Demons Never Die (2011) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(intense dramatic music)
Sub By Black Hawk
- Hi (sniffing), it's me.
I know I said that I
wasn't gonna call but
I'm just finding
this really hard.
And I really don't understand
why we're doing this,
so, just call me back.
Whenever you can.
- Hey, Amber,
hey sweetheart, come here,
come here.
Shh shh shh, sweetheart.
- Dad (sniffing).
- [Man] Look, I'm gonna
to get us some food,
be back in a couple of minutes
and we'll have a proper chat.
- I had an abortion.
(ominous dramatic music)
(phone vibrating)
I love you too, baby.
I can't be without you.
We're gonna get through this.
(dramatic music)
- Sweetheart?
(door knocking)
(dramatic techno music)
Sweet sensation
I am a man with
a heavy heart
And I dare not
turn the pages
Fighting with automatic
I, it's a blind faith
A cruel waste
One bitter taste
So I know I need
this sweet sensation
Sweet Sensation
The music that we play
Will ease your mind
Sweet sensation
The music that we play
Will ease your mind
What is a man now
to do with his mind
When it's working over time
The best I can do is
not dance with the devil
I, keep my self safe
I won't waste this
time and space
So I know I need
this sweet sensation
Sweet sensation
The music that we play
Will ease your mind
Sweet sensation
The music that we play
Will ease your mind
I am man with a heavy heart
- Nice and quiet.
Quiet, please.
Last night a terrible
incident took place,
Amber Johnson, very
tragically, took her own life.
(students murmuring)
Now, I know that many
of you knew Amber
and that this has come as
a huge shock to us all.
Officer Bates has come down
from the local police station
and would like to
say a few words.
- As Gary just said,
a tragic event took
place last night.
Now, firstly, I'm
gonna let you guys know
that there are councilors
available to talk to anyone
if they feel they need it.
Another reason why
I'm here is that
often when a young person
takes their own life
there's concern that other's
might be motivated to follow.
Now, if anyone, anyone,
knows any group of
people you may suspect
to be involved in
that type of activity,
you need to come and report
it to use immediately.
We take the idea of copy-cat
suicide very seriously.
And we've learnt from history
that it's a very real threat.
Life is to be respected.
(dramatic music)
The truth is we've all thought
about it at some point.
Death, that is.
Life can be painful.
We'd like to know that we
could end it all if we had to.
- What the fuck you
looking at, huh?
- The warning signs are there.
If you look hard enough.
Those pretty girls who
seem to have everything,
smiles on the outside,
but inside they're broken.
We all try and fit in,
to be the same.
Because being different
can lead to fear
and hate from others.
We crave acceptance.
And rejection, 'specially
from those we love and respect
the most, can drag us in
to the darkest of places.
(keys jingling)
Even the smallest things in life
can feel like too
much sometimes.
The victims, they live in fear,
ignored, alienated, and alone.
The weak ones turn to
drugs to dull the pain,
but it never lasts for long,
the emotions soon come back
more intense than ever.
And pain like that,
has an energy.
It attracts demons.
And they haunt our dreams.
And deep down we know that
those demons won't let us go.
Not until we're dead.
- Yo, Arch.
- Hey, Jaz.
- Kenny is ranting,
for a change,
you're missing it.
- Fuck you, Jasmine.
- Eat me, prick.
- Is that an invite?
So where was I?
What I'm sayin' is, Amber
played the whole thing wrong.
- You're such a dick.
- Think about it.
What's she gonna get outta this?
Two, three days
of headlines, max?
- Headlines, you know,
twisted individual.
- Kenny's got a screw loose.
- Explain clearly how
the play represents
family relationships.
- I'm serious, what's
the point of wasting it?
Now if you're gonna do it,
I say go out with a bang.
Bonnie and Clyde shit.
Make the world remember.
- D'you have to
enjoy this so much?
I mean, don't you think
about how your family's
gonna feel when you go?
- Listen, fuck me family.
Now if they weren't
such a bunch of cunts
then I wouldn't be suicidal.
Wouldn't have to spend all
night on here trying to
convince you spazzes
to have a pact.
- Kenny, I really do
despise you, you know that?
But, you're a little
bit funny (laughing)
- Comment on what the play
suggests about conflict
between personal
and public life.
- James, give it
a break, please.
- I gotta get this
done for tomorrow.
- Look, my point is,
What was me point?
- You're point is you're
an attention seeker
with daddy issues.
- Uh, yes.
- No, my point is that this
whole fuckin' things a lie.
Look our families
ain't got a clue
what's going on in our lives.
What d'you reckon Amber's
mom's sayin' right now?
"Oh, oh I can't believe it,
"oh, she was such an happy girl,
"she was just talking
about planning a holiday
"with her friends
and everything."
- Conflict between
personal and public.
- James, if you don't
shut up about Shakespeare
I'm gonna have to
close your window.
- We'll all be happier
when we get out of this
fucking world.
- It's kinda like what we do.
- What is?
- Well like, how we
don't talk at college,
but we talk on here every night.
- What the fuck has that
gotta do with what I'm
talking about, you fat fuck?
- Oi! Don't fucking
talk to him like that,
you little bastard.
- I'm gonna warn you
one more time, Jasmine,
you're pushing me and I'm
against a fucking wall
right now.
- Woo, what are you
gonna to me, Kenneth?
- It's Kenrick, you fucking
bitch and you know that.
(all laughing)
- Kenrick.
- Kenrick?
- Amber killed herself.
She took a knife and
cut herself open.
And we're all sat here
like nothing's happened.
She's gone.
- Doesn't make sense.
Why a knife?
She was the person that
kept talkin' about pills.
- Listen, you fuckin' losers
are acting like
it's a bad thing.
At least she don't
have to log on here,
and listen to you moan
about every night.
- He's right.
- So, are we doing in?
- This isn't a decision
we can take back.
Just because Amber did
it, it doesn't mean
- I'm sick and tired of
you tryna delay this.
- It's why we're
here, right Arch?
- It's not like I haven't tried.
It's not something you just do.
- Why you eatin' that?
Suicidal or not, fat people
should not eat carbs after 12.
- Kenneth.
For fucks sake.
Shut the fuck up.
- Let's make this pact.
Go out together.
- I'm in for doing it together.
- See, even roly poly's on it.
- When?
- Ashleigh's party.
- Why my party?
- Let's meet in college
tomorrow, in person,
no more of this webcam shit.
Archie, agreed?
- Yeah.
- Hallelujah.
We're dead men walking.
(ominous music)
- Are you not asleep, Arch?
- No.
- Here, this is for you,
this angel rope will protect
you when you're asleep,
and keep you safe
when you're awake.
Love you.
(gun firing loudly)
(heavy breathing)
(birds chirping)
(somber ominous music)
- Move the fuck over.
Okay bitches,
so this is video diary
day one: the plan.
- Turn it off, you knob.
- What's with the camera
though, Kenny man?
You're not taking
this seriously.
- Whoa, whoa, what,
allow the arguing.
This is the most important
decision of our lives.
We need some perspective.
- Fuck off!
- Don't fucking touch me.
Fuck, my head's spinning.
- So, what's the plan?
How we gonna do this?
- Pills.
- No, fuck pills,
that's some weak shit.
- So what were you thinking?
- My Dad's got a gun,
like a rifle of something.
- I'm not shooting no body.
I say we keep it simple.
- You'll probably die 30
minutes after us lot anyway.
- What?
- Ignore him.
- No, no, no, no, no,
no, what does means?
- Well, black people
always late, innit?
- You're so fucking ignorant.
- Whoa, I'm not racist.
Just glad I'm white.
- What the fuck's
your problem, bruv?
- Oh what, you
wanna go, gay boy?
- I've kissed a girl before,
what, d'ya hate me too?
- That's not gay,
that's entertainment.
- You're an idiot.
- I think that pills sound
pretty good, d'you know?
- We're not doing fucking pills,
we're going out in style.
- God's not gonna care
how we go, all right?
- God?
- This ain't about God,
this is the kind of
shit you go to hell for.
- There is no god.
- How d'you know?
- Samantha, think about it.
If there was a god,
would he have made
- I swear down
Kenny, keep going.
- What about hanging?
From trees and that.
- Yes, that's what
I was thinking.
- I started suffocating
and choking,
I don't like the idea of that.
- Fucking hell, we're not
planning a fucking party.
Well, to be fair, Ash is.
- Look, why don't we just
keep it simple, yeah?
Let's all just jump
off a building.
- Fuck that.
I'll jump and you pushers'll
crawl back inside.
- Look, I'm down for pills
or poison or something.
Fuck all this elaborate shit.
- Yeah, I'm with that.
- Fucks sake.
- Are you in, or out, dickhead?
- Fuck it. I'm in.
(bell ringing)
- Gotta go the class, see ya.
(hawking spit)
(somber music)
- So a, is there anything
you wanna do before you die?
- Yeah, I wanna win the lottery.
- What?
Before you die you
wanna win the lottery?
Surely, if you've won the
lottery even you'd wanna live.
- You make a good point.
- So unromantic.
Wouldn't you wanna like, fall
in love like Romeo and Juliet?
- Would you?
- This isn't about me, Eden,
this is about you.
- Okay, well I'll stick
with the lottery then.
- One in 14 million.
- What?
- Your chances of that
winning the lottery,
one in 14 million.
Statistically you're like,
six times more likely
to get struck by lightening.
So a, what do you wanna
do before you die, Eden?
- Yeah, I wanna ask
a girl out on a date.
- And is she hot?
- Yeah, yeah, she's beautiful.
- That's a bit too hot for you.
- Well I'm thinking if I ask
her as like a last request.
- That she'll take pity.
- Yeah, something like that.
- So, where is she?
Can I do and ash her for you?
- Yeah, okay.
That's her.
- Oh right, okay,
I'm gonna go and ask her then.
- Okay
- (laughing) What?
I thought you wanted
me to go and ask her.
- No, I lied.
- About?
- About who I wanted to ask out.
- So you're a liar?
Very disappointing.
- No, I'm not a liar exactly.
- So, who was it then?
- (exhaling) Jaz.
- Arch.
(emergency siren sounding)
(people calling to
each other on street)
(car horn honking)
(brakes screeching)
- Hey!
What you fucking doing?
I'm fucking talk to you!
Open your fucking
eyes, love, yeah.
- Hey!
Don't fucking touch her!
- What, what!
- Arch, please!
- [Van Driver] What d'you want?
Go on!
Get off me, get off me!
- Arch.
- The guy pushed you, Jaz,
what was I supposed to do,
just leave him to hit you, yeah?
- That was really romantic.
Meet me for a drink later, yeah?
- Yeah.
(somber music)
(heels clicking on ground)
- So, this is my video
diary of my life.
Uh, what ever.
My name's Samantha Riordan.
I'm 17 years old.
In a few days I'm gonna be dead.
I've been suffering for
bulimia for five years now.
I can't do it anymore.
To my family I
wanna say I'm sorry.
I've really, I've really tried.
(dramatic music)
Do you look forward
to me coming home
Do I make things better
I know when I'm
traveling on the bus
I think of you
sweet like dinner
- I thought you might not show.
- Then it's a nice
surprise for you, isn't it?
- Why are you
wearin' sunglasses?
- Because I like wearing them.
It kinda makes me feel famous.
- You're very strange.
- And you're so normal, Arch.
- I am trying.
- I know.
- How's the music going?
- It's okay.
- Coffee.
I thought you wanted
to get a drink.
- Coffee is a drink.
- I know that, but I just
assumed you meant alcohol.
- I don't think alcohol,
it's bad for you.
- What can I get you guys?
(dramatic suspenseful music)
- I don't think we should
be here you know, Kenny.
- I thought you wanted to
be a journalist, Davey.
Bruv, I'm giving you
this story on a platter,
the least you could do
is stop acting like
such a fucking pussy.
- And, you are giving
me exclusively like?
- Yes, for fucks sake.
(lock being picked)
- What we doing here then, mate?
- What we doing then, mate?
Finding a place to
set up some cameras.
I want everyone in the
fuckin' world to see this.
It's a multi cam shoot, Davey.
We use the footage
from the cameras,
along with the documentary
style with the camcorder.
How's your editing?
- It's all right, it's not like
- That'll have to do.
Night vision cameras.
Don't matter how dark it gets
these babies are gonna
catch all the action.
And this bad boy's
gonna record it all.
- Oh my days.
- So you're honestly
telling me you're a virgin?
- Yes.
Why's that so hard
for you to believe?
- I don't know,
you're just pretty.
- Just?
- Well, very pretty.
- And very pretty
people can't be virgins?
- No, of course they can,
but 17 year old virgins
in London is kinda rare.
- I think I like
being kinda rare.
- And you look
amazing, by the way.
- Thanks.
- So, when are you gonna
introduce me to your parents?
- I don't know, they
might like freak out
if they knew you were trying
to get me to kill myself.
- What if I told them I was
tryna talk you out of it?
- Then I would probably say
you were talking
to the wrong girl.
Don't you know
Don't you know
That if you're
holding on to me
- No, you're definitely
the right girl,
I think it's the
world that's wrong.
Then you better
see it through
'Cause you know,
'cause you know
- So, when are you going to
introduce me to your parents?
- Well, I live with
my grandmother.
- What's she like?
- She's a bit of a party
animal, to be honest.
- I wanna meet her.
- Yeah, now?
- Yeah.
Come on.
And I don't see you
Like they see their men
They only see
saints or sinners
(eerie music)
- What would make a
pretty girl like that
think there's no other option?
- I don't know.
It's heart breaking.
- What I don't understand is
why she came here to do it.
- You know, I don't know with
these fuckin' kids any more.
(sinister music)
If you can find the time
To give your life to me
I will wait for you
If that's all you need
If you can find the time
Time, time
If ever you're free
Just drop me a line
And tell me where you'll be
I'll be right here
If you can find the time
Just be sincere
If you can find the time
I'll wait for you
But if you can't
find the time
Then cut me loose
(upbeat music)
'Cause I don't have the time
And I don't have
the patience
What do you take me for
Why must I wait
'Cause while you decide
I'm fucking suffocating
'Cause if you
can't find the time
My bleeding heart
won't make it
(alarm clock beeping)
(radio playing)
- Hey, what are you looking for?
- A T-shirt.
- Did you cut yourself?
- Yeah, I've been in
your fucking draw.
- Oh yeah, I've got my
dad's old hunting knife.
- Hunting knife,
what did he hunt?
- No, he just used to take
it camping when I was little.
- So a, where is he now?
- Hell, probably.
- Right.
- No nightmares.
- Arch, is that supposed
to be a compliment?
- Hey, where are we?
- Where are we what?
- Like, you and me.
- Well, we're in your bed.
- Will you stay alive with me?
- What?
- Let's stay alive and let's
just see where it goes, J.
- See where it goes?
- Yeah.
- It goes nowhere, Arch.
- Jaz.
Jazzy, you make me think
about how things could be.
- Stop being so
fucking nice to me.
- How am I supposed
to be with you?
- (sniffing) I don't know.
You don't know me.
- I know how I feel about you.
And I know that I wanna know
everything that there is
to know about you.
- So, what is it that you
want me to tell you Arch?
You wanna share sad stories?
You want me to tell you
how when I was little
my mom went crazy.
And my dad fucked off coz
he couldn't handle it.
You want me to tell you,
Arch, that sometimes
I can hear the same little
voices that she heard,
and actually, Arch,
I'd rather die now
than end up anything like her.
- Jaz.
- You're not a fucking
superhero, Arch.
You can't save me.
And this,
this is not reality.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
'Cause if I'm stuck
Then at least I'm
stuck with you
'Cause if I'm stuck
Then at least I'm
stuck with you
That if you're
holding on to me
Then you better
see it through
'Cause if I'm stuck
Then at least I'm
stuck with you
If I'm stuck
- Okay, guys, don't forget
to hand in your coursework,
and I'll see you next week.
- More than the one page
this week man, well done.
Thank you.
Archie, Archie, can
I have a quick word?
- Yeah.
- Um, how are things are home?
- Yeah, fine.
- Your grandma okay?
- Yeah.
Why do you ask?
- It's just your
coursework's slipping,
I'm concerned, I wanna
make sure you're okay.
- Okay, well I'll
put more work in.
- Listen, I won't pry, but
if there's anything you need,
just ask.
I'm a friend, Archie,
and I know about
what's going on.
(clearing throat)
- What was that about?
- Um, he's had a hard time
and I'm just keeping
an eye on him.
- Careful, okay?
I know you care but I'm
worried that you get too close.
- Yeah, good point, thank you.
- You did everything
you could with Amber.
- Yeah, I know.
- Did you fuckin' hear?
- Hear what?
- That fucking bitch
killed herself.
- What?
- Fucking Barbie, cut herself
open in some photo shoot,
fucking slut couldn't wait.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Yes, fucking Samantha,
inconsiderate bitch.
- Where are the others?
- On their way.
We're gonna meet in
half an hour, all right?
It's important.
They're always fucking late.
I think the fat one
stopped for food.
- I can't believe
Samantha actually did it.
- Then it's us next.
Makes me think about my mom,
'bout how she's gonna feel.
- You're lucky your
mom still talks to you.
- One sec, I'll catch you up.
- What's the deal with
your family Sachin?
You never talk about why you're
in that nasty little squat.
- Selling weed, got
a girl pregnant,
dad found out, cut me off.
- Jeez, that's harch
- What about your mom?
- Took his side.
- So you're a dad?
- No, she lost it.
- Look who it is.
- Yeah, listen, I just
gotta go do something.
I'll see you back at college.
- Okay.
Excuse me, I was just wondering,
do you know anything
about Samantha Riordan?
Like, if it was suicide or?
- Sorry honey, I can't
really talk about that.
- Oh, okay.
Well, I'm having a party,
I'd love it if you
guys could come.
- Well um, if we can get off
duty I don't see why not.
- Okay.
- You do realize you
just invited the police
to your suicide.
- [Mason] You know
she's like 16.
- [Bates] Yeah, bothered.
(mellow guitar music)
- [Samantha] I
can't do it anymore.
(sinister music)
- Who's there?
(recorded screaming)
- [Samantha] Help me.
- Samantha?
(dramatic suspenseful music)
Why are you hiding in the dark?
Okay, I'm calling the police.
This isn't funny Kenny.
"It's die time"
(panting and struggling)
Why are you doing this?
(gasping and straining)
(heavy breathing)
Hello, police, someone
is trying to kill me.
I'm at the Met College.
- Jaz?
(key turning in lock)
- Whoa, whoa, Jaz, come
here, what happened?
- Listen, I'll get
there when I get there.
Look, you know what
I do for living,
(police siren sounding)
I've gotta go.
Yeah, yeah I love you too.
(police radios sounding)
Um, sorry son but I'm gonna
need to borrow you for a sec.
- No, no, I need
to go with Jasmine.
- Don't worry about
her, she'll be fine,
it's important, come on.
(eerie music)
- We need to know what you
saw when you found Jasmine.
- She was locked in the booth.
The attacker had gone
by the time I got there.
Why are you asking me this?
Shouldn't you be out
catching the guy?
- So you never really
saw the attacker?
- No, like I said, he was gone
by the time I got in there,
and the place was a mess,
it's not like she
was making it up.
- No, no, no, we're
not suggesting she
made it up exactly.
- What do you mean "exactly"?
- Archie, Jasmine's
family have a history of
imagined experiences.
- And we need to know
whether there really was a
crazy masked man in the
college, or whether she
- [Archie] Or whether
she imagined it.
- Jasmine's mother suffers from
Dissociative Identity Disorder,
which basically
means she sometimes
experiences alter-egos.
It can be very
confusing for her.
- But she's not her mom.
- No, but the condition
is often hereditary.
- (exhaling) So you're
saying it never happened?
- No, we're not
saying it didn't.
We're just saying
we're not sure yet.
- Why?
- There was no real
sign of a struggle,
no one say a masked
man, and well,
Jasmine's bruising could easily
have been self-inflicted.
- Sounds like you've
got your mind made up.
- Archie, before the
police start a search for a
masked killer they
need to know the facts.
- Yeah, well, I believe her.
- What you do, or don't
believe, isn't exactly relevant.
- Well, can I leave then?
- Yeah.
- And that's Terence Eden's son.
- Why don't you ask me
who inspires me, Davey?
- Who, who inspires you?
- Have you heard the song
"I Don't Like Mondays"?
It's basically
about this girl who
Arch, mate, what happened?
- (exhaling deeply)
Someone attacked Jaz.
- Fuck!
- Yeah, we need to
find out who it was.
- Yeah, he's stealing
all our coverage.
This is Davey, by the way,
he's handling the
promotion for the pact.
- Hi.
- Promotion?
- Yeah, I'm gonna
film the whole thing.
- We're not going
out as losers, Arch,
we're going out in style.
- What's up with that git?
- Ah, forget him, he's
always moody like that.
Right, let's do
another interview.
- Yeah.
So, the Bob Geldof's
sing "I Don't Like Mon
- What's in the bag, Davey?
- It's like, in case I need to,
black out light and.
- Cool, right let's crack on.
So ask me again.
'Cause you need me,
man, I don't need you
You need me, man,
I don't need you
You need me, man, I
don't need you at all
You need me, man,
I don't need you
You need me, man,
I don't need you
You need me, man,
I don't need you
You need me, man, I
don't need you at all
You need me
I sing, I write my own tune
And I write my own verse so
Don't need another wordsmith
To make my tunes sell
Call yourself
a singer-writer
You're just bluffing
Name's on the credits
And you didn't write nothin'
I sing fast
I know that all
my shit's cool
I will blast and I
didn't go to Brit School
I came fast with
the way I act right
I can't last if I'm
smoking on a crack pipe
And I won't be a
product of my genre
My mind will always be
stronger than my songs are
Never believe the bullshit
that fake guys feed to ya
Always read the stories
that you hear on Wikipedia
And musically
I'm demonstrating
When I perform live feels
like I am meditating
Times at the Enterprise
when some fella filmed me
Young singer-writer
like Gabriella Cilmi
'Cause you need me,
man, I don't need you
You need me, man,
I don't need you
You need me, man, I
don't need you at all
You need me, man
(deep breathing)
(door knocking)
- Come in.
- How are you doing sweetheart?
- I'm okay thanks, Katie.
- You should really try
and get some rest, yeah?
Me and Jim are in there,
guarding the fort.
- Did you hear
anything from college?
- Yeah.
Nobody else saw anything, honey.
Jaz, are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Course, of course you are.
(door bell ringing)
Can I get you a hot drink?
- Uh, no, thanks Katie.
- Okay, night sweetheart.
- Night.
(ominous dramatic music)
(screaming and shouting)
- Stop.
Jaz, it's me.
- (panting) Why the fuck
are you in my house?
- I rang your doorbell, your
family wouldn't let me in.
- You don't just climb through
people's windows, Arch.
- Jaz, I needed to see you.
- I need to trust you.
- You can trust me.
(Jaz crying)
Jaz, listen to me, I swear,
I would never hurt you.
I'm not gonna let
anybody hurt you.
Come here, come here.
(traffic humming)
(drum and bass music)
- Oi, oi.
What's going on?
- You all right?
- Fancy getting
something to eat first?
- Yeah, yeah, I know a
kebab place on the corner
- Yeah?
- Let's go, man.
(chatting as group)
- Roll the camera.
(dark dramatic music)
- What the fuck, Kenny?
- (laughing) It's me Dad's.
All right, Dad?
- Why have you got it though?
- Oi, put the camera back on me.
So, I got to thinking, now why
should I share the limelight
with these fucking losers?
We're all gonna die
anyway so I might as well
go down in history books.
- You're gonna shoot 'em?
- Yeah.
It takes me out of poor
little suicide world
in to becoming a mass murderer.
- So you wanna be remembered
as a serial killer now?
- That's not a
serial killer, Davey.
- Well, yeah, because
a serial killer
kills more than three people.
- No, Davey, a serial killer
is someone who kills more
than three people over
a period of 30 days.
What I'm doing; mass murder.
Not a spree coz that'd be
over multiple locations.
To be fair, I just wanna
kill everyone at the party.
- I like that.
Everyone at the party.
- Put "everyone in
the fucking party".
- Put "fucking". (whispering)
Once a broken heart
Twice a selfish lover
You and I will fall
- So who do you think
attacked Jasmine?
- Don't know.
Apparently nobody else in
the college saw anything.
- Archie.
- What?
- Well, think about it.
He just happens to turn up
moments after the killer left.
Nobody else saw anyone leave.
- Why would Archie
try to kill Jasmine?
- Why are we all
planning a suicide pact?
Coz we're unstable.
- No, it weren't Archie.
- I'm telling you, Archie's got
psycho written all over him.
- I don't understand
why those two feds
have started hanging
around college.
They don't do anything.
- And what's with Mr. Hudson?
He's always looking
at me creepy.
- Listen, if it was
anyone it was Kenny!
- Kenny is blatantly a suspect.
- Yeah, but why though?
He's putting so much energy
in to organizing this
whole pact thing.
- Maybe he's so excited
by the whole thing
that he can't wait.
- What the fuck does
it matter anyway?
All gonna be dead soon.
When that word was said
It was true
- Are we?
Are we really gonna
go through with this?
Are we really gonna
throw it all away
and say there's nothing
worth living for?
- I don't know
about you guys but,
just hanging out like this it
makes me have second thoughts.
- Yeah, for real, there's a
few things I wanna do first.
Seems kinda quick.
- Ash?
- I don't know.
With Amber and Samantha dying,
and now Jasmine getting
attacked, I don't know,
I just makes you think about
the things left behind.
The people.
- Let's meditate on it.
On this.
(all laughing)
(upbeat music)
(techno music)
- We should all
do something fun.
- I am on that.
Let's take a trip to 'dam.
- [Ashleigh] (laughing)
that would be so heavy.
- Who's gonna tell the others?
- Kenny is gonna freak out.
- Fuck kenny.
- Archie and Jasmine
ain't gonna be on it,
them two have got
something going on.
- D'you think?
- Definite.
- We're gonna live.
- We're gonna live.
- You're gonna live.
- I'm gonna live.
- We're gonna live.
- (laughing) Am I gonna live?
- [Sachin] You're gonna live.
- [Ashleigh] (laughing)
We're gonna live.
- We're gonna live.
- Everyone's gonna fucking die.
(mellow upbeat music)
Yeah, yeah
I stare at my
reflection in the mirror
Why am I doing
this to myself
Losing my mind
on a tiny error
I nearly left the real me
On the shelf
No, no, no, no, no
Don't lose who you are
In the blur of the stars
Seeing is deceiving
Dreaming is believing
It's okay not to be okay
Sometimes it's hard
To follow your heart
Doesn't mean you're losing
Everybody's bruising
Just be true to who you are
Who you are, who
you are, who you are
Who you are, who
you are, who you are
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
Who you are, who
you are, who you are
(phone beeping)
Who you are, who you are
Brushing my hair
Do I look perfect
I forgot what to do
to fit the mold, yeah
The more I try the
less it's working, yeah
'Cause everything inside me
Screams no, no, no,
no, no, no, yeah
Don't lose who you are
In the blur of the stars
Seeing is deceiving
Dreaming is believing
It's okay not to be okay
Sometimes it's hard,
To follow your heart
But tears don't
mean you're losing
Everybody's bruising
There's nothing wrong
with who you are
Yes, no's, egos, fake shows
Like woo, just go
And leave me alone
Real talk, real life
Good love, goodnight
With a smile
That's my own
That's my own
- Hey watch it you dickhead.
- (laughing) What you
got for me, fat boy?
- I haven't got anything.
- Shut up man, stop lying.
Jump up and down. (laughing)
- I haven't got anything.
Leave me alone.
(shouting and struggling)
- What are you at?
Imma kill you.
- What the fuck is going on?
- Oh what, are you
pussy's together, yeah?
(shouting and groaning)
- What you sayin' fat boy?
Fay boy got a knife, yeah?
Well come on, chubby, let's
see if you're gonna use it.
- Give me the knife.
- Try me, Curtis.
I know how to use it.
- You just made a
big fucking mistake.
- Arch.
Whoa, what was that all about?
- Just taking care of
our own, you get me?
- All right?
- You, all right?
Did that hurt?
- What the fuck time
d'you call this?
- Kenny, it's over,
we're not doing it.
- Sorry?
- And if I find out it was
you that attacked Jasmine,
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
- Really?
- Come on.
- The knock out was
such a great idea.
- Fuck him, he's a dickhead.
(foreboding music)
- It's over, I'm not a
part of this anymore.
You can keep the money, I'm out.
(school bell ringing)
- [Kane] So what, you
reckon it was Kenny
that tried to kill you?
- I don't know.
- We just all need
to keep an eye out.
Kenny's a loose cannon.
- Why can't we just
tell the police?
- Tell them what?
That he's planning
a suicide pact?
I think we're kinda
implicated in that.
- Well, maybe we
could just tell 'em
that we think it was him
that attacked Jasmine?
- They won't believe that.
- [Kane] Why?
- Trust me, because Hudson's
convinced we're crazy.
- Hudson?
- Yeah, he's a fucking prick.
Look, the best thing we can
do is just go to the party
tonight and enjoy the fact
that we're not gonna die.
- Just think, a week ago,
we would have wanted
the exact opposite.
- Yeah, yeah, we have a
lot to thank Kenny for.
- Why don't we just kill him?
(sinister dramatic music)
It's what he wants.
(keys dropping)
- Ah, shit.
Honey, I'm home.
Okay, I'll let you sleep.
(dramatic music)
- Gutted.
- Yeah, him and his wife.
- Fuck!
So Jasmine might have
been telling the truth?
- Well, yeah.
- Unless what?
- Well unless she did it.
- Well, why would she do that?
- Look, we told Archie
we thought she was lying.
Maybe he told her, she
goes all alter-ago,
and goes and kills Hudson.
- Fuck.
- Yeah. Coffee?
- Yeah.
- Listen, we'll need to stay
close at this party tonight.
(police siren)
(dramatic music)
- Can't believe
someone gutted Hudson.
Yeah, bruv, did you get
a weird vibe from Archie
when he was talking about him?
- What d'you mean?
- Bruv, you saw how he
was looking at Curtis.
Archie's a mad dude.
I wouldn't be surprised
if it was Archie
that gutted Hudson.
- Nah, man,
Archie's good people.
- Aight, aight, I'm just saying.
Archie's different.
- It's made me think though,
why did James have a knife?
- So who do you think,
Curtis, or Kenny?
- Could be either of them,
they're both psychos.
And to be fair, I mean
there is the possibility
it's nobody we even know.
- Yeah, that's boring though.
Oh, what about that
creepy camera guy
that's always walking
around with Kenny?
- Haven't seen him.
- How could you not have seen
him, he's in college everyday?
- I haven't noticed.
- Anyway.
I'm off, gotta get
ready for tonight.
- They're all so
fucking ungrateful.
Not after all the
work I was putting in.
- So what you gonna do now?
- (exhaling) Nothing's changed.
- But they don't wanna die
anymore, that's changed.
(birds chirping)
- Come here.
Davey, my friend,
when you make a deal
with the fucking devil,
you don't get to change your
mind at the gates of hell.
(lighter clicking)
(dramatic music)
- Who's there?
- [Amber] I can't
be without you.
- Don't, don't fuck around, fam!
- [Amber] I really don't
understand why we're doing this.
- Amber?
- [Amber] I can't
be without you.
- Amber!
(knife slashing)
(dramatic music)
In my system
You're in my system
In my system
How did you grab
my soul like that
I can't get out
In my system
You're in my system
How did you grab
my soul like that
I can't get out
How did you grab
my soul like that
No beat, no verse
But I'm hooked like that.
How did you get through
the doors on latch
All of my system
you flow through dat
You shining,
closed refection
I struggle to cope
when your absent
I was dealing my hope,
that was back then
So I shuffle the pro,
make it past tense,
And you grab my
soul like that
No beat no verse but
I'm hooked like that
How did you get through
the doors on latch
All of my system you
flow through, I'm like
How did you grab
my soul like that?
I can work it out
I'm like, how did you
grab my soul like that
I can work it out
Something's telling me
that she might be the one
She got what I need
She's my favorite drug
How's she got me
In my system
It's how she got me
In my System
In my system
How did ya grab
my soul like that
In my system, in my system
How did ya grab
my soul like that
In my system
How did ya grab
my soul like that
No beat no verse
But I'm hooked like that
How did you get through
the doors on latch
All of my system you
flow through that
Your shining
closed refection
I struggle to cope
when your absent
I was dealing with hope
That was back then
So I shift with the pro
Make it past tense
How did ya grab
my soul like that
No beat no verse
But I'm hooked like that
How did you get through
the doors on latch
All of my system
you flow through
I'm like
How did you grab
my soul like that
(upbeat music)
Coz things never change
No, you saw all I see
(party chatter and laughing)
It's always the same
Coz things never change
- Who wants wine?
It's all I can see
It's always the same
- What's happening?
I'm fucking starving.
- It's gonna be a long night.
- Doughnut?
(banging on windscreen)
D'you wanna bring 'im in?
- Yeah, ha, ha, looks
like a suspect to me.
(grime music)
No playing games
What you got left to take
- Right, let's split up.
Have a little look round, yeah?
You saw all I see
(upbeat drum and bass)
- I want you to film
everything, Davey.
I wanna be on bravo.
What you got two cameras for?
- In case this one breaks,
I can fall back on.
- Makes sense.
(rap music)
Meetings with the president
You'll get your turn
But I'm the daddy
Told them they're
really dumb
Showed them
they're really dumb
Told them they're
really dumb
You know, know, know
- What are you scared, Kez?
Told them they're
really dumb
Showed them
they're really dumb
Told them they're
really dumb
Showed them
they're really dumb
(knife unsheathing)
(knife slashing)
(upbeat music)
I can do it like a brother
Do it like a dude
Grab my crotch
Wear my hat low like you
I can do it like a brother
Do it like a dude
Grab my crotch
Wear my hat low like you
We can do it
like the man'dem
Sugar, sugar, sugar
We can do it like
the man'dem, man'dem
We can do it
like the man'dem
Sugar, sugar, sugar
We can do it like
the man'dem, man'dem
We can do it
- Hey man.
- Good to see you.
- Have you seen Jaz?
- No, not yet.
- All right, we need some chill.
- So, okay, this is it,
I'm about to kill everyone.
Yeah, get ready for the carnage,
and the violence and the
- Shoot 'im, Kenny, shoot 'im!
Shoot 'im, it'll look good, man!
Shoot 'im.
- Suspect apprehended.
- [Kenny] Get off me, you mug.
- Davey!
(distant dance music)
- [Ashleigh] Hello!
- Hello
- Hi.
- All right, how you doing?
Did you want something to eat?
- No, a drink actually.
- He's met someone, by the way.
- What, already?
You move fast.
- What's he like?
- He's nice.
- [Ashleigh] He's nice,
nice, what's nice?
- About 12 inches.
- Oh, come on,
let's go upstairs.
- Why?
- To fuck.
- Um, maybe we could
just stay 'ere for a bit.
- Oh my god.
Are you a virgin?
- Hm.
- Come on then.
(upbeat dance music)
- Jaz, hello.
- Hello.
And you look beautiful.
- You are freezing, oh my god.
- Yeah, I know,
it's really cold.
- Hello.
- Hello, hello.
- Where's James?
- He's getting some action.
- In my bed?
- Oh, come on, Ash,
the guy's popping his cherry.
Have some compassion.
(ominous dramatic music)
- We are gonna have some fun.
- I need to take a piss.
- You're fucking everything
up, you fucking div.
- Oi, shut up.
What is this?
(ominous music)
(party chatting)
- So what is the
story for me and you?
- [Jaz] The story?
- Yeah, like, how do we end up?
- Well, I was thinking,
we'd probably get separated.
And marry different people,
and then one day I'd
bump in to you and
it's like, "wow, where
have you been all my life?"
- Well, why do we
marry other people?
- Mm, a good story has
to have a beginning,
a middle, and an end, Arch.
And some nice character
arcs in between.
You can't just meet someone
and end up with them.
- Why can't I be the
first guy that you marry?
- Because I wanna
end up with you.
(upbeat music)
Relax my beloved
Don't worry for me
- (laughing) Beth,
right foot, blue.
Don't shed a tear for
me, always be near for me
Becca, left foot, blue.
Right, you are,
left foot yellow.
Be confident my love,
don't die your hair for me
- Where are you going?
- Toilet, is that okay?
- No.
You know these walls
They may fall down
- Don't look at me.
But I still hold on to you
Yeah, higher, higher
than you'd imagine me to
There may be a game
We will weep like a
thousand times before
Don't turn your back on me
I'll shout as you
walk out the door
(dramatic music)
- Oh, I'm not bothered,
I wanna drink.
Katie, you take
over, I want a drink.
- You!
(knife stabbing)
- (screaming) Help!
- Left foot yellow.
Oh, what the fuck?
(heavy breathing)
(sinister dramatic music)
- [Kane] Ah, this is bollocks,
let's go get some food.
- (breathing heavily)
Oh god, oh god.
- Hello?
(dramatic music)
- (gasping) I was getting
worried about you.
- Yeah, it's difficult to see
when there aren't any lights.
- Where is everyone?
- I don't know, it's a
little bit odd, isn't it?
- Come on, let's go
to the main road,
we can get a cab.
- Okay, I wanna
get a drink first.
- Okay.
Oh hey, look.
Davey's video cameras.
We can use night vision.
- Ooh.
It's like we're making a
movie, right? (laughing)
- Would you put me in your film?
- Oh yeah, you'd be the star.
Archie Eden.
I don't like this, I
really need some juice.
- Grab me a beer, would you?
Shit, fuck!
Ah, I just fucked up my ankle.
- (laughing) You're an idiot.
I've gotta carry this
fucking invalid out.
I'm pretty strong, actually.
Oh, damn, there is no beers.
- Whatever.
(both screaming and shouting)
- [Archie] Fuck!
- [Jasmine] Oh my
god, it's James!
(panting and panicking)
- [Jasmine] (breathing
heavily) Oh god, oh god.
- [Archie] Shh, shh, shh.
We're being watched.
My camera mobile's in my jacket.
- [Archie] Shh, shh, hey, hey.
(window smashing)
(heavy breathing)
- (whispering) I want
you to stay here,
you're gonna make a run for it
if I don't come back.
- (crying) No, no, no.
- Look, it's gonna be
okay, it's gonna be okay,
I'm not gonna let you die.
(heavy panicked breathing)
- [Jasmine] I can't, I can't.
Stay here.
(strained heavy breathing)
- Behind you.
(knife slashing)
(camera falling to floor)
- You okay?
Whoa, drop it.
Put it down, drop it.
I'm a police office,
drop it, come on.
Go on.
It'll be all right.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be all
right, don't worry,
it's gonna be all right, yeah?
Listen to me, are you alone?
- Everyone's dead.
- Listen, I want you to
wait here for me, okay?
Just wait here.
(eerie dramatic music)
(door creaking)
- I told you, the
pain attracts demons.
Now I'm one of them.
One of many.
The most dangerous kind.
The others paid to watch
me pray on the weak,
feeding their own demons.
(dramatic music)
(gun shot firing)
(gun shot firing)
(girl screaming and crying)
- You need to stab
me, in the side, here.
Hey, you have to,
we're the only two left and
he needs to think I'm dead.
Trust me, I'm not
gonna let you die.
(shouting and struggling)
(gun shot firing)
(gasping and crying)
- Please!
Please, please, don't die.
- Hi.
I can't die.
Because I wanna end up with you.
(police sirens sounding)
(calm music)
- [Police Officer]
One last thing.
Demons never die.
Ouch that hurt
Come kiss it better
Oh my my
Oho ho
Ouch that hurt
Baby whatever you do
Let me be the one who
Kisses it better for you
I'm insecure now
And I'm feeling afraid
For me it's a real thing
But for you it
is only a game
Ouch that hurt
Come kiss it better
Oh my my
Oho ho
Ouch that hurt
Baby whatever you do
Yeah, let's rap
Let me be the one who
Let's go
Kisses it better for you
He said I'm off key
Call me Cheryl Cole
I'm outta my mind
Like my very skull
We kept going round
like a merry-go
Time was up
It was gonna blow
My ex blew too
but I let him go
We coulda had a good thing
But we'll never know
Now it's much
bigger than the rest
Like a second toe
But what goes up comes down
That's just how it goes
It's funny how
things change, wow
They had my heart
And it got grazed, ow
But I'm on to
the next page now
Coz I ain't gonna stay
That's a vow
And you ain't got a clue
How it hurt
And now that we're through
It won't work
It went up in the
air like a skirt
I guess love isn't fair
It's a curse
Every time that you leave
You keep getting to me
Now I'm starting to see
This is love
Ouch that hurt
Come kiss it better
Oh my my
Oho ho
Ouch that hurt
Come kiss it better
Come kiss it better
Ouch that hurt
Come kiss it better
Ooh, my, my
Oho oh
Ouch that hurt
Baby whatever you do
Let me be the one who
Kisses it better for you
(upbeat rap music)
Yo, let me break it down
Until the break of dawn
I'll always break it down
It's just the way I was born
Yes I'm a heartbreaker
Part taker
I'll break ya
Heart, heart, heart
Yes, I will
I am a b-b-bad dude
Find me chillin' in the
bedroom with yo wife
On your stag do
Thank you, had to
Man you would
think I was a devil
I'm a inner rebel
And I got a couple
things to settle
Some would say
I really wish I
could fix this
I didn't want to be the one
To break your heart
Yeah, but I just
break it, break it
I'm pretty sure that
I'll just break, break it
I really wish I
could fix this
I didn't want to be the
one to break your heart
I'm sorry
But I'll just
break it, break it
I'm pretty sure that I'll
just break it, break it
Yo, let me set the score
I only want to score
Don't need a metaphor
What d'you think
I met her for
Formally a nice kid
But I won't lie
I'm only like this
Coz a girl break mine
Yeah, d-d-don't
think I don't know
That love hurts
She's said that she
voted for the Tories
So I dumped her
Yeah, I'm political
Britain needs me
Sub By Black Hawk