Descendants (2015) Movie Script

Once upon
a time, long, long ago...
well, more like 20 years ago...
belle married her beast
in front of 6,000
of their closest
personal friends.
Big cake.
Yeah, so instead of a honeymoon,
beast united all of the kingdoms
and got himself elected king of
the United States of Auradon.
He rounded up all the
villains and sidekicks...
basically all the really
interesting people...
and he booted them off
to the isle of the lost
with a magical barrier
to keep them there.
This is my hood.
No magic.
No wi-fi.
No way out. Or so I thought.
Hang on,
you're about to meet us.
But first this happened.
Sleeve. Head.
How is it possible
that you're going to be
crowned king next month?
You're just a baby!
- He's turning 16, dear.
- Hey, pops.
16? That's far too young
to be crowned king.
I didn't make a good decision
until I was at least 42.
Uh, you decided to marry me
at 28.
Ah, it was either you
or a teapot.
Mom, dad...
ah! Nn-nnh!
I've chosen my first
official proclamation.
I've decided that the children
on the isle of the lost
be given a chance
to live here in Auradon.
Every time I look out
to the island,
I feel like
they've been abandoned.
The children of our sworn
enemies, living among us?
We start out
with a few at first,
only the ones
who need our help the most.
I've already chosen them.
Have you?
I gave you a second chance.
Who are their parents?
Cruella de vil...
Evil queen...
And maleficent.
- Ah!
- Maleficent!
She is the worst villain
in the land!
- Dad, just hear me out here.
- I won't hear of it.
- Oh, Oh.
- They are guilty of unspeakable crimes.
Dad, their children
are innocent.
Don't you think they deserve
a shot at a normal life?
I suppose their children
are innocent.
Well. Well done.
Shall we?
They say I'm trouble
They say I'm bad
They say I'm evil
And that makes me glad
A dirty no-good
Down to the bone
Your worst nightmare
Can't take me home
So I got some mischief
In my blood
Can you blame me?
I never got no love
They think I'm callous
A lowlife hood
I feel so useless
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the baddest
of them all?
Welcome to my wicked world
Wicked world
I'm rotten
to the core, core
Rotten to the core
I'm rotten
to the core, core
Who could ask for more?
I'm nothing
like the kid next
- Like the kid next door...
- Oh!
- I'm rotten to the...
- Oh!
I'm rotten to the
I'm rotten to the core...
Call me a schemer
Call me a freak
How can you say that?
I'm just unique
What, me a traitor?
Ain't got your back?
Are we not friends?
- What's up with that?
So I'm a misfit
So I'm a flirt
I broke your heart?
I made ya hurt?
The past is past
Forgive, forget
The truth is
You ain't seen
nothing yet...
Come back with my apple!
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the baddest
of them all?
Welcome to my wicked world
Wicked world...
Come on!
I'm rotten
to the core, core
Rotten to the core
I'm rotten
to the core, core
Who could ask for more?
I'm nothing
like the kid next
Like the kid next door
I'm rotten to the
I'm rotten to the
I'm rotten to the core.
Hi, mom.
Stealing candy, Mal?
I'm so disappointed.
It was from a baby.
That's my nasty little girl.
Give it back
to the dreadful creature.
- Mom...
- It's the deets, Mal,
that make the difference
between mean and truly evil.
When I was your age,
- I was cursing entire kingdoms.
- "Cursing entire kingdoms."
You. Walk with me.
See, I'm just,
just trying to teach you
the thing that really counts...
how to be me.
I know that.
And I'll do better.
Oh! There's news!
I buried the lede.
You four have been chosen
to go to a different school...
In Auradon.
Whoa! Oh, Oh, Oh!
What? I'm not going
to some boarding school
filled to the brim
with prissy pink princesses!
And perfect princes. Ugh.
Yeah, and I don't do uniforms.
Unless It's leather.
You feel me?
I read somewhere that they
allow dogs in Auradon.
Mom said they're
rabid pack animals
who eat boys who don't behave.
- Woof!
- Yeah, mom, we're not going.
Oh, you're thinking small,
It's all about world domination.
You will go.
You will find
the fairy godmother
and you will bring me back
her magic wand.
Easy peasy.
What's in it for us?
Matching thrones.
Hers-and-hers crowns.
Um, I... I think she meant us.
It's all about you and me, baby.
Do you enjoy watching
innocent people suffer?
- Well, yeah. I mean, who doesn't...
- Well, then get me the wand
and you and I can see
all that and so much more.
And with that wand
and my scepter,
I will be able to bend both
good and evil to my will!
- Our will.
- Our will, our will.
And If you refuse,
you're grounded for the
rest of your life, missy.
What... mom...
Fine. Whatever.
- I win.
- Evie.
My little evil-ette
in training,
you just find yourself
a prince with a big castle
and a mother-in-law wing.
And lots and lots of mirrors!
- Ah!
- No laughing. Wrinkles.
Oh, well, they're not
taking my Carlos,
- because I'd miss him too much.
- Really, mom?
Yes. Who would touch up
my roots,
fluff my fur, and scrape
the bunions off my feet?
Yeah, maybe a new school
wouldn't be the worst thing.
Oh, Carlos,
they have dogs in Auradon.
Oh, no! I'm not going!
Well, Jay isn't going either.
I need him to stock
the shelves in my store.
What did you score?
Oh. Ooh.
A lamp.
- I already tried.
- Ah!
Evie's not going anywhere
until we get rid
of this unibrow, hmm?
What is wrong with you all?
People used to cower
at the mention of our names!
For 20 years, I have searched
for a way off this island.
For 20 years, they have
robbed us from our revenge...
- revenge on snow white and
her horrible little men. - Ow!
- Revenge on Aladdin and his bloated genie!
- I will...
pop! - Revenge on every
sneaky dalmatian
that escaped your clutches.
Oh, but they didn't get baby.
They didn't get the...
They didn't get the baby!
And I, maleficent...
The evilest of them all,
I will finally have my revenge
on sleeping beauty
and her relentless
little prince.
- Villains!
- Yes.
- Our day has come.
- Hmm.
- E.Q., give her the magic mirror.
- Yeah.
This is your magic mirror?
Yeah, well, it ain't
what it used to be,
but then again, neither are we!
- It will help you find things.
- Like a prince?
- Like my waistline.
- Like the magic wand! Hello!
- Hello. - My spell book. My book.
I need my... that book.
Oh, ah! The safe. The safe.
Queen, help me!
I never can figure this thing out.
My spell... come, darling. Come.
Oh... ooh! Oh, Oh.
There she is. It doesn't work
here, but it will in Auradon.
Remember? When we were spreading
evil and ruining lives.
Like it was yesterday.
And now you will be
making your own memories
by doing exactly as I tell you.
Whoo! Let's
get this party started!
Carlos! Come.
Who is the fairest of them all?
- Me.
- Ah!
- You.
- Yes! Let's go.
- Now, recite our mantra.
- There's no team in "I".
Oh, run along.
You're making me tear up.
- My bag.
- Yeah.
- Dad!
- Coming!
The future of the free world
rests on your shoulders.
Don't blow it.
Ah! Smells like common folk.
Come back here, now!
The jackals have landed.
Bring home the gold!
Bring home a puppy.
Bring home a prince.
You're looking
a little washed out.
- Let me help you out.
- Ew, stop.
I'm plotting.
Well, It's not very attractive.
These! It's salty like nuts,
but It's sweet
like I don't know what.
Let me see.
- Ew!
- Ow!
It's a trap!
What just happened?
It must be magic.
Did this little button
just open up the magic barrier?
No, this one opens
the magic barrier.
That one opens my garage.
And this button...
Nasty. I like that guy.
Oh! Ah! Ow! Stop!
You got everything else!
Why do you want
whatever this is?
- 'Cause you want it!
- No!
- Give it to me!
- Ow!
- Let go!
- Guys, guys, guys!
We have an audience.
Just cleaning up.
Get up.
Leave it like you found it!
And by that,
I mean just leave it.
Hello, foxy.
The name's Jay.
Welcome to Auradon prep.
I'm fairy godmother,
The fairy godmother?
As in, "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo"?
Bibbidi-bobbidi. You know it.
Yeah, I always wondered what
it felt like for cinderella
when you just appeared,
out of nowhere,
with that sparkly wand
and warm smile.
- Oh.
- And that sparkling wand.
That was a long time ago.
And as I always say,
"don't focus on the past
or You'll miss the future."
It's so good to finally
meet you all.
- I'm Ben.
- Prince Benjamin.
- Soon to be king.
- You had me at prince.
My mom's a queen,
which makes me a princess.
The evil queen
has no royal status here
and neither do you.
This is Audrey.
Princess Audrey.
His girlfriend.
Right, Bennyboo?
Ben and Audrey are going
to show you all around,
and I'll see you tomorrow.
The doors of wisdom
are never shut.
But the library hours
are from 8:00 to 11:00.
And as you may have heard, I have
a little thing about curfews.
It is so, so, so good
to finally me... meet you all.
This is a momentous occasion,
and one that I hope
will go down in history...
Is that chocolate?
As the day our two peoples
began to heal.
Or the day that you showed four
peoples where the bathrooms are.
A little bit over the top?
A little more than a little bit.
Well, so much
for my first impression.
Hey! You're Maleficent's
daughter, aren't you?
Yeah, you know what? I totally
do not blame you for your mother
trying to kill my parents
and stuff.
Oh, my mom's aurora. Sleeping...
Yeah, I've heard the name.
You know, and I totally
do not blame your grandparents
for inviting everyone
in the whole world
but my mother
to their stupid christening.
- Water under the bridge.
- Totes!
Okay! So, how about a tour?
Yeah? Auradon prep,
originally built
over 300 years ago
and converted into a high school
by my father
when he became king.
Carlos, It's okay.
My father wanted his statue
to morph from beast to man
to remind us that anything
is possible.
Does he shed much?
Yeah, mom won't let him
on the couch.
So you guys have a lot
of magic here in Auradon?
Like wands and things like that?
Yeah, it exists of course,
but It's pretty much retired.
Most of us here
are just ordinary mortals.
Who happened to be kings
and queens.
That's true.
Our royal blood
goes back hundreds of years.
Doug. Doug, come down.
This is Doug.
He's going to help you
with your class schedules
and show you
the rest of the dorms.
I'll see you later, okay?
And If there is anything
you need, feel free to...
ask Doug.
Hi, guys. I'm Dopey's son.
As in dopey, doc, bashful,
happy, grumpy, sleepy, and...
- Heigh-ho.
- Evie.
Evil queen's daughter.
Okay. So about your classes,
I, uh, put in
the requirements already...
history of woodsmen and pirates,
safety rules for the Internet,
and, uh, remedial goodness 101.
Let me guess. New class?
Come on, guys,
let's go find our dorms.
Oh, uh, yeah, your dorms
are that way, guys.
Dopey, doc, bashful,
happy, grumpy, sleepy, and...
Wow. This place is so amaz...
- gross.
- I know, right? Amazingly gross.
Ugh! I'm going to need
some serious sunscreen.
- Yeah.
- E.
Whew! That is much better.
Whoo! Whoa! Ah!
Jay, what are you doing?
It's called stealing.
Okay, what's the point?
Well, Mal, It's like
buying whatever I want,
except It's free.
So, you could do that,
or you could leave
all of this here
and pick it up
when we take over the world.
You sound just like your mom.
Thank you.
You do it your way
and I'll do it mine.
Die, suckers!
Jay, come check this thing out.
Man, It's awesome.
Do I have to remind you
what we're all here for?
Fairy godmother,
blah, blah, blah.
Magic wand, blah, blah, blah.
This is our one chance to prove
ourselves to our parents.
To prove that we are evil
and vicious
and ruthless and cruel. Yeah?
Evie, mirror me.
Mirror, mirror on the...
in my hand,
where is fairy godmother's
wand... stand?
- There it is!
- Zoom out.
Magic mirror, not so close.
Closer. Closer.
Can I go back to my game?
I'm on level three.
It's in a museum.
Do we know where that is?
2.3 Miles from here.
Come on.
Come on.
Check your mirror.
Is my mascara smudged?
And, hey, while you're at it,
why don't you see
If you can find us the wand?
Sure. This way.
That's your mother's spinning wheel?
Yeah, It's kinda dorky.
It's magic.
It doesn't have to look scary.
"Magic spindle, do not linger.
Make my victim prick a finger."
I got chills.
Okay, you know what?
"Prick the finger,
prick it deep.
Send my enemy off to sleep."
Not so dorky now, huh?
Stand back.
"Make it easy, make it quick,
open up without a kick."
- Come on, Jay.
- I'm good.
Just trying to help.
- Carlos!
- Coming.
So close.
Come on. Go, go, go, go.
Up, up, up, up, up.
Come on, guys. Almost there.
I will never forget
mother's day again.
Well, the wand's not here.
Let's bounce.
Let's go.
The future of the free
world rests on your shoulders.
Don't blow it.
Look at you, look at me
I don't know who to be
Is it wrong? Is it right?
Be a thief in the night
Tell me what to do...
Mal. Come on.
Don't be so serious, darling.
I'm sorry.
I was once like you,
my child
Slightly insecure
Argued with my mother, too
Thought I was mature
But I put my heart aside
And I used my head
Now I think
It's time you learned
What dear old mama said
Don't you wanna be evil
like me?
Don't you wanna be mean?
Don't you wanna
make mischief
Your daily routine?
Well, you can spend
your life
Attending to the poor
But when you're evil,
doing less is doing more
Don't you wanna be ruthless
and rotten
And mad?
Don't you wanna be very,
very good at being bad?
I have tried
my whole life long
To do the worst I can
Clawed my way to victory
Built my master plan
Now the time has come,
my dear
For you to take your place
Promise me You'll try to be
An absolute disgrace
Don't you wanna be evil
like me?
Don't you wanna be cruel?
Don't you wanna be nasty
and brutal
And cool?
And when you grab that wand
That's when your reign
Who wants an evil queen
without a sack of sins?
Don't you
wanna be heartless
And hardened as stone?
Don't you wanna be
finger-lickin' evil
To the bone?
This is not
for us to ponder
This was pre-ordained
You and I
shall rule together
Freedom soon regained
Mistress of the universe
Powerful and strong
Daughter, hear me,
help me, join me
Won't you sing along?
Now we're gonna
be evil, It's true
Never gonna think twice
And we're gonna be spiteful
Yes, spiteful, that's nice
In just an hour or two,
our future's safe and sure
This mother/daughter act
is going out on tour
If you wanna be evil
and awful and free
Then you should thank
your lucky star
That you were born
the girl you are
The daughter of
an evilicious queen
Like me!
Hey, I found the wand.
Let's go.
Here it is.
Jay, don't!
Wait, no! No! Don't!
A force field and a siren?
That's just a little excessive.
Let's go!
Come on.
Hello? Uh, uh,
just give me one second.
One second.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
No, false alarm.
It was a malfunction in the, uh,
I'm 714 chip
in the breadboard circuit.
Yeah. Okay.
Say hi to the missus.
You're welcome.
Way to go, Jay.
Now we have to
go to school tomorrow.
If someone hands you
a crying baby,
do you, a, curse it?
B, lock it in a tower?
C, give it a bottle?
Or d, carve out its heart?
- Evie.
- What was the second one?
Oh, okay. Anyone else?
C, give it a bottle.
Correct. Again.
You are on fire, girl!
Just pick the one that
doesn't sound like any fun.
- Oh.
- That makes so much sense.
Oh. Hello, dear one.
Hi. You need to sign off on early
dismissal for the coronation.
Everyone here remembers
my daughter, Jane?
Mom, no!
It's okay.
Jane, this is everyone.
That's okay, don't mind me.
As you were.
Ahem. Let's continue.
You find a vial of poison.
Do you, a,
put it in the king's wine?
B, paint it on an apple?
Or c, turn it over
to the proper authorities?
Oh! Ooh... get off.
C. You turn it over
to the proper authorities.
I was gonna say that.
But I said it first. Come here!
Ow! - Come on, who said it first?
Who said it first?
- Ow! Stop! Ah!
- Boys.
I am gonna encourage you
to use that energy
on the tourney field.
Oh, no. That's okay.
Whatever that is,
We'll... We'll pass.
Jay, Ben, offense.
Chad, you're defense.
- Taylor, you're the shooter.
- Right, coach!
Hey. Hey! Hey, you. Lost boy!
Put your helmet on.
Get out of the kill zone!
- Come on.
- Kill zone? Wha...
Pick it up. Put it on!
Two hands.
Jay, It's me! It's Carlos!
Wait, stop, Jay. Stop!
No, no, no, no. No!
Oh, yeah! Come on, let's go!
Oh! Whoo!
Whoo, whoo! Oh! Oh!
What just happened?
Who is this guy?
You! Get over here!
What do you call that?
I call that raw talent.
Come find me later. I'll show you
something you haven't seen before.
It's called a rule book.
Welcome to the team, son.
You ever thought about band?
I'll work with him, coach.
All right.
Let's run that again.
I'm rotten to the core.
I know, I know.
Those kids are trouble.
- Bye, Mal.
- Bye.
Come on, Chad.
Give them a chance.
No offense, Bennybear,
but you're just too trusting.
Look, I know your mom
fell in love
with a big nasty beast
who turned out to be a prince.
But with my mom, the evil fairy
was just the evil fairy.
That girl's mother.
I think you're wrong about them.
I'll see you later.
- Hey!
- Hey.
- How was your first day?
- Super.
You should really think
about taking this talent
off the locker
and into art class.
I could, uh, sign you up.
What do you think?
Way to take all the fun
out of it.
Hi! It's Jane, right?
Ah, always loved that name.
- That's cool.
- Don't go!
I guess I was just kind
of hoping to make a friend.
You probably have all the
friends you need though, huh?
Really? I mean, with your mom
being fairy godmother
and headmistress?
I mean, not to mention
your own, um... personality.
I'd rather be pretty.
You've got great hair.
You know what? I have
just the thing for that.
It's right...
Ah, here.
"Beware, forswear,
replace the old
with brand new hair."
Oh, ah, ah!
You almost don't notice your...
Other features anymore.
Do my nose!
Oh, I can't.
I've been practicing,
but you know,
I can't do really big magic.
Not like your mom with her wand.
I mean, one swoosh
from that thing
and you could probably have
whatever features you wanted.
She doesn't use
the wand anymore.
She believes the real magic
is in the books.
And not the spell books,
regular books with history
and stuff.
What a rip.
You know, she used magic
on cinderella,
who wasn't even
her real daughter.
Doesn't she love you?
Well, of course she does.
It's... It's just,
you know, tough love.
"Work on the inside,
not the outside."
You know, that sort of thing.
That's the face!
Yeah, and then just look
as If your...
your heart is about to break.
"Oh, mother,
I just don't understand
why you can't
make me beautiful, too."
- Think it would work?
- Yeah.
I mean, that's what
old Cindy did, right?
And your mother
the living daylights out of her.
And, hey, If your mom
does decide to, you know,
break out the old wand,
invite me.
If I can convince mom,
you're so there.
Any chance he's in line
for a throne?
Anywhere in line?
Chad. Prince charming, Jr.
Cinderella's son.
Chad inherited the charm,
but not a lot of there
there, know what I mean?
Looks like there there to me.
Perhaps this is just
review for you.
So tell me, what is the average
atomic weight of silver?
Atomic weight?
Uh, well, not very much.
I mean, It's an atom, right?
Let's see.
How do I find the average
atomic weight of silver?
That would be 106.905
times .5200,
plus 108.905
times .4800,
which, Mr. delay, would give us
107.9 am...
- "Amu"?
- I forget.
- Always a mistake to underestimate...
- A villain?
Don't make it again.
Okay. Carlos,
we're gonna do some sprints.
You ready?
Oh! Ah!
No, wait!
- Sweet!
- No! Ah!
Carlos? Carlos!
No, stop!
- Carlos!
- Ben?
- Ben?
- Whoa-Whoa-Whoa!
Ben, help me!
This thing is a killer!
He's gonna chase me down
and rip out my throat.
This is a vicious,
rabid pack animal!
- Hey, who told you that?
- My mother.
- Cruella?
- She's a dog expert. A dog yellerer.
- Why are you holding him?
- He's gonna attack you!
Carlos, you've never
actually met a dog, have you?
- Of course not.
- Dude, meet Carlos.
Carlos, this is dude.
He's the campus mutt.
He doesn't look like
a vicious, rabid pack animal.
You're a good boy, aren't you?
You're a good boy.
I guess you guys have it
pretty rough on the island.
Let's just say we don't
get a lot of belly rubs.
Good boy.
I mean, you're a good runner.
- You're... you're fast, you know.
- Oh. Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Listen, I'm gonna give
you guys some space, yeah?
You guys get to know each other
and just, you know,
- come find me when you're done, okay?
- Okay.
- I'll see you later.
- See you out there.
Hi. Hi.
Oh! Thank you.
Is everybody at home
as pretty as you?
I like to think
I'm the fairest of them all.
How many rooms in your castle?
Oh! Too many to count.
You really nailed
that chemistry problem today.
You're gonna have all
the nerds in love with you.
- I'm not that smart.
- Oh, come on.
No, really, I'm not.
But I'm... I'm really good at
sewing and cooking and cleaning.
You know, like your
mother, cinderella,
without the ratty dress.
See this?
If I ask it where
something is, it tells me.
- Are you kidding me?
- No.
Where's my cell phone?
It won't work for you, silly.
No biggie. My dad will
just get me a new one.
- Prince charming.
- Yeah.
- And cinderella.
- Yeah.
Fairy godmother.
Hey, I heard her wand
is in some boring museum.
Do they always leave it there?
I'd really like to talk, but...
I'm just swamped.
- Unless...
- Unless?
If you could knock all my
homework out along with yours,
then maybe we could
get together sometime...
- Hang.
- Okay.
- Thanks, babe.
- Yeah.
- I couldn't help but overhear...
- Are you stalking me?
Technically... yes.
I, too, have a fascination
with fairy godmother's wand.
Which is another reason I look
forward to the coronation.
Perhaps we could sit next to each
other and discuss its attributes.
Are you saying they
use it in the coronation?
Yes. And asking you out.
Mom said, "If a boy
can't see the beauty within",
then he's not worth it."
Can you believe it?
- What world does she live in?
- Auradon.
- Mal, do you like?
- Yeah. It's cute.
- It brings out your eyes.
- I know.
- I'll never get a boyfriend.
- Boyfriends are overrated.
And how would you know, Mal?
You've never had one.
It's 'cause I don't need one, e.
They're a waste of time.
I forgot to do Chad's homework!
Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no.
And that is exactly what I mean.
Hey, guys! I'm Lonnie.
My mom's Mulan?
No? Anyways, I love what
you've done with Jane's hair.
And I know you hate us,
and, well, you're evil.
But do you
think you could do mine?
Why would I do that for you?
- I'll pay you 50 dollars.
- Good answer.
I need to buy more material.
Let's see, I'm thinking,
we lose the bangs,
maybe some layers
and some highlights.
Yeah, yeah. I want it cool.
- Like Mal's.
- Really? The split ends, too?
"Beware, forswear, replace
the old with cool hair."
I know. I know.
It looks like a mop
on your head.
You know what?
Let's cut it off,
- layer it...
- No, no, no, no, no, no!
- I love it.
- You do?
It's just...
Now I'm cool.
Like ice.
What did I just do?
Mom's gonna kill me!
I could really use
a tough guy like you.
The team's a bunch of princes,
If you know what I mean.
You're telling me.
It's all, "after you, old chum."
Oh, pardon me,
did I bump into you?"
Where I come from It's,
"prepare to die, sucker!"
As my father Says,
"the only way to win"
- is to make sure everyone else loses!
- Jay!
- Jay, Jay, Jay!
- "You rip..."
let me explain a team.
Uh, It's like a family.
You do not want to be
at my house at dinner time.
Okay, okay, um...
You know how a body has
a lot of different parts?
The legs, elbows, ears.
But they all need each other.
Well, that's what a team is...
different players
who work together to win.
Make any sense?
Can I be the fist?
Did your plan work with Jane? Are
you going over to see the wand?
Do you think that I would be going
through every single spell in this book.
If I hadn't
completely struck out?
- Oh, someone's in a bad mood.
- My mom's counting on me!
I can't let her down!
We can do this...
If we stick together.
And we won't go back
until we do.
Because we're rotten...
- To the core.
- Oh, yeah.
I found out that fairy godmother
blesses Ben with the wand
at coronation
and we all get to go.
I have nothing to wear,
of course.
- What?
- Hold that thought.
Hey, Mal.
I didn't see you guys today.
I was just wondering If you had
any questions or anything...
That... you needed...
Not that I know of.
Okay. All right.
Well, uh, If you need
anything, just, uh...
Oh, wait!
Um, is it true that we all
get to go to your coronation?
- Yeah, the whole school goes.
- Wow.
That is beyond exciting.
Do you think
that It's a possibility
that the four of us
could stand in the front row
next to the fairy godmother,
just so we could
soak up all that goodness?
I wish you could.
Up front It's just me,
my folks, and my girlfriend.
And your girlfriend?
- Yeah. I'm sorry.
- Okay. Thanks, bye.
Oh, but, no,
there's plenty of...
I think It's time
that Bennyboo got himself
a new girlfriend.
And I need a love spell.
All right. It Says that
we still need one tear,
and I never cry.
- Let's just chop up some onions.
- No.
It Says that we need
one tear of human sadness.
And this love potion
gets the best reviews,
so we have to follow it exactly.
- A tear's a tear.
- That's not true, Jay.
They both have
antibodies and enzymes,
but an emotional tear
has more protein-based hormones
- than a reflex tear.
- Listen to you.
- Yeah, I knew that.
- Did not.
Yeah, I did.
There you are, Mal!
I was looking for you.
You know, all the girls
want you to do their hair!
Midnight snack, huh?
- What you guys making?
- Nothing special. Just cookies.
- Oh, no, no!
- Wait, wait, wait!
- What? I'm
not gonna double dip.
Feel anything?
Yeah, like maybe it
might be missing something?
Hey, there.
- It could use some chips.
- Chips?
And those are...
Chocolate chips.
Just the most
important food group.
Wait, didn't your moms
ever make you guys,
like, chocolate chip cookies?
Like, when you're feeling sad,
and they're fresh from the oven,
with a big old glass of milk,
and she just makes you laugh
and puts everything
into perspective and...
why are you all
looking at me like that?
It's just different
where we're from.
Yeah, I know. I just,
you know, I thought...
Even villains love their kids.
How awful.
Yeah, well, big bummer,
but we have to get
these into the oven,
so thank you so much
for coming by.
Really, really
have a good night.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Evil dreams.
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
Okay, boys, cookie sheet.
- Evie, oven.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Look, It's Mal.
- Hi, Mal!
Love my hair, Mal!
Are you feeling
kind of weird about this?
I mean, It's not
so bad here, you know.
Are you insane?
Long live evil! You're mean!
You're awful! You're bad news!
Snap out of it!
Thanks, Mal.
I needed that.
Do you think they
actually paid for those?
Oh, hello.
The name's Jay.
You all going to the
tourney game tonight?
Keep a lookout
for number eight, all right?
- Scoring the winning goal.
- Okay.
She did it to Jane's hair, too,
and fairy godmother's
not happy about it.
- What's the harm?
- It's gateway magic!
Sure, it starts with the hair.
Next thing you know
It's the lips and the legs
and the clothes and then everybody looks
good and then... where will I be?
Listen, Audrey...
I will see you at the game after my
dress-fitting for the coronation, okay?
- Okay.
- Bye, Bennyboo.
- Hey, Bennyboo!
- Hey.
I just made a batch of cookies.
Double chocolate chip,
do you want one?
Oh, I, uh, I've got a big game.
I don't eat before a big game.
But thank you so, so much.
Thank you. Next time.
- Next time.
- No, yeah.
I completely understand.
"Be careful of treats offered
by kids of villains."
- No, no, no. - No, I'm sure every kid
in Auradon knows that.
No, that's not it. No, no, no, I...
I really do...
No, I get it.
You're cautious. That's smart.
Oh, well, more for me, I guess.
No, no. Hey...
see that? Totally trust you.
- How are they?
- They're good. They're great!
They're amazing!
They're, uh...
I mean, they're chewy
and, and you know, they...
is that walnuts?
I love walnuts.
I mean, uh, you know, the...
The chocolate...
The... the chocolate...
The chocolate chips are...
I'm sorry. Um...
Uh, they're...
They're warm and soft.
And they're sweet...
Mal, have you always had those
little golden flecks in your eyes?
How you feeling, bro?
I feel... I feel...
I feel like...
Like singing your name.
Mal, Mal
- Ohayohay!
- This is a nail-biter, folks.
There's 47 seconds left on
the clock. We're all tied up.
The Sherwood falcons, two.
The fighting knights, two.
What a game between
Auradon's fiercest rivals.
- Get 'em, Chad.
- Thanks, Jay.
The teams get into their huddles
and take up positions along the kill zone.
Akiho! - The dragoneers
have been laying down
- a withering hail of fire.
- You're up.
And now a substitution...
Coach, how about my buddy here?
- Oh, no.
- Not so sure about that.
- Coach, he's been practicing.
- Jay...
And you said yourself a team
is made up of a bunch of parts.
- Jay, I'm not that good.
- Well, he's kind of like my brain.
Come here!
You heard him. Get out there!
Don't worry, bro.
I got your back.
- How about my front?
- Pfft. Get out there.
bringing that hothead Jay in
from the isle of the lost and that little
guy Carlos can barely hold a shield.
Break! - When they
break from their huddles,
this is gonna be
a big moment here.
And the tipoff is ready.
Here we go.
Long pass goes to Jay.
Jay dishes off to prince Ben.
Nice little block by Carlos.
He does a little dancing jig
in his opponent's face.
And now Jay gets the ball back.
Here comes Jay!
Jay, hurdling maneuver
at mid-field.
- I'm open!
- Jay makes a nice pass
to prince Ben
through the kill zone.
- Jay!
- Big block by Chad!
Prince Ben moves over wide,
gives it back to Jay.
He's in the clear! Shot!
Oh, what a save by Philip
the falcons' goalkeeper!
- Come on!
- All right, all right, let's do it!
Come on, guys!
Come on, hustle, hustle!
23 seconds left. You
could cut the tension with a sword.
The long ball
is played into Jay.
Jay, great jump, great leap.
And a great move by Jay.
Big block from Chad.
Jay dishes off to prince Ben.
And then Carlos
with a big block, goes down.
Jay through the kill zone,
picks up Carlos.
Oh, he's being hammered by
dragon fire. Still, going on.
Jay, hurdling maneuver at
mid-field. He's in the clear.
The ball goes back to Jay.
- Hey, Jay!
- Carlos?
Go up!
He passes to prince Ben.
He scores!
Prince Ben has won it!
What an unselfish play by Jay!
What a team! Incredible!
And It's the new guys,
Jay and Carlos,
who set up the prince
for the win here.
What a victory!
An absolutely wonderful end
to one of the best games ever.
Here they come, folks. The
winners of the first tourn...
excuse me. Excuse me. Can I
have your attention, please?
There's something
I'd like to say.
- Give me an "m"!
- "M"!
- Give me an "a"!
- "A"!
- Give me an "I"!
- "L"!
- What does that spell?
- Mal!
- Come on, I can't hear you!
- Mal!
I love you, Mal!
Did I mention that?
- Give me a beat! Whoo!
- Uno, dos, tres, quatro!
- Oh, my God! Cookie!
- What was in that cookie?
Did I mention that
I'm in love with you?
And did I mention
there's nothing I can do?
And did I happen to say
I dream of you every day
Well, let me
shout it out loud
If that's okay, hey, hey
If that's okay
I met this girl that rocked my
world like It's never been rocked
Now I'm living just for her
and I won't ever stop
I never thought that it could
happen to a guy like me
But now look at what you've done,
you got me down on my knees
Because my love for you
is ridiculous
- I never knew
- Who knew?
That it could be like this
My love for you is
ridiculous - Ridiculous
My love
is r-I-d-I-c-u-l-o-u-s
- It's...
- Ridiculous
- Just...
- Ridiculous
And I would give my kingdom
for just one kiss
Well, did I mention
I'm in love with you?
And did I mention
there's nothing I can do?
And did I happen to say
I dream of you every day
Well, let me shout it
out loud If that's okay
- Yeah, If that's okay
I gotta know which way to
go, come on, give me a sign
You gotta show me that you're
only ever gonna be mine
Don't wanna go another
minute livin' without you
'Cause If your heart just isn't
in it, I don't know what I'd do
Because my love for you is
ridiculous - Ridiculous
- I never knew
- Who knew?
That it could be like this
My love for you
is ridiculous
My love
is r-I-d-I-c-u-l-o-u-s
- It's...
- Ridiculous
- Just...
- Ridiculous
And I would give my kingdom
for just one kiss
Come on, now! Ho!
Oh, yeah ho!
- All right
- All right
- Hey!
Because my love for you
is ridiculous
- I never knew
- Who knew?
That it could be like this
My love for you is
ridiculous - Ridiculous
My love
is r-I-d-I-c-u-l-o-u-s
- It's...
- Ridiculous
- Just...
- Ridiculous
And I would give my kingdom
for just one kiss
Come on, now!
I love you, Mal!
Did I mention that?
- Chad's my boyfriend now!
- Hey!
And I'm going
to the coronation with him.
So I don't need your pity date.
- Whoa! - Mal! Will you go to
the coronation with me?
- Yes!
- She said yes!
Let's go, Ben.
The whole team's
waiting for you.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
What a victory.
What a day
for the Auradon knights,
finally winning back the
trophy after so many years.
- I feel really sorry for Audrey.
- You do?
I feel like If she
were talented like you,
and she knew how
to sew and knew beauty tips,
that she wouldn't need a prince to
make her feel better about herself.
I guess I am kind of talented.
You are definitely gifted.
- Thanks, m.
- Yeah, yeah!
And there he is.
Jay, the most valuable player.
How do you like that?
Looking for something?
Thank you, Chad.
It's gratifying to see someone
still respects the honor code.
It will be my recommendation
that you are expelled.
- Mr. delay, I...
- But that isn't fair.
Obviously she wasn't cheating
since she didn't have that...
- Whatever it is.
- It's called a magic mir...
you're not helping. Stop. Maybe
she needed another pencil.
- Actually, I was...
- Really, don't help.
- Please.
- Please.
Well, If you can pass this test,
I'll return your property
and let the matter drop.
For the first time, It's like I'm
more than just a pretty face.
A shocker, huh?
You were pretty great in there.
So were you.
I bet I can get an "a" on the
next test without the mirror.
Yeah. Well, maybe we can get
together and We'll hang out with...
- yeah, let's get together.
- There you are!
- I have been looking for you
literally everywhere! - What's wrong?
Ben just asked me out on...
- ...a date.
- Nice.
- We can handle this. Bye.
- Bye.
- You're looking a little pale.
- Yeah, of course.
- I can fix that with some gloss
and some blush. - No!
- Mal, I can use the...
- No, no, no.
Okay. Easy on the blush.
I don't want to scare him away.
Not that I could.
Please. My mom taught me how to
apply blush before I could talk.
Always use upward strokes.
My mom was never really big
on makeup tips.
- I never had a sister.
- Well, now you do.
We're going to need all the family we
can get If we don't pull this off.
My mother's not a barrel of laughs
when she doesn't get her way.
Just ask snow white.
- Are you afraid of her?
- Sometimes.
Are you afraid of your mom?
I just really want her
to be proud of me.
She gets so angry with me
when I disappoint her.
And sh... yeah, she's my mom,
so I know she loves me...
In her own way.
Moving on. Come see.
- Are we done?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- I know.
- I look...
- Say it.
- Not hideous.
- Not even close.
For the first time,
I understand the difference
between pretty and beautiful.
I hope you like bikes.
Tell me something about yourself
that you've never told anyone.
My middle name is Bertha.
- Bertha?
- Yeah.
- Bertha.
- Just my mom doing what she does best.
Being really, really evil.
Mal Bertha.
- Mine's Florian.
- Florian?
- Yeah.
- How princely.
Oh, that's almost worse. BEN: I
mean, you know, It's better than Bertha.
But It's still not...
watch your foot. Yeah.
- Are you good?
- Mm-hmm.
Now, step up. There you go.
- You ready?
- Mm-hmm.
Go on.
- Is this your first time?
- Mm...
We don't really date
much on the island.
It's more like...
Gang activity.
Um, I meant,
is this your first time
eating a jelly donut?
Is it bad?
You got a...
Just a...
- I mean, yeah, do this.
- Mm-hmm.
You can't take me
anywhere, I guess.
You know, I've done all
the talking. Your turn.
I really don't know
that much about you.
Tell me something.
Well, I'm 16.
I'm an only child.
And I've only ever
lived in one place.
Me, too. That... we have
so much in common already.
Trust me, we do not.
And now you're gonna be king.
- Yeah.
- What?
A crown doesn't make you a king.
Well, it kind of does.
No, it...
Your mother is mistress of evil
and I've got the poster parents
for goodness.
But we're not
automatically like them.
We get to choose
who we're gonna be.
And right now,
I can look into your eyes and
I can tell you're not evil.
I can see it.
- Let's go for a swim.
- Hm? What? Uh...
- Right now?
- Yeah, right now.
I think
I'm just gonna stay here.
No, no, no. Come on.
I think I'm gonna stay behind
and try a strawberry.
I've literally never tried
a strawberry before.
Mm! Mm...
Don't eat all of them.
Are those little crowns
on your shorts?
Whoo! Ha-ha!
A million thoughts
in my head
Should I let my heart
keep listenin'?
'Cause up till now
I've walked the line
Nothin' lost
but somethin' missin'
I can't decide
what's wrong, what's right
which way should I go?
If only I knew what my heart
was telling me
Don't know what I'm feeling
Is this just a dream?
Uh-Oh, yeah
If only I could read
the signs in front of me
I could find the way to
who I'm meant to be
If only
Am I crazy?
Maybe we could
Yeah, will you
still be with me
When the magic's
All run out?
If only I knew what my heart
was telling me
don't know what I'm feeling
is this just a dream?
If only
Yeah, If only
Yeah, If only
Yeah, If only
If only.
You scared me!
- You... you can't swim?
- No!
- You live on an island!
- Yeah, with a barrier around it, remember?
Ugh! - And you still
tried to save me.
And do you thank me? No!
All I get is soaking wet!
And, uh, this fancy rock.
It's yours.
Make a wish and throw it
back in the lake.
Uh, Mal...
I told you that I loved you.
What about you?
Do you love me?
I don't know
what love feels like.
Maybe I can teach you.
Children, excuse me.
Um, as you know, uh,
this Sunday is family day
here at Auradon prep.
And because your parents
can't be here due to,
uh, distance,
we've arranged
for a special treat.
I don't see anything,
nor do I hear.
- Kids!
- Is it...
- is it... is...
- Press enter.
Can I please see a remote?
Is this thing on?
- Ugh, It's broken.
- Ugh!
I hate electronic equip...
- Oh!
- Evie, It's mommy. Oh!
Look how beautiful.
Oh, you know what they say,
the poison apple doesn't
fall far from the tree.
- Don't you mean the weeds?
- Ooh! Who's the old bat?
This is fairy godmother.
Still doing tricks
with eggplants?
- I turned a pumpkin
into a beautiful carriage.
You really couldn't give cinderella
till one A.M.? I mean, really.
What, the hamsters had to be back
on their little wheels? -
They were mice! They were
not... they were mice.
- They were not...
- Thank you so much. Thank you.
- They were mice.
- Hi, mom.
I m-m-miss you.
You children are never
far from our thoughts.
I got it.
How long must mommy
wait to see you?
Um, there's a big coronation
coming up.
I think sometime probably
after... that.
- When?
- Friday, 10 A.M.
You sure I can't
see you before that?
I don't know what I'll do If I don't
get my hands on that magic wan...
you... you little nugget
that I love so much.
Yes, I completely
understand, mother.
Carlos, is that a dog?
Oh, yes, yes,
baby, I do understand.
It would make the perfect
size for earmuffs.
He's the perfect size for a pet.
Oh! - This dog loves
me, and I love him.
- And fyi, your dog is stuffed!
- Oh!
- So give it a rest!
- Oh-ho! Burn!
Oh! Why don't you go sell a
toaster, you two-bit salesman!
People who talk to stuffed
animals shouldn't throw stones.
Oh, well, people who sell
toasters shouldn't use mixed metaphors.
I'm so sorry.
- Thanks for the special treat.
- Of course.
What do you think our parents
are gonna do to us.
If we don't pull this off?
I think they will be
quietly disappointed in us,
but ultimately...
Proud of us for doing our best.
No, I think we
are definitely goners.
Okay, we all know
what this looks like.
So it'll be up on the dais
under the beast's spell jar,
and We'll be
coming in from here.
I will be in the very front.
You all will be up
in the balcony.
- Okay.
- Carlos?
Okay, so I'll find our limo,
so we can break the barrier,
and, uh, get back on the
island with the wand.
- Perfect. Evie?
- Yeah?
You will use this
to take out the driver.
Two sprays and he'll
be out like a light.
You want to break
Ben's love spell?
You know, for after.
I don't...
I've just been thinking,
you know,
when the villains
finally do invade Auradon,
and begin to loot
and kick everyone
out of their castles
and imprison their leaders
and destroy all that is
good and beautiful,
Ben still being in love with me
just seems a little extra...
A million thoughts
In my head
Should I let my heart
Keep listening?
I know It's time
to say good-bye
So hard to let go
Ma chere mademoiselle,
it is with deepest pride
and greatest pleasure
that we welcome you tonight.
And now we invite you to relax.
Let us pull up a chair,
as the dining room proudly
presents your dinner...
Be our guest, be our guest
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin
round your neck, chrie
And We'll provide the
rest - That's right
That's right. - Soup du
jour, hot hors d'oeuvres
Why, we only live
to serve - Whoo!
Try the gray stuff,
It's delicious
- All right!
- Don't believe me?
Ask the dishes - Yeah!
They can sing, sing, sing
They can dance,
dance, dance
After all, miss,
this is France
And a dinner here
is never, never second best
Come on, go on,
unfold your menu
Go on, take a glance
and then You'll
Be our guest, be our guest
Be our guest,
yeah, yeah, come on
Yeah, be our guest,
guest, yeah
Yeah - We
tell jokes, I do tricks
with my fellow candlesticks
And It's all
in perfect taste
That you can bet
Come on and lift your glass
You've won
your own free pass
- To be our guest
If you're stressed
It's fine dining we suggest
Be our guest, be our
guest, be our guest
Yeah, uh, come on
Be our guest, be our guest
come on, come on
Be our guest
- That was so lovely!
- Oh. Wa...
- Just here?
- Ready?
Oh, by the way,
I have a new girlfriend.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
Well, I never
wanted to say anything,
but I always thought that Audrey
was a little self-absorbed.
A fake smile,
kind of a kiss-up.
Do we know your new girlfriend?
On the count of three.
One, two...
Well, sort of. Mal!
I gotta go, okay?
- Three!
- Huh?
- Mal? Mal.
- Uh...
I wanna introduce
you to my parents.
This is Mal. From the island.
- Mm...
- My girlfriend.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I was thinking maybe
she can join us for lunch.
Of... course.
Any friend of Ben's...
Um, I actually came
with my friends.
Well, you should invite them.
- Because the more the merrier!
- Yeah, I'll go grab them.
Uh, how about a game
of croquet before lunch?
- Huh? Of course.
- Game on.
Game on.
- Have you played before?
- No.
No? You'll be fine.
Come on, dude.
- Here, stand up.
- Come on, dude.
Stand here.
Hey, get them!
Hey, get them!
- Hello there.
- Hi.
Now, have we met?
No, I don't think so. I'm new.
I'm sort of like a...
Transfer student.
- Oh, yes.
- Grammy.
Oh, Audrey!
Give grammy a kiss, dear.
- "Grammy"?
- Sleeping beauty's mother.
Grammy, I don't think you want
to be talking to this girl.
Unless you feel like taking
another hundred-year nap.
How are you here?
And how have you
stayed so young?
Queen leah, It's okay. Maleficent
is still on the island.
This is her daughter, Mal.
Don't you remember my proclamation
to give the new generation a chance?
A chance to what, Ben?
Destroy us?
Come on.
You remember, don't you?
The poison apples.
And the spells.
My daughter...
Was raised by fairies
because of your mother's curse.
So her first words,
her first steps,
I missed it all!
- You mustn't trust her.
- I'm so so...
go away! Stay away from her!
- Don't do this, Chad.
- What?
They were raised
by their parents, Ben.
What do you think villains
teach their kids? Huh?
Kindness? Fair play?
No way, okay? Uh-uh.
You stole another
girl's boyfriend.
- Hey, hey!
- Oh. You enjoy hurting people.
And you, you're nothing but a
gold digger and a cheater.
Mirror, mirror, in my hand,
who's the biggest
jerk in the land?
What? Come on!
Back off, Chad. All right?
- Back off!
- Chad!
Chad? Chad!
Evie did something to Chad!
- Wake up.
- Check If he's okay.
Come on, Mal.
- Guys!
- Jay!
Chad, wake up!
Come on, Chad.
I feared something
like this would happen.
- This isn't their fault!
- No, son.
It's yours.
What happened?
I had this dream...
Hey, guys. How is everyone?
Hey, listen.
Forget about it. All right?
It was nothing.
Forget about it. Let it go.
Tomorrow, after the coronation, I
promise everything will be okay.
I have to go.
I'll see you guys later.
- Listen, evie, I wanna talk about
earlier today. I just... - Doug!
- It's my fault, Doug. I'm sorry.
- No, It's mine.
- Doug!
- What?
- Doug...
- Sorry, I can't.
How long does she
think that's gonna last?
- Mal is just the bad girl infatuation.
- Yeah.
I mean, he's never gonna
make a villain a queen.
Beware, forswear,
undo Jane's hair.
There's a lot more
where that came from.
Excuse me,
who do you think you are?
Do I look like I'm kidding?
I'm really looking
forward to tomorrow.
Let's grab that wand
and blow this Popsicle stand.
I'm rotten to the core.
At last, here we are,
broadcasting live
from the coronation,
where prince Benjamin
will soon be crowned king!
I'm snow white, bringing you
up to the second coverage
of who's the fairest
of them all.
"I'm snow white."
Who are you kidding?
She's definitely had work done.
Oh, me?
Oh, fairy godmother
is looking radiant.
But what is happening
with Jane's hair?
And there
is fairy godmother's wand.
- I want that wand!
- Do you? Hadn't heard.
Oh, and here comes Ben now.
Don't be nervous.
All you have to do is sit there
and look beautiful.
- No problem there.
- Thank you.
Mal, would you wear my ring?
Um... not now.
I think it would probably
just fall right off of me.
- I have something for you.
- For me?
It's just for later, you know,
when you need strength.
Some carbs
to keep up your energy.
Always thinking.
But I can't wait.
- No!
- Mm. Mm...
Mm! This is really good.
- Uh, do you...
- Mal?
- Do you feel okay?
- You bet.
Would you say
that you're still in... that...
that you have very strong
feelings for me?
I'm not sure.
I mean, let's give
the anti-love potion
a few minutes to take effect.
- Yeah...
- Okay.
What? You knew?
That you spelled me? Yeah.
- Yeah, I knew.
- I'm... I can explain myself.
No, look, It's fine. I mean, you had
a crush on me. I was with Audrey.
You didn't trust that it
could happen on its own.
- Am I right?
- Yes.
You're so right.
So, then,
how long have you known?
Since our first date.
Your spell washed away
in the enchanted lake.
So then what?
You've just been...
Faking it since then?
I haven't been faking anything.
- Well, If it isn't...
- My daughter.
- Looking like some kind of...
- Princess!
Now, let's see
who this beauty is wearing.
- Evie.
- Evie! That's my dau... evie!
Someone named evie
designed her gown.
- That's my daughter!
- Oh, wow. She sewed a dress.
my girl duped a prince,
and she's this close
to grabbing the magic wand.
Bitter, party of one.
Bitter, party of one.
It's happening, people!
It's happening!
I say, gird your loins!
Gird your loins!
our revenge begins today.
About the other day, I just...
I told Ben this
wasn't going to be easy.
You also taught me that a king
has to believe in himself.
- Even when it isn't easy.
- I did?
I... how very wise of me.
Ben, we are very proud of you.
- You keep listening to your heart.
- Thanks, mom.
You're gonna make a fine king.
Wish me luck.
Don't blow it, kiddo.
Do you solemnly swear
to govern the peoples of Auradon
with justice and mercy
as long as you shall reign?
Oh, grab the thing already!
I do solemnly swear.
Then it is my honor and my joy
to bless our new king.
- Yes!
- Oh!
- Yes!
- Yeah!
The barrier is broken!
We're free!
Scepter! Now!
Child, what are you doing?!
If you won't make me beautiful,
I'll do it myself!
Take cover!
Careful, Mal!
- Mal, give me the wand.
- Stand back.
- It's okay.
- Ben, I said stand back!
I told you so!
- Let's go!
- Revenge time.
- You really want to do this?
- We have no choice, Ben!
- Our parents...
- Your parents made their choice.
Now you make yours.
I think I want to be good.
- You are good.
- How do you know that?
Because I'm listening
to my heart.
I want to listen
to my heart, too.
And my heart is telling me
that we are not our parents.
I mean, stealing things
doesn't make you happy.
Tourney and victory pizza
with the team makes you happy.
And you, scratching dude's
belly makes you happy.
Who would've thought?
And evie...
You do not have to play dumb
to get a guy.
You are so smart.
And I don't want to
take over the world with evil.
It doesn't make me happy.
I want to go to school.
And be with Ben.
Because Ben
makes me really happy.
Us being friends
makes me really happy.
Not destroying things.
I choose good, you guys.
I choose good, too.
I choose good.
So, just to be clear,
we don't have to be worried
about how really mad
our parents will be?
Because they're gonna
be really, really mad.
Your parents
can't reach you here.
Okay, then. Good.
Come on.
- I'm back!
- It can't be.
Go away, mother.
- She's funny.
- Oh!
I'm so... you're very funny.
Wand me. Chop chop.
- Bibbidi-bobbidi...
- Boo.
Ooh, in another time,
in another time.
Evil like me,
don't you wanna be mean...
Oh. Oh, no.
Someone needs to pluck
their nose hairs.
Where shall we begin?
I know.
Why don't we start
by getting rid of this?
Perfect fit!
Oh, excuse me.
Pardon me. Excuse me.
The horns, the horns!
Falling in love is weak...
And ridiculous.
- It's not what you want.
- You don't know what I want!
Mom, have you ever once
asked me what I want?
- I'm not you!
- Oh, obviously.
I've had years and years
and years and...
Years of practice being evil.
You'll get there.
No, I will not.
And I really wish that you
had never gotten there yourself.
Love is not weak or ridiculous.
It's actually really amazing.
I know one thing, young lady.
You have no room for love
in your life!
And now I command,
wand to my hand!
Ha! It worked!
I hardly think so. Frankly, this
is tedious and very immature.
Give me the wand.
Give me the wand!
Hold on, Mal. Maybe good really
is more powerful than evil.
Oh, please!
You're killing me. Arf!
Oh! Oh, the breath!
The breath! Get off me!
Gaston should be jealous.
You all will regret this!
Come on. Run, Jay, run!
Hurry, Jay.
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
- Jay!
- Watch it, Jay!
Jay, come on!
Please, Jay! Jay!
Magic mirror,
show your bright light!
Behind me, e!
Leave my friends alone!
This is between
you and me, mother.
The strength of evil
is good as none,
when stands before
four hearts as one.
- The strength
of evil is good as none,
when stands before
four hearts as one.
The strength of evil
is good as none,
when stands before
four hearts as one!
- What just happened?
- I have no idea.
- Did you do it?
- I don't know.
No, no, no, no.
Your mother did.
She shrank to the size
of the love in her heart.
That's why It's so itty-bitty.
Is she gonna
be like that forever?
Well, forever is a long time.
You learned to love.
So can she.
I believe this belongs to you.
And I believe this...
Belongs to you.
You all have earned yourselves
an "a" in goodness class.
Okay, okay! Oh!
We kinda got this
all wrapped up here.
- Oh...
- Yeah, let's go.
- Next time, I rescue you, okay?
- Yeah.
Let's not let there
be a next time, okay?
I will be right back.
I love you.
But you are on
a major time-out.
Don't be too hard on Jane.
I was the one who put all
that crazy stuff in her head.
You are beautiful...
Inside and out.
Your mom got that right.
I guess I did get pretty lucky
- in the mother department.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Hey!
- Help!
That's my mom!
Well, let's get
this party started!
Ohayohay, hey
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah
- Let's set it off
- Oh, yeah
- Set it off
- you can make it happen
- Ohayohay, hey
Kings and queens,
It's our time to rise
Write the book,
the story of our lives
This is us taking back
the night - Ohayohay
Break the spell,
we were born this way
Be yourself, forget the DNA
Everybody raise
your hands and say
Ohayohay, hey
Sound the alarm,
get on your feet
Let's set it off
and rock this beat
Dance till your heart
is wild and free
Ooh, Oh, Oh
Feelin' the power,
let it all out
Like what you see
in the mirror, shout
We got the keys,
the kingdom's ours
Ooh, Oh, Oh,
ohayohay, hey
Let's set it off
Oh, yeah
Start a chain reaction,
never let it stop
Let's set it off
Oh, yeah
You can make it happen
with everything you got
- Let's set it off
- Set it off
- Come on
- We got to set it off
- On the right
- Get ready, set it off
- To the left
- Ohayohay, hey
Yo, It's time
to set this thing off
Let's make it happen now
I'm a make my own future,
ignore all the rumors
Show 'em how passion sound
They all told me
I should back down
Judgin' me
'cause of my background
Thinkin' 'bout
changin' my path now
Nah, I ain't goin' out
like that now
Feelin' the power,
let it all out
Like what you see
in the mirror, shout
We got the keys,
the kingdom's ours
- Ooh, Oh, Oh
- Oh, yeah
Let's set it off
- Oh, yeah
- Let's set this off
Start a chain reaction,
never let it stop
Let's set it off
Let's set this off
Oh, yeah
Let's set this off
You can make it happen
with everything you got
Let's set it off
Let's set it off
Come on
We got to set it off
That's right
Get ready, set it off
To the left
We got to set it off
Get ready, set it off
We got to set it off
Get ready, set it off
Come on
Three, two, one, uh
Ooh, yeah
Let's set it off
Oh, yeah
Let's set this off
Start a chain reaction,
never let it stop
Let's set it off
Let's set this off
Oh, yeah
Let's set this off
You can make it happen
with everything you got
Let's set it off
Get ready, set it off
Come on
We got to set it off
To the left
Get ready, set it off
To the right
We got to set it off
Ohayohay, hey
Let's set it off, Oh, yeah
- Start a chain reaction...
I was having so much fun,
I almost forgot.
You didn't think this was the
end of the story, did you?
You can make it happen
- Whoo!
- With everything you got
let's set it off
Get ready, set it off
Come on
We got to set it off
On the right
Get ready, set it off
To the left
Ohayohay, hey
Set it off
I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe,
I believe, hey
I believe, I believe,
I believe, Oh
I believe, I believe,
I believe, what?
I believe, I believe,
I believe, what?
Don't be afraid
to be who you are
just scream out and shout
and follow the stars
forget about the past
It's over,
we are the young ones
our way is forward
we learn how to get back up
we learn how
to turn the page
so we will let our dreams
take flight
And our hearts ignite
Did you know that It's true?
Everything is possible
There's nothing we can't do
It's a wild
and beautiful fire
And I believe in you - I
believe, I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe,
I believe, hey
I believe, I believe,
I believe
I believe in you
I believe, I believe,
I believe - Oh
I believe, I believe,
I believe
I believe, I believe,
I believe
I believe in you
I believe, I believe,
I believe
Oh - I believe, I
believe, I believe
'cause I believe in you
I believe, I believe,
I believe - Oh
I believe, I believe,
I believe
I believe,
I believe, I believe
I believe in you