Der Knochenmann (2009) Movie Script

Something just happened again.
No one wanted to believe...
this could happen in our own backyard.
But as soon as the story was out,
the finger-pointing began.
Some blamed it on money.
On greed.
Others blamed it on sex.
And others said it was our modem times,
the godless and egotistical society.
The Austrians blamed the non-Austrians.
And the vegetarians said that...
eating meat was what started it all.
But here's what I say:
They were all wrong.
If it weren't for love
none of this would have happened.
What do they mean by 1:3?
One part antifreeze, three parts water.
That's 4.5 liters.
4.5 liters? -Yes.
That's too much water.
Works without water down to -73C.
Any amount of water is fine.
Wait, that means three parts water...
plus one third antifreeze.
Not one third, one fourth!
Use your head.
How is it going to freeze here?
You're asking me?
-15C tops.
It doesn't get any colder?
Not here in the West.
You sure?
Different climate.
In South America, for example in Brazil...
it's summer now.
I know that!
You think I'm an idiot?
But it's winter here.
Still a different climate.
Good evening.
I don't think 3 parts water will even fit.
That hurts!
Stop it!
Should I have a look?
Next time I'm buying it pre-mixed.
Go have a look!
That's what I said.
Go on!
I'm going.
Where are you?
Left? Right?
Over here.
Shall we go?
Why do you keep me waiting?
I'm here now.
Where are we eating?
A cool place, American.
With motorcycles on the walls.
What kind?
Real ones.
On the walls?
Yeah, I thought you'd like that.
Fuck the motorcycles,
the food is what counts!
Get in the car!
What's going on here?
Wait here!
You have the keys?
- Hand them over!
Please, money was tight.
I'll pay somehow...
Be reasonable, please!
- No!
You should have paid on time!
I know,
but I need the car, please.
You got 3 reminders, right?
I'm a single mom,
We need to get to kindergarten. Please.
Talk to the leasing company!
Please, step aside!
Let me out on the other side of the bridge.
A small beer!
Hi, Brenner.
This is Isabel!
- Hi!
We met last night at the Sky bar.
Have a nice day.
Can you take care of one more?
Berti, I've had it. I'm sick of this job.
C'mon, please.
Besides, I'm going away.
Where to?
- The country.
That's where I need you.
Berti, I lied.
I only said that...
because I thought
you wanted me here in the city.
It's just a short drive.
Yeah, right.
An artist.
An artist?
- Yeah, some nutty painter.
Drove out this summer,
and no word from him since.
Deliver the third reminder,
and you're done.
Go yourself.
What kind of car?.
A lemon yellow Beetle.
A lemon yellow Beetle?
They're so cute.
They've got little vases in them for flowers.
Hi. What can I get you?
Black coffee, extra water.
Do you have guest rooms?
- Upstairs.
You want a room?
No, a guest.
We're empty.
It's off-season.
I'm looking for Mr. Horvath.
What do you mean "why"?
Why should he be here?
Is he here or isn't he?
There's no Horvath here.
His car is parked out front.
I'll be right back.
What do you want?
- I'm looking for Horvath.
Who's that?
- A painter.
A painter.
I didn't want that much extra water.
No more coffee.
The machine is broken.
A small beer.
We're not open yet.
- Really.
Nice hospitality for a guest house.
We're an inn,
but you were on your way out.
Enjoy your job!
Forgot your cigarettes.
What can I get you?
I'm not thirsty anymore.
You a journalist?
There's no Horvath here.
Then why is his car out front?
What car?
I don't care if the company makes a profit,
here's my offer:
We have four people already.
If we get one more,
I'll give you this blanket worth 49.90...
for just 40 euros even.
Who's in?
40 euros even!
No, I didn't order anything.
Go ahead.
Retiree's Club is paying.
I'm not with them.
You know Horvath?
Oh, you're the guy.
Are you a cop?
- No.
Private eye?
Who are you?
- The boss.
Pauli, stop chatting and get back to work.
Here you go, Mr...
Mr. Brenner.
Well what?
- The car.
Did it reappear to you?
Maybe it's global warming,
and we're starting to get
fat a morganas here too.
You know what?
Spare me your jokes.
I have enough fun in life.
Yeah, that's how you look.
How do I look?
- Like someone who has fun in life.
Chicken's on the house.
I don't like chicken.
You'll like ours.
Give this gentleman some chicken.
I'm not eating it.
Then don't.
Excuse me.
Can I ask you something?
- You can ask.
Can I leave a message for him?
For whom?
Can't you talk to me in normal tone of voice?
Like you're doing?
My regards to Horvath
if you see him.
Tell the jerk to pay,
or we repossess his car. OK?
How much does he owe?
I don't know, it's in the car.
Find out, and I'll get it for you.
I want 20,000 for starters.
You'll never leave me alone.
Forget it!
- I'll be back!
Mind if I join you?
What do you want?
You have a license?
A license?
As a private investigator.
As a forklift operator.
I'm not some stupid country kid.
What do you want?
I might have a job for you.
If you're a professional.
Money keeps disappearing.
Be more careful.
- I know who it is.
My father.
Your father?.
And which one of you is the boss?
I'm just the boss' son.
He's the boss.
Then he can do whatever he wants.
He's ruining the business.
What am I supposed to do?
Can't you shadow him or something?
Shadow him?
How do I do that?
He knows me now.
Guess how much is gone.
130,000 euros.
Look, I don't care, really.
What's the going rate with you?
Ten percent.
Ten percent of what?
130,000 euros.
Is that alright?
I'll think about it.
...5, 6, 7, 8...
Why are you still here?
I spent the night.
Why did you spend the night?
I wanted to spend the night.
I don't know how you do it.
How I spent the night here?
- No.
Do what you do.
It's an awful profession!
What profession?
I imagine everywhere I go...
people frown as soon as they see me.
How do you stand it?
So much negative energy.
Can I get some coffee?
Oh sure, sorry.
Black, with milk, extra water?
I can make quiet ones too.
I actually just started...
working as a debt collector.
What did you do before?
I was a cop for years.
Why did you quit?
Too much negative energy.
People would frown when they saw me.
The restaurant business is better,
when they're really drunk...
You never find the perfect job.
- What?
You never find the perfect job.
Do you want breakfast?
Paul Lschenkohl.
I thought it over. I'll do it.
It's a little late.
I'm doing it myself. Bye.
Where did he go?
Are you crazy?
Fucking asshole!
Are you trying to kill me?
That's what you get for spying!
At least help me!
Don't leave me here to die! Papa!
Fucking asshole!
Don't leave me stranded!
Good morning.
Morning, Alex.
Here's 3 months, and...
after that, payment by standing order.
Why are you paying?
- Is it any of your business?
Something's burning.
It's supposed to.
Eggs, cooked special.
The way he likes them.
How does he like them?
Shaken or stirred?
My pleasure.
Tell Mr. Horvath I said hi!
I'll tell him.
Do you know this Horvath?
The leasing company...
wants to know where the car is!
I wanted to bring it last night,
but it snowed.
Total snow chaos.
The news didn't mention any snow chaos.
Berti, I'll call you later, OK?
Can I help?
I've never seen anything like this.
Why are you crushing it?
For feed.
Who eats this stuff?
- The chickens.
The fresh ones are cheaper that way.
It's a never-ending cycle.
Not exactly nature's cycle, though.
Why not?
That's cannibalism.
But no chemical additives.
This goes to the chicken farm.
See you later.
No, I'm going back to Vienna.
I'm done here.
I see. Good-bye.
A chicken farm...
- Yeah?
What's it like?
Hard to explain. Why?
Be interested to know.
You may never eat chicken again.
I don't like chicken anyway.
In that case,
get in.
Go ahead and smoke.
I smoke too much anyway.
No, really. I don't mind.
You're just saying that.
No, smoke, please.
You sure?
- Yeah.
As long as you don't kiss me.
You spoiled my cigarette.
My husband.
That's your husband?
What's going on?
That fucking bastard!
He withdrew more money.
Then he drove me off the road.
The maniac! They should lock him up.
Pauli, it's his money.
It's my money too.
I didn't work all my life for nothing.
Since when do you work?
That's new to me.
You're just like him.
You're not all there.
- Don't touch me.
Divorce me, and marry my father.
The perfect couple.
He can't fuck and you won't.
The two of you...
I'll get a lawyer. Just you wait!
And he is going to find out...
what that old bastard
is doing with the money.
Wait, I'm not doing anything.
Get out please!
- It wasn't like that.
It really wasn't!
- Get out!
Was that necessary?
Are we back in business?
15,000 euros. Cash.
I charge extra for morons.
Fucking city slickers!
Don't be so childish!
C'mon, give me a...
Twenty thousand.
That's all I have.
Give me the cassette now!
You know how many men I've killed?
Five people.
And I still sleep like a baby.
And do you know why?
I had a good reason for every one of them.
How do you sleep?
It was an accident.
It was a very nice funeral.
The family cried and cried.
Lots of relatives.
Flowers. Food.
Big feast. Very expensive.
It turns out he has an illegitimate child.
It all costs money.
That's all I've got.
I want another seventy thousand.
I can't give you what I don't have.
You have a very nice Porsche.
But it belongs to my son.
C'mon, be more cooperative.
You're the Papa, take it from him
and give it to me.
No, I can't do that.
Maybe that's how you people are...
You want to find out?
I can show you how we are.
I want that Porsche tonight.
I want to set something straight.
Can I just say 3 things?
1. I didn't accept your husband's offer.
2. I'm not planning to either.
And 3...
I don't need a number three.
I'd like to be alone.
You'll have to shut the door.
Nice place.
I'm not quite settled in yet.
At least it's warmer.
- We get the heaters in May.
Is this the living room?
And kitchen.
There, an open kitchen...
with the dining area
and living room.
This goddamn house!
I wish I could just blow it up.
It's not the house's fault.
It's half his.
Then I'd blow it up.
But just his half.
Aren't you cold?
I'm freezing.
Can you warm up to this?
To what?
I've never smoked one.
- No.
Then you better not.
I don't want to corrupt you.
you're right.
Maybe I'll go away.
Go where?
Start over.
Fresh start.
What would you do?
Work in a restaurant.
It's all I know how to do.
My body feels like rubber.
Rubber would be cool.
If you're made of rubber, and you fall down,
you automatically bounce back up.
Say that again.
If you're made of rubber and you fall,
you bounce back up,
Like a ball.
Forget it.
What are you waiting for?.
What do you mean "waiting"?
Just in general.
What should I be waiting for?
I don't expect much anymore.
I wish I could take you home.
I've heard that before.
But nobody does it.
Well, I'm serious.
Just say the word.
I better not.
But you want to leave.
Not to go to Austria.
I want to go home.
Good evening.
What can I get you?
The boss said
I could borrow a tarp.
I'd get it,
but I don't know where it is.
Neither do I.
The storeroom.
I don't know where that is,
but since you work here,
you might.
What are my chances?
You know what I wish?
I hope it's not indecent.
It is.
I won't be able to sleep at night.
That's normal at your age.
Whose clothes are these?
Guests forget things.
I could use some.
I didn't bring any.
Then go home.
What are you doing?
Look at this!
Mr. Horvath!
He forgot a lot.
He's probably running around naked.
That's old stuff he threw away.
Old stuff?
These shoes are brand new!
He's throwing more clothes away
than I own!
Why don't you tell me what's going on?
Mr. Horvath is working on
an important exhibition...
and doesn't want to be disturbed.
And you happen to know that?
I'm his sister.
He saw the suitcases.
Then hide them.
Horvath won't be needing them.
Sometimes I get so scared.
We'll get through this.
You're still here.
I thought you were done here.
I decided to extend.
Because of the fresh air?.
And the friendly people.
Here, I'll help you.
Aren't you bored in the country?
- No, today was fascinating.
I saw your machine.
My machine?
- In the basement.
Who showed it to you?
Your daughter-in-law.
Room number?
See, that's how it is in the country.
You meet the whole family.
At the end of the day you know everyone.
Except Horvath.
Yeah, yeah. Good night, Mr. Brenner.
Same to you.
Wait here.
Want a drink?
No, the Porsche.
My son drove off in it.
You take me for a fool?
That's not healthy.
- C'mon, have a drink.
You listen to me:
I can sell your little cunt,
and she'll end up between Istanbul
and the Black Sea.
Turkish men are mean when they fuck.
Or I can sell her to special customers.
They make very nice videos.
The girls never come back.
But I can get you one of the videos.
Having trouble sleeping?
Can I put this on my tab?
Are you always up this early?
Masquerade ball tonight.
Lots of food to prepare.
What are you cooking?
mind if I dunk?
- What?
I'm so hungry.
He's signing it over next year,
then I'll be the boss.
You said that 2 years ago.
But next year it's happening.
Stop laughing!
Stop laughing!
Who do you think you are?
You'll never be anyone's boss.
Now get out of here!
Aren't you eating?
Too early for me.
You're really missing out.
It's so tender.
When I make myself a steak,
it's always as tough as leather.
Don't salt it until the last minute.
Right before it goes in the pan.
C'mon, Pauli!
Your clothes stink, get out of here!
C'mon, let's snuggle.
- Kiss my ass!
Fine with me.
- Oh God.
Someone is in there.
No driver's license.
File a report!
We'll notify the authorities in Bratislava.
Serbian passport?
- Bratislava?
The car is from there.
What happened?
Want to go ice skating?
I have to go shopping.
For what?
I can give you a ride.
If you don't mind a detour.
- Detour?
I might need your help.
For what?
Come and see.
Watch this!
Lie on your stomach!
That hurts a little.
But I don't want to go to Austria.
You can go home if you don't like it.
I promise.
But I don't have a passport.
All my papers are in the safe.
And Evgenjev...
He'll kill us all.
Oh, he won't do anything.
It'll all work out.
This is Mr. Brenner.
He used to be a cop.
How long?
19 years.
With the police for 19 years.
He's your bodyguard now.
Hi, Berti!
You picked a bad time!
What do you mean "bad"?
You know what that car costs per day?
Yeah, I know.
You know you're paying for it too?
I know.
Then when do I get the car?.
No, not tomorrow!
Today, I need it today!
Can't do it today!
Because I can't do it today!
Where are you?
In Bratislava, I'm out of change.
In Bratislava!
With the leased car!
That's enough, you dirty pervert!
What's going on?
Is Evgenjev back yet?
Give me your hand.
Is Evgenjev back yet?
Not yet.
What was that?
I don't know.
I'll have a look.
No chance without a blowtorch.
Let's go.
Don't catch cold!
Where the hell is Evgenjev?
Give me a hand.
Give her my flat
and move me into room 3.
Have fun.
I said: Have fun.
One more word and I kick your ass.
All I said was "have fun".
There's no harm in saying "have fun".
Get out!
I said: Get out!
- I'm on my way.
Blow job, no rubber,
and I come in your mouth.
You're never hitting me again!
Ana is dead.
And Evgenjev?
The Austrians don't even know
Evgenjev was in the car.
Did you get me my visa?
Maybe he's just lying low?
I don't think so.
He would have called.
You're 100 euros short!
What's wrong with you?
Can't you see I've got problems?
You're talking about a measly 100 euros!
Get the fuck out of here!
Evgenjev is missing, Ana is dead,
my leg is shattered.
Nitpicker! Get lost, asshole!
Come this far and you get a prize.
- A trip to the hospital?
Something better.
Really. What do I get?
You'll see.
Don't lean backward!
I'm leaning forward not backward!
Should we go to the hospital?
No! I'm OK.
Just imagine...
there's a rope between your eyes
pulling you forward.
A rope between your eyes.
Growing out of my brain?
- Yeah.
Like a horror movie!
It's just an image
to keep you from leaning backward.
I'm all the way forward!
Let's drop the rope, OK?
Good idea.
Just imagine...
No more imagining anything, OK?
Easy, easy!
Get out of here, bitch!
I can't brake yet.
- Shall I show you?
Can I lean on you?
I feel so tired.
No, c'mon, it'll pass.
Come on!
Well, what about it?
What about what?
I was supposed to get a prize.
A prize?
You said I get a prize.
You got one.
But I barely noticed.
I've had enough.
C'mon! Sorry.
I'm not kissing you.
Who says I want to kiss you?
That's how you look.
How do I look?
Like you want a kiss.
I do?
I can see it in your eyes.
The things you see.
That's right.
My ass is getting wet.
My car is kaput, and...
Can you help me?
I say: Car kaput,
and leg not work!
I think it's a Russian.
Keep driving!
Kaput! Please help!
Did you like it?
There's a ball tonight.
- Dancing?
You dance with me?
The owner doesn't dance in his own restaurant.
Hi, Papa.
What do you want?
Can we meet?
Ground floor?.
So you don't push me out the window too...
Pauli, come here. Let's talk.
Don't tell me what to do!
Where can we meet?
In one hour, in the disco.
Thanks. See you later.
Are you crazy?
Here, my visa.
That's enough, you dirty pervert!
Where did you get that?
What do you care?
Up shit creek, aren't we?
Is it money you want?
You don't have any left.
Sign the business over to me,
or I'm going to the cops.
You can play boss in prison,
and your whore can visit once a month.
I still have money, Pauli.
I want the family business.
You're not cut out for it.
People don't like you.
You arrogant old bastard.
You wanted it this way.
C'mon, be smart. Take the money.
Open up!
You won't tell me what to do ever again!
I want to file a report.
That's our parking space.
My father killed a man.
That's still our parking space.
Pauli, get off our parking space, alright?
Anything else?
- Yes.
Take the bones downstairs.
I'm disappointed in you.
What's gotten into you?
You weren't such an asshole before.
I'm coming to pick up the car myself.
Kick him out!
He's not on the payroll.
And this goes with that.
We don't investigate movie murders.
This is real!
You've gone too far.
Is he your friend?
Always fooling around.
Is this you?
A joke.
That's my funny friends.
We have work to do.
Play your pranks on someone else.
- Yeah, yeah, get lost!
Where did you get that?
Someone must be looking for this.
Yeah, hopefully.
Maybe it was an accident.
See what happens when you eat chicken.
Is it a male or a female finger?.
Maybe it was Horvath's.
There is no Horvath here.
I thought his sister worked here.
What sister?.
The waitress.
That's ridiculous.
Do you think I'd lie to you?
If this gets out,
the health officials will come in...
and close the place down.
Can I help?
No. Have a look around.
Masquerade ball?
- Got room?
We're full,
but you can man the oars!
Get in!
- Men, make room!
Where do you come from?
A Vienna Choirboy!
I don't believe it!
Alright, I'll do it.
But I'll take you to him.
That's all.
Good enough.
And I want to be alone with him.
I'll arrange it.
then what?
I'll ask him where Evgenjev is.
It's not easy
to get my father to talk.
I get everyone to talk.
I have my methods.
I torture them to death.
Thank you.
Hello, lovely lady!
Do you have room?
- Sure.
Crawl in!
Watch your feet!
We're full,
but you can man the oars!
Is that the only joke you've got?
No costume?
Nobody knows me here anyway.
And you?
Ever want to be someone else?
Pretend you're someone else?
I did that for 8 months.
Hi, Papa.
Cat got your tongue?
I've got nothing to say to you.
I might be willing to compromise.
I've got too much work now.
Get over here and help!
OK, let's talk. Now, I'm in...
We can talk tomorrow.
When is he coming?
He's working right now.
When is he coming?
You said you'd get him to come.
He'll come.
A little later.
No, please, no!
Great mask.
That's too thick.
Alright, asshole!
Brenner, you're paying me.
You're paying me every last cent!
What are you doing here?
Don't play dumb! I saw the car.
Want a drink?
Why don't you come back to Vienna?
In that car?
Brenner, I know you,
if I don't have the keys in 5 minutes...
I'll pay all the expenses, OK?
You're paying for something?
Just enjoy yourself!.
We need more lemon.
Not bad!
How did you do that at your age?
Screw you.
Is it easier to pick up chicks
in the country?
You're already taken.
- Sure, but...
I mean, just for sport.
See the waitress?
Her brother is Horvath, the painter.
The painter has disappeared.
- Disappeared?
Look in the glove compartment.
That's where he is?
Just go look.
He's not answering.
Bring him down here.
I told you I didn't want to be there.
And I told you to go get him. Now!
This song is for the boss.
Where is he?
That's OK. We're loud enough.
Don't shoot!
Don't tell me it was all for nothing.
I beg you!
You're a good dancer.
- Thanks.
You owe me 50 euros.
- What?
Where's my old man?
Hey, what's going on here?
I'm Berti.
I'm from Vienna.
Great evening.
Was that it?
Work on it a little more!
Give me a glass, please.
Mr. Brenner.
How's love treating you?
So I'm "Mr. " Brenner again?
Maybe it's better this way.
Cozy out here.
Wouldn't you rather go inside?
I need some fresh air.
I can't think of anything to say either.
Just say what you're thinking.
It helps sometimes.
It helps?
Alright, Mr. Brenner,
what are you thinking?
Might be interesting.
I'm thinking about a finger.
A finger.
I found a finger.
In your basement.
Yeah, yeah.
The things one finds, hm?
What are you thinking now?.
It's none of your fucking business, Brenner.
Leave me alone.
That won't make things better.
They don't need to get better.
Everything is fine.
Can I have a cigarette?
Heavy smoker, eh?
Can I be honest with you?
I'd rather you told me pretty lies.
I'm looking for Mr. Horvath.
He might even be dead.
Or at least short a finger.
That's ridiculous.
Are you two together?.
Alright, I've had enough.
Come with me.
What's wrong?
Close the door.
So, let's have it!
I'm Horvath.
And I'm not short anything.
In fact,
I've got a few inches to spare.
So, Mr. Brenner.
The case is solved now.
Are you happy?
I'm sorry.
What are you waiting for?.
Who me?
I'll waive a month's payment on your car.
I see. Handicap bonus.
That's not what I meant.
You're a wonderful woman.
In part.
Where have you been?
With Mr. Horvath.
Thank God.
Why didn't you tell me?
That's not an answer.
Are you happy with your room?
They remove the testicles and spongy tissue,
but leave the sensitive skin.
Modern medicine is amazing.
It's just really expensive,
but the boss is paying half.
He had cancer.
Penile cancer.
They had to remove quite a bit.
He'll get my spongy tissue.
You can do that?
Yes, it's like transplanting any other organ.
And afterwards, you're going to look how?.
That looks pretty normal, actually.
The next step is to separate the shaft...
of the penis from the skin.
Nerves and blood vessels
remain attached to the skin.
Then the skin of the penis is...
inverted into the vaginal cavity.
Tucked in.
And there's space down there...
for it to be tucked in to?
It will look like this.
It will be a pure love vagina,
without pregnancies or menstruation.
Patients operated on using this method...
have a higher than 80 % rate of orgasm.
After your operation...
Will you prefer men...
or women?
Depends on if I like the person.
I see.
I have to go downstairs.
I bought raffle tickets.
Are you coming?
I'll come down later.
Everything OK?
Where are you going now?.
To the raffle.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
And now for...
the highlight of the evening...
He's going to kill us all.
Who has number 243?
The lucky winner!
Don't run away!
It's no use.
Time for the sausage.
Who has ticket number 123?
I do.
That was close.
Isn't this a rip-off?.
What's going on here?
Go back out, please!
Go on, there's nothing to see!
Get out!
I got it.
Rinse it.
Do you have freezer bags?
Put it in.
You have to wash it again.
- I know.
Knot it.
Another freezer bag...
With ice cubes...
Twist it closed.
What's going on?
Listen up!
Once we have your data,
you can leave in an orderly manner.
If you've been drinking, let us know.
We'll get a bus to take you home.
You're lucky, it's a clean cut.
You might even get full motion back.
- Hopefully.
At Meidling Emergency
they're specialists.
We're going to the county hospital.
Don't do it.
They're butchers.
They are?
- He's right.
Hand over the finger!
Where can we question you tomorrow?.
Meidling Emergency Hospital.
You've only got 2-3 hours.
We'll make it. I'll drive!
Drive what?
We only have one car.
Berti, you can't be serious.
It'll stay cool longer.
Stop throwing my finger around!
Feel any phantom pain yet?
What do I tell the cops?
The truth.
What good will that do?
Hope you don't call.
Hope you don't answer.
I'm going back in.
No use watching me go.
What did I say?
You don't have to move out tonight.
I'm going with them.
- No, please.
Stay with me.
I mean,
people can change, don't you think?
I'm in the process.
I'll do everything you say.
Whatever you want.
Just tell me, and I'll do it.
Did you hear me?
I've got two fingers now.
You can take your pick.
This is withholding evidence.
Should we drive back?
But what do we do with it?
Bury it.
Bury it? Where?
In my girlfriend's yard
next to her 5 cats.
Whoever this was,
he didn't deserve that.
- Great!
With your foot.
You don't use your foot!
My dad always did.
In the 50s. Tools were different then.
- No, in the 70s.
I'm not as old as you.
- But already senile,
or we wouldn't have taken
a wrong turn.
There are these big signs.
And the signs tell me where to go.
OK, calm down.
- Calm down?
Like I'm going to calm down!
No more ice.
My finger is rotting, and I should stay calm?
Since you fell in love,
you've been taking
better care of yourself.
Should I call the undertaker or an ambulance?
You're asking for a fat lip.
We need an ambulance on the autobahn.
Headed for Kagran.
A severed finger.
Between the entrance...
from the Grtel and...
No, going downtown.
It's at the bend in the autobahn...
No accident.
That's right, a severed finger,
but it wasn't an accident.
Can I explain later?
Connecting me with whom?
What are you doing?
It'll get warm faster.
I don't play piano anyway.
That would be great!
They're trying to get a helicopter.
You know what?
It's good to be back in the city.
That would be terrific!
That's right, the autobahn.
Between the Grtel entrance...
and the turnoff...
for Prague, for the A22.
There's a bend...
with a wide emergency lane,
we're pulled over there
with a silver Mini...