Demons at Dawn (2022) Movie Script

- Come to pay me a visit beautiful?
Hey, it's rude to ignore people.
- The lady has class Ed.
- What do you mean?
- She only talk to the
young and handsome type.
- I'm only 40.
- Still ugly.
- Yeah Ed. Yeah, I'm sure
she say how to me though.
- Yep same here.
- Lots of ladies say I'm handsome.
- Like who?
- Your wife.
- She's not my wife.
- At least he's married Ed.
You can't even hold a relationship.
- I'll see you first thing in yard Dion.
- Oh, I'm shaking.
- Looks like you got some company Jay.
Lucky guy.
- Well, here he is.
- Good doing business with you again.
- You got 10 minutes.
If I leave the cameras
off any longer than that,
they get suspicious.
- Understood.
- Cheofeng.
You look well.
- I wish I could say
the same for you, Jed.
We've come a long way to see you.
- Yeah well, prison life
doesn't exactly suit me.
- Then, you need to
learn to hit your monthly
target in the future.
Our business is high
pressured industry my sweet.
- Punch him harder.
- I never liked you.
- You were never really
my favorite either.
- Send him back to sleep.
- Permanently.
- What happened in the UK?
We were expecting fresh meat,
young, blonde meat.
- I sent Mickey like you wanted.
Levi didn't convert.
That wasn't my fault.
- I don't like excuses Jed.
You need to take full accountability
for your own failures.
- I think he needs another reminder.
- Yes,
I believe so.
He is beginning to learn.
- Agreed.
- So just one more.
Good luck.
- Sorry, it's my first day.
- No worries, honey.
You take your time.
- What, can I get you?
- Three ice cold beers.
- Bottle, or draft?
- No matter, you choose.
- Oh, and a steak.
Make it rare.
- You got it, coming right up.
- Well, you're looking nice
and relaxed there Michael.
- Life is a simple game.
You both could learn a
lesson, or two from me.
Have you ever seen me stressed?
- Yeah well, I am stressed okay?
I'm behind this month on my target.
- Ain't we all.
- Look, we're all going down,
if we don't step up our game, guys.
- You see what you've gone and done Tony?
Your negative attitude is rubbing off,
on poor, sweet Chelsea here.
- You know what I hope she sends
you down that pipeline too.
That'll wipe the stupid
ass grin off your face.
- Good to see you guys all hard at work.
- We're just working
on our next move boss.
- Yeah, we had a lot of
work in the pipeline boss.
We'll meet our quarter this quarter.
- I should hope so.
Otherwise, I do have a few luxury rooms
for you guys to stay in.
- Right, so how was our old buddy Jed?
- He was busy admiring my boot collection.
- So, what did Jed say about what happened
over here in the UK?
- He confessed to everything.
He sent Levi to work on Mickey,
Mickey got Carlos involved.
everything went wrong.
- Place your bets.
Place your bets.
- Stick.
- Hit me.
- 20.
- Black Jack.
House wins.
- Fuck.
- Well done.
That was our last bit of cash.
- Look, a luck of change.
Just quit moaning.
How are we gonna pay for the taxi home?
- Well, we've got the bus fare.
- Fine.
Send my regards to the sofas.
- Debbie, wait.
- Getting lucky Mickey?
- I thought we had an
understanding Carlos.
- Situations change.
- Not interested in anything
your boss has to offer.
Is that clear?
- It's not quite as simple as all that.
- You still owe her a lot of money Mickey.
- I'm paying it off, month by month.
We had a deal, remember?
Chaofeng has
a new deal to offer.
- Not interested.
- That could be a big mistake.
Look, Mickey, we've been close
friends for over 10 years.
Can't you see I'm trying to help you?
Place your
bets gentlemen please.
- Take five Richie.
- Yeah and I'm telling you,
I've cleared all my debts in good time.
She's got nothing to worry about.
- She wants everything
straight within the month,
or it's
- I don't have that kind of cash.
- Her men have been
watching you closely Mickey.
- I'm flattered.
- You're in this casino most evenings.
Her boys tell me that
you lose most nights.
- What I do in my free time,
that's my business.
- Not when you owe 100,000
and your free time becomes their business.
Look, please let me help you.
You're a father now.
I held your son at the Christening.
- Don't you bring my kid
into this Carlos, just don't.
- I'm trying to give
you a way out of this.
- And I told you, I'll clear the debt.
- That's not what the big
boss in Los Angeles thinks.
- Just on a losing streak.
My luck's gonna change.
- Your luck's gonna run,
out unless you listen to our new deal.
- I'm not interested.
- There are men out there who
are ready to take you out.
- I'll kill them.
All of them.
- That's why you've gotta listen to me.
You are the best contract
killer we've ever known.
The boss wants you to
take someone out for her,
a business rival.
You do this for her and you'll be free
to live your life in peace.
All your debts will be cleared.
I'll set all this up for
you, to get you off the hook.
- I promised Elizabeth that
I'd never taken another job.
Got my boy to think about now.
I don't want him to have
the life that I've had.
- For all the more reason,
to take this last gig.
- Maybe we'll skip town.
- They'll catch up with
you all eventually,
you know that.
Look what happened to old Robbie.
I found different parts
of him in six counties.
They all think they can run and hide.
You know the rules.
- I just need more time.
- You're starting to sound desperate.
- No, I've got friends, wealthy types.
They owe me cash.
She'll get her money back, with interest.
- She's made up their mind.
You and I well know
and once she's made up her
mind, there's no going back.
You wanna be in Soho this evening,
your contact is Rachel Dubois.
She'll meet you inside the Black Wasp.
- What time?
- Eight this evening.
Oh yeah,
I'd be there on time too.
Just a bit of friendly advice, you know,
from one mate to the next.
On me Mickey, cheers.
I thought we'd agree to meet later on.
- I like to keep a close eye
on my investments Carlos.
Of course.
- Well?
- He agreed.
- Good.
I knew he listened to you.
5,000 in cash.
- No, not yet.
I've got something to take care of first.
Yeah, I love you too.
Listen, if anything
happens, I'll call you.
Remember what I said?
If I say anything about a trip to Paris,
I need you to take Charlie
and go to the safe house.
Promise me.
Yeah, I gotta go.
I'll call you later.
Tell Charlie,
tell him,
daddy loves him.
- You're leaving,
And you look so unhappy.
Step inside and we'll put
smile on that face of yours.
That's a good start.
Come on.
Our girls will take good care of you.
- Already got an appointment.
- Ah, what's her name?
- Rachel Dubois.
- You'll be in good hands.
- Have a good night.
- Just hear her out.
What's the harm in that?
- You're persistent,
I'll give you that much.
- I just don't like to see
good people make bad decisions,
that's all.
- Take off your jacket.
Make yourself comfortable.
- No thanks,
I'm not staying long.
- That's not a very nice Mickey.
- Sometimes it doesn't
pay to be nice, Rachel.
- Yeah?
Well, I preferred if you
were nice to Ms Dubois.
- He actually speaks?
- You sound surprised.
- Yeah, I'm surprised he can even
string a sentence together.
just handsome.
- Just let me know if you
need any assistance yeah?
- Miss you already.
How's your drink?
- Prefer bourbon.
- You're 20 minutes late.
- You're lucky I even showed up.
- I don't like to be
kept waiting Mr. Santini.
My boss likes it even less.
- I'm not sure I give a shit,
what your boss thinks anymore.
- No,
I can see that.
- Yeah, I am this close
to walking out of here.
Just so you know.
- You'd be dead within
24 hours if you did.
Just so you know.
- So, does your boss always
get you to do her dirty work?
- My boss is a busy lady.
- Yeah?
I'm busy too.
So why don't we cut to the chase?
- Fine.
You got somewhere else to be?
- Maybe I do.
- You live in a broken down
bedsit in Seven Sisters
and you owe us 100 grand Mickey.
I don't think you do.
- I don't think I like your tone.
- Stay a little longer.
I get way sluttier.
From what we can tell,
you have a very bad
gambling addiction, Mickey.
You lost heavily again the other evening
and we know you've taken
out several loans to cover.
- You know what?
Thanks for the hospitality.
I think I'll take my
chances out on the street.
- You're drowning fast, Mr. Santini,
we're offering you a way out.
- I'm all burnt out.
- Then you need to find
that old spark of yours
and you need to find it quick.
- Like I told Carlos,
I'm retired.
- You don't have many options left.
You either take us up on our offer,
or you are dead within a week.
We need you to agree to this.
- What's the offer?
- One last job.
- And then I'm clear.
- We'll wipe your debts and you're free to
gamble yourself into oblivion.
- Hold on a minute.
You're saying I don't get anything on top.
- Not a cent.
We'll cover your expenses of course.
- I need six grand.
- You'll get one grand and
you'll thank us for it.
- So,
who's the lucky guy?
- Chap named Johnny Kramer.
He used to work for Chaofeng.
- Not exactly employee
of the month I take it.
- He was doing great,
until he slept with her daughter.
- Where is he hiding?
- He's holded up in Exmore.
- Couldn't get much more isolated.
- Your trains already booked.
You can get the details from
Christian on your way out.
- One last job and then I'm straight.
- That's the deal.
You should do it,
for your son.
- Okay.
You got yourself a deal.
Good move.
- Yeah, we'll see.
- You should have more faith Mr. Santino.
- Home sweet home Mickey.
Home sweet home.
- Are you one of them?
- Them?
- Don't play games.
I could happily slit
your neck open right now.
To be honest, it's a miracle
you're not dead already.
- I am grateful.
- What's your name?
- Mickey.
Mickey Santini.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm on business.
- What kind of business?
- You mind telling me who you are?
- Terry.
Terry Holmes.
- Lovely to meet you, Terry.
- You know the dead guy?
- Indirectly.
- No.
- What happened to your face?
- I've spent the last
hour fighting for my life.
Now, I wanna know what you are doing here
and I won't ask you again.
- Perhaps you could stop pointing
that gun at my head first.
I find I'm more open
to polite conversation
where my life's not in danger.
- The gun stays where it is.
- Right.
So, who killed our friend
up on the hill then?
- They did.
- Did they do that to your face?
You can tell me.
I've seen it all, believe me.
- When I know you better.
We've got all night.
- Oh do we?
You know, if you just put the gun down,
I could really help you.
- Nice try,
but no chance.
- We can't just sit here all night.
- We can.
I'm a very patient woman.
- Okay.
I'll tell you something.
No bullshit.
His name was Johnny Kramer.
I was sent here to kill him.
- Well, it looks like someone
beat you to it Mickey.
- Is that a confession?
- Just be careful with the smart remarks.
I'm not known for my sense of humor.
- Oh great and I'm stuck here
with you all night as well.
- Unless I shoot you first.
- That wouldn't be very polite.
- There is a third option.
I'm listening.
- There's a car out the back.
- Now we're getting some where.
Kramer had keys.
Wait here, I'll go get them.
- You won't be so lucky this time.
Take a look.
You see?
He won't be alone, trust me.
- I can take him.
You'll have to trust me on that.
But if he's got friends,
we need to act right now.
- Easy tiger.
It'll be dark very soon.
We wait, until first light
and we take our chances in here.
Sit back down.
I wouldn't try anything.
- I wasn't planning to.
- You're a poor liar.
- I can't hear any of
your friends outside.
- Don't let that fool you,
they'll just be weighing up the situation.
- Can you see anything?
You need to trust me.
- You really don't have a clue, do you?
- Just the one bullet?
- What, you gonna kill me?
- Crossed my mind.
Maybe I'd get lonely.
- You don't strike me as
a type that gets lonesome.
- Maybe so, but I do think it's time
we started taking some calculated risks.
- After you.
I'll watch.
- You first.
- No chance.
I'm not going out there.
- Listen to me.
I could end your life
right now if I wanted to,
I would play along if I were you.
- You bastard.
- Now, move.
- I don't have you down for a coward.
- Only the brave die young.
Now open the fucking door,
before I lose my patience.
- At least gimme the gun.
- I don't think so.
- Prick.
- Where'd she put it?
What did she put that?
I know it's here.
You miss me sweetheart?
- Samuel, I thought you were dead.
- You think I'd let you run
away like that without me?
- Samuel I swear.
- You didn't check to see
if I was dead, did ya?
- I went back honestly,
but there were just too many of them.
- Liar.
Where's Charlotte?
- She got away too.
They still got her sister?
- Of course they have.
- We need to leave.
I've got the keys for the car.
We can make a run for it.
- Where are they?
- In my pocket.
You're gonna take me with you, right?
- Now then, why would I go and do
a stupid thing like that for?
- You need me.
You're not gonna survive
out there without me
and you know it.
- Such a loyal wife now.
It's a shame when you didn't think of that
when you left me for dead.
- And you were surrounded,
I didn't know they were gonna turn on us.
- Bullshit.
- It's the truth Samuel.
You have to believe me.
- I should slit your throat right now.
- What would that solve?
- It made me feel better for a start.
- And maybe you should
have left me years ago.
- I still loved you back then.
- That wasn't love.
That was obsession.
You're a control freak.
I couldn't wait to get outta there.
- Keep that evil mouth of yours shut.
- You don't have the balls.
You're all talk.
- Don't you push me Terry.
- My mother was right about you.
- Keep quiet.
What was that?
- That's my bit on the side.
- You think I'm stupid?
All those late nights out
with your friends Terry.
People talk.
- People talk shit.
Let them, it's just gossip.
Don't listen to it.
Is it then?
- Do you think I'd
still be here if it was?
Don't be so stupid.
- If he tries anything, I'll kill you,
I promise you I will.
Take one more step further,
I'll gut her like a pig, I swear I will.
- Don't listen to him Mickey.
My husband's all talk.
Come on, Mickey.
Take him out.
He's no much for a real man like you.
- Be quiet bitch.
- Married?
I did not see that one coming.
Good to see you two,
still have a healthy relationship though.
What happened?
Did you forget her anniversary?
- Stop with the wise cracks fella.
- And if I don't?
- I'll kill her.
- So, what did bring the
perfect couple out here anyway?
You see your wife and I never
did get a chance to chat.
- Go screw yourself, Mickey.
- It was all her fault.
One of her friends invited us.
I didn't realize it was
some kind of sick cult.
- I wouldn't have come here if I'd known.
- That was my next husband.
- What?
- Yeah, he invited us if you must know.
We thought it'd be fun
to have you tag along.
Let's face it, there was
no spice in our marriage.
- You're lying.
I know you're lying.
- I'm telling the truth
and you know it Arthur.
- That's it Terry, let it all out.
- Help.
- Who are you?
I asked you a question.
- Put the knife down.
- You with them?
- No.
- Stay back, I already stabbed two of them
and I'm not afraid to make it a third.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- Did you see the woman?
- You mean Terry?
- Name's Charlotte, by the way.
- Mickey.
- Well, don't stand there
doing nothing Mickey.
- I think she had keys.
What was that thing?
The hand.
- It's best you don't know.
- Tell me.
I need to know.
- You look like you need a drink handsome.
Yeah, I have no intention
of ending up like her.
- Who was she?
- She belonged to the coven.
She was pretty high up the ranks actually.
- You don't really believe
in all that do you?
- It's real Mickey.
They do exist.
- You know, I have no
idea what just happened,
but all I know is that
I'm not stupid enough
to believe in witches and covens.
I want you to tell me
everything that you know,
but I want the truth this time.
No fairy tales.
- I think it's best I keep my mouth shut.
- Talk.
- Okay.
They groomed me.
It's how the coven operates.
- I swear to God, if you say
the word coven one more time,
I'll blow your brains out.
- Coven,
Well, I'm still waiting for
you to pull that trigger.
- Don't push me.
- I lost my fear the
day they took my sister.
You can't scare me Mickey
and after what I've witnessed.
- Well, where's your sister now?
- She's with them.
I managed to get away.
- Yeah, but why were you
with them in the first place?
- We were both living on the
streets when Terry found us,
that's the usual method.
They target the runaways,
only the broken souls.
Terry took us both
under her wing at first,
took us back to her
house, fed us, clothed us.
Looked after us,
she was basically a second mother.
What happened to your first?
- She preferred gin over us.
- We have something in common.
- We were both 11 when
they first took us up,
to the big house on the hill.
That's what we'd call it.
Big house where the rich old
people would go and play.
- Yeah, I think I'm starting
to see where this is heading.
- We're both dependent
on Terry by that point.
We loved her.
We trusted her.
We would've done anything for her.
- Yeah, I get the picture.
- You just had to keep them happy.
That's what she used to say.
- Please stop.
- Just put a big smile on their faces,
spend every weekend at the house.
Sometimes the parties
would go on for weeks.
- Charlotte, I get it.
- They used to slit chicken's
throats right in front of us.
They had all sorts of unusual ceremonies.
You can only imagine the type of effect
that would have in a child's mind.
- Black magic,
- You're starting to get it now.
Maybe you're not as
ignorant as I first thought.
- I'm not buying this.
- This isn't fiction
Mickey, they're messed up.
Sacrifice old men and
women right in front of us,
used to get off on our fear.
- Oh, this is bullshit.
- It gave them power.
- For what?
- Power to summon the demons.
Did you hear that?
- Yeah I heard foxes.
- You can't stay here,
they're coming for you soon.
- I'll be ready.
- You can't fight them.
- I'll take my chances.
- Do what you need to do,
but my sister's still out
there and I need to find her.
It was our turn next.
- Turn, for what?
- They ran out of sacrificial lambs.
- None of this is real.
- You've just seen it with
your own eyes, Mickey.
- I don't know what I saw.
- They summon demons.
It's true, I've seen it myself.
- You think you saw, that's
what they want you to believe,
to keep you under control.
I've been around enough evil
in my life to know that much.
- What kind of evil?
- I kill people for a living Charlotte.
It's my job.
It's what I do best.
There, does that satisfy your curiosity?
- Makes you slightly more interesting.
- We have to find those
keys and get to the car.
- No, the car's gone, they took it.
- Then we gotta make a run for it.
- Not without my sister.
- Listen to me.
Those people are just a
bunch of fucking nut jobs,
that just get off on hurting people.
But they're not fucking around.
You're coming with me.
- No, I'm going back for my sister.
- You wouldn't last five
minutes on your own.
- Come with me then.
- I can't.
- What sort of a man are you?
- The sort that knows how to stay alive.
- Do you at least have a spare gun?
- This is all I've got.
- Doesn't matter.
Came back here to arm myself anyway.
Look, I will get her out of their hands,
even if I die trying.
- It's a suicide mission,
you'll be dead before dawn.
- Come with me there.
- No.
We're gonna wait till first light.
We'll make a run for it.
- That's your final word?
Okay then.
- It's really nice meeting you Mickey.
In the name of Satan.
The ruler of the Earth.
Chief of the serfs.
I command the forces of darkness
to bestow their eternal power upon us.
Open wide the gates of hell
and come forth from the
abyss by these names.
the governor of sea.
the purveyor of lust.
- Denise?
- Charlotte, no.
- Let me go.
- Denise?
Let me go.
- I'm sorry, Charlotte.
We can't stay here.
Whatever those things were,
they'll be coming after us.
- Do you believe me now?
Well, what more do you need to see?
- Yes, I believe you.
- I'm gonna bring her back.
- Okay, it's okay.
- I'll kill them all myself.
- What we have to focus on
right now, is staying alive.
You understand?
- Thought you only looked
out for number one.
- Those days are over.
I've got a wife and a
son to think about now.
We have to stick together.
You with me?
- Yes.
- Good.
This is about survival now.
- They're here.
- Wait here.
- No, we're supposed to be a team.
Fight these bastards together, remember?
- Terry?
- Where's she gone?
Let's just leave.
Shit go.
- Forget it, let's go.
- We're gonna need it.
That wasn't there before.
- It doesn't matter, just get the gun.
Well come on.
- Terry.
That was Terry.
- That's not fucking possible.
I watched her die.
- It was her.
She's turned.
What are we gonna do now?
- I don't know, just let me think.
I can't hear her anymore.
- Me neither.
- That sounds like more of them.
I think they're coming closer.
- Let's just go.
It's now, or never.
- Do something.
- Stay back.
- Who the hell are you?
- My name's Levi.
It's a pleasure to meet you both.
- You control these things?
- The demons.
Some of them yes.
- What do you want from us?
- A simple business transaction.
- What business transaction?
- The oldest in the book I expect.
I'm here to make you a simple offer.
One life, in return for another.
- I'm not following.
- They rarely do.
You're good friends
with Mr. Rodinsky right?
- Carlos?
- I've known Carlos for years,
he's one of our best fixers.
- Fixer?
- Men and women who supply
people to say to Satanists.
- She's correct.
It's all organized.
We've got fixers and
spotters all over Europe.
- You're completely insane.
- Let's not get personal, this
is just business after all.
- What did Carlos agree to?
- He's the one that set you up.
- If Mickey agrees to your deal,
we're evens right?
- That's correct Carlos.
You'll be forgiven for
that nasty turn in Essex.
- And I won't be killed like the others.
- Well it's your last chance, Carlos.
We can't employ dead weight
in this line of work.
I must be on my way now.
I've got a few other
clients to meet before dawn.
- I don't believe you.
- He's just playing mind games with you.
- I can assure you both
I'm telling you the truth.
Your wife just gave birth
to a boy, is that correct?
- Leave my boy out of this.
- I'm afraid your first born
is the whole point of
this conversation Mickey.
- What?
- Don't listen to him.
- Shut your mouth mad man.
- If you don't agree to this deal,
we'll have to take your life.
I've got a very demanding
boss back in Los Angeles,
she was expecting something very special.
- I'd rather die than
strike a deal with you.
- Something special?
- Give us your first born Mickey
and we'll let you live.
- Fuck you.
- We need your permission
for this to work.
Carlos and Rachel work
very hard to get you here
of your own free will.
In the same way the vampire
need permission to enter a home.
We need your consent for this to work.
I love to go into the finer
point of demonology Mickey,
but we just don't have time.
- Well,
tell him.
Tell him where to stick his deal Mickey.
- You have one minute
to make up your mind.
- Mickey.
- Well?
Time's running out.
- You'll let me go?
- You can't be serious.
Tell him to go fuck himself.
- You got 30 seconds left.
What's your answer?
Can't believe
you're even considering this.
- Well?
Time's running out.
- Okay.
You have yourself a deal.
- Splendid.
- Please tell me your bluffing.
- You made a very wise decision.
- So how do we do this?
- You take them your son.
- I need to make a call.
- Fine.
- Hey, it's me.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah, I'll be home tonight.
I want you and Charlie to meet me there.
I just wanted to say,
I can't wait for our trip to Paris.
I love you.
- Do you think I'm stupid?
You just tipped off your wife.
- Did I?
I believe so.
I guess our deals off.
why don't you go take a little look
out the window over there?
I've got a little surprise for you.
- Don't do it Charlotte.
It's not your sister.
- Let her go.
You should never interfere
in family matters.
- Denise?
- Terrible way to go.
- How do you live with yourself?
- The undead don't care.
- Yes?
Chelsea wants an answer.
He didn't bite I'm afraid.
She's not gonna be happy.
She really wanted something special.
Darling, we're
dealing with demons.
It's not always a cut and dry situation.
- The setup was quite perfect,
but in the end, Levi failed.
It was a great shame.
I was looking forward to
having something special
in my possession.
- Blonde hair and blue eyes.
Our clients would've paid
a lot for that little boy.
- Well, we'll just have to
step up our game and cover.
- Human trafficking takes great skill.
Gotta put in the work.
- So Levi?
- Poor, poor Levi.
Failure doesn't help anyone.
Therefore, he's no longer with us.
- Beer?
Tony's paying.
- No time for drinking and having fun.
We need to see the judge.
- You got it boss.
- Hey goodbye.
- Please, your honor.
I didn't mean to hit the man that hard.
I was just having a bad day.
- A bad day? You've been having a bad day
for the past five years. Mr. Rogan.
You've beaten up more
folk that I can count.
This court has lost its patience with you.
Take him away.
- Stand down, stand down.
- You have no idea, should
have been through with you.
- Hey come on.
- Well, well, well look
what that cat dragged in.
- It's been a while Marcus.
- It's nice to see you again.
- And Jed how's prison life treating you?
- Not so great.
- I bet.
Well next time learn your
craft a little better.
- It was Levi and Carlos
who screwed things up.
- Son, don't pass the buck, Chaofeng and I
would gladly throw you
back in the slammer.
Just remember that.
We need to run a tighter ship,
for the past six months.
The crew's been falling behind.
- It's getting tough out there judge.
- Our clients demand fresh
meat, on a consistent basis.
It's your responsibility
to make this happen.
- I'll have more deliveries for Sam.
I promise you that.
- At least one of you is on the ball.
- And you?
- I got my eye on several targets.
- Good, you have one week.
No more excuses.
- Well, I could use it with
a few more days there judge.
- One week.
Our good friend, Dr. Morrison,
would like a final word with you Jed.
- Dr. Morrison wants to see me? Why?
I thought I had everything settled now.
I have plans today.
- Your plans have changed.
- I will make sure he will be there.
Don't you worry Markus.
- Wonderful.
You've always been the best Chaofeng.
- I know.
- Dr. Morrison.
- It's all there. Dr. Morrison.
- 5,000 cash.
- Just as we agreed.
I counted it myself.
- So, when should we expect delivery?
- You can expect a fresh consignment
for your esteemed
members, in two days time.
- The coven will be pleased.
- Indeed.
I can't wait to share
the good news with them.
- Yes, it's been such a long week.
- Good evening.
Do you all have IDs?
- Absolutely, the best kind.
- The doctor has been waiting for you.
Please enjoy your stay.
Like lambs to the slaughter.
- Now if you'll excuse me, ladies,
I have a spot of other
business to tend to.
- We'll be seeing you soon Henry.
- You can count on it.
- Bye doctor.
- Henry.
I see you're keeping busy.
- Michael, good to see you all.
- Have a seat.
Marcus says hello, by the way.
- I'm sorry about what happened doctor.
- I'm sure you are,
but it's Chaofeng here that
you need to make happy.
- I won't make the same mistake twice.
I promise.
- I'm sure Chaofeng has explained to you,
we have many clients to satisfy.
- Yes, of course.
- Human sacrifice has
become a niche market.
Our coven has become quite
popular over the years.
You understand we have
a reputation to uphold.
- I understand doctor.
I learned my lesson.
- Be that as it may, I feel Chaofeng
has been far too lenient with you.
I'm afraid, we've decided
to send a stronger,
more powerful message.
- I don't follow.
- I wish we'd done this sooner.
It's way more fun.
- I love every minute of it.
- Don't do this.
No, don't do this.
- When you miss your
targets, you become one.
- Let's get back so I can finish my steak.
- No, let's get back to work.
- Right.
I guess we all gotta work a little harder.
- Yeah well first I gotta finish my steak.