Dependence (2023) Movie Script

Are you sure?
Sure about what?
No need to say more!
Do you really want that kind of life?
Don't be with that guy;
it'll lead to misfortune.
Can live without working,
just chilling every day.
You order first.
Excuse me.
I'll take this.
What else is happiness anyway?
You know it yourself.
Your eyes lack the radiance they once had.
I've long forgotten.
Don't give up.
It's too late now.
I envy that you can be independent
and start your own business.
I can barely afford even this kind of place.
Actually, I...
Excuse me
What's up?
What you want is...
Exactly this!
I still love you now.
I've always loved you.
What did he order?
Probably a Yuzu Shawa...
I'll have a whiskey soda.
Alright, whiskey soda,
coming right up.
Thank you.
Whiskey soda.
Yuzu Shawa.
I want to establish the strongest
IT company in Japan with you.
We can work together,
as partners pursuing dreams and as a couple.
I hope you'll be with me,
not just as a simple couple...
Your Yuzu Shawa.
I didn't order that!
What? I wanted a Lemon Shawa!
Don't mess it up.
Wow, my goodness.
What's going on here?
I'm terribly sorry.
Are you okay?
Not really.
It's a disaster.
Hey, come over and wipe it clean!
Are you ok?
It's all wet.
Are you okay?
I might get fired.
The eighth time.
Getting fired.
In the future... it will definitely get smoother.
What's your name?
I'm Rina Kiyokawa.
May I have your name?
I'm Shuichi Sonoda.
Um... Mr. Sonoda.
Please don't casually console people.
I'm sorry.
I'll get off here.
It's okay.
- Really, I can get off
- I'll carry you.
- It's unexpected; I can still walk.
- No, it's fine.
Really, I can.
I'm sorry.
It's okay; I'm actually quite strong.
No no no
You're about to fall.
It's okay; I'm very energetic.
Currently designing the cover
(Introduction to Novels for
Those Facing Creative Blocks).
Is today okay?
Um... I'm sorry.
I'll check.
Okay, goodbye.
Can you give the rent to Mr. Takei today?
I can't get up.
Can't get up.
Come on.
get up.
- Hmm?
- We're going out today.
I have work.
Take the day off.
I might get fired for that.
Then say you love me.
Do you love me?
I love you.
I'll see you off.
What time will you be back today?
I'll be back little later today.
I'm going to Akira Tawada's lecture.
Who's that?
Akira Tawada's, my favourite novelist.
- Never heard of...
- Ouch!
Come back and buy takoyaki for me.
You really love to eat.
There's a hole.
It's so funny how can there be a hole here?
Hey, put your phone away.
Just checking the company's email.
Next time, let's go to the hot springs together.
Hot spring?
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Don't forget the takoyaki.
- Takoyaki!
Good morning.
Did you spend the night at
the office again today?
Do you know
what book title I'm currently in charge of?
What is it?
"Magic for Improving Work Efficiency
~ Office Edition"
Very convincing.
Indeed, Sonoda, your taste is noble.
It's not that noble.
No, I can only understand things at this level.
(Not your thing)
What's this?
You don't know "Not Your Thing"?
It's popular these days.
People want me to live a normal life.
But what is normal?
Normal person, weirdo, genius, ordinary person.
I want to be a normal person
and laugh with everyone.
This anxiety is digested
by patting from my boyfriend.
Living makes me so tired.
How do you feel about it?
It's just okay.
Alas, I'm just a vulgar editor.
Please go win a newcomer award.
Become a successful novelist.
Hmm? You are writing novels, right?
Uh... yeah...
(Trendy Newcomer Award)
Oh, Rina, you're here today too.
Sumire sis, this...
Thank you.
Rina, are you looking for a job?
I am.
You really need to cheer up.
Stop moping at home.
Oh, it's okay.
No, It can't always be pampered.
Rina, do you want to hold it?
Can I?
How did you lose it?
I'm sorry.
There are photocopies in the Sensei's office...
That's not the issue...
It seems Moriwaki
lost the manuscript that Mr. Nishikawa revised.
Is it true? That's scary.
Go to Mr. Nishikawa and get the backup.
I will take responsibility for handling this...
You go and retrieve the manuscript.
You go and apologize sincerely!
Hello? Yes, this is Shinagawa
from Ocean Publishing.
Don't worry; there's still time before 5 PM.
Mr. Nishikawa said he'll be available after 5 PM.
Now there are more options for lifestyles.
I see
You can choose any path you want;
rules, even if they exist, don't have to bind you.
I think it's unnecessary to tie yourself down.
(Activities of Mr. Akira Tawada)
(About Modern Literature
That Will Be Handed Down to the Future)
Do you think Mr. Tawasa
would find my talk boring?
No, he's very pleased.
I hope there's a chance
to ask him to write a series.
I'll discuss it with the chief editor.
Then I'll leave it to you.
Okay, please keep in touch in the future.
It's really you! Long time no see!
Has it been a few years since we last met?
Senior? What are you doing here?
Of course, it's work.
I am now the editor-in-chief of Mr. Tawada.
(Reminder for National Pension Payment)
(Do you have a job now?)
I thought you'd surely become a writer.
Actually, I'm still writing.
Really? Send me the files to take a look.
I write by hand.
No way.
Because you admire Mr. Tawada?
Not for that reason...
What's the plot about?
The protagonist is a male physicist.
One day, his deceased wife
appears as a ghost in front of him.
He doesn't believe in ghosts,
but the appearance looks like his wife...
Did he fall in love with the ghost?
I'm still hesitating whether
it should be a fantasy or reality.
What's the ending?
I haven't thought about it yet.
Sounds interesting; it's quite unique.
Submit it for our newcomer award.
I'm planning to submit it.
There's only one month left until the deadline.
Can you make it?
No problem at all.
(Reply to me quickly!)
Your LINE has been ringing.
Aren't you going to check it?
Hmm, it's okay.
Let me see it before you submit.
Is that okay?
I've been your fan since high school.
I'm back.
You're back.
I ran into a senior from the high school
literary magazine I haven't seen in a long time.
my novel
Maybe I'll have a chance to show it to Akira Tawada.
What about the takoyaki?
Sorry, I forgot.
Don't you think it's cool? Akira Tawada!
Is that senior a guy or a girl?
A guy.
Have you eaten?
Do you want me to cook for you?
No need.
(The Old Man, Her, and the Moonless Sky)
Thanks for yesterday.
Long time no see; I'm really happy.
Me too. Sorry for making you spend.
What's wrong?
It's nothing. I think I got a bit drunk yesterday.
But sincerely hope you win the award.
Thank you.
I'm looking forward to it; stay in touch.
What's wrong?
Alright, goodbye.
Sonoda, something happened.
Moriwaki has run away.
It's true; see for yourself.
(Reason for resignation)
(I cant bear the bullying from
Editor-in-Chief Hata and some employees)
(Cumulative Fatigue,
Needs Hospitalization and Rest...)
(Unpaid Overtime)
(To be represented by a lawyer in the future...)
- Sonoda!
You take over as the editor for Mr. Nishikawa.
But I've never worked on
a business practical book...
If you haven't led a project,
how can you choose a job!
You have until the end of this month
to submit the manuscript.
Get to work! Idiot!
Get moving! Fool!
Where did that dog come from?
What's going on?
It was tied up on the side of the road.
here we go again.
It's a dog we sold.
People who don't want it throw it back.
Why did you accept it without permission?
I'm sorry.
Wow, its vocal cords have been cut.
what is that?
Some people find dog barks too noisy;
they perform surgery to remove the vocal cords.
Why would they do that?
Because they can't control it
or neighbors complain.
Those people shouldn't have gotten
a dog in the first place.
Is that even allowed?
They say dogs themselves don't feel stressed.
How would humans know such things?
Let's temporarily take care of it.
Dad, you're really...
("Live Well in the Moment" Nishikawa)
("Is Jupiter Responsible for Earth's Existence?")
What's wrong?
Suddenly wanted to use the blender.
Today, huh?
I'm going to Sumire's place...
Sorry, can we talk later?
What are you doing?
No need to wipe;
you have things to do.
- It's okay.
- You go ahead.
I'll handle it myself.
No problem.
Come, let me wipe it clean.
A dog...
there's a dog...
What's going on now?
our company's Moriwaki offended someone.
I'm really sorry.
Isn't the problem with Moriwaki?
Please don't evade responsibility.
This is your company's issue.
I've looked at the data Moriwaki left behind
Sorting out some of the things I want to ask...
Oh, I hope overall it's more sensational.
When will the new version be available?
Do you want me to write it?
What? No way?
Moriwaki has always helped me with that.
You just don't understand his efforts,
and that's why he ran away.
Then, what about the interview notes?
Interview notes?
You didn't bring them, did you?
Oh my, you're exaggerating.
You scared me.
Don't you find it scary?
Gives me goosebumps.
Look at how exaggerated you are;
even my hairs are standing up.
Start when you're ready;
everything before that is wasting my time.
It's been a long time since I've been so shocked.
I didn't realize I could make such a loud noise.
Sorry to disturb everyone.
What's up?
Rina, are you free?
Can you do me a favor?
I'm a bit busy right now, but go ahead
Go ask the Ministry of Economic Affairs for that.
Time's up; we'll end it here.
Thank you, everyone.
I told you to call me when you get
to the door, didn't I?
Is this correct?
Thank you.
Good luck.
This is the new person in the company, Rina.
Thank you; you can go now.
Thank you, senior.
Miss Kiyokawa?
I want to ask you a question?
Do you think someone without dreams
and not working is a waste?
Just share your thoughts.
Someone with neither dreams nor a job
What's the definition of waste?
Who decides if someone is ordinary or useless?
Can't people just live their lives as they want?
That's refreshing!
On page 53,
"Just live well, bravely be yourself."
Change it to that.
Thank you. You can go now.
No, let Miss Kiyokawa join the meeting.
What are you doing? Come over.
Hurry up; I don't have much time.
Give it to me.
Let me see.
What are you spacing out for?
Sit down quickly.
Miss Kiyokawa,
what do you think of this sentence?
I think it's very well written.
your taste is excellent.
Help me add everything we discussed today.
Sorry for causing you trouble this time.
It's really inconvenient.
But this time, thanks to Miss Kiyokawa,
we caught up with a lot of progress.
I won't hold it against you then.
- I'll leave now.
- Goodbye, Sensei.
Is he your friend?
What's going on?
But it seems Mr. Nishikawa has
a favorable impression of her.
This time, Sonoda,
please bring her in to help.
(Ocean Publishing, Editorial Department
- Rina Kiyokawa)
Rina, you're quite interesting.
Looks like I caught one
It feels like you've brought
a wild animal into the company.
People who love talking about work
efficiency have dilated pupils,
but the sparkle in their eyes...
usually it's dead.
- I understand!
- No sparkle.
You should remember that.
Lifeless gaze.
Rina, you've brightened up the atmosphere
in the editorial department.
Keep it up!
How's your writing progress?
It's okay.
Are you busy lately?
I'm about to complete the story, no worry.
You dont have to lie to me, its okay.
I know how hard editing can be.
No, I'm completely at ease.
How about coming out for tea to relax?
How about next Sunday?
Okay, I should be free.
Then, see you.
Sonoda, look
"Shouldnt belive Alive" tweet suddenly went viral.
It has been shared over twenty thousand times.
So uninterested.
Has Nishikawa's book been published?
Yeah... it is.
With Rina's help this time,
it should go smoothly, right?
Did I say something wrong?
Be more assertive there.
No thank you, Mr. Nishikawa.
You're back.
I'm back.
Are you tired?
How about going on a date?
A date?
Just to relax.
Next Sunday or something.
Sorry, I'm busy.
have a meeting with Mr. Tawada's editor.
How about we grab dinner after you finish?
What do you think?
That editor is a woman.
What do you mean?
How is that relevant?
I won't accept that.
Didn't you say he was a man?
Why did you lie to me!
I haven't done anything with her,
Rina, I'm sorry.
I apologize to you
Good boy.
do you not like to see me succeed?
No, it's not like that.
What are you going to do with it?
Hold on.
Hey! What are you doing?
Please let go of it.
- Get lost.
- Where are you taking it?
Stop interfering with my work!
Let go! Where are you taking it?
- Don't do this.
- You can't take it away.
What are you doing!
Rina, don't be like this.
Suzume, what's going on?
- Calm down first.
- It's okay.
Where is it going to be sent?
Can you let go for now?
Rina let go
- Rina.
- I'm sorry.
Why would you do something like this?
Are you going to throw it away?
I hope...
Apologize first.
I thought now that you're working,
you'd be more sensible.
Don't use such harsh words.
Who is that person?
Someone from "Midway Home."
They specialize in adopting
pets that can't be sold.
Will he really take care of it?
Don't worry; it's his job.
What else can we do?
- We're also running a business.
- But...
I would be so nervous when
I called him that my hands would shake.
and I try not to make eye contact with
the dogs being sent away quickly.
Do you accept this kind of thing?
You can't solve anything yourself
and still want to lecture us?
What do you expect us to do?
How about you take responsibility
and care for it?
You're back.
How did you end up with a dog?
Brought it back from Suzume's place.
What do you want to do?
Keep it at my place?
Because it's homeless.
It's okay. You don't have to do anything.
I'll take care of it myself.
And after you take it in,
don't suddenly say you don't want it anymore.
I know.
No, you don't understand
It might have to be euthanized.
Are you planning to take care of
all the stray dogs from now on?
I didn't say anything like that.
Right now, I can only save this one.
At least I can save this one.
Why don't you understand how I feel?
You only think about yourself.
That's why everyone can't stand you.
Do you have any relationships other than me?
Aren't we talking about the dog?
You can't hold down a job for long.
Even your parents don't want
to deal with you anymore.
It's because you have issues.
You won't change in the future
It's not true!
You won't change!
you know
Why don't I break up with you?
Because without me, you won't survive.
When I'm working a job I hate every day.
What are you doing?
So, are you going home?
You can't go back.
You don't love me anymore, do you?
If you loved me, you wouldn't say things like that.
What are you talking about?
Of course, I love you.
You're lying.
You're lying.
And what about you?
Do you love me?
I do.
Are you just seeking an easy life?
Staying here means I'll take care of you.
Why are you saying that?
Rina, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry...
Rina, I'm sorry.
You don't need to worry about anything, Rina.
Just stay here and relax.
- Just stay calm
- Enough.
Stop it.
Really, enough.
I'm asking you,
how much of this is Miss Kiyokawa's opinion?
I considered some of it...
Don't just consider,
write it directly.
- I'm sorry.
- I've said it many times.
What do we do now?
The deadline is approaching.
A late release doesn't matter to me.
Your publishing house must be troubled, right?
This book doesn't need your input at all.
Fine, go make the changes.
Miss Kiyokawa, can we talk?
How long have you been with Ocean Publishing?
I just joined recently.
what's up?
We haven't been going out together lately.
Let's go out together.
Thank you.
Professor Nishikawa asked me to be his assistant.
There's no free lunch in this world.
That person might make a move on the assistant.
And you can't handle that kind of work, right?
Why won't you support me?
Tell me why?
What exactly
do you love about me?
You seem pitiful.
Is that so?
Where are you going to stay?
Hasn't your salary been transferred yet?
The changes I requested
haven't been implemented.
How could this happen?
This is my work,
You know?
Are you even listening?
It can't be published like this.
No matter how you look at it, it can't.
Fix it by the day after tomorrow.
The progress on the content is fine.
Dont be nervous and dont take it too seriously
I thought you were eager to see it.
Don't mind me.
Just make sure to meet the submission deadline.
I'm looking forward to it.
If this doesn't sell ten thousand copies,
it's a failure.
Do you understand?
Of course, I do.
What are you doing? So clumsy.
I'm sorry.
Hey Sonoda!
It's time to finalize things on your end.
We're running out of time.
Do you understand there are only
a few days left until the publication?
I'm sorry.
If this book fails,
the entire company might lose their jobs.
- Yes.
- Tighten up!
I will definitely confirm everything
by the end of today.
- It must be today.
- Yes.
- Hurry up.
- Yes.
- Go quickly.
- Yes, I'm on it.
(4 days until the deadline)
(2 days until the deadline)
(0 days until the deadline)
I must get this book published.
Mr. Tawada really likes it.
He wants to meet you.
He wants to discuss your work with you.
This is sure to win an award.
Oh my, thank you, senior.
I worked so hard on it.
Here he comes.
I'm Sonoda.
Come in quickly.
Thank you for your hard work.
Sorry for the wait.
The pages are not in order.
Don't submit handwritten manuscripts;
they're hard to read.
I know it's a bit past the deadline,
But I am very confident in the content.
How can you show your face?
Writers burn their lives in their creations.
I, too, am diligently following their lead, so..
You should at least adhere to the deadline.
I can't see you like this.
Just accept your fate at the company, Sonoda.
Mr. Nishikawa is protesting.
He hasn't agreed; how can we print
a review copy without his approval?
He says he won't let us publish
his books in the future.
The entire first edition needs to be reprinted,
and we have to cancel advertisements,
costing a total of 20 million.
How do you plan to take responsibility?
The legal department will contact
you regarding compensation.
Pack up your things and get out.
You better not stay in this industry.
You owe an apology to those who work earnestly.
Where was I not serious?
Listing flowery words to deceive readers
What's the point of publishing such a boring book?
Is it wrong to be boring?
As long as it brings happiness and joy,
what's the problem?
No different from your favorite pure literature.
Wake up to reality.
You only bring unhappiness
to those around you.
Sonoda, you really know how to cause trouble.
creating chaos everywhere.
I don't hate it.
When you're free, let's have a drink again.
(Live in the moment)
I'm here to pick up my things.
Can I see you off?
It's so desolate.
Is your novel going smoothly?
Not at all.
I'm sorry.
Those weren't my true feelings.
You are not pitiful at all.
Not pitiful at all.
But I have no friends,
been fired several times,
My parents hate me,
terrible habits,
cry a lot,
and I can be violent.
Why did you want to be with me?
I probably admired you.
You dare to do everything I can't.
I just wanted to become like you.
Don't compare like that.
Why say it like that?
I'll help you carry that.
It's okay, I can do it myself.
Such an impolite guy.
I know, I know.
I really dislike unsociable people.
Indeed, very annoying.
Those kinds of people occasionally appear.
I mostly just ignore them.
I get it.
She's here.
Over here.
She is the Kiyokawa Rina I just mentioned.
He's the editor, Shimizu.
His abilities are superb.
- Hello, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Let me tell you,
this girl's mind is quite unique and interesting.
Is my mind strange?
I mean it positively.
She's active on Twitter,
and the content is very engaging.
I think she has the potential
to publish a physical book.
She has over 20,000 fans.
Quite impressive for an amateur.
There are also a lot of likes - she is an amateur.
(Shouldnt be alive)
Professor, this is feasible.
It depends on how you package it,
make it interesting.
What's up? Have a seat.
Take a look at her.
Her face is also very cute.
I think there's a chance for big sales
if she comes to the forefront.
I feel like stepping into
the spotlight and showing my face.
I thought of an illustrator with a similar style.
Do you know what my daughter
wants to be when she grows up?
An internet celebrity.
When I was young, everyone
wanted to be a baseball player
or nurse.
Can't keep up with the changing times.
Let's go eat.
Sorry, I brought my own lunch.
No problem.
You're really serious.
let's go.
What do you want to eat?
I want a set meal.
Mr. Sonoda,
This is for you.
Can I really have it?
I just bought a new one.
Thank you.
If you don't mind,
you can have these too.
Take them to eat.
(Live Book Discussion of 'Shouldn't be Alive')
('You and Me and the Third World')
Compared to the Twitter
compilation from last time,
this one seems more like
a collection of your daily life.
I resonated with it when I read it myself,
nodding along.
'Living in a Small World with
Only Home and a Lover.'
When I resigned to focus on raising my child,
that sense of loneliness was particularly strong.
I haven't had a child,
sorry, I don't quite understand your feelings.
You don't need to apologize;
I'm the one who's sorry.
But, Professor, the frustration you feel,
I think it's a problem that many
modern people encounter.
So that's why there are so many
readers moved by your works.
Isn't that right,
Sensei who Shouldnt to be alive?
Has your ex-boyfriend read this book?
I think he has.
He should be reflecting on himself now, right?
Isn't he?
There are so many interesting scenes in the book.
Thank you for sharing.
Thanks again, Sensei Shouldn't Be Alive.
Thank you, everyone.
I read your book.
I was surprised you could write.
No, I don't have any notable writing skills.
But it's very interesting.
Can you guess what I'm doing now?
I have no idea.
Take a guess.
What? Is it related to the book?
It doesn't matter.
Then I can't guess.
Just give it a try.
Office worker?
That's too broad.
Clothing store clerk?
- Milk delivery person
- why?
Can't guess. What's the answer?
The correct answer is
a playground equipment maintenance worker.
How could I guess that?
Surprisingly interesting,
and it requires a license.
Are you dating anyone now?
There's someone I've been interested in recently.
How about you? Anyone you're interested in?
I'll go to the restroom for a moment.
Be right back.
You know,
Is this...
Is this...
Can we go over there together?