Derelict (2017) Movie Script

ROWAN: Really?
What a joke.
You could just
be cool about it.
He's only gonna slow us down.
keep an eye on him.
He'll be fine.
Rise and shine, princess.
South by Southwest.
Maybe nine or 10K.
Can we get any closer?
Nah, the old road's blocked.
Gotta go the rest
of the way on foot.
We gotta hustle, man.
Make the most of this light.
So listen, stick together,
watch where you step,
don't touch shit, all right?
Don't run with scissors.
I'm serious, man.
Common sense stuff.
MICHAEL: So what
is this place exactly?
ANDRE: It's an
old power station.
Fuck no, every crew in the
last 20 years has had a crack.
Where's the fun in that?
Trust me.
It'll be awesome.
MICHAEL: How'd you
find out about this place?
ANDRE: This guy was posting
on the net a few years back.
ANDRE: You know this guy?
ANDRE: Well no,
just some blogger.
MICHAEL: I can't
believe you'd trust
some random on the Internet.
ANDRE: The best
sites are always secret.
You gotta know
the guys who know.
Where the fuck is Rowan?
It's not funny, man.
No, it's fucking hilarious.
You were like wooh, like
a little girl! (LAUGHS)
MICHAEL: It's not funny.
It's not fucking funny, man!
Aww, baby.
Well come on then.
You're the one who's in
such a fucking hurry.
Hold up here guys.
I was never any
good at that stuff.
It's not that hard.
You don't need that shit.
Sun rises in the east
and sets in the west,
it's that simple.
What if you can't see the sun?
Mate, I always know which
way's which, all right?
Rowan's just jealous of our
superior's survival skills.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
While you guys
were pitching tents
and jerking each other
off in your sleeping bags,
I was getting into
pubs and smashing box.
Ask your sister.
MICHAEL: We've got
to be close now, right?
We're almost there, mate.
There she is.
Clearly a popular
destination for urban artists.
This place's been
abandoned for decades.
It's got a whole
new history now.
Written in spray paint
and broken bottles.
Here's good.
MICHAEL: You think
there's any security?
Yeah, we'll have to
make a break for it
when they change the guard.
We're way off grid, man.
I don't think anybody's
been here for years.
They'd have to
be as crazy as us.
Or crazier.
Yo, Rowan.
Check this out.
ROWAN: Oh, yeah.
Pretty cool huh?
One day, the whole world's
gonna look like this.
When humans have finished
fucking everything up.
We need to find a way
into the next annex.
Hopefully we don't
have to break a window.
Such a soft cock.
Lucky to find a window in
here that isn't broken.
It's the principle
of the thing.
I'm not a criminal or a vandal.
I'm just looking around.
You think someone
was living here?
What kind of a filthy fuck
up would live in this pit?
Watch out!
ROWAN: Shit!
Get one of these stuck in you
and you might end up with
AIDS or hepatitis or worse.
Fucking junkie pricks.
It's usually just local
kids that come and hang out,
tag, shoot up,
that kind of thing.
I thought you said we
were way off the grid?
Yeah, we are.
MICHAEL: Then there
aren't any local kids.
What is your problem?
I just wanna know
what's going on.
One minute, we're off the grid,
next minute this is
the local hang out.
I mean, look around.
Somebody's been
definitely living here
I don't know.
How am I supposed to know?
This whole thing
was your idea!
Chill the fuck out.
Let's just push on, okay?
MICHAEL: You wanna
check these out?
Nah, let's just stick
to the main corridor,
but keep your eyes open
for any more stairs.
There's meant to be
an old service tunnel
down here somewhere.
A tunnel to where?
Dunno, doesn't matter,
just be cool to find it.
There's someone else here.
What else could
make that noise?
Something shifting
in the wind maybe?
Let's try not to
make so much noise.
There's gotta be
a way down there.
This place is
pretty impressive.
Hey, guys.
Bunch up.
Come on.
You're with your girlfriend.
Such a dick.
You gonna show us or what?
Don't sweat it princess,
you look beautiful.
Come on, man.
ROWAN: All right, wait up.
MICHAEL: Hey wait,
wait, wait, what's that?
ROWAN: What?
Go back.
Back, back.
What the hell's that?
Zoom in.
What is that?
It's hard to tell.
Could just be more wreckage
or graffiti or something.
Fucking creepy whatever it is.
Black as the devil's
arsehole down there.
Ah shit.
Oh, dude
Doesn't matter.
Fuck it.
Look, you can't
blame yourself.
Shit happens.
Shit certainly happened.
Mate, you're the lucky one.
You're out of it now.
I mean do you really
want to be with somebody
who does that to you?
I should've fought for her.
ANDRE: What the hell?
What the fuck are you doing?
What does it look like?
I said no vandalism, how
fucking hard is that?
What the fuck is your problem?
Loosen up, man.
Oh, I'm not here
just to creep around.
Then what are you here for?
I'm here to break shit
and piss in the corner.
Look around mate, no one
gives a fuck about this joint.
Go ahead and be a
dick about it then.
You know what the difference
between you and me is?
I'm not afraid to
do what I want.
No, the difference
is I don't wanna draw
dicks on the wall.
You couldn't come
here by yourself.
You don't have the guts.
You needed me so you could
come and play tourist.
I don't have a torch.
Here, I've got a spare.
You know how to use it?
ROWAN: It's a torch.
How hard can it be?
It's a tactical light.
That's the emergency beacon,
triggered by double click.
Single click, on, off.
The ring near the lamp
controls the brightness.
Low, medium and high.
Don't run it on high though.
Chews the battery.
I'll look after it.
That's your backup?
Always go prepared.
What else did they teach
you in the Girl Scouts?
Look, I don't give a fuck
that you guys aren't
taking this seriously.
Go fuck yourself.
I do take this seriously.
If we get caught breaking
and entering, we go to jail.
I'm not gonna get
caught, you understand?
I'm not gonna let that happen.
It's not about that.
It's about respect.
You're preaching to
the converted, dude.
I'm not the one tagging
walls and pissing in corners.
Shut up!
Seriously, shut up.
I think I heard something.
I don't hear anything.
Let's just get out of here.
Yeah, I think you're right.
Oh, fuck!
Whoa, sorry.
Hey, listen.
We don't wanna bother you.
We we're just leaving.
Right, guys?
So we're just gonna go.
Fuck, wait up!
Michael, come on!
For fuck's sake, dude!
What are you doing?
Who was, what was that?
I don't know, man.
Did you see the mask?
What was with the fucking mask?
He's just a fucking prick!
I'll smash that cunt!
would he do that?
I don't know.
What if we're trapped?
Calm down, okay?
Did you see the guy?
He was a fucking psycho!
For fuck's sake dude!
He's just some filthy
fucking junkie bum.
Rowan's right, okay?
He's just a crazy bum, right?
So what do we do now?
Go and smash that cunt.
Well, why didn't you
fucking smash him then?
He had a weapon!
Maybe if you hadn't
fucking pussied out,
we all could've rushed him!
Just fucking calm
down, all right?
Just calm down!
We're just gonna
find another way out
and go home, all right?
We're just gonna go home.
All right, if I see that guy,
I'm gonna give him
a fucking hiding!
That's great.
Now let's just go.
I'm telling you, man.
If I see that guy
I'm gonna give him
a fucking thrashing,
he'll never forget.
What would he be doing here?
Do you think he lives here?
What difference does it make?
He's fucked with the wrong guy.
If he's got any fucking brains,
he'll stay the
hell away from me.
But why would
he be living here?
Can you stop going on
about it, for Christ's sakes?
Something smells
really bad down here.
I thought that was you.
What if it's gas?
What if that's why
he's wearing the mask?
I don't know.
What is that?
I've had enough of this shit!
Yeah, we gotta keep moving.
Hold on.
We don't wanna be going
down, we wanna be going up.
You've seen how
big this place is.
There's levels and levels.
There's gotta be
another way out.
But we're already underground,
can't you feel that?
No, it's just another floor.
Let's check it out, come on.
What the fuck is going
on with this place?
MICHAEL: Where did
all this stuff come from?
Must be a dozen pairs
of shoes down here.
Let's just get
the fuck outta here.
ROWAN: Shit!
MICHAEL: What the
hell's up with you?
We're at the edge
of the building!
follow this edge,
there'll have to be
an exit eventually.
Hey, Boy Scout!
Stop dicking around
in the trash.
We're getting out of here.
What the fuck is he doing?
Andre, what the hell
are you doing, man?
Andre, for fuck's sake!
I hear it.
Come on, man!
What the fuck is that?
Later, I promise.
MICHAEL: Fuck, that's close.
We have to hurry.
Dead end.
So we're fucked!
We've got to go back.
Find another way.
I say we go back
to the stairs.
Yeah and if that
motherfucker's there,
we all rush him, fuck him up.
All right, it's
a plan, come on.
MICHAEL: Go, go, go!
ROWAN: Now what?
ANDRE: Dunno.
God, what's that smell?
Ah, fuck!
ANDRE: Michael, you okay?
- Michael.
- It's a fucking trip wire!
ANDRE: Shit,
stop rubbing mate!
- Michael!
- Ow, what is it?
Is it asbestos?
It's asbestos, isn't it?
I don't know, man!
Oh, fuck.
What is it?
What's wrong?
Oh, fuck!
Stay the fuck away from me!
It doesn't have to be
what you think it is.
It could be nothing.
How about I stick this
fucking thing in you
and we'll see if
it's still nothing!
Put it down right now or
I'll smack the shit outta you!
I need to get to a hospital.
ANDRE: Hey, how, many
fingers am I holding up?
How am I supposed to know
if you shine that
fucking torch in my face?
Okay, good.
How you feeling?
I'll be all right.
I don't think
we came this way.
This is bullshit.
It's like a fucking maze.
I thought you always
knew which way was which?
You little cocksucker.
This is all your fault.
If you hadn't fucking run
away like a little girl,
we'd be halfway home by now!
Both of you cool it!
Fucking gutless little bitch.
I should leave you
to rot down here!
That's enough!
Who's there?
MICHAEL: What are you doing?
Where are you?
LIAM: Water.
Ease up, mate.
ANDRE: How long you
been down here for?
Have you got any food?
No, we didn't pack a picnic.
Who the fuck are you?
Did you find the others?
What others?
LIAM: We got separated.
There's no one else, except.
The one in the mask.
We have to stay away from him.
No shit.
What the hell were
you doing down here?
You're looking for it too.
MICHAEL: We're just
looking for a way out.
LIAM: But you
haven't found it.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
I know where it is.
Start making sense.
Back off, man.
It's not helping.
MICHAEL: Here, I've
got some muesli bars.
Maybe we just all take
a break for a minute.
I don't know how long
I've been down here.
First, the batteries ran out.
Then the water.
So you're just
lucky we came along.
What about your friends?
He came out of the dark.
We scattered.
I heard screams
and then nothing.
For a long time.
And then I heard you.
MICHAEL: Screaming?
But we found it.
Everyone who comes
here is looking for it.
Could you find it again?
Wait a second,
you knew about this?
It's just an old story.
What a joke!
We've wasted enough time.
What about the
guy in the mask?
The screaming, his friends?
We can't do
anything about that.
We've just gotta get out
of here and get help.
But what if he's
still out there?
Hey, wait up.
We've been here before.
Ah, I don't know,
it all looks the same.
Nah, I'm sure.
So what do we do now?
Any tips, Liam?
Maybe that way?
Got nothing.
We're under tons of
concrete and steel.
Who you gonna call?
The cops?
Your mum?
I don't know.
Someone, anyone.
We're on our own, Michael.
We gotta do this ourselves.
You're the one who
didn't wanna get caught.
This is crazy.
We're going around in circles.
MICHAEL: You sure?
Fuck, let's settle this.
Good thing one of us
brought something useful.
Haven't you wondered?
What if he meant
for this to happen?
What if he followed
us down here?
The psycho!
What if it's a trap?
Mate, we've got enough to
worry about right now, okay?
Ah, fuck!
MICHAEL: Ah shit!
You've been going
around in circles.
Check your compass.
ANDRE: Always come prepared.
How's that gonna help?
At least we'll get a bearing!
ANDRE: What the hell?
Hold it level.
I am holding it level!
LIAM: It's broken.
It's not broken!
It's fucked!
Doesn't matter in here anyway.
We're not looking for
fucking Santa Claus.
If you've got a better
idea, I'd like to hear it.
Yeah, I do.
Why don't you leave
a trail of crumbs
with the cookies in
your girl guide bag?
Fuck you!
MICHAEL: Both of
you just back off!
I will not!
Why don't you fill us in on
what's going on down here?
What'd you find in
the toilet block?
ANDRE: It's not
gonna help us now.
ROWAN: I'll be
the judge of that.
A camera.
You knew it was here.
You've been looking for
it the whole damn time.
I didn't know it was here,
I just thought it might be.
LIAM: What camera?
MICHAEL: Whose camera?
The guy was telling
you about, the blogger.
The one who came down here.
Well what happened to him?
I dunno.
The post's just stopped.
Well, what was
he doing down here?
What was he looking for?
Industrial chemicals.
Toxic waste.
Toxic waste?
Why would anybody want that?
You can make stuff with it.
shit like that.
The motherfuckers
just dumped down here.
You son of a bitch.
You knew about this shit and
you still brought us down here!
You sold us down the river!
I didn't know this
was gonna happen.
Oh, god.
I swear.
No way out.
That's what it
said on the wall.
No way out.
Andre, what is
he talking about?
We need to look
at that camera.
Nah, probably
doesn't work any way.
Well, who fucking asked you?
Get the camera!
Ah, fuck!
ROWAN: Check
the last few files.
ANDRE: All right, all right.
Ah shit!
It's an art house movie.
Just wait.
The furnace's here had
to be fed tons of coal,
around the clock.
In 1951, three men died
in a coal pile collapse.
Less than a year later,
another man falls
into the furnaces.
I'd say this place has
its fair share of ghosts.
Enough of the History
Channel already.
Can you shut your mouth
for one fucking minute?
That's where we came in.
Maybe just scan ahead.
Hold it there.
It all just looks the same.
I don't understand.
How do I keep ending up
back at the same place?
And I keep hearing
these sounds, like,
like shuffling,
and breathing.
I should never have
come here alone.
Jesus Christ!
He fucking killed him!
We're all gonna die in here.
That's enough!
This is useless.
We've just got to
get out of here
before the batteries die
and we end up like Liam,
drinking our own
piss in the dark.
You won't be such a tough
guy when the lights go out.
Oh yeah?
Well how about pulling
some fucking weight, huh?
We're even more
lost because of you!
Look, this isn't helping.
We've got to work together.
ROWAN: Ah, great.
Michael, I'm sorry.
I need to get to a hospital.
Can you stand?
I just wanna go home.
But I'm so close.
No fucking way!
He's right,
that's just madness.
We've gotta get to the stairwell
and get the hell out of here.
Don't even start
on that shit, man!
We're going home.
Ah, shit!
But we've got to be
smarter about this.
Oh well, you're
the smart one, right?
Look, this is a big building.
We're in some sort of a loop.
We just can't see it.
ROWAN: We could start
by running these brighter.
If we ran them brighter,
we'd be in the dark by now.
Like I said, we
need to be smart.
Well come on, Einstein!
Okay, I've got an idea.
Two of us hold this position.
The other two scout ahead
and try and find a way out.
We mark our progress
with a spray can.
Mark it how?
I dunno.
We use numbers or an arrow.
No, I don't like it.
We've got to stick together.
I know we should.
It hasn't exactly worked so far.
It might work.
If we mark the junctions
and come back every
couple of minutes.
Yeah, if we don't
spread too far.
Stay within earshot.
Well, I'm not staying behind.
I'll stay.
Just don't get too far ahead.
LIAM: I'll stay with you.
ANDRE: Okay.
All right, back in five
minutes, whatever happens.
Wanna hold hands, that
make you feel better?
Piss off.
You stay here, you promise?
I promise.
ROWAN: Hurry the fuck up!
LIAM: Good luck.
I don't like that guy.
You believe all that bullshit
about being lost down here?
And what the hell happened
to his so-called friends?
MICHAEL: Well we're lost,
so yeah I can believe that part.
ROWAN: How do
you get this to?
Andre said not to.
It's just for a minute.
Looks promising.
Make yourself useful, will you?
Hey, wait up!
Can you find it again?
We're close.
You sure?
They wouldn't even
know we were gone.
All right, let's go.
Mark this one.
Okay, it's been five.
Let's head back.
We hardly got anywhere.
Just another minute.
No way, we promised.
Just around the corner and
straight back, all right?
This was a stupid idea.
This one.
Doesn't smell as bad in here.
All right, but we
have to head back now.
Well where is it?
LIAM: This is
all that's left.
ANDRE: What?
What are you doing?
Try it.
I can remember when it
used to hit me like that.
It does take some
getting used to.
But you don't have
to worry about that.
Not sure how
much paint's left.
Don't worry about it.
Let's just grab the Boy Scout
and get the fuck out of here.
ANDRE: No, don't, no, no!
What was that?
Come on!
This way.
ROWAN: Andre!
Where the fuck are you?
Quit screwing around!
What the hell?
Wait up!
Oh, no.
We'll get you out of here.
What the fuck is that?
Oh, fuck!
Fucking move!
What the fuck?
No, no!
No, no!
Fuck yes!
What are you afraid of?
Don't have to hide.
Always come prepared.
Shut up!
You nearly fucking killed me!
Why the hell didn't
you say anything?
I had to know it was you.
Gimme a torch.
What the hell happened to you?
I got my arse kicked
by that fucking psycho!
- Gimme a torch!
- Get your own
fucking torch, you prick!
ROWAN: Come on!
Move your arse!
All right, this way!
Oh fuck!
Yes, yes!
We gotta be close.
Come on!
Oh, yes!
Come on!
Oh shit.
What are we gonna do now?
We're gonna take him.
Both of us.
No, no.
Don't you dare
pussy out on me!
Watch out!
Fuck, fuck!
You fucking left me!
Rowan, are you okay?