Deranged Granny (2020) Movie Script

[Ie music]
(lucy groaning)
- [ethan] breathe, lucy.
You're doin' great, lucy.
(lucy chuckles)
- I really wish it
was you lying here.
(gentle music)
(staff chattering)
(lucy groans)
- he's almost here.
He's almost here.
- Oh, there you are.
You didn't call me?
- Mom, we've been a
little distracted, mom.
- Now look at you,
you're all bunched up there.
- Oh.
- Let's just-
- I'm fine, barbara.
- All right, dear.
- I'm fine, I'm fine.
- I had to find
out where you were
from those heathen neighbors
of yours for god's sake.
It's a good thing I
stopped by when I did.
- Mom, we've got
it under control.
You don't have to be here.
- No, I wanted to give you this.
I made it for jason
to go home in.
- Oh.
We've actually
decided on nicholas.
(barbara laughs)
- don't be ridiculous.
Everyone would call him nick
and what's the point
of having a given name
if nobody ever uses it?
Please (chuckles).
Jason will suit him perfectly.
- Mom, we could really
use something to eat.
Could you grab us something
from the cafeteria?
(monitor beeping)
- certainly.
What would you like?
- Surprise me.
(barbara sighs)
(monitor beeping)
- be right back.
(door latches) (lucy groaning)
- ethan, your mother was not
part of the birthing plan.
She wasn't even nice to
me until I got pregnant.
And nice is an exaggeration.
I'm essentially a vessel
for a future grandchild.
- She's got a good heart, okay?
She's just excited for us.
You know how lonely she's
been since dad died.
- She can hang around for now,
but she can't be in the
room when I deliver.
- Deal.
- [lucy] I mean it, ethan.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
But I really hate you right now.
(monitor flat lining)
(lucy screaming)
(lucy exhaling) (pensive music)
I think there's something wrong.
- [doctor] how are we doing?
- [ethan] doc, she's
in terrible pain.
- What's going on (panting)?
- [doctor] you're
bleeding, mrs. Anders.
I'm afraid we'll have to get
you into surgery right away.
- Is my baby going to be okay?
- We'll get you out
of here in a moment.
Mr. Anders, please go
to the waiting area
and we'll keep you posted.
(lucy screaming)
(lucy sobs)
(lucy panting) (pensive music)
- it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
(lucy sobs) (pensive music)
(lucy groans) (pensive music)
(announcer chattering)
- what's happening?
- Lucy is fine.
She lost a lot of blood
but she's recovering now.
- And the baby?
- There's no easy
way to say this.
We lost the child.
- Lucy was hemorrhaging
and in these situations
we have to prioritize the life
of the mother over
the life of the baby.
I'm sorry.
There was nothing we could do.
(ethan sobs) (solemn music)
- I wanna see him.
I wanna see my grandson.
- I don't think
that's a good idea.
- I won't ask again, doctor.
(solemn music)
(doctor laughing)
- that's wonderful.
(solemn music)
(pensive music)
(car beeping)
(pensive music)
(mischievous music)
- [kendall] amy,
bobby, breakfast!
(footsteps pounding)
(gentle music)
- I'm starving.
- No wonder our grocery
bill's through the roof.
(gentle music)
here you go.
- Ugh!
- You're 11.
Who could you possibly
be texting at seven a.M.?
- You're on your
phone more than me.
- Well I'm not playing
candy crush, I'm working.
- I play other stuff, too.
- You're not helping your case.
- Can we go to a pizza tonight?
- We'll see, I have
a late meeting.
Your dad's gonna pick
you up from school.
- [bobby] are we gonna
stay with him tonight?
- No, he'll drop
you at the office.
Oh, shoot.
We gotta go.
Come on you guys, hurry.
- [ethan] we locked down
a bunch of new vendors. - Nice.
- Hey, did you get
that paperwork?
(phone chiming)
- I have the
information you want
on ivy gray jewelry
back at my desk.
- Thank you.
Yeah, I'll look it over before
I meet with ms. Thompson.
- By the way, don't hate me.
Becca in accounting told
me to give this to you.
It's her cell number. - Brian.
- You guys are perfect
for each other.
- Oh yeah?
What do we have in common?
- Well, you both are single
and work in the same office.
- Ah, that's very
helpful, thank you.
- Listen, just think
about it, okay?
- Yep.
Later. - See ya.
- Thanks man.
(phone ringing)
(phone vibrating)
(phone chimes)
- [barbara] hi, ethan,
it's your mother.
It's been awhile.
I stopped by the
cemetery today and...
Well, I'm thinking of you.
Please call me back.
(phone chimes)
(patrons chattering)
(gentle music)
(pensive music)
(gentle music)
(ethan knocking)
- come in.
- Mr. Anders.
Nice to see you again.
- Ms. Thompson.
- Please have a seat.
- Thank you.
(gentle music)
- have you had the
opportunity to look over
the purchasing
details I sent you?
- Yes.
I'm very pleased with the order.
- Great.
(kendall chuckles)
did you design this yourself?
- I design all my jewelry.
- Wow.
Well, you must be a busy woman.
- (chuckles) you have no idea.
(gentle music)
(briefcase latches clicking)
- well, if you want
to look this over
and sign it by next week,
we can get the ball rolling.
- Certainly.
I may have some questions.
Would I be able to email you?
- Of course.
I'm also happy to talk through
it with you in
person if you'd like.
Do you wanna maybe talk some
more about it over dinner or...
- Mom!
- mom, I need my phone back.
Like, you don't understand.
See, laura is having a
birthday party next week
and there's a text chain and
I really need to be on it.
- Mom, dad said he would
take me to see "chainsaw 2."
if I don't see it, everyone's
gonna be making fun of me.
- They are all yours.
- You're early.
- Oh, sorry.
Hey man. (ethan chuckles)
- ethan, this is my
ex husband, calvin.
This bundle of fun
is amy and this...
Well, this is bobby.
- Well, nice to meet you.
Look, I've gotta run.
Bobby's got this weird rash
thing and amy's grounded.
I'll let her explain.
Love you, bye.
- Guys, can you
please wait outside
for me while I finish up?
There's candy on julie's desk.
(footsteps pounding)
I'm sorry about that.
Like I was saying,
I can't tonight.
If I don't take them for
pizza, there might be a revolt.
(ethan chuckles)
- that's totally okay.
I don't wanna stand in
the way of pizza night.
- Well, you're welcome
to come with us.
They're quite a handful solo.
- Sure.
Why not?
- Oh no (laughs).
No, I was kidding.
No, you don't wanna come
to dinner with my kids.
We'll do it some other time.
- I'd love to.
I mean, if that's
all right with you.
(kendall laughs)
- okay, well, let
me get my stuff.
well the smoke settled
down when you appeared
it fades
it made my vision
crystal clear
if I miss my destination
that's all right with me
'cause now there's
somewhere else I gotta be
even if I met you
in another life
I still feel like I
would end up with you
you got this kinda energy
that makes me smile
I just wanna settle
down with you
my marigold
you're marigolded
my marigold
you're marigolded
- penny for your thoughts.
- A quarter with inflation.
Can you afford it?
- That's a little steep.
(kendall chuckles)
- I've just been thinkin'
about my parents a lot lately.
I wish they were around to
watch amy and bobby grow up.
I know you're not
close with your mother
but I'd do anything to
have my parents around.
You ever think of reconnecting?
- It's not that simple.
- Well, sure it is.
Yeah, you just take
out your phone.
You know that thing that
you keep in your pocket
and you go into contacts,
search for the number
with mom next to it and...
Wait, you don't have
your mom in here?
- It's under barbara anders.
- That's psychotic.
- My mother...
After we lost our
son, lucy changed.
We both did.
We were so distraught,
we couldn't imagine going
through with another pregnancy.
But my mother,
she was insistent.
She looked into
anything and everything.
Fostering, surrogacy, adoption.
Lucy and I grew apart.
And after the divorce,
just stopped speakin'
to my mom altogether.
- Ethan, I'm so sorry.
It sounds like your
mother was hurt, too.
Maybe that was her way
of dealing with it.
Trying to make it all better.
- Hey, do you think I'm a bad
person for shutting her out?
- Ethan, I think you're
the best person I know.
- Kendall, I... but mind you,
there's a lot of people in the
world that I haven't met yet.
So, there's that? (ethan laughs)
(kendall chuckles)
- I love you, you know that?
- I know (chuckles).
- I've been carrying around
this thing for months,
just waiting for the right time.
But, now seems as
good a time as any.
- Ethan.
(gentle music)
- you, amy and bobby,
you mean the world to me.
Will you do me the honor
of becoming my wife?
- (laughs) yes.
Yes (laughs).
(gentle music) (birds chirping)
(phone chimes)
(pensive music) (birds chirping)
(water splashing)
(doorbell rings)
ethan, can you get that?
- Yeah.
Are we expecting anyone?
(burner ticking)
(pensive music)
- Hello, ethan.
- What are you doin' here?
How did you-
- barbara, it's so
nice to see you again.
Come in.
Come in.
(gentle music)
have a seat.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Some coffee or tea?
- Tea would be great, dear,
if it's not too much trouble.
- [kendall] no trouble at all.
(tea splashing)
- how's the house, mom?
- Oh, you know, way too
big for just myself,
but I'm just not quite ready
to put it on the market...
And who do we have here?
- This is amy and this is bobby.
- Hi, amy, hi, bobby.
- Hi.
- Who are you?
- My name is barbara.
I'm ethan's mother.
Your grandmother (chuckles).
- We already have a grandmother.
- Yeah, we already
have a grandmother.
- Kids.
- No, no, no, it's all right.
It must be quite a shock having
a total stranger
in your house, huh?
You see, I've been
away for awhile,
but I'm hoping to
change all that.
How would you two like to have
some homemade chocolate
chip cookies, huh?
- Do they have peanuts in them?
Bobby's allergic.
- That's good to know, but
no they're safe, sweetie.
- Come on, let's go
eat these in your room.
Thank you. - Sure.
- Mom, I-
- let me start.
- No, I have something
to say to you first.
I never meant to shut
you out for so long,
but I think a lot worse would
have happened if I didn't.
- I am so sorry that
I made it impossible
for you to be around me.
- That was the hardest
time of my life,
and lucy's life and
it didn't feel like
you were listening at all
to what we needed from you.
- I know what I can
be like (chuckles).
And I am just so
ashamed of how I acted.
You just, you have no idea
how much I regret that.
I mean, I drove
away my only son.
- Well, if I was still
in that other place,
we wouldn't be having
this conversation.
- Right.
- But I have kendall
and the kids now
and what's best for
them is best for me.
And kendall seems to think
you'd be good for us.
- Your beautiful
fiance was kind enough
to try to bridge
the gap between us.
I missed you so much.
And if there's just
any chance at all
that we could just start
fresh, that's what I want.
I mean, if it's okay with you?
- I would like that too.
(barbara exhales)
(gentle music)
- [barbara] thank you.
(barbara sighs)
(crickets chirping)
- wow.
I still can't believe it.
- [kendall] see, I told you.
- Did you hear when
she apologized?
- Yes, babe, I heard.
- And that's not somethin'
she woulda done in the past.
She always knew best and you'd
never convince her otherwise.
- Well, she's had a lot of
time to think about things.
- Thank you for contacting her.
- Well, now I have
somebody to pump
for information about what
you were like as a kid.
- Oh no, what have I done?
(kendall chuckles)
(phone chiming)
(phone vibrating)
oh, see, now you've
opened up the flood gates.
She wants to have us over
for dinner on Thursday.
- Perfect.
(ethan chuckles)
oh, by the way,
calvin's mom is in town
from boston for the
weekend and I wanted
to have them over
for a barbecue.
Think your mom could make it?
- Are you kidding?
Wild horses couldn't
keep her away.
(crickets chirping)
(pensive music)
(barbara inhales)
(barbara exhales)
(pensive music)
(barbara sighs)
(barbara sniffling)
(pensive music)
(barbara sighs)
(gentle music) (ball bouncing)
- [amy] ready or not!
- Hi.
- [kendall] hey, you made it.
- [amy and bobby] grandma!
- Oh, my little munchkins!
Oh, I have missed you so much.
I made fudge brownies.
- Yay!
- Oo!
- [jane] look at you!
You are growing
like tumbleweeds.
- Oh, you excited?
- I've grown more than him.
- Are you excited?
- I take it that's
your ex and his mother?
- Yes, calvin and jane.
- Oh.
I didn't realize
they'd be coming today.
- Of course it's
a family barbecue.
We're all family, barbara.
- You know what I meant was I,
I just didn't realize
that their father
was still in the picture.
- Mm, depends on the day.
- Oh (chuckles).
- Kenny, beautiful as always.
- Congratulations, kenny.
We are so happy
for you and ethan.
- [kendall] thank you.
- I'm ethan's mother, barbara.
- Oh.
- How are you?
- Wonderful to meet you.
- Hi.
- Looks like we'll be
seeing a lot of each other.
- Well, we have
a lot of planning
to do for your wedding and this
is all about what you want.
I mean, I will be there for
you every step of the way.
- We haven't even
set a date yet.
- Well, I can help
you with that, too.
(all chuckling)
(pensive music)
- hey, ethan!
- Now a spring wedding
would be so beautiful.
- Moms and weddings.
- Yeah, I wonder.
- Well, you don't have
to worry about her.
She can take care of herself.
- [kendall] did everyone
have enough to eat?
- [barbara] yes,
dear, thank you.
- [ethan] kids, help
us clear the table.
- [kendall] oh,
barb, just leave it.
We can do that. - No, I insist.
(pensive music) (birds chirping)
- I get the biggest one
because I'm the oldest.
- No fair!
- Mm!
So good!
(bobby coughing)
are you okay?
(pensive music) (bobby coughing)
What's happening?
Can you breathe? (bobby choking)
(bobby gasping)
- somebody call 911!
It's okay, just breathe.
(bobby gasping) (pensive music)
I mean, I haven't seen
them in a long time.
- We should go.
- Bobby's asleep.
He's okay.
Traumatized but okay.
- [calvin] okay.
- I'm so sorry.
I don't know what happened.
Of course I know about
bobby's allergies
and I am always so careful-
- it's been a long day.
I think we all just
need to get some rest.
- You know, it was
an accident, kenny.
I'll come by tomorrow,
check on the little guy.
- I'm sorry.
(kendall exhales)
- (sighs) thank god
you were here, barbara.
- Oh, of course.
Don't mention it.
- Really, I don't
even wanna think
about what coulda
happened today.
(barbara sighs)
- well, if there's one thing
I learned from raising ethan,
it was to be
constantly vigilant.
Heaven knows this guy knew
how to get himself in trouble.
- Oh, really?
- Thank you, mom.
- Yeah.
I just really look
forward to spending
more time with you
and your family.
- Yeah, us too.
You're welcome any time.
(pensive music) (birds chirping)
(doorbell rings) (kendall gasps)
(kendall sighs)
(doorbell ringing)
(birds chirping)
(kendall groaning)
(doorbell ringing)
(kendall sighs)
Good morning, is
everything okay?
- Yeah, I made
scones this morning
and thought why not bring
some by for you and the kids?
- Oh, thanks, barbara.
Wow, that's sweet of you but-
- [barbara] it's my
absolute pleasure.
(lock clicks)
how about some tea?
- Sure.
- Are the kids up yet?
- No, they've been with calvin.
They won't be home
for a little while.
- Oh.
- You know barbara,
I wish you would've
called me before you came.
- How often are
they with calvin?
- Well, we have joint custody
so they're with their
dad about half the time.
- Oh, well, it must be kind
of a strain for those kids,
having to go back and
forth all the time.
- Calvin and I have
had our differences,
but he's a great
dad and we've worked
a lot on our
co-parenting skills.
So, it's not perfect but this
arrangement works for us.
- Perhaps you could give
me a schedule, you know?
So that I'll know
for the future.
Does calvin live nearby?
- How 'bout we'll plan a time
for you to see them very soon.
(barbara chuckles)
(pensive music)
- I'm just so sorry that
the kids couldn't have
those while they were
still warm from the oven.
- Well, we'll heat 'em up
when they get home (chuckles).
You know, thank you so much
for dropping by barbara.
- Oh yeah, my pleasure.
(kendall chuckles)
(pensive music)
(door latches)
(kendall sighs)
- hm.
- Did I hear somebody?
- Your mother was just here.
- Oh.
She's a morning person.
- Oh, seriously, ethan?
- She's just excited to
be a grandma, finally.
The novelty will wear off.
- (sighs) if you say so.
- I know I'm the
one who needed space
from her for all those years,
but she does come
from a good place.
I was sick a lot as a
child and I don't remember
a moment she wasn't
at my bedside.
I think she just wants to feel
like she has a purpose again.
- Well, I guess we could
use the free babysitting.
- You could drop
them off there later.
Didn't you say you have
a ton of work to do?
- Hm.
(gentle music)
- do we have to?
I don't even like her.
- She saved her brother's life.
Please just be on good behavior
and watch your little brother.
She'll drop you off in
like an hour or two.
- Two hours?
Can I at least
have my phone back?
- [kendall] (chuckles)
you're dreaming.
- Hello, my darlings.
- Hi, barbara.
Got anymore cookies?
- Always.
- Bobby.
Thank you so much for
watching them for a few hours.
You're a godsend.
- Of course, my dear.
Well, come on in.
(phone ringing)
- I gotta take this.
Bye guys, be good.
Love you.
(birds chirping)
- [barbara] sweetie, why
aren't you eating your lunch?
- I'm not hungry.
- But if you don't
eat your lunch,
then you won't get
to see your surprise.
- Surprise?
- What's the surprise?
(gentle music)
(bells chiming)
(gentle music)
it's all right for
someone bobby's age.
- Well, I just happen to have
another special
surprise for you.
(amy gasps)
- oh, thank you, thank you.
It's perfect, I love it!
- You know what's
great about that,
it's pretty much a phone.
I mean you can call
me or text me anytime
whenever you need anything.
I'm just a click
away (chuckles).
You just to have to okay
it with your parents.
- [amy] you don't
have to do that.
- Why not?
- My mom says I spend
too much time on my phone
and she'll take this away, too.
- Oh.
Well, so that, it means that
I might get in trouble, too.
Yeah, I wouldn't want
your mom to be mad at me.
She might not let you
guys come over anymore.
But I suppose that,
well, we could make
it our little secret.
(pensive music)
- my mom says we don't
keep secrets in our family.
- No, you're right,
it was a bad idea.
I'll just take it
back to the store.
- No, no, no, you
don't have to do that.
I love it, it can be
our little secret.
I promise, I won't tell.
- Are you sure?
I mean only if you say so.
(pensive music)
- hey, guys.
Thank you so much, barbara.
- Oh, you're welcome.
So, did you get everything done?
- Yes.
Got all the orders
shipped out for the season
so I can relax for a minute.
- Good.
Well, then my surprise
comes at the perfect time.
- What surprise (chuckles)?
- I bought you and ethan a trip
to hawaii as an
engagement present.
I checked the dates with
both of your assistants.
- Oh my god, barbara.
You shouldn't have.
- No, it's my pleasure.
- Wow, this is next week.
We really appreciate
it but I don't think-
- no excuses.
You two deserve this.
- Well, I'll have
to talk to ethan,
but it works out with
the kids' schedule.
They're supposed to be
with calvin next week.
- Don't be silly,
I'll take them.
- Well, it's calvin's week and
they have school and every-
- I insist.
- [kendall] barbara,
he is their dad.
(barbara laughs)
- sorry, of course, I...
Of course he is.
(kendall laughs)
- this is so generous of you.
Thank you so much.
Come on in, I'll
make you some tea.
(pensive music)
(barbara panting)
(barbara yelling)
(pensive music)
(barbara panting)
(pensive music)
(doorbell rings)
oh, barbara.
Sorry, I thought it was calvin.
- I was in the
neighborhood and thought
I'd just come by
and see you two off.
- Well, come on in.
We're just gettin'
ready to leave.
Come on, kids, let's go.
- [barbara] hey, kids.
- Hey, barbara.
- Hey, barbara.
- Hey, sweetie.
- Mom, what are you doing here?
- Oh, just came to say goodbye.
- Oh, great.
- Can we come with you?
- You'll have fun with your dad.
- But we love hawaii.
- That's funny because you've
never been there before.
- We saw it on tv once.
(calvin knocks)
- hey.
- Hey, kenny.
- Ready?
Yeah, mm!
You ready?
Let's grab some burgers from
that spartan food truck.
Yeah! - I'll miss you.
I love you, you be good.
- [amy] love you, too.
- [ethan] bye now.
- Be good.
- [ethan] bam!
(all chuckling)
- you guys have a good time.
- [kendall] thank you.
- The man could use
a shave and a shower.
- Mom.
- So, have a safe flight
and if you need anything
regarding the kids just,
I'm a phone call away.
- You know, you could
take the week off
from the kids too, mom.
- Oh, I could never get
enough of those little angels.
You have fun.
- Thanks.
- Thanks, barbara.
(kendall sighs)
- come on, let's go, guys.
Eat up.
We got a super fun
day ahead of us.
- [barbara] well,
would you look at that.
- Hi, barbara.
- Hey, barbara.
- You know, after you
left I started having
a burger craving myself.
Anyway, I just
wanted to say hello.
- No, please, join us, come on.
- Maybe I could just
stay for a minute.
- Do you eat here often?
- [barbara] mm.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I'm a big believer in
supporting local businesses.
- [calvin] yeah?
- Oh, oh, oh, no, no!
- Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
- Oh, gosh!
Don't wanna stain
those nice pants.
- No, it's okay.
- Let me just-
- got it.
- You sure?
- I think I saw a
bathroom on the way over.
- Oh, forgive me.
- I'll be right back.
- I'm a klutz.
Kids, do me a favor
and just go and see if
you can get me some paper
towels and clean this up.
Thank you.
(pensive music)
oh, you darlings.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
There we go.
(barbara sighs)
- it's fine.
- Now you order yourself a
new pair and send me the bill.
- [calvin] that's not necessary.
- It's the least I could do.
Calvin, - yeah?
- I know we didn't get
off to a good start
but anyone who can raise
such wonderful children
must have some
redeeming qualities.
- Thank you, I think.
- Something wrong, dear?
- Oh.
Oh, uh, be right back.
Oh, god.
(pensive music) (calvin gagging)
(calvin vomits)
- yuck!
- Oh my.
(pensive music)
oh, you poor thing.
- Wow.
I don't know what happened.
I was fine until just now.
- You don't think it's a virus?
I mean, I hope you're
not contagious.
- [amy] are you
gonna be okay, dad?
- Of course, dear.
I just don't want
you guys to get sick.
- Yeah, right.
- Barbara, do you mind taking
bobby and amy just for now?
- I would be happy
to, of course.
- Oh no!
- Come on, kids.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
(calvin vomits)
You just take all
the time you need.
Come on.
Come on, honey, it's okay.
Here we go.
- This mac and cheese
is a different color
than the kind that I had before.
- That's because it's homemade.
Much better than
that processed crap.
- You said crap.
- Oops (chuckles).
All right, don't tell your mom.
It's our little secret.
- Our little secret.
- I wonder what mom's
doing right now.
- Why couldn't we go?
- Well, I think
your mom and ethan
just wanted to have
some time alone.
You two can be quite a handful.
- They wanted to
get away from us?
- Well, when they're married,
they're gonna wanna
have children,
start a family of their own.
- They already have us.
Why do they want a new family?
- I wanted to go to hawaii.
- Oh, sweetie.
The truth is that I bought
that trip for all four of you,
but your mom insisted.
She just wanted to go at ethan.
(phone vibrating)
oh, speak of the devil.
Hello, kendall.
- [kendall] calvin
told us what happened.
- [barbara] oh, it was
so sudden, that poor man.
- He's at home resting
but he'll get in
to see a doctor
as soon as he can.
- Right, well, don't
worry about the children.
I'll take very
good care of them.
- I know you will, barbara.
Calvin would like
to pick them up
if he starts feeling better.
- [barbara] of course.
- Can I say hello?
- Oh, you wanna say hello?
You know what, dear?
This really isn't a good time.
They just went to wash up.
Why don't you just
relax, enjoy your trip.
The children and I
will be just fine.
- Okay, bye.
- How are the kids?
- Calvin being sick really
worked out for your mom.
- Let's not think
about my mom right now.
(seagulls squawking)
- all right, you guys have
a wonderful day, yeah?
Go on.
(pensive music)
(barbara sighs)
(bell rings) (pensive music)
(birds chirping)
(kids chattering)
- Barbara.
What are you doing here?
- Well, I think I made you
too small a lunch today.
So, I thought you
might be hungry.
- It's delicious.
- Well, glad you like it.
I'll be right back.
- Ow!
Let go of me you old cow!
- Now you listen to
me you little piggy,
you leave bobby thompson alone
or you will be very
sorry and if you steal
his lunch tomorrow or the next
day or the day after that,
I just hope you like
the taste of poison.
Now get outta here and
you leave bobby alone.
(pensive music)
(kids chattering)
- grandma, you're the coolest.
- Oh (chuckles)!
- I mean, barbara.
- Oh, no, no, no, you
can call me grandma.
It's okay.
- Thanks, grandma.
(barbara sighs) (pensive music)
(ethan knocking)
- mom?
Hey guys.
(door latches)
- I missed you guys so much.
I'm excited to see you.
You ready to go?
(birds chirping)
- welcome home.
How was your trip?
- [kendall] it was great.
- It was very nice.
So thoughtful of you, mom,
but we're pretty tired
so we hoped to grab
the kids and go.
- But grandma's making brownies.
- Barbara, you knew
what time we'd be back.
- But they asked.
- Well, they also
asked for a pony.
I hope there's not
one in the backyard.
(barbara chuckles)
come on guys, let's go.
- You know, I
could drop them off
after they eat their brownies.
- That's okay, mom.
Guys, come on, let's go.
- I don't wanna go.
- We wanna stay.
- Okay, why don't you
two go with your mom
and ethan and I will bring
you some brownies tomorrow?
How's that?
- Okay.
Come on, bobby.
- [bobby] love you, grandma.
- Oh, I love you too, sweetie.
- Thanks again for
watchin' 'em last minute.
- Oh, it was my pleasure.
- Little less spoiling
would be nice, mom.
- That's what
grandchildren are for.
- [ethan] see ya later.
- [barbara] bye bye.
(pensive music)
- hey.
- Hey.
- What are you doin' up?
- (chuckles) I was just
thinkin' about tonight,
when we picked up the kids.
- What?
(kendall chuckles)
- I'm beginning
to think that they
like your mother more than me.
- Kenny, that's ridiculous.
- I know, it sounds stupid
when I say it out loud (sighs).
The way amy looked
at me tonight,
I just thought they'd be
happier to see us, you know?
And when I gave her a
phone back the other day,
she didn't even bat an eyelash.
She gets more excited
by grandma's baking.
(gentle music)
- well, grandparents,
they don't have
to do any of the hard stuff.
They never have to
spoil any of the fun
or make the kids
do their homework.
But at the end of the
day, you are their mother
and that surpasses everything.
- What if amy and I grow apart
like you and barbara did?
- Kenny, you are not my mother.
And amy is just growing up.
I mean, this is
all totally normal.
- Yeah, but how do I
know that for sure?
- Well, your mom and dad died
when amy and bobby were
too young to remember.
And calvin's mom
is barely around.
This is your first
experience with grandparents.
So, just gotta trust me.
It's not you.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
(gentle music)
(doorbell rings)
- Are the kids here?
Bobby, amy?
- [amy] grandma!
- [bobby] grandma!
- I thought I would take you two
to railroad park today
to see the trains.
What do you think?
- All right!
- I wish you had
called me first.
- Please?
- Please?
- Please?
- Okay, go before
I change my mind.
- Yes!
- [amy] come on, grandma.
- Don't let them
have too many sweets,
and have them back
before dark, please.
(birds chirping)
- I used to bring ethan here.
(train horn blaring)
(gentle music)
- can we go over there?
- Honey, we can go
wherever you want.
(bystanders chattering)
(gentle music)
(doorbell rings)
(water splashing)
- hey, ethan.
- Hey.
Oh, shoot.
- Kendall forget to tell
you I was comin' by today?
- Yeah, no, she told me.
It just totally slipped my mind.
- No worries, yeah.
Well, if you just grab
'em, we'll be out.
- Yeah, I'm afraid
they're not here.
Yeah, my mom has 'em.
She picked 'em up
about an hour ago.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Well, cool.
Well, I'm happy she's enjoying
spending time with them,
but I had plans today.
I needed to talk to
them about something.
Where are they?
- They're at the railroad
park with the trains.
Listen, I'm really
sorry, calvin.
This is totally my fault.
- No worries, man.
I'll just swing by
there and pick 'em up.
- All right.
- Cool.
Good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
(birds chirping)
(mischievous music)
(keypad beeping)
(line trilling)
(mischievous music)
(phone vibrating)
- that looks good.
There's the train again.
(phone chimes)
hi, it's barbara anders here.
Leave a message.
(voicemail beeps)
- mom, hey, calvin's
comin' to pick up the kids.
Please, don't make a
big deal out of it.
- [bobby] when can we
ride on the trains?
- Grandma, are you
taking pictures?
(barbara gasps)
- oh, you know what?
I forgot all about that.
Let me just...
(phone chimes)
(train horn blaring)
And one, two, three.
(shutter clicks)
one more.
Come here, come and see this.
See how everything's in
the background (laughs)?
Isn't that crazy?
- It had to be the
last place I looked.
- Dad, why are you here?
- Barbara I had plans to be
with the kids this afternoon.
- Oh.
- Come on.
We need to go, now.
- But we haven't
seen everything yet.
- Calvin, I do apologize.
I had no idea.
Kids you just go with your dad
and I'll see you later tonight.
- No, no they won't.
They'll be with me tonight.
- But I have tickets for
the "harry potter" play.
It was supposed to be a surprise
but your father ruined it.
- Okay, all right.
Kids, come on, we gotta go.
Let's go, come on.
- No, we wanna ride the train.
- There'll be trains in boston.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- It's none of your business.
Who even are you?
These aren't your children.
They're not your grandchildren.
They're not your concern.
Just leave us alone, okay?
Come on.
- Why are you being mean to her?
- [bobby] can we
see "harry potter?"
(pensive music)
(train horns blaring)
- I have never been more
embarrassed in my whole life.
- Mom, I tried to warn
you he was coming.
If only you had
answered your phone-
- well, what difference
would that have made?
(door unlatches)
oh, your ex just ruined the
kid's fun at the park today.
- I know (sighs),
calvin called me.
- He could have
waited to take them
instead of causing such a scene.
- Mom, what's done is done.
- What, and you're gonna
let him get away with it?
- Well, what are
we supposed to do?
He's their father.
- Yeah, and I'm
their grandmother.
- I should have been more
careful with the dates, okay?
If you're gonna be upset with
someone, be upset with me.
- It's nobody's fault.
These things happen.
- And I'm still getting
used to how this all works.
- Look, this is probably not
the best time to
tell you this but-
- to tell us what?
- Calvin was offered
a top position
with his company in boston,
and he plans on taking it.
- What does this
mean for the kids?
- He wants the three months
that they're not in
school over the summer.
I'm not gonna fight him on it.
He's their father.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Calvin, calvin can't do that.
I will hire the best
attorney that money can buy.
Those kids belong here with us.
Spending time with
those precious angels,
that means the world to me.
Those children are
my top priority now.
- And they love spending
time with you too, barbara,
but they need to spend
more time with their dad.
(barbara exhales)
- ethan is their dad.
- Mom, you'll still be able
to see them whenever...
(door latches) (kendall sighs)
(pensive music)
(door slams)
(barbara groaning)
(pensive music)
(mischievous music)
(line trilling)
- hello, calvin, it's barbara.
Don't, don't hang up.
I think that we need
to work things out
for the sake of your children.
Oh, I am so glad that you agree.
Do you think you could find time
to stop by here this afternoon?
I'd just like to get your input
on what my boundaries
should be with the kids.
Mm hm.
'kay, I'll see you then.
(phone beeps) (barbara sighs)
(pensive music)
(calvin knocking)
(pensive music)
calvin. - Hey.
- How nice to see you.
Please come in.
- Okay.
We're gonna have
to make this quick
because I'm on my
way to the airport.
I'm going to boston to
check out some apartments.
- I can see why you might
have reservations about me,
but I only want what's
best for those kids.
- [calvin] hm.
- I've been baking.
Won't you join me
in the kitchen?
- Okay.
It smells delicious.
- (chuckles) my crowd
pleasing apple pie.
- Hm.
- An old family recipe.
Would you like a piece?
- Sure.
- There are two things
that I am very good at
and that's real
estate and baking.
There you go.
- Thank you.
Oh, you ain't lying.
That's some good
stuff right there.
Wow, mm.
- So, kendall tells
me you'll be moving
to boston and you wanna keep
the kids three
months of the year.
- Well, I don't wanna move,
but the job offer's just
too good to pass up.
- But those are the months
they're gonna want to have fun.
They won't have school all day.
Don't you think that
they'd rather stay here?
- I'm from boston.
There are a lot of things for
kids to do in the summertime
and it's a good opportunity
for them to spend
time with my mom.
- Hm.
- But what about their friends?
Kids their age (calvin groans)
can be very emotionally damaged
if you take them away
for long periods of time.
Don't you want them to turn
into well-rounded adults?
(calvin's throat clears)
(pensive music)
- oh, sorry.
I think they'll learn
how to make new friends.
- Oh. (calvin choking)
well, you just have an answer
for everything don't you?
(calvin choking) (pensive music)
well, so do I.
(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)
(ethan chuckles)
- you and that phone.
(kendall chuckles)
- I need to unwind
before going to sleep.
- Well, I know a
better way to unwind.
- Oh you do, do you?
- Mm hm.
(kendall giggles)
all right, let's
make a new rule.
No more taking phone
calls while we're in bed.
- Agreed. (phone ringing)
but after I take this one.
(phone beeps)
Hi, jane.
What's wrong?
No, I haven't heard from him.
I'm sure everything's okay.
Yeah, I'll let you know
if we hear from him.
(phone beeps) (pensive music)
calvin stood up
his mom for dinner.
(keyboard keys clicking)
- well, I'm sure there's
nothin' to worry about.
It's calvin.
He's not the most reliable
person on the planet.
(kendall sighs) (pensive music)
(phone chimes)
- "hi, beautiful.
I'm on a date.
I'll call my mom, sorry."
- see?
Told ya.
(pensive music)
(phone chimes) (pensive music)
(gloves thudding)
(pensive music)
- it doesn't bother you that
I worry about my ex does it?
- Of course not.
I know how important it is
that he's in the kids' lives.
- Look, I know that this
boston thing is tough,
but it's a really big
opportunity for him.
- Yeah.
I know what it's like
to worry about an ex.
I sometimes think about lucy.
I hope she's doin' okay.
- I get it.
But don't expect me to
arrange that reunion for you
'cause I don't want
you all to myself.
- Oh, she's puttin'
the phone away.
- I am, I'm puttin'
the phone away.
You see that?
- Uh oh, I'm goin' for it.
- Yeah, yeah?
- While I can.
(ethan laughs) (kendall laughs)
hey, almost ready to go.
Bobby forgot his
jacket at barbara's.
- Oh, no worries.
I'll stop by at some point
today and pick it up.
- Great.
All right, see you tonight.
- [kendall] okay.
(door latches)
(keyboard keys clacking)
(wind whistling softly)
- she isn't home.
Yeah, she left a few
minutes ago as I pulled in.
- Do you happen to
know where she went?
- No, I'm sorry.
We're not exactly close.
- Oh (chuckles).
Well, you can speak freely.
I don't really
know her that well.
- Why are you here to see her?
- My husband and I
are considering her
for a childcare position.
(patty sighs) (pensive music)
- okay, when we moved in,
my husband and I thought
she was the sweetest lady.
So, when we came in need
of a nanny, barb offered.
- Really?
- Yeah, and she
was great at first.
Once she even saved
our daughter's life.
Our youngest has a
sesame seed allergy
and she ate some and well,
thank goodness barb was there.
- Can I ask you, did barbara
know that your daughter
was allergic to sesame seeds?
- Yes.
That's why she knew
to use the epipen.
Thank goodness she did
but she became obsessive.
She would come over
unannounced a lot and,
yeah, I swear she was starting
to turn our kids against us.
After we finally fired her,
we got a visit from child
services, an anonymous call.
Anonymous my ass.
(pensive music)
- ethan?
- In the kitchen.
(kendall sighs)
hey, I thought I would
cook us dinner tonight.
- I need to talk to
you about your mother.
- What is it now?
- I spoke to her neighbor today.
Did you know that barb was
their nanny for a short time?
- No, I didn't, but it
doesn't surprise me.
You know much of my
mother loves kids.
- When I went to pick
up bobby's jacket,
barb wasn't there but patty
had some interesting
- We already know my
mom's vinegar not honey.
- When they let her go
she called child services
on them out of spite.
Does that seem rational?
- Maybe she had a good reason.
I mean, you don't
know these neighbors
or how they are as parents.
- Then there was this thing
with a sesame seed allergy.
Ethan, do you think your mother
would intentionally
harm our kids
so she could look like a hero?
- What are you talking about?
That's insane, okay?
My mother would never
in a million years-
- yeah, but ethan, you once
told me that as a child
you were sick a lot and your
mother would take care of you.
- No, that's enough, kendall.
Okay, are you even listening
to yourself right now?
I know more than anyone how
overbearing my mother can be
but this person you're
picturing can't be real.
- She's spending too
much time with the kids.
I feel like I barely
even know them anymore.
- That's not my
mom's fault is it?
- What is that supposed to mean?
- Well, if you didn't
spend so much time
on your phone or sendin' emails,
maybe you'd have a little
more time for the kids.
- That's not fair.
I work really hard
to make sure amy
and bobby never feel like
I'm not there for them
and they never did until
your mother got here.
- I'm sorry.
I just mean my mom would
never hurt the kids.
She loves them.
- I don't want her
around them anymore.
- Well, that's a little
rash don't you think?
She's a good grandma.
The kids seem to think so.
I mean, should we
really be the ones
to make that decision for them?
- But you're forgetting
one important thing.
They're my kids.
Not yours.
(pensive music)
- [barbara] ethan.
Come in.
- Hey, mom.
- [barbara] I'm sure
you'll work things out.
- I said some things
I shouldn't have.
- Well, we all do that sometimes
and once kendall has
a chance to calm down,
you can tell her that.
- I just don't know where
her head is at right now.
- But I'll still get to see
the kids this weekend, right?
- Mom, have you been listening
to anything I've been saying?
It's highly doubtful.
- But kendall can't do that.
Those kids are
part of our family.
- Let's just give
her some space.
- You need to tell
me what caused this.
- Something your neighbor said
about you calling
child services.
Is that true?
- (chuckles) of course not.
- It had better not be.
If I find out I let
you back in my life
just to lose
everything again, I...
(pensive music)
- hello, patty.
(patty gasps)
- how did you get it?
- I know where you
keep your spare key.
- [patty] what do you want?
- I'll thank you
to keep your nose
out of my family's
business from now on.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- My future daughter-in-law
through ethan out
because of what you told her.
- I didn't know she was
your daughter-in-law.
- You wanted to punish me.
- I didn't tell her
anything except the truth.
(pensive music)
- you will fix this,
or I will make sure that your
kids are taken away for good.
(pensive music)
- barbara.
- [barbara] I'd like to
talk to you about ethan.
(kendall sighs)
- look, I don't think
it's a good idea.
- No, no, please, please.
I feel like this is all my
fault and it's a beautiful day.
Can we just go for a walk?
- Okay (sighs).
- I did not call child
services on patty and will.
- I know, patty reached out.
- I mean, I'm ashamed
that I even threatened to,
but I was just, I was so
attached to their kids
and then when they let me go,
I'm afraid that my
heart just shattered.
I love you and the kids
as if you were my own.
And ethan has never
felt about anybody,
the way that he feels
about you, not even lucy.
I just, I can't live
with myself knowing
the pain that I've
caused you both.
- I appreciate that, barbara,
but I just need you
to understand that
I need some time.
My kids mean everything to me
and I need to make sure
I'm doing right by them.
(phone ringing) (gentle music)
- I understand.
- Sorry.
(phone beeps)
What's wrong?
(pensive music)
(kendall sobbing softly)
do they know anything?
Call me if you find out
anything else, okay?
I'm heading home.
- What is it, dear?
- The police found
calvin's body.
He had an accident.
- Oh no.
- He's dead.
- Oh, no.
Do they know what happened?
- No, I don't know.
- Here sweetie, take this.
Let's get you home, come on.
(pensive music)
- thank you for coming.
Take care.
(solemn music)
(kendall sighs) (solemn music)
- Mom?
- Yeah?
- Can I go be with dad
like the minister said?
- No, you have to die first.
- Amy.
(solemn music)
bobby, your dad would want you
to live a long and happy life
before you reunite with him.
- I miss him now.
- I know you do.
It's okay to miss him.
I'll miss every time
I look at you two.
- I miss him, too.
(solemn music)
(barbara knocks)
(pensive music)
- hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
(gentle music)
- hey, you two.
I missed you so much.
- [bobby] but why didn't
you come and see us?
- Oh, it's not like
I didn't want to.
I promise.
- I think your mother
just really wanted
to have some special
time with you.
- [bobby] we missed you, ethan.
- We missed you too, grandma.
- Oh, sweetie, me too.
- We wanted to
come to the service
but thought it might not
have been appropriate.
- Why don't you
two come with me?
I have cookies.
(pensive music)
- I'm so sorry.
- I know you are.
- I should have
acted differently.
There's nothing I wouldn't
do for you and the kids.
- Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I acted
so irrationally.
There was so much going on,
I felt like I was
losing my babies.
- And I'm sorry, too.
I just want us to
be a family again.
- I think I made
amends with your mom.
- You made up with her
before you made up with me?
(kendall chuckles)
- she's a strong
woman and so am I.
We're gonna clash sometimes.
But there's one thing that
we both have in common.
We both love you and
the kids very much.
(solemn music)
I missed you (inhales sharply).
(gentle music)
- [barbara] I have to
go into the office soon.
I'm listing a lovely
mid-century modern.
- I can't remember the
last time we had lunch,
just the two of us.
- It's ironic that I
see the kids now less
than I did before you
and kendall were married.
- Mom, you see
them all the time.
And you have to
respect that kendall
still has a lot of
feelings about that.
- No, I just thought that
by now she'd understand
that I just want what's
best for those kids.
I feel like she's punishing me
for something I haven't done.
- Mom, nobody's punishing you.
The kids can't be at
two places at once
and sometimes believe it or not,
kendall wants to spend
time with them, too.
- Well, while we're
on the subject,
there is something I wanted
to talk to you about.
- What's that?
- I spoke with my friend,
harvey, the attorney.
And now that you and
kendall are married,
he thought it would be best if
you legally adopted the kids,
just in case something
happened to kendall.
- Mom.
- No.
Well, nothing's gonna
happen to her of course,
but you can never
be too prepared.
What if calvin's parents
wanted to seek custody?
Are you willing to
take that chance?
- We were going to get to the
adoption piece eventually,
but maybe you're right.
If we get to it sooner,
it's one less thing
to worry about later.
- Exactly.
I'll just give harvey a call.
(pensive music)
(ethan chuckles)
- do you have to leave again?
- It's just an
overnight business trip.
- But what if he doesn't
come back like last time?
- First off I did end
up coming back didn't I?
Plus, I'm a married man
now and I just signed
a bunch of papers saying
I'm officially your dad.
- You promise you'll
come back tomorrow?
- I promise.
Cross my heart.
- And you won't even
have time to miss him
because grandma
wants you to come
over tonight for a sleepover.
- Oo, sounds like more
fun than I'll be havin'.
All right guys, grab your
things for grandma's.
I'll drop you off.
(gentle music)
- they adore you.
I guess that means
I have to keep you.
- I guess that means
I have to stay.
(kendall chuckles)
- Bye.
Love you.
- Love you, too.
- Drive safe.
- My little angels.
Oh, we are gonna
have so much fun.
- Thanks for taking
them tonight.
Kendall's been feeling a
little under the weather.
So, some alone time
will do her good.
- Well, you know you can
always leave them with me.
- Thank you.
I'll see you when I get back.
- Have a safe trip.
- Bye, guys.
- [bobby] bye.
- [amy] can we really
sleep in the tent tonight?
- Yes you can.
Now run up and lay out
your sleeping bags.
(barbara sighs)
- [amy] grandma we're hungry.
- Apple pie!
- No, no, no, sweetheart.
I made this one
especially for your mother
to help her feel better.
- But it smells so good.
- But you know that
too many sweets
before bed are not good for you.
But you're both so perfect
that I'll let you
have one cookie each.
Okay, now go up and
get in your tent
and I'll come up and
tell you a story.
(barbara exhales)
(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)
- [harvey] barb, it's harvey.
Congratulations on the adoption
and officially
becoming a grandma.
I would love to see you again.
How 'bout dinner?
(phone beeps) (pensive music)
(kendall gasps)
(kendall laughs)
(phone ringing)
(phone vibrating)
(phone beeps)
- hi, barbara.
Are the kids okay?
- Oh, they're fine.
And they want me to read them
a scary story before bed.
- (chuckles) just don't
make it too scary.
- (chuckles) of course.
Ethan tells me that you haven't
been feeling well lately.
- Oh, it's nothing.
- Well, I feel bad
knowing that you're
in that house all alone
under the weather.
Why don't you come over
here and spend the night?
- Oh, that's sweet of you
but I don't wanna impose.
- No, it's no imposition.
I would love to
have your company.
And with ethan gone (chuckles),
well, we could get to
know each other better.
- Sure.
I'll be right over.
- Wonderful.
- Okay, bye.
(phone beeps)
(keypad beeping)
(line trilling) (pensive music)
- [ethan] this is ethan.
Leave me a message.
(voicemail beeps)
- hey, babe.
I'm gonna spend the
night at your mom's,
but call me as soon
as you get this.
I love you.
(phone beeps)
- "the children were scared.
They heard noises
outside the tent.
Oo, the footsteps got closer.
Thump, thump, thump, thump.
What could it be?"
- I don't know.
- I bet it's a bear.
I scared you.
- Did not!
- All right, do wanna hear
the rest of this or not?
"the rustling got
louder and louder.
The intruder was near.
The children huddled together
as they watched the flap
of the tent (gasps).
And suddenly (imitates air
whooshing), someone came in.
The children screamed but
it wasn't a lion or a bear.
It was something else entirely."
- what was it?
- It was their
grandmother who had come
and brought them some
freshly baked cookies
so that they wouldn't
go to sleep hungry.
(amy chuckles)
you like that?
That's enough for one night.
Time for sleep.
(amy chuckles)
oh, I love you.
Goodnight, sweetie.
Sweet dreams.
(phone ringing)
(phone vibrating)
- hello?
- [detective eastwood] hello,
is this kendall anders?
- Yes it is, how can I help you?
- [barbara] kendall, sweetheart.
- [detective eastwood]
this is detective eastwood
with the homicide division.
I'm calling in regards
to your late husband.
- [kendall] I'm sorry,
detective, can you
repeat that again?
- [detective eastwood]
I'm calling regarding
your late former husband.
- Calvin?
Yeah, how can I help you?
- [detective eastwood] we
got back as autopsy report
and have reason to
believe calvin's death
was not an accident.
- What do you mean?
- [detective eastwood]
the toxicology report
found traces of rodenticide.
- What is that?
- [detective
eastwood] rat poison.
(pensive music)
- rat poison?
Why am I only hearing
about this now?
- [detective eastwood]
well, it can take some time
for autopsy reports
to be completed,
especially when no foul
play was suspected.
And as you know,
his body was burned
in the accident and that
made things more complicated.
Are you there ms. Anders?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's just a lot to take in.
- [detective eastwood]
would you mind coming down
to the station tomorrow
to answer a few questions?
- Of course.
Yeah, of course.
I'll be there first thing.
- [detective
eastwood] thank you.
We'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
(phone beeps) (pensive music)
- is everything okay?
- Yes, just some work stuff.
The kids asleep?
- Yeah, I think I wore them out.
- Well, that's hard to do.
- It's such a chilly night.
How about a cup of tea
and a slice of apple pie?
I just baked one.
- Sure, that sounds great.
(pensive music)
thank you.
- When I was
pregnant with ethan,
I had really had my heart
set on a little girl.
I mean, I love my son but,
I was never able
to conceive again.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- No, no, don't be.
You're my daughter now.
And you have given
me the greatest gift
that anyone possibly could,
two wonderful grandchildren.
(kendall chuckles)
(pensive music)
- I wasn't planning
on telling anyone
until I talked to ethan, not
even the kids but I'm pregnant,
and we weren't planning
on having anymore.
It just sorta happened.
(pensive music)
- don't eat that!
It's not good for the baby,
all the refined sugar.
- I don't plan on giving
up sugar, barbara.
- No, no, no, of course not but,
well, my pie has just
way too much of it.
- I plan on making my
own dietary decisions
while I'm pregnant.
(barbara laughs) (gentle music)
- I can't believe it.
Ethan is gonna be so thrilled.
Of course not as thrilled
as I am but (sighs)...
Okay, let's get you to bed.
You need your rest.
- [kendall] I think
I'll do some reading
before I go to sleep.
- [barbara] why don't
you have a nice bath?
There are fresh towels
in the guestroom.
(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)
- just one cookie and
then we'll go to bed.
- Or how 'bout that?
It smells so good.
- Okay, but just a small
piece and be quiet.
(pensive music)
bobby, that's too much.
(glass shatters) (pensive music)
(eerie music)
(barbara gasps)
(utensils clattering)
(dramatic music)
- amy, bobby, wake up.
- What's wrong, grandma?
- You need to take this
medicine right now.
- Medicine?
No way.
I'm not even sick.
- All right, do
what grandma says.
- What is going on in here?
- Take it, jason!
- I'm not jason.
What are you doing?
- Barbara, let go of him.
Come here, honey.
(barbara gasping)
(pensive music)
- why are you trying
to make him vomit?
You need to tell me what is
going on right this instant.
- Okay, they ate some of my pie
and if they don't drink
that they're gonna be sick.
- We didn't eat any pie.
- [amy] we were going to
but bobby dropped the plate.
- Are you telling the truth?
You didn't eat any?
- Not a bite, I swear.
- Calm down, calm down, barbara.
Why would they get
sick off of your pie?
- Oh, well...
I found out that the eggs were
expired and I threw them out
of course but it was after
the fact and I'm just,
oh, I'm just, I'm so confused.
I just...
- Okay.
All right.
Kids, you stay here, okay?
Come on, let's get
you back to bed.
- Thank you, thank you, dear.
(pensive music)
- you didn't see her, ethan.
She was acting crazy.
Bobby has bruises on his arms
from where she grabbed him.
No, no, no, no, I don't want
you driving home tonight.
We'll leave first
thing in the morning.
Yeah, okay.
I love you, too.
All right, bye.
(phone beeps)
(pensive music)
- what are you doing?
(kendall gasps)
- did you put this in the pie?
That's why you didn't
want us to eat it?
- I didn't mean any harm.
The kids were
supposed to have any.
- But I was, until I
told you I'm pregnant.
This is rat poison, barbara.
- Oh, no, you're mistaken.
- You killed calvin.
- No, no.
Put the phone away, kendall.
- You've lost your mind.
- I said, put it away.
- Oh!
(phone clattering)
- [911 operator] 911,
what's your emergency?
Ma'am, are you there?
- You would really kill
your own grandchild?
- Oh, you're making me do this.
I mean, why couldn't you
just leave things alone?
(pensive music)
- you don't have to
hurt anybody else.
- I mean, it was bad enough when
that doctor let my jason die
and then lucy (chuckles),
I mean, she wouldn't
even consider adoption.
And she certainly didn't
want to have another child
but then I had
bobby and amy and...
Well, I couldn't let calvin
move them across the country.
- You're a monster.
- I will not live without them.
Now, ethan's just gonna
have to find someone else.
- [bobby] grandma?
- [barbara] oh no, you're...
- No!
Run! - Let me go.
- [kendall] go, get out!
(shot firing)
- [barbara] let go of me!
(barbara groaning)
- stay away from them!
- Let go of me!
(barbara groaning)
(shots firing) (kendall screams)
(kendall gasping)
(pensive music)
- [dispatcher] we have a 1057.
Shorts fired in
the richmond area.
(static crackling)
- [officer] unit 428 on the way.
(siren wailing) (pensive music)
- look, it doesn't matter
if you get rid of me too.
They saw you.
They'll never forgive you.
- Oh.
They love me.
- If you shoot me, barbara,
you will never see
those kids again.
(pensive music)
(barbara panting)
what are you doing?
(siren wailing) (pensive music)
- I told you, I won't
live without them.
- Barbara, don't
want to do this.
(door unlatching)
put it down.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
You don't wanna do this.
- Put the gun down, put it down.
Put it down now, drop it.
(police scanner chattering)
- put it down.
(suspenseful music)
(police scanner chattering)
(gun clattering)
- [dispatcher] 337 roger lane.
On the address, 18607,
that's seven 01.
- [officer] are you
all right ma'am?
- Where are my kids?
- Don't worry, they're safe.
Follow me.
(gentle music) (baby crying)
- she's here.
- Yeah, she's really here.
(kendall laughs) (gentle music)
- what a beautiful baby girl.
- Thank you, doctor.
- I'll leave you some time
to get better acquainted.
- Would you mind letting
our kids in on your way out?
- [doctor] yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
(gentle music)
- hey you, two.
Don't be shy.
- Meet your little
sister, sarah.
(gentle music) (sarah cooing)
(barbara humming) (gentle music)
- [guard] what do
you makin', barb?
- Oh, it's a sweater for
my new granddaughter.
- It's lovely.
- Yeah, I prefer knitting
but, you know, the needles.
- If you make a little
something for my nephew,
maybe I could help
you out with that.
- You know, I think this
is my best work yet.
Oh, she is gonna look
so adorable in this.
- I'm sure the
parents will love it.
- Yeah, I'm sure they will.
(gentle music)
(inmates chattering)
(pensive music)
(singer vocalizing)