Depraved (2019) Movie Script

And you're just
watching this woman
this mind just like
shut down bit by bit, you know?
I know it's hard seeing that.
Yeah, but... but then
the moment you're back
in the, in the singing,
she's just like alive again.
She starts with these
kind of like, these moves.
And you know..
I guess she's..
That it's, it's okay.
It's very sweet that you visit.
You're a good grandson.
Well, yeah, she's my nana.
You'll be a good dad.
And such a good, sweet dad.
Lucy, come on,
why are you doin' that?
I'm... I'm moving in with you.
I think... I think that should
be enough for right now.
Oh, okay, I was just saying,
I don't know
I thought... I thought you were
sweet and I just wanna meet
our little Alex or Alexandria.
It is just so totally,
totally insane
that you're talking about
having kids when we..
I, I know I get it, I know.
I was just.. God, nothing.
Just... just think about it
for a second.
I mean, you work at a museum
and I do web design
for a company
that's downsizing every week.
I mean, that's a... that's a
great environment
to be bringing a kid into.
I was... I was just saying
that you'd be a good dad.
Nobody's bringing any kids
into anything.
Look, we've been out of college
for like ten minutes.
Well, look at you now,
you're doing the hair thing.
Don't start freaking out.
I'm not freaking out,
I'm fixing my hair.
You are so defensive. I..
I was just trying..
God, I don't even know what..
See what you do is, you just,
you keep setting me up
to become a disappointment,
you know?
Every time you raise the bar
and I can't keep up
I have to feel like a fucking
asshole. Because you know why?
'Cause it makes me feel like
I don't love you enough
when I don't want to have kids
with you when we're like 23...
You're obviously having
a total meltdown.
Do you just..
You don't wanna do this.
No, of course, I wanna do this.
But I am gonna go.
What, now... now you're mad?
I'm not mad, I just..
I have to see
nana in the morning
and it makes more sense for me
to be at my place.
I'm sorry to disappoint.
Well, aren't you, at least,
gonna put this on?
It's your birthday present.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on.
Happy Birthday.
Thanks, babe.
It's.. Stay, we don't have to
talk about anything anymore.
Oh, come on, baby.
I'll call you, alright?
We got tomorrow.
You're awake.
You're up.
You're... you're... you're up!
Oh, okay.
Uh, okay.
Okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay, uh.
Oh, uh, ca... can you say that?
Can you say o... okay?
Try to say "Okay."
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
I had a pulse yesterday.
I, uh, I have to name you.
Adam? It's so corny.
Shit! I can't think. Um..
I'm Henry.
I'm your..
Wait, uh, we need
to get a picture..
For you Uncle Polidori.
This is where you'll stay!
This is your room.
Recover here and become strong.
You will stay here.
You will not leave
until we are ready,
you understand?
You understand?
I want you..
To be safe.
And the most important
thing for you..
Will be sleep..
So your brain can recover.
She started
these kind of like, these moves.
And, you know..
I guess she's..
That it's, it's okay.
It's very sweet
that you would say that.
- You're a good grandson.
- Well, yeah, she's my nana.
It's okay, Adam. It's okay.
Let's put these on.
So, let's get you checked out,
okay, Adam?
Open. Close.
Now, Adam, you need drugs.
Don't worry.
Most of America is on drugs.
Uh, uppers, downers
pain killers, mood enhancers.
Blood pressure, diabetes,
opioids and meth.
Seen it on TV.
Somebody is very eager
to meet you.
Okay, now for you, we have got..
Dilantin for your
brain seizures.
Uh, Butoxamine, Heparin.
Cyclosporine, Mycophenolate
pH, beta blockers
blood thinners, coagulators..
Mood enhancers,
blood pressure, diabetes
opioids and meth.
Pain killers. Mood enhancers.
And, of course..
Polidori's own
new and improved
magic Rapamycin.
"Rap X" he calls it.
I give you life..
And he keeps you alive.
No, no, no, no, no.
The ones that match.
Put 'em together.
No. The moon, the moon.
No, the moon, the moon.
Moon, moon, no.
There you go.
Put it where it matches.
Barn. Barn, fits. See?
Barn. No. Barn.
Hmm. Barn. No. Barn.
Moon. Moon. Barn.
Let's get up.
Let's get that taken care of.
"When Simon is hiding,
where can he be?"
"Is he hiding under
the Truffula tree?"
"No one is sure, no one can say."
"Some people think Simon
has just run away."
"But I know that Simon
is hiding quite near.
You just have to look,
use your eyes and your ear."
You like that left side
of your brain huh?
Let's try this one.
What you got to do. What you
got to do. What you got to do.
What you got to do.
"Now Simon is hiding
where can he be?"
"Is he hiding under
the Truffula tree?"
"No one is sure, no one can say."
"People think Simon
has just run away."
"But I know that Simon
is hiding quite near.
You just have to look.
Use your eyes and your ear."
I wanna meet our little
Alex or Alexandria.
First, you are going
to do medicine..
And then an experiment.
Here we go.
Close your eyes.
That's it.
Adam? Adam?
Now, I want you to try
the puzzle again.
I... I... I know you can do it.
You can do it
because it's all there.
It's still in your head.
You can access that information.
During the operation,
I had about
three hours wiring up the brain.
It... it was the most complex
part and you know
you... you lost neurons
like if you'd had a stroke
or drank too much
for a couple of decades.
They won't regenerate.
But the brain can reroute
all those little synapses.
They will find
another way around.
I mean, the plasticity
of the brain is fantastic
and what better stimulus
then self.
But regularity
leaves impressions
and creates a space
for the mind to rejuvenate.
Look at you go!
Adam! Puzzle master!
Alright, you heard Bach
and then you heard Beethoven
and then America came along.
America gave us jazz
and the blues.
Pretty great, right?
Is gravity.
Gravity makes the ball go down.
Gravity also keeps you
on the ground.
Gravity is your friend.
Now you try.
Good, again.
Gravity is..
Your friend.
My God, yes.
Gravity is..
Your friend.
Yes! Yes!
Gravity is your friend.
Yes! Yes!
That's it. Say it louder.
Gravity is your friend.
Gravity is your friend.
Yes, say it again.
Gravity is your friend.
The boy talks!
Gravity is your friend.
What about dancing? Try dancing.
Uh, okay, no. We'll try
that later, that's fine.
Okay, let it drop.
Ping pong.
Ping pong.
This is your paddle,
this is the ball.
I'm gonna drop the ball..
And hit it over to you.
You hit it back.
Good. But, no.
Give me the ball.
Pick up the paddle.
Hit the ball to you
you hit it
with the paddle, okay?
Let's try again.
Come on, man,
you got to hit it back.
I'm sorry,
I'm not mad at you, alright?
I'm just mad at myself.
Mad at myself. Mad at myself.
Mad at myself.
Henry is hiding.
If Simon is
hiding where can he be?
Hiding under the Truffula tree.
Sure and steady.
You'll be a good dad.
And such a good, sweet dad.
And such a good, sweet dad.
Hope you're not
wandering around at night.
Sleep is very important.
No, he's not ready
to be shown, alright?
I'm still worried
about regression.
The, the brain may be
immunologically privileged
but the rest of his body
is just a battle ground
of tissues aching to go at it.
Yes, I am just being cautious.
If there's even a whiff of
rejection and inflammation
the whole protocol
will be called into question.
Well, they should be concerned
if they're legit.
So, I want to be sure.
I'm not sad you're away.
Thank God you're away.
He wouldn't last a week
with your hyped up energy
around here.
He's recovering, you understand?
He's not some junk bond
you can just flip.
Okay, bye.
That was your Uncle Polidori
on the phone.
He's very eager to meet you.
Just come out here,
let me get a look at you.
That's good. You look good.
There's one thing though,
you see these buttons
how they're uneven? Fix that.
But see, dude,
you forgot to shave your lip.
Good job, buddy.
I bet you think..
Your name is Adam because of..
The Bible.
Adam and Eve first
man, all that crap.
Or maybe you..
Don't even remember
what the Bible is.
Yeah, I have been busy.
Well, I work at the clinic
a couple days a week.
Yes, I've been taking
my medications.
I feel better.
I wanna see you too,
but you know I'm at the clinic.
Polidori's got me
on this project.
Let me call you back, Liz.
Don't sneak up on me like that.
Turn that fuckin' thing off!
Woo Hoo! That's my boy!
Adam, now there you are.
Hiding, huh?
I hope you're hungry.
I'm sorry that I was away today.
I, uh..
I don't know, I guess I'm..
Not used to any of this.
Does that hurt?
Why don't I remember?
Remember what?
Why don't I remember
being small?
Huh, don't you?
Well, you had a trauma.
That's what we're dealing with.
If your brain could remember.
I do remember.
A face.
The brain plays..
Lots of tricks, Adam.
I had..
A certain kinda brain
when I was young.
And I remembered a lot.
And I went to medical school.
And I kicked ass.
And then I went
to the Middle East
and... I got my ass kicked.
They say... that I
saved a lot of people..
While I was down range.
I don't remember it that way.
I remember all the ones
that I lost.
You'll be okay. I got you, okay?
Hang on!
Got me to thinkin',
bein' out there
all that carnage, body parts.
I did some things that would..
Get you in a lot of trouble.
But after I got back..
I, uh, I told Polidori
about them.
I don't know why.
Old friend, I guess.
Now here we are.
Um, sorry to barge in.
Are you a friend of Henry's?
Is Henry here?
Are you where Henry's been
all this time?
Are you from the war?
Um, try this on.
Henry's easily jealous.
So, I am Liz.
I'm Henry's... girlfriend
for lack of a better word.
Who are you?
I'm Adam.
Are you alright?
- Liz.
- Henry.
What are you doing here?
How... how did you get in?
I still have keys.
Right, of course. I just..
Sorry, you sounded so down
on the phone I was worried.
I've been worried
this whole time.
Well, Adam, go to your room!
Put clothes on!
Liz, I told you
I needed some time.
I gave you time, I thought
you went to the VA Hospital
in Washington to try
the program there.
No, alright? I never left,
I've been here.
Polidori's just letting you
stay here? Why?
I'm not one of your
patients, Liz.
The fact that you won't
acknowledge you have a problem
is part of PTSD, Henry.
I don't have PTSD.
I've just been focused
on other things.
Anyway, in case you think
I'm stalking you
I'm here because
Polidori invited me.
Has he even told you,
he's been tweeting about
some pet project of yours.
What's he talking about?
Jesus! He's a fuckin' idiot!
He doesn't know
what he's doing, I told him
I need more time.
He can't rush this.
Rush what?
Are you telling me
you went through with it?
Oh, my God.
You did it.
You shit!
I'm so sorry I scared you.
You must be so..
Alright, Liz, we have to go now.
Goodbye, Adam.
Henry, you brought the war
home with you.
I've been away all month,
it's been excruciating.
Like missing the birth
of your own child.
How would you know?
Shut up, Georgie.
Henry's been secretive.
I'm pissed.
I think we can all agree
it's astonishing
what a couple of years
in the theater of war
can do to a man's
medical prowess.
And his psyche.
Well, we were able to get
fatalities down with
the mobile triage unit when
we were closer to the action.
Faster response times,
better results.
Yeah, but anybody can think
about this stuff.
You actually
did something about it.
You got skills.
I mean, shit, man,
you can bring people
back from the dead.
And I can keep them alive.
I'm sure the girls don't want to
talk about this stuff, Polidori.
Now, it's too late for that.
He won't shut up about it.
That's why we're here, right?
To bear witness,
while others are out
fucking around
with molecular science..
DNA in Petri dishes
or computers.
We're in here
dealing with blood and guts.
The totally tactile.
The extreme sports of biology.
Both of you are going to end up
on the front page.
You're damn straight we are.
And when we do, I've got
a whole speech worked out.
Once people see this,
we can put Rap-X
on the fast track to market.
It's gonna save a lot of lives.
It should make some SynTech
stock holders pretty happy.
You and Georgina
should do very well.
Either that or you'll drive the
whole company down in scandal.
No. This is way too big
for that.
Well, Henry, here we are
our witnesses to the unavailing.
Reality check.
We've got a lot riding on this.
I've got a lot
of very important people
interested in what we're
doing here.
Well, I would really rather be
doing this in private.
He's never met more than
one person at a time.
Come on, don't be
such a counter-parent.
Adam, how did you..
My God! Oh, my God!
Well, so, this is it.
Or this is Adam.
Adam, how are you?
How is he?
He's good, uh, you know,
keepin' him busy
with, uh, the Dilantin
the Taxamine, Heparin.
Cyclosporine, Mycophenolate.
Just trying to keep
the rejection to a minimum.
Quite a cocktail
and you've been using
the Rap X three times a day?
- Three a day.
- And all of him functions?
Like he, he eats? He shits?
Yes, yes and yes.
And every single
part of him works?
What do you mean?
You know, cock and balls, Henry.
This guy's got to be raging into
puberty any day now.
You don't want to give him
a complex.
Oh, I'm sure you'll be happy
to counsel him through.
Anything for science.
- And can he talk?
- Yes.
Uh, talking is something
we've been working on.
Isn't that right, Adam?
That's right, Henry.
And I think we are getting
so much better... all the time.
That can't happen again.
We're doing this on my schedule.
Do you understand?
Come on.
- Book.
- No, sleep.
You'll fall asleep.
I'm taking the girls away.
They're extremely agitated.
Well, you shouldn't have
brought 'em in the first place.
Yeah, I'll take 'em in town
for a drink.
You can't buy off Liz.
You can buy off anyone, Henry.
Come on, I want to see
Adam again.
Bring him out here.
I gave him a sedative,
he's all hyped up.
The Rap-X is potent.
The Rap X is working perfectly
and it's gonna save
a lot of lives.
I mean, that's why
we did this, Henry.
We did it to make up
for everything
that went wrong
on the battlefield.
And, yeah, s... sure we did it
to test out a drug
that would otherwise
take you years
to get approval on.
But they can't argue
with success.
What the fuck is the matter
with you, man?
Why aren't you ecstatic?
I guess, I..
I got so wrapped up
in the challenge of it
I didn't think about him.
The thrill of conception and now
you've all of a sudden
lost interest.
Maybe you're not cut out
for fatherhood.
That's not true.
I... I've spent time with him.
We've bonded.
Jesus Christ,
I'm fucking with you, man.
No, you're,
you're a great daddy.
But where do we go from here?
The experiment's over.
Dude, what are you talking
about the experiment's over?
The experiment has just begun.
Now we have to present him
to the world.
That's the whole point.
I'm thinkin' about stoppin'
the medication.
Are you fucking crazy?
Well, excuse me.
You are fucking crazy.
No, Henry..
That is not
what we're going to do.
- Adam, you should be in bed.
- Adam, it's okay.
Come on in, please.
You're welcome.
It's nice to see you again.
Oh, I don't think I ever
taught him to shake hands.
Alright. Right there.
Okay.. Oh, okay. Okay, yep.
Big strong hands.
Alright, that's.. I see
you've got him on hormones.
HGH. I wanna see how strong
he can get.
You know, with everything
else he's got goin' on.
- And?
- See for yourself.
You know I think you should
let me take him out for a spin.
Give him some air, some culture.
You're always talking about
the importance of the brain.
Do you think
we should be filling this one
with something worthwhile?
I want him back by 6:00,
before dark.
Look at you. You're so cute.
You're a prick.
Maybe so, but you got to
let go sometime.
Come on, Adam.
It's gonna be fun.
That looks good on you.
Don't worry.
Come on.
Let's take a selfie.
Why so serious? Come on, smile.
Welcome to Manhattan, Adam.
Okay. Come on.
Recognize this place, Adam?
I believe you should.
Come on.
And so it begins.
I don't suppose Henry's
had the time to teach you
the history of things
but allow me to summarize.
Since the beginning
it's been war and warring
with factions of artists trying
to find beauty and meaning.
Capture the agony
and the ecstasy.
This museum, it's a mausoleum
to the aspirations of man.
Nice aspirations on him,
don't you think, Adam?
"The Divine Comedy."
Should Ugolino
have eaten his offspring?
It's all about choices.
Some would say
choice is an illusion.
I prefer to give it some credit.
The choices we make
define the man.
Come on.
The Rape of the Sabine Women.
I thought you'd like
this one, Adam.
Filled with an action.
Those women were tricked
and can't be trusted.
Principles, justice, honor.
Some would die for them.
While others
are a bit more shrewd.
This, this is what
they teach you
in the institutes
of higher learning, Adam.
A lot of useless knowledge
that nobody gives
a fuck about anymore.
I did meet my darling wife
in college.
Don't get me wrong,
there are some perks.
She was very rich.
C... cloud.
Hm... yes, it is.
How do you see the world, Adam?
Do you see great swirls
like Van Gogh?
He died in poverty.
He went mad
and cut his own ear off.
Modernity encroaches.
20th century angst.
God is dead
and we are left alone
with our technology
and our nightmares.
It is the beginning of the end.
A culture of narcissism
and self indulgence
born out of the comforts
of modern life.
All that's left to do
is enjoy the ride.
This is my favorite place
in the museum.
Here we have artistry
and science
directly engaged
with man's essential impulse..
These are instruments of death.
Look how lovingly crafted.
From the blade to the balm
humanity does so love
That's what we are, Adam.
Utterly depraved.
Souvenir of our visit.
You always have to have
a souvenir, Adam.
Speaking of memories, does, um
anything here look familiar?
Have you worked here long?
Um, for a while, yeah.
Thank you.
Come on, Adam.
It's not polite to stare.
Hi, ladies.
Hi, baby.
Get us two whiskeys.
Come on, Adam.
This is my friend, Adam.
Adam, this is the lovely Stormi.
Thank you, my love.
Don't worry, it gets better
with the second one.
You like her?
You do like her, don't you?
Do you know any girls, Adam?
I know Liz.
You do know Liz.
Let's get closer.
Give those to her.
We're gonna spend a lot more
time together, you and I, Adam.
Henry's not well.
There is one thing
I want you to promise me.
If he ever stops giving you
your medication
you know,
the... the... the Rap-X?
It's the little red pills?
You find them and you take them.
Three tablets a day
and you never stop.
Do you understand?
He may not care about you..
But I do.
That's the funny thing
about fathers.
So few of 'em are in it
for the long haul.
Do you know what a lie is, Adam?
A lie is something
that's spoken that is not true.
A lie can hurt
as much as a knife wound
if it's wielded with as much
care and purpose.
Sometimes it's those
who are closest to us who lie.
You like her.
Good morning, Henry.
Come on, Adam.
Where the hell were you?
We were out on the town.
All night? Never again.
You know, I must've been out
of my fuckin' mind.
Yeah, sometimes I think
you might be.
- What did you give him?
- Ah, don't worry about it.
He'll sweat it out.
Don't be such a fuckin' Puritan.
I called you seven times.
Yeah, well now you know
what it feels like.
- This isn't a fuckin' game!
- No, I understand that.
Hey, listen I... I... I
just wanna tell you something
because he's your patient.
What, what?
What do you wanna say?
Well, it's just, uh..
I think he might be
a little volatile.
Some of his behavior
was slightly erratic.
Yeah, he's probably reacting
to whatever the fuck
you put him through.
You and your whole scene, man,
just lookin' for excitement.
You don't know the first
fuckin' thing about excitement.
Look, he said something
about Liz..
So I figured maybe you
should keep an eye out.
- What?
- Nothing.
Nothing, it was just the fact
that it came
so fucking out of the blue.
I thought you should know.
Ask him. Look, I got to go.
Come on, let's go inside.
It's me, Liz.
I remember.
I'm Adam.
Um, did I wake you?
Um, I wanted to know..
How you... feel.
I feel with my hand.
Oh, mm.
I, uh..
I was wondering..
Is any... body asking you..
Do you have any..
I have pain.
What do you do here all day
when Henry's not around?
I read books.
I wait for Henry to come
and play ping pong with me.
In my... dreams,
um I'm someone else.
I don't understand
how I got here.
What's goin' on here?
Liz, you can't just keep
barging in here.
Well, he was all alone.
You're not gonna fix him.
You're not gonna fix me.
Jesus Christ, Henry,
what a fucking mess you've made.
Don't talk to me like that.
What I've done here is amazing.
Oh, really?
And who can you tell about
this spectacular accomplishment
without being thrown in jail?
Fuck that!
You don't think that they would
fall all over themselves
to protect me
after they found out
what I've done?
They? They, they.
Who the fuck is they?
Who can you even trust
with this?
My God, shut up.
Shut the fuck...
Can you repeat what you've done?
- What?
- Is it verifiable?
- It's in the computer.
- Would anybody even let you?
- Stop!
- Henry, you are not well.
Ever since I've met you
you have been trying to save
everyone that you meet
but you know what?
Therapy and kindness
can't fix everything. Alright?
You get your fuckin' leg
blown off
you need more than
a bedside manner to fix it!
It takes innovation.
Blood and guts, innovation.
This is not you talking. This
is Polidori manipulating you.
Stop! You have always been
jealous of him, it's ridiculous.
Jealous? Jealous that he can get
you to do anything he wants.
What about me, huh?
What about what I have done?
What I have achieved?
I see nothing here but sadness.
Don't, don't say that
in front of Adam.
Henry, please.
Please, just come to the clinic.
There are so many vets
down there
who could use
your compassion, your smarts.
Yes, of course. I want to but..
If you think that Polidori
cares about you
or about Adam or anybody
but himself, you're wrong.
Get out now, please.
This isn't needed here.
I've been wrong.
I realize that..
I owe you something
like a normal life..
Where you can come and go.
I didn't think it through.
I didn't believe
that you would ever..
what was happening to you.
Maybe I didn't want to.
I want a girl
like you have a girl.
- What?
- Lonely.
Right, of course.
I understand.
Is that what you and Liz
were talkin' about?
You don't have to lie to me,
I know that she's..
She's very kind.
It's only a matter of time
till we all have to start
getting ready
for doomsday, you know?
Even if it's trans-misogyny
the qualifications require..
Valentine's Day may be over
but you can always
give a smoochy cake..
Northern and Southern California
still dealing
with the, the fire storms.
I'm opposed
to shutting down your speech.
You know you have to have
that objection..
It's not the solution,
the government is the problem.
Now in this..
Can Bill and Margo win
the $10,000?
Ask your doctor
if Doraphine is right for you.
Side effects include bleeding,
nausea and in some patients.
Doraphine has been known to
cause heart failure and death.
Discontinue use..
Don't need 'em.
We don't need them... anymore.
You, uh... you got better.
Red pills.
Three a day.
You're good.
Adam, I wanna give you
I want you to have this.
And I want you to know..
That charm..
That means this was a gift.
That means you were loved.
Hit the ball to you,
hit it with the paddle.
Okay, let's see if this works.
Open the goddamn door.
Where did you get him?
Paramedic buddy of mine in Dumbo
gave me a call,
knew I was looking.
God, it's still warm.
How did you do that?
Henry? Door.
Time of death, 10:48.
Oh, Jesus.
I'm gonna start prepping
the instruments.
We got to get that brain
outta there, alright?
Okay, stay there.
Stay there, alright?
Alright, stay there.
And my best friend.
This guy.
Who is this?
Oh, my God, who is this?
Whoa! Whoa-oh!
- Speak of the devil!
- Adam, stand back.
Okay, Henry, in... introduce
your friend to the guys.
This is proof that Rap-X works.
- I know what you did.
- What?
- And you!
- Okay, come on!
Come on, come on!
Guys, I'm so glad
you could come.
Look, the one thing I need you
to understand about all of this
is that,
is that it's an anomaly.
This was not a situation
that has happened before.
I'm sure you understand
that in the course
of a clinical trial
every so often you hit a...
Look, I don't know what the hell
happened back there
but you're crazy
if you think it's ready.
Okay, guys, look, I'll,
I'll give you a call next..
I couldn't find him but he,
he can't have gotten far.
Henry, I am sorry, I've got
too much riding on this.
I cannot let you fuck it up.
Do you ever get tired
of stating the obvious
you asshole?
It's all ready fucked up!
No, no, in fact the only thing
that's gone wrong so far
is that you've introduced
unnecessary drama
into this situation.
Look, you haven't been firm
with Adam
and that has made him feel
unsafe and uncomfortable.
You don't know the first fuckin'
thing about what Adam needs.
He needs calm and stability.
The brain cannot heal itself
in an erratic environment.
Okay, okay. Well you know
what I fucking need, Henry?
I need this thing to start
paying off... now.
This is a trial period still.
- No!
- You need to accept that.
No! It's not, Henry!
It's not a trial period.
It has been 30 goddamn days.
The trial
is a rousing success, man.
It worked. Congratulations.
Look, I got to go.
Just so you know,
I... I... I took
the laptop and the hard drives.
John, you can't just do that.
I'm sure you remember
the agreement we made
where this is all my property.
Come on, man, don't turn
this whole fuckin' experience
into just some thing you did
for SynTech.
Fuck you.
Look, I... I was there, man.
I was in the room.
You needed my help.
You didn't do this without me.
You couldn't do this without me.
Yes, yes, John.
We did this together.
Look just call me
if Adam shows back up.
I... I got to go, uh..
Sort shit out with the suits.
And I got to be upstate
for the weekend but after that...
- Adam is not ready.
- Look, Adam's not even here.
Look, I'll be back on Monday.
He better fucking be back
before then.
Liz, it's me. I..
Adam's gone missing.
I'm out looking for him.
But... if he goes back
to the loft
could you just be there?
I'm... I'm sorry.
Just call me.
Hey, bud?
You havin' a drink or what?
Top shelf, house, rocks?
Eight bucks.
Hey, Sam, I'll get the next one.
You fucked up?
You look fucked up.
But I wanted to buy you
a whiskey 'cause when you
walked in here
you reminded me of Iggy Pop.
You know who Iggy Pop is?
Because that's the shit, man.
Here, you gonna drink this?
Come on, toast.
Raise your glass, man.
I'm Shelley.
- What's your name?
- Iggy.
Just so you know I've done every
puzzle in this place already
so... don't try
any funny business.
So what happened to you?
I mean, Iggy,
those are a lot of scars.
Is that your real name?
I like music.
Cool. I do too.
What kinda music you into?
Do you like "The Stooges?"
Gravity is your friend.
Never thought about it
like that.
So you gonna tell me
what happened to you?
You don't have to answer that
but I really want you to.
You have a tattoo.
I have a tattoo.
Oh, yeah? Yeah,
I've got a lot of tattoos.
But you're not gonna
see 'em all tonight.
I have this tattoo.
Wait, what is that?
That's, um, Caduceus, right?
- It means like rebirth?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
- I don't know.
Oh, come on, you don't know
what it means?
- No.
- Oh.
I've had nights like that too.
Thank God, I never got
a tattoo though.
But what about the scars, Iggy?
Are you into like scarring
and shit?
I mean, that's some crazy shit.
Okay, what do you say,
one more round?
Alright, that's it, I'm broke.
Sam's so cheap.
He won't give me a free one
unless I'm here the whole night.
Did you just..
So you're good at puzzles.
And you're pretty quiet.
You're pretty weird.
What are you even doing
around here?
I walked here.
Yeah? You live around here?
I mean, I've never seen you
before, I'd remember.
I don't go outside,
I stay inside.
Mm, hm, no wonder,
I mean, you're so pale.
I mean... what are you,
like a vampire or something?
I don't know.
Oh, well, that probably means
you are one.
It's getting pretty late, huh?
I got to work tomorrow.
Fuckin' corporate slog.
I know you wouldn't guess it
by looking at me, huh?
But, yeah, just a cog in the
wheel. What are you gonna do?
Problem is,
I can't ever sleep at night
so I got to come here every night
and slam a couple.
- You know what I mean?
- Yep.
Wow, you are pretty funny.
What do you do?
Play ping-pong.
You're drunk.
Or... you're just nuts.
I don't know,
but I'm pretty drunk.
Ooh, yeah, I got to go.
You gonna stay?
I have nowhere to go.
What? I thought you said
you lived around here.
Well, I guess
you can walk me home.
I did buy you all those drinks.
Whoo, it's so cold!
I live this way a lotta blocks.
Man... you are really out there.
- Are you high?
- I like you.
That's cute, I guess.
You can walk me home, I guess.
You wanna hold my hand?
I can't believe it rained
and then now
it's just freezing cold
and there's no snow.
Rain's only worth rain
if it's gonna turn into snow
you know what I mean?
Anyway, this is me.
Thanks for walkin' me.
- Uh, come this way.
- You live down there?
I thought it was just a bunch
of warehouses down there.
Anyway, I can't,
I got to go home.
- Come, ping pong.
- Oh, yeah, ping pong.
- Not tonight. I got to go home.
- No, come!
- Meet Henry.
- Hey!
Hey, Iggy, what are you doing?
Or whatever your name..
- Come! Come!
- What are you doing?
Come on!
Please! Let me go! Please!
Adam, oh, my God,
what did you do?
Come on,
we have to get her upstairs.
Up... upstairs now!
Hold her. Come on.
Lay her out!
No, no. It's... it's too late.
I want her to be my girl.
Give her medicine.
- Did you do this?
- Shelley, my girl!
No, No!
Don't you fucking get it?
She's been dead for hours.
I.. It doesn't work.
Bring her back like me!
- No, I can't! It's too late.
- Shelley!
I know you can fix her!
You know what's happening?
You don't really exist.
There's no record of you.
There's no prints.
You're nothing that can be
traced to anything.
You understand me?
You're not in the system.
You're not real.
I'm sorry. It's over.
We can tomorrow. We still got
tomorrow. We got tomorrow.
We got tomorrow.
You're gonna be okay, alright?
I brought you back.
- What's your name?
- Adam.
Alright, Adam.
You're gonna be okay.
I got you, okay? Hang on.
Come on!
Oh, God, Henry, what's happened?
I just got your messages.
I got to get outta here.
Oh, my God.
What have you done to Adam?
- Who is she?
- I... I... I... don't know.
I don't know where he went
or who he talked to or
or, or if anyone's gonna be
looking for her.
I'm gonna bury him
in Polidori's backyard.
Then he and Adam can be
together. Just how he wants it.
Wow, what a fucking mess
you've made.
Why didn't I remember?
Remember what?
Why don't I remember
being small?
Well, you had a trauma.
That's what we're dealin' with.
I'm gonna drive north
and I'll call you when I can.
Shit. You... you... you can't
drive, you can't even stand.
No! I will drive. I will drive.
You get in the car.
Drop me off at the train
and then you're on your own.
Oh, my God.
When you're in the field,
every kid that comes in
with his arm blown off
or his head smashed in
you want to help him.
Give him an arm and a new leg.
You wish you could bring them
all back
and send them home
to their wives.
Their... their moms, their kids.
Well, I figured it out.
I figured out how
to bring them back.
I told Polidori what I'd been
doing in the battlefield
and he got very excited
and he set me up in a loft.
He told me people
from SynTech would support me.
He could supply
the pharmaceuticals
if I incorporated the Rap-X.
He said he could supply
the body parts too
donated to Sanford Medical
and I figured that
that was probably legit
'cause he's been on staff there
for years, you know?
But I... I didn't care.
I wanted the body parts.
- Sorry.
- Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God!
- What the fuck is that?
- Just dump it.
I feel sick,
thinking about that girl.
Her parents and her friends
wondering what happened to her.
Wait there! I'll bring it.
Alright, that's it.
It's about a half mile up
to the house.
If he ever fucks with me..
I'll just tell him
to take a look down here.
It's a good piece of meat.
Is it dry? Might be a bit dry.
Hm. No, mine is fantastic.
How 'bout yours, Mr. Beaufort?
How was it?
It was fine, John.
Maybe a bit overcooked.
So, I hear tell
that we're thinking
about raising the price
of Doraphine.
We're looking into it.
It was severely under priced
when we introduced it.
It's a proportionate adjustment.
Shouldn't cause much of a stir.
No, it shouldn't,
it's, it's astonishing
how people think
that R and D is free.
Hm, that's why
I've been doing so much of my
my own due diligence on Rap X.
Your preoccupation with Rap X
is misplaced.
It's a long way from market
and the application is obscure.
I'd like to see you
put your focus elsewhere.
Sure, but that... that
could change
with the right data. Correct?
Dad, you're not here to just
go on about SynTech business
over dinner.
John brought it up.
Uh, we should put coffee on
if we're going to do
the drive back
to the city after dinner.
Oh, well, let me get dessert.
- Uh, no need for dessert, dear.
- Oh, no, I got it...
Uh, uh, just coffee
and we'll be fine.
Are you sure you won't spend
the night, mother?
It'll be much more pleasant.
Yes, we'll have brandy.
How fast can you pour, John?
Coming right up.
Who is that?
Having company at this hour?
I don't know who that could be.
Henry. Liz.
What are you doing here?
Hope we're not interrupting.
Henry. Liz. This is a surprise.
Well, we were
in the neighborhood.
You must be freezing.
- Who is it?
- Uh, daddy, you remember Henry.
- We went to school together.
- Yes, Henry. I remember.
You went to the Mid East didn't
you? Triage, couple of medals?
- Yes.
- It's a damn mess over there.
- Yes, sir, it is.
- And not getting any better.
Let's not start, daddy. Come
inside. You too, Liz. Come in.
Thanks, Georgie.
What the fuck are you doing
here? Where's Adam?
He never came back.
Wha... what? What..
What do you mean he never came
back? Where'd he go?
- I thought you'd might know.
- Why the hell would I know?
I'm waiting
for that drink, John.
Yeah, I'm coming.
No, thanks.
Your name is Liz.
I don't remember you. You were
in the same class as Georgina?
Yes, John and Henry too.
Um, we were all there
at the same time.
Huh. You look younger.
What do you mean
you can't find him?
What are you going
on about, John?
No, I..
There's someone that, uh, Henry
and I actually wanted you
to meet, but...
- And he's gone missing?
- Yes. Yes, he has.
Shouldn't you be back at
the loft in case he shows up?
- He won't.
- What are you talking about?
That reminds me,
have you been able
to unload that Gowanus property?
Where the fuck
could he have gone?
Such compassion. It's touching.
I don't know what's taking
so long, a loft like that.
You might just have to clear out
all that junk.
Anton, it's time to go.
I don't want to leave
in the middle of the storm.
Mother, are you sure
you won't stay?
No, we're leaving, I just wanted
my drink. You ready?
Okay, uh, Mr. Beaufort
if I could maybe come
into the office on Monday
I'd love to fill you in on
the work we've been doing.
John, don't bother.
"We," who? A... a... anyway,
we... we've got to be going.
- May I use your bathroom?
- There's one in the hall.
- You've been here before.
- Um, goodnight!
It was nice to meet you again.
I'm sorry,
I don't remember you, dear.
The roads are gonna be a fright.
Well, talk to your father.
He insists on waking up
in his own bed.
Dad, you should think about
staying the night.
We'll be fine.
We'll beat the storm.
Georgina, can you turn
the lights on out there?
Yes. The coast is clear.
Goodnight. Thanks for supper.
- Goodnight dad.
- Goodnight, dear.
Goodbye, Henry. I remember you
were very ambitious in school.
You have your own practice now?
Henry and I have been working
on a project
that I think might interest you.
Just be careful who you get
mixed up with.
I told my daughter
the same thing.
- Dear, let's go.
- Goodnight. Goodnight.
Oh, it's already coming down
out there.
It's gonna take us forever
to get home.
Calm down. We'll be fine.
- Do you have the keys?
- Yes, I have the keys.
I'm gonna go clear the plates.
You two amuse yourselves.
I can't believe you left him
in the city.
It's unbelievable.
- Yes!
- Find what you're looking for?
Oh! This is Henry's laptop.
Did you know that - Know what?
That John would steal something?
That he would lie about it?
It takes more than that
to surprise me.
Well, this is Henry's
and we came to get it back.
Why are you getting yourself
mixed up in all of this?
Maybe I'm tired of seeing John
take advantage of Henry.
My husband has invested
I dare say everything
in whatever it is that Henry
is doing and he owns it.
And Henry will profit from it
in one way or another
and you need to get over it
and stop interfering.
Jesus, Georgie you haven't
changed one bit
which is understandable
who your parents are.
I know, you'll always be
the good girl
thriving on lost causes.
Shouldn't you be saving souls
in the VA right now?
What's the point if SynTech
has one pill that can take care
of all of them
if they can afford it?
Oh, good Lord.
When Henry came back
he wanted everything to be
the way it was at school,
with John as his enabler.
Whatever it is they're up to now
maybe it will make a difference.
Maybe being the operative word,
but there's also maybe not.
And either way,
all I see is death and sadness
because of what they've done.
Oh, God, such melodrama.
You want melodrama? How's this.
What the fuck's going on?
Are you insane?
What the fuck did you do..
What the.. What's she doing?
- It's over, man. It's over.
- What's over?
- What's over?
- He's gone.
- Who's, who's gone?
- Adam is dead.
We killed him.
You said he left
and he didn't come back.
Well, he did come back
carrying a dead girl.
You were right, he's volatile.
No, I... I... I just,
I only said that
to turn you against him.
Well, anyway, he's dead now.
He's gone and buried along
with everything else.
No one will find the evidence,
this was all just a bad dream.
Uh, we have to clean out
the loft.
It's done.
Henry, take me to the station.
I... I need to get out
of here right now.
I need to get on a train.
We don't do trains
this side of the river.
Alright, a bus.
Not at this hour.
There's a guest room upstairs.
Well, we should go now.
No, fuck that.
Stay one more night.
For fuck's sake,
you're our oldest friends.
Just, just stay and have
have one drink with me.
Memorialize Adam to celebrate
the work that we did.
I'm going to bed.
Liz, if you're sensible,
you will too.
The guest room is at the top
of the stairs to the left.
Henry, I can drive.
We can stay the night.
We'll leave first thing
in the morning.
Alright, alright.
Just don't be up late.
You've already drunk enough.
It's like school all over again.
All of us together.
Fucking Liz, man.
Jesus Christ, when did she
become such a champ?
Ha-ha! Next time, Henry,
we'll do it legitimately.
I'll give you a lab,
a nice white lab
and a nice white lab coat
and medical cadavers.
Because goddamn, man,
we need to do something about
the emotional baggage
that we had last time
because if I looked back
and I think if you looked back
in hindsight that was really
where we went off
the tracks, 'cause it certainly
wasn't you as a scientist.
I mean, scientifically speaking
as a medical doctor,
you're beyond reproach.
I don't know if you're quite
the daddy that you thought
you were, but,
but a brilliant doctor, Henry.
Nobody questions that.
And I am your Igor.
Because what did I do?
I got you bodies.
I even got you a fresh brain.
I want some kind
of credit for that
but, of course, I did it.
I did it for you, man.
Because I love you.
Doctor Henry Frankenstein.
Henry, not Victor just
like in the movie.
I salute you.
Frankenstein of the Hudson.
What did you do to her?
Listen, listen, Adam,
Liz is your friend, alright?
Just let her go.
I love you, Liz. I love you.
You're supposed to be dead.
I buried you.
You want revenge?
Go after Polidori.
He made you what you are,
he killed who you were.
It was you! It was you
who made me what I am!
What are you gonna do, shoot me?
Look at what you've done.
You're despicable.
- Shut up.
- My father was right about you.
I'm calling the police.
No, you're not.
Henry, is that you?
Show yourself!
Come on, Henry!
Take your time!
We can draw this out.
I don't think the odds
are in your favor though.
Henry, I don't think that
the war prepared you
for actual combat.
Not real combat between men.
For that you need
a hunter's instinct.
Come out, come out
wherever you are.
Let's make this more
And where did you go?
Come out, come out.
Oh, there you are.
You do look perturbed, Henry.
Whatever made you
kill your girl?
I mean, you know, look, I'm not
I'm not blaming you for it.
Who can take it
after a while, right?
I will shoot you,
I will kill you.
I've done it before.
Where the fuck do you think
those bodies came from?
Adam! I thought
you were fucking dead.
What are you two up to, Henry?
No, no, no, Henry!
Please. Please, please, please,
please, don't leave me.
I'm sorry, Adam.
I'm sorry.
You can forgive me.
I have no one.
Yeah, well
is overrated anyway.
Tell me somewhere
in that pea sized brain of yours
you remember.
That night? Tell me
you remember that night, huh?
You.. We gave you life.
We gave you opportunity.
And what did you do with it?
You fucking squandered it. Huh?
Whose fucking fault is that?
And, now, look.
Everybody's dead.
I want you to listen to me.
This is the way it's gonna go.
You were the crazy creation
of a mad scientist
who went berserk
and did all of this.
They're gonna blame you
for everything. Okay?
And they're... they're gonna
blame you
they're gonna blame you
for the bodies
for the fire, for all of it.
You fucking understand that?
Oh, my God.
You're still so thick.
Goodbye, Adam.
I came into this world filled
with wonder.
I didn't know
how I'd come to be.
No! No, no, no, help.
There's been
a break-in in my farm!
It's uh, On the High bridge
Road. It's about two...
I turn to people around me
to ask for help
in making my way.
But now I know
that each was only thinking
of themselves.
They made mistakes.
I became just like them.
Adam! Stop. Please!
You... you have no one.
I'll... I'll...
I'll take care of you.
I'll take care of you!
No! No!
Gravity is your friend.
And now they hate me.
And now they hunt me.
I will hide and disappear
and learn not to care.
This is what
they have taught me.
Come on, we've got this
Don't let him get away! Stop!
Stop or we'll fire! Stop!
Hey, I just splurged.
Double cap.
What's up?
I don't know.
This really creepy
looking guy left it for you.
He just walked out.
Wait, he wa... he was here?
Where'd he go?
He just walked out.