Descent: Part 2, The (2009) Movie Script

Appalachian Mountains, USA
The Descent: Part 2
(Dark Descent 2)
While people are still excited by tragedy
last year, here we have a new tragedy Boorom
Extend search of missing girl
the end of the day
And hope is lost for Junno, niece
senator, and five of her friends
Behind me I see one of the teams
Rescue emerge from caves
- Good luck guys, be careful there ...
- Thanks
Any sign of missing woman?
Do you think you will find them alive?
- Enough ...
- You think you go faster this time?
Get back in four hours.
- Go and sleep ...
- And you boss
Want to share sleeping bag?
What perfume you wearing?
A Yes, he's the smell of dust and sweat,
I think we do not ...
Lynch, what up?
Send tracking dog.
See if you find where you left.
Yeah, right, and ...
Stop saying anybody come to the hospital.
- Hey Doc, how is it?
- The rest, I had to sedam
Five girls are missing and you sleep on a
one who knows where?
It was hysterical ...
And besides not know what happened
in the last two days, he forgot what happened.
It hurt?
Only a few cuts and bruises ...
But were his clothes full of blood
- So is her blood?
- No, but he fought
As her nails look, the
scratch all over someone
Test his clothes, take blood type,
compared with the other girls
Okay, let's see what you can do ...
Hi Sarah
I am Jenna Reos, sheriff department
He's the sheriff Vaines.
How are you?
- Where are they?
-Are you safe at the municipal hospital
I just wanted you and your friends
Two days
All have been on an expedition of caves
and not you come back
I have watched but I sketch caverns gangs nothing
can you tell what you happened?
- Do not know
I do not remember anything.
Sarah, your friends still missing.
And we need you to find them.
- Beth?
- Beth, what happened to Beth?
- What do you remember?
- But Junno?
- Jessy, where is Jessy?
- Your daughter?
Sarah, I want to listen carefully ...
Your daughter is not here, Sarah ...
He died ...
- A year ago, in Scotland.
- No!
-You know how hard it is, but should try ...
- No! No!
Here we go ...
You bring the dogs, well, out there ....
Was covered with blood.
You got it? Smell this ... hai ...
It's the end all here ...
- What is that?
- Entering the mine ...
Come here!
Run and find the boy!
One day I come to take my
a bit of nonsense ...
What you got kid? What have you found?
- Sheriff?
- Dan, you for you, I found one of the girls
The dog gave the result of the old mine
- Is outside the jurisdiction
- I
So we are in the wrong place ...
I do not want all the circus, I just want some volunteers
to continue from where the finished dog
Well, give us a time ...
Cath, Greg? Awakening ...
Blood on clothes is a positive.
Juno is also a positive.
So what? I have positive.
Half the state is A positive.
- Can you go?
- Sure.
- Wait, you serious?
- Wear it and climb it in the car
My grandfather worked down there
Once he and two friends were given an area
of large caverns
The head thought to be a gold and he sent
my grandfather there to see
And did not come back ...
Perhaps they entered directly into hell ...
You mean it's a whole system of caves there?
Here's a map of the mine ...
but not one to know where to begin ...
We face ...
Come on, is the only one who was there.
You just have to say left-right, quickly find
There are many caves, and we have time.
We can use cables to lift ...
-If you want to get out there, why not do it properly?
- This shit still work?
Boy I tell you something, this shit gonna
work long and hard after that your mp3's.
Whatever ...
Ok, start ...
Sorry, but Mommy has to help
people tonight
When her grandmother tells you to sleep,
sleep, right?
My dear ...
I love ...
Well honey, see you tomorrow, right?
Rose, get your equipment,
and they give him one, descend down ...
Sarah, I know it's difficult but if you do that
you will be reminded.
Your friends may be alive
We need help to find them.
Hey Sarah, that you should include ...
Get rid of heavy metal ala ... A gunshot
there is like to put dynamite.
- They put me in the car ...
- My gun stays with me.
This is a case of missing persons,
What do you think you will find there?
Here we go ...
Come ...
- You are ready to walk?
- Yes, let's go.
Jesus ...
Wait a little ...
Here, drink this.
It's OK ...
Do not worry ...
Come on Dan, go to those caves!
Listen ...
Here I give orders.
Got it?
Loud and clear ...
Let's go.
We need the light down there.
Since I learned?
Light 's life.
Well, gotta get a lower level.
You kiddin 'me?
Is it okay?
You know what is right?
Most mines have metal poles
- But I preferred the old wood.
- Why?
- The metal does not give you any
warning when no longer resist.
After you ...
Okay, you should give the caverns
here somewhere.
- Creg? See what it's in front.
- Okay.
I think it is.
What the hell is that?
A warning of mines.
Stay / i
Always good sign?
Look here ...
It's too hard ...
Greg, camera ...
Hey, hey ... not touch anything.
This place has thousands of years old.
- Well, you're hot ...
- Get out of here.
Recognize you?
It's OK, just freaked.
Calcium deposits.
- Continue.
- It's okay, go ...
Come ...
- Come on Sheriff, you do it.
- I'm so old, yet!
Recognize this place?
Cath? Get and listen a little ...
- Something?
- Do not know. I think I hear something.
- Jesus ...
- Damn ...
Sarah, look at me.
- Moving ...
- No, not body temperature is impossible.
Sarah ... hai ...
It was slaughtered!
Six girls came into this cave,
one down,
Covered by the blood of others.
Tell me what the hell happened here?
- Wait, do you think it took about that?
- Hell, you brought her here.
- Leave me alone!
- Greg, let him!
If she was the victim here,
now say is suspect?
I think he knows something. Since there are girls
missing, let us focus.
Dan, I think he came here.
- Well, Greg Go ahead!
- This is a bullshit!
- Take care of her.
- Let a be ...
Sarah, what?
I guess something here ...
We were attacked.
- Who?
- There is nothing here that can do that to a man.
Sarah, you remember?
I should stay here ...
Try to think rationally, you're scared,
Your mind plays tricks.
- I passed, some tight spaces and reach
- I understand.
Sheriff prepare the team.
Greg come. Wait for us there.
Rios, go first.
I sit on her, not me escape.
Come closer you get.
Wait, you have to breathe, right?
Come, keep going!
Move, we slow down!
Why did you stop?
Are you okay?
Damn, Rios ...
Which way to get it? Where?
That is a psychopath, Dan ...
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Look at me,
how are you?
- You better kiss me?
- You okay?
- Where is Vaines?
- He went after Sarah.
Hell, no no radio station,
can be lost easily.
Listen, I have to catch up
before reaching too far.
This time stick together. Understood?
Okay, let's go.
Okay, falling rocks. This means that
the roof is unstable, we must be careful.
Rios, you stay with me.
Okay? Let's go.
- Cath hear me?
- Take it easy, we must reach.
Cath, you hear me?
Cath, talk to me.
- Dan are you there?
- I'm here. Are you hurt?
They are stuck between rocks, we
need someone to take the stones.
Well, do not panic. Listen,
I take you out of there was a stone out of here
- Listen, stay calm, get you out.
- Okay.
Hell, let ... Come, Jesus!
- Damn!
- Dan?
- Do not let you hear it
- It's a tunnel full of rock, hell ...
- Cath?
- Yes?
- This is cool ...
- You can forge it, or blow it?
We can not, it's too risky.
You can not sneak me?
Can Dan, I will crush,
I need you here.
- I find another way to you.
- Okay.
I come to you.
I scared Dan.
Good, I fear you-n life. E. ..
- I promise, I come to pick you up.
- I know.
Maybe I should stay with her.
We can help here ...
- Hang in there mate.
- Do not worry.
Cath, you're dry?
- Stay warm, drink water, right?
- Okay.
We must go now, probably
signal will be lost, stay positive.
- Us away, stay on channel 1.
- Okay.
We run on channel 1.
What the hell?
- There are animal bones?
- Jesus!
Dan, Dan!
In the morning before.
Come on. Ladies shine.
We are ready for the big event
Develops ...
What are you doing?
Go to cave.
How do you think Sarah feels? You think it's ready?
Close room.
Hang two minutes.
Where am I?
Take a break, I made some pictures in May.
Cave that's more interesting than I thought.
That was in the book.
How far we go?
Did you hear that?
That's it?
Dead animals, hundreds.
I'm here.
- Let's go.
- Where to go, we do not know where.
Damn, hello? Is anyone there?
Greg, where are you?
Dan, here!
Where are you?
Dan, where are you?
Rios, where are you? Tell me where you are.
I do not hear!
Sarah ...
- What the hell was that?
- Do not worry, it's just your mind playing tricks on you.
Dan? Greg?
Dan you are?
Dan I hear?
- Sorry I do not believe.
- I am blind, follow the sound, loud talking.
- Where are the others?
- We went out.
- Who the hell are these?
- I know, but I got the flashlight.
Take that, right?
Run. Run!
Jesus Christ, Dan!
you hear me? / i
You hear me?
Is anyone there?
Up! Up!
Dan is dead.
- Turn it down!
- anybody hear me? / i
anybody hear me?
Will you / i
Dan responds,
are Cath, answer.
- Dan is dead.
- Dan, answer. Dan!
- Vaines had his station.
- I know it was not clear.
Yes, Dan responds. Dan?
- I left there ... listen ...
These evils attacked us
- No, he promised to return.
- Stay calm.
I heard screaming Cath ...
Went Cath, right?
I leave you alone ...
I just try and kill you with my hand.
We must go,
keep silent, come on.
- You need to jump.
- It's too far.
Agata you to move beyond it.
- Damn!
- We have a choice.
Go ahead!
- Last time I went by water.
- I can not go in there.
Water flows,
been a switch.
Wait, please!
- It stops here? Do not go farther?
- Yes.
Hi my little girl.
It's me, Mommy.
I just wanted to say I love you.
I want to be good and proper.
And soul, I want to be a good person.
My love, you are so special ...
Take care of yourself.
My daughter is dead.
I know ...
Everything you say, say it in front.
I died again. Let's go.
I am here to help you, take you out.
You hear me? I'm with Sarah.
What the fuck is that?
I do not know ...
Now I would have liked to be in that water.
What are these?
- Friends. They are all dead?
- Yes.
- How did you find this hellhole?
- Junno brought us here, wanted to discover.
- He said he wanted to give my name.
- Why?
The feeling of guilt.
What was between you two?
My husband.
- He had an affair with my husband.
- What happened to her?
Junno and I just left ...
Those things were coming after us.
So I hurt her so I can escape.
He left it on my friend Beth
to die, alone.
When I found it on Beth had
to stop the suffering, to kill.
Save Flashlight ...
Junno, no!
Junno wait!
I came to you out of here.
Junno, Sarah brought us here.
She brought us here.
Junno, Sarah's friend.
- So you are rescue team?
- We are what's left.
Come on, you have to get out of here.
Listen up.
Hunting stuff out, I think I know
where you have an exit to the surface.
- Then go.
- Wait, what?
We go where the food?
- Are you kidding?
- You want to live?
Silence is what's best weapon.
Follow me.
- We follow the water.
- There is no water, Junno knows out.
So how are you here?
Because I had the light,
I had the equipment.
And because I stuck my partner
knife in the leg and fled.
Over with. If we want to
get out of here alive a follow on Junno.
No nohow!
Bullshit! I've brought you here,
I take you out!
- What the hell?
- In vain you shake!
- Sheriff?
- Shut up Rose!
Let's go!
We need to move by one ...
Disperses weight ...
Keep your stability.
Easy ...
- We should do this at a time.
- You run it, but not one to run from me.
So go ahead!
- Help me!
- Give me your bag.
Junno help me, please.
Pull me up!
Bring hatchet.
- Cut it.
- What? What's yours?
- Cut it or both die.
- Oh, cut it!
Ok, gotta go.
We gotta go.
Come on.
Let's go!
- Sorry.
- Nothing.
We can not stay here.
Sarah should get out of here now.
Bones every day / i
Sarah, please.
Come ...