Denver and Rio Grande (1952) Movie Script

This is the Denver
& Rio Grande Western,
A modern railroad
whose shining steel rails
Wind through Colorado
and Utah...
the continental divide...
Linking Denver and pueblo
With salt lake city
and ogden...
Rocky Mountain empire
of vast agricultural,
Mining, industrial,
and recreational resources.
The Denver & Rio Grande
Western flourishes today
Because of
the herculean struggles
Of its builder
and first president,
General William j. Palmer,
As depicted in the story
we're about to unfold...
A saga of the frontier,
An epic of pioneer
Western railroad builders
And their fight
for the route
Through the royal gorge.
Left. Left a little.
A little more.
Now right a little.
A little to the right.
That's fine.
Hold it.
There's a surveying
party coming down
Out of the gorge.
driving stakes
For the canyon city
and San Juan.
Their lines
are South of here.
I recognized McCabe, the boss
contractor for the canyon city.
This is d & rg property.
They can't do it.
I'll see what this is about.
Stay with the men.
You might need help.
Less likely
if I go alone.
Well, like we
was expecting.
Here he comes... general
Palmer's little hero.
We was here first,
and we're going to stick.
Captain Jim vesser.
Yeah. Saved the general's
life at chickamauga,
So that makes him a
railroad construction boss.
General Palmer knows
he's a good engineer, too.
He'll listen
to reason.
We got our rights,
And no tin soldier's
going to mess them up.
McCabe, we soldiered in
the same army. I know him.
If you want me to finish this survey,
Let me do
the talking.
Hello, Jim.
They said in Denver
you'd be up here.
I haven't seen you
since the big fuss.
Hello, Nelson.
You in charge here?
Under McCabe.
McCabe, vesser.
You're a little off
your survey, aren't you?
Why, no.
Your route's South
over the silverton pass.
We looked the pass over
and came down through here.
This way's shorter.
There's no room
for two roadbeds.
That's how it looked
to me.
We have a franchise
from the legislature
To go through here.
So's the canyon city
and San Juan.
Legislatures do some
funny things sometimes.
We've been surveying
for three weeks.
And so have we.
Don't get
hotheaded, Jim.
It's for the courts
to decide.
Nothing says I have
to wait for any courts.
We're going through.
Uh-uh. Not along
our stakes.
We'll throw them
in the river.
You throw one stake
in the river,
I'll throw you in
right after it.
Don't do that, Jim.
If that's the way
you want it, Jim.
Now you're talking
my language.
Come on, men.
We've got to stop them.
Jim. Jim!
Why... Why, Jim?
Jim, what...
What happened?
He... He threw in a gun.
You... You pulled
that gun.
You knocked it out
of my hand.
That's right.
I saw it.
McCabe was trying
to stop the fight.
He clipped me
pretty hard.
I guess
I was groggy.
I... I didn't mean
to shoot him.
Well, it... It must
have been an accident.
Yeah, call it
an accident.
An accident
on purpose.
Get out
of this country.
He was trying
to tell you
It was for the courts
to decide.
But you don't want it
that way.
You started a fight,
and you killed him.
Well, what's good enough for
you is good enough for us.
If it's killing you want,
You stay on the job
and that's how it'll be.
It's up to you.
Pick him up, men.
Take him back to camp.
Come on, Jim.
I guess he's ready,
No hurry, gil.
Jim, you haven't
eaten anything.
How about some hot coffee before you go?
No, thanks.
Oh, come on, Jim.
It's no use.
It wasn't
your fault.
Nelson's dead.
Well, nobody's
blaming you.
He's still dead.
You saw a lot of men
killed in the war.
Killed some
This is building a
railroad, gil, not war.
No place here
for killing.
Hello, Jim.
Have a drink.
You've been swimming in
this stuff for a week.
When are you going to
Chuck it and come back?
I don't know.
Maybe never.
That's ridiculous. You
were cleared by the court.
Pull yourself together.
We're way behind, and
you've got a job to do.
I'm through.
What do you mean?
The job's yours.
Yeah, but, Jim,
we're a team.
I plan, you build.
What do you suppose
would happen
If I tried to boss 300
tough construction workers?
That's right.
They'd laugh in my face.
If you can plan a
railroad, you can build it.
All right, Jim.
I didn't want to say it,
But that's exactly
what McCabe wants.
He's got a record
a mile long.
Every job he handled
wound up with violence,
And you're playing
right into his hands.
McCabe doesn't matter.
Give d & rg a chance.
If I come back,
it'll be a battle.
Sure, and we'll win.
No. Nobody will win it.
A lot of men will get
hurt for no good reason.
Build your railroad
as fast as you can...
Without fighting.
We have had more than our
fair share of bad luck,
But hazards are to be expected
in work of this kind.
Natural hazards, yes.
General Palmer,
I've planned this work
About as well as any man
could possibly plan it.
Now, don't take
this personally, harkness.
Linda, may I have that list
of accidents and delays?
I've got a board
of directors to face.
They want answers
for their money.
That's why I'm
making this trip.
Now, look at this...
"bridge collapsed,
Loose rail, derailment,
faulty coupling. "
Looks like nature
had plenty of help.
There has been
I had to get rid
of several foremen.
This time last month,
How far were we ahead
of the canyon city?
5 Miles.
21/2 Miles now.
Another 30 days like that
and we'll be neck and neck.
This has been
going on for months,
And we've got
to stop it.
Frankly, general,
I'm just about stumped.
I've spent days and nights
figuring against every possibility.
But as you know,
I map out railroads.
I do the engineering.
I know
absolutely nothing
About handling
a construction crew.
That was
Jim vesser's job.
I've just got to admit that
I'm lost without vesser.
Why did vesser
really quit?
Why? For the good
of the d & rg.
Vesser ran away because
he lost his nerve.
Why, that's a lie.
He started
that fight,
And he murdered
Bob Nelson.
He was cleared
in the courts.
Now, wait a minute.
I know captain vesser
very well.
Don't talk nonsense
about him losing his nerve.
What's this about?
You know him?
No, I don't.
It's just...
I have
reason to know
That the true facts didn't
come out at the inquest.
People like vesser seem
to be beyond the law.
If he didn't lose
his nerve,
Then his conscience
bothers him.
Well, Linda, I'd say
it's a good idea
For captain vesser
to keep out of your way.
I'd like
to meet him.
This ought to do it.
No, wait. Wait till
it's a little closer.
All right, now.
Jump! Jump!
Go see
what happened.
I'm all right.
Take care of him.
Where's the engineer?
He jumped.
Get some shovels
and start digging!
Lively now!
The rest of you men,
come with me.
Anybody hurt?
The engineer
The fireman's
all right.
Get the tools, clear
that away. You, too.
Hello, gil!
Jim! It's good
to see you,
Even in a mess
like this.
That's all that's been
happening since you left.
You were right about
McCabe. This is his work.
Canyon city doesn't
realize how he's operating.
They're working
through the courts.
They got an injunction
against you.
An injunction?
It stops you cold.
Are you coming back
with us?
What made you change
your mind?
I quit
to avoid bloodshed.
You got
a dead engineer now.
He's not the first
McCabe victim.
He won't be
the last.
McCabe's got to
be handled.
You stick with
the blueprints.
I'll handle
the trouble.
Let's go and see
the general.
here he is now.
No, wait a minute.
Come here.
I want to look
the camp over
Before anyone
knows I'm here.
Don't tell the general
about the injunction.
I'll check with
you both tonight.
How bad is it?
Well, I'm afraid
we've lost our engineer.
Anybody else?
Let's go and see.
Thank you.
Better stay
in the car.
It's rocky down here.
Well, suit yourself.
I will.
We've been running trains
through this cut for weeks now.
This is not
an accident.
It's obviously
the work of McCabe,
And we must do
something to stop it.
A few minutes ago,
You thought
these things were caused
By the carelessness
of our own workmen.
As a matter of fact, I've
changed my way of thinking.
The engineer highballing this train
Should have been
driving mules.
If I had been at
the throttle...
You an engineer?
I am.
Nine years on
the allegheny run
For the New York
Moynahan's the name.
When we get
this mess cleared,
Can you run us
into railhead?
If I can't,
it can't be done.
You're hired.
Who, might I ask,
is hiring me?
That's general Palmer.
General Palmer!
You're a fireman?
That I am.
Get firing.
Get out
the portable telegraph
And cut
into the wires.
Have railhead send
men on handcars.
We should be able to clear
this in a couple hours.
Temporarily, at least.
Well, what does it
look like?
I've never seen
an injunction before.
I'll hold it.
You look.
Well, what's it for?
Is it against the law
to build a railroad?
No, but you see... well,
it's all very complicated.
Ed Johnson,
do you mean to tell me
That you're actually going to
give that thing to general Palmer?
Now, do you?
Jane, sometimes I wish
I stayed a cowboy...
But I got to
serve it.
If I don't,
somebody else will.
Well, thanks.
Just a minute.
That'll be 10 cents.
10 cents
for a cup of coffee?
For officers of the law,
coffee's on the house.
For them that does the
canyon city dirty work,
It's double.
Good to see you
back here again.
Come on!
Ed, why, hi. What are you doing up here?
how's your poker?
You still drawing to
an inside straight?
No, but I think they
dealt you out of this hand.
I got bad news.
Well, let's have it.
Sorry, general.
If they give it to you,
You got to serve it.
Let's go to my tent,
and we'll talk it over.
We'll fight them
to a finish.
They've used every unfair
and dirty way to beat us.
It don't mean that I
like it, Mr. harkness.
General, will you
be needing me?
Not till later, no.
Mr. moynahan!
Oh, i... i thought...
Mr. moynahan!
Come out of there, you.
Hello, darling.
What are you doing
up there?
Blowing off
a bit of steam.
I'm the new engineer.
You've been
Not a drop,
so help me.
It was all the doings
of general Palmer himself.
I knew he'd recognize
a good man when he saw one.
Wasn't that sweet
of the general?
I knew it all the time.
I saw it in the cards.
Did you see this?
I brought you something.
Oh, Mr. moynahan.
What is it?
A present for you,
All the way from Denver.
It's big,
isn't it?
And the only one like it
in camp.
It's lovely,
isn't it?
And a washboard, too.
That, uh, girl is here.
All right. Ahem.
How are you,
Johnny buff?
We were expecting you.
We saw the train.
Kind of late,
weren't you?
There was a landslide.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Hey, the train
had a little accident.
You shut up. Any trace of vesser?
Not yet. I've tried for
months to locate him.
He'll come back.
They always do.
He's got railroading in his blood.
I was afraid
you might forget.
When I get my hands
on vesser,
I'll give him the same
chance he gave your brother
When he shot him
in the back.
I believe you.
Just let me know
about everything.
Yeah, keep us
What about
the injunction?
The sheriff served it
when we arrived.
I'd sure like to have
seen Palmer's face.
How's he expect to keep
a crew together now,
with no pay?
Did he bring
the payroll?
General Palmer's
making this trip
To check on the work
and the accidents.
Pay for the men
don't count?
They'll get it
on the weekend trip.
You talk too much.
Well, she don't, unless
you keep after her.
I have no intention of
betraying any confidences
About general Palmer's
private business.
He's been very fair
and kind to me.
I'm only interested
In seeing that the man
that shot my brother
Gets the punishment
he deserves.
To think of him walking
around scot-free...
You won't have to worry...
Shut up, you.
I'll take care
of vesser.
Take it easy, especially
in those accidents.
What are you trying to
do, make her suspicious?
No, just mad.
It's the only way
to find out something.
I'm running
this job.
Hey, this is
Johnny buff, remember?
I was there
when vesser shot Nelson.
Keep remembering it
that way.
As a matter of principle,
you're probably right,
Although there's very
little actual evidence.
I'll give the full report to my lawyers.
General, we've got to
fight fire with fire.
If McCabe can use
such tactics,
It's up to us
to go back...
With fire, huh?
Coming from you, harkness,
it rather astounds me.
You were saying
we should come right back
And what?
Be specific.
Well, uh...
How are you,
How long
has he been here?
He was on the train
this afternoon.
That explains
that fire-eating talk.
Jim, it's good
to see you. Sit down.
Oh, excuse me.
Jim here is quite
an admirer of yours.
Miss Prescott...
I'm afraid we've
already met... in a way.
You see, he saved me
from a bad fall today.
If he hadn't been there
At exactly
the right time...
Everybody but me knew Jim
vesser was on that train.
Let's make
it official.
Here's the man
you said you'd like to meet,
Captain Jim vesser,
This is my secretary
miss Linda Prescott.
It was a pleasure
to have been there
At exactly
the right time.
Sit down, Jim.
Well, you're back.
That's good.
Gil's still
running the job.
I'm digging up
the reasons for the trouble.
We thought that
would be the best way.
What have you
unearthed so far?
A lot of unrest,
But nothing you could
put your fingers on.
Now the agitators are
out telling the men
They won't get
their back pay.
That's so close to the
truth it's not comfortable.
It'll be difficult to get
the board to grant advances
With us
at a standstill.
What are your plans?
These leaders are paid by
McCabe to stir up our men.
We ought to run them
out of camp on a pole.
Well, we'll, uh, have to
think that over very carefully.
Linda, you disagree,
How does captain vesser's
suggestion strike you?
What he proposes
doesn't surprise me a bit.
It's exactly what
I'd expect him to think.
If what he says
about these men is true,
Then the sheriff
should arrest them.
Jim, I think
she's right.
Ask her her opinion of all
the accidents you've had.
There are men
like yourself
That hold themselves
above the law
And take it
into their own hands
Without proof.
They're more guilty
than the ones they accuse.
Anyone has the right to defend
their property against thieves.
Not outside the law!
Thank you, Linda.
You stated that as
clearly as a Denver lawyer.
The injunction must be
based on false claims.
If you get the train
ready in the morning,
We'll work to vacate it
As soon as I get
back to Denver.
Good night, general.
Good night, men.
Good night.
Miss Prescott.
I'm afraid
I don't understand.
Have I said something
to offend you?
General Palmer seems to have
a certain confidence in you.
As long as
I'm working for him,
I'll force myself
to be civil to you.
Wait a minute.
You sound as if
it's something personal.
I don't even know you.
What have
I done to you?
Ask yourself
what you've done.
What are you
talking about?
Ask yourself why
you ran from the d & rg
In the first place.
You must have been awfully
busy while I was away.
You'll never know
how busy.
I never had time
to wash anything.
Yes. I guessed as much.
Little did I think
I'd be the first
To break in
me present to you.
I could have
told you that.
Well, either way
we're in for it.
We can't afford to pay
them if they don't work,
And we can't fire them because
we'd never get them back
After the
injunction's lifted.
There's another way.
Hey! All you men!
Over by the saloon.
We want
to talk to you.
Wait, Jim.
We can't defy the courts.
So they'll fine us.
How much is it
costing not to work?
This is pioneer country.
The cc & sj can take advantage
of their smart lawyers
And stretch out this
injunction indefinitely.
McCabe lays track.
Let Palmer handle
the law.
We're getting back
on the job.
You handle this.
You're the boss.
I'll string along
in case.
All right, men.
We're going
back to work.
Come on.
Let's build a railroad.
You can't give orders
in my place.
I'm talking to men from
the Denver-Rio Grande.
That's all you got here.
Talk to them
on railroad property.
I own this place.
Your tent's on
Denver & Rio Grande property.
No, it's not.
The front's 10 feet
off the right-of-way.
How about our pay?
Pay was 10 days ago.
You'll get your pay
soon enough.
There's talk the Denver
& Rio Grande is busted.
We'll get it before
we start back to work.
How about it, boys?
Wait a minute.
Who put you
up to this?
Nobody put us up to anything, have they?
No! No! No!
Well, you're fired.
Who are you
to fire me?
You didn't hire me.
No, but I did.
And you're fired.
You heard him.
Clear out.
Get out of here!
Nobody's breaking up
my place!
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
All of you! Get out!
Get out of here.
I think
they'll work now.
All right, men.
Back on the job.
All right, men!
Back to work.
Everyone down here.
Get your tools!
Start working.
Ready, pull.
Ready, lift.
Ready, go.
How does it
total up, tolliver?
Barely enough, if that.
It's been like
pulling hen's teeth
To get
this much together.
Minority stockholders
are up in arms.
They're even forcing a
receivership hearing in Denver
Day after tomorrow.
If this injunction still
holds for the next payroll,
We may be
out of business.
What do
the lawyers say?
Full of high-sounding
legal talk.
Supposed to comfort you.
It scares me.
Like a doctor
telling you
You've got hay fever
in Latin.
General Palmer
says to me,
"Moynahan, you're the
only man I'll trust
Over the mountains
to Denver and back. "
Then I says,
"general Palmer,
no more worries
Than a newborn babe taking
his first ride in a carriage. "
Here she comes.
What's the matter?
Fellow waving,
up the tracks.
There's a landslide
up ahead.
I don't see anything.
Now do you
see something?
Take it easy, beautiful.
Another wrong move
and somebody gets hurt.
All right,
scoop it up, Charlie.
You'll never
get away with it.
Keep your trap shut.
Hurry up, Charlie. Never
mind the nickels and quarters.
All right.
That does it.
Let's go!
Thank you
for your generosity.
Don't anybody move
until the train starts up.
don't do it!
Come on.
You men!
Help carry him inside.
Hello, general.
Hey, give me
a hand! Quick!
We were robbed
about 14 Miles down the way.
The payroll?
They got it all
and killed tolliver.
Where's vesser?
He went up to...
Where are all the men?
The men, well...
Did you order them
back to work?
We thought
it was best...
Stop them.
Tell vesser I want
to talk to him.
Yes, general.
We're fighting more than
McCabe and the canyon city.
Call it
bad luck, jinx...
This robbery, all right...
But let's not add
to it with bad judgment.
I'm sorry.
There's no question
of your good intentions.
But starting work in the
face of a stop-work order
Could blow our case
in the court sky-high.
I know how much
you've got invested
And how much your friends have invested.
I can't stand here
and see you go down.
But this has got
to be done the right way.
It's not only a question
of me and my friends.
It's the men who do
the actual work.
They're involved. They've got
a stake, too... their jobs.
Yeah. And no pay
after the robbery.
Say, wait a minute.
Maybe this
is a good thing.
If we can prove
that McCabe did it,
We can throw
some bad luck his way.
For a change,
that would be nice.
See you tonight.
Jane, darling.
Oh! Mr. moynahan, is it
true the train was robbed?
Only at the back end
where I had no control.
But they
didn't get this.
Oh, Mr. moynahan,
you shouldn't.
For me?
You can be
sure of that!
Oh! It's big, isn't it?
A thing of beauty,
if I say so meself.
Oh, Mr. moynahan.
You really shouldn't.
Here! Here!
Try this for size.
Oh, it's lovely,
isn't it?
I think so, too.
it's awful nice.
Well, I better be
getting back to me work.
It's really not...
Oh, Mr. moynahan!
Mr. moynahan.
10 wins.
7 loses.
Queen wins.
9 loses.
Place your bets,
That's three times
the 9 has lost.
That's the way it is
I'm going to play
that 7 once again.
I'm betting $40 this time on a queen.
That's a lot of money.
Who asked you?
Nobody. But
it's a lot of money.
You said it, and
nobody asked you.
Considering you
haven't been paid,
You're pretty
Maybe you're
not d & rg men.
Maybe we're...
Maybe we're just
lucky, that's all.
All right, gentlemen,
if you're ready.
Deuces wins.
4 loses.
7 wins.
Queen loses.
One of you
gentlemen wins,
The other loses.
Mac, I need a gun.
Sure, Jim.
Here's one with
a nice, smooth action.
Where are the two men
losing all the money?
I told you
to keep out.
Some men held up
general Palmer.
They got $4,000.
No skin
off my nose.
Everyone here is broke,
Yet two men lost...
How much did they drop?
How much?
You heard the boss.
That was payroll money
they stole and lost here.
The rest of the men here
won't get paid.
What are
you pulling?
$4,000, and they
lost half right here.
Your money!
Don't shoot.
I give up.
Come out
with your hands up.
I can't. I'm hit.
You held up that train.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Who's the third man?
You got me wrong.
I never robbed
no train.
You're lying.
Almost $1,000.
I suppose you found it.
Yeah, yeah.
Me and him,
We heard about
a cache, $4,000.
About $500. He dropped
the rest at Sloan's tent.
That's $1,000 for you,
$1,000 for him.
Who's got
the other $2,000?
You call this protecting your property,
Shooting these men?
The d & rg payroll
was stolen.
Tell him, miss.
I didn't do it.
He killed my partner...
Shut up.
He was one
of the robbers.
Here's the evidence.
I can't
identify this man.
The other one?
I never saw him before.
They were masked.
General Palmer
might know.
Get up.
This is the man who
scooped up the money.
No doubt about it.
The other
I can't identify.
The missing man
shot tolliver.
There were
three of you.
Who's the third?
Mister, my leg
has gone dead.
Let me alone.
When I get
some answers.
Have you
ever seen this man?
They never
worked for us.
Who were you
working for, McCabe?
I don't know
any McCabe.
I don't know
about no robbery.
You're lying.
All I know is
you shot me.
I'm hurt bad.
I saw him shoot
these two men.
Isn't that enough without
torturing this one?
And I suppose they weren't
trying to kill me?
What were you doing
when you found us?
I ride
every afternoon.
You wouldn't know
more about this, would you?
Enough, Jim.
Linda, you better
go to your tent.
Very well.
You think McCabe
is back of the robbery?
I'm certain.
They were headed
for his camp.
Somebody knew the
payroll was on that train.
I've got to find out
who it was.
isn't that wonderful?
There it is again.
A wedding.
You going to accept
me proposal?
Mr. moynahan, this is
captain vesser's fortune.
He's going
to marry
General Palmer's
Is that a fact, now?
Oh, yes.
It's in the cards.
They're just crazy
about each other.
Mightn't it be good
to tell them,
In case
they don't know?
Well, most people know
when they're in love,
Mr. moynahan.
'Tis a grand feeling,
ain't it, darling?
Yes, it is.
What do you mean
coming in here?
I want
to talk to you.
Talk to me tomorrow.
Where were you coming
from this afternoon?
What are
you driving at?
You were coming from the
direction of McCabe's camp.
What were you doing?
You must've gathered
I don't like you.
That doesn't matter.
I don't like killers.
You've got three seconds
to get out of my tent!
You listen to me!
Let go of me!
Get out of here.
Get out!
Good evening,
Mr. vesser.
Hello, Jane.
'Tis a fine evening,
is it not?
Yeah, it is.
Have you set
the date yet?
I mean,
have you told her?
Oh, dear.
Anyway, she's
a beautiful girl.
Yeah, she sure is.
Why did I have
to open my big mouth?
It must have been
in the cards, darling.
The injunction's
The message
just came through.
Now we can
get to work.
I'll tell the general.
It'll be the first good
news he's had in a long time.
She is
a beautiful girl.
Read this.
I'm sorry.
Something very important.
Right away.
That'll give me time
To survey
the rest of the work
And ample time
to get back
To the receivership
hearing the next afternoon.
The injunction's
been lifted.
That's wonderful.
Get the records
together in the morning.
We'll leave after lunch.
Yes, general.
Good night.
That is good news.
Now let's get busy
on this advance survey.
Sit down, Jim.
Uh, miss Nelson.
McCabe's got
to see you right away.
I came as quickly as
I could. What is it?
We've heard the
injunction's been lifted.
The message
came through tonight.
What's Palmer
going to do?
What's that got
to do with vesser?
I'll fix him,
But I've got
to know what's going on.
What's the matter
with you?
Don't you trust me?
We have to go back
tomorrow afternoon.
The general has an important
meeting the next day.
afternoon, huh?
Yes. But vesser's
staying at camp.
Sure. That gives us
a chance.
That's all I wanted
to find out.
Don't let anybody
see you return.
What are you
going to do?
Leave that to me.
Good night.
Good night.
Get her mad,
you'll find out something.
Round up
the men tonight.
Have them ready
to pick up
In the morning
at elk's bridge.
General Palmer's going to
have trouble getting to Denver.
All right, men.
Let's go!
Come down
with your hands up!
Hurry up!
Throw him in the caboose and tie him up.
Get back there!
I intend to cut through
that point there.
It'll save us 21/2 Miles to the gorge
And cut down the grade considerably.
Good idea. It'll save us
crossing the river again.
Yes, that's why
I thought of it.
We'll stop back
this way.
Get rid
of those two.
I think they're feeling
just about right now.
All right!
Quiet! Quiet!
Now listen to me.
You said you could lick
your weight in wildcats.
Bring on
your wildcats!
You're going to get
your chance right now.
Let's get aboard.
Come on, fellas.
Let's go!
Don't break that.
We may need it.
You've worked
a telegraph?
For eight years.
You take charge.
Everybody else
back on the train.
Let's go!
Here we go!
Come on!
All right,
spikebuck next stop!
Let's go!
All right, men.
Get aboard.
Hey! None of that!
O.K. Let's go!
Get back
on the train.
All right.
That's all of 'em.
Let Palmer try
to get to Denver now.
We'll stand by
at the other end.
General Palmer!
General Palmer!
I just got a message
from parkdale.
Before he got cut off,
The operator said
a canyon city gang
On a stolen train
was attacking him.
What's this about
a train attacking?
He said a trainload
of men attacking.
Go get our men.
Bring them into camp.
Now get Texas creek.
No answer.
Try Denver.
Wire's dead that far.
Well, what is it?
Well, what's the message?
It's not for us.
It's not our operator.
They've taken every
station along the line.
McCabe's stolen a train.
He's captured everything.
Right after the
injunction was lifted.
I've got to be in Denver
before tomorrow afternoon.
They're keeping you
here until it's too late
So they can capture
the d & rg.
They've got our rails,
nothing gets through.
What's your plan, captain?
We've got a train here.
I'll take it through
same as they did.
Many people may get hurt.
They'll hold it by force.
This is a job
for the sheriff.
He can't do anything
until we notify him.
What are your orders,
Take the train through.
Tell the men
I want to talk to them.
All right.
After that,
you're in charge.
All right, men.
Everybody gather around.
The general has something
to tell you.
Men, you have
a right to know
What's been going on.
As you know,
it's been a series
Of one unfortunate thing
after another.
That's right.
That's right.
It's been a battle
from the start
With the canyon city
and San Juan,
But the d & rg has always
fought it legally
Through the courts.
And last night
we won part of that fight.
We won it our way.
The injunction was lifted.
We're back at work!
But to clear up everything
and settle it all,
It's necessary
that I get back to Denver.
Somehow, someway, McCabe
found out about this,
And he's gone up
our track...
Track you men have laid...
And he's captured
every single depot
Along the line.
Now, unless
I get back to Denver
Before tomorrow afternoon,
The d & rg
Goes into the hands
of the receiver.
And I have reason to believe
Those receivers are
canyon city and San Juan!
What are we
going to do about it?
Kill them! Kill them!
We'll get them,
won't we, moynahan?
I'm mulling over
the idea.
All right, men.
All right.
We've got a train
and tracks to run it on,
And we'll run it
right through to Denver!
I want some men
to go with me...
20 good fighting men.
Are you with me?
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Come on, men.
Go on!
Come on!
Let's get into the fight!
There's not a good fight
in the lot of them.
What in heaven's name
are you up to?
Haven't you heard?
There's going to be a fight.
but we needn't worry.
Our boys
will come through.
Mr. moynahan, I just know
I'm going to be
so proud of you.
Well, I...
I read it in the cards.
Tell me, darling. Do you
believe in them there cards?
They're always right.
Give me that gun
and let me...
All right. All right.
That's enough.
Go ahead, gil.
You volunteers
get aboard the train.
I'll take her out
this time, moynahan.
First time in six years.
You never forget.
And since
it's crowded,
I'll just
be stepping down.
No! There's plenty of room
when I go to my side.
Let's go!
Parkdale, next stop!
I'll go back and
check with the men.
Coming through, Mac.
How'd you get aboard
this train?
Just climbed aboard,
that's all.
almost ready.
No telling
what will happen.
Yes, there's no telling.
Even you
might get hungry.
Don't worry about me,
captain vesser.
Old Betsy
will take care of me.
And besides, somebody's
got to chaperon her.
I'm counting on
surprising them,
But in case
there's shooting,
Keep everybody down below
the level of the windows.
Right, captain.
Follow my lead at
the first station.
No shooting
without orders.
Stand by and wait
for my signal.
Gil, don't advertise
that we're coming.
Oh, that's right, Jim.
Get back!
Take her ahead.
Get going!
They were expecting us.
How'd they know
we were coming?
They knew like they had
our timetable.
They must have guessed it.
Let's say it was a guess...
This time.
Men, I said
there'd be a fight.
We walked into a trap,
But we'll be ready
for them the next time.
Train's coming! Get down!
Murphy, get to
your telegraph key.
McCabe's always
one step ahead of us.
tipped him off.
He'd anticipate our trying
to take back the depot.
This was no last
minute planning.
He knew
our intentions,
Like he knew when you were
returning with that payroll.
Somebody's been giving
him definite information
For a long time.
If you're trying to say
I'm a spy, say it.
I've known Mr. McCabe
for a long time,
But it has nothing to do
with the d & rg.
Something's up.
All right, men.
Come up here.
Heave this stuff over there.
Throw the rest
over the side.
Come on.
Get moving, will you?
Well, it's pretty solid.
Yeah, it'll take
too long to clear.
There's another way
to handle this.
All right, men,
back on the train.
Come on! Get moving!
Take her back.
We're not licked yet.
We got
to use strategy
Or McCabe will block off every station.
Keep firing.
We'll take that depot
and take it quick,
Before they use
that telegraph again.
I'll get the men ready.
Give me a minute,
then take her ahead.
Get their guns.
Who can pound
a telegraph?
I can.
Tell the next station
the Denver train's
Gone back to railhead.
You stay here. You, too.
The rest of you men
get aboard.
Stick by that telegraph key
until I send word.
The code word
will be "Palmer. "
Go ahead!
Full speed!
They've come through
the blockade.
Texas creek's 22 Miles.
They'll be here
in half an hour.
There's no time
for a big blockade.
There's another way
to stop them.
We got a train ain't
much good on this track
Unless they got it.
Let's let them have it.
With our men scattered,
We don't have
enough left to fight.
You can
play around with it,
But my idea's
the only one.
General Palmer's
on that train.
Yeah. Come on.
Let's go.
All right, give her
plenty of speed.
Slow down.
All right,
get ready to jump.
Now open her up and jump.
Hey, there's a train
coming toward us!
Stop it!
I can't make it.
We've got to protect
those coaches back there.
Open her wide,
and we'll jump.
Come on, jump!
There's nobody aboard.
You thought
there would be?
McCabe tried to kill us.
Oh, Mr. moynahan!
You're safe!
We could
have been in that.
Thanks to you,
This stops us, general.
Are they completely
Completely. It'll take
days to clear that track.
I've still got
to get to Denver.
McCabe will be cautious
about coming around here.
That gives us a chance.
Jeb! Luke!
You know the trail
Leading to
Cooper's trading post?
They'll be your guide.
You can get horses there.
Ride down the Mountain. Cut
into the railroad at swallows.
You'll make Denver in time
for your receivership hearing.
What about you?
McCabe won't destroy
the rails into the gorge.
We'll barricade
by the river.
Notify the sheriff
to get deputies back here.
We'll hold off
till they come.
It's the only way
to save the d & rg.
All right,
we'll try it.
in full charge here.
I'll try to get you
some help.
All right, men.
If we'd been killed, it
would have been your fault.
Why did you give information
to a murderer?
I'll tell you why...
You killed my brother.
My real name's
Linda Nelson.
McCabe told me how you
shot Bob in cold blood.
And you believed him?
He was there.
He saw you.
But after
what's happened...
I don't know
what to believe.
I've got
to find out.
Stop her.
What more can she do?
Let her go.
That is an order,
We didn't finish this
too soon.
Bees have been buzzing
around since dawn.
Yeah, lead bees.
Wonder what he's up to?
I can't tell yet.
They're all hiding
behind a breastwork.
McCabe knows he's got to
act fast before help comes.
We can't let down.
I'm going out
and take a better look.
Be careful, Jim.
They're moving a flatcar
towards our tracks.
It's downgrade
from their position.
This will slow them up.
All right,
let's get going here.
I've got
to see McCabe.
You'll see him soon enough.
He's busy.
I must talk
with him.
He has a little matter
to attend to first
a man named vesser.
It should make you
plenty happy.
Take me to him.
Take it easy... Beautiful.
He's going to run
a flatcar of dynamite in
And blow your friends
out of their hole.
Why so anxious about McCabe
when I'm here?
Come here.
You held up the train
and killed tolliver!
That don't make any
difference with you and me.
You blasted fool!
You did steal the money
And almost ruined everything
for the canyon city and San Juan.
All right, big boy.
He shot your brother.
It wasn't vesser,
it was McCabe.
He's so dumb I had
to cook up his story.
Ask him to deny it.
I'll take care of you later.
You're no better
than the rest.
Get out there and help.
You killed Bob.
Get in there!
Stand clear over there.
We ain't got all day.
Now, put your shoulder
into it.
Let's go! Heave!
All right. Jack her up.
All right. Let's have
those ties up here.
Build me a barricade
Just high enough
to protect that powder.
Where's the dynamite?
Come on! Cast
them ties up here.
Make it fast, boys.
Slide it in there.
There goes the girl!
She's running to vesser.
It's Linda Nelson.
They're shooting at her.
Fire to cover, men.
Never mind the girl.
Get this car going.
Come on!
Hold it!
Hold your fire, men.
Vesser! Vesser!
Let's go here.
Take care of her,
will you?
Men, stand back
and brace yourselves.
That flatcar...
That wall will hold.
It's loaded
with dynamite.
What? Everybody back!
Run, men!
That flatcar's
loaded with dynamite.
Take shelter! Go on!
Mr. moynahan!
Mr. moynahan!
Mr. moynahan!
Mr. moynahan!
Don't loiter.
It's going to blow up.
Captain vesser, you've
got to be taught a lesson.
Fighting a war
in peacetime
Is the business
of peace officers,
Not private citizens.
We have law
in this country.
If a man breaks
the law against you,
You're as guilty as him
If you break the law
getting back at him.
Sorry, Jim.
I'll have to take you
into custody again.
You're going to
arrest this nice man
Just because McCabe
blew himself up?
No... well, yes.
That's what I aim to do.
Ed Johnson,
you're a skunk!
General, you understand
it's my duty
To get this all settled
You're right.
Absolutely right, ed.
Yes, sir. And, general,
I'm surprised at you, too,
Letting him talk you
into it like that.
I'm as guilty
as the captain.
I gave the orders.
Arrest him,
arrest me.
Now, general, uh...
Well, I don't think a jury's
Going to find you
too much to blame.
Anyhow, you...
You still got the railroad.
Now, uh...
Where is everybody?
I'll be around if you want
to arrest me, too, sheriff.
Mr. moynahan, have you
ever been a fireman?
Why, yes. In me younger
days on the allegheny run,
I was the best fireman...
Well, get firing.
Oh, I didn't, uh...
I just didn't...
Oh, Mr. moynahan.
Oh, no.
For what?
For coming
to tell us in time.
I found out McCabe
killed my brother.
I wasn't sure.
I was beginning
to believe I'd done it.
I'm so sorry
for everything.
It was hard
hating you so much.
That's all right.
Forget it.
We've still got
a railroad to build.