Desert Blue (1998) Movie Script

Come on, Blue, it's easy money.
Billy said ten bucks an hour.
That's some cash.
We could make at least
100 bucks a day fixing up the motel.
Cale, do what you want.
I don't care.
You're not mad, are you?
I'm not mad. If you want to fix up
the motel, fine. Don't ask me for help.
- It's a lot of money.
- What do you think? Green?
Yeah, sure. Green.
Check it out.
Eight thousand VT. Turbo.
Fifty-five horses under this bad boy.
- What happened to your old one?
- Traded it in. Big race this weekend.
- Plus it was old.
- You just got that last year.
Yeah. Let me explain something.
It's old. Just trust me.
It's an old bike.
You gotta keep moving.
Keep changing.
Getting a new thing.
I don't wanna end up like Blue,
making water toys in the desert.
- Yeah, blah, blah.
- The water's not coming.
It didn't come when your father
built this place. I'm sorry.
- It's not gonna just appear now.
- Noah was stupid for building an ark?
I'm outta here.
Did you just
compare yourself to Noah?
Empire Cola
Wouldn't you rather be full of it
Empire Cola
The taste of desert soda
When your bad ass is on high
just get it a cold shot
Of Empire Cola today
Here's Baxter.
- Do we have to do this?
- It's not that far.
You take 395 into Baxter.
That way you see
the giant ice cream cone and the beach.
- We'll be home by sunset.
- Great. I'll never get to a television.
Your agent could get you
your show on tape.
It's not the same on tape.
It's all about the broadcast.
Skye, come on!
We'll only be there a minute.
It'll be fun.
We'll have a look around.
Remember. One person's interminable
stretch of highway...
Is another's road to adventure.
I know.
But going out of our way to see
a giant ice cream cone? It's crazy.
Crazy? Crazy is not to see
the giant ice cream cone.
How'd you like to tell friends
we were in Baxter?
"Did you see the giant ice cream cone??"
"No, we missed it."
That would be crazy.
Empire Cola is the proud sponsor...
of the 1998 Peaksville
All-Terrain Vehicle Invitational...
happening this Sunday.
If you can't get down there yourself...
KDLU will be bringing you
all the action.
Our live broadcast kicks off...
at 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning.
A portion of all ticket proceeds
will be matched by Empire Cola...
and donated to
the Children's Cancer Society.
Empire Cola.
What would you rather be full of?
I don't get it.
We must've missed the sign.
Yep, we missed it.
I wonder how long it'll take them
to find our bodies.
Probably never.
That's assuming they'd even look.
You know how many bodies are buried
out here they never found?
The sherif's office told me...
if all the dead bodies in the deserts
stood up at the same time...
this place would resemble Manhattan.
I mean, without Nathan's.
Do you have to put that up?
If I don't,
and an Empire Cola rep shows up...
we lose all the freebies.
If you drink enough of it,
you may have a body like this someday.
Very funny, Dad.
I'll be across the street.
Going to the aqueduct tonight.
I'll pick you up.
Did it come?
Yeah. My dad's at the clinic, so hurry.
I don't wanna get busted.
- Thanks.
- See you.
No threat of rain
over the weekend.
Which is good news
for you race fans.
The 10th Annual Peaksville All-Terrain
Vehicle Invitational...
is going to go down Sunday morning.
All odds are on
Baxter's Pete Kepler...
who will be returning
to defend his title.
Will Pete be able to fend off
Telly Clems again this year?
Look, I am the owner.
I wish somebody could've
notified me earlier.
Okay, bye.
What's the matter, Billy?
The insurance company is sending out
another adjuster. He'll be here soon.
I was supposed to have
that check by now.
Why are they coming out again?
They need to take another look around.
Take more samples, run more tests.
This reimbursement process
is really pissing me off.
How can you drink that stuff?
- It's free.
- They delivered a new truckload.
Check it out.
And these hats.
Want one?
Want to party
at the aqueduct tonight?
Come on!
The only party I heard about
was the one in your panties.
There's no way there could be
a party in my panties.
Why not?
Because I'm not wearing any.
Have a good day, Haley.
Watch your head.
We'll get a report to you ASAP.
She likes you.
Yeah, right!
I'm serious.
I think you're in there.
Bad news.
- What?
- We're in a holding pattern.
The insurance claim hasn't been
processed. They have to run more tests.
She's gonna stay like that for a while.
I'll give you a call when I have work.
Think I can catch a ride with you into
Peaksville? I need to pick up paint.
Yeah, sure.
So much for that job.
I was counting on that motel money.
- You can help me fix up the ocean park.
- You gonna pay me ten bucks an hour?
Fucking Ely, man!
What are you doing?
What did you just blow up?
A canoe.
- It's just an old canoe.
- You can't blow up my dad's canoes.
They're sitting here deteriorating.
I'm speeding up the process.
They're not just sitting here.
Can't you see I'm fixing up the place?
Shit! Keeler.
You're busted.
All right, Elizabeth, let's go.
- You can't arrest me.
- Watch me. You boys see it?
- Just heard it.
- You know the drill.
- I didn't do it.
- You don't say?
Goddamn malicious.
Just takes one to spoil the whole lot.
You know that?
Think he'll make a good sheriff?
He's all right.
You'd make a better one.
She could've blown
her fucking arms off.
Take that stupid hat off!
You all have a good day.
I'm gonna get these new fixtures.
You wouldn't believe them.
You put your hands under the faucet
and the water flows.
It's like they got little eyes.
It's like magic.
The water is always
the perfect temperature.
What if I want cold water?
Why do you gotta be so negative?
It was great.
Hey, yes indeed!
The world's largest ice cream cone
right out here!
Dessert in the desert!
Looks so real!
Be great to have a ladder.
You could dive into it
and eat it.
That's incredible. Look at that.
It's gorgeous.
It's great. Want an ice cream?
I'll get you one.
Hey, nice shot.
Can I get two cones, please?
It really looks neat.
Neat thing.
Looks bigger than it does
in photographs. Great.
Can either of you tell me
where I can find Mr. Baxter?
He passed away.
- When?
- Six months ago.
Fire at the motel.
It was an accident.
- I had no idea.
- Why should you have?
Because I'm a professor
of cultural studies.
I have a course in pop culture
and the roadside attraction.
We talk about Mr. Baxter in my class.
The giant ice cream cone and ocean park.
Was even putting together a photo book.
Sort of a coffee-table book.
It'll be $1.30.
It's a shame.
I'm sorry he's gone.
- Dad!
- Go more to your left.
- Your other left.
- The sun's in my eyes.
Go back left.
That's too big.
Look up. Can you give us a smile?
Okay, good.
Keeler, what is going on?
She blew up a canoe, sir.
Elizabeth Marie Jackson, is this true?
Did you blow up another canoe?
Let her out. She's a kid! You're locking
up my daughter like she's a criminal!
- She made and detonated a bomb.
- A bomb?
I'm breaking the law
by not reporting this!
Exhibit A. The lighter.
She's got a couple of M-80s
up her sleeves!
M-80s? Exhibit B.
The Polaroid picture.
The canoe was in a million pieces.
You know, I thought you really wanted
this sherif's job in Peaksville.
It's so close.
Be a shame to lose it all...
because of a few firecrackers!
He has to replace Keeler with someone.
Why not you?
- Remember when we slashed his tires?
- Yeah.
And he couldn't respond
to that ten-car pileup?
He knows I tagged up the aqueduct.
I'm a criminal. I can't be a deputy.
Everyone did that. We were 12! The
sherifffucked around when he was a kid.
What the heck?
Ely's out of control!
What the hell was that?
I don't know.
Anybody hurt?
What's that smell?
It's coming from the truck.
Fucking A!
You're a lucky man.
There's nothing like a close brush with
death to knock the life back into you.
My arm is hurt.
What's that smell? What is that?
- It's dog shit.
- The secret ingredient to Empire Cola.
It's in its concentrated form.
I got it all over me.
What the hell is in it?
That's classified information.
Only a few people know.
They're not even allowed
on the same airplane.
I'm not one of them.
- How'd it happen?
- Officer?
- I saw the whole thing.
- Don't leave. I need to ask questions.
I'm going to the car.
Aren't you just the coolest?
Can I help you with something?
- She has a cell phone?
- She must be from L.A.
I'm in fucking Egypt!
Seems like her biscuit
could use a little buttering.
- Excuse me!
- Not by me.
It's just an observation.
- Seems like a bitch.
- You don't know her.
That's why I said, "seems like."
Hello. I'm nearing menopause.
Mr. Jason,
your N.C.I.C. Came out clean.
That's National Crime
Information Center.
Just checking to see
if you got any outstanding warrants.
I don't get it. You're investigating me
because I witnessed an accident?
I guess you'll be heading back
to San Francisco.
- Nice town?
- Great.
Too many cars,
but that's true everywhere.
Been there long?
No. I moved there
after my divorce.
My daughter still lives
with her mother in L.A.
The greatest.
We'll contact you
if we need any more information.
Sign right here.
Are you trying to get me thrown in jail
for disturbing the peace?
Jesus Christ, Dad. I thought my clothes
were gonna go out of style.
No fear of that.
We're gonna get something to eat.
- Can we eat somewhere else?
- Sheriff said this place was fantastic.
- What's the fun of having a body if...
- You ain't got any fuel?
Let's split.
Say, let's go investigate.
Must be closed.
Let's go.
No, come on.
It's gross.
Driving all day. Need a little chow.
This place is cute.
You realize we're risking our lives
eating here, don't you?
Didn't see you come in.
Heard you had quite a scare
on the highway.
Yeah, it was a close one.
Luckily nobody got hurt.
Could I watch your television?
I'm so sorry,
but that only plays video.
- No cable.
- No cable?
I tried to get it, but they wanted me
to pay for 45 miles of cable.
- A satellite dish would be cheaper.
- Then aliens would know where we are.
- Hey!
- Hey, Mom.
I'm gonna have the B.L.T.
I got a hunch the bacon is good here.
- What are you gonna get?
- I'm not hungry.
I'll check my messages.
Excuse me.
- Do you have a phone I could use?
- There, on the wall.
Your turn.
Oh, my God!
I'm dying for that role!
Yeah! Of course
I can come in tomorrow.
Attention, please.
At 3511 hours, Stan Chambers died.
- Who?
- The truck driver, he's dead.
My God, I thought he was okay!
Looks like it wasn't from the accident.
They think it was what was in the truck.
Can I call you back?
Everything's under control. The FBI
has been alerted and are on their way.
The FBI?
I'll get your bag, sir.
- Agent Summers.
- Agent Bellows.
- How you doin'?
- Just peachy.
The HAZMAT team
has contained the spill...
but half the town has been exposed.
- Any word on the contents?
- Nothing yet.
A quarantine's ordered until we find out
what's brewing in that cola plant.
- This the only access into town?
- Yep.
I want a roadblock between
the town and the accident.
I want another one at the access
from the highway.
Nobody gets in or out until
we know exactly what we're dealing with.
Do not answer questions.
You know nothing. Now get on it.
Howdy, I'm Sheriff Jackson.
Welcome to Baxter.
Anything you need,
just let us know.
Cooperation from you and your people
and the town. That'll do.
You got it. You can count on it.
This is Detective...
Where's my car?
Not the friendliest man.
Just doing his job.
I'm sure he's fine.
- I'm Keeler.
- Agent Summers. How you doing?
I'm coordinating the investigation
with the EPA.
- I'd like to go over a few things.
- Lead the way.
How long till they know
what killed him?
At least 24 hours.
Maybe longer. 48 even.
Looks like you're
gonna be staying a while.
- Welcome to Baxter.
- Thank you.
Is there a place
we can stay in town?
- There was, but it closed down.
- Dad, we can't stay here.
I have a huge audition tomorrow.
I can't miss this.
We don't have any choice.
- There's plenty of room at my place.
- Houseguests!
Come on, Skye.
Come on. Don't worry.
The house isn't haunted.
We have confirmation
that FBI agents...
have been sent into Baxter
to evaluate the situation.
The Environmental
Protection Agency...
was also called to the scene.
We still have no word
on the exact contents of the tanker.
Eye witnesses have said
the truck was on its way...
to the Empire Cola plant
just outside of Baxter.
A quarantine is still in effect
for the area.
No! They're not letting us leave.
Our hearts are with everybody in Baxter
and our fingers are crossed.
We hope the worst has passed.
Somebody has to do something.
You're my agent! Can't...
Can't you call the FBI
and tell them who I am?
- She's talking to her agent.
- Big whoopie.
Maybe Bobby can patch in my publicist.
Maybe we can make this work for us.
Come on, guys, really,
do you think we're contaminated?
I don't know what
it's supposed to feel like.
It's not like we were covered
in that shit like the driver.
We inhaled it.
- What will they do to us?
- They won't do anything to us.
As long as they don't
give me a shot, I'm okay.
It's just a vitamin booster.
Strengthens the immune system.
It won't hurt.
Is that a fresh needle?
They found that one in the trunk
of a drug addict's car.
Nice mask.
My uncle used it in Desert Storm.
We need everyone...
to boil their water
before consuming it.
Just a safety precaution.
Can't believe they gave us
Snoopy Band-Aids.
Think that's supposed
to cheer us up?
- I can't even leave the town.
- At least they didn't evacuate us.
That'd mean we're okay.
They didn't evacuate us.
They quarantined us.
Probably because they don't want us...
to infect the rest of the county
with the biological agent.
- They never said it was biological.
- They didn't say it wasn't.
We're like guinea pigs.
They want to sit back and watch us.
They'll study us for years.
Dissecting our insides and putting us
in those jars of formaldehyde.
- When did you last want to leave town?
- Not the point.
- What is the point?
- That nobody ever said I couldn't.
As soon as somebody tells you you can't,
you want to. It's as simple as that.
There's nothing anybody can do until
they find out what killed that man.
So you might as well stop
your complaining...
and be grateful you're alive.
Want something to drink?
- Yes, please. Thanks.
- Tea, coffee, whiskey?
Tea. But boil the water first.
They're saying don't consume water
without boiling it.
It's tea.
I have to boil the water.
I know. I was just kidding.
It's not funny.
Come on, Billy. Let's go.
She's upset.
Don't worry.
- So, where's your daughter?
- She stayed at your house.
Planning her future.
Here. Hurry up. Take this.
I don't want to get busted.
See you at the aqueduct.
I'll meet you up there.
Holy shit!
You scared me.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
- Lulu?
- You know Lulu?
Yeah. That song is from that movie,
To Sir With Love.
You know To Sir With Love?
We have a bunch of videos.
50 karate movies. The Star Wars Trilogy.
And we have To Sir With Love.
I love Lulu.
I would definitely play her
if they ever made a remake of that film.
- You act?
- Yeah.
That's cool.
Would I know you from anything?
I play Maggie on Maggie's World.
Oh, right. You don't have cable.
- If we had cable, would I know you?
- Probably.
- I was nominated for a Golden Globe.
- Golden Gloves?
Wow! That's great.
So you box, too?
It's globe.
It's an award given by
the foreign press.
That's cool.
- I've never met anyone from TV before.
- So what do you think?
- We're all poisoned?
- I don't know. I feel okay.
I think it's just procedure.
And their procedure's
screwing up my life.
- Yeah?
- Yes, I have an audition of a lifetime.
With Sterling Brock.
He did Going Nowhere Fast
and Oil Slick.
Anyway. I'm gonna miss
meeting with him tomorrow.
- Can't you reschedule?
- No. He wants to meet me tomorrow.
But if he wants to meet you,
then he'll meet you when you get back.
You don't understand.
So, what are you doing?
You boy cotting your dad?
He always takes us
on these little trips.
This year he takes me on this...
Americana road trip.
Roadside attractions.
He insists on stopping at
every no-name little shit town along...
- Fuck. I'm sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
Nobody ever comes to Baxter
for anything.
It's your home.
It sure is.
My dad wants to stop and see
the Jolly Green Giant statue next.
Oh, traitor!
You weren't joking.
You've got lots of albums.
Yeah. My dad was a big music lover.
But he hated television.
He always said that music doesn't force
itself on you the way television does.
Your mind is free to grow
and wander through...
whereas TV just sort of
brainwashes you.
- It does, huh?
- I don't know.
- Your show would be the exception.
- Where is this dad anyway?
He passed not too long ago.
I'm sorry about that.
No. Cookie?
- What's your name?
- Blue.
Your name is Blue.
No, it's not.
Yeah, it is.
Do you know what my name is?
What? Green?
No. Skye.
Kinda weird.
What do you do
around here for fun?
What is this?
Oh, no, she's gonna...
Hey! Chill out.
That's disgusting.
What are you doing?
You're disgusting.
You're disgusting.
Don't throw up.
I'm taking a piss.
This is Skye.
This is Cale, Ely and Haley.
Blue sky.
The code blue.
There you go.
- It's all right.
- She don't drink?
You can't be worried
about cooties now.
If you got contaminated,
it's over.
We got those shots.
That made them feel better. If we died,
they'd feel like they did something.
Is this like your guys' hangout?
You can call it that.
It's the movie star!
And action!
This is Pete. He's a pretty funny guy.
We're not sure how he got funny.
That's just how it is.
What's this thing?
- That's the aqueduct.
- It takes water to Los Angeles.
That's where you get your Evian!
- What makes you think I drink Evian?
- Bright lights, big city.
That'd be New York.
All right. Who's up, man?
Somebody drink a brew.
- I'm all right.
- That's right. I forgot.
You drink too much of this, then you
have to pee, and we all see you squat.
- Do you wipe also?
- Yes, I also wipe.
Fuck! Every time?
That sucks.
I'll take one.
The movie star has a nut sack.
- You should see me pee.
- I'd like that.
You can find yourself extra linens
in the cupboard by the bathroom.
Got it, thank you.
Thanks very much.
- Blue, you ready to die, man?
- I hear it's a really bad death.
- Shut up. From who?
- Keeler.
He said first you get all hot,
start sweating profusely...
and everything gets real clear...
and tense, and then
you get really paranoid...
like all your worst fears
start coming true.
It's like the devil's inside of you
screaming, "I told you so!"
Then a billion worms hatch inside
your lungs and burrow out until you die.
- Where do you come up with this stuff?
- It's true.
They don't even know what it is.
They know, and it's bad.
I didn't want to have to do this.
What are you doing
throwing gunpowder in the fire?
It's not gunpowder. I boiled down some
Empire Cola shit. That was the residue.
- Holy shit.
- We're fucked.
Just because it's flammable
doesn't mean it's lethal.
We could go anytime.
That's not funny.
That's not funny!
- Relax.
- Fucking dork.
Where did that giant ice cream cone
come from?
My dad built it
to attract people to the town.
It was a major mining town
when he was a kid.
When the gold ran out,
all the people left.
After he built the cone,
the other towns started copying him.
Now we have
the biggest of everything.
There's the world's
tallest thermometer...
the world's largest hubcap collection,
bottle cap collection...
even the largest ball of twine.
You name it,
they have it out here.
Hey, there.
Sorry. I was snooping.
It's okay.
I wouldn't put it out...
ifl didn't want people
to look at it.
Oh, thanks.
Did you see that one?
- That?
- Yeah.
I saw it, but I can't make
heads or tails of it.
It's a UFO.
- Really?
- Yeah. Look.
I took this three years ago
in the hills. You can't see the hills.
But there it is. My husband says that's
the government testing a new aircraft.
But he was not there
when I took it.
I have to admit something. I have read
everything your husband ever wrote.
Really. How he jump-started this town
back into existence with the big cone.
Then he started the ocean park.
He was a real trendsetter.
- You can't believe everything you read.
- How's that?
He was a very unhappy man.
That's weird. He looks so happy
in these pictures.
Anybody can look happy
in a photograph.
- What is that?
- It's the plant.
That's where they make Empire Cola.
We get shitloads of it for free.
That's where that truck
was going today.
Strange looking.
They built it there because
they gotta feed from the aqueduct.
It's a pretty evil company.
I've heard they exploit thousands
of workers in Mexico and Taiwan.
When they set up shop here,
they didn't hire anybody from our town.
They imported cheaper labor,
and set them up in Peaksville.
It's awful.
The water was supposed
to be my dad's.
What for?
An ocean park.
Baxter Beach.
My dad always said,
"We have all of this sand...
but no beach.
And there's that damn aqueduct
passing on by...
with more water than an ocean."
He wanted to build
that thing so bad.
The cone put the town on the map.
The ocean park would
keep it there for good.
The state originally had a deal
with my dad for the feed.
But when the
soda proposal came in...
they immediately authorized it
and rejected my father's.
How did your dad die?
It happened at the motel.
He'd been sleeping there
most of the time anyway.
He was consumed with the beach.
And he wasn't able to function
in his own house anymore.
Why not?
I don't know.
He thought I was losing my mind.
And I thought
he was losing his mind.
Because all he did
was work on the water park.
Then it just happened.
All of a sudden, just like that.
The motel burst into flames,
and he died in his sleep.
They told me
he didn't feel a thing.
Geez, I'm sorry.
- Any idea how the fire got started?
- They think it's the old wiring.
That building's been around
since the gold rush.
Brittle as hell.
It just went up like that.
It has been hardest on Blue.
He spent the whole last year
with his dad on that beach.
Every afternoon after school,
and then on the weekends.
Now he's taken the whole thing
on his own shoulders.
He has even filed
his own appeal for water.
I hope it doesn't
consume him, too.
You can put all that in your book
if you wanted to.
Take your time.
When you finish eating...
what do you say we take a walk
and check out the ocean park?
No milk.
No milk?
We ran out of milk last night, and your
guys wouldn't let the milkman through.
No milk.
- There's no milk.
- Thanks.
Frank, how you doing?
You look edgy.
You sleeping?
Hey, guys, any news?
Nothing yet. It's been, what, 15 hours?
These things take time.
I know that. I'd like to know something.
We don't know anything.
What are you people
really doing here?
Wait here.
Maybe that's some news.
So what?
Environmental Protection Agency...
Rules and Guidelines
to Hazardous Material Cleanup.
Maybe that'll help you out.
Is that the hotel?
There really was a fire, huh?
This is where it happened.
It's sad.
- You got a second?
- Sure. What's up?
I got a call from
the insurance company today.
They ran some tests
on the new samples.
- And?
- Sheriff.
- They're saying some strange things.
- Like what?
Like maybe somebody
set fire to the motel.
- Arson? They can't be serious.
- I know.
I mean, who'd want
to burn down the motel?
I don't know.
But we're dealing
with more than arson.
That would make it
a case of manslaughter.
Sure is pretty out here.
Except for that. What's that?
Empire Cola plant. They stole the water
to feed off the aqueduct...
from Blue's dad.
That's why the ocean park
never opened.
And they exploit workers in Mexico.
Here it is.
- Where are you going?
- Get a closer look.
- Let him work.
- Huh?
You can come back later.
What happened last night?
Did you close or what?
Give me the details.
- Don't smell my fingers!
- Give me the details!
No details.
- Did you get her frombi?
- Frombi?
From behind?
Nothing happened.
Nothing, man. All we did was talk.
I don't even know where her head is.
Where her head is?
First prize is the pussy.
Second prize is a set of steak knives.
You want the steak knives?
Why the fuck do you care
where her head's at?
Hello, Skye.
Shut up, dude!
I'm outta here.
Yeah. Okay, talk to you later.
- Sterling Brock is gonna call me.
- Here?
That must've been because he heard
you were hanging out with me.
I always forget to drink water
before I go to bed wasted.
If you drink enough water,
you can pee out your hangover.
You don't pee out your hangover.
You replenish fluids.
Replenish fluids!
I called my friend in Barstow.
She said...
she saw you on some TV show,
Maggie's World.
- She said you were pretty funny.
- Thanks.
Is your dad going
to miss these much?
He's not gonna care.
Come on.
You guys!
Let's go, baby,
right down the middle.
Right down the middle.
Let's go, baby, right in here.
It's like cracking
somebody's head open.
- You're sick.
- Yep.
What was that?
Who's up now?
It's Pete.
He's got the potato cannon.
This is war!
Let's retaliate.
Fucking loser!
Stop it! You stay still.
What is it?
All right, that's it
for orange baseball.
I want you to go read
a good book or something.
What are you saying? I have a race
to go to tomorrow and practice today.
Son, forget about that race.
The best thing for you
is to go home and park that buggy.
This is an all-terrain vehicle.
Fifty-five horsepower.
- And 8,000 VT. Turbo.
- I'm very impressed.
High performance.
Now you and your
all-terrain vehicle...
you're staying in town.
Hazardous materials could be in
that truck. We can't take any chances.
This is fucking bullshit!
Let me through!
Son, it's for your own good.
I was trained as a navy SEAL.
Those guys are pissing me off.
What's going on?
They told me I can't go
to this race tomorrow.
What the fuck?
What are you gonna do about it?
I don't know.
I'm gonna go bust some shit up.
I'll be back.
Wow, must have good people
working for you.
No, they aren't here for me.
I was joking.
I bet you it is the TV people.
News broadcasters
love this kind of shit.
Think we're on TV?
Hey, over here!
I guess it'd be
nothing new to you.
My dad hated the news!
He said the news is the only business
where people are happy when people die.
- Happy?
- Yeah.
A big story means some reporter gets
their name on the front of a newspaper.
They might even
throw an office party.
We gotta talk to you.
It's been nearly 48 hours,
and we need some information.
People around here
are getting scared.
- I do not have to tell you anything.
- You do!
Look. It says here,
"In 1986 the EPA passed...
the Emergency Right To Know Act
under which any community at risk..."
"Has a right to know the extent
of the danger."
You have to tell us what you know.
I already did.
You've told us nothing.
Which is exactly what we know.
What do you mean?
You talk on the phone all day,
and you don't know anything?
You bastard.
Anybody seen Keeler?
The mayor needs to talk to him.
Looks like that position in Peaksville
will work out if we live.
Sheriff, this government guy
won't say anything.
What the hell is going on?
Can you do something?
I don't know what to say, Sandy.
It's their show.
My hands are tied.
Any news?
Nothing yet.
They found...
traces of gasoline
in parts of the samples.
- I don't know how to ask you this.
- What?
They're saying someone intentionally
set fire to the motel.
They're saying it was arson.
Gotta be honest with me,
You think I burned down the motel?
I didn't do it!
Tell the truth. The earlier I can get
involved with this, the better.
But I need to know the truth.
If you could do anything you wanted to
right now, what would it be?
- Go swimming in the ocean.
- You've never been to the ocean?
Maybe it's because
these are everywhere.
Seashells in the desert.
I think this used to be an ocean.
And right now we're walking
on the ocean floor.
You see those bushes?
Those used to be kelp.
Why didn't your dad
ever take you there?
I don't know. I guess he was
so fixed on bringing the ocean here.
It's beautiful.
We all thought that people
would travel miles...
just to spend the day
by the water...
go canoeing...
go down the water slide or...
just lay out in the sun.
Even if the state
doesn't get us the water...
the "big one" will wipe out L.A. And
we'll be sitting on beachfront property.
You know,
if you close your eyes...
you can pretend there's water.
Fuck them, man.
They can't just keep me out of the race.
I'm winning that
fucking thing tomorrow.
You guys wanna get
cremated or buried?
I don't care. Whatever.
- What does it matter?
- It matters.
I don't wanna rot in a box
while some bugs...
and worms and weird animals
eat out my eyeballs.
- I wanna rot in a box.
- Me too. I don't wanna be burned.
I wanna be cremated.
How about you?
And then have my ashes
thrown in the ocean.
- I just thought of something.
- Congratulations.
- We have to make up our wills.
- Hello, Hershey squirt.
If you go, we all go.
So who are you gonna
leave all your stuff to?
- Fuck the wills.
- We're not going anywhere.
Let's say we do.
Let's say we all die, like tomorrow.
This is our last night.
What's the one thing you'd wanna do?
You go first.
I'd try to make it to tomorrow night
and win that fucking race.
- That's it.
- They're watching the town pretty close.
They're gonna watch me
fucking burn rubber on their heads.
You got an all-terrain vehicle
for nothing.
What about you?
I wanna blow myself up
in front of my family.
Don't laugh. She's serious.
That'd be so cool.
"Mom, Dad." "Yes?"
I got the shit to do it, too.
I could blow up this whole town.
It's true.
- Your turn.
- I don't know.
I've never been able
to figure out what I wanna do.
- I hate that question.
- Come on, Deputy.
- What?
- Tell them.
- Tell them what?
- Out with it, Cale.
Cale wants to take Keeler's position
as deputy sheriff when he leaves.
What's so funny?
Cale will make a great deputy.
The first thing I'd do
is lock your sorry ass up.
- Fuck you.
- And then yours.
But that's long-term.
I'm talking about now.
If there's one thing you could do
right now, what would it be?
I don't know.
Get fucked up, I guess.
What about you, Blue?
- I don't know.
- Oh, God.
You guys have no balls.
She stole my idea.
He's on the bike.
He's heading your way.
Do not cross the roadblock!
Hey, come back here!
Come back here right now!
Did you hear that?
I don't know.
- Jesus Christ!
- What the hell happened here?
- This guy shot him.
- I was aiming for the tire.
- He's breathing.
- Is he okay?
This is unbelievable.
- Are you out of your mind?
- You don't know what we're dealing with.
You don't know what you're
dealing with! He's a kid!
- You can't just shoot him!
- He blatantly disobeyed federal agents.
- He was on his way to a race!
- Let's get him to my office.
- Is he gonna be all right?
- He hit the shoulder.
But he was going fast
when he took the fall.
I'm gonna get the stretcher.
Don't move him!
- What happened?
- This guy here shot him.
What were you thinking?
He was fleeing. He didn't pose a threat.
He was out of range
for you to shoot accurately.
- I don't know.
- You shot him in the back.
I'm gonna have to
ask you for your gun, Frank.
I can't believe they can just
shoot someone like that.
You should see the cops where I live.
They're such assholes.
They can do whatever they want
whenever they want.
Run red lights, stop signs...
make illegal u-turns
all the time...
put their sirens on
just to go to the doughnut shop.
A friend of mine
has this bumper sticker:
"Save a doughnut. Shoot a cop."
I'm gonna kill that motherfucker.
There's the green flag. We're in the
final lap of the 1998 ATV Invitational.
What a race
this is turning out to be.
Telly Clems is still
holding onto the lead by a lap.
Clems rounds a hairpin.
Beautiful execution.
Look at him go,
over the short jump flawlessly!
But here comes Randy Flowers
coming up on the outside.
Clems takes the south turn to the
final stretch for the checkered flag.
Flowers is closing in on him.
This is a race, folks!
Telly Clems takes first place...
Holy shit! What was that?
She's done it this time.
That's my car.
Who in the hell did this?
- Relax, Frank.
- Fuck off, you jerk-off!
- I didn't do anything!
- Are you responsible for this?
Are you responsible
for shooting my boyfriend?
- We're not talking about that now.
- Did you blow up that car?
- I had nothing to do with it, sir.
- I saw her put a device in the gas tank.
- She lit it with this.
- What's this lighter for?
To light the dynamite
I'm gonna shove up your ass!
What do you want us
to do with her?
Why don't you just
pop her in the back of the head?
Why don't you take a walk?
Take a walk.
This is a serious offense.
- You blew up federal property.
- He shot him.
I know he did, but someone could have
been seriously hurt or even killed.
How about you promise me
you won't blow anything else up?
Let her go.
Totally flipped.
She totalled it.
- Good job.
- Thanks.
You should have seen it.
It was great.
- Are those painkillers?
- Yeah, these are.
Those are real good for pain.
- What was it like getting shot?
- I got shot in the back.
And then the bullet came out
where the blood is.
- That's disgusting.
- It went all the way through?
- With our new 1998 champion...
- Turn it up.
Did the absence of champion Pete Kepler
take anything out of the race for you?
- I would've smoked him.
- Last year was luck.
If he'd been here today,
he'd only see my rear tires.
Big words from the new winner
of the Peaksville Invitational.
- Cocksucker.
- Next year, champ.
Do you want another painkiller?
It was just an M-80
in the gas tank.
You dangle it in about an inch above
the gas, then run away from the car.
That shit really blew up.
It must've been low on gas.
The lower the gas,
the bigger the bang.
You read all this in a magazine?
- You can buy all this?
- Yeah.
The explosives are more difficult.
They're controlled, like drugs.
But I've got a great contact in Nevada
if you ever want anything.
- What is this?
- A pipe.
Yeah, I can see that.
You fill that with gunpowder,
and then you can add metal pieces...
like nuts and screws and stuff.
And then you put in a charge.
It's like the tip of a match,
except it's ignited by battery.
So you connect both ends of this
to a battery, and boom.
I don't have a remote kit yet, so I run
wire from the bomb to the detonator.
- The remote kit's like 500 bucks.
- You're really into this stuff.
It's sort of like a sport, you know?
Like skeet shooting.
Skeet shooting?
Imagine if bombing
was an Olympic sport.
Two teams are given the same supplies
to destroy the same target.
Whoever destroys it
the best, wins.
I'd bring home the gold.
I'm scared, Billy.
Don't be.
That shit was really scary.
I don't think I've ever seen
anything like that before.
There's a lot of dynamite around here
from the old mining days.
- They used pipe bombs to mine gold?
- No, they didn't use pipe bombs.
Ely has done a little
modification of the materials.
All right, listen up.
I just spoke with Dr. Gordon.
Says we're all gonna be okay.
It was a blood clot.
- A blood clot?
- Affirmative.
A blood clot entered his heart.
No more driver.
- Baxter is safe once again.
- See? We're okay.
- Hallelujah!
- I knew it.
You did not!
Set me up with a cool one.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- We're okay.
- I know.
I was just having
a fun time dying with you.
If we get all our stuff together,
we can be on the road in ten minutes.
Just kidding.
We're gonna leave in the morning.
I gotta go tell Pete.
We're okay.
You can go home now.
- Haven't seen Agent Bellows, have you?
- No, I haven't.
- I can't find him anywhere.
- Have you tried calling his cell phone?
I tried,
but he's not picking up.
I've been thinking
that he's been abducted.
Of course,
he would be an odd choice.
But if you wanna call him again,
phone's right there.
So we can go up to Peaksville tonight.
They have a bowling alley.
Or we can be original...
and start a bonfire
and hang out at the aqueduct.
Come on!
Cheer up.
Let's see those golden gloves.
Back to all
the big auditions and shit.
Sterling Brock.
Oil Slick.
- Did you hear that?
- What?
Are you coming?
No. I'll hang out here.
Blue! Come here!
Is he okay?
Yeah. He's breathing.
I guess he just passed out
or something. He's drunk.
Detective Bellows?
He stinks.
I'll get help.
Is he dead?
No. He just mixed
Xanax with alcohol.
Are you kidding me?
Xanax with alcohol?
- Pussy.
- Where's Blue?
I don't know.
You all right?
Are you sure?
Yeah. I just got
sort off reaked out.
Yeah, me too.
I thought he was dead
there for a second.
I've never seen
a dead body before.
Are you sure you're all right?
Yeah, it's just...
that's the first time
I've been in there since...
my dad hung himself.
I thought he died in his sleep.
Yeah, that's what everyone thinks.
But it's not true.
He hung himself
and I found him.
He left a note saying
how sorry he was.
But he didn't say why he did it.
I'm sure it was
because of this place.
Just wanted everyone
to remember him as...
someone who was happy.
He wasn't happy, though.
He wasn't happy at all.
I couldn't let him
just go like that.
Everyone would have
called him a failure.
I took him down
and put him in bed.
Then I set fire to the place.
Look at what I'm doing.
I dug up some old photographs,
so I thought I'd make a new album.
I like this one.
This one's good.
What's wrong?
I could blow up your dad's car
if you wanna stay longer.
- Where's Blue?
- Said he'd meet us here.
Blue is probably out
squatting in the bushes.
- Maybe he shouldn't have come out.
- It's the painkillers. He'll be fine.
Didn't you see what happened
to the detective?
You're not supposed to
mix those things with alcohol.
You shut down your respiratory system,
and now everyone's a doctor.
- I'm celebrating our newfound freedom.
- Is this gonna get boring again?
- I liked having those freaks around.
- What do you mean?
- They shot me.
- It'd be different if you were dead.
You guys, it's been
really cool being here.
I'll drink to that.
What's the chance he'll get here?
I thought I was
doing the right thing.
For my dad.
I'm sorry.
I'll help you rebuild it.
Billy, are you covered
against arson?
It's just...
now that we know everything...
what do you say we just pretend
that we know nothing?
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
He's all yours.
So, how'd it go?
Got a new job
building the motel.
- Cool.
- When do you leave?
About 20 minutes.
Let's go for a ride then.
There's a Sterling Brock
on the phone for you.
- Can you take a message?
- Okay.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
All right.
What's up, poster girl?
Deputy, huh?
You won't ever arrest me, will you?
Probably not.
Telly, this is Pete.
I'm number one.
I'm number one,
you fucking scumbag!
And when my brother starts racing,
you'll be number three.
Kids went for a ride.
They're coming right back.
I just came by
to say thanks for everything.
Well, you're welcome.
It was nice having you here.
I was thinking,
next time I come up north...
if I could maybe
stop by and see you.
- I'd like that.
- It'd be okay?
They turned into
these invisible ninjas...
and they had all these
throwing stars and...
Holy shit.
- What was that?
- That's Ely.
Oh, shit.
That was the big one.
I'll drive.
She's in for it now.