Desecrated (2015) Movie Script

Hey, nice fire. Where'd
you get those rocks?
Ah, it's a funny story
Some hunter buried
his dog over there.
Had the rocks in a nice
little heart formation,
wood crosses and everything.
It was pretty fucking gay, so I
messed it up and took 'em over here.
That's a real funny story.
Probably some tree hugger trying to
connect with nature or some shit.
You lazy piece of shit. I thought
you were sleeping, all right?
I could've used your help trying
to get some of this firewood.
Oh, I'm sorry. Did you steal the grill
from that house like he did? No.
He's a champion. He can sleep as
long as he wants. Go fuck yourself.
What was that?
- What?
- It was probably a squirrel or some shit.
I don't know. Idiot.
Oh, no. Hey, grab me one.
Yeah, okay.
Come on, Trent. What the fuck?
Trent, come on. What the...
Larry. Larry, wake up.
Wake the fuck up.
Come on. Get up. Yo, come on.
Come on.
What do you remember? Huh?
I remember getting fucking curb
stomped by that fucking guy.
Get up. Come on, bro.
What do you remember?
I was getting beers...
I was over there. I was getting
beers, and then I-I couldn't talk.
I couldn't move. I...
He tasered you, bro.
It fucking hurt.
Who the hell did this?
What the fuck is...
What the fuck is going on?
I don't know. We gotta get out of here.
Larry, are you okay to run?
Fuck. Fuck!
No. No.
Come on, you fucking coward.
Come on. Face me like a man.
What, are you gonna kill a man without a
fucking... I don't have a fucking weapon.
Ow! Fuck! Ow!
Ow. Who are you?
We got a beautiful
spring break weekend for all you campers.
Sunny skies. Perfect place
to go run around the hills.
Be careful out there. Weather looks great.
This is gonna be a great weekend.
Yeah, I know. Speed up.
I want to get there already.
I think people get
drunk and have a good time,
but they are getting lost
out there though.
A couple years back there
was that wife and daughter thing.
I think that's kind of when it all started.
When was that?
Oh, yeah. That was like...
Wait, Allie, leave it. I want to
hear what they're talking about.
You want to hear the news?
We came here to have fun.
No, no, no. Fuck that.
Put on some jams, man.
A couple of people have gone
missing since then, so it's a little weird.
A little bit. But,
anyway, you guys be safe.
Have fun. Go kick some butt.
Hey. You sure
you want to do this?
I don't want you to spend your last
spring break bummed out about,
you know, about your mom.
I think I'm gonna be okay.
You know, I have all these wonderful
memories of my mom in the city,
but sometimes it's harder
to be there, you know.
Uh, are we seriously close?
It's been forever.
We're almost there.
Hi, Jessica.
Hey, so I see you left
without me. Not cool.
I'm alone and bored here.
Dad went off on one of his
water excursions.
Dad didn't even know we
were coming up here, okay?
I just needed to get away.
So are there any cute boys
on the trip with you?
Well, Marcus.
But everybody else is taken.
No, I'll pass. Look.
I'm tired of you promising you'll hang
out with me and then you never do.
Ever since... Well, ever
since, you know, Mom died.
Jess, I gotta go, okay? I promise we'll
spend some time when I get back.
- What was that about?
- Same old stuff.
She keeps calling
my mom "Mom. " I hate that.
I know. She'll get over it.
This is the middle of nowhere. Look, I
was promised a weekend full of booze...
and women and little drinks
with the umbrellas in 'em, man.
I want to relax.
Give it a break, Marcus. You're
only here because of Evan...
and one step away from being
animal food if you don't be nice.
Come on, Eduardo. Would you and your
mail-order bride get a room already?
Watch that shit, bro.
Eduardo, he's driving.
This shit was free, thank you.
No shipping and handling.
- Yeah, you still paid too much.
- Oh, wow.
That's Ben's house. Pull up over there.
We'll go get the keys.
Ben, it's me, Allie.
You scared the shit out of me.
What is that?
It's dinner. Look, Jessica just called
me and told me you were coming.
- I had no idea.
- Jessica called you?
Holy shit. Did you see the
ears on that dude?
What, did you bring
an entourage?
No, I just need
the keys for the house.
Okay. No problem.
And get rid of that thing.
Will do. I've been
keeping everything locked.
We had some trouble with
intruders on the property.
Hey, is everything okay?
Yeah. He's just
grabbing the keys.
You know how I feel
about intruders.
I see Evan made the cut.
Oh, God. I don't want to hear it.
Just give me the keys.
All right. Do me a favor.
Keep the boy toys on a leash.
We got a lot of traps
on the property right now.
Thanks, Ben. Yeah.
Timmy. Allie.
What the
hell is he wearing?
- Don't make fun of him. He's young.
- He's a douche.
Hey. Hey, buddy.
Clearly a douche.
Long time no see.
Timmy, look at you.
You're all grown up.
It's been a few years, but... Yeah.
Just a couple.
Pretty sure I told you
to beat it, kid.
What's the point of being neighbors if
we can't drop in every once in a while?
Yeah. You can stay, as long
as you don't drive us crazy.
I promise I'll be good.
You guys kinda sprung
this on me last minute.
You need me to go into
town, grab some food,
some drinks for you
and your friends?
Uh, no, I don't think so. I think
we have stuff from last time.
All right.
Hey, Ben, um, my dad
doesn't know that we're up here,
so could you just
not mention it?
He's not really
Evan's biggest fan.
Your secret is safe with me.
I'm gonna get back to work.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Allie.
- Yeah?
How long have you guys
had this place?
A couple of years.
Think me and Nina could get a little
rest and relaxation this summer?
- Come by here?
- Probably not.
Hey, I gotta drop some
brown kids in the pool.
Give me the keys.
- Thanks.
- Sick beast.
- It's nice here.
- Lizzie, Tim.
- Ew.
- Okay.
What's up with this Ben guy?
I think I like him.
Uh, I think he's
pretty unavailable.
I haven't seen him with anyone
since his wife disappeared.
Good luck pulling anything
out of that guy.
Oh, I can pull it out. He lives up here
all by himself? That's kind of hot.
Yeah. He lived here
before my dad bought the place.
Apparently they have
some kind of deal where
he can stay as long as
he takes care of it.
All right.
Let's start this weekend.
See you later. Okay.
I'm gonna head back home. I'll
catch you guys later, all right?
Allie, you didn't tell me
there was a pool. Come on.
- I told you it would be good.
- Let's do it.
# Come on, come on #
You guys
wanted to go to Mexico.
Oh, look at that.
I need a clog stopper for her.
It's like an old married couple here.
Here you go. I know
the way to your heart.
Yes, you do. Here's to spring break.
Thanks, buddy. Hey, cheers.
Hey, Allie.
I'm sending it your way.
- Who the fuck is that dork? Really?
- What's up?
Good to see you.
Party over here. Yeah!
Party over here! Yeah, really?
Party? No. Shut up, idiot.
That's what I'm talking about...
my little Russian princess.
You want to party? Come party over here.
She's pretty.
Come here, baby.
Hey, baby. Come sit with me.
No, please don't leave me.
Get out of here, kid.
What's up?
Thank you. This is a good spot.
Your spot. This is nice, right?
Yeah. I'm really glad we did this.
Really glad. Me too.
Thank you for letting
Eduardo and his friend come.
You don't have to thank me for that.
They're fun.
Hey, look.
Don't look right now,
but does Ben always stare
at you when you're by the pool?
- Huh?
- I said don't look.
Now it's gonna get even
more uncomfortable with him.
Go fish. Guys, why don't
we get out of the house?
It's gorgeous. Let's make,
like, a bonfire or something.
What, out there? In the dark?
No. No, no way.
Dude, stop being
such a freakin' pussy, man.
There's plenty of light
with a campfire.
Besides, animals don't like
fire, so we're straight.
I actually know
a pretty good spot.
Want to grab the stuff
out of the closet?
Sure. Then I'll go
wake up Nina.
Hey, I know a place too we could all go to.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, shut up. I said we, not us.
Any by us it means not you,
so it's time for you to go.
This is grown-up business.
Get out of here.
You can come over tomorrow. It's okay. I
got somewhere else to be anyway, so...
Yeah. See you guys later.
Bye, Timmy.
No, we will
not see you anywhere.
I'll see you never.
You guys are mean.
So what? Come on.
Let's go.
Let's do this.
Jackets. Jackets?
I will blaze the trail.
But there's snakes out here.
Honey, it's night.
There's no snakes out at night.
Oh, my God,
is that a dead body?
No, babe, they hide at night.
We're going through their holes.
Having a great time.
Oh, my God.
There's a hole, Liz.
Hey, whose idea was this again?
Yeah. Remind me
to curse you later,
'cause it's cold and it's
dark and my feet hurt.
Marcus, stop whining
like a little pussy.
Who you calling a pussy, bitch?
You guys, this is really far.
It all looks the same.
We're almost there.
Wow. Holy shit balls.
This place is a buzz kill.
How come we've
never seen this trailer before?
'Cause we've never
made a fire at night.
It looks haunted.
In my native
country, we have worse houses.
Guys, I don't think
you should go in there.
Evan, calm your girlfriend down. If
we find anything, we'll let you know.
Come on, guys. She asked
you not to go in there.
Eduardo, show some respect. Ever since
I've known you, it's horseshit like this.
Live a little, all right? We're only
gonna be gone a minute. Right, baby?
Okay, we're gonna go,
so look for the smoke.
Okeydokey, up the smokey.
Together again.
Yeah, okay. Pass these around.
We'll be straight in no time.
Where's mine? Geez.
Why are you just
throwing stuff at me?
Good catch.
Just the perfect weather
for a beer.
Oh, come on.
Was that funny? It's
your favorite thing to do.
Fuckin' hilarious, Marcus.
I thought it was funny.
Can we have a cheers
to our fun weekend together?
- Cheers to me.
- And not being in Havasu.
Come on. This is nice.
We're under the stars.
We're by the campfire.
There's something about
just being here with you guys...
that really...
makes me have to piss.
- So I'll be right back.
- Thanks. He's so romantic.
Baby, you sure you want to be doing
this and not stay with them?
'Cause this lock ain't budging.
Well, if you don't want this,
you can always go back
and play with the boys.
It's a little creepy here.
We walked really far.
Do you think they're
gonna find us out here?
I hope not. Want a 'mallow?
No. I don't really get
the whole campfire s'more...
If they do find us, you guys gotta
be a lot nicer to Nina, all right?
We're not...
We're nice to Nina.
We just have to get used to a
new girlfriend every two weeks.
So we try not to get
too invested, right?
No, I just don't like her.
I'm back. Did you miss me?
Every second.
If I find anything,
I will keep it.
Baby, you keep
whatever you want.
Oh, no, no, no.
Oh, wait. Wait a second. What?
Isn't this the guy
from the gate earlier?
Who cares, baby? Let's play.
Ready for this, huh?
It's a little creepy. Can
we make it a quickie?
Baby, quickie's my middle name.
I think it's nice out
here by the fire. Mm-hmm.
Do you? I do.
What was that?
It's just coyotes.
There's coyotes?
Maybe it's, like, they're
in heat or something.
They don't eat people.
Actually I did hear a story
once where this coyote...
All right. Now I want to go.
I'm really creeped out.
I'm not joking anymore.
I'm with Lizzie. Bar's closed.
See? It's creepy. All right.
Let's go back.
You know, let's go back to the house.
Forget 'em.
Let's just go find 'em.
What the fuck is that?
What the fuck is what?
All right, Marcus.
Put the fire out.
We gotta go. Put the fire out.
Let's go check that out.
Hey, Marcus, shine your
light this way, buddy.
Come on.
What happened
to your flashlight?
I don't have a flashlight, man.
That's why I told you to wait.
Shit. I just saw your light back there.
You gave one to Eduardo.
Come on, you guys.
You didn't give one to me.
Come on, guys.
What the... Let's get the fuck out of here.
Let's go! Let's go!
Wait. Don't leave me here.
Eduardo, man,
what's gotten into you two?
You guys have to go in there
and make all that noise?
What happened? We need to
get the fuck out of here.
What? Some crazy shit going on.
Yo, what the hell happened?
Whoever lives in that trailer
is fucking demented, man.
We saw some mini
shrine shit set up.
There's a funky jar full
of shit in there, man.
Nobody's been in there
for years.
Honey, you need to get to know
your future property better,
because somebody's paying
homage to dead people in there.
Let's just finish this
in the morning, all right?
We could've been all nice
and warm in the ranch
house, but somebody
had to see nature...
Shut up, man. Enough. Enough.
We're gonna check it out now.
So, Eduardo, you stay here with the girls.
Marcus, grow some balls, man.
Get Eduardo's flashlight
and come with me.
Are you okay?
You hear that?
This place is wild, man. Don't touch
anything in case we need to call the cops.
Just... take a mental picture.
Yeah, not touching is not
gonna be a problem for me.
You know what? In fact, I'm
gonna take a real picture.
Who puts a shrine like this
in the middle of nowhere?
I want to know
what else is in here.
Babe, come on. It's cold.
We want to go back to the house.
All right, look. Let's go.
We'll come back in the morning.
Yeah, I'm gonna pass. 'Cause anything
related to this trailer, I am cool.
If you want, you can call the cops and
have them look at the place tomorrow.
All right, look. Let's go.
We'll come back in the morning.
Last night was
freaking crazy, man.
You're telling me.
I kept replaying
those images in my mind.
- All night.
- All night.
We just need to speak
to Ben, okay?
'Cause he's gonna know what's
going on with the trailer.
Yeah, or we could just leave
and call the cops.
Look, guys, guys. We came here
to relax, have a good time.
We checked out the trailer.
We didn't see any jars.
Ben should know what's going on
with his property,
but if we call the cops, it's a big ordeal,
and nobody wants to deal with that.
Yeah, but, bro, that Ben guy,
he's a freaking character, man.
You see him with the rabbit the first
day, all dressed up in fatigues?
Normally my dad's here, too, so he's
not the only man around, you know.
Okay, let's just say
what you guys saw was real.
How did it disappear so fast? That means
somebody had to be in there with you.
Stop. Look, we're
speculating right now when
two people who were
high said that they...
Whoa, whoa, come on,
dude. Seriously.
Okay, maybe you were tired from the
drive up here and your little...
- What?
- Rendezvous.
And you saw something else.
You thought it was a jar.
Seriously, are you kidding me?
You're overanalyzing shit.
- I'm just trying to...
- You always will be, man.
'Cause we didn't see anything.
Come on. Hey, hey, hey.
Drop it. And why don't we finish our
breakfast and get ready for a good day.
Okay, we're gonna
go talk to Ben.
You guys get dressed
for the day.
Sure. Let's rock.
Go, man of the house. Be gone.
Dude, don't just... Why?
Eat your cereal.
You in there?
You guys are up early.
Uh, Ben, last night
we had a campfire,
and two of our friends
went into your old trailer.
When was the last time
you checked that place out?
You know, my dad pays you to know any
and everything that goes on here.
First of all,
your father doesn't pay me.
So why don't you guys start by
telling me what the problem is,
'cause the last time I checked,
that trailer was locked.
I locked it when we started having trouble
with squatters coming onto the property.
Hello, Tom. Ben.
I was thinking
about coming up next week,
getting a horse for Jessie,
some cattle for the ranch.
Yes, sir. Do you
need any supplies?
Dad, is Allie there?
Can I please speak to her?
No, sweetheart. I'm not talking to Allie.
You coming alone?
Yeah. Good. I've got to talk to
you about a couple of things.
May be having some problems
on the property.
Ben, I've been trying
to get ahold of Allie.
She didn't show up
there, did she?
No. I haven't seen her.
I'll let you know if I do.
I'd appreciate that.
Okay. Talk to you later.
Here's your mimosa, sir.
Thank you, darling. Brittany,
come sit over here.
Thanks. Yeah.
So, Eduardo and Nina said that
they saw some kind of shrine.
There was a picture of a guy that
looked a lot like you in it.
They also said they saw
a jar of human remains.
Okay, look, if those two lovebirds decided
to force their way into that trailer,
it's called breaking and entering,
and I don't exactly appreciate it.
More importantly, I don't think
they're capable of pointing fingers.
What's this about a jar?
No, look. When we went
in, there were no jars.
There was no pictures or shrine. There
was just a couple of burnt candles.
Plus we left everything
exactly how we found it.
So if you want to call the
cops or something like that...
Plus our friend Marcus,
he took a photo.
Just stand down on the photo.
Let me take a
look at the trailer and
see what I can find.
If anything's weird, I'll go
to Sheriff Roman in town.
I'll see what he
wants to do about it.
In the meantime, did any
of your friends get hurt?
No. No, nobody's hurt.
I think just more scared
of what they saw.
Eduardo and Nina
seem pretty convinced.
Don't worry about it,
Allie, okay?
I'll go take a look at it.
I'll let you know what I find.
I'll see you guys
at the house later, okay?
Okay. Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Hey, guys.
- How'd it go?
So, what happened?
We went and spoke to Ben. Yeah.
And he seemed to think
that there was a problem.
He said he would go to the
sheriff with any findings.
- Perfect.
- Is that it?
Well, he's pretty pissed
that you guys went in there,
even used the words
"breaking and entering. "
We went in just for 10 minutes.
I know what I saw.
We told you guys
not to go in there anyway.
Look, even if you did see
what you saw,
we heard the scream and we were there
in, like, two or three minutes tops.
- It's just not possible.
- Guys, guys, guys, listen.
If you all would have
just listened to me, we
wouldn't have been here
in the first place.
We could be in Lake Havasu
having a great time.
- Really?
- Doing what kids do on spring break.
Come on, Marcus.
Let's be serious.
Okay. All right. Yeah. Something weird
did happen yesterday, all right?
I caught up to you guys, and then you
said something about a flashlight.
Because I thought you were
behind me with the flashlight.
But you didn't give me
a flashlight.
Okay, we're speculating.
Look, we're not detectives.
We don't even know
what we're talking about.
Check this shit out.
Screw this shit. Uncle Ben's
gone, checking shit out.
So why don't we
go have some fun?
On three, Thundercats.
Come on. Get in here.
Are you in?
Give it to me. Mix it up.
Thundercat, one, two, three.
Let's get outta here. Come on, baby.
Let's do this.
Ladies, do you want
to gather around, please?
Do you ladies want
to gather around, please.
All right. The quads have been fueled.
The tire pressure's good.
And they are
mechanically sound.
So the only thing you guys
need to worry about...
is staying on the main road
at all times.
I don't want anybody
getting lost out there...
or accidentally stumbling upon
something that might terrify them.
Now this time of year there are
wild animals roaming the property.
Do not bother them,
and they will not bother you.
The most important thing to remember
is to stay together. Is that clear?
Sounds good, Ben. All right.
Aye, aye, captain.
Do you think that you can
remember to stay on the path?
if you're easily confused.
I'm confused
with west and north.
'Cause of the letters.
Like sometimes they...
West. North.
- Clear?
- Crystal.
There's over a thousand
acres of trees out there.
Getting lost happens quickly.
There is absolutely
no food out there.
Animals pick up on the scent
from miles away.
Excuse me.
You find what you're looking for?
- You scared the shit out of me.
Uh, wow, marines, huh? You
know, my uncle was a jarhead.
Get it? Jar head. 'Cause
that's what they call marines,
and, you know, in your trailer there was
a jar, and it looked like there was...
Not funny. Was he
enlisted or an officer?
Uh, he was a warrant officer.
Are you still on duty? 'Cause it
looks like you're ready for war.
No. I'm sort of retired.
I tend to do field training
out here sometimes.
Got to stay in shape. You never know
when somebody wants to come out here...
and hike, shoot, range
type of things. Yeah.
I do that out here with them.
You just never know
when duty's gonna call.
Huh. Just out of curiosity, do you
have a permit for these operations?
Just out of curiosity, do you think
you might want to join your friends?
Yeah. It's a good idea,
don't you think?
Sorry, man.
Are you okay?
Hey, good job there, chief.
I'm gonna be heading back
in town for a couple of hours.
If you need anything,
call my cell phone.
The number's written down
by the phone in the main house.
Does it accept
collect charges or...
Is there, like, an area code?
I do not like ass clowns.
You are an ass clown.
Shut up. Sorry.
- Um, Ben?
- Yeah.
Um, I don't really like
dirt, so I was thinking,
do you want some company
while you're in town?
Thank you, but no, thank you.
No? I don't think there's anything
in town you'd like anyway.
All right. Suit yourself.
It was a nice offer.
One last thing... I did look into
the trailer that got broken into.
I didn't find a sign of a jar
or remains or a shrine.
Not even a picture.
I did, however, find
a marijuana butt.
It might've been
that ass clown...
you were talkin' about earlier.
Be safe.
Thanks, Ben. Yeah.
That guy looks like a donkey.
Let's go.
Let's go, guys.
Come on, guys, let's go.
Hey, buddy.
Go. Let's go.
Let's go.
Keep going. Yeah.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why are we stopped?
I think it was their quad.
Ours is fine.
- We got a flat. Shit.
- That sucks.
This sucks.
We got a flat, bro.
What'd you hit?
I don't know, man.
It just kind of went boom.
Looks like there's something
stuck in your tire, man.
Oh, shit.
- Oh, wow.
- Looks like a bone.
Like coyote or something?
It's definitely bone marrow. Maybe it's,
like, from a dead animal or something.
- It's definitely not a nail.
- Really, professor?
I'm just saying. We gotta figure
out how we're getting this back...
and getting this fixed.
I'll tell you what.
We're gonna head back and
get a can of Fix-A-Flat.
Whoa. We ain't going nowhere.
Me and my Russian ballerina,
we're gonna stay here.
I'm going with you guys.
All right?
Why don't you guys go get that
Fix-A-Flat, and I'm gonna fix my flat.
All right? Bye.
- Just hurry back.
- Stay here. I'll be right back.
Hey, hurry up.
'Cause we going
to play games tonight.
No tiki, no laundry.
Right? You got the tiki.
# I got the laundry
I got the laundry #
All right, guys. Look for
anything that resembles
a can of Fix-A-Flat,
air can, anything.
- How about a compressor?
- No. That has to be plugged in.
Guys, I know my dad
keeps a tire around here.
What is this guy, black ops?
Oh, babe, no, please.
That's his personal space.
I don't think
you should go in there.
Okay, I know he's ex-marine and
people come here for the gun range,
but that's creepy, right?
This guy think he's
on active duty or something?
Yeah, I had a brief conversation with
him earlier, and he is definitely cold.
I googled his company, the adventure
thing, and he's a really rugged dude.
He reminds me of that
wilderness guy from TV.
Bear Grylls? Yeah, yeah.
You guys are just paranoid. He's
just a woman's man. Get over it.
Should I call him?
I don't see any other option.
Hey, Ben, it's Allie.
Um, we kind of had a small
accident on one of the quads.
Nobody's hurt, but I think we're
gonna need your help towing it.
Being here is making me
feel weird.
I know, man, right? That
trailer, then the tire.
What's next, man?
It's beginning to get dark, Eduardo.
Protect me.
You want me to protect you?
Gotta kiss me first.
No, I'm serious. That Ben guy...
Something is off with him.
I can feel it.
Guy's kinda weird.
Who the hell would live here
with no family, no friends?
You know what?
I believe you,
and I'm gonna protect you.
All right? So when Allie gets
back, I'll talk to her about it.
But it's kind of fucked up
he's got all that military shit.
He's a fucking brat.
It's kind of weird though,
right? It's fucking weird.
Do you always have to do that? Take
the smell over there or something.
I'll put it out
for you, sunshine.
Wife. There you go.
See? All gone.
Give me some of that sugar.
Give me some of that sugar.
Give me some of that sugar.
Huh? Yeah.
All right. I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna get some firewood.
I'm gonna make you a fire,
and I'm gonna protect you.
But first of all, come and give me a kiss.
Mwah. Oh. I'll be right back.
Hurry up. You know it.
Wait. Don't leave me here.
Who is this? I mean,
who has something like this?
Okay, this is weird.
Why would this be in his locker?
Guys, we came here
to fix a flat tire, okay?
I think we're
getting sidetracked.
Allie, you and Lizzie,
you guys stay here.
Marcus, you and I will
go get Eduardo and Nina.
All right.
Rough day. Nina?
Yo, Nina?
Hey, baby, if you're taking a
piss, don't forget to wipe.
Preferably from the front to the back.
Nina? Nina?
Nina, this shit ain't funny.
Nina! Baby, where are you?
Answer me.
Where are you, Nina?
Hey, where's Nina? Dude, I
went to go get some firewood.
She got cold. I come back.
I'm gone no more than five
minutes, dude, and she's not here.
Dude, this is the fucked-up part.
There's blood all over the place.
Shit, man,
how does this happen?
How the fuck
am I supposed to know, man?
If I would've known,
I wouldn't be here right now.
Here's what we're gonna do.
She could be lost.
She could be hurt.
She could be anywhere.
We're gonna find her. We're
gonna split up right now. Go.
Nina. Nina.
Hey, Nina!
Dude, she ain't here.
You can call Nina all you want.
She ain't here.
Now what are we gonna do?
Okay. What?
All right, dudes,
this is getting weird.
First the trailer last night,
and now Nina's missing?
We're gonna go back to the
house and call for help.
I ain't going nowhere without my girl,
so I'm gonna stay right fucking here.
All right? Look, Ed, man, we gotta
call the cops or something.
Fine. Go call the cops.
I'm gonna sit right here.
I'll wait for her.
Fine. Here, take this phone,
and you don't go anywhere.
You stay right here.
Just go, all right?
I'm coming back.
Just go. Hurry up.
Fuck me, man!
Nina. Nina.
Nina. Nina. Nina. Thank God.
Nina, baby.
Baby, who did this to you?
- Nina. Nina.
- I did.
You heard it. That's the click
of a land mine, friend.
I wouldn't do that
if I was you.
You do that, it blows you up...
and turns your little
booty call into animal chow.
You fuckin' sick fuck.
I'm not sick.
I'm just defending my grounds.
What are you talking about?
It's Eduardo, right?
Can I call you Ed?
'Cause we're kind of
pressed for time.
Ed, you come here.
You disrespect my place.
You treat your woman
like a whore...
that you are.
You take her into my trailer.
You break in.
You fuck her in front of my wife
and daughter. You fuck her?
What are you talking about? There
was nobody in that trailer.
Yes, there was.
They were there.
You saw them.
They were just sleeping.
You call
yourself a college student?
What about you, sweetheart? You're not
exactly moaning anymore, are you?
No. Has the cat
got your tongue?
Oh, that's right.
I got your tongue.
Nina, I'm so... I'm sorry, baby.
What kind of person
are you, man?
I'm a deeply rooted person, Eduardo.
That's all you need to know.
Look what you did to her.
Look what you did.
I didn't do this.
You're fucking crazy, man.
I'm not crazy. Just keeping it
out of my front door.
You might actually get reception at
that spot that you're in right now.
You can't fucking
leave us here, man.
Then again, you might not.
You can't leave us
out here, man. Please.
I think that's just how
they left the boys in 'Nam.
Please, man.
They've been gone a long time.
I hope they're okay.
Relax, Allie. They're
changing a tire in the dark.
Hey, where have you guys been?
Look, Nina's missing.
What do you mean,
Nina's missing?
Something weird happened.
Eduardo and Nina got separated.
I don't really understand.
We left Eduardo up there with a cell phone
and told him to stay in the same area.
But we need a flashlight.
We need to go look for them.
No, no. What we need to do
is call the cops, okay?
We're not calling the cops
over this chick.
She's probably asleep in the woods.
Allie's dad doesn't know we're here.
Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie,
there was blood on the seat.
Dude, I really don't
want the cops out here.
Let's just go find Ben.
What is it with you and Ben?
Why do we have to go find Ben?
What's he gonna do
that we can't do for ourselves?
Let's just get some flashlights,
and we'll go find our friends.
Okay, let's go. Fine.
Great freaking weekend, man.
Hey, why is this closed?
It was open when we left, right?
I don't know. I don't remember.
This day's gone by so fast.
No, it was definitely open.
- What was that?
- I don't know, but it did not sound good.
Babe, I'm freaking out.
Should we have called the cops?
Oh, great.
Now the lights are out?
I need a cell phone. Anybody,
give me their cell phone.
It's out of juice. Mine's
at the house in my bag.
All right. We gotta go back to the house.
We gotta get to the land lines.
Oh, Good. Ben's here.
Hey, guys. What's going on
with the lights?
They're out all over the ranch.
Nina is missing, Eduardo is looking
for her, and he hasn't come back yet.
And there was some kind
of huge explosion.
Ben, you're supposed to be the caretaker.
You've been God knows where.
Will you guys lay off? He told
us he was going into town.
Hold on for one second. I always leave
the ranch when your family has guests.
You know that.
Nothing's changed.
As far as the lights, it might
be the circuit breaker.
Let me just take a look at it.
There you go. You're back up.
Your friends Nina and Eduardo... When was
the last time you guys saw 'em and where?
It's not like we wandered
off into the woods.
We stayed on the road like you said,
and one of the quads got a flat.
Calm... Just calm down.
Can you do that?
Okay, look. I'm sorry. I'm not
used to this kind of thing.
- And a lot's happened since you left.
- Dude, all right, look.
We were all
going quadding, right?
Me and Eduardo's quad had a flat tire.
This was found in it.
We left them there. We went to
go find some way to fix it.
Me and Evan came back. Eduardo's there.
Nina's gone.
He has no idea where she was.
And there was blood
on the seat.
There was blood on the seat?
Did you guys call the police?
No. I said
we should wait for you.
- Yeah, so why don't we call the cops now?
- Yeah.
All right, the first thing that we need
to do is organize a search and rescue.
You guys get inside the house.
Get your
warmest clothes on. I'll
be right back, okay?
No. I agree with Marcus.
It's time to call the cops.
Thank you.
Look, the cops aren't gonna
show up for a missing person...
unless they've been gone
for 24 hours.
I spent my entire career in the military.
I know how to find people.
We can sit around waiting, or we can find
your friends now. What do you want to do?
Okay. Get inside the house.
I'll meet you in 15 minutes.
Hello, Tom.
It's time to pay the piper.
What? We're renegotiating.
Ben, this is not the time.
This is exactly the time.
I was guaranteed my privacy.
The terms of that agreement
have been breached.
Now things are in motion,
and that's on your head.
I have your daughter
and I have her friends,
and I intend to use that
to my tactical advantage.
Don't you dare threaten me.
Oh, it's not a threat, Tom.
It's a promise.
Now I got two down, four to go.
I'll save Allie for last.
That should give you plenty of time to
get down here with the deed to the land.
Don't be absurd.
Allie's not even there.
You sure about that?
Maybe you should call Jess.
I mean, really talk to Jess. 'Cause
I think she might say different.
You son of a... I've taken care of you.
I've let you be yourself.
You know, freedom's
a funny thing.
See, one minute
you think you have it,
and next you realize it's just a bunch of
imaginary lines someone else drew for you.
Now you promised that my family
and I wouldn't be disturbed.
And I haven't.
Yeah, but her friends have.
Now I tried to be reasonable. I
tried to teach 'em a lesson.
But we're way beyond that now.
Don't you touch her.
Don't make me.
Now this whole thing ends tonight,
'cause you're gonna give me everything.
You're gonna give me my land. You're
gonna give me my home. All of it.
Ben, for God's sake...
No, no, no. No God.
Just one man, Tom, who's
rightfully taking what's his.
And if you consider
yourself a man at all,
you'll get down here before you
have no daughter left to save.
Now you're on the clock. Tick tock.
He should've been here
by now, right?
Maybe I should
just call my dad.
What is your dad gonna do except call
Ben and ask what's going on here?
You're right.
All right,
everybody gather around.
Some plans for the property. Start
taking a look at them, all right?
Meantime, I got you guys
some extra flashlights.
These are hand warmers.
Stick 'em in your pockets.
It's gonna get cold out there.
That'll help keep you warm,
all right?
If you get hungry, that's an
M.R.E., meal ready to eat.
Crack open into that thing. It's good grub.
Anybody got any questions?
Are we supposed to know where
all these places are? 'Cause...
No. Look. We're not gonna
do this individually.
We're gonna work in groups.
The most important
thing you guys have to
remember right now is
nobody gets separated.
We need to stick together,
all right?
It's late and it's dark. Animals start
getting real hungry around this time.
You keep talking
about these animals.
What animals are you referring to,
and what do they like to eat?
Mostly we got coyotes. There are some
black bears, some mountain lions.
Is that gonna be
a problem for you?
See, I'm sorry. I just...
I don't understand
why us girls are going.
We already have one missing.
Why do you need us?
Can't we just stay here?
That's not a bad idea, just in case Nina
and Eduardo find their way back home.
Yeah. Maybe I should just stay
here and-and-and protect Lizzie...
because there might be some animals
running around or something.
Guys, I need two bodies.
You decide for yourselves.
In the meantime, I'm gonna go
try and find your friends.
It's gonna be okay.
All right, sure.
Be safe.
You're such a vaj. What?
I'm gonna be protecting you.
That's what.
All right, I need to know who
talked to Eduardo and Nina last.
Anything you can think of
is important, all right?
What they said, what they
were wearing, anything.
What difference does it make
what they were wearing?
It's not like there's 100 people
out here to distinguish them from.
Listen to me very carefully,
you little fuck.
I'm gettin' good and goddamn tired of
everybody's smart-ass little comments...
and their insinuations,
all right?
Now I'm running this
search and rescue mission.
If I ask you a question,
you answer it. You got me?
Take it easy, okay?
We're just tired.
That's not an excuse.
I'm in charge. Got it?
Both of you, start
fucking paying attention.
Hey, what is your problem? We're
just trying to find our friends.
This is the future of America?
The bright
college kids that I've
sworn myself to protect?
We gotta hike up the road about 10 clicks.
Can we get going, please?
Sorry, college boy.
Kilometers. Does that help?
Actually, no.
I'm not fucking European.
- I don't know what a kilometer is.
- 6.4 miles. Let's go.
You want us to walk six miles?
Ben, that's crazy.
Do you want to find
your friends?
'Cause it wasn't my bright idea
to bring these people up here.
And if you weren't so damn busy hiding
your boyfriend from your father,
I could've called him
by now to help us.
Wait. What? Your dad doesn't
know that we're still dating?
What is his problem with me?
Why doesn't he like me?
No, he does like you. He just doesn't think
you're the man I should be marrying.
Wait. Who said anything about marriage?
This is about him respecting me.
More importantly,
you don't respect me.
Do we really need
to be doing this right now?
'Cause your friends are out there.
They need help. Let's go.
This isn't over.
Hey, isn't there something
weird about Ben?
I mean, doesn't he
give you, like, a...
There's, like,
a serial killer vibe to him.
He looks all right to me.
I think you're
just paranoid, seriously,
or jealous of him.
Do you want me to make us some food?
I'm starving.
Oh, no. I'm too paranoid to eat.
I'm gonna
just do a little research
on our friend Ben.
Oh, and the bone that I found.
You're disgusting.
You kept that bone?
Yeah, because it's weird.
It's, like, a human bone.
Foul. That's what it is.
- Shall we get it?
- No. I'll get it.
Because you're a spaz.
Who knows what you'll say.
McClean residence. Who is this?
- Mr. McClean.
- Lizzie, is that you?
Uh, yeah, this is Lizzie. Hi.
What are you doing there?
Oh, we decided to...
come up last minute.
Where is Ben? Get me Ben.
Ben? Just with Allie
and Evan at the warehouse.
- Is everything all right?
- Yep, everything's great.
Lizzie, you need to get out of there.
We're leaving.
We're leaving as soon as
we find Nina and Eduardo.
What do you mean find?
What's happened, Lizzie?
Lizzie, I need you to get out of there.
It's been really great talking.
It's getting so late.
I'm gonna go to bed.
I'll have Ben call you in the morning.
Bye. Don't hang up on me.
Why didn't you
tell him the truth?
He doesn't know we're here. I don't
want to get Allie and Ben in trouble.
Um, hello. You answered the phone.
I think he knows we're here.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Oh, my God.
I take back every nice
thing I said about you.
You're an idiot.
It's just... It's, like, it's always
something with you and your dad.
Hey, what are those?
Night vision.
Why didn't we get a pair?
Mostly 'cause I only have one,
and since I'm the only one out here with
experience, I should be wearing 'em.
Don't you think?
Okay, can we stop
with the testosterone, please?
What the hell is that?
Car's lights
headed toward the house.
There's no reason for anybody to
be out here this late at night.
You guys stay here. Don't move.
Do you see what I'm seeing?
This guy runs like a deer.
I wonder what spooked him.
He's the caretaker. He's supposed to
know everything that goes on here.
Who would be coming
out here this late?
I don't know,
but he'll figure that out.
Can we get back to why you and
your father don't respect me?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Down. Get down.
Oh, I was just
thinking the same thing.
I'm not talking about that. Look,
there's a car there, okay?
Oh, I'm sorry. They can see
us, but we can't see them.
Awkward. Uh, just
get... stay down.
Evening, officers. Evening.
How can I help you?
Your neighbor here said
he heard an explosion.
- So we came to check it out.
- Is that right?
We had a little trouble with
a blown transformer earlier,
but, as you can see,
we're up and running.
That's probably
what you heard, Tim.
No, that's not
what I heard at all.
Why don't you go on and go home, son?
We'll take it from here.
Yeah, but I'd like
to stick around.
No. We got it under control.
Go on home, son.
Tim, the officer's
asking you to go home.
Do you want to leave, or do you
want me to call your parents?
Unbelievable. Kick rocks, kid.
Let the grown-ups
talk, would you?
Kids these days have
no respect for authority.
You new around here?
Yeah, I'm tending the
night post for Elouise.
She's, uh, pregnant.
Got assigned to a desk.
I'm gonna investigate
and make sure this checks out.
Mind if I take a look inside?
You always work here
this late at night?
Well, had a little trouble
with some squatters.
Saw your headlights coming.
I didn't know who it was.
I thought I'd be prepared.
Yeah, that's a real problem
for you ranch handlers.
Uh, any recent disturbances?
Not lately.
11-99 in progress.
All officers respond, 12:55.
Jerry, we got to go.
Yeah, Ludwig here, Dispatch.
Over. Copy that.
Sure thing.
We're on our way. Over.
You have a good night.
Good night. Take care.
Hey. Tell Elouise
I said congratulations.
We'll do that.
And why is it leaving, huh?
Why wouldn't it stop?
Because we probably
don't need help anymore.
I'm sure the guys
figured it out.
They probably found Eduardo and Nina.
Everything's fine.
No. If they'd found Eduardo and
Nina, they would have called.
Look, I'm gonna go
flag it down, all right?
Ben took care of it. Calm down.
Stop being a spaz.
We need more help
finding Eduardo and Nina.
Hey. Did you guys let Timmy
in here to call the cops?
That was the police? Yeah.
Did you tell them
about Eduardo and Nina?
No. Why would I?
I'm the one handling that.
We just got off the phone
with Tom. Yeah.
And we told him Eduardo
and Nina were missing.
He's gonna handle it.
Hold on a second. You talked to Tom?
You picked up the phone?
She picked up the phone.
Sorry. Is that a problem?
It wasn't until right now. Tom
had no idea you guys were here.
The whole time I've been
covering for both of you.
Do me a favor. Take this.
Stay on Channel 6. Take it.
It's for your own good.
Lock the door. Lock the window.
Let me figure out what the hell
is going on around here, okay?
And you... Do...
Don't pick up the phone, okay?
Stay put. Put.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
If he thinks he can give us orders
like that, he's got another...
Yeah, you're a man now? You
just threw me under the bus.
Are you serious? Go change your tampon.
You're a vagina.
Look, I'll talk
to my dad, okay?
This is ridiculous. Why did
Ben have to go off so fast?
I mean, some car
was approaching, right?
I can't imagine
being lost out here.
Nina and Eduardo
must be so scared.
Yeah, well,
we're out here alone.
It sure doesn't feel great, right?
Why did Ben have to leave us
alone in the first place?
Maybe he didn't want
to lose more people.
Can you do me a favor?
Just be straight with me.
What's the deal with Ben?
A few years ago,
when Ben was out on duty,
something happened
to his family.
Mommy, look what I got. Good work.
Oh, my gosh.
You've got so much to show Daddy
when he comes home next week.
- You ready for breakfast?
- Yes. I'm hungry.
You're hungry? You're hungry?
Well, let's go get breakfast.
Robyn, run. Run.
Get her down. Down.
Get her down. No.
No one
really knows what happened,
only that they
were never found.
When Ben came back,
he searched endlessly,
but there was no trace of them.
No! No!
I think it hit him
pretty hard coming home to nothing.
He just...
He kind of gave up...
on everything.
And when he was at his
That's when my dad reached out.
What? Ben, it's Tom.
How are you doing?
How am I? Yeah.
I'm peachy, Tom. My wife
and daughter are missing.
I'm about to stick the barrel
of a gun down my throat.
Look, I know this has been hard for you,
but you can't just lie down and die.
You know it and I know it.
I was a soldier. I was built for war.
I'm not built for this.
Yes, a soldier,
a fighter, a hunter.
Don't lose that.
They're still looking
for them in the woods.
You can't give up hope.
Ben, I just bought that
property you're living on,
and... well...
So this is an eviction call.
No. No. I want you to stay
there, keep the place up for me.
It's a quiet place, Ben,
and it needs someone like you.
Besides, you should be there
if Meghan and Robyn come home.
I already told you, Tom.
They're not coming back.
Don't say that.
Listen to me. Just...
Just stay there.
Make the place yours.
There's no such thing
as a free lunch.
What do you want from me?
I need you to do
one thing for me,
something I can't do myself.
What do you need me to do?
It was a
really long time ago, okay?
That's all I really know.
You know, I bet that Nina and Eduardo
are back at the house right now,
and this is all just
a big misunderstanding.
Tomorrow morning, we'll get up and we
will laugh about this over breakfast.
You think?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
So come on.
Let's go find our friends.
Ah, it says here that your
boy Ben has a little business.
Bet you didn't know that.
Says here if you want a...
"A real outdoor experience, hiking,
hunting and shooting big guns," ooh...
"call Big Ben. "
The only thing that interests me about
what you said is "big" and "Ben. "
Do you really think he just does
nothing here all day? I don't care.
Uh, wait. There's testimonials.
Female, Wisconsin, 32, Laura.
"Had the time of my life.
Ben's a real military vet.
I recommend his military
rendezvous any time. "
So what?
Here's another one.
Male, Arizona, 21, Michael.
"Nice place. I recommend
staying together.
Lost a dear friend. "
Okay, one more and I'll stop.
Male, Idaho, 27, Larry.
He writes,
"I like the place. Turned out Ben
taught me a little too much.
Would go again but would take the
police with me for protection.
Just kidding. "
Big deal. Wait. Wait a minute.
Yeah. Ben had this guy's license
at the warehouse. Here it is.
You seriously stole that
out of his warehouse?
What's wrong with you? You think
you're Inspector Gadget? Lay off.
I'm gonna go to the warehouse.
No, you're not.
You're not going anywhere. You're not
just gonna leave me sitting here.
Look, it'll just be for, like, what,
15 minutes, all right? You'll be okay.
No, I won't. He told us not to go anywhere.
It's for our own protection.
Just lock the door, okay? No, I
don't want to be here alone.
I don't care what your
dad thinks about me.
I am sorry though. It shouldn't
have started that way.
I mean, it's...
You have all
these men in your life.
Look out, baby. Don't look.
Oh, shit. What is that?
Looks like an animal carcass or something.
Maybe a fox.
Pretty gross though, right?
Just stay close to me, please.
I get it. Now you want me.
Will you stop?
Just get me out of here, please.
Okay, come on.
Come on. There's
gotta be something here.
Just... Calm down.
Keep it together.
"Larry. "
Got you, Larry of Idaho.
Leaving so soon?
Or were you enjoying the show?
Listen, Ben. You can't
hide from this, okay?
Now I know that you were the
one that set up that shrine,
and I think that you had something to
do with Eduardo and Nina going missing,
but, listen, we can fix this.
Those two, and all
them other squatters,
they went into my wife's
trailer, Marcus.
No one fucks with my family.
Oh, my God. You killed them.
You could say that,
or you could say that
I eliminated the threat.
Your boy, Eduardo, he was
a bit of a disappointment.
I thought he'd put up
more of a fight.
You sick...
Look. I don't know what happened to
you when you were in the military.
I know it can be tough coming back
in-in-in regular civilization.
But we can get you some help, all right?
There are people trained...
What? I never get a dud.
Listen, man. Here.
Take the file, all right?
You should start running,
At this point, Larry of Idaho
double-timed it like a bat out of hell.
- There you go.
- Help! Help!
Lizzie, Lizzie, open the door!
Lizzie, open the door.
He's trying to kill us. Lizzie.
Lizzie. Lizzie.
What? He's mad. He
killed everyone.
- No. Marcus, calm down.
- He's trying to kill us.
Marcus, what are you talking about?
Who did he kill? What?
Oh, fuck. Where...
911. What is your emergency?
Ben. Ben, I know it's you.
I know everything, okay?
I read all about your family.
Listen, I'm sure
it wasn't your fault, okay?
Marcus... It wasn't your fault.
Just come in here. I'll call the police.
I'll tell them.
I'll tell them it was an accident.
He was always clumsy.
We'll just say he was
messing with your stuff.
Ben, I already called
the police.
All right, listen, you asshole.
I liked you.
I defended you to everyone.
And you just kill my friend
who didn't do shit to you.
Marcus didn't do anything to anybody.
He was a good person.
Are you just gonna kill me too?
Hello? Is everything okay?
We heard gunfire. We're sending
a patrol unit immediately.
I can't get anybody on the phone.
My service is shit out here.
I give up.
This is getting out of hand.
Let's just get back
to the house.
Yeah. You know what? Ben's
probably found them already.
So I'll try him
on the walkie-talkie.
We've been gone, what, half an hour?
I don't even know.
Hey, Marcus? Marcus, it's Evan.
Come in.
Marcus, you there?
It's Evan. Come in.
No dice.
Let's just go
back to the house.
I gotta call my dad
and tell him we're out here.
We gotta get the cops out here.
Hello? Are you listening
to anything that I'm saying?
No, no, no. You don't
want to see this. What?
- You don't want to see this.
- Oh, my God.
Just don't look.
It's okay.
That is what it looks like when
someone steps on a land mine.
Ben, why the fuck
are there land mines out here?
Ben, what are you
doing with land mines?
Well, this is private property,
and I did tell you...
stay on the path,
stay together.
Huh? You don't listen.
And when you don't listen,
then bad things happen.
Wow, that is
a terrible accident.
What are you talking about, Ben?
Bad accident?
Our friends are dead.
And we need to go back to the house,
and we need to call 911 right now.
This is my fault. I suggested we come here.
This is not your fault.
Quit whining, Allie. I'll go
back to the house and call 911.
I'll tell 'em what happened. In
the meantime, you guys stay put.
I don't want
any more explosions.
You have more land mines
out here, Ben?
As a matter of fact, I do.
So please stay put, okay?
I don't want to clean up
another mess.
Hey, hey, hey, honey.
We're gonna go back to the house right now.
We're gonna call the cops.
Okay? Okay.
Do you know how to get there from here?
Yeah, I think so.
Don't look. You don't look.
Let's go.
Oh, my God, Evan.
My God. No! No! No!
Oh, no, no, no!
We need to get out right now.
We need to go.
I guess the secret's out, huh?
You sick son of a bitch.
Ben, what did you do?
How about it, boy scout? Finally
getting your chance to man up.
Allie, run.
Sit down, son.
Got all night to play
cat and mouse.
All night.
Run, Allie, run!
Run. Get back to the house!
Not bad for a boy scout,
huh, bitch?
Come on.
- Allie?
- Dad?
Are you all right?
It's all right.
No, Please. No, no, no, no, no, Dad.
Dad. Dad!
- Ben, come in here.
- Tom.
Allie, why must you
run like a rat?
No place you can hide, Allie.
I'm gonna find you.
I'll find you,
and I'm gonna finish this.
Oh, Allie, you can run,
but you can't hide,
you little rat.
Hey, Ben.
Where's Allie?
I don't know how
to break this to you, kid,
but you've always been
somewhat of a pest,
not to mention
that your timing sucks.
Allie's a little
tied up right now.
Come to think of it,
I've got an idea though.
Why don't you let me
give her a message?
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
I'm gonna count to 10.
If you don't come out, Timmy just bought
himself a one-way ticket to heaven.
We're gonna make
a sport out of this.
Ready? Set? Go.
Always did have
an itchy trigger finger.
I see you.
One wrong step around here,
darling, and you are gonna go boom.
Here I come.
No more places
to run now, Allie.
Time to accept your fate.
Ben, leave me alone.
Sooner or later,
we all have to.
Ben, please.
It's time to stop running.
It's gone too far.
This is gonna end right now.
- Ben.
- Dad.
This is over, Ben.
Allie, you should never
have come up here.
And you should've stayed
on the couch, old man.
Damn it, Tom. You shot me.
You son of a...
Ben is a very sick man.
He's killed a lot of people on this
property, and he's been blackmailing me.
He said if I didn't continue paying
him, he would kill my whole family.
Why don't you ask him how
your mother really died?
Shut up.
Ask your dad how he's been paying me off
with the insurance money that she left.
- Shut up.
- Dad, what is he talking about?
Allie, he's lying. Please,
sweetheart, come to me.
Is that how you paid
for this place?
With Mom's insurance money?
when your mother passed...
- Don't you mean killed?
- Shut up!
You killed Helen! Not me!
Allie, when your mother
left me with you...
and your sister
and a lot of debt, I...
I bought you this ranch.
I bought Jessie the house.
I've paid for her education.
You're set going forward
from here.
I did it all for you.
Dad, how could you do that?
How could you do that?
It was Ben.
Ben killed everybody.
No. Don't-Don't...
What are you gonna do, Tom? Dad.
You're gonna shoot me? Dad.
Ben, hurting Allie
was never part of the deal.
Put the gun down.
Put it down now.
Put the gun down,
or I will slice her wide open.
Put it down!
It's down. Yeah.
Come down.
Sounds like
the cavalry's coming.
you can have everything.
You can have all the money.
Just let Allie go.
Oh, no.
See, I don't think I want
to make any more deals with you.
And I don't want
any more bodies.
Now I've... I've got
all the bank information...
just like you asked for.
Let Allie go,
and it's all yours.
Why don't we let Allie open it?
Hand the paper
to your daughter.
Get it.
Now you open it.
Allie, open it now.
Yeah. No surprise.
Snake son of a bitch.
It's time to stop running.
I got a live one here.
We're losing her fast.
10-33. Get me an ambulance.
# You've been waiting around #
# For something to break #
# For something to shake #
# For the change in the tide #
# For the waves to subside #
# While you hunch and you hide #
# With your eyes
open wide awake #
# I'm no doctor #
# I'm not strong enough #
# To carry your load #
# I'm no ambulance #
# Screaming down your street #
# Watch me moving mountains #
# Trying to color you complete #
# We've been wasting away #
# With our minds cast astray #
# And our thoughts on parade #
# Like a marching brigade #
# Storming swiftly to aid #
# Every violent mistake #
# And our eyes open wide awake #
# No, I'm no animal #
# Digging through your waste #
# No, I'm not young enough #
# To wish you away #
# No, I'm not blowing #
# On my trumpet of retreat #
# Just watch me
bending backwards #
# Trying to color you complete #
# I know what you're thinking #
# I wish you would back down #
# 'Cause my heart lives #
# Underground #
# I know what you're thinking #
# I wish you would back down #
# 'Cause my heart lives #
# Underground #
# 'Cause my heart lives #
# Underground #
# 'Cause my heart
lives underground ##