Der Hauptmann (2017) Movie Script

Germany April 1945
Two weeks before the end of war
Come on!
Where's that little piggy?
Come on now. Where is he?
Where's the little piggy?
That only means,
that there's something left here.
Come on!
Thieves! Thieves!
He's getting away! He's getting away!
I'm gonna ...
That's too good to be true.
Like a miracle falls upon us.
A golden glow from paradise.
Thank you so much.
Yes, tell me something,
what do you think you're doing?
How dare you!
Am I seeing right?
The pants are too long?
Excuse me.
Excuse me, Captain.
What did you say?
What did I hear? Huh?
Run, you shall.
Come on, you'll get your chance.
Run, I want you to run!
Go on, run!
Run for your life,
you little piggy. Go on, run.
Private Walter Freytag
reporting for duty, Captain.
I lost my unit.
I obediently ask for permission
to join you, Captain.
Got stuck?
Then I'll get the Captain out of the dirt.
What do you think you're doing?
Let me see your pay book.
- I lost my unit.
- Be quiet.
You're deserted.
No, Captain.
We were involved in heavy fighting.
Half of the battery...
You look hungry.
Nothing to eat for three days,
Captain. Very hungry.
All right,
let's try it together.
- Then you'll find us accomodation..
- Yes, Captain.
Dark as in my ass here,
Let's do it.
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler.
Don't take it personally,
Uniforms are no longer a pretty sight.
Especially not German ones.
There's a lot of talk about the
conditions behind the front.
But things seem to me
even worse than I feared.
Schnabel, Gerd, Captain.
Party member since '32.
Look, I know things don't go
according to plan around here.
- The roast was an emergency slaughter.
- The poor animal...
Relax, relax.
I don't want to get anything into anyone.
Just tell me what the damage is.
By looting by deserters.
What did those crooks
get, what was it worth?
Please. For the refund.
I'm here to make sure
everyone gets their money.
After all, the Party still
ensures law and order!
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler!
- I had two carriage horses...
- You don't have any horses.
Is there any food left?
Breakfast was a long time ago.
Yes... Even roast there.
Freytag, roast! Freytag?
There is roast.
Give the host a hand.
Go ahead.
- They smashed my dishes.
- A cupboard...
For you, Captain.
Enjoy your meal.
Looks splendid.
Yeah, well, let's take a little break.
Don't worry.
Everybody gets what they deserve.
Indeed. Greetings.
Captain, we got one!
He stole.
- Order has to be restored.
- Yes, sir.
Time to earn the roast.
Everyone what they deserve.
Just in case, I'll put a
candle on your nightstand.
That was hard.
- Wake up call on time tomorrow at 5:30.
- Yes, sir.
- What about breakfast?
- There's some bean coffee in the car.
That's good.
It isn't nice to leave
with an empty stomach.
The Captain
Where to now, Captain?
- The barnyard is on the right.
- Yes, Captain.
Now first of all attention!
And better fast!
Come on!
Let's have a look then.
Pay books and marching orders.
This is Greater German Broadcasting
with the "Wish Concert for the Wehrmacht".
- Field of action is the other direction.
- Deserters. I said that right away.
Answers! Come on!
Captain, I report obediently...
We were scattered from our troops.
- And that's where you settled here?
- At my expense. Drunken pack!
Field policemen are in the next town.
But he smashed our phone!
Come here.
After all, you can't put
up with everything.
- A schnapps!
- Yes, Captain. Schnapps.
- Captain...
- Did I ask you anything?
Captain, I report obediently.
Request permission to join.
All right, sit down.
I've got a job to do behind the line.
And I need help with that.
You will help me.
To the Bodyguard Herold!
Together we are strong.
What's the job, anyway?
I want to get a clear picture of
the situation behind the front.
I can help you figure that out.
The situation is what you make of it.
Isn't that right, Captain?
Where are we going, anyway?
Area of operation is straight ahead.
Military police! Everybody, line up!
Soldbooks out!
I won't say it again!
What do you think you're doing?
As captain of the Luftwaffe, I
resent this disrespectful treatment.
- I want to speak to your superior!
- Yes, already there.
- You don't want to show off your pay book?
- To a Corporal with that behavior?
Why is your troop without
a marching orders?
- A special operation.
- Special operation?
- Report of the situation behind the front.
- Aha.
- With what warrant?
- With what warrant?
Warrant from the top.
The top.
Warrant from the Fhrer himself.
He's heard a lot of things.
There are concerning rumors
about the situation here.
But first, tell me who you are.
Sichner, Josef.
If you show me your pay book now,
we won't talk about it anymore.
At least in yours there
has be something written.
All right, then.
Then if I may ask for your papers, too?
As an officer of equal rank, I
may also examine your documents.
I shall also have to note that
in my report, Captain Sichner.
Weapons down.
Yes, you know...
With all those deserters, you don't
know who's in the uniform anymore.
- Freytag, return the pay books.
- The rag pack roams around looting.
- That's why the controls are so tight.
- Very good. The Fhrer likes to hear that.
You will have to show the
pay book more often.
You're right. These looters
must be taught how to behave.
Captain, I will accompany
you on your inspection,
get a picture of the
situation for my report
and, where necessary, I'd
be happy to assist you.
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
We'll take the men with
us and tow the cart!
Pay books!
- Heil Hitler!
- Captain Sichner.
We bring deserters to camp II.
Open up!
Yes, sir. Open up!
Not so fast.
Captain Junker. Heil Hitler!
Captain Herold is to report on
the situation behind the front.
- To the Fhrer himself.
- The Fhrer?
Tell him the situation sucks.
- Camp II?
- Jump in.
I got some friends with me.
We know each other.
- Crete?
- Eh...
- Narvik!
- 1940.
Hairy situation. Part of Wehrmacht?
- Paratroops.
- Hm...
- And you?
- 1940? Poland.
My god, Poland 1940...
I loved it.
I never forget a face.
Well, I'm sure we'll remember.
Up, up, up, up, up!
We still have a little time.
I'll buy you a drink.
Well, come on as long as
we're waiting for gas.
That's an outrageous luxury.
To keep workhouses and work camps
in operation during this time.
Nine out of ten inmates are morally
unstable and of no human value.
- Right?
- Outrageous luxury. You say it.
All the prisoners were
brought here from the camps
we evacuated before the enemy arrived.
And now we must feed them until
the judiciary... Uh, this way.
Gets its way,
to finally judge them.
And what do the posters say? Ey!
What's the Party preaching?
"Restore order if you see looters."
Captain, eh...
- What was the name?
- Herold. Captain Willi Herold.
Captain Herold.
I have to take care of my men.
A pleasure.
We take care of your men.
Ah! SA leader Schtte.
He is in charge of the guard unit.
This is Captain Herold.
Heil Hitler! I am glad to see you.
Finally something happens.
We're forever waiting
for the Stand Court.
He's not from the Stand Court.
What? No? So...
All I heard was Special Ops, and I
thought it was time to get serious.
He's supposed to report what it
looks like behind the front lines.
To the Fhrer. Himself.
The Fhrer?
Yes. That's why I told Captain
Herold about our storage problem.
Oh, I see.
Yes, you know... with all
the escaped prisoners
we have here on the home front
something like our own war.
Even if it's not as fine there
as it is with you officers.
We're struggling with the same problems.
Just the other day, I found another looter.
- And?
- Restored order.
Yeah, like I always say.
The population has asked us for help
because the prisoners go
into the houses and steal.
The highly pregnant wife of a SA man
has been attacked and robbed.
Those who desert, loot and
rape must be tried.
Escaped prisoners are out of
the question for a pardon.
And we need to make sure
they don't fall into the
hands of the enemy.
But the Stand Court doesn't convene.
Here the Wehrmacht should
rule, not the judiciary.
They are only talking and
they're assuming things are staying local.
But where brave front
fighters die every day,
it's not acceptable that
proven, convicted criminals
live like bees in clover, because
nobody has the guts to take action.
The vermin is safer than
any front-line soldier.
And that would be easy to
solve if you just wanted to.
Yes, yes, the Captain
understands our dilemma.
Of course.
You can't ignore a state
of emergency like this.
- You will talk to the Fhrer?
- Put in a good word for us?
It would take a load off our minds.
Maybe even more is possible.
What... What do you have in mind?
I don't want to promise anything.
First I need a picture of the situation.
And my troop needs board and lodging.
You settle this with the prisoners,
and we'll take care of your troop.
Well, let's get to it.
Take him right to the detention hut.
I have to clarify that with Hansen.
With the camp leader.
The internal area with
the security detainees
is under the jurisdiction of the judicial
authority, I have no authority there.
Then I guess I'll have to grant
you the necessary authority.
We can't have justice dancing
on the Wehrmacht's nose.
Well, I have to go.
Schtte, you take over.
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
- Great.
Captain Junker!
- But now I want to know.
- What?
- Well, how do we know each other?
- Oh so.
Hm... No.
I just can't remember.
Well, that happens, doesn't it?
Mhm, yes.
If I could show the captain the way?
To the detention hut.
Prisoners who have become refugees shall
be kept separate after their seizure.
Hurry up!
Fall in!
Get a move on!
The vermin must be taught
discipline and order.
I'll let all of you pigs die!
I'll get the camp leader.
' can interrogate the prisoners already.
Did you steal?
Didn't you hear what the Captain asked you?
Multiple desertion.
Line them up outside.
Now everyone's emptying their pockets.
If you don't have anything, you're next.
You got anything?
You got anything? Put in in there.
That's okay. That as well.
Who's got something?
You got something. Give it to me!
Take it out! Give me that.
You? Heh?
You? Give me that!
Give it to me now!
- Pardon me ...
- They are already dead.
One way or another.
What is it now?
A captain from the Luftwaffe wants to
see the prisoners in the detention hut.
Does he have a sufficient warrant?
Yes, most sufficient warrant,
directly from the Fhrer.
Directly from the Fhrer?
But in the internal camp area, one of
my law officers must accompany him.
In the internal camp area
you, your SA guard units
or the Wehrmacht have no
authority whatsoever.
With your permission,
I'll take it from here.
Well, it doesn't comply with the rules.
- I hope we're aware of that, don't we?
- Of course.
But now that I'm already, officially,
the liaison person for the captain...
I'll be right there.
- Eh, Schtte?
- Yes?
The daughter of Winkler
from barrack four asked
that to be handed over to
her father personally.
- Can you do that for me?
- Gladly, it's on my way.
Get out!
Come on, get out of there!
What did I tell you? Get out!
What are you looking at?
What's the matter with you? Huh?
So you're going to hold
the Stand Court yourself?
My father always said, "What
you start, you finish."
Finally something happens. Brockhoff!
All prisoners are to be brought in immediately.
Don't let them get to the windows.
Shoot immediately if contravened.
Position men at the barbed wire every 15 m.
And dig a pit.
These criminals don't need coffins.
All right.
Come in.
Heil Hitler!
Take a look at this.
Come on, hurry up.
What the hell's going on here?
Mr. Hansen, may I introduce
you: Captain Herold.
Ah, the captain.
Do you have papers for that?
The Fhrer personally instructed
me to take all necessary measures
whenever German combat
strength is endangered.
"The soldier can die,
the deserter must die."
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Nevertheless, I ask you not to do
anything else for the time being.
Because I have to contact
my supervisor first.
After all, I have no instructions
from the Justice Department.
That should be understandable
to you as an officer.
I'm at your disposal.
Dr. Thiel, Hansen here from camp II.
Yes. I have Captain Herold here.
He says he has a warrant from the Fhrer
and has already executed five prisoners.
Yes, in the inner camp area.
Ah, one moment.
The Deputy Special Representative of
the Ministry of Justice, Dr. Thiel.
Captain Herold.
Five prisoners, yes. I know
they are subject to justice.
They attacked me during
an pre-interrogation.
Yes, all five of them.
Mr Schtte can confirm that.
Yes, I can indeed.
Of course, their guilt is proven.
Otherwise they wouldn't
be in the detention hut.
Dr. Thiel would like you
to wait until tomorrow before
taking any further steps.
He thinks the law is very clear.
A Stand Court must be properly organized.
Dr. Thiel will get in touch with
the senior public prosecutor in Oldenburg
and will then check your
warrant here in the camp.
- He is welcome to do that.
- He will definitely do that.
You have not yet understood the
seriousness of the situation, Mr Hansen.
- I guess you could say that!
- Come on.
Everything must be right.
Nobody wants to take that on their own.
Captain Herold!
Captain Herold, that can easily be
solved to everyone's satisfaction.
If the Gauleiter is on
our side, I know him,
then there is no longer a problem
with the Ministry of Justice.
We can easily keep Dr. Thiel away from us.
Captain Herold, yes.
With full authority from the Fhrer.
Yeah, that's right, he's supposed
to be here at the camp tidying up.
Yes, the Captain has already
disposed of a few prisoners.
He says, "You have to start somewhere."
I see it the same way. The Ministry
of Justice is only stonewalling.
But we should definitely coordinate
this with the Gestapo in Emden.
Oh, you'll take over?
He says, "When Captain Herold
wants to take over, we all save time."
He'll call you back.
Schtte. The Gauleiter.
Yes. Is anybody from the agency coming?
Nonsense, we can do this on our own.
Heil Hitler!
He says, "Break a leg,
that this is will work out."
Dr. Thiel?
Yes, this is Schtte from camp II.
Captain Herold wants to speak with you.
Dr. Thiel?
And put me in charge.
The camp matter was handed
over to the Gestapo in Emden.
He checks with the Gestapo,
talks to the Attorney General
and then informs Hansen.
Sleep, kid, sleep.
Hansen's a sheep.
Hansen here.
So the Gestapo has transferred
the matter to Captain Herold
as a simplified Stand Court
and assumes all responsibility?
I see. Uh, Captain Herold
has sufficient authority.
Yeah. There's nothing we can do about it.
Yes, I understand.
No doubt about his authority.
Mm, yeah.
Yes, I see. Heil Hitler.
Line them up!
Come on!
Get a move on!
I thought three groups of 30?
Well, then we better get to it.
Let's go!
Left turn!
Today we want to march.
To try out a new march.
In the lovely Westerwald.
Yes, there the wind whistles so cold.
In the lovely Westerwald.
Yes, there the wind whistles so cold.
Oh, you lovely
Over your heights the
wind whistles so cold.
However, the smallest sunshine
Thrusts deep into the heart.
Because dancing makes joy
And the heart in the body laughs.
Oh, you lovely Westerwald.
Over your heights the
wind whistles so cold.
However, the smallest sunshine
Thrusts deep into the heart.
And Gretel and Hans
Gladly go dancing on Sunday.
Because dancing makes joy
And the heart in the body laughs.
Because dancing makes joy
And the heart in the body laughs.
Oh, you lovely Westerwald.
Over your heights the
wind whistles so cold.
However, the smallest sunshine
Thrusts deep into the heart.
When the dancing is over
There is mostly fighting.
And the lad whom that does not please
Is accused of having no grit.
Oh, you lovely Westerwald.
Over your heights the
wind whistles so cold.
However, the smallest sunshine
Thrusts deep into the heart.
We're out of here.
The flak is done.
Everybody shoot!
Come on!
Captain, what is going on here
does not comply with the
regulations in any way.
What you're doing here
is a downright scandal.
This is inhumane.
I will report that.
It's going great, huh?
Somebody's gotta get in there. You there!
You're going in!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, goddamn it!
Let's go!
Save the seriously injured
from unnecessary suffering.
Report obedient, order executed...
A complaint about the improper disposal
of 90 prisoners.
90, Dr. Thiel.
Uh, what?
Uh, oh, that.
Captain Herold has organised a
variety show to celebrate the day.
Among the prisoners are some artists.
You should shovel!
Yes. Uh, and because of the complaint...
I'll fuck you up!
I'll send you to the pit!
- Yes. Yes, I see.
- You should shovel!
- I'm sick of this!
- Uh, yes. Yes, I agree.
It's punishable by death!
- I'll beat you with this shovel...
- What's going on?
- This is a huge scandal!
- Shut the fuck up!
He can face the music himself.
They refuse to close the pit!
Then do it yourself!
And make sure there is peace and order!
You have to give me everything in writing.
I'll pass that on then.
I must insist on an official report.
I'm powerless here as well.
Come on, I'll take you to the village.
We don't need Herold's variety show.
With your permission, I will stay away
from camp until Herold's departure.
Yes, for all I care.
It'll be over soon anyway.
Oh, kiss my ass.
You will regret that, you sows.
Come on, let's get to work.
- Hip, hip!
- Hooray!
- Hip, hip!
- Hooray!
To celebrate the day, there's
plenty of booze to drown in.
- For everyone!
- Yes!
Anyone who shows that much
effort, he should have it good.
Cheers for now!
In two weeks, on 20 April
'45, the Fhrer's birthday,
the victorious German offensive will come.
The Fhrer said it, and
the Fhrer doesn't lie.
With me since she was 15.
Do you believe that, Captain?
A heart and a soul for 20 years.
Like all big cats, I only search for
a partner once, but then for life.
No, a banana!
- Ah...
- How you doing?
Like the Jewish lawyer. Why?
I can't complain.
- You, Rabbi?
- Yes?
I would like to know:
What does "relative" mean?
- You don't know what is relative?
- No, I don't know what it means.
- Want me to explain?
- Yes, I do.
- Good, Moshe. I'm pulling down my pants.
- Oh.
- And the underpants.
- And now?
- I bend over.
- And me?
- You stick your nose up my ass.
- Uh, is that necessary, Rabbi?
Yes, Moshe, otherwise I can't
explain to you what's relative.
- Is your nose deep in my ass?
- Yes, it's deep in your ass!
So now we both have a nose up our asses.
- Yes.
- But I'm relatively better off.
- So. Oh...
- I'm so hungry.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Do you have anything to eat?
I haven't had anything for so long... No!
- A giant killer sausage.
- Oh!
I haven't seen anything like this in ages.
I'm hungry!
I'm hungry. Oh, no!
No! Oh, no! Oh, God. Oh, God.
He is hungry.
I am hungry too.
Hunger, hunger.
I'm hungry too.
Ah! Now I can eat too.
Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai, ai...
Hahaha. Hihihi. Haha.
- Hey!
- Yes!
They're really good.
It's as beautiful as ever
When war comrades are together.
Then the soul talks
The mouth is silent too.
They all feel the Holy Covenant.
Who once stood in the
impact area of grenades
The heart has already called brother.
They are together
That's all it takes.
Even when they only look
each other in the face.
And only the heart
That once struck with a twitch.
That endured all the pain and suffering.
It took the bitter years.
Took in the whole fatherland in itself.
To our Captain Herold!
Hip, hip...
- Hooray!
- Hip, hip!
Now I want to say something
about our great Captain Herold,
who has decided the whole
thing here so quickly
and... and took it into
his hands splendidly:
It went smoothly!
Smooth! Smooth! Smooth!
First of all, thank you
for all the nice words.
But I have to say something about it right
away: Our work here has not yet been done.
None of the prisoners, the
parasites in the camp,
may fall alive into the
hands of the English
and make common cause with them.
To holy duty and obedience!
- To the Battle Group Herold!
- To the Battle Group Herold!
What's going on?
Why don't you sit down?
Come on, we won't bite.
Come on, sit down.
Come on.
Come here.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- What is your name?
- Roger, Captain.
- Misdemeanor?
- Nothing, really.
Nothing really?
Then you're not a criminal.
Nonsense, I'm an actor. Ah...
- A completely hard-boiled one in addition.
- You could say that.
- I'll get your file right away, you little pig.
- Not necessary.
Let me ask you something.
Purely hypothetically.
Well, let's pretend.
As if you had done something.
- But I haven't.
- I know, but you are an actor.
- Yes, but...
- Then pretend like you did something.
- Yes.
- That's what "hypothekic" means".
Hypothetically, you mean.
So, what would a guy like you
do if he did something wrong?
I've got a pretty good instinct for that.
What does he look like?
He's a thief.
What do you think, Gerda, huh?
I don't know.
Hm... maybe a murderer?
Murderer, me?
I didn't kill anybody.
- I am not a murderer at all.
- What are you then?
Come on, come up with something.
It's only...
You're just acting the
criminal, so to speak.
So, I'm not a murderer.
And if I were, then...
Yes, then more likely such a...
- Such a thief.
- What did I say?
What did you steal?
- I haven't thought about that yet.
- But that's no fun.
- Maybe you have stolen food.
- If someone is hungry...
When it comes to survival.
Some eggs here, some bread there.
Couple of lies. Little. Big ones.
Whatever gets you through tough times.
If you don't turn death, it turns you.
For example, I stole this uniform.
- I stole the wine. Haha.
- Yes, and I stole the potatoes.
- Purely hypothetically.
- I can steal this sausage.
Captain, you're quite an actor.
Seriously, what did you do?
I stole from a dead comrade?
- Oh, you're a corpse robber.
- That's a nice confession.
- I mean, hypothetically.
- Do you know the penalty for that?
Shall I tell you?
What? Shall I tell you, you?
Do you want me to tell you exactly?
Huh? Should I?
Come on! Come on!
Hey, what... what's going on here?
Come on! Come on!
- Come on, you pig!
- Hey, what the fuck?
Not wanting to dig!
Come on, get out, you sows!
That's enough!
Off to the canteen!
What kind of mess is this?
You dirty pigs!
To the canteen, now!
But not like animals! Brockhoff!
Captain, you can't do that.
That is not a decent way.
That's no way to act.
That's not German!
That's enough!
Listen up, everyone, when Captain...
Listen, everyone, when
the Captain commands!
- Enough now, I say!
- Listen up, everybody...
when the Captain commands!
- Listen, everyone ...
- Who does he think he is?
Captain, will you please get
this place in order right now?
Listen, everybody! Listen,
when the Captain commands!
This place must be in order!
Don't be a coward.
Next round's on me!
Welcome to the Herold Battlegroup.
- I need to speak to the captain.
- He is indisposed.
- It is urgent.
- I'm telling you, he's indisposed!
Then... then tell him
the Volkssturm is here
to comb the area as ordered.
- Report obedient...
- I heard it. Go to the canteen.
Deserters loot and rape,
terrorize the civilian population,
endanger our fighting comrades.
This must be put to an end!
It is not enough to wait
for this scum to act.
We have to stop the rabble from doing it.
These are asocial, worthless elements
that are not acceptable for Germany.
I expect a quick, efficient cleanup.
Don't be a pussy.
- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
About the pants...
They were too long.
But now they fit again,
Yes, that's me. The captain.
The Volkssturm is back.
British artillery!
Ah, no!
Let's do this.
Fall in.
Bodyguard Herold, fall in!
This time our lives have become cheap.
Isn't that right, my dear?
Great party, boss.
But the place is closed.
Both of you, I promote to the
rank of Chief Military Police.
You're sergeants now.
And you'll get uniforms.
We'ven been through here.
Of camp II only a post of the former
turnpike remains. The rest are fields.
Quick Court Herald
Traitors to your fatherland!
Aquire provisions.
I am Captain Herold.
Leader of the Task Force
and Quick Court Herald.
I am the Avenger of German Honor.
And I will give every traitor to
his fatherland what he deserves.
This judgment will be applauded
by all honourable Germans
and will be a warning to all
cowards who betray the fatherland
in these serious times.
I will restore law and order to this place.
Ask for the best house in town.
Have pass-through fees ready.
Wait, wait, wait. Hold it right there.
Your handbag!
- Hey, on the floor with you.
- Get down!
Hey, pretty lady, freeze.
Hold it right there.
This way in.
- My friend Irmgard.
- Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
This is our Captain Herold.
Personally honored for his
bravery by the Fhrer himself.
Thank you.
He! He!
- Get out, come on!
- Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Let go of me! You dog!
Get off me! Let go of me!
Let go of me!
You are accused of looting, theft and...
of high treason.
Private Kipinski is a
disgrace to our troops.
The Quick Court Herold has ruled him guilty
and hereby sentences him to death by...
I entered you like the
devil enters a virgin.
And that's where I'll stay.
In your heart.
- Am I crying?
- Am I laughing?
- Am I dreaming?
- Am I awake?
I don't know what I'm doing today.
Where I go, where I stand,
people laugh at me.
Today all fairy tales come true.
Today I realize one thing.
- Come on, eat!
- There's only one of this.
It won't come back.
- That's too good to be true.
- Come, away.
Like a miracle falls upon us.
A golden glow from paradise.
There's only one of this
It'll never come back.
Maybe it's just a dream...
Life can give that only once.
Maybe tomorrow it'll be over.
Life can give that only once.
Maybe tomorrow it'll be over.
There's only one of this
It'll never come back.
That's too good to be true.
Life can give that only once.
Because every spring has only one May.
Life can give that only once.
Life can give that only once.
Because every spring has only one May.
Field police! Get up!
- Get out! Come with me!
- Hands up!
- Get up!
- Field police!
Field police!
Open the door!
You're a private!
So you confess to having committed
the following offences:
The unauthorized wearing
of an officer's uniform,
the committing of a massacre in camp II
and the killing of a mayor who
has hung out a white flag.
Shooting of a mayor who has
hung out a white flag.
My father used to say:
"He that hath done wrong
shall at least admit it."
Legally, the case is perfectly clear.
The man is to be sentenced
to death by hanging.
I don't know.
That seems exaggerated to me.
Under the given turmoil of the time
Herold did not behave at all so absurdly.
He showed a brash military appearance,
but did not inflict any significant
damage to the Wehrmacht.
Herold always behaved like an officer.
He's been standing at attention throughout
the trial for more than four hours.
Without a twist.
That's a jagged fellow.
He has demonstrated tremendous
fighting leadership qualities.
- Such men impress me.
- I would like to add:
What led to all these things
was only my determination
to contain the increasing defeatism
in these last days of war
and to urge Germany to continue fighting.
I see so much evil committed
out of necessity,
but this man is impossible
with healthy wits.
Oh, you know, when I think like that...
we as young Free Corps fighters... Ha!
We used to shoot frantically sometimes.
- Hahaha!
- Are you really going to acquit him?
Limited release!
I recommend suspending the trial
and putting Herold on
probation at the front.
Herold is a dashing guy. Such a man is
worth his weight in gold. In these times.
Let's not kid ourselves, gentlemen:
The war is in its final stages.
The Reich has lost the war. But that
does not mean that we will give up.
We will build an elite organization
that will continue
the armed underground battle
after the enemy occupation.
Heil Hitler!
We march to Berlin by foot
to free the fallen Reich
capital again! Yes!
On the 23rd of May 1945, former Private Willi Herold
is arrested in Wilhelmshaven by the Royal Navy.
During the following interrogation he entangles himself in lies.
When it became clear which war crimes he commited, he was tried.
On the 14th of November 1946 he was sentenced to death,
together with six accomplices. He was 21 years old.