Descendants: The Royal Wedding (2021) Movie Script

[DOG BARKS] Who are you guys?
What? What the--
Get out of here.
You're not invited.
Where's your invitation?
This is a royal wedding.
Okay? Don't make me
call security, because I will.
Come back here! This is a very special day,
it has to be perfect.
Whoo. Okay. As your bride
and Queen of Auradon,
I vow to accept with
humility and reverence.
I pledge my loyalty to...
the, uh, people...
...that I'm not marrying?
To the United--
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
to the, uh,
the-the United States of
Auradon and Isle of the Lost.
You got this.
MAL: Easy. So easy.
EVIE: Oh, no!
Can you help me up please?
MAL: Oh, well, okay.
EVIE: Thanks.
Think the bouquet is big enough?
MAL: Oof. Wow!
DIZZY: Oh, mon dieu.
[HUMMING] Voila!
Thank you, Dizzy.
The hair is perfect.
Fun fact.
That bouquet is made up of
every single flower grown in Auradon.
Oh, really?
Yeah, but wouldn't it be nice
if people saw the dress too?
Some people worked very hard on it.
And I mean me.
EVIE: I'm some people.
And the hair.
Don't forget the hair.
And some people have
other things to worry about,
like thousands of invites, food, flowers,
seating charts, entertainment.
Are the doves here yet?
What do you mean you don't know?
I'm doing my best.
Audrey, You have been
an amazing wedding planner.
The wedding is going
to be perfect.
Beyond perfect.
I mean, all my friends
are going to be there.
Even my dad is coming.
Oh. Don't forget your mom.
There. I almost forgot.
No growling at the
lizard of the bride.
I can't help it. It's instinct.
Take it up with mother nature.
AUDREY: No! Come here, doggy, doggy.
Come back!
DUDE: I just want to talk!
Is that--?
She got away again.
What? What?
What are you doing here?
I came to check on Mal.
M, you aren't supposed to see each other.
It's bad luck!
Do you think
the bouquet is big enough?
Ugh! Get back to
the palace, Ben.
And catch your mother in law!
BEN: But I--
Uh, okay.
That was close.
You know what?
It doesn't matter.
Nothing could ruin this day.
JAY: Welcome.
Up top!
I mean-- Ahem!
Welcome to the Royal Wedding.
Um-- My lady, Uma?
Just stick to "Uma", Jay.
That's my name.
Father of the bride! Welcome!
Nice do.
Want me to show you inside?
Wait! Wait! come here!
Lizard of the bride.
Make room for the groom.
Did you see Dude and the mother
of the bride come by here?
Yeah, they ran inside.
And you just missed the father of the--
GUEST #1: Out of the way!
GUEST #2: Help!
GUEST #2: Hades has gone mad!
GUEST #1: Help! Help please! Please help!
GUEST #3: Exit is this way!
Come on, everybody,
Please proceed to the nearest
emergency exit in an orderly fashion.
He just threw water on me.
My outfit is ruined!
Who does that?
And my hair, I spent hours
on this this morning.
UMA: I can't believe this.
Uma, what happened?
[COUGHS] Hades. He just toasted
the whole wedding.
Where are you going?
UMA: Hold up.
You're gonna need backup.
What do you mean
the doves flew away?
Flew away?
I planned a dove release!
Well, you can call Snow White
up and tell her to figure it out!
It's chaos out there.
What's going on?
It's Hades.
He destroyed The Great Hall.
AUDREY: Oh, no, no! My decor!
AUDREY: My beautiful...
JAY: If it helps,
JAY: he tried to be friendly.
AUDREY: ...perfect decor!
I mean, he bared his teeth,
which is kind of like smiling.
[SIGHS] I know how disappointed
you are, but we'll be here.
I'm not disappointed because my dad
would never purposefully ruin my wedding.
This is just some kind
of big misunderstanding.
The wedding is on fire.
And if it was a mistake,
why did he run away?
Even if his heart
is in the right place,
maybe it would be smoother
if he isn't there.
Well, I'm not getting
married without him.
My father is walking me
down that aisle,
and I'm gonna find him,
and I'm gonna talk to him myself.
M, you're not running off
to the aisle on your own!
Well, then come with me.
If anyone can bring him back, we can.
Because we're rotten.
ALL: To the core.
Send out the mini tacos.
There's going to be a delay.
Uh, Mal, could we not
adventure in these dresses?
Oh, yeah, totally.
I totally get that.
That's better. Right?
I know. I am doing my best to keep
her on schedule. Work with me here.
What do you mean the swans have a thing?
What could swans possibly have to deal with?
Isle of the Lost, here we--
Hold on.
Mal. Are you okay?
Yeah. No, I just, um
I really wish Carlos was here.
We all do.
We were going to wait until the reception,
but now seems like a better time.
Oh. Wow.
It is so beautiful.
It's our crests. The four VKs.
Linked together forever.
I love it.
Thank you, guys.
Uh, so I really hate to interrupt this,
but you should see this.
ALL: What?
EVIE: Uma, what happened?
UMA: Hades happened.
Wow. When your dad burns bridges,
he literally burns bridges.
Look, I tried to catch him, okay?
And get him to chill.
But his hair was wild and it was blowing
the wind and set the bridge on fire.
I need to get to the aisle and
bring my dad back.
If you could help me, please.
For the queen
on her wedding day, I got you.
Ya'll might wanna stand back!
I told you...
JAY: Audrey! Look out!
Thank you, Uma. Uma!
JAY: Whoo! Way to go!
Uma, you're amazing.
Hurray, Uma!
You're so great.
Consider it my wedding present.
Now go get your dad.
I'll get all your guests
back to the reception.
JAY: Up top.
EVIE: Thank you, Uma.
JAY: I'll see you at the wedding.
Hey, I'm never going to forget this.
MAL: Home sweet home.
I love that the Isle
has had a major glow up!
Yeah, wow.
it's a lot cleaner now, too.
Define "a lot."
Hold it, hold it.
Boss says nobody gets inside.
Dave, what? Come on.
It's me.
Sorry, Mal.
Orders is orders.
Hey, it's my wedding day.
Oh, yeah. Happy wedding day.
Unfortunately, can't let you in.
But congrats on the big day.
Save us some cake.
Ugh, guess I'm going to have
to do this the hard way.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, woah! Mal!
Mal, calm down.
Calm down.
Hi, Dad.
We need to talk.
Hey, you're not supposed to see me.
Whoa! Close your eyes.
Bad luck.
What are you doing here?
Getting this guy back to the ceremony.
Even if I have to drag him
by his freaky blue hair...
or appeal to him with logic and reason.
I knew you would want him to be there
no matter what he did.
Oh! I caught your mom too.
That's her, all right.
I'd recognize those cold,
dead eyes anywhere.
Looking good, Maleficent.
Dad, please come back.
You know how much it means to me
to have you there.
And I wanted to be there, believe me.
But I still terrify people.
I can't help it.
Especially when I lose control.
You should have seen the--
MAL: Dad.
All right, look in my heart,
I'm still a ruthless villain,
but I'm not ruthless enough to
ruin the happiest day of your life.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to be.
I know what happened wasn't your fault.
Hmm, it really wasn't...
HADES: I'm not a fool.
I know everyone expects the worst of me.
But I didn't want
to ruin your day. So...
HADES: I did my best to be friendly,
to keep cool. Until...
DUDE: Come over here!
Come back!
HADES: I thought if I helped,
it would ease the tension but...
DUDE: That one's mine!
Get your own Lizard.
HADES: I tried to put it out.
I really tried.
Remain calm! Don't panic.
CHAD: Is there fire on me? Help!
I think there's fire on me.
Help! Help!
CHAD: Is there fire on me?
Somebody help me out!
HADES: Okay, full disclosure.
Chad wasn't on fire,
but I couldn't resist because he's the worst.
So that one's on me.
Understandable. He's the worst, right?
Yep. Chad is the worst.
My hair, my hair! Anyone?
CHAD: It's so cold!
WOMAN: Please proceed to the nearest
emergency exit in an orderly fashion.
[EXHALES] HADES: I know, I ruined everything,
but I swear it wasn't on purpose.
Dad, I never thought for a moment
that you did it on purpose.
It's not going to be
my happiest day if you're not there.
I want to be surrounded
by the people that I love.
And that means you.
And I love you, Mom.
Whether you have skin or scales.
Or you fit in my pocket or you breathe fire.
You'll always be my mom.
There you are!
Ben! Mal!
BEAST: Oh, you guys!
We were so worried about you.
Okay, yes, Very emotional.
Loving it. But tic-tok people!
Let's hustle, everybody.
Bippity boppity--
Hold on!
You want to be married surrounded by
the people you love.
So do I and here they are.
Hades, we love you.
I want you to feel welcome.
Mal, I want you to enjoy
every moment of today.
So what do you say?
Will you marry me here?
Right now?
Yes, That would be... perfect.
Wait, wait, wait!
No, no, no. The orchestra!
The swans! The fireworks!
The dress.
Kind of what I do.
Hey, FG, you think you can
help with, you know...
the atmosphere, because this place...
Bippity! Boppity! Woooo!
Okay, I can work with this.
It just needs a little...
VK flare?
That is exactly what it needs.
Let's do this!
You don't know you've been
looking til you find it
Don't know what you've been
missing til it's there
It's stronger than a spell
It's magic in itself
It's an ever after
like you've never felt
It's the sum
of the times of your life
It's the person
you're standing beside
And it's the pride
that you feelin' inside
For who you are
You've come so far
I'm feeling the LA LA LOVE
You make me feel alive
True love you can't deny
I'm feelin' that dream
come true
Here with you
And love is around us too
Ooh and I feel the love
You makin' me feel loved
The journey might not
always be that easy
Twist and turns
can take you anywhere
Together or apart
You gotta trust your heart
Cos the power of
true love will get you there
It's the sum
of the times of your life
It's the person
you're standing beside
Yeah, it's the pride
that you feelin' inside
For where you are
And it's just the start
I'm feeling the LA LA LOVE
You make me feel alive
True love you can't deny
I'm feelin'
that dream come true
Here with you
And love is around us too
Ooh and I feel the love
Mal Bertha, with this ring,
I pledge everything that I have to you.
My life, my kingdom, my heart.
I promise to always
be there for you,
to accept everything that you are
and to always put you first.
MAL: With this ring, I pledge to you
all the days of my life,
all of my burdens
and all of my joys.
I promise to be my best for you,
to share all my secrets,
and to keep yours
and to choose good always.
Do you, Ben, take Mal
to be your wife,
to love and cherish forever?
I do.
Do you, Mal, take Ben
to be your husband,
to love and cherish forever?
I do.
By the power vested in me,
I now pronounce you...
husband and wife!
Bippity boppity woooo!
I love you guys.
For good and for better
I found my forever
I can't wait to know
where our story goes
This moment, this feeling,
is one you can't measure
I'm feeling it
I'm feeling it
Are you feeling it?
You're so muscular.
Do you want to dance?
Mind if I join you?
La la love,
You make me feel alive
True love you can't deny
I'm feeling that dream come true
Here with you
And love is around us too
Ooh and I feel the love
I'm feeling the la la love
La la love
I'm feeling the la la love
I'm married!
BEN: So this is what happily
ever after looks like.
For us?
But somewhere another
story could be just beginning.