Deoking (2017) Movie Script

You know the smiling
Hahoe masks of Andong?
Know why it's smiling?
To symbolize humor in life?
Let's smile? Be happy?
What's Andong famous for?
Spicy chicken?
Not food! A special product.
Hemp cloth?
Textile to make clothes?
- Right.
- Hemp.
Hemp is made out of
marijuana, you know?
The whole town is filled with
marijuana fields.
Farmers would gather
to smoke it and get high.
It wasn't illegal back then.
That's why the
Hahoe mask is smiling.
Because they are high!
The whole town is!
I heard that too.
- Junkies all gather...
- Yes?
For marijuana in September.
After the harvest, marijuana must
be burnt in front of the local official.
All local officials fight for
the spot to sniff it.
Shouldn't we go?
Let's go and sniff it!
Shall we?
- Be like the mask?
- Yes!
- Get high?
- Let's go!
I'll make a U-turn.
When I was six, mom couldn't
stand dad and left.
She used to say...
If you do bad things,
you'll go to hell.
Adults are always right.
I really wanted to live
like a king.
Some say your life flashes past
when you're about to die.
It's happening now.
CHO In-sung
JUNG Woo-sung
BAE Seong-woo
RYU Jun-yeol
KIM Eui-sung
KIM A-joong
The nation wishes President CHUN
a successful tour to Burma...
Wow! Is this a color TV?
Yes. My dad bought it.
It's nice!
My dad was a crook.
When color TVs were rare,
he went around to steal them.
He stole anything that was worthy.
Like radios and rice cookers...
He'd sell the stolen goods
to women at markets.
Bring my money!
Win 3 times your bet!
He was a crook living a trashy life.
Kids, know what this is?
But he'd bring home
some chicken...
and said I should learn to drink
from him and tried to be a dad.
Seeing Si-yeon with a guy
reminded him of mom running away...
Dad couldn't stand it.
Stop it!
But mom left because
he cheated on her.
Who's the big guy here!
What did I learn from
my troublemaking dad?
Nothing but fighting.
Life may seem easy
for a top fighter in school...
but defending my title wasn't easy.
CHOI Du-il
Night school is nice.
You get to go late.
A cop is at your place.
What did your dad do this time?
How much will he pay off
this time?
Mr. Prosecutor, I'm sorry!
Please forgive me!
How dare you!
Please, sir!
My dad was getting hit...
by a man he can easily defeat.
I'll lock you up!
Mr. Prosecutor,
I can't go to prison now.
The man who's slapping
my dad is a prosecutor.
That's real power.
Sentencing people for life...
or even death!
Dad is kneeling down
because he is a prosecutor.
Fighting rules only in school.
Eventually, those nerds will
own the real power.
That's when I decided
to become a prosecutor.
If the upcoming
1988 Olympics goes well...
Korea will be marked as
a developed country.
So study hard!
Don't wake him.
Who'd do the dirty jobs if
everyone become prosecutors?
Will you? Let him sleep.
But a crook's son becoming
a prosecutor was not easy.
I never studied in my life,
so books made me fall asleep.
Is something wrong?
Tell me!
I should study for my exams,
but I want to dance.
Then study here!
They're reading comics.
Why not books?
What on earth!
I couldn't study at a desk,
but I could concentrate here!
I can't stand silence
so I studied better with distractions.
They call it white noise.
I could focus better
with some noise.
PARK Tae-su!
Your grades went up a lot.
From 53rd to 12th?
You went up 40 places?
You tried real hard, huh?
See for yourself.
Like your grades?
You tried really hard!
You fool!
You cheated?
Don't you have a conscience?
I didn't cheat!
How dare you! Come here.
Damn it!
Who did you copy from?
Sorry for doubting you.
- See? I didn't cheat!
- Right.
When I took the test alone
and still did well...
he apologized
and bought me food.
Exam Rank 1: PARK Tae-su
PARK Tae-su!
I got into Seoul University.
Aren't you protesting?
Since everybody does,
I guess I should.
That won't change anything.
Isn't it pathetic?
I wouldn't say that.
Why me!
Let go!
Tae-su! I'm sorry!
She turned out to be the
wanted protestor leader.
Then I got dragged into the army
for helping her escape.
A Seoul University law student
should know better!
Your hometown!
Dad warned me to never say
that my hometown was Jeolla-do.
I'm from Seoul, sir!
It says Jeolla-do.
That's my father's hometown.
I was born in Seoul.
If you're from Jeolla-do,
they'll brand you as a commie.
So I listened to him.
Thanks to that,
I was placed in a laid back base.
I kept studying.
Until my discharge,
I studied for the bar exam...
and went into examiners'
housing afterwards.
People were stuck inside
to study for years...
dreaming of a fancy life
after passing the bar.
Evidence 1.
Cash used for illegal gambling
and drug trade.
Evidence 2.
Weapons used for threats.
Someday I'll be a prosecutor
spotlighted on TV.
We're pleased to root out
the smugglers and...
I got lucky in passing
the first round.
Then we're given two chances
to pass the second round.
I took it once to get a feel for it,
then kept studying.
Oh shit!
Excuse me!
PARK Tae-su
I passed!
Passing the second round
meant I passed the bar.
No. 235, PARK Tae-su!
Why did you take the bar exam?
The third round is the interview.
Son of a bitch!
Unless I slap their face,
I'll pass for sure.
Look! The bus is here!
PARK Myung-hoon's son, Tae-su,
Passed the 33rd Judicial Bar!
After the bar...
we're trained for 2 years
at the judicial training institute.
As soon as we went in,
marriage brokers hounded us.
We got tempted with wealth
and women beyond our dreams!
Sorry, I got stuck in traffic.
She was late too,
but the man should be early!
So sorry.
This is PARK Tae-su,
from Seoul University.
Isn't he handsome?
It was her.
I signaled!
- Still, you can't just cut in!
- You crazy!
- Are you a gangster?
- What if I am!
Try it! Hit me!
- Move your cars.
- What?
Move your cars then fight!
You're blocking traffic!
What the hell?
Come out here, bitch!
I'm out. What now?
How dare you raise
a hand at a woman!
Move it!
Why are you leaving?
No need to waste time.
You folks like the
submissive type.
Dad forced me out here.
I thought I'd pretend to be good.
But you saw me,
so let's not waste our time.
But I don't like
kind and quiet girls.
We drank 7 bottles
of vodka that night.
We fell for each other completely.
We made love like lovers
who haven't met in years.
We were hungry for love.
We got married after 6 months,
as I officially became a prosecutor.
She almost married someone else.
But when her father got charged
with $7 million for embezzlement...
he was against her marrying
anyone but a prosecutor.
Then she went on blind dates
with countless prosecutors.
She was glad to meet me.
She said she loved
my mischievous eyes.
My life changed completely.
Still, I couldn't start on the job
in a Jaguar.
People have eyes.
Being a prosecutor was tougher
than I thought.
From drunk driving to hit-and-runs...
A prosecutor dealt
with 30 cases per day.
I spent the whole day
reading cases.
Being a prosecutor is hard.
Poor pay and long hours.
We're civil servants.
Nothing special.
99% of prosecutors work
even on weekends with low pay.
Is there no prosecutor
with real power?
I found out about
the 1% of prosecutors...
after 2 years of hard labor
and weight loss.
What's this?
A teacher sexually assaulted
a student, but they settled?
This isn't right.
She's a minor.
He should be imprisoned.
His father is a local bigwig here.
A former congressman with money.
What do Ji-min's parents do?
Her single mom is a street vendor.
She's a bit mentally disabled.
That's why the settlement is just...
Most people...
acted like gentle lambs,
afraid of being punished.
But he was different.
Honestly, the bastard's
arrogance bothered me.
How dare he? I'm a prosecutor.
- Look, Mr. Song Baek-ho.
- Yes?
You sexually molested Ji-min 5 times
and assaulted her twice.
As a teacher...
I just massaged
her cramped leg muscles.
If you don't massage it,
it's bad for her growth.
We already settled.
Why bring me in here?
You tricked her mom
and bullied Ji-min into settling!
The evidence is all here!
Don't deny it!
Prosecutor PARK?
Is this because you're new here?
- What?
- Look.
Is it because
I didn't treat you yet?
Then I'll set a date soon.
How dare you!
Throw him in jail!
- I'll have him behind bars.
- What?
Book him!
Let's go!
Fine! Let go!
You can't settle like this.
Just $5,000?
How can she sell food here?
He deserves to rot in prison.
It's okay.
Ji-min was sad.
He gave money.
I wanted it to end soon.
He said he was massaging
my cramped muscles.
that wasn't it.
It wasn't a massage.
He touched more than that.
The principal told us
to write a statement.
He threatened us to write
Mr. Song didn't do anything.
The school is on his side.
No one believes me.
It's so unfair.
I don't want to see him again.
I got enough witnesses.
And the sperm results...
Rot for 3 years, jerk.
- Scared me!
- Sir!
Almost had a heart attack.
- Hi, Tae-su!
- Sir...
- How've you been?
- What brings you to Yeoju?
You scared me.
I came to see you.
Look at all the files.
Must be rough, Tae-su.
It's okay.
You're class of '85, right?
I'm '83.
I know, sir.
Should've looked after you more.
It's okay, sir.
How about a late-night snack?
A snack.
Come on in.
- First time at strategics department?
- Yes.
I haven't been here long either.
Know what's in here?
They're all cases.
Cases that will turn the country
upside down.
Know why we just keep them here?
We're waiting for them to ripen.
Let cases ripen and
eat it when it's time.
You handle 150 cases a week, right?
Do anyone notice?
Strategics Department,
Imprisons 355 Criminals.
Pull out a big case
at the right time.
Then you get on newspapers
and get promoted.
Know Prosecutor HAN Kang-sik?
Of course.
What prosecutor doesn't?
He's our department chief.
I envy you.
Wanna come into our team?
I'll recommend you.
But under one condition.
Drop Ji-min's case.
I know SONG Baek-ho
is a bastard.
But his father and
Chief HAN have ties.
As his junior staff,
I should help out.
So please, let the case go.
But sir...
I have my reasons to charge him.
You're a prosecutor.
You have pride.
- I'll kneel.
- No, sir!
- I'll beg you, Tae-su.
- Please.
Get up, sir.
Pride is nothing.
We all went to Seoul University
and passed the bar.
Look at the bigger picture.
Get in the right clique
and you're set for life.
Sit down here.
Know CHA Mi-ryeon?
The innocent and beautiful actress.
She used philopon.
If this gets out,
people will flip.
We're saving it.
It's perfect to turn
the media's attention away.
Knowing when to drop
and expose is critical.
Prosecutors must do it right
to succeed.
Now is the time
to drop your case.
Think it over.
An opportunity like this
doesn't come easy.
You'll just sit and watch...
when you want it badly?
Drop the case and join.
You know you want it.
One, two, three...
Your settlement was $5000,
but he raised it to $50,000.
10 times more.
You can stop working.
You can go now.
Take the money.
Mr. Prosecutor?
Let's have drinks sometime.
About lunch...
I'm not hungry.
Ji-min's mom brought this
to thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Prosecutor Park!
Good work.
We saved face thanks to you.
Where to?
We can't party anywhere.
People are watching.
We're civil servants.
To the...
Let's go.
We rent here to drink.
The girls are sent up.
Prosecutor YANG!
We call her mother-in-law.
Her girls will do anything.
- Hook him up tonight?
- Of course!
What kind of girl do you like?
He's picky.
He got married recently.
He's new at this.
He's Prosecutor WOO.
Class of '94, your junior.
- Hello, sir.
- Cocky fool.
- Good to see you, sir!
- Hi, Prosecutor YANG!
Meet Chairman PARK.
He's older but stronger than us.
- Oh please!
- Strong both day and night.
Know Ju-ahn Daily?
Meet political reporter,
BAEK Il-dong.
Just call him reporter BAEK.
He's good at striping women.
Hey! I just met him!
He's our senior alum.
Now he's a partner at
Park Kings Law Firm.
What's your name again?
CHOI Du-il, sir. Hello, sir.
He's the gofer.
Everyone get up!
Chief HAN Kang-sik...
He passed the bar
in his early 20s.
In the war against crime,
he hit the center, Mokpo.
He also razed out the major
private military group.
He is noted to be
the director soon.
All his cases hit jackpots.
Chief? He's the one
I told you about.
He settled that case well.
Greet him.
Come over here!
You've met.
We meet again, prosecutor.
Nice to see you here.
Let things go and have fun.
Got it?
Drink up you two.
Drink a lot.
I'm paying for this.
Call me if you want
these girls again.
Touch them and have fun.
They're hot when they're naked.
- Hey!
- Damn sweet.
How dare you act big?
Think you own the world
as a prosecutor?
I'm sorry, sir.
He's new. He has convictions.
Forget useless pride
and sense of justice.
Grow up.
You had a hard life
from a poor family.
Is it because you were in
the pro-democracy movement?
I can explain that.
His girlfriend ran away...
Stay out of this!
Want to go back
to that shitty town?
Wanna be a lawyer
and do divorce suits?
Offer legal services?
You studied for that?
Just go with the flow of history.
Must I teach you history?
Forget pride.
Just stand next to the power.
No good came to those
without power.
No one in our history! Name one!
Pro-Japanese groups?
They are the ones with
wealth and authority.
Independence fighters?
Without their $500 pensions,
they'll starve.
Naive fool.
Kids these days are thoughtless.
Why don't they study history?
Learn from history.
Damn it.
It's not because he was wrong,
but that he was so damn right.
Getting slapped like that
after all I did to get here...
Chief! Shit!
I'll do the love shot.
Come on, let's drink.
Let's clear things with a drink.
I'll have another drink, sir.
Come here, pal.
- Want a drink?
- Sure.
- Not bad!
- Drink up.
Welcome to the club!
He was famous for having balls
back in school too.
That's why I recommended him.
He's got it, right?
Way to go! Tae-su!
This is the world I really wanted.
This is becoming
the top 1% of prosecutors.
They don't stay up nights
handling unnoticeable cases.
They set targets,
collect data...
then bring people down.
Notable prosecutors
will become directors...
and even the attorney general.
Then what?
Something bigger awaits.
They work at enterprises
on $4 to 5 million a year.
Or get into politics
as congressmen.
Some become cabinet ministers
or presidential secretaries.
They wield even more power.
Call up juniors and seniors
for favors and have drinks.
They live comfortably
with untouchable power.
Chief HAN Kang-sik!
Come on!
Sing a song for us!
Sing! Sing!
I'm standing before that line.
Being HAN Kang-sik's clique
is my biggest chance in life.
Don't scowl at history.
Smile at history. Smile big!
She is too attractive and smart.
She makes me insane. I love it!
In the bus to school...
I see her seated in
the same seat...
HAN ruled everything.
It was his world.
Just say you like me.
Don't be shy...
Prosecutor! No...
Almost forgot.
We're friends now, right?
It's been fun, pal.
Go home.
Hey! Wait!
You know, Ji-min's skin
feels really good.
Way hotter than the girls here.
What? Wanna hit me?
Go on. Hit me.
Go ahead.
Go on.
You can't hit me.
I'm going.
I'm going to school tomorrow.
I'll see Ji-min again.
I love it when she says no
and cries.
Son of bitch!
What the hell!
Who are you?
Don't remember?
I'm CHOI Du-il...
from Mokpo.
Night school is nice.
You get to go late.
A cop is at your place.
What did your dad do this time?
He's sub-leader of Wild Dogs
of Mokpo run by KIM Eung-su.
The Wild Dogs were below
the Sunflowers Gang.
War Against Crime
But when Sunflowers got razed
during the war against crime...
the Wild Dogs reached
the top in Mokpo.
Time to eat.
Eung-su ran a slaughterhouse
to avoid a tax investigation.
He paid dues
to Kang-sik regularly.
HAN must've destroyed
the Sunflowers for Eung-su.
Know how proud I was
when you passed the bar?
A fool finally succeeded.
Kids used to make bets on
who'd win if we fought.
Probably disappointed
we never fought.
Then we should've!
Well, I would've won.
Come on. No way.
I was better at fighting.
Like hell.
Hey, I won.
No, I won!
Crazy? Get up.
Let's fight for real.
Ow! My back...
It's good to see you.
Same here.
That damn gym teacher...
What a headache.
Don't worry about it.
You stay on the bright side.
I'll help you with shitty works.
Trust me.
You be on a bright side.
Don't dirty your hands.
I did lots of dirty shit.
It don't matter for me.
Like how my boss does to HAN,
I'll support you.
So you can sail smoothly.
We're hometown pals.
Du-il took the injured gym teacher
straight to the police.
He got 18 months in prison.
What happened to the gym teacher?
His balls broke,
and became a eunuch.
He won't mess with girls now.
Well, I had a good life before.
But being in HAN's clique,
everything else was a child's play.
This is a real prosecutor.
This is the prosecutor
I dreamed of becoming.
It's a new world where we plan,
investigate, and indict.
My son-in-law is
now in strategics.
I'm jealous! I'd better be good.
We investigated people of
great scales.
Our indictments always
made the frontpage.
Corrupt Politician Charged
Company owners, executives,
former cabinet ministers...
all bowed to us.
Sly gym teachers?
Women crying and fighting?
We were so beyond them.
The bigwigs bowed down to us.
If HAN selected and we investigated,
game was over.
We're ready to go!
Get ready!
Everyone stand up!
Big news!
Reporter BAEK brings press.
They're coming!
They're here!
HAN Uncovers Corporate Tax Evasion
Then we'd always make
the top news.
There's nothing we couldn't do.
I got Du-il out in 8 months,
when he was charged for 18.
My wife was stuck with 6 AM news
for getting on her manager's bad side.
Good morning.
This is the 6 AM news.
But with one phone call,
she got the 6 PM news.
I'm Prosecutor HAN Kang-sik.
Amazing Strategics HAN, YANG and PARK
I'm driving!
But there's one thing
our team couldn't control.
It's family.
How embarrassing!
New Town Ownership
Apartment Contract
- I told you not to start this!
- Don't hit him!
I'm sorry, honey!
So what if you're a prosecutor!
Can a prosecutor hit people?
You just bought me a fridge
for my wedding.
How did dad raise you?
He'd hit me, but not you!
You only cared your wife's family,
and paid no attention to us!
Of course I did!
You blew all the money
I gave you!
Think I wanted to blow it?
So we're trying to make money
and start a restaurant.
But you won't let us?
Si-yeon, but still...
Not like this!
It's pre-construction sales.
Everyone does it!
Deadline is 15th.
If you pay the franchise
fees, we'll stop.
I can't come up
with the money by then!
- Then stay out!
- Yeah!
Go! Go!
Are you okay?
What's with you today?
I have so much energy.
After 6 tennis sets
and 4 times sex, she passed out.
I almost died,
but I had no choice.
Here it is.
'My cup overflows.'
Rich folks always
keep cash in the safe.
They're illegal funds.
They won't know the amount.
Wanna do it again?
Why? Tired?
No! Of course not.
Where are you?
I'll be right there!
I found out later that my sister
used my hard-earned money...
to open another temporary realty
without telling dad.
She never listens.
It was a time of great change...
with new opportunity and threat.
High risk and high return.
You gain a lot or lose a lot.
Prosecutors are most sensitive
when administration shifts.
Indeed, prosecution doesn't change
because governments do.
But the power struggle changes.
Which clique you're in matters.
You fools worked
on it for months!
The election is close but
can't tell who'll win?
What the hell did you do?
What if we get in the wrong line?
Get to work now!
Why'd I trust those idiots!
Kang-sik? Who'll win?
You got the attorney general right.
Any idea?
If we guess wrong,
I'll have to quit and start over.
You should be the director!
It's your seat after me.
Yours! Kang-sik!
Trust me on this one?
15th Presidential Elections
I've never seen him so nervous.
He kept going to the bathroom.
It was tense.
Everyone desperately wanted
their candidate to win.
Depending on the result,
you either got promoted or fired.
Whose line did we choose?
What brings you to
my daughter's recital?
Have a seat.
So you've decided
to join our line?
Here, sir.
Prosecutors are so scary.
If this gets out,
the opponent will get a blow.
Please remember him.
He bet his life on this.
I promise you a big spot
within 2 years.
Thank you, sir!
How did we choose?
Trust me on this one?
You want more money?
There are many heads
on the line.
Give your best, sir.
It's coming!
I see it!
I see the next president!
20 seconds left.
Who will be the next
president in 1997?
10, 9...
Did the shaman get it right?
All our fates depended on it.
Who is it?
Dae-jung! Dae-jung!
President KIM Dae-jung Elected
Yes! He won!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Department 3 hit the jackpot.
We're so screwed.
HAN Kang-sik! You did it!
Let's party like hell tonight!
You know our president.
Fought against dictatorship
for democracy...
endured all kinds of hardship.
Abduction, torture...
He almost died.
Of course I know.
He's the epitome of democracy.
And he's all too kind.
He forgave all the remnants
of the dictatorship.
But I can't forgive them.
Take it out.
It's time to release the files.
We were already done with investigation.
We hit a small business
with gangs behind it...
and ultimately related to
congressman EOM Hyun-ki.
Conglomerate and Gang
Relationship Revealed
He got 30million KRW.
Report in US dollars.
People will think he got more.
Congressman EOM Hyun-ki
took 40k USD Bribe.
Why Previous Prosecution
Failed to Report?
Prosecutor HAN's Team Invest for Justice
EOM had a temper.
Demand EOM to be
Investigated upon Arrest.
He fought back hard.
I'm a victim of
targeted investigation!
He got desperate.
Prosecutors who helped EOM
finally surfaced.
He used the biggest law firm...
where HAN's former boss...
MOON Hee-gu works as a laywer.
Saw the paper?
Kang-sik went too far.
He went for senior judiciary
to crush HAN.
Rival papers started to attack.
Public opinion started
to go in EOM's favor.
This used to be my seat.
Where's Kang-sik?
Yes, sir.
Must be scared after a call
from the attorney general.
Hey, Kang-sik!
HAN Kang-sik!
Are you insane?
You should be thanking me.
We gotta live for you to live.
If the prosecution is weaker
than law firms, who'd be afraid of us?
We should be the scary ones!
That's why law firms
hire prosecutors as lawyers...
and that's how you
receive a high salary.
How dare you...
Does the attorney general know?
He directed this.
Don't make it hard for him.
Wear a cast and
rest for a month.
I'll drop EOM's charges
down to one year.
That won't solve anything.
Think EOM will give up?
His case will be
buried by tomorrow.
In fact, HAN gave an order
before meeting MOON.
Expose CHA Mi-ryeon.
Take pictures!
We faze people's attention
by blowing something bigger.
In our world, we call it a flam.
Keep your eye on the red bean.
Drug Addicted Actress
But people get fazed by
the quick hands.
EOM's Press Conference
Then you forget
where the red bean is.
I'll comply with the prosecution.
My apologies to the people.
Bury an issue with an issue.
Strategics Department 1
HAN proved his power to all.
Du-il took over
EOM's redevelopment area.
He secretly saved up money
and became a rising king.
Some money is missing, sir.
Let it go.
You get icing
when touching cakes.
By the way...
How did you know
they'd fight back?
must revenge.
It's a very complex philosophy
of politics engineering.
If you don't fight back,
the organization will crumble.
All this talk make me
sound like a gangster...
who is untouchable.
I'm so jealous.
But who are those people?
Don't know.
We just follow orders.
Warning: Military Reserve Off-Limits
That girl is so hot.
We country boys made it big.
While you're at it,
why not be the king?
I'll help you.
Nothing scares us.
There's nothing
we can't do together.
President or congressman,
just do it.
Be the king.
Let's rule this country!
Come on!
Who's more powerful than us!
Are you nuts?
What are you looking at?
Go ahead to clear the way!
Go! Hurry!
Crazy bastard.
Let's go!
After tanning on
a military reserve...
the police escorted us
from Mokpo to Seoul.
It really felt like
we were kings of the world.
Life was awesome.
They have no fear.
JEON Hee-sung, a new actress...
PARK Tae-su took on her case
for breach of contract.
Ms. Bong Hyun-hwa?
I don't use that name.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Ms. Jeon Hee-sung?
Your management sued you
for making a double contract.
- Mr. Prosecutor?
- Yes?
Mr. Prosecutor?
Reporters claimed their
affair began since then.
Recently, her management
company owner...
was threatened
by unidentified gangsters...
and handed JEON's contract.
PARK must've been involved.
His father runs an illegal realty.
He has ties to CHOI Du-il
of the Wild Dogs.
CHOI covers Seoul for
KIM of the Wild Dogs.
Now, he's a powerhouse here.
Can country boys do all this?
Does PARK Tae-su have the power?
YANG Dong-chul is behind him.
And behind YANG
is Chief HAN Kang-sik.
HAN let gangsters off the hook
and took bribes.
He even has ties with the press.
They're the worst
scum in prosecution history.
Come on. He's your senior.
If this gets out,
the innocent prosecutors...
who work like crazy
on measly salaries...
will be embarrassed.
Before good prosecutors quit,
let's bring HAN's team down.
Her name is AHN Hee-yeon.
She's really tenacious.
Previously, she knocked off
her senior for taking bribes.
Disciplinary suspended him,
but she got him fired.
Why am I her target?
She wants to get
Chief HAN through you.
She came for a big catch.
To her, HAN is a big fish.
Crazy bitch.
Be careful.
Your girlfriend is an actress?
She knows that too.
Don't meet her.
It's over.
We haven't met in ages!
What the hell?
- Haven't met who?
- Geeze!
It's a friend.
He says not to meet someone.
Who did you say it was?
A lawyer?
Say thank you.
- Isn't the food great?
- Yes.
- Tae-su.
- Yes?
I hear some bad stuff these days.
What do you mean?
The elections are coming up.
We should be careful.
But Chief...
About Du-il...
If you raise a dog wrong,
it'll bite you.
I hear things from Mokpo.
Spending time with a dog
doesn't make it a human.
Raise him like a dog.
Get it?
Yes, sir.
But shit... I couldn't do that.
Si-yeon's husband ran off
with all the money.
Who deals with stuff like this?
You bastard!
Please don't kill me!
Dong-chul also invested in dad
and lost his money.
Can't tell who's prosecutor
and who's the gangster.
Stop it!
That's enough!
How dare you!
Who says you can stop me?
Think you're a friend?
Think you're human? Stupid dog!
Should I settle down in Seoul?
I'm sick of driving to Mokpo.
I should settle down.
I can't be a gofer forever.
I'm sick of it.
I can do it with your help.
You'll help, right?
This isn't just about a gangster
ousting his boss.
Bringing down KIM
meant the same for HAN.
I should've stopped him...
This is your desk?
- Sang-hee.
- Put them here.
What's this?
- Your stuff.
- What?
Your belongings.
You're dating JEON Hee-sung?
JEON Hee-sung?
He told me to take her case.
Right, Sang-hee.
I put him on her case.
He also told you to kiss her?
And have sex with her?
You know I only love you.
The rest is on a truck outside.
Go move it.
You'll get a ticket.
How can you have an affair
on your measly salary?
How can you say that
when I got kicked out?
So what?
You should've known better.
You cheated on mom!
You can't say that.
I should've stopped Du-il,
but I couldn't.
I needed money.
Du-il expanded his turf.
He couldn't be stopped.
Trying to be the king,
he stopped sending money.
It's half empty now, sir.
But the scary thing was,
they stayed low.
Probably because of
the upcoming elections.
If elected, he'll destroy us!
A former lawyer who aimed
to reform the prosecution.
No one wanted
ROH Moo-hyun to win.
If the prosecution was fair
and neutral...
we won't need
an independent counsel.
When KIM killed people...
he poured appetite enhancers
and threw them to dogs.
Show us another miracle?
It was so painful
they'd beg to be killed.
They begged for death, not life.
Chief HAN? What brings you here?
Seeing how you came to us...
you expect the ruling party
to change?
- I don't think it will.
- What?
You have time to relax like this?
This will destroy the opposition.
But seeing you like this,
maybe it's not worth my time.
We'll work hard, chief.
Use it well.
Calmly and slowly. Be smart.
Of course.
I'll help you!
I'll help you!
Get up!
This time, we held a ritual
to ask for ROH to lose.
During the calm before the storm,
Du-il took over most gangs in Seoul.
No one touched him.
They all left him alone.
Presidential Election: Tally of Ballots
- Bro?
- Huh?
- I gotta go.
- What?
The divorce papers came.
I gotta meet Sang-hee.
- Now?
- Cover for me.
I can explain everything.
Meet me please?
I'm almost at the station.
I'll wait in the lobby.
Please meet me.
Why didn't you call?
I missed you!
You knew I had a show?
You're amazing.
- Who's she?
- Wait!
- Sang-hee!
- Honey! Wait!
Who is she?
President ROH Moo-hyun Elected
I was so screwed.
He didn't even go to college!
A trades high school grad?
How can he become a president?
This is Korea!
How can this happen!
A petty fool like him?
Arrest that shaman now!
After all that money he took!
Thank you.
I'm AHN Hee-yeon.
Class of '80.
- Did you see the paper?
- Pardon?
- Today's paper.
- No.
It's interesting.
Would you like to see? I'm done.
See you again.
Crazy bitch!
Did you see the paper?
Gangster CHOI Claims Close Ties to
Prosecution - Is he tied to Chief HAN?
Is Du-il out of his mind?
Chief HAN can't have this now!
HAN lost his chance
to be a director.
Someone with such allegations
cannot be a director.
No one beat me like this
since high school.
I warned you about Du-il!
I told you to stay out!
I wasn't trying to stop you.
Sir! I didn't mean to stop you!
Du-il's Tae-su's friend!
Hit Tae-su, sir!
Fool. Why at a time like this?
Let's make him stay put.
What do you mean?
What do you think?
Throw him in prison?
He did all kinds of shit for me.
He acted up a bit, but prison?
I think it's for the best.
If we don't, Du-il could die.
Eung-su wants him dead.
It's hard to tell cops
from gangsters at a glance.
If they're the Wild Dogs, he's dead.
If they're cops, he'll live.
So damn fast!
CHOI Du-il!
You have the right
to remain silent.
Shit! Why didn't you tell me!
I ran like hell!
HAN started to rebuild
his kingdom again.
Since he handed over the file
on ROH's weakness...
HAN would be the first target
when the ruling party finds out.
I need the boys.
Before words get out,
HAN had to strike first.
Enough already!
He's the trustee who managed
HONG's slush fund.
When Eung-su's men couldn't do it,
HAN got the confession himself.
Then he used it to charge
HONG with breach of duty.
I warned you.
Like paying a tribute to a king...
he removed a thorn
for the ruling party.
Then old directors got cut,
and HAN set eyes on their seats.
After the job was done,
I got appointed down south.
Don't pack that.
HAN suggested to stay low
till things quieted down.
- Just pack lightly.
- Yes, sir.
We'll be back soon.
Impeachment Possibility
1 year since he took office,
ROH faced impeachment crisis.
Reasons for Impeachment:
Corruption and Breach of Law
President ROH who is
facing impeachment crisis...
will make a statement soon.
Approve, Disapprove
Disapproval Rally
ROH's Supporters Veto Impeachment
How much longer
do I have to stay?
Just a bit more.
Chief is on it.
You'll be back soon.
You know how crazy it is
these days!
But I can't stand it here
any longer!
Chairman of National Assembly Enters
The Wild Dogs took over Du-il's turf
while he was imprisoned.
I didn't call because I'm drunk.
Sang-hee, happy birthday.
I love you.
Impeachment Motion Approved
Not destroyed by fire...
it grows again in the spring.
'Burnt but never destroyed.'
Nice to have a prosecutor friend.
I can smoke in here.
You're the only one I trust.
My boys will get hurt,
if I'm in here.
They should live.
I'll catch whoever
did this to me.
I'll find them...
and kill them all.
He knew very well
his life was in danger.
His kingdom collapsed
in a flash.
He told me to give his men
his secret stash.
But I didn't give it to them.
That money was for Mokpo.
Returning it was the only way
to keep them alive.
I'm Prosecutor PARK's colleague.
I came to see him.
You're still sleeping?
Shouldn't you be at work?
I heard you rented a cottage.
It's really nice.
Isn't the rent here
$5,000 a month?
You're separated from your wife?
Must've saved a lot of money.
Drinking during work hours?
Just one for my hangover.
Want some?
I'll just be frank.
Try the sushi. It's good.
It's way better than in Seoul.
Stop changing subjects.
I'm your senior.
Oh, I did?
I'm sorry.
Is it over with JEON Hee-sung?
Yes. I've been here for months.
It's long over with her.
Her management company
owner filed a suit...
against CHOI Du-il.
You know him, right?
CHOI Du-il?
She knows everything.
She must have
all our connections.
She knows the rent here
is paid with Du-il's money.
But instead of getting me,
she came here for HAN Kang-sik.
She wants to get to him
through me.
I'm nothing.
She came to see
if I'd betray HAN.
I can't show my cards.
I can't be an easy target.
I'm too young to get killed by HAN
or start a legal service.
I'm hot. Why's it so hot?
Get dressed.
Aren't you hot?
You look hot. Is it just me?
Such a hot day.
I'll go.
Why? Don't you wanna chat more?
I have lots of time today.
I just feel so hot.
Don't like it?
This is as big as it gets!
Shit! It's cold!
I had to look like
an unpredictable lunatic.
If I look scared,
she'll attack and bind me to HAN.
I need help.
What brings you to Seoul?
I called you a dozen times.
AHN Hee-yeon from
inspections came down.
She knows everything.
- I got her to back off but...
- Wait.
Let's talk over there.
Come on.
You son of a bitch!
Shit! Don't you get it?
How old are you?
What do you mean?
If you got kicked out,
you should know to quit.
Or stay quiet and low!
But you keep calling
and come up to annoy us like this?
What if inspections come at us
through you?
Just stay low.
Dead quiet.
Got that, bastard?
Du-il got released earlier
as an exemplary prisoner.
I wanted to see him,
but couldn't.
There's nothing I could do.
President ROH in a Lame Duck Session
The Wild Dogs rule now...
and Tae-su took all your money.
You've been screwed, boss.
Let's get revenge, boss!
Round up the boys.
Prosecutor PARK,
let's call it a night.
Just one more drink!
Let's pop him, sir.
No one will know.
- Hello?
- Tae-su.
Who's this?
It's Du-il.
Du-il! CHOI Du-il!
Long time no see!
Didn't you know I got out?
I forgot. Sorry, I couldn't go.
My safe was empty.
I used it all.
2 years is a long time.
That's everything I had.
Of course.
Tae-su... Did you do this to me?
Does it matter now, Du-il?
Who cares?
- You bastard!
- What, you asshole!
Snap to it, pal!
We're through, stupid!
Who cares who did this to you!
What? You'll revenge?
Fine! I did it!
I did it, you bastard!
Son of a bitch.
It's over for us, stupid!
It's all over, fool!
It's over, bastard!
Look at you. Had it rough?
But how...
We came to see you.
While having drinks,
he wanted to see you.
We came to drink with you.
I told you to wait just a bit.
Get in, Tae-su.
Let's go drink.
Let's party.
Boss! No!
Boss! No!
Visit Andong
You know the smiling
Hahoe masks of Andong?
Know why it's smiling?
Let's smile? Be happy?
What's Andong famous for?
Hemp cloth?
Hemp is made out of
marijuana, you know?
Think about it.
The whole town is filled with
marijuana fields.
Farmers would gather
to smoke it.
That's why the
Hahoe mask is smiling.
Get high?
Shouldn't we go, sir?
Let's go sniff it too.
Why not?
- Be like the masks?
- Hahoe masks!
Let's go!
I'll make a U-turn!
I came to in a hospital.
If it was a head-on collision,
we'd be dead.
Because we got hit on to the side
and spun around...
we could all survive.
They came happy to see me.
But when they left without a word
for another hospital...
I thought it was odd,
but I didn't know.
6 months after
Du-il's disappearance...
I met one of his men
on an arrest and heard the truth.
You bastard!
If it wasn't for my boss,
you'd be long dead!
That car accident!
HAN was about to kill you!
He was taking you to Eung-su
to kill you!
Boss knew and saved you.
He hit the car to save you
from getting killed!
He stole everything from us!
He got screwed over too.
I have to protect him!
I promised!
Du-il became their
target for saving me.
After several months
on the run...
He got tired of running.
They say he bought a nice suit
and went to Eung-su.
Eat him down to the bones.
That's how I lost my good friend.
President LEE Myung-bak Elected
Tae-su! Open the door!
It's unlocked.
Wake up!
Dad got arrested!
Cops suddenly took him!
They barged in
and took him away!
How can this happen?
Hi, Tae-su.
You got my dad arrested?
Well, that bitch is tenacious.
She keeps coming at us.
The higher ups are bothered
by our ties to you.
What do you think? It's simple.
Just quit, then we'll stop.
We'll release him.
How can you do this?
Come on. We did it all the time.
Remember? It's what we did.
Isn't it?
No! Tae-su!
A thought crossed my mind.
What if...
- I'll lock him up.
- What?
Book him!
I arrested that gym teacher?
What if I helped that poor girl?
If I didn't fall to their temptations
and lived like the 99% of prosecutors?
Let's party.
I did it, you bastard!
What if inspections
come at us through you?
Raise him like a dog.
Forget pride.
Just stand next to the power.
Just go with the flow of history.
No good came to those
without power.
Suddenly, everything
seemed meaningless.
Tae-su! Wake up!
Can you hear me?
Say something!
Former President ROH Moo-hyun
has passed away.
He jumped off a cliff at 6:40 AM
and committed a suicide.
Wake up!
must revenge.
It's a very complex philosophy
of politics engineering.
Will States 'Too Painful'
To protect what's yours,
you must revenge.
President ROH left a short will
on his computer.
It states his heartaches
and apologies to loved ones.
It Was Painful Don't Resent Me
God forgive us.
Director HAN! Congratulations!
HAN got promoted to a director
and YANG became a chief.
As soon as I quit...
they dropped charges
and released dad.
But that wasn't the end.
Everything I owned got seized.
They weren't satisfied with
just me quitting.
HAN has no mercy.
I had lost everything.
My youth.
My family.
my friend.
I had to do something.
I took all I had and
got the same suit like Du-il.
I bought a car.
And set up a ritzy office
in Seoul.
I've bet my everything.
Came to make fun of me
getting demoted?
I came to catch HAN Kang-sik.
Are you really that naive?
Should've come
when you were a prosecutor...
When I was in Seoul...
Before HAN became a director.
But we can't now.
He's no longer someone
you and I can bring down.
So we should up the ante.
My father-in-law agreed to help
and suggested some good people.
I had one important step left.
Dinner time, right?
I'll buy. Let's go eat.
What do you want?
Things must be hard.
I'm starting over.
With what?
You quit being a prosecutor.
You won't make much as a lawyer.
I'm going bigger.
I signed...
the divorce agreement.
Hold on to it.
Decide what to do with it
once the job is done.
What job?
I'm sure you'll like it.
Still got it.
The mischievious eyes.
If I said I loved her
and begged her to take me back...
she said she would've just left.
Because emotional investments
always fail.
This is my son-in-law
and daughter.
I met a key figure
of the opposition party.
He's our specialist,
Chief KIM Min-jae.
He made top commercials
for over 20 years.
He's a genius at making
the right image.
Why are you in politics?
You want to expose corruption
and change the world?
But politics can't change it.
I don't plan to change the world
with politics.
I want to catch someone with it.
Tell me your story.
Then I'll draw out your image.
I'll decide what to put in
and to take out.
It was awkward.
Like confessing to a priest,
I started telling my story.
My dad was a crook.
When color TVs were rare...
It's funny.
But I had good qualifications to run.
A strategics prosecutor
born in Mokpo...
who protested for democracy.
Former Prosecutor PARK
Press Conference
I was involved in few corruption.
But they were cards
to get rid of HAN and YANG.
That's right.
I chose politics.
Hello, Judge Kim.
The TV...
Why did you quit the prosecution?
Why are giving
a declaration of conscience?
Did the opposition party
put you to this?
You're running for their party?
Why are you running for congress?
Former prosecutor PARK Tae-su
is holding a press conference.
He claims to expose
Director HAN Kang-sik's corruption.
Let's connect to the scene.
I'll sacrifice what I must
for justice.
I leaked HAN's ties
to the Wild Dogs.
My party attacked full on.
It was all over the press.
I forgot I had
a lunch appointment.
After the press conference,
I got a call from a familiar number.
It's our first time
eating like this, right?
I guess.
We should've done this more.
But you know life.
How's your wife?
Your father-in-law has
a lot of dirt on him.
He did some bad things
to run his business.
He'll get 5 years.
It's not good for your kids.
Kids with grandfathers
are better mannered.
Your wife is in Canada
with your kids.
You smuggled out a lot of money.
The Wild Dogs' money
is there in your wife's name?
Kids who grow up without mothers
are more ill-mannered.
This world...
doesn't run logically.
Lots of crazy things
happen in our world.
So you have to be cautious.
Like how Du-il vanished?
Can't you see?
I'm the living history.
This country means me.
Think you can win?
But I should try.
You taught me
that revenge is a must.
That's the philosophy of
politics engineering.
No, director...
You said it.
All set.
The reporters are coming here.
Let's start 5 minutes earlier
than them.
We have them outnumbered.
Everything's ready, sir.
Don't worry.
Just remember a few key tags.
A Mokpo native who took part
in the pro-democracy.
You were caught up in
some corruption as a prosecutor...
but they were ordered
by HAN and YANG.
And lastly...
Struggling under
an ex-con father...
you became a prosecutor
to make a better world.
I pulled the trigger at them.
HAN fought back
with a press conference.
He said I was lying
to get attention in the elections.
The slaughterhouse is a cover!
He even fed people
to dogs and killed them.
Knowing they'd be imprisoned,
Du-il's men confessed against them.
Interest in HAN's ties
to the Wild Dogs escalated.
It reeks in here.
You can't book us!
Where's the evidence!
You son of a bitch!
These are your statements,
And I threw one final punch.
It was strictly my idea.
My press conferences was obvious.
It's a predictable drama.
I needed a twist.
I stand here as a man of conscience
and a son of Mokpo.
Something heroic...
I may not know politics,
but I knew that.
As many suspect my sincerity...
The party opposed,
but out of my free will...
I refuse my nomination to run
for Mokpo.
I ask the party to nominate me
to run in Jongro, Seoul.
The reporters exclaimed.
But it's KIM Woo-hyun's
5th run for office there.
It was impossible.
PARK's claims are false.
PARK Tae-su is challenging
KIM Woo-hyun!
He dropped out of Mokpo!
PARK held a conference
to say he'll run in Jongro.
The next presidential
candidate was in Jongro.
Running against him...
meant my motives were not just
to get elected.
I won the doubting public over.
Bury an issue with an issue.
I beat them with their tactic.
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
It's nice here.
Your banquet is over.
I made the choice
for a reformation in prosecution!
Despite charges of being involved
with corruption...
there is growing support
for PARK Tae-su.
With 10 days to the elections,
he is in a tight race...
with KIM Woo-hyun
who had been expected to win.
Vote PARK Tae-su
for a stronger Jongro!
I was a con-artist, a crook,
and an obedient dog for power.
I deceived people like that
and lived well.
Most people do what they do
faithfully and sincerely.
That's how the world runs.
The ordinary prosecutor
worked hard and became a chief.
He's a strong candidate
to be a director.
AHN became the first
female chief of prosecution.
You hungry?
Keep your eyes on the ball.
Be alert and watch
when they try to trick you.
If not, you'll lose 100%.
What happened to me?
Did I get elected?
Did I lose?
I'm curious too.
Because you decide that.
You are the king of the world.
I know what you're thinking.
You think you won?
In a year...
No, 6 months!
When things calm down...
Know what will happen?
I'll make your life hell.
I'll show you how scary
this world is.
This country is terrifying!
I'll show you!
Let's go.
HAN is suffering from depression
and panic disorder in prison.
YANG got demoted to the country.
He was caught secretly looking up
at girls' skirts.
Any comment?
As a prosecutor,
I apologize for causing a stir.
And to my daughter
who is studying abroad.
Daddy is sorry!