Demonic Toys (1992) Movie Script

I win. I win war.
I win. I win.
And that's where
it always ends.
That's a pretty
weird dream, Jud.
I see all sorts of frying
possibilities there.
Probably some sort of
sexual thing, you know?
You know, I knew we should
have never moved in together.
You don't take me
seriously anymore.
We were right to
move in together.
And now that you mentioned it,
maybe we should, get married.
Look, I got nothing against
marriage, it's just, you know,
we should get married when we're
ready to have kids, you know.
Do you want kids?
I mean, 'cause we never really
talked about it or anything.
Yeah, sure, someday,
you know.
Where are they?
Relax, they'll be here.
I've been through
this a million times.
You'll get used to it.
They always like to come late,
keep the other guy waiting.
You know, Matt.
Sometimes you don't pick
up on things right away.
Hey, it'll be okay.
This would be a piece of cake.
Like now, for instance, I'm
trying to tell you something.
I asked you how you feel
about having a kid for a reason.
Are you pregnant?
I found out this morning.
Well, that's great.
I'm going to be a dad.
Why didn't you tell
me this before?
You shouldn't be here tonight.
Oh shit, here they are.
Look, you stay in the car,
let me take care of this.
Oh, don't be stupid, Matt.
You got your piece?
Yeah, but I just think
it'd be better if you...
Then let's dance.
Cable. Miss me?
Oh, yeah, I like you
with a fire that burns.
He's been my loins.
Me too.
It must be love.
Who's the femme?
That's my investor.
I'll take a bite.
Fuck you.
Are you going to
show us something?
Are you going to stand here
and jerk us off all night?
Hey, Hesse, I love
this guy, I really do.
Yeah, I'm going to
show you something.
Come on.
Knock off some
Indonesia, the good stuff.
Single action.
You mean just for rear sight?
The one at stock and best
of all, no serial numbers.
Clean as a whistle
or a baby's bottom.
Knock it off, Lincoln.
Whatever floats your boat.
We got these babies
out of Russia.
Sell a lot to the cartels.
Bang-bang, Juno.
No clip, man.
All right.
How much?
40 K for the whole lot.
What do you say?
I say, you're under arrest.
Matt. Matt.
Oh, shit. Oh, baby, no.
Oh, god. You bastards.
God damn you.
My god, I'm hit.
Lincoln, Lincoln.
Lincoln, I'm hit.
Sorry, Guy.
Lincoln, help me.
Now you have almost enough.
Well that would
be Charnetski.
How do you know?
He always orders
at this time.
Let me have it.
Thanks for calling Country
Chicken, the best chicken
in town, your order please?
Get off the phone hammerhead
and let me talk to Mark.
It's for you.
What's up, Charnetski?
The regular.
Legs and breast and
none of that wing shit.
And bring me plenty of honey
for my fucking movies time.
You assholes always
skip on that.
Would you like that
extra crispy or chunk style?
Take a guess.
The chunk style.
That's my boy.
Now, get off your fucking
ass and bring me my food.
You got it.
Mr. Wayne.
Mr. Wayne.
Is that cigarette in your mouth?
No. It's your dick.
[inaudible] out
please, this instant.
I don't think I like
your attitude, mister.
Well, I guess
that makes two of us.
You're being verbally
abusive to me, Mr. Peterson.
Where do you think you're going?
I'm going to deliver
Charnetski his food.
Fuck you about your
attitude, it is not acceptable.
Now, I want you to make
sure you come right
out back here, mister.
Well, maybe I
won't come back.
Maybe I'll just fly your fucking
chicken mobile into the river.
How do you like that?
No, man, what is wrong?
Fucking toys.
You're under arrest asshole.
So you're cops, huh?
Well, I guess I know
that your partner,
going out there, didn't I?
Shut up.
It's okay.
It's okay 'cause I'm
going to be out on bail
by the end of the night bitch.
This whole fucking
thing is entrapment.
Hi Guy.
Thanks for coming.
I've been sleeping
for a long time.
Waiting for someone just
like you to wake me.
We're going to have a lot
of fun here tonight, friend.
We're going to raise hell.
What the fuck was that?
And your partner?
How the fuck should
I know, Miss Cop?
What's going on, lady?
We're locked in.
What! Fucking brilliant!
Fucking brilliant lady,
what are we going to do now?
We wait until morning.
Wait? No, no, no,
fuck that police lady,
you get me the fuck
out of here now!
Now! 'Cause I got
my rights, lady!
You got to take me
in the county.
I got to make a phone call.
I got to talk to
my fucking lawyer!
You don't get shit,
you killed my partner.
You're lucky I don't put a
bullet in your fucking head
and call it self-defense.
Is that you, kid?
No, it's the Hillside
Strangler, let me in.
Hold your pants on.
Hey! Hey you, up here!
[Glass breaking]
Hey you, up here!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, up here!
You're a fucking genius,
lady, a lot of good that did.
Now, there you are,
it took you long enough.
Yeah, it took
me the same amount
of time it takes me every night.
Here you go, twelve
o'clock, right on the dot.
You want a beer, kid?
Take a guess.
Hey, did you see Miss July?
Not yet.
Wrap your eyeballs
around them.
Ooh wow!
It sort of brings a
tear to your eye, though.
Yeah and something else.
You God damn, I need
them, son of a bitches!
Look kid, how is work?
Ugh. It's a fucking a
joke, chunking chicken Christ.
Peterson runs around like
he's got a board shoved
up his ass all the time.
Well, what do I tell you?
The world is your twin and all
the people in it are assholes.
God damn economy.
Here's what you do.
You can do like I do.
Find yourself a niche.
Break yourself in.
Take my gun.
I mean I sit on my
ass, watch television.
Take a little hair
off your pooch.
That's a life.
Take this iguana
guy for instance...
Yeah, this guy who's
down the Costa Rica.
Starts raising the
little bastards.
Once you take up the space.
And it tastes just like chicken.
Everything tastes just like
chicken, you ever noticed that?
Frog legs, snakes, even
rabbits tastes like chicken.
Everything except this shit.
We're fucked, lady.
Nobody knows we're up here,
nobody is going to
hear us up here.
No, no, no.
Did you hear that?
Somebody ought to hear that.
Maybe I better go
out and check, huh?
You are the security guard.
Yeah but it could be a
cat or something, right?
Could be.
Yeah, it could be.
I'm going to tell you something.
If it's a bum, I'm going
to kick his goddamn ass.
There ain't nothing
in this place
to steal except some
goddamn old toys.
You stay here, kid.
Well, wait a minute.
What if someone comes back
here when you're gone?
There is an old shotgun
there in the locker.
I'll take my chances
with you.
Your choice kid, ain't close.
Anybody there?
I don't think
there's anything here.
I've sworn I heard
something, I don't know.
I don't know.
It's the storage room.
Open up! Open the door.
Who the hell is in there?
I'm a cop.
Open the door.
Oh yeah?
Let me see some identification.
You happy?
Open the door.
Yeah, hold your pants on.
What the hell are
you doing in there?
The doors went
shut and locked us in.
Didn't you hear screaming
and gunshots?
Look, I chased two
men into your warehouse.
One of them is wounded,
maybe dead.
The other one's handcuffed
back here.
Holy Christ!
What the fuck
are you looking at?
What the hell did he do?
He killed my partner.
No shit!
Look, I'm going to need
a phone to call for backup.
No, it's dead.
I tried it.
No sweat, we'll use
the one in my office.
Look, you got to
have to do it for me,
I... I can't leave him.
What about the other guy,
he's still out there, right?
Yeah, but he's hurt badly.
Look, call the Jackson
Precinct all right?
My name is Gray, tell them
there's an officer down.
Let them know that it's
a code thirty, all right?
You know how to use that gun?
I was in Korea.
Lady, I can handle myself.
Christ! What a night.
Here. Close the door and don't
open it until I get back.
You stay there
and keep watch.
If you move at
all, I'll kill you.
Those two clowns are going
to be a lot of help, bitch!
He tripped.
He's getting up.
I'm okay.
He's all right,
probably a little drunk.
Hi, you bad fuck.
I'm Baby Oopsy Daisy.
You lordass, will you
be my special friend?
What the hell?
I can walk, I can talk.
I can even shit my pants.
Can you shit your pants?
Oh my God, somebody shot him.
Get back.
You son of a bitch,
you shot my leg.
Pops goes the fucking weasel.
Get out of here.
Look out!
Get the gun.
Watch the door.
Get up! Get up!
No! Charnetski!
Oops! [Screaming]
Charnetski, the toys.
Holy Shit!
Lock it!
Get me the fuck out of here.
Lock it!
Jesus Christ lady,
I'm talking, God damn it!
You're heavy you
Moby fucking Dick!
Somebody want to tell me
what the fuck is going on here?
It's the toys.
Someone is inside the toys.
Who are you?
My name's Anne.
How did you get in here?
Through there.
I've been sleeping here
the last couple of nights.
Yeah, I guess
you could say that.
I got a dad who likes to
use me for batting practice.
Yeah. Well, how come you
didn't come out until now?
I've been watching you.
Look, things got kind
of weird around here.
I figured my chances are better
off if I hung out with you.
Nice outfit.
Polyester looks really
good with leather.
Very funny.
Do you have any idea
what's going on out there?
It's the toys.
They're alive.
Toys? Toys!
Did you see what they
did to Charnetski?
Jesus Christ!
Like son of a barn!
We got to get out of here!
This is fucked!
We got to get out!
Shut up!
You're not helping
things, all right?
Now, the toys have
not come to life.
The fucking teddy bear
looked pretty alive to me.
You saw it.
They're all over
the warehouse.
They're locking us in.
There has to be
another explanation.
Like what?
I don't know.
Lady, you are
some kind of a cop.
Let me tell you.
Peter, you know
what this place is.
Yeah. Yeah, it's a warehouse
for overstocked toys,
shit like that.
Well, you were friends
with the night watcher,
you must know where
the exits are.
It wouldn't matter.
This place is chained
tight until the morning.
The only way out is
through the loading doors,
they're open in the office.
Okay, okay, he shot...
He shot the locks of one
of those chains, we
can go out that exit.
The one on the north end?
They blocked that off
after you came through.
That's when I first saw them.
They're evil spirits, you know.
I don't believe
in evil spirits.
Well, you better.
This place is haunted.
The spirits are inside the toys.
Damn it, I don't
believe any of this shit!
What's the matter?
The floor.
You see.
What do you want?
Who do you want dead?
This isn't funny
anymore guys.
Are we having fun yet?
I need your bodies.
I need flesh and blood.
Stop it!
Peel off your skin.
Chew up your bones.
Stop it!
And I need you most
of all to [inaudible].
And I need you most
of all to [inaudible].
Did you see him?
That's the little boy
I've been dreaming about.
Look! Look, we've
got to get out of here.
It's that simple, I can't
handle this ghost shit.
All right!
Okay, all right.
All right, we can... we can get
to the security office right?
Can you get the loading
doors open?
Yeah but how are we
supposed to get there?
Can you get there to those
air conditioning shafts?
Yeah, I can find a way.
All right, then the two of
you will have to go and get
out there and bring help.
So why don't you
come with us?
. I can't.
I have to bring him in.
Because it's my job.
Yeah but I'm not too
crazy about this idea.
See, I've got to
sing about falling
around in small dark places,
especially with those
things out there.
Well, I can't leave him here.
Come on.
What are you, chicken?
Hey. Don't ever mention
the word chicken to me again.
Are you coming?
I've heard a snake
or something.
Just keep moving.
What the hell was he
talking about back there anyway?
There's demonic power
here, I can feel it.
It must be some sort of
satanic ritual or something.
It must be trying to
conjure something up.
All I need is human blood
or something like that.
Great. Sorry, I asked.
I bet you're sorry
you ran away, huh?
They don't care about me.
They never cared
anything about me.
But let's go.
Oh, Judith.
Judith. Over here Judith.
In here. In here Judith.
In here. That's right.
In here, Judith.
Hello Judith.
Where are we?
Inside the doll's house.
It's part of the astral play.
This is where I live
for the time being.
This isn't real.
This is isn't real.
It's real enough.
I brought you here so
we can have a chat.
Who are you?
A spirit.
Just like your little
prince said, a bad one too.
You look like a
little boy to me.
Oh? I could take
any form I want to.
I could be this.
[Growling & Laughter]
Oh, no.
[Crying and Laughter]
But I like this
form best of all.
Don't you?
Oh, God!
God has nothing to
do with this Judith.
Actually, let's scratch
the word God
from our Lexicon all together.
Let's talk demons instead.
That's fucking longer.
Were on this then.
Can you see?
What the hell are they?
They're some kind
of watch dogs.
They're not real, they're
not like the toys there.
They're like some kind of
hallucination you know.
They can't hurt you.
How do you know?
I already met one earlier.
It hit me and it
just disappeared.
Oh shit!
They've seen us.
We're not part of
your physical world.
We feed off your fear,
your pain, your deaths.
But that's not enough
to satisfy me.
You know what I really
want Judith?
A body to hang my soul in, a
real body, blood and bones.
What are you talking about?
Right now, I'm weak.
My spirit is bound by the
walls of this warehouse.
It's taken all my strength
just to animate these toys.
Even that took 66 years of rest.
66 years since the last
time I tried to be born.
Push harder, come on.
Easy, okay, that's right dear.
It's all right.
You're going to be all right.
Oh, he's not going
to make it.
Such a beautiful child.
It's no use, he's dead.
Better luck next
time little friend.
Perhaps we'll meet another time.
Don't blame yourself dear.
You did the best you could.
I'll see who it is.
Trick or treat.
What wonderful costumes,
darling, see?
Would you like
something better than candy?
Good, I have a very
special surprise for you.
Now, he is like a seed
and you must plant him
and take very good care
of him, do you understand?
Come, dear.
Now, that way, he will grow big
and strong and when he's ready,
he will find a little
baby to grow inside of.
And then he can finally be born.
Thank you.
I've been imprisoned in
that corpse for 66 years,
waiting for something
to set me free.
Your friend's blood
did the trick.
You see, in order for me
to take on a human form.
I have to be born like human.
At the moment of
birth, I ride shotgun
down the old birth canal.
And I come out instead, Judith
or should I call you Mom?
What the hell are
you talking about?
You know.
Have you forgotten so soon?
You're pregnant,
31 days to be exact.
That's why I've lured you here.
Oh no.
I'm going to be a dad, Jud.
We should have never
moved in together.
You just don't take
me seriously anymore.
Oh Matt.
Oh baby, help me.
[Crying & Laughter]
Even now, I'm taking
care of your friends
in the air conditioning shafts.
After I'm done with them...
Then they'll come for you.
Then we could do the next thing.
No! No!
Don't worry Judith,
the pain won't last long.
I'll speed up the birth.
You can be the proud mother of
a brand new demon by sunrise.
Then blood's really
going to run.
[Music & Noise]
[Singing] Mercy do-si do-si
Dons sit there around the ivy.
Oh fuck Mercy Dons.
I like you, will you
be my special friend?
.9 Bummer!
[Music & Noise]
[Music & Noise]
Fuck you, you little shit!
[Music & Noise]
Come on!
Look out!
Hey! You're fucking
up my make up.
You're getting me hot,
you brat [laughter].
Oh man!
Telephone, the phone.
Oh fuck, it's dead.
We're trapped, what the
fuck are we going to do?
Oh God!
Oh my God!
A gun. Charnetski's got
a shotgun in the closet.
Hurry, come on.
I'm hurrying!
It's okay, it's over.
No, it's not.
It's not over.
Don't look now.
Oopsy Daisy!
Missed me.
Give it up, Mark.
Each death just makes
me stronger.
I'm a demon kid,
it's my specialty.
How do you want your
death served up to you?
You want that chunk
style or extra crispy?
Everything you've seen up to
now has only been a warm up.
Wait till I really get rolling.
Hello Mark!
No Mark.
You're not shy are you?
It sort of brings a tear
to your eye, don't it?
Are we having fun yet?
It's not real!
Oh god!
I'll take that.
You know, I was just saying
to myself, Lincoln old boy.
You need yourself a gun
and look at what happens.
Mister fast food king
himself comes strolling
around the corner with
the answer to my prayers.
How did...
How? I played
the old Houdini act
on your lady friend
back there, chicken boy.
Yeah! Now, it's time to take
care of you, little buddy.
Wait a minute man.
We got to stick together,
those things are everywhere.
I'm just doing what the
voices inside my head tell me
to do kid.
So they say "Blow your
fucking brains out."
I'll blow your fucking
brains out!
Nothing personal,
you understand?
I just haven't been
myself lately.
[Singing] Kill me 92.
Just when things were
getting interesting.
Are you okay?
But you said you want
to bring him in alive?
I lied.
[Singing] Who is a
little child there box?
One with all the golden mom.
You shut the fuck up!
I'm getting sick of this
in a major fucking way!
Come on, we got
to get out of here.
Where's Anne?
Dead. She, she got
nailed in the office.
Okay. It's just the
two of us, let's do it.
The toys got into the
loading door controls.
There's no way out of
here until the morning.
Well, we can't wait
until the morning.
That thing's getting
stronger by the minute.
I don't understand what the
hell that thing wants from us.
My baby.
I'm pregnant.
This thing came to me in my
mind and told me what he wanted.
He wants to take
over my unborn child.
And why the hell does
he need the rest of us?
Because these deaths
makes him more powerful.
Well that's great.
That's just fucking perfect.
I have to get my head blown off
by some junior demon is a
fucking hard off for you.
It's not my fault.
But maybe I could just save
him the trouble and kill myself.
Why don't you?
Shut the fuck up!
I wasn't talking to
you, motherfucker!
Let's get out of here.
Almost time.
You got me.
I'm dying.
Pull! [Gunshot]
You're fucking dead.
You can't kill me.
Oh, give me a break.
I can't believe it.
Mother of Satan, could
this be the fucking end
of Baby Oopsy Daisy?
So fucking watch.
Jesus Christ.
Oh my god!
I win.
I win.
Hi Jud.
You know I only have
eyes for you.
No! No!
No! No! No!
No! No! Matt.
Hello Judith, don't
cry, you could make it.
You know, it just wouldn't
be a show without you.
Oh, God!
Help me!
This isn't so bad, is it?
No, please, no!
My dear friend Mr. Cable
was nice enough to tie you up.
Or should I call him dad?
All right.
You little shit!
I've had enough of this.
Now, let the lady go.
Hi Mark.
Thanks for coming.
Where was I?
Oh yes. Let me slip
into something a little
more comfortable before the
fun begins.
There. That's much better.
Relax. I'm going to make
you give birth to me Judith.
You might even enjoy this.
First, I'm going to crawl on
top of you and do the nesting.
Then, I'll be inside your womb.
I'm going to eat the
soul of your baby
and take his shell for my own.
Then I'll induce labor.
Before the night is
through, I'll be born
in a human body,
flesh and blood.
Such a pretty mother
you're going to make.
I've waited 66 years for this,
trapped in the earth
on this very spot.
No, no, no!
Don't worry you pretty little
head, it'll all be over soon.
You won't survive
the birth of course.
I can assure you of that.
[Music & Crying]
Come on, start.
You! No.
That's impossible!
[Engine Screeching]
Here I come, you
[Engine Screeching]
No! No!
Get away from her.
Ace tops king.
I win.
It's okay now, mom.
Everything is okay.
We won.
Who are you?
I'm your son.
The son you're going to have.
The demon has gone back to hell.
Maybe he'll try to steal
another baby's soul.
I don't understand.
I'm a spirit too.
Since I haven't been born yet,
not for another eight months.
But I couldn't let
him kill you, mom.
I didn't want to
grow up to be evil.
So I found a way to hell.
So I became a toy soldier.
What's your name?
You haven't given me one yet.
I have to go now mom.
But I'll see you soon.
Bye mom.
It's over, isn't it?
Who were you talking to?
My little boy.
My little boy.