Der Lock-Vogel (2007) Movie Script

Hello sweethearts. I am Lucy.
In my hometown
I enjoy the call of a noble tart.
My established clientele meanwhile
has become so big,
that I cannot serve they all.
Then I asked my friends
Claudia, Ulla and Nicole, If she
want work together with me
and satisfy all the big cocks
and besides they
can earn a lot of money.
So we called our club
""Lucy"s lsternde Lustftzchen""
One day I waiting for
a new customer at the
Bus station.
Here you are,
and just on time.
What did you expected?
Looking for
""Lucys Lustftzchen"".
Damned cool.
I cannot expect it at all, to fuck
you and your girl friends,
Is this ok? - Yes.
- Come in.
You show me the way?
But first we can
have a drink.
Sorry, but
you drive me crazy.
- I want to do that.
Do you want a drink Lucy?
Do you like a cola?
- Yes.
Two colas with ice.
Is it damned hot today, is it not?
- Yes.
Do you do this for a long time?
- Not very long.
Are you cool?
- Sure.
Always looking for the men.
That is cool.
You know, that is
pretty cool.
Fucking is my passion.
- Yes?
My favorite is to blow
hard cocks.
And the most thing I like is,
fucking in the arse.
With two men at the same time
is not bad.
- Come on, take him out
What a petty, now
he gets the panic.
Yes, it looks like.
Do not worry,
I will blow him so hard
you have not seen this before yet.
I believe you, but here
it is not so comfortably.
Then let us go home.
- Good idea.
Hello Claudia darling.
- Hello.
This is Mike.
- He looks very good.
This is a pleasure to me.
- For me too.
I would fuck you with pleasure.
- That is cool?
Lucy drived me crazy.
My cock becomes very stiff.
- I am right,
that he is a cool stallion.
- I also believe this.
Put your clothes off, Darling.
Lie down.
He drives me crazy.
- Come on.
I also want to hope this.
A real splendour copy.
You looks really cool, darling.
The pure insanity.
So a big cock.
Hello, here you are.
- Hello.
Like we talking about it.
- Yes, you are right.
Go up you cool stallion.
-I can hardly expect it.
I can imagine it. But you
will not penitent it.
Listen, she do a good blow job
and she want it.
And you must be good
Be sure.
She is at home. Your friend and you
want it do in the cellar?
This costs 2000 extra.
- Ok, 2000.
I hear that with pleasure.
Are you cool? - Yes.
I want to fuck her in the arse.
- This loves she especially.
That is a pleasure to me.
- Believe me.
we want to fuck her at
the same time.
Ulla loves it at the same
time in all her openings.
That is great darling.
- Ok. come on.
I am very excited
to fuck with him.
In the arse again?
- That is my favorit.
The sweet fellows will fuck
you on the icebox.
At the same time.
How do you mean that?
One stiff cock in
the arse
and the other one in your
vagina. - Cool.
I know that.
You will get
the two stallion
at the same time.
I am going crazy
if I think about it.
Hello, cool stallions.
Your cocks are already stiff.
And you want to make my
One in the front, one in the back
and reverse.
That is so cool.
Yes, it is.
Suck my cock.
You know, I have never done
this before
You will learn it quick.
I like this. - You will do
it right, I know it.
Is your vagina wet?
Down on your knees.
Looks cool.
Andrea, darling. You
looks great.
Have you been fucked?
- Yes.
At the same time
one in the front
one in the back.
At the same time.
I am sure, you will like it.
Suck the ashes.
Have you not heared it,
what I have said.
Suck the ashes.
One moment.
Have you not heared it? You
should suck the ashes.
Come on.
Then touch the ground
with your dirty nose.
You do not want to obey me?
I do not like this at all.
Take him. Come on, take him.
Hello, you know, the
sweetheart is going hot.
She will do a good job.
I want to feel your
cock in me.
And I want, that you
fuck me in the arse.
Hey little buck,
are you waiting for me.
You are certainly a bad boy
and this must be punished.
You know that.
- Yes.
-Punish me.
- I was a bad boy.
Does this hurt?
Come here, come here.
- What is going on?
This is our new one.
A great talent.
- She is cool.
She is great, the little one.
You want to do it too?
- Of course.
Can I have your cock?
- Sure.
Pull up my skirt.
If you further rub your
arese on my cock
I am going wild.
- Come on.
Be quiet.