Demons (2017) Movie Script

- It wasn't your fault.
Don't listen to him,
he's just superstitious.
That's a stupid thing
to say to a priest
who came to perform
an exorcism, huh?
That's a stupid
thing to say, period.
Um, you should go now, before
they come to take the body.
As far as I'm concerned,
you were never here.
Not tonight at least, okay?
And I want to see you again.
Need to see you again.
- I'm sorry.
I miscalculated.
I don't know why
I used that word.
Goodbye, Kayleigh.
- Colin?
I'll see you.
- Jewel?
- Kayleigh?
- We made it.
- We did.
- Did you ever
think that afternoon
at my parent's place that we...
- I don't know what I thought.
There was a lot to
digest that day.
A lot of the things I
thought before were wrong.
I'm happy to be
here with you, now.
- Maybe even bad things,
terrible things,
happen for a reason.
I really want to believe that.
- I used to think everything
happened for a reason.
- I didn't.
I don't think I ever
believed that until Jewel.
Until us.
I know.
Too much deep talk
for the occasion.
I'll shut up.
Happy honeymoon, my
soon-to-be-famous novelist husband.
- Happy honeymoon, baby.
What's wrong?
- May I join you?
- Kayleigh?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
You're okay.
- Jewely, no.
- Bubbles!
- Now you're playing with fire,
dripping on mommy's magazine.
Look at this.
I know, I never get
tired of it either.
- Here it is.
- Ugh.
Why didn't you just let me read
it on the iPad this morning?
- Well, that would have
been unceremonious.
- That much is true.
- Cool.
- It's a good review.
- It better be.
- Oh, you're gonna like this.
- I'm reading it too.
- Well then read faster.
Oh, what time do
uh, Eddie and...
- Um, Lara.
- Laura's flight get in?
- No, not Laura.
No u, it's hipper.
- Okay.
- Um...
2:00 P.M.
- Okay.
I'll drop Jewel over at
Ariel's before my class and
I'll meet you all back here.
- Sounds good.
- Come on
Jewely, let's get dressed.
Give your daddy a kiss.
- Don't worry, daddy
will clean up your mess.
- Say,
"thank you daddy."
- People say that
god is a fiction,
but a dangerous fiction
at that, nowadays.
But the real danger
is his obverse.
The very real father of evil,
the fallen one.
In whose grasp the
world is now but...
I suppose I'm
preachin' to the choir.
Am I right, father Hampstead?
- Um, well, yes.
- Thank you, mama.
- Um, tell me...
How long has Jewel
been acting strangely?
- Since we found her in
the woods with that boy.
How long ago was that, mama?
- Oh, that's hardly strange
behavior for a teenage girl.
Especially Jewel.
- Well there she goes.
See father, my Kayleigh
is about to graduate
from a fancy private
school in New Orleans.
With a degree in philosophy.
Decidedly secular philosophy.
What is that German
fella's name...
- daddy, don't start.
- You started it, darlin'.
Now these things are the purview
of Satan, plain and simple.
But, I am proud of my daughter.
She saved me a whole
lot of money on school.
I can only be a good steward.
I cannot be the
master of their fates.
But my secret fear of her...
Is that I would lose both my
daughters to the adversary.
To damnation.
- Good god...
- May I ask, have you taken
Jewel to see a doctor?
- A medical doctor?
Now why would I do that?
Her malady is spiritual.
- The church requires that
the individual be evaluated
by a medical doctor
or psychiatrist
before the rite
can be performed.
- Hmm.
My daughter is not insane.
She is infected.
- So, Kant's categorical
imperative effectively states
that the only thing that
gives an action moral worth,
moral value, is not its outcome,
but the motive behind it.
So for Kant, the road to
hell is in fact not paved
with good intentions,
because intention is everything.
Okay, that's all for today.
- So the money they gave
me for the next movie
is absolutely
fuckin' outrageous.
I mean to be honest,
it's pretty terrifying.
I mean...
Does one hit movie really
justify $80 million dollars?
I mean, is that really rational?
No it's not.
Alea iacta est, right?
The die is cast.
I bet that takes you back, eh?
- Hey, you've made other
good films, commercials.
It was time.
- Yeah but, not "torrent"...
- jeez, Eddie.
- Sorry babe,
sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
- sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Yep.
- Um, yeah, but
not like 'torrent...
That's a great title.
And that was yours,
that was your novel.
And I owe you, buddy.
Give me a kiss, you
righteous bastard.
- I was just source material.
I didn't even write
the screenplay.
- Uh, the source
material is the movie.
Story is everything.
It's the, it's the Clay,
it's the Carrara marble.
Despite the fact
that the industry
is fixated with spectacle,
it all comes back to story.
The character is
everything, dude.
And that's what you brought,
the character, they're yours.
So don't play the uh, false
humility card, it's unbecoming.
It was unbecoming when
you were a priest.
- Hey, how soon can I take my
clothes off and get in a pool?
- Uh, you do have a
privacy fence, right?
Plenty of Tequila?
- Why the hell am I
carrying and loading your bags?
- I don't know,
'cause I'm amazing?
- Don't start helping now.
- I want to play
with you some more...
- Jewely?
Hey babe.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
What's up?
- Can you pick up some pineapple
juice and jalapeos on the way home?
- Sure.
I'm not one to judge, but um,
what are the purple
streaks about?
- She had 'em done as a uh,
tribute to prince when he died.
I think it's fuckin' sexy.
- Who knew high school
girls were into prince?
- Hey, fuck you,
she's almost 25 now.
- Eh, that's, that's something.
- I seem to recall that
there's a significant few years
between you and your much
better half, you prick.
All right.
Are you ready to
experience seor Eduardo's
pineapple cilantro
jalapeo Margarita?
- Yeah, I'm coming out.
I just have to put
my swimsuit on.
- Well, Lara didn't.
Just saying.
- How did I survive Ireland
hanging around you all the time?
- Really?
The only reason you survived
was my mentorship in debauchery.
And a good few pints.
God loves a drunk.
- Amen.
- In fact...
I'm the reason that
you two got together.
If I hadn't guided you
down that rocky path
towards self-destruction, and
you hadn't reached the bottom,
you'd never have
found the church,
and you'd never have
performed that exorcism
on her dead sister.
- Eddie...
- Sorry, was that insensitive?
I, I, I have no filter.
I, I'm the world's biggest
prick, I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
- You better go make
sure Lara doesn't burn.
Sun's a lot hotter down here.
- Good idea.
- Hey...
You okay?
- Yeah, I'm gonna
go get my suit on.
- Come here.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, I was just thinking
about the chain of causation.
Moral responsibility.
A person may appear
on the surface
to be entirely responsible
for a given act,
but is in fact in no way
culpable and in theory,
should suffer no legal or moral
repercussions as a result.
- I was responsible.
It could have gone
a different way.
- Didn't you hear?
Maybe Eddie was.
Causation is a...
Precarious thing.
Get it together, Kayleigh.
- All right, so as it happened,
the barman was a priest.
At this little uh, country
church outside Dublin.
So these ulster jackasses,
and this father...
Ah, what was his name, Mike?
- Yep.
- Mike, yeah, Mike.
And we're there most nights,
and we're just getting shitfaced
and talking about history
and theology and all the
important stuff, right?
And at one point, Colin asks,
"so how have you
managed to be a priest
"and a barman at the same time?"
It's like uh, a priest is a
round-the-clock kind of job.
And he's there
every single night.
And he goes...
- he says, "the
pub's my real church."
"My... vocation",
it was beautiful.
He said, "the church building,
that's just where I go
to do my regular job."
"So many lost souls, you know?"
- Funny the two of
you wound up in the
entertainment business.
It's just so surface, you know?
- I don't really
see myself as being
in the entertainment business.
- Oh, piss off.
Of course you are.
Anyway, I studied art history,
which is history
plus art, get it?
- And you graduated from
that to car commercials
and Stoner comedies.
- You know, she's pretty
insightful for a high school girl.
- She's a bitchy little force
of nature is what she is.
- So how did you two meet again?
- Eddie was a frequent guest
at the clinic where
I used to work.
- Mmhmm.
Acupuncture, medical
marijuana, and beautiful women.
What more could a man ask?
- Okay, baby.
Jewely wants to
talk to her daddy.
Ariel says she's been crying
ever since she got there.
- That's weird.
Excuse me, guys.
Hey sweet girl.
What's the matter?
- She's burdened.
- What?
- Kayleigh, there's
something attached to her.
- Let's not do this now, yeah?
- Emmie and Marcus just landed.
- Mmhmm.
- Mmm.
- Maybe you could give me a
few minutes alone with her?
- I am her father.
I deserve to be here.
- I'm not concerned with
what you deserve, Mr. Grant.
Only what's best for
your daughter right now.
- Just listen to him, daddy.
- Look, I just need to
do a brief evaluation.
It often helps if there
aren't people with
personal connections
in the room.
- All right.
Evaluate her.
But do not proceed further
without talkin' to me.
- Yes, sir.
- I'm going to pray
with your mother.
I would ask if you'd
like to join us but,
I'm afraid I know the answer
to that question already.
- What could praying hurt?
Can you hear me?
Lord, may your mercy descend
upon us, upon Jewel Grant,
at this moment, her
moment of greatest need.
- Have you come to save me...
Or just to play with me?
- So what's the verdict?
On the Margarita?
- It's nice.
Sweet and hot at the same time.
I like it.
- See?
I'm really becoming quite
an excellent mixologist.
- Is anybody else coming in?
Come in.
- Why not?
- Woo hoo!
- Uh huh!
- Hey there, naked girl.
- Hello!
- Hey.
It's your wedding weekend.
- Oh girl, don't.
Now, you see I'm
dressed, don't you?
Now you know better than that.
This place, it looks
like a spread from
"the Southern
lifestyle", uh huh.
Man, props hampsteads.
- She's gonna wear clothes
at the wedding, right?
- Oh no, didn't I tell you?
Uh no, we're both
gonna be naked.
The look on your face!
You're such a gullible fucker.
- Is this him?
This is some dark-ass shit.
It spoke to me.
- Thank you.
- Oh, could you go
ahead and sign my copy
so we can get that
awkward shit out the way?
- Sure.
- I'm Marcus, by the way.
- Colin.
- In the blessed name of
our lord Jesus Christ,
through whom all
things were created.
You have evaluated our
daughter, I take it?
- Uh...
But I'd like to get
a second opinion.
I have a mentor,
a former teacher,
who has a great deal more
experience in these matters
than I do.
- Oh.
I had thought you were an
expert in your own right.
- Well, um, look it's...
It's very important for
your daughter's sake that
we be sure about
what's going on here.
- Hmm.
- I can come back tomorrow.
In the meantime, please,
please, call a doctor.
- We will.
We'll see what we can do.
- Thank you.
- And father...
I don't want to have to take
matters into my own hands.
- Please...
- Right.
Well, I uh...
I will see you tomorrow.
- The hell
kind of priest is that?
- Father?
- What did he mean by that?
Taking matters
into his own hands?
- My daddy can be...
- What do you mean?
- I don't know.
He and I haven't gotten along
in these last years but,
I know he loves he
Jewel, in his own way.
- How'd she get the welts?
The ones on her back?
- Oh she had those
when I got here.
Said her body was
punishing itself
for the sin of carnality.
- Self-inflicted?
- Well priests and
penitents have been known
to mortify their own flesh
by whipping themselves, no?
- So she did it to herself
before the possession?
- do you really believe?
- In demons?
- Oh no, no, it's, it's, it's,
I have it on great
authority that the ancients
preferred a small
penis to a large penis.
- Ooh!
- That's right, it's true.
It's absolutely true.
It's uh, that's why all the
Roman and the Greek statues
have men with tiny,
little penises.
- Those with penises left?
- Uh, yes.
- Short and they steal...
- The Christians liked
a small penis too, which is
why they took 'em all away.
"Darling, look at that.
"It's a lovely little
penis, let's have it."
- I, I gotta know.
Tell me about the naked thing.
When did it start?
I mean, what's it about?
- I don't know, I don't really
consider myself a nudist
or a naturist or, subscribe
to any sort of label.
I just really enjoy being naked.
- Me too.
- No, I reject the idea that
any sort of shame should be
associated with the human body.
It's just so puritanical and
damaging on so many levels.
- So, do you see yourself as
exploiting a certain
societal taboo?
- No, not really.
I wouldn't put it into
some sort of box like that.
It's, it's not willful, really.
I would just say that I give
myself the freedom to reject
a conception of the human body
and human sexuality that's,
that's steeped in
this twisted idea
that the body is somehow evil.
And that sexuality
is corruptive.
And that we'll all just go
batshit and turn into these
psycho, sex-crazed maniacs
when we see the body
in its a pure form.
Like, sex is a fact.
It's not something
we should fear.
I mean, it's just
a body, people.
- Bitch just like to run
around with her titties out.
- Well that too, yes.
I mean hey, if it feels good
and you're not hurting anyone,
why the hell not?
Life's too short.
- My little pagan baby.
I love you.
- Wise beyond her
years, and yours.
How how old
did you say she was again?
- See now you
want to be careful,
she's gonna get onto the uh,
chapter in a minute.
- Oh, oh.
- Oh yeah, yeah.
- I'm game.
- I'd like to propose a
toast, to Eddie and Lara.
Eddie, may you not fuck
up my amazing friend,
or Marcus and I will kill you.
- He's tougher than he looks.
- Mmhmm.
This one?
No, hell, she got superpowers.
You don't need me.
- And may you both find a home,
a sanctuary, in each other.
- Well put.
To Eddie and Lara.
- Cheers!
- May I join you?
- Why is she bleeding?
- Jewel!
- It was suicide.
- Talk to me.
- What good does talking do?
We've tried that.
We've done so much talking.
- Take a little more time,
present your findings
to the bishop.
Let him decide.
- I want to know what you think.
- I think she got
under your skin.
- I don't know how
much time she has left.
- You got
concerns about the father.
- 80% of demoniacs
have suffered abuse,
commonly sexual abuse.
Apparently the infestation
was preceded by his
finding her having sex
in the woods with a boy.
- A challenge to
his control of her.
- Maybe.
- What about the sister?
If he abused one girl,
he most likely abused the other.
- She seems...
Surprisingly normal, grounded.
Although, she's been
away for a while.
- Colin, you've been their
parish priest for three years.
Did you notice anything unusual
before he made that request?
- No, but, I think maybe
I wasn't paying attention.
- Just make sure you're not
projecting your own situation
onto this one.
- Jasper Grant is
nothing like my father.
- Really?
Remember, you ran all the
way to Ireland to get away?
- You're seeing her again?
- I never stopped
seeing her, Colin.
Don't pretend like you
haven't seen her too.
Don't act like you don't
know exactly what this is.
- I thought I
may have seen her, yes.
- Oh, backpedaling looks
so sexy on you, Colin.
- Really.
- That's,
that's not what I'm doing.
Look, I'm just worried
about my wife, okay?
- Oh, I am
so fucking embarrassed.
- Everybody has their shit.
These people are our friends.
- I barely know three
of the four of them.
All they see is some psychotic
bitch they hardly know
who dove randomly
screaming into the pool
with her clothes on.
I mean, what would you think?
- I'm probably the
wrong person to ask.
Look at me.
I love you.
- I love you too.
I'm just...
Tired of carrying this around.
- Carrying what around?
- Oh, it's nothing.
Um, we'll be down in a minute.
- That didn't look like nothing.
- Lara, you're very kind to
come and check on Kayleigh but,
this is something
that's between us.
- What do you think your
sister wants from you?
I'm um, claircognizant.
I've always been able to
sense what's happening
beyond the veil.
And beyond the facade
that people put up to
hide their interactions
with the other side.
I can't see but, I know.
I know your sister haunts you.
Maybe haunts isn't
the right word.
- No, I...
Think it's pretty appropriate.
Are we expecting someone else?
- Mrs. Grant.
We weren't expecting you.
- I need to see my
daughter, please.
- Come here.
How you doing?
- Afternoon, father.
You're just in time
to meet Dr. Connor
and hear what he has to say.
- Dr. Connor.
- Reverend.
- I'm glad you're here.
- Thank you.
- Well, enough pleasantries.
Let's have it.
- Jewel is, on the
surface, in fine health.
Her heart rate is slightly
elevated, and she's dehydrated.
- She can't eat or drink.
- Meaning, she can't
hold anything down?
- Meaning she
cannot eat or drink.
- Which is something
I suspected,
so I put her on a drip
and I gave her something
to calm her nerves.
- She was coughing
up blood yesterday.
That's unusual, right?
- Yes, that would be
very unusual, right.
- So, do you have some
medical explanation
as to why a teenage girl
in seemingly fine health
would be coughing up blood?
- Hand to god.
How many times do
I have to say it?
There is no medical explanation.
My daughter's in the grip
of the master defiler.
Now, will you help me rid my
baby girl of this evil or not?
- Father, do something please!
Sweet lord Jesus!
- Go fuck yourself, priest!
- It speaks.
Now do you believe, father?
- Somebody take him out of here.
- Daddy, please.
- Don't put your
hand on me, girl.
- What is this?
Why is she bleeding?
- Demon, you will not
take my child then...
- darling, please...
- No thanks, darling.
Why are you here, father?
To purge me of evil?
Each vessel...
Has been corrupted.
Each vessel...
Has been overcome.
Get away!
- She should rest now.
- So that's it, you're leaving?
- I have to respect
the family's wishes.
I don't have much of
a say in the matter.
Look these are...
These are very good,
very Christian people.
Okay, I've know
them a long time.
Jasper's helped me out in
more than one tight fix.
Who am I to judge?
I'm just a country doctor.
You're their priest,
it's in your realm now.
- What?
- It's possible that
Jewel is suffering
from an ectopic pregnancy.
An ectopic pregnancy is where
the embryo implants itself
outside of the uterus.
If that's what's going on then
it's quite possible
that it could be
causing Jewel's symptoms.
- It's quite possible?
So, why didn't you share this
information with the grants?
- Because I can't be sure
unless I do more tests,
and I'll be damned if I'm gonna
put the grants through that.
Besides, if the
pregnancy is ectopic,
then it's likely the
fetus will abort itself,
if it hasn't already.
- And kill Jewel in the process?
- I suggest you do whatever
the grants are asking.
God be with you, father.
- I couldn't bring
myself just to call.
You're all I have left now.
I owed it to you to
tell you in person.
- Colin, please tell our
guests what's going on but
tell them that the wedding
will happen as scheduled.
- Honey, no one would blame you.
- Just tell them, baby.
- He left this for you.
- He's made the very
emblem of honor, of salvation.
Over and again, the
rich man is their own...
What kind of crazy person
claims a filthy beggar
is more honorable than that guy?
More worthy of
attention and care?
That's the really
subversive and of course
really dangerous message
of what Jesus said,
of your care, your
concern, your honor.
To those who can't
care for themselves,
and who have been
pushed to the fringes,
even beyond the fringes
of polite society,
who see real suffering,
who've been repulsed,
reviled, and disheartened...
- I know...
I probably haven't spoken to
you properly much of late.
Forgive me.
But I need your counsel
now, not for me, not for me.
You know why this
is more difficult.
I believe in evil...
I just don't know what
kind of evil this is.
What are you telling me?
- Hi.
- Come in.
Dear Kayleigh,
I'm sorry I failed you and
your sister so completely.
Although I am not worthy of it,
I beg the forgiveness not
only of our lord Jesus Christ,
but of you, my
precious daughter.
Pray for my eternal soul.
I love you dearly.
- This is a beautiful place
that you and Colin have
built for yourselves.
I've read about
what you've done,
been doing, in magazines.
You must stay so busy.
Come home and help
me bury him...
- What was it Jesus said?
That the dead bury the dead?
- Hung himself in the barn.
- Fuckin' hell.
- When did it happen?
- This morning.
- So her mum drove from
Louisiana, same day?
- Left as soon as they
picked up the body.
- Listen, col.
I don't really know what
the fuck's going on here so,
maybe we should just take our
little nuptials on the road
and just get out of your hair?
- Kayleigh...
Insists that the wedding
go on as planned.
- Is there something we can do?
- Uh...
I think everyone just
needs to try to act normal.
- Say when.
- When.
- Yeah, I only have
one wine glass.
That's uh, an
interesting tattoo.
Can't imagine your
father approves.
- Yeah...
He accused me of defiling the temple
of the holy spirit and all that.
- Hmm.
What does it mean?
- The golden apples
of the hesperides
were sought by basically
everybody in the ancient world.
Regarded by the nymph
daughters of atlas,
the sisters of the evening.
Their father was
tricked by Heracles,
the so-called hero and,
he stole the apples
from the sisters.
For his own glory, to say
she had a lust for something
that by right should
never have been his.
And when he left them,
the sisters crumbled into dust.
I learned about it
in a mythology class,
the semester after Katrina.
That storm took so much from
New Orleans, south Louisiana,
and from us.
But you know,
the nymphs, this place,
me, when something
precious is taken from you,
it leaves a permanent mark.
It has to be acknowledged.
- Hmm.
- I take it you don't uh,
have women over
for wine very often.
- What gave me away?
The only reason I offered you
a glass is because this is...
- uncomfortable.
- Actually I normally don't
see anyone at this hour
unless I'm...
Administering an
anointing of the sick,
much less an
attractive young woman.
What are you doing
here, Kayleigh?
- What are you gonna
do about my sister?
I mean, why aren't
you there now?
- Why aren't you?
- It was my daddy.
- What?
- The welts.
He beat her.
He beat the shit out
of her with his belt,
when he found her with that boy.
He cried like a baby
while he did it.
He thought he'd beat the
sin right out of her.
I think he honestly
believed he could.
- You saw it?
- No, she called me after,
that's why I came home.
- Tell me what
else he did to her.
To both of you.
- What do you mean?
- Look, I know what's it like.
My father was...
A drunk.
A bad drunk.
Sometimes he'd have too
much, and he'd get violent.
Sometimes in some
pretty twisted ways.
But, you don't want
to hear about that.
- Yes I do.
- Honestly, it was a lot worse
on my mom than it was on me.
Didn't help that he
was the local sheriff.
Said he'd lay down the law in
his house with his bare hands
and anything he could
find to swing in 'em
and he meant anything.
- I'm so sorry.
- Don't be.
I think ultimately...
It was because of him
that I turned to god.
'Cause, uh...
'Cause of him, I lost
all faith in humanity.
- Where is he now?
- His heart exploded one night.
The widow-maker, they call it.
It was gonna be
that or his liver.
You can only rage
so long, until...
I just wish, so much damage
hadn't been done, you know?
Sometimes I can still
feel him, gnawing at me.
I'm making this about me,
that's not my intention.
Please, tell me.
What else did Jasper
do to you and Jewel?
Everything all right?
- Yeah.
- Where's your mom?
- I got her a hotel.
- We've got plenty of room.
I just thought...
After what happened...
I don't know.
- Eddie, what do you
say we get wasted?
- I would say, that's a
fucking brilliant idea.
- So what made you want to
start a bed and breakfast?
- Well I guess I've always
liked the idea of being a host.
Of showing people
my idea of home.
- Meaning, she's a bit
of a control freak.
- Hey...
- It's true.
- Well that's not a bad thing.
- So you say.
- And I'm right.
- Why Savannah?
- It's old, and near the water.
- And it's not south Louisiana.
- Hmm.
It's a spirit-rich place,
that city.
- It seems the spirits
approve the view, my darling.
- Is that what that meant?
'Cause I, I wasn't sure.
- You guys want
to take it inside?
- Colin, it's just
an electrical storm.
And it's beautiful.
And I wanna dance.
Do you wanna dance with me?
- Maybe.
I'm gonna call Ariel and
check on Jewel first.
Be right back.
- Turn the music up
while you're in there.
- You got it.
- I'll dance with you.
- Score, I got the hot
chick with the purple hair.
- Don't get too excited, Eddie.
- Did I say something?
What did I say?
- Well it's not a party 'til
some lesbian shit go down.
Now look, I'm gonna go
ahead, I'mma tell ya,
I don't do body shots.
- Kayleigh, I can help you.
- Oh, lord.
- What the fuck?
- Col?
Check the breaker.
- Hey Eddie.
Wanna go on a little adventure?
- Come in.
- Sir.
I decided to move
forward with Jewel Grant,
pending approval
of the archdiocese.
- Something changed your mind.
- Yeah.
- What?
Well, don't leave me hangin'.
- Uh, the doctor's
findings I guess.
- Which were?
- Inconclusive.
Sort of.
- You still don't
believe she's possessed.
- I believe something
terrible has happened to her.
And, this may be the
only way to fix it.
In a way I feel, doubly guilty.
Not only was I
there when she died,
I'm profiting from her
death, I wrote books,
made all this money.
- Welcome to the
entertainment industry, mate.
- Kayleigh's really the
one who can't shake it.
Especially this time of year.
- What time of year?
- Tomorrow's her
sister's birthday.
- Oh, fuck.
- I forgot myself, until
her mom said something.
- Yeah, and I'm
the prick who poured salt
into the wounds.
- It never goes away.
Guess she's used it to by now.
- Why didn't
she say something to me
when I asked her about
the wedding here?
- She doesn't want
to think of it.
She thinks that gives
it power over her.
- You are some fucked up people.
From my extensive
experiences as an electrician
in the merchant Navy...
- priest.
- I can tell you that I know
fuck all about electricity.
What the fuck?
You bring your friend down
into a creepy basement
and then scare the
shit out of him?
What's the matter with you?
- Nothing.
Let's go.
Hope it doesn't get nasty.
Power company's
doing what they can.
No estimate as to
when it'll be back on.
- Great.
I was just uh, telling
everybody about the first time
I met your lovely wife.
- Oh boy.
- No seriously, it was uh,
it was a pretty weird
situation 'cause,
he was my priest friend,
and his girlfriend,
and she was smokin' hot.
I mean, I guess she'd
have to be, right?
- Well, you don't give up
celibacy for an ugly person.
- That's deep.
- You know, ugly people
need to get laid too.
Stop it.
- I was really flattered
that he'd flown her
all the way to la to met
me and get my approval.
- I'm sure that
was his rationale.
- Sort of.
- Yeah.
- So um, we'd finished dinner
and were sitting around,
having this brilliant
conversation over several bottles
of really nice red wine,
and all of a sudden, do you
remember this, Kayleigh?
She just stopped in the
middle of a fuckin' sentence,
picked up half a bottle
of wine, tipped it up,
and chugged the whole thing.
Slammed it back down on the
table and I looked to Colin
and I went, "all right
buddy, permission granted."
I even forgave her
for being catatonic
for the rest of the night.
- You saw something that night.
You've been holding this
weight for a long time.
- I have to go to the bathroom.
- Please.
Oh, fuck!
- What happened?
- Tell me how you can help me.
- You've come to a
moment of convergence.
That's why everything is
crushing in on you right now.
You've become sort
of a wormhole,
connecting this realm to
the realm of the spirit.
Why would this be
happening to you right now?
- My sister...
- Talk to me.
- She would have
been 26 tomorrow.
- 26.
Do you know anything
about numerology?
- Not really.
- The number 26...
- The numeric value
of the name of god in Hebrew.
- And, containing
the number six,
god's diametrical opposition.
The number of
imbalance, of lack.
26 is the number of
the cosmic messenger,
of angels and powers
not of this plane,
who have something
to impart or need of
or connection to
this place and time,
for the good or ill of those
of us who reside in it.
They're all, each
of them, emanations.
They're the 26 dimensions
of ultimate reality.
From a singularity,
a divine mind,
Your sister will
never be closer to you
than she is right now.
Whatever it is that's
between you two,
now is the time to solve it.
- You believe in god?
- I believe in everything.
- Is that the police?
Do I smell of weed?
Is it legal here?
I'm gonna hide.
- Mr. Hampstead, I
apologize for disturbing you,
but this woman says she's
a relative of yours?
- Yes, you could say that.
What's the trouble?
- This lightning storm's
kind of wreaked havoc
around the area.
Power outages, as you know.
Big ol' oak tree got struck a
little piece down the road some
downed limbs are blocking
the thoroughfare.
Found this young lady sitting
cross-legged in the street,
bawling her eyes out.
- Kayleigh gave me
directions to the hotel.
I didn't know what
other route to take.
- You don't have
GPS on your phone?
Never mind,
we'll take care of her.
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, is everything okay?
- Yeah, everything's fine.
- My partner drove her car back.
It's parked right out
on the street there.
- Thank you.
- Have a good night.
Y'all stay safe in there.
- Yeah, okay, fine, fine, fine.
- Thought this was
in my realm now.
- Couldn't bring
myself to stay away.
Had to come out and
check up on her.
Make sure she's comfortable.
As comfortable as
can be expected.
But I sense I'm not
welcome here anymore.
I care about that little
girl, father, both of them.
And you had better act quickly
if you want to save her life.
Remember what I told you.
That, and malnourishment,
doesn't bode well.
- What was that about?
What did he tell you?
- I need to see your sister.
- Goddamn it,
what did he tell you?
I deserve to know.
- You better not let your father
hear you blaspheme.
- You think he
scares me anymore?
- I think...
You're not as hard
as you think you are.
- Your father
was a complicated man,
he kept me at arm's length.
- Oh fuck off, mom.
Just take some responsibility
for once, for one time,
in your miserable life.
Just admit your
share of the blame.
Your daughter died!
Has that still not sunken in?
- For a multiplicity of reasons.
- What?
What does that even mean?
- We failed her, all of us.
Even you, father.
- Please don't call me that.
- Dr. Connor said he
gave her something
to make her more comfortable,
but I don't think it's working.
- Where's Mr. Grant?
- He's gotta work for a livin'.
- When will he be home?
Would you grab my satchel
out of my car, please?
- Yeah.
Now's as good a time as any.
I know it's been rough.
That's an
understatement, I'm sure.
But there's a way through this.
I'm here to help
you through this.
- How do you know Latin?
- Fuck off!
You wanna play?
I'm good at playing.
- Close the door.
- You!
- In the name of Jesus
Christ our god and our lord,
by the strength and intercession
of the immaculate
virgin Mary, mother of god,
and blessed Michael
the archangel,
and the apostles Peter and
Paul and all the saints,
all powerful and holy
authority of our ministry,
we confidently undertake to
repulse the attacks and deceit
of the devil!
- I should do something.
- What you gonna do?
Bitch please.
You can't save every
living soul, okay?
- I am so
sorry this is happening
on your wedding weekend.
- I'm not.
This is why I'm
supposed to be here.
Not the wedding.
No offense, love.
- Ugh.
I'm way too stoned
to be offended.
- Yeah.
The uninhibited mind lies open
to the domain of the spirit.
- Can you say that again so
that it makes some sense?
- Native American vision
quests, ancient oracles,
intoxicants, they're
all commonly used to
free the mind and bridge
the gap between worlds.
Kayleigh's drunk, and my guess
is drunker than she's been
in a long time.
Her guard's down.
- Oh.
I understand completely.
- I love you.
- Oh, lord.
- Mama?
- He started it.
- Well why in the hell
didn't you call me, woman?
My god!
- What in the name
of holy god is going on?
- I'm doing exactly
as you asked.
Please give me some time.
- I'm gonna be here
for my daughter.
- Daddy, please!
- Oh sweet Jesus, help us!
- Let me out!
Let me the fuck out!
- Is that you talkin',
or the demon?
- Kayleigh, don't!
- Listen to me, Jewely...
- We need something
to tie her down with.
You finish the exorcism.
No, Jewel!
No, no, I wasn't...
- go ahead, daddy.
Oh come on...
- Kayleigh?
- I just want to know
why are you still
so angry with me?
- Mrs. Grant, you
can't possibly not know
the answer to that question.
- I made some mistakes.
I was alone.
And now I'm more
alone than ever.
Haven't you ever felt helpless?
- Can you feel her?
She's here.
Maybe she's come to kill you.
- Kayleigh baby, come on.
Let's go outside
and get some air.
- I'm fine right here.
- What's happening?
- Take my hand.
Kayleigh, take my hand.
Kayleigh, take my hand now.
It's okay.
- May I join you?
- Where are we going?
She'd come here
whenever she was upset.
We used to have horses.
She's always had an
affinity for animals.
- Jewel!
Let us help you.
- Finish the exorcism,
father Hampstead.
- Oh, Jewel...
- You weren't here.
- Finish the
exorcism, father Hampstead.
- There is no demon.
- What did you say?
- She's not possessed.
She's in terrible pain.
She's been tortured,
beaten, raped, drugged.
She's had a psychotic break.
Who wouldn't?
- Better stop talkin'
nonsense about my daughter.
She just dove out a
second story window.
- Adrenaline is a powerful drug.
- Jasper, stop!
- She is and has been in
the grip of the devil.
- No!
It's you.
It's both of you.
- No, please,
I don't want to play
today, it hurts...
- I don't want to open it.
- You don't have to.
You were there.
- Mama, why?
- Jewel...
Jewel, they're not worth it.
- Daddy!
- It mocks me.
- Don't be so surprised, Jasper.
She heard it all from you.
- No!
- What are you gonna do?
- I gotcha, Kayleigh.
I gotcha.
- Just, hold on.
- No...
Goodbye, mama.
- She was coming to me.
She was coming to me.
- You are no man of god.
You're an instrument of evil.
Precious daughter's
blood is on your hands.
That means far less
than the welfare of her soul,
which if it descends
to the bowels of hell,
the very destination
the demon intended,
well then, by
great heavenly god,
that too is on you, sir.
Help me, mama.
- What are you doing?
- You may be the only
person in this world
who means anything right now.
- There's something missing.
- Kayleigh!
Please forgive me!
You're all I have!
You're all I have!
- No, mom!
You have nothing!
Nothing at all.
You can stay here
tonight but I want you
gone first thing in the morning.
- Please stay and talk to me.
- Colin will show you to your
bedroom when you're ready.
Goodbye, mama.
- It was you.
The universe always
balances the scales.
- I spoke with the bishop,
and for the record,
you decided not to
proceed with the exorcism.
- So that's what happened.
- And, you were not at the
grants when the girl died.
- Because that's what's
best for the archdiocese?
- It's what's best
for everybody.
I think you know that.
- What about the grants?
- The grants are just happy
it's been ruled an accident
by both the sheriff's
department and the archdiocese.
Based on your report,
smacks a bit like suicide or
something even more sinister.
- Yeah, maybe it was a suicide.
Maybe, she'd been through
too much to go on.
- Maybe.
And then there's the not
insignificant matter of Mr. Grant
assaulting a priest.
And that's important
to Mr. Grant that Jewel
has a church funeral,
is buried within the church.
Colin, you got into an
impossible situation.
You tried.
That's all you can do.
- I tried, and failed.
I was completely
out of my depth!
- Aren't we all?
- No, that's not good enough.
There has to be a reason.
There has to be a consequence
for what happened.
- There will be.
God will handle it.
Colin, listen to me.
You have something
special to offer.
That is rare.
Do you understand me?
- She was pregnant.
- Use your anger, use
your rage to do some good.
You understand better than most
what it means to overcome
impossible obstacles.
Honor her.
That's all you can do.
- It's not a
good time, Kayleigh.
You should be with family now.
- Why?
The only one of them that
mattered to me is dead.
- What do you want?
- What do I want?
My sister just died.
My mother and father
may as well be dead.
- And I'm...
So sorry...
I didn't do enough.
- I need to
talk to the only priest
that I feel
comfortable talking to.
- So you've come for
spiritual reasons.
- I've come seeking peace.
I need to understand.
- Have you heard the
term trauma bonding?
That's what's happening here.
We've been through a
difficult situation together.
We share similar histories.
- Hey, I went to
college, remember?
Philosophy major?
Psych 101 was a requirement.
- I have to be concerned
with the consequences
of my relationships.
Of my actions, especially now.
- You're right.
There must be a
consequence for all of this.
But maybe the things
that haunt us both...
That we share, were supposed
to bring us together.
At least right now.
Maybe that was the intention.
- Whose intention?
- I don't know.
Maybe this god of
yours has a plan.
- Kayleigh, please.
- I never said goodbye.
I never even went
to the funeral.
I just ran to you.
- Maybe she's giving
you another chance.
- Sometimes, they come to help.
- It is with great happiness
in my pretty Lil' soul
that I pronounce you
now wife, and husband.
You may now kiss
your hot-ass bride.
- I have to confess, I
woefully underestimated you.
And when you were lying
there by the pool,
naked with your purple hair
I thought...
- I know.
I know things.
But you should know
better than anybody,
things aren't always what
they seem on the surface.
- Bet you're ready for
that honeymoon, huh?
- Greek islands, nude beaches.
Yeah, it's kinda my thing.
You should probably
take that trip soon too.
- Yeah.
- You have a beautiful family.
It doesn't matter how the two
of you got to this moment.
Just that you're here.
- Thank you.
- Mmnmm, mmnmm, mmnmm.
- Another one.
- Oh man,
it just went down my shirt.
- Another one.
- - Okay.
- Don't get too
drunk, you bastard.
You have some business
to attend to later.
That business is me.
- Ooh!
- It's perfect.
- Jewel, I want you
to meet your niece.
This is Jewel.
- Come on, sweet girl.
- Bye, Jewely.
- That's it, I won again.
Now you gotta go read
a book or something.
I got stuff to do.
- I want to play
with you some more.
- May I join you?
- You want to play with me?
My sister doesn't
want to play no more.
- Oh, she's mean.
I would love to play with you.
But how about some other game?
How about one inside, huh?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, show me.
Where's daddy?
- Off overseeing
the building of some
shelter for the church.
Said he'd be home late.
What are you gonna do?
- Kayleigh, come play with us.
- Yeah, Kayleigh, come
play with us, it'll be fun.
Kayleigh doesn't
wanna play with us.
- Mmm...