaling black smoke
into my mouth.
Like, I shouldn't be
really amped up right now.
I need to calm down.
I'm sorry.
Scared the shit
out of me.
That scared
the fucking shit...
I'm not gonna lie to you
right now.
When that fucking
door opened...
For a second,
I fucking screamed
like a little girl.
Did you hear me call for Zak?
I was like,
fuck, dude, this guy...
Yo, it doesn't want me.
It wants him?
Yeah, it wants you.
That shit scared me like...
it wasn't just, like...
it was like... the thing...
the first thing
that I thought was,
this is real.
Because I have to be honest.
Like, up until that moment,
right there,
I didn't believe any of this,
like, 100%.
There's something, like,
touching my hand right now.
What's it feel like?
It's cold.
You got...
Whoa, whoa.
He has a field around him.
Come over here.
I felt it on my arm here.
You're a fucking bitch.
Do something better.
Do something better than that,
you fucking bitch.
Feel around him.
That just made my arm hair
fucking stand up.
Do something
better than that!
I'm sorry.
These arm hairs
just crawled up,
like, backed up off of him.
Like a towel out of the
dryer, it's all staticky.
[creepy music]
I'm gonna find you.
A short time
after returning home,
Dr. Taff's organs begin
to shut down one by one.
Being in overall good health,
the doctors cannot explain
the cause of this.
So they started telling me
my organs are shutting down
and failing.
All my organs
started shutting down.
My prostate, massive infection.
My kidneys, my liver,
my bladder was infected.
My whole body was failing.
But, I mean,
it was collectively.
It wasn't, like, a little here.
It was like a cascade.
I felt nauseous and dizzy.
Went back to the hotel
later on, and I fell,
and then I passed out.
I started to shake really bad.
And that's atypical.
"Did you ever go back
to the house?"
I said the man who hired me
went back.
He got sick.
The cameraman was there,
and he got really sick,
and I saw it
right in front of me.
And he got sicker than I did.
Started shaking, nauseous,
kept throwing up.
It's all happening...
the problem is,
it's all happening
at the same time.
That's what makes it weird.
So, you know, the problem is,
why are my organs all starting
to shut down simultaneously?
This place might have had
a more dynamic
and dramatic effect on me,
but in a way
I didn't understand
until it all
slammed me together.
If my theory is correct
that my body shutting down
is a result of being
in the demon house
just for several hours,
that's long-term effects.
I was only there
for a few hours.
If I'd stayed there overnight,
given what's going on
with me now,
I'd probably be dead by now.
Who knows
what's going on there?
You know, beside
the paranormal phenomena,
there may be other elements
that are tied into it
that explain this in ways
we don't yet understand.
And what happened with you
at the house,
what happened with
the cameraman at the house,
this is the tip
of the iceberg.
So this may provide
incredible new definition
for what is going on
in these cases.
This is a life-changing
because I never thought
this would happen to me.
After the night
of Adam's meltdown,
his behavior continues
to be disturbing.
The very next day,
he tells me to go
into the bathroom
of the house,
to smash the mirror,
and to slit my throat
with the broken glass.
He's no longer himself.
And after a couple days
of this...
Come here, you fucker!
I have no choice
but to remove him
from my crew.
Jay, my other camera guy,
tries to get Adam some help,
but he refuses.
[drill whirring]
With the effects of the house
seeming to take down
members of my crew now,
I decide to accelerate
the situation
by boarding myself up
in the house...
sealed up, alone, overnight...
and let whatever
may be haunting it
take its best shot at me.
I know this sounds stupid,
but the investigator
inside of me
wants to experience it.
Been a long time.
I'm okay.
I want to seal myself
inside here.
I'm gonna start
in about 15 minutes.
The last piece of plywood
goes on that front door.
And that last piece
of plywood
is gonna get screwed in
with me inside.
- No.
- Okay, all right.
That's fine.
[creepy atmospheric music]
[beeping sounds]
[beeping sounds]
I have a phone.
My crew, so I can talk to them,
text them.
[beeping sounds]
Pretty weird feeling,
just knowing
that you're completely...
sealed inside a house,
let alone this house.
And I'm really afraid
to turn that light out.
That's, like, my safety chain
right there, that light.
Man, I don't want to.
[distant indistinct speech]
I just heard a...
I heard a female voice...
in the kitchen.
[tape rewinding]
[distant indistinct speech]
[soft clattering]
[low groan]
[low groan]
Get away from me.
Get away.
Back the fuck up.
[intense creepy music]
[thrown object clatters]
Oh, my God, my eyes.
Ow, fuck.
Get me the fuck out of here!
[voice echoing,
wind whistling]
The following day,
my eyes begin to cross,
resulting in double vision.
I develop a serious
eye condition called diplopia.
After multiple
neurological tests
conducted in Las Vegas
and California,
doctors are unable
to determine the cause
for this sudden affliction.
I am now forced
to wear prism glasses,
as my condition
is now permanent.
Corrective surgery
done in both my eyes
runs the risk
of total blindness.
[atmospheric music]
Shortly after his interview,
Kevin Ammons was kicked out
of his family's apartment.
They claim something dark
transferred from me to him.
Ever since his meltdown,
Adam refuses to speak
with me or about the house.
It appears that the time
he spent in the house
is still having
an effect on him.
He even got the numbers "666"
tattooed on both his hands,
the same place he'd felt
the dark energy touch him
in the hotel room.
There's something
touching my hand right now.
Dr. Barry Taff continues
to have health problems.
Doctors are still searching
for the cause
of his mysterious
organ failure.
I'm reminded of the toll
the house has taken
on nearly everyone
who's visited there.
Valerie Washington moving away
and seeking therapy;
the other CPS case manager
who suffered motorcycle burns
and a broken hand,
ankles, and ribs
shortly after being
in the house;
the home inspector who was
diagnosed with cancer;
Father Mike's bike accident;
Captain Austin's fall
and rush to the ER;
Erica's suicide attempt;
Adam's meltdown
and the aftermath in his life;
even Chief Miller claimed
that something
may have followed him home
from the house one night.
Something came back
with him.
I don't know
if it was that demon,
but something came,
and I don't want it back.
And finally, the permanent
damage to my eyes.
So I decide it's time
for the house to go away.
[crystalline vocal music]
This was a portal to Hell.
I was told not to even
go in the house.
[eerie atmospheric music]
Most of the house
was hauled away
to be buried in a landfill.
I wanted
to make sure the house
never harmed
anyone else again.
But as an investigator
and a collector,
I couldn't just let it all go.
[creepy music]
So I kept some of it,
including the basement stairs
and some of the dirt.
Even though the house is gone,
a police officer told me
that people keep showing up
and doing Satanic rituals
on the empty lot.
Like I said at the beginning,
this story is cursed.
[spare piano music]
[eerie rumbling]