Der Kommer En Dag (2016) Movie Script

To raise funds to achieve
the following objectives.
I believe the nation should commit
itself to achieving the goal -
- within a decade, to get a man
to the moon and safely back home.
Based on real events
The Day Will Come
Autumn, 1967
Journey to the Gudbjerg
was like a time machine.
For every kilometer you came
further and further back in time.
You recognize it by the smell.
In the silence and shadows on
the superintendent's office.
Take your clothes off and take that on.
Erik Johansen.
You are number 47. Elmer, you're number 30.
Take your clothes off.
Come on! Into bed.
It shall be quiet. Is that understood?
Sleep well.
I can not remember so much from the
world outside of Stoney Creek.
But I remember the brothers.
- Erik?
- No. Sleep.
Elmer told me that he
was thinking about -
- that there were other
places worse than here.
One could be hospitalized with
an illness big as a zodiac.
But that was before he knew
anything about Gudbjerg.
Stop them!
Stop the thief!
Stop them!
Stop the thief! Stop the thief!
- Elmer! Throw the package.
- No. I can make it.
- No you can't.
- Yes I can.
Come on, run.
- Stop!
- Come on, Elmer!
I'm very sorry.
I'll talk to them.
It is' wrong, but it's little things.
If it's freely exposed in the shop.
The Child Welfare no longer believe
that it helps to talk about it.
The boys' school
reports about skipping class.
There are fights,
absent-mindedness, skipping class.
I've been sick, but
it's getting better now.
How? You are a single parent.
You can't pay your bills.
You work shifts and studies.
How should I pay when I don't
get paid the same as a man?
I solder the same metal gadgets
and must pay the same bills.
Right now it is about the
children's best interests.
Next time you can't cope with the
task, the state must do it for you.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
You're grounded rest of the month.
Go to the school every day.
My telescope is broken, and I
will see the rocket tonight.
After homework it's
straight to bed.
- You promised
- It was your own fault, meat ball.
- Stop!
- He shall not say meat ball!
Why can't you just
make some more money?
Why can't I get pocket money?
The brothers' father hanged himself
in a coke basement a few years earlier.
So the mother was all they had.
You look gorgeous.
Elmer had clubfoot. For him,
it answered the question of
whether or not he could travel
all the way to the moon.
I never met their mother.
But I can imagine her.
When they made her laugh.
It could well be that the
journey was difficult.
Oh! Honey.
You just had to keep
believing in it.
You can't see anything.
They never land.
They can't land in the
middle of a crater.
They say there is only stone.
It doesn't matter.
It's bigger out there than you think. Can
you go to the moon, anything can happen.
- If you have the right suit on.
- You will never be an astronaut.
- Yes I do!
- It's not possible with a clubfoot.
- They haven't suits for someone like you.
- You can't know that.
Now I have to go to work.
Elmer, you go to bed. Come on.
Now you need to get some sleep, and then
we read about that rocket in the newspaper.
I'll see you when I wake up. If there
is something important, call uncle.
Their mother never reached
the factory that evening.
In the bicycle basement, she got ill
and crawled back to the apartment again.
The disease had come over her.
Their uncle said, it was called cancer.
- May we see her?
- Not so good right now.
- I want to see her.
- You have to wait.
Why can't I see her?
If one read about cancer in a book,
it said, it was a Zodiac
in the Northern Hemisphere.
Their sister can't possibly
take care of the children.
- I'm not talking about my sister.
- We have looked at your request.
You have no permanent home.
Your latest income
was three months ago.
Sorry, you can't bring anything with you.
- I'll take care of your binoculars.
- But why can't we stay here?
It's only until Christmas.
You need to be big. Both of you.
And you must take good care of each other.
And you must behave yourselves
and do as your told.
Will you promise me that?
Come on, Elmer.
They'll be fine.
It's the best place in the country.
Come on! Up!
Ten minutes to breakfast.
It will not make you prettier or
smarter to goof off.
Goes for the two new ones, too. Come on!
Sit there.
I'm Erik.
And this is my kid brother.
Eat. He is coming soon.
Our facilities are top notch. We
take pride in being self-sufficient.
In addition to schooling
the boys help
in the field, in the kitchen
and in the workshops.
- Good morning, boys!
- Good morning, principal Heck.
This is teacher Hammershi, who
takes over the teaching of Danish.
- Please welcome her.
- Good morning, teacher Hammershi.
That's good. Continue eating.
Most of our boys need
very basic learning.
I do not demand miracles, but they
must be able to read road signs
and manuals and other
easily accessible texts.
They deserve to leave here with
all the help they can get.
- Let me show you the classroom.
- Sorry. Hello.
Where shall the new ones start?
It depends on what they can.
Where are they?
Stand up.
The Principal shall talk with you.
Good morning.
What's you villains names?
- Erik.
- Elmer.
What will you be when
you grow up, Elmer?
Come, come, come. Up again.
Impertinence doesn't benefit anyone.
Then we start afresh.
Let them start in the field
to drag stones to the dike.
Miss Hammershi.
But he can't.
Elmer's clubfoot always gets hurt
if he has to carry heavy things.
Well. It'll likely go.
Now start in the field and we'll see
if there should be a man in Elmer.
From now, speak only when the
Principal asks you about something.
- Enjoy your meal.
- Thanks for the food!
Here's the classroom.
Besides teaching you will have
responsibility for mail distribution,
as well as helping in the
infirmary with Mrs. Oskarson.
- Any questions?
- No.
You're really sure?
Miss Hammershi, with your background from
good schools, including girls' schools,
I will ensure you understand
the need for discipline.
You're probably aware that beating
was abolished earlier this year?
But Gudbjergs mission is more
important than the frivolity in Copenhagen.
The boys ended up here because
no one else can control them.
But every Gudbjerg-boy
may become a decent labour.
It's our duty to help them.
Also the five club is the
only language they understand.
- Do you agree?
- Thank you. I understand.
Don't use it myself.
- But I understand.
- Welcome to.
If you want to ask something,
my door is always open.
Get your ass going!
Goes for you, too fatty.
Now there's lunch.
- I came first.
- Away, man.
It'll get better after a few weeks.
The blisters become calluses. One
is ready when they ring the bell.
- We shall only be here until Christmas.
- I also said that two years ago.
My name's Tger.
Those are Topper and Red.
If you want to survive here,
then you become a ghost.
If you're a ghost, no one
pays any attention to you.
Do as you're told, you
get your eternity note.
- My eternity note?
- When they let you out forever.
At latest when you turn 15. Until
then it is best to be invisible.
Do you have anything for us?
You pay for you and the cripple.
Five cigarettes and one jam sandwich.
- I'm not crip...
- Be quiet when adults are talking.
You don't have to give me anything.
If you are an astronaut, you
can just leave in the rocket.
- Don't, dammit!
- Come on! All the way up to the rocket!
All the way up!
The cripple also has fear of heights!
Astronauts can't have fear of heights!
Come on!
Of course, the brothers
ran off the first day.
The shock of the place
sinks deep into the body.
And one misses everything from
where they came.
You can. Run.
Come here.
The most important thing
one learns when one runs away.
Nobody wants to
help a Gudbjerg boy.
It was my idea. My little brother
has nothing to do with it.
- We just wanna go home.
- This is your home now.
Because no other can
take care of you.
Of course it's difficult to understand.
It's not nice to be discarded.
Here at Gudbjerg you
become part of a community.
I don't give a shit.
Just get finished.
No, no.
Understanding will be shown in a
completely different way in this case.
You haven't taught them
how to behave!
Field work for all throughout the night.
Unless someone can come
up with something else.
Gudbjergs spank.
Gudbjergs spank. Gudbjergs spank.
Gudbjergs spank! Gudbjergs spank!
Here is a small gas burner you
can make tea on.
- What is happening?
- It's just the new boys.
The Principal will fix it.
Here at Gudbjerg one
becomes part of a community.
If you don't respect the
community, then it will punish you.
Just as in the real world.
Yes, get going.
There's also a small
refrigerator you can use.
Gudbjergs spank!
Gudbjergs spank! Gudbjergs spank!
If you will give the little one
iodine and adhesive plaster,
I will look for some sleepwear.
It was also wrong to run away.
One has to do what they are told.
One must behave properly and
one shall not lie and steal.
Listen to what is being said.
It's always appreciated
and good things come in return.
Thank you for today, good
night and sleep well!
Time goes fast. We scratch a
line for every day we're here.
Then we can keep an eye on
how much time we have left.
We must do as Tger says.
Try to be ghosts.
- So they don't notice us.
- I won't be a ghost.
I want to be an astronaut.
Astronauts never know
what they will face.
They must handle everything.
Shooting stars or earthquakes.
Not earthquakes. They're mostly
afraid of meeting space monsters
or toxic gases,
or holes in the suit.
We pretend that we are the ghosts.
And keep quiet about
all that astronaut stuff.
Now it's lunch!
The next few weeks the brothers
tried to be ghosts.
But it's not as
easy as it sounds.
You don't sleep in class.
It does not get easier having a club
foot and wanting to be an astronaut.
I'll have to get you
on to another job.
You get cracks in your foot.
That's why it hurts.
That you can forget about.
If one whines, it only becomes worse.
It was in the garbage, when I
was looking for ciggies.
There's nothing wrong with it.
- What are you doing?
- Astronauts share.
They may need each other's
forces when they come up there.
- How do you know they get up there?
- They do.
They started by sending a dog off.
And then three monkeys.
Now they will soon dare
to send a man up there.
- What about the dog and the apes?
- Yes, they died.
But they died out in space.
Where you could see the
moon and all the stars.
It has meant a lot for them.
Just wait.
There comes a day when we
all can travel out to space.
- Like to take to the beach.
- I've never been to the beach.
Teacher Aksel is on duty!
Thank you for today, good
night and sleep well!
Likewise, boys.
Come on.
- What shall they?
- It doesn't matter.
- Just go to sleep.
- I don't understand
Up! Ten minutes to breakfast.
Come on!
Up. Clothes on.
Yes, you just get up.
Your mother does not live here.
Let it go a bit quick.
Come on.
- We have a new pee boy.
- Ugh, hell!
- You little bastard!
- How disgusting.
Practice! Practice! Practice!
Hold it up higher. Higher up!
- Little bastard!
- How disgusting!
Come on. Sit down.
Will you sit down!
You can arm yourself with patience.
You have to stand here until it's dry.
In place! Place.
Good morning. When the boys are
in the dining room, it is to eat.
I'm sorry but there is a
boy without clothes on.
He must learn something.
The boys are good with cleanliness.
But we must set an example until
the doctor gets a grip on it.
- Go ahead to eat.
- The doctor?
Next time you have questions
about the routines
let's take it bilaterally, so
the boys don't get confused.
Problems with the urination is
not unusual for boys of your age.
Can you say "ah"?
Jump on one leg.
Jump on the other leg.
Evidently normal growth
except for a clubfoot.
Does it hurt?
However, fully functional.
We begin with Truxal and
amphetamines during the day.
Then you are free of the problem.
Soon one could see that Elmer
had been to the doctor.
The price went up to seven
ciggies and two jam sandwiches
because Elmer now also had to
write pee boy on his business card.
In the evening he was put in the Blue
Tower along with the other pee boys.
He was so sedated by Truxal,
that they in the morning had to give him
amphetamine so he could wake up.
It didn't work, although
they increased his dose.
Sit down at your
place, and be quiet!
Neither though Psycho-Toft told
him how much he cost the state.
Linens are to be washed, be cleaned,
clothes put in place.
Money that could have
made your life comfortable.
Every day Elmer stood in the
yard with his bed sheet.
Erik hoovered Gudbjerg
for ciggies
to get the older ones to
leave Elmer in peace.
Astronauts don't piss in their suit.
- No, but they get a rubber hose on.
- Shut up with that shit.
You will never be an astronaut.
You don't know a damn thing about it.
Why can't you just shut up
and pull yourself together?
- Here.
- Thanks.
They get a rubber hose on, too.
It's sucked into space by itself.
That's also correct.
- F...
- What's this letter?
- It is a .
- F...
- Yes?
- F... Frdig.
No, do not guess.
Do not guess. You shall spell.
F--l say "fl",
L-e-s say "les".
Wake up. One don't sleep in class.
I can't keep saying that. One
must learn to read and write.
It's of most importantance, if you
want something out of your abilities.
Have you written the words?
May I see what you have written?
You haven't written anything.
- What's that?
- Nothing.
It's only something
I've written.
You haven't written this, Elmer.
One shall behave properly.
One mustn't lie.
One shalln't steal.
Where did you copy it from?
Elmer, where did you copy it from?
Fine. Then read it. If you don't want
to answer, then read it to the class.
Read, please.
Elmer to logbook. Day 23.
The training goes well.
I have read that you can get
seasick by walking on the moon
so it is good that the pee pills
train me to be dizzy.
It doesn't hurt so much
anymore when they beat me.
But I miss my spacesuit. I
wonder how it is up there.
When the feet leave the
ground, and you just float.
Ghosts also float of course,
but I will not be a ghost.
It's not the same.
I'll toss it out.
That's fine.
But you'll write the words five no, ten
times on the blackboard. Understand?
It was Elmers luck that
Miss Hammershi saw him.
She had pushed through that
he was finished with pee pills.
And because he was good at reading,
she could use him as a mail boy.
That was the end of the peeing.
During test, cabin pressure got so high
the cabin windows were shattered.
Therefore informs space research insti...
- Insti...
- Institute.
Institute NASA, that Apollo 5 will
be delayed at least a month.
- It's fortunately only a month.
- Read something else than astronaut nonsense.
What else is there?
Negros' life has improved.
But it's not so well
for the Vietnamese.
So there are a lot about Christmas
presents. But I know what I want.
Such a telescope costs
a lot of money.
- What do your children wish?
- I don't have children.
Why not?
I teach children.
Now you have moved the pile.
- I just sorted them.
- Sorry.
It just shouldn't be like that.
I was close to someone a few
years ago, and then...
then something went wrong.
Then I got more time to teach.
And it's also good, right?
So. Now get out and deliver the letters.
Teachers first, the students last.
Maybe you just have to pay
attention to the top.
Also remember the others!
Dear Elmer and Erik.
I am still hospitalized and
sleep much of the time.
Treatment is soon over, and
I feel much better now.
Today I took a walk around with your uncle.
He takes good care of the binoculars.
And the doctor says I can
come home for Christmas.
- I look forward to hearing...
- Elmer. you've read it three times.
- How many days are left?
- 17.
Tger? What shall you do for Christmas?
The same as last year.
It's a tradition.
Hello, my boy.
Soon it's Christmas.
I've regrettably been sent
abroad by the company again.
I promise it will be the last time,
and mail you your gift in time.
All the best from your father.
At Christmas he's unconscious of drinking.
Unless he's locked up for burglary.
He could have written a few
words about my sister.
- Maybe he didn't have time.
- Maybe he didn't give a shit.
Wait! There's something more.
PS. Your sister is well.
- This morning she told of a dream.
- Shut up with that shit.
We were all on our way into
space with the Apollo 5.
Everywhere we could see stars.
- We landed on an unknown planet.
- Stop. Give me the letter.
You and your sister jumped
around like rubber balls
and tried to catch the fireballs,
which buzzed in our hands.
Afterwards you used them as lamps so you
could find your way back to the rocket.
Your sister became tired.
But you took her on your shoulders
and carried her all the way back.
While she laughed
and messed with your hair.
We look forward to seeing you.
But she the most.
Many greetings from your father.
Will you read mine?
It wasn't long before everyone
found out what Elmer was capable of.
Most could chop through the text,
but preferred that Elmer did it.
We heard about the moon. Far out
planets with strange names.
And I think he enjoyed
it as much as us.
He read about zero gravity
and space suits.
And fights against slimy monsters
you had to defeat on the way.
For the first time we felt we
were part of something bigger.
Something outside of Gudbjerg.
Something not to be forgotten.
Just as one should not forget
one had better be a ghost.
Elmer, you must wake up.
Elmer, come.
- You must wake up.
- No. Wait.
- I'll come along.
- What are you thinking?
Little pig!
Lay down, damn it!
Ugh, damn it!
Now come. Come.
You shall only read something for me.
I like you.
I really like you.
But if you don't do
what I say so...
then your brother will suffer.
Elmer, stop it.
Elmer, stop it!
I found the post boy in the laundry room.
It was a horrible sight.
The boys tried first aid on him.
I don't know what went on.
We must find out.
He's been assaulted, violated.
It happens from time to time.
The boys have a bad background.
They are in puberty and
they are experimenting.
This wasn't an experiment.
He can barely walk.
He has been held and
we can't rule out that he
put himself up to it.
There have been problems
with his big brother?
- It is not unthinkable.
- It may be the boy's own fault?
He won't say anything,
so much looks like that.
- I'll drive him to the hospital.
- I've examined him.
It is not so bad with him.
He will become healthy again.
This must never
never happen again.
Toft Lassen, you are responsible
for keeping an eye on the boys.
- They have not done well enough.
- I don't have the night shift.
Then you must sit there every night
until the boys have gotten the message.
On to next point.
The state supervision has announced
that they are coming for inspection.
- But
- What do you want me to do?
The boy won't say anything.
Should we force it out of him?
Should we take him to the
hospital and start rumors?
I wish it was different.
We must ensure it doesn't happen again.
The state supervision comes and must
see Gudbjerg at its best.
It's important that you
tell what has happened.
If you don't tell it,
I can't help you.
Whoever has done it
must be punished.
It's not okay to
do such a thing.
- We're done now. May we go?
- Elmer. Hear what I'm saying to you.
If the boy is not being
punished, he can do it again.
Do you understand? It's
your duty to say who it was.
- Otherwise, it'll affect...
- It wasn't one of the boys.
For the annual inspection Elmer
was almost normal to look at again.
Mrs. Oskarson will put
make-up on the bruises.
Stand straight, boys.
In honor of the occasion
we got Sunday clothes on.
- Your visits are too rare.
- Yes. It looks fine.
Not that the inspector noticed
how we were dressed.
Lunch is ready and warm. You
can get the big tour afterwards.
But it didn't matter.
Erik and Elmer had
only a few days left.
It was almost as good as
if you yourself should leave.
- Appreciating to be here, boy?
- Oh, yes. It's so much fun.
Nice to hear.
Yes, let's move on.
So, boys.
Sweep up the shavings.
I'll help you, Elmer.
Thank you. By the way...
It is for you. Here.
Just take it.
And remember
this is our secret.
And you know what?
Elmer, you are
a very, very special boy.
Come. Help me with this.
- You're happy to be here, right?
- I am happy to teach.
Miss Hammer found it hard
to adapt, but now it's better.
It's also a motley flock.
As long as there are good people like you,
we'll get those louts off the streets.
- Rags!
- Coming here.
More rags! Rags!
- Rags!
- Coming here, coming here.
- More! More!
- I'll call an ambulance.
The safety mechanism was turned off.
Aksel must have forgotten it, or
there was a fault on the machine.
Send him my warmest greetings.
Thank you for today, and Merry
Christmas to all of you. Despite all.
I just talked to the hospital.
They can not say anything about
how long he will be on sick leave.
And they don't yet know if
they can save his hand.
Haven't I said, I will
have rest when we eat?
A pity it did not happen
to his balls.
I said there shall be quiet.
Erik, come with me. There's a phone call.
Perhaps Aksel asks if
we've found the rest.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Hello? It's Erik.
- Hello, Erik. It is me.
Hi uncle. When are we going home?
Uncle, how's mother?
They couldn't save her, Erik.
They tried, but...
But they couldn't.
Erik, can you hear me? Erik
Say something, Erik.
- What is it, Erik?
- Quiet!
- It was Uncle.
- Shh!
- He says that mother is...
Be quiet and eat your food.
- That's not right!
- Be quiet.
- That's not right!
- Shh!
- Quiet!
- That's not right!
Sit down and eat your food!
That's not right!
You've filled your plates.
Then you eat it, too!
Eat, damn it!
Eat! Eat!
You heard what he said. Eat.
Thank you for today, good
night and sleep well!
Where is she now?
I don't know, Elmer.
She's got to be somewhere.
You can't just disappear.
I'm sure she has come to heaven.
And if she is in heaven
she's well.
It's likely as with the
monkeys and the little dog.
- They died too.
- Yes.
But they were up there already.
So they just hovered upwards.
Maybe mom
already is at the moon now.
Perhaps heaven
is just around there.
So she soon sends for help.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I am the uncle of two
brothers who should be here.
It's a pleasure you came.
I'll get them.
Eventually they had to give her
something so she passed away.
They said it was
the best for her.
I have some cuttings
for you, Elmer.
- There are problems with Apollo 5.
- So we're not going home?
You'll be staying with me. I think
we can take over the apartment.
- When?
- I don't know.
Your mother wrote that
I'm to take care of you.
- I'm asking when?
- Some months. Maximum half a year.
Erik, it can not go faster.
It's because of bureaucrats in the system.
The Principal has written you're
best off staying here.
He claims you have caused trouble,
but I'll get it resolved.
- You've probably also found new friends.
- We must get away from here now!
If you will not help us,
we must do it yourself.
Of course I will help you.
Tell me what I shall do.
They would run away that night.
Uncle was on something illegal.
He wasn't afraid of shit.
The routine is important for the boys.
They don't need unexpected visit.
- I can see they are suffering.
- Their mother has just died.
Those boys are to go home
as soon as possible.
Excuse me, but home to what?
- Can you take care of two boys?
- That's none of your business.
Your main occupation is
being involved in the student
committee at the university.
- You will provide two boys with that?
- No, I might not.
Children are nothing one chooses
casually to make chaos.
Rather, it is a matter of taking
responsibility and making sure
they don't get into trouble,
that they don't lie and steal.
Wander on the rooftops. You have
to be there for them around the clock.
In the most important period of their
lives. Else it's not fair to them.
If their uncle could have done it,
he'd have brought them home then.
But it was their own idea
to wait until after sunset.
Their uncle would pick them up and hide
them until it was OK.
- Hi, Elmer.
- Hi.
- Aren't you coming in?
- Did I forget something?
No. You just have not been
here so much today. Sit down.
It's the music from a
film I read about.
I don't understand it
but it's written perfectly to imagine
how it is up in space.
- It's absolutely quiet up there.
- Well.
But if one thinks that
it's becoming too quiet.
- It was nice.
- No, perhaps a little...
Well, at least now
you know it's here.
If you want to hear it
again, you can just...
It'll be OK.
If one behaves properly, it will be
appreciated and come in return.
It'll take time, but your
uncle is doing everything he can.
So we have to trust that
they'll solve it. No?
The orphanage Gudbjerg,
it's Miss Hammershi.
- One moment. I just wanted to...
- Good evening. I'll get the boys.
- Wait. It's you I want to talk to.
- Well.
I do love the boys.
They have always had a vivid
imagination. Especially Elmer.
It's hard to find out if what
they say is right or wrong.
I don't know. But I think you
need to talk to them again.
If you come up here,
you can find out.
Tell them that I'm sorry.
- But I can't keep my promise.
- What do you mean?
Hello? What is it you
have promised the boys?
The children are in bed,
and the light is off.
I'll give Erik and
Elmer a short message.
- The light has been turned off.
- It is important.
- What is it about?
- May I give them a brief message?
If your message is so important that
it can't wait until tomorrow
then it is your duty
to tell me about it now.
Don't get angry.
It's not the children's fault.
They've just l...
lost their mother.
I've become aware of their
situation, so I will not be angry.
Miss Hammershi, what I do, I
always do for the children's sake.
Get the doctor to come tomorrow
so they can come under treatment.
You can't keep us here forever.
When our uncle get's us home,
we tell the police everything.
But Erik, your uncle
will not have you home.
It was him who told us
that you would run away.
- Let me talk to them.
- That's not suitable.
- You're lying like hell!
- I never lie.
For the sake of you and your brother,
he agrees, it's best you stay here.
If you don't believe me,
ask Miss Hammershi.
It was she who
received his call.
Come here. Stop.
Come here! Come here.
Come here! Come here!
Down in the basement with him.
- Relax!
Your uncle was very upset.
He loves you dearly, but he...
He doesn't feel he's good
enough to take care of you yet.
I'm sure he'll come and
visit you as soon as he...
I had to tell. There wasn't
anyone to help you out there.
- You're like the others.
- No. Elmer
I'm glad you never had children.
It was good it went amiss!
Fine, the child should never
be allowed to meet you!
Sorry. Sorry.
Elmer. Elmer.
Elmers guardian angel left
Gudbjerg early next morning.
The brothers did not see her.
They had become ghosts overnight.
From now only the superintendent
and the eternity note change that.
Spacecraft Apollo 11 has now
been ten days under way
and is expected to land on
the moon at 21 pm Danish time.
Much is still uncertain, and a
whole world holds it's breath.
- Can't you turn it off?
- Yes, of course.
It looks great. Accounting is in order,
and not a single remark.
- How long has he admininstrated it?
- Heck has been principal since 49.
Since 62, he has been head of
the Principal's Association.
- He'll soon receive the Knight's Cross.
- How nice. He sounds deserving.
Our visit won't be popular.
We haven't announced it.
If all is as good as the report says,
surely we may pay a visit.
It's deserved. You should have received
the Knight's Cross long time ago.
Thank you, Mrs. Oskarson.
The work is reward enough.
It's very deserved.
One has to get one's finest clothes.
No, i'm only the principal.
What shall we do by the king?
Congratulations once again.
I'll see to a dress with it all.
You'll be so attractive that even
the king will be jealous.
Toft Lassen, get one of
the boys to clean my car...
- The Principal must come.
- Not now.
It's got to be now.
There are only 2 toilets, cold water
and 8 washbasins for the 47 boys.
Yes, but you must talk
to the principal about that.
What's happening here?
Hello, my name is Gert Hartmann.
I'm the new inspector.
I've just joined the Department
and am here for my inspection.
We've not been informed.
It must be held another day.
I understand your surprise, but inspections
must not be reported beforehand.
No, but why, however,
show up unannounced?
We want to show ourselves from our best
side. We look forward to another day.
I would not like to start my first
meeting with Gudbjerg
by writing to the Department
that I have been rejected.
No, of course not.
Well, well, well.
Inspect the buildings first,
then we get us a good lunch.
I would now like to
talk to the kids first.
- With the children?
- It's them it is all about.
They haven't had their bath. They are
doing their chores in the fields.
Then they'll probably be
happy for a short break.
- What's your name?
- Elmer.
Are you OK, Elmer?
- Well. Do you get enough to eat, boys?
- We submit diet plans.
Now it was the boys I asked.
- How did you get this wound?
- He fell from the hayloft.
- How did you get this wound?
- As the headmaster says.
It's got inflammation in it.
He needs treatment.
- Yes, we shall look at it.
- I'll take care of it.
How did you get the
lump in your forehead?
I fell.
But the principal helped me.
Everything he does
is for our own good.
- Listen.
- Listen!
I'm here to control that you're
treated well. I'm here for your sake.
Want to tell me something in private,
stretch one hand in the air.
Anything your sorry
about, whatever
you can tell me. I promise
I will help you.
I want disease reports and
description of routines submitted.
Of course. We do this in advance.
Each quarter.
- If you looked in the protocols.
- Thanks for today.
Mrs. Oskarson, will you prepare
a draft for a complaint?
Back to work, boys.
Three weeks to the school ended and
then we would get our eternity note.
So why say anything?
- Have they said where you're going?
- Not yet.
But those without apprenticeship
and family goes to Rdemllegrd.
They take siblings. So if the
principal is satisfied with us,
I'll ask if Elmer
can come with along.
Completely under the edge.
The principal wants it all cleaned.
- Are you finished cleaning dirt?
- Yes, sir headmaster.
Come with me.
You, too.
The principal shall have a terrace.
Soil must be raked off,
gravel laid and tiles on.
If there is even a tiny edge,
you have to make it all over.
- When shall it be finished?
- This evening.
If you can get your finger out,
you can watch television with us.
- What are you looking at?
- Television?
The principal is in a giving mood.
He has gotten a letter from the king.
While he rejoices, the rest of us
can watch the moon landing.
Who cares about that?
Pricipal's car is to be cleaned.
- I'll do that.
- Well. Yes.
Come, boys.
That was how we got to know.
On July 20, 1969.
Elmer had forgotten all about it.
But it was good enough.
Claus Toksvig, Houston has the
latest news about the landing.
I have what Armstrong said
about the runway. It reads:
"It looks good. Light shade."
The moon ship's own shadow.
"Okay. Stop the engine."
Then came the official announcement:
"Houston, Eagle has landed."
Now we are waiting for the exciting
moment when they will walk on the moon.
That's nice, Erik.
Really nice.
It's approved. Come over to the
others and watch television.
It's one thing I would
ask the principal.
I'll soon leave for a new place.
Can my little brother come along?
You're not going to a new place.
I'll tell one of these days.
But I've turned 15.
It should be a surprise.
Don't say a word to the others.
I'm extending Gudbjerg with an
apprenticeship department.
I'm so pleased with your progress,
I reserved a place for you.
Until you turn 18. I need someone
who can be an example for others.
It's a great opportunity for you.
But remember, not one
word to the others.
I can't.
- What do you mean by that?
- You have to let me leave.
Erik. Come along
over to the others.
I have done what you said.
- I have done everything you've said!
- Now no fuss, right?
Armstrong is going out. On the ladder's
second step, he can release the TV camera.
We can see him coming
down the ladder now.
Before Armstrong's steps
down, he'll try to step up again.
He says it is possible.
It's a big step up.
Aldrin says he should not slam the
door, so he can't get in.
Now he steps out.
It's one small step for man.
One giant leap for mankind.
The world's first man on the moon.
Every TV broadcast is
second to this one.
These are facts.
It happens on the moon at this moment.
Erik! They did it!
They did it!
Erik? Come and see!
Where are you?
They beat him almost to death. After
three days he had still not woken up.
Even Mrs Oskarson was
becoming worried.
It didn't help that I
got my eternity note.
I had been waiting for
it for four years
but it was not
as I had expected.
We had one week left.
But there was no news about Erik.
The Principal has asked that
he gets complete tranquility.
You can't go in to him.
So. Now you've seen him.
But he will recover?
It is important that he
gets complete tranquility.
Go down and continue with the mail.
The suits were beautiful.
But the helmet, they
could have made better.
Most of the time they
were inside the rocket.
When they were outside,
one could see it everything.
You must drink something.
You must drink
something, else one dies.
Erik. Erik!
The boy is really bad.
He has a high fever and coughing blood.
In additon to the other injuries,
he must off to the hospital.
- That's not an option.
- He doesn't eat or drink.
Then you must force it in him.
Go on! Do something!
The boy's one of the strongest I've had.
You must get life in him!
There's nothing more I can do.
If it happens that he...
then it's because what
higher powers wishes.
Not we.
Just put the mail on the table.
I will not be bored with
questions about your brother.
Go on with your duties.
Had he been more like you,
he wouldn't be sick right now.
I would ask the Principal
for a day's leave.
Leave for what? You have no one
you can visit, little Elmer.
The Principal once said,
perhaps I may be a postman.
That's something I'd like to see.
Postman is not a
proper craftsmanship.
There's so much else you
could get much more use for.
Mrs. Oskarson. See to that Elmer
gets a return ticket to Copenhagen.
But you have to be
home before bedtime.
And after all it's better than
your astronaut dream.
Have this for an ice cream.
- Take care of yourself out there.
- Thank you.
Lillian Hammershi.
How nice you look.
I don't teach kids anymore.
I haven't done that since...
Now I teach other teachers
at the teacher's college.
On the good days, I think I
do things a little better.
Where was it you wanted
me to drive you?
Are you visiting someone in here?
Elmer, what is it?
Stay over there.
Excuse me, I want to talk
to Inspector Hartmann.
- Do you have an appointment?
- No.
The inspector is on inspection,
but you're welcome to wait.
Thank you.
- He's been waiting for hours.
- The inspector is on inspection.
- I don't know when he returns.
- You must get in contact with him.
This is vitally important.
I hear what you say.
But Hartmann won't be back today.
Elmers brother is seriously ill.
He asks you to do something now.
I'll file a report.
- We have a departmental meeting next week.
- Next week?
I'm sure Gudbjerg takes good care
of serious illness.
There's nothing to criticise it for.
No complaints from pupils and teachers.
- It surely is.
- And above all, no evidence.
Do you have any evidence, boy?
No, of course not,
but he tells us...
We can't believe in everything.
I shall pass on a report.
They are either employed or relative.
Your behavior is inappropriate.
Inappropriate? We've been waiting
six hours for inspector Hartmann.
- At least you could call him.
- There is nothing more to say.
But they said they would hurry.
The secretary will contact the inspector.
They're doing all they can.
If not, I'll go back there again tomorrow.
I promise.
Elmer, you must not give up.
I know what I shall do now.
What do you mean?
Elmer, what?
What happened in Copenhagen?
So we must do something ourselves.
We must get Erik to the hospital.
Only teacher Aksel is here.
The rest celebrate some rubbish the
Principal got from the king.
We can get him back on the bicycle
and drive him to the hospital.
It's 25 km.
They will find us before we get there.
Meet me in the yard soon.
I'll take care of teacher Aksel.
Elmer, what are you doing here?
I thought the teacher would like a visit
from me before the others are back.
Well. That was...
That was thoughtful of you.
But you know what?
I don't want your company.
You have become a sad look.
Big and dirty.
If I wash myself first.
I see.
Yes, so...
So never mind then. But hurry.
Hello, Elmer. Elmer?
Elmer? Elmer!
We celebrate Gudbjerg and
not a single person.
I'm just a tool.
We are just tools in
a larger context
where it's all about doing
the right thing for the boys.
We can sometimes get
to do things that
doesn't feel right.
Things that work.
We must stay focused on the
bigger picture and the fact
the boys later in life will
appreciate our modest efforts.
And then there's one person
who still needs to be acknowledged.
- You just said...
- No rules without exceptions.
Without this person Gudbjerg
would not be the same.
Without this person's loyalty and
unrelenting hard work with the boys
none of us would be
able to do our work.
Mrs. Oskarson, thank you
for your always good humour
and your indomitable
love for the boys.
It didn't go well in Copenhagen.
But now I know how they
will believe me.
Then they take you away from
here and get you healthy again.
I'm not afraid anymore, Erik.
Don't be sorry if I'm not
there when you wake up.
I've just left in advance.
Just like mother.
The astronauts didn't know
what was there before they got there.
And think what that meant.
What the hell are you doing?
Take that shit off!
Go and get the principal.
Have you gone crazy?
He will kill you.
Go and get him. Now!
Long live!
Elmer! Elmer!
In two rows!
In two rows!
Stop that music.
Have you become
completely crazy, kid?
- There is a phone call for the principal.
- Not now!
It's Andersen.
Frederick, it's best if you go
in and listen to what he has to say.
- Hello?
- Is it Heck?
- Andersen from the Directorate.
- Call another time.
One of your boys has
complained today.
Call another time.
He had clubfoot. He came
with a former teacher.
If you are a smart little
cripple, you'll be lying still.
Stop! Stop, dammit.
I am aware of what
you're up to now.
I'll see to it you're all so clean and nice
when they come, it will not succeed.
You two clean up.
Get him in and get him patched
so it can't be seen. Now.
After him.
After him!
Stop, Elmer.
Get down from there!
Come here.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand!
Go to bed!
There is no more to see!
You have nothing to do here.
Get in the car and get lost.
We don't drive away before
we have spoken to Elmer.
What has she made you believe?
Elmer is probably being put to bed.
- You shall not interrupt that.
- Elmer! Come here!
Elmer, come here!
- Elmer!
- Come on down!
Elmer, come here with your hand!
Elmer, no!
The oldest gets fluids intravenously.
He will be weak for a
while, but he'll manage.
Thanks. And...
He must be made of something special.
Concussion and broken collarbone.
- But fly, he can not.
- No.
You may go in to them. They will
probably want to see their mother.
I'm not their mother.
Their mother is sadly...
- Pardon.
- I am just...
You must have wondered
when the boys got injured?
I'm just a doctor.
I was told that everything was in order.
- I can not examine my employees.
- Take it calm and easy.
Be happy if you
have a job when you return.
Hello, Elmer.
What can we help you with?
- I would like to ask for our note.
- Your note?
Our eternity note.
For me and my brother.
You have to understand
it was for your own good.
You're going to look back
on this with gratitude.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Say you understand what I'm saying.
It's important.
Come, Elmer. Now we're going home.
Elmer, Elmer
Elmer, you hear what I'm saying?
It was the last time I saw Elmer.
For the first time, I understood
that there would be nothing at
Gudbjerg I would miss.
Listen. Are there any of you who
will tell me something in private?
Kristensen, will you help me?
This story was inspired by the incidents
of the children's home Godhavn and
other children's homes in the 1960s.
Many former students are campaigning
with the aftermath of their stay
in the form of drug addiction,
alcoholism, depression and anxiety.
Godhavn is today a well-functioning
youth home that supports and
cooperates with the former students.