Der Gang in die Nacht (1921) Movie Script

Walking Into The Night
"Helene, I have
a lot of work to do again. "
February 25.
Eigil is now a professor.
More and more he is attaining
a position as a physician and scientist
that I've desired for him ever
since our childhood together.
This only concern about knowing
himself at the height of fame
has even become more intense
after our engagement.
And yet, the more auspiciously
he approaches that goal,
the more inhibited
my passion for him becomes,
about which he probably knows nothing,
because I'm always afraid that
my love might lead him astray.
"A famous physician!"
"A doctor! A doctor!"
"I'm so terribly frightened!
Please, do come again tomorrow
to look in on me!"
"You don't have to go yet,
in that awful weather!
Have a cup of tea...!"
"Tell me something about yourself. "
"Whoa! That must be boring!"
"I suppose you didn't like me at all...
as an artist...?"
"I was dancing!
Everyone was enthusiastic,
only you were sitting there
brooding and listless!"
"You've got such a horribly
awful tie!"
"I've come... to fix a day...
for our wedding!"
"Set us free, Helene!"
"Eigil... How... did...
this... come... over you... "
"I don't know. "
And that's why I must never
see you again.
"I have received your letter!
It isn't true that you never
want to see me again!"
"Why don't you look at me?!"
"Look at me!"
"But don't take
too long with your round. "
"I encountered him, too. He is a
painter who has become entirely blind.
He's been living in seclusion
near the village for years. "
"A thanksgiving prayer to God for
the grace of vision. "
"Madame went into the village... "
"... but a sick peasant woman
has been waiting for half an hour. "
Eigil, I only like
the truth between us.
When I first saw you I knew that
I would love you endlessly.
My foot injury was just a trick,
as it is now.
But I've always been afraid
to make this confession.
Now I'm glad it is out.
"That blind painter is coming to our
house tomorrow. Perhaps I can heal him!"
"Avoid him! Don't bring him here!
I have such an inexplicable fear...!"
"At six o'clock we'll see
whether the healing of the blind
has been successful. "
...has grown weaker day by day,
and now Helene lies in bed,
ill and completely exhausted.
I regarded it as my duty
to tell you about it...
"At six o'clock the professor wants to
bring the blind man out into the light
for the first time
since the operation. "
"You are a noble person!
Because you are helping the blind man,
who is good as a saint...!"
...has grown weaker day by day,
and now Helene lies in bed,
ill and completely exhausted.
"Even today I must go... far...
far... away... from here... "
"You have to stay here
for another four weeks.
As a doctor I have to demand at least
this time for your further treatment. "
...has grown weaker day by day,
and now Helene lies in bed,
ill and completely exhausted.
"Lily... would you...
be... very... sad...
tomorrow... perhaps for a day...
to... the... city... "
"Perhaps... you...
really... must...?!"
"If only I had... never... seen...!"
"You... gave... him...
the... light...!"
"The next!"
Professor Doctor EIGIL BRNE,
who, as is well known,
has dedicated himself for months
entirely to ophthalmology,
and who is blessed by hundreds
of healed persons, has recently...
"No thanks!... Duty!"
"He... goes blind... again... "
"Kill yourself!
Then I will heal... him!"
Professor Doctor EIGIL BRNE,
who, as is well known...
I don't accuse you.
None of us is guilty.
Laws were above us!
But you needn't try to heal me anymore.
You gave me the light once.
I was allowed to see her.
I return into my night.
The End