Desperate (1947) Movie Script

You're dead, Steve. I'm a
G- man now and I got you covered.
Come on, Richard. Give me a
break. Promise I'll go straight.
what are the flowers for? Somebody sick?
No. I'm married four months today.
Four months? why, that ain't a year.
I don't know whether mother said six
tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt...
...or six tablespoons of
salt and a pinch of sugar.
She must have said a pinch of salt.
Oh, I hope this turns out
right. It's my first attempt.
I'm glad we're trying it on your husband.
He'd like it if you made it out of cement.
well, I don't know about
that. I wonder what time it is.
- Uh-oh. Steve'll be home any minute
now. - Don't feed him too much lunch.
He'll end up with a bay window like my Henry.
Not a chance. Steve works too hard.
I figured you might want these
for the cake. One for each month.
well, they're a little large, aren't they?
Grocer didn't have any. I had
to get these from the plumber.
Oh, no. Oh, they're wonderful.
And when they're all lit after dinner,
turn off the lights and tell him.
How did you tell Henry?
V- mail. Judy was 8 months
old when he got home.
- who is it? STEVE: Gas collector.
when you're married four months, that's cute.
Just a minute. Remember,
not a word about the baby.
I give you my solemn oath.
- Get lost, will you? I'd like a little privacy.
- It's a free country, ain't it?
Richard, you've got the whole
building to annoy people.
Go down and try the basement, huh?
wise guy. There's nobody
living in the basement.
You're getting the idea.
- Hello, Mrs. Roberts.
- Hi, Steve.
Oh, your husband's been
putting lead slugs in the meter.
well, if he has, they're
the best slugs money can buy.
Hello, darling.
Oh, Steve.
Oh, Steve, they're
beautiful. Give them to me.
- I'm saving them for a good girl.
- But I'm good.
You opened the door for
strange a gas collector.
- That's because he sounded so handsome.
- Oh, you country girls.
I told you never to trust anyone, honey.
Not anyone, Steve?
Not everyone.
Oh, they're beautiful.
- You like them?
- I love them.
You didn't think I'd
remember our anniversary.
Steve, you're wonderful and l...
- Oh.
- But you'll have to open it after dinner.
well, all right, if you say so.
Oh, there was a call for you.
- who was it?
- I don't know, but here's the number.
You're to call as soon as you come in.
- Then we'd better
call. - Mm-hm.
Oh, and also, ask for Mr. Reynolds.
- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
See, I'm a success. Got
the customers calling me.
You got a nickel?
Think so.
- Hello? STEVE: Hello, Mr. Reynolds?
- Yes.
- This is Steve Randall.
- I was told you wanted me to call you.
- Oh, yeah, Randall, I'm glad you called.
I usually use a friend of mine in the
trucking business, but he's out of town.
I have some perishables
I have to move tonight.
Oh, I'm awfully sorry,
but any time but tonight.
- willing to pay $50.
- Just a minute.
Fellow wants some hauling done
tonight. He's willing to pay $50.
Fifty dollars. That's a lot of money.
what about our celebration?
I won't make it for dinner.
Oh, it can wait until you get home, Steve.
All right, Mr. Reynolds. I can make it.
warehouse 3, west Street.
Sure, I'll be there at 7:00.
Okay, thanks a lot.
MAN: I told you he'd take it.
I still think we should've
gotten Biggie's truck.
Biggie's truck's too well-known.
Every time it comes out of the
garage, a police car tails it.
But how do you know he won't talk?
He needs the dough.
He's just out of the Army
with a wife on his hands.
Anyway, I know he won't blow the whistle
on me. I've known him since we were kids.
Maybe It would've been smarter to cut him in.
He wouldn't come with us if
he thought this was a heist.
No, this job's gonna be
cut four ways and no more.
what about me?
You're staying out of it.
Stop treating me like a kid, Walt.
I'm not in short pants anymore.
Look, I'm your brother and I
want you to keep your nose clean.
I'm tired of taking money from you.
How about it, Walt? Let me go
just this once. It's an easy job.
All right.
I guess we couldn't pull this job without Al.
Walt: Hello, Steve. You're right on time.
Hello, Walt. what are you doing here?
I'm the boss here, Steve.
- where will I find Reynolds?
- Reynolds?
- Yeah.
- He works for me. He's busy inside.
- Hello, Steve.
- You remember the kid brother.
- Sure.
- There's another vault there.
- It's full of furs.
- Okay, get them and step on it.
And put that rod away.
- Hey, just a minute. what is all this?
- Take it easy, Steve.
Everything'll be all right.
Get that stuff out of my
truck. You're a bunch of crooks.
- I'm not gonna get mixed up...
- why don't you get smart?
- I said, get that stuff out of my truck.
- Okay, Shorty.
Put him in the truck and keep him there.
- I gotta get Al. He's hurt.
- Too late. The place is crawling with cops.
Al. Al.
It's no use, Walt. They'll
get us too. Come on, let's go.
All right, wise guy, drive where I tell
you or you'll get a sudden bellyache.
Everybody get away?
I lost Walt and Reynolds, but they're okay.
- what happened to you?
- wise guy tried to pull a fast one...
...but he wasn't fast enough.
They got Al.
If that cop dies, he'll face a murder rap.
I'd hate to be in your shoes if that's true.
Walt is sure crazy about that kid.
He got the jump on me, Walt.
Before I could do anything,
he drove the truck away.
Yeah, I saw it.
But I managed to bring him
back here. For you, Walt.
- You ran out on us.
- I never was in with you.
He tipped the copper too
by blinking his lights.
I ought to kill you.
You pulled the truck right out from
under Al. Now the cops have got him.
If he burns...
You know, I got an idea.
I'm gonna make it easy on both of us.
Yeah, yeah, that's it.
You go to the cops and say you did it.
You talked Al into it. He's just a kid.
He didn't know what the job was about.
You're crazy.
You can't frame me. I wasn't in on this deal.
Hello? Police headquarters?
Thought you'd like to know
the number of that truck... the warehouse robbery tonight.
It's 1C002D.
well, you're in it now,
Steve, with both feet.
I can prove I'm innocent.
You're going there. Tell them
Al had nothing to do with it.
STEVE: You're crazy. I'm getting out of here.
I think we can convince
him to go to the police.
Hold it.
Change your mind?
Change your mind, Steve?
You outsmarted yourself this time, Walt.
If I have to take a murder rap for Al... might as well kill me here.
Say, I'll bet that new
bride of yours is pretty.
How about it, Steve?
- Pick her up.
- No, no. wait a minute.
Going to the police?
while you're there, we'll have the missus.
I don't care what you tell them...
...but if Al doesn't walk out of
that police station by midnight...
...your wife ain't gonna
be so good to look at.
- Hello? STEVE: Hello, Anne?
- Steve.
- Now, listen carefully, honey.
- You've gotta get out of the house.
- Out of the house? But why?
I can't explain now. Throw a
few things in a bag and hurry.
But, darling, I don't
understand. what's it all about?
Look, go down to the northwest terminal.
Get on the northbound limited. I'll find you.
Oh, please, please tell
me, Steve, what's wrong?
Northwest terminal. You got it?
Yes, yes, I've got it. Northwest
terminal. But, darling, l...
Steve. Hello?
Oh, Steve.
- Steve, your face.
- Shh.
Darling. Darling, you're hurt.
- Oh, I gotta get some water.
- No, wait.
what happened?
were you...? were you in an accident?
Yeah, an accident.
Did you hurt somebody?
I don't know.
where are we going?
Oh, Steve, I don't understand.
why are we running away?
Look, if you're in some kind of
trouble, why don't you go the police?
I can't.
No questions. Let's get some rest. I'm tired.
- Oh, but, Steve, l...
- Please, Anne, not tonight.
All right.
we'll talk about it in the morning.
we were gonna celebrate tonight.
Happy anniversary,
Walt: You dumb ox. I ought
to knock your brains out.
You gotta believe me. He
jabbed me with his elbow.
You must've studied to get that stupid.
By now, Steve's got a four-hour start.
And the cops have got my kid brother.
Relax, Walt. we'll get Steve.
Yeah. Yeah, we gotta find him.
Make him go to the cops.
- AI's just a kid.
- Pete Lazich could find him.
Steve doesn't know him.
Sure, Walt. He'll find him.
Pete was a pretty good private
dick till he lost his license.
Get him, Shorty. Tell
him he's working for me.
Pete will wanna see some money in advance.
we better find him.
Yeah. wherever he is, we've gotta find him.
Here you are, all the latest papers,
up-to- date magazines and periodicals.
- Paper.
- Yes, sir. Thank you.
- Paper, please.
- Yes, ma'am.
Thank you. All the latest morning papers,
up- to-date magazines and periodicals.
Here you are, all the latest
papers, magazines and periodicals.
Steve, they've got your picture in the paper.
Yeah, I know. Now everybody
will be looking for me.
- Believe me, Anne, this is all a mistake.
- Then why don't you go to the police?
I can't. Not till I get you to a safe pace.
- Oh, darling, don't worry about me.
- But I've got to.
Look, the longer you put it off...
...the harder it's going to be to
convince them of your innocence.
well, that's a chance I gotta take.
That man.
He's recognized me.
Oh, Steve, you're imagining things.
- Don't stare at him.
- Steve...
CONDUCTOR: Junction Falls.
STEVE: we've gotta get off.
Junction Falls next.
Let's go.
what's so interesting?
I can spot them every time, with
that happy, silly look on their faces.
Hmm. They'll soon get over that.
Oh, Steve, what are we gonna do now?
I hope the conductor didn't
notice us when we got off.
- we've gotta get out of here, honey.
- Darling, I'm frightened.
Take it easy and trust me.
- Trust me?
- Yeah.
Okay, let's go.
well, thank you, Mr. Smith.
Are you sure you weren't
mixed up in that robbery?
Of course I'm sure.
I'm sorry, Anne...
...but you've gotta let me
work this out and trust me.
Oh, Steve, how long do we have
to keep on running away like this?
Steve, please go to the police.
Tell them what happened for
my sake. They'll believe you.
No, they won't.
They'll believe a cop's been killed. They'll
lock me up. who's gonna look after you?
- But why would they lock you up?
- Because I was there.
Look, Anne, I don't like this running away.
It's been rough, but we've gotta stay out
of sight until I can get you in a safe place.
Yes, but where can we go, Steve?
How about your aunt's farm?
- Aunt Klara and Uncle Jan?
- Yeah.
Oh, Steve, they'd love to have us.
Then we'll go to the farm.
I'll get a job and pick up a few
extra dollars. we're gonna need it.
STEVE: I'm looking for Mr. Morgan.
I'm Morgan.
I was wondering if you can use a mechanic.
They look like they need work.
I do my own work.
Pick one and I'll make it run for you.
I'm not looking for mechanics,
I'm looking for customers.
How about this heap?
How much you want for it?
MORGAN: Two hundred dollars cash.
I'll give you $90 cash. That's all I got.
- The price is 200, mister.
- But it's not worth 90.
Maybe not, but the price is still $200.
The law of supply and demand.
I've got it, you want it.
Okay. Got anything cheaper?
You can have that one for 90.
Does it run?
well, you said you were a mechanic.
- Got some tools I can use for a few hours?
- Let's see your money.
You'll find the tools in the shack there.
How are you doing?
Hey, I never thought it'd run like that.
- It sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
- Yeah.
It could still use a couple of new parts.
Yeah, maybe I can get $250 for it now.
- Better give me my bill of sale.
- Or maybe even 300.
In pretty much of a hurry.
Oh, let me see your license.
Oh, I must've left it at home.
- Oh, that's too bad.
- what do you mean?
I've gotta see your
license and check your name.
But I can give you any information you need.
That wouldn't be legal.
why, you dirty crook.
I'd be careful who you call a crook.
I've got an idea you aren't
in a hurry for nothing.
we made a deal. You accepted my money.
That money just about paid
for the time you wasted.
Get out of here before I turn you in.
Oh, Ace, your lunch.
who are you?
what's wrong?
I'm Dr. Wilson and there's
nothing wrong, young man.
You're going to be a father.
Just see that she has enough rest,
plenty of milk and good food. Good day.
- Anne.
- Steve, I wanted to surprise you.
Remember the party we were going to have?
I just baked my first cake...
...and I wanted to tell you that
night while we were celebrating.
Now we've really got something to celebrate.
Steve, are you...? Are you glad?
Of course, I'm glad.
But I can't go on dragging you
around like a hunted animal.
Good food and rest, milk.
Oh, now wait a minute.
Don't take it so seriously.
well, you're gonna get
that good food and rest.
we're going to the farm.
Take it easy, Mom.
- I'll be back in 15 minutes with a car.
- All right.
- Steve, is it bad?
- I don't know, honey.
But don't you worry. I'm the
best mechanic around here.
- Having trouble?
- Distributor's shot.
Ha. That's off Ace Morgan's
junk pile. I know that heap.
Ought to give that fellow
Morgan a talking to.
I could fix it in a minute
if I had a new distributor.
- I could take you back to Morgan.
- I wouldn't want you to go way back.
well, there's a big garage
a couple of miles up ahead.
You can get what you need there
and I won't be going out of my way.
- well, thanks a lot. That'd be a big help.
- Okay.
All right if I take my wife?
Sure, got plenty of room.
- Come on.
- Thanks.
I'm Hat Lewis. County sheriff.
- I'm Steve Edwards. This is my wife, Anne.
- How do you do?
where are you kids heading?
I'm told that the country's the
best place to bring up a child.
well, in that case we better take it easy.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: calling car 41. car 41.
Report to MacGregor Ranch, Route 6.
Neighbors report a prowler.
MacGregor Ranch, Route 6. Prowler.
It's quite a gadget.
- Doesn't it get on your nerves?
- Can't turn it off.
Never know what'll come through that thing.
Attention all cars. Attention all cars.
Be on the lookout for a 1929 Ford coupe.
Reported stolen from Morgan's used car lot.
Driver about 28, 6 feet tall, black hair.
Attention all cars.
Should think you'd have tried to steal
a better car than that old jalopy.
- where are you taking us?
- Back to Morgan's.
Look, I didn't steal that car. He cheated me.
He took $90 from me and then
refused to give me the car.
I wouldn't put it past
Morgan. well, we'll see.
Look, my wife's not well.
wouldn't try anything if I
were you. Just take it easy.
ANNE: Look out!
- Anne. Anne, are you all right?
- Yes, dear. I'm all right.
Oh, Steve, what about
him? Do you think he's...?
His head must've hit the wheel.
He's all right. Just knocked out.
- Let's go.
- Steve, we can't leave him here like this.
He'll come to in a minute. we
gotta get out of here, Anne.
- Oh, but Steve...
- Don't argue, please.
we gotta get out of this car.
- where are you headed for?
- St. Paul.
- what have you got in the truck?
- Junk for the county fair.
Did you see anything of a man
and woman on the highway today?
I wish I had.
we've been stopped 10 times
today on account of them.
well, they're part of a gang that killed...
...a policeman in a warehouse robbery.
- Oh.
- Yeah. I'll take a look in back.
- Okay.
Driver was right. It sure is a load of junk.
- Okay, take it away. DRIVER: All right.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm just a little frightened.
They're headed for St. Paul.
Right in the direction of the farm.
Oh, Steve, Steve, we're
really in trouble now.
How are you gonna explain
stealing the sheriff's car?
I don't intend to explain
anything till you're safe.
we gotta take our chances and
stay with this truck longer.
Okay, Steve.
I love you, Anne. Keep thinking
that, no matter what happens.
I love you too, Steve.
Annitza. My little Annitza.
You've come home.
Oh, such a joy.
we thought you'd like it
better if we surprised you.
- And this is your husband, Stephen.
- Hello, Aunt Klara.
Just like you said in your letter.
- He is beautiful.
- Ha-ha-ha.
He's handsome, Aunt Klara.
To me, he's beautiful.
But in all the time you've
been away, only one letter.
Now wait a minute. Don't you scold me
because you only sent me one letter.
No, two. we sent you another last week.
- we'd probably already left on the trip.
- Oh, it doesn't matter now.
Poppa and me, we asked you to come and
stay with us for a while, and here you are.
You see, God hears my prayers.
The letter wasn't necessary.
- Now, let's have a cup of coffee.
- Love that.
Take it easy, Walt. Banging around
the wall's ain't gonna do any good.
Walt: why don't we hear from Lazich?
Pete said it'd be a couple of days.
Yeah. when's he gonna bring his information?
After the kid burns?
- That might be him now. Walt: Yeah.
PETE: It's me, Pete.
where you been all week?
It's hard to talk when a
guy's holding my collar tight.
Couldn't rush anything, Walt.
Every now and then a bunch of cops
would show up and look around...
...asking questions. I had
to wait until they all left.
All right. what'd you find out?
But it cost me an extra 200.
Listen, you bloodsucker, I'm sick
of paying and getting nothing, see?
You don't scare me, Walt.
And I don't like doing business
with guys who push me around.
well, when you find out what I know...
...maybe it'll de worth the 200.
All right, what'd you find out?
I got a little something
out of Randall's mailbox.
Yeah, this is something.
How'd the cops miss this?
Same way they've missed
getting you. It was stashed.
That's one of the reasons
it's been costing so much.
It's from his wife's relatives...
...asking when they're gonna
come and visit the old farm.
Yeah, and I think they were headed that way.
well, you go up there and have a look.
well, what are you waiting for?
Farm's in Minnesota,
Walt. I gotta take a train.
I like riding cushions, Walt...
...and it costs dough.
You're squeezing me, Pete,
but I've gotta take it for now.
Another hundred, Walt.
Suppose you tell me what he looks like.
Don't hurt him, Pete. whatever
you do, don't hurt him.
I just wanna know if he's there.
- Isn't this a wonderful farm? STEVE: Yeah.
I was born and raised in
the back of a stockyard.
I never dreamed that flowers grew
anyplace except in a window box.
Darling, this is the perfect
place to stay until the baby comes.
Anne, now that you're safe, I'm
going to the police. Tonight.
Oh, Steve, Steve, I'm so glad. Oh,
I know this is the right thing to do.
Just go to them and get the whole
thing cleared up once and for all.
I'll borrow Uncle Jan's pickup
truck and drive all night.
I've gotta give myself up.
Nobody's gonna take me in handcuffs.
Yes, but what about Aunt Klara and Uncle Jan?
In the morning you can explain to them...
...that I had to go settle
some unfinished business.
All right.
Don't worry. Promise me?
I promise.
So you really had nothing to
do with the robbery at all?
No, sir. You see, Mr. Ferrari, I
didn't know what I was getting into.
I signaled that policeman
by blinking my lights.
Too bad the policeman didn't
say a word about it, Steve.
when I saw him down at the
morgue, he was pretty dead.
It sounds fishy, but I
couldn't get here any sooner.
I had to get my wife someplace safe.
- So you stole two cars.
- Don't you understand, I couldn't help it.
They were gonna hurt my
wife. we're gonna have a baby.
Remind me to send a Father's Day present.
Mr. Ferrari, you've gotta believe me.
Otherwise, why would I walk in here?
Oh, maybe you came in to get out
of the sun or to use the telephone.
You're just a nice kid,
you wouldn't harm a fly.
Listen, Randall, what sort
of a chump do you think I am?
You didn't really expect me to fall for that?
I expect you to believe
the truth. I'm innocent.
Out of every seven guys who go to the
chair, six go yelling, "I'm innocent."
It was your truck and we
found it full of stolen furs.
You saw a cop so you ran away.
Now your ex-partners are after you
and you come to the police for help.
what you're saying isn't true.
You stole a couple of cars.
You left the sheriff lying
unconscious on the road. Heh.
Just a nice kid.
- You say you're innocent.
- Yes.
Okay. That's good enough for
me. Go ahead, take a walk. Blow.
- You mean, you're not gonna hold me?
- I can get you any time I'm ready.
Now get out of here.
why didn't you throw him in the cooler?
Oh, he'd be too lonesome.
when I hook those sharks,
I want them all together.
well, how do you figure
to get them all together?
with the bait that just walked out.
You know, Anna...
...Alex Sorenson will be disappointed
when he learns you are married already.
- And who is Alex? The old boyfriend?
- Oh, no.
Alex Sorenson is our minister...
...who brought little Annitza
from the old country...
...after my widowed sister passed away.
She was only 4 years old
and so small and so pretty.
- Oh, now.
- Such a beautiful bride you must have been.
wasn't she, Stephen?
Yes, she was, Aunt Klara. The
most beautiful bride I ever saw.
Tell me about the wedding.
who was the minister?
we were married by a judge.
well... were not married by a minister?
well, you see, Aunt Klara, at the time...
...Steve had just gotten out of the
Army and, well, we didn't have any money.
But "money"? what answer is money?
Our minister wouldn't ask for money.
And now with the baby. It isn't legal.
well, of course it is, Aunt Klara.
No, no, no, it isn't
good, Anna, such a wedding.
why can't we have a real wedding now?
Yeah. we can make a wedding here... we always planned
when Anna was a little girl.
A real Czech wedding like we
used to have in the old country.
Oh, please, Anna, please.
why not, Annie? if that's
what Aunt Klara wants.
- All right, dear.
- Oh, good.
Now, let's drink to our
little Annitza's wedding.
Such a wedding it will be.
women always crying. It's time
enough to cry at the wedding.
Come on, the turkey's getting cold.
"Have consented together in holy wedlock...
...and have witnessed the same
before God and this company.
And there to have given and pledged
their troth each to the other...
...and have declared the same
by giving and receiving a ring...
...and by joining hands.
I pronounce that they are man and wife.
In the name of the Father and of the Son...
...and of the Holy Ghost. Amen."
- Congratulations, my son.
- You are so pretty, darling.
Annitza, you are lovely, lovely.
Now, no tears, Mama. No tears.
Come on, everybody, clear the floor now.
Clear the floor for the celebration.
Put them all back to the wall.
Play the schottische.
- Darling, remember
the baby. Ha-ha. - Oh.
Play a Waltz.
PETE: well, the whole
village is here tonight.
Our friend Jan said...
...every man in the village must
attend his Annitza's wedding.
well, that's what I call hospitality.
- Let's have a drink, stranger.
- Never turned one down yet.
Then what are we waiting for?
- How do you feel, darling?
- I feel safe for the first time.
As I was saying, I went to the farm.
well, was he there?
Don't rush me, Walt.
You're always rushing me.
Someday I'll really rush you, Pete.
Like I said, it cost quite a
bit, what with hotels and such.
As a matter of fact, I made out
an itemized expense account...
...just so you wouldn't
think I was dishonest.
It comes to exactly $155.80.
was he there?
Don't rough me up, Walt, because
then I won't tell you anything.
I'm your only link, you
know, with the outside world.
I'm listening.
I'm counting.
He was there, Walt, with his missus...
...and he's a nice-looking boy.
You could've phoned. Saved time.
Yeah, but you can't collect
money on the telephone.
How long will it take to get there?
By car? Oh, you ought to be able
to make it if you drove all night.
I'm against this, Walt.
- Pete can bring
him back. - Uh-uh.
That's out of my line.
Al's going to go to the
chair, did you forget that?
No, Walt, I didn't forget.
well, I'm gonna try and stop it.
And you're coming with me. You too, Shorty.
FERRARI: All right, stay
where you are, all of you.
Open up, Walt.
You dirty fink, you brought the cops.
I didn't.
You gotta believe me, Walt.
I wouldn't do a thing like that.
Now, now, don't be crazy, Walt.
I wouldn't bring the cops in.
I'm not in on this.
Okay, I'm letting you out.
Come on. Open it up!
Quick. Give me a hand.
MAN: That bullet did a lot of damage, Walt.
Yeah. Yeah, I feel like a rag.
- Is he gonna be all right, doctor?
- He'll be okay.
If you don't trust me, get a real doctor.
Oh, don't worry about me,
doc, I'm not gonna croak.
- I got too much to do.
- You'll not be doing anything...
...for a couple of months.
You'll be on your back.
Couple of months?
You got a big hole in you.
Now, you better lie still
or I'm not responsible.
I gave him a shot. He'll sleep
now, whether he wants to or not.
They tell me you and Jan made
every acre count this season.
we didn't do so bad, I guess.
It's those guaranteed seeds I sold you.
Heh-heh. That's right, Simon,
your seeds and hard work.
Understand you're gonna be a
papa any day now, eh, Steve?
That's right. A week or two, the doc says.
Good. Good
luck. Ha-ha-ha.
Thanks, Simon.
Are you dumb? why don't you
watch where you're going?
If you yell loud enough,
maybe you'll get a cop.
- where's Anne?
- She went up to her room.
Eat something, Stephen. In such a hurry.
- Hello, darling.
- we're leaving.
- They've caught up with us.
- who?
Walt Radak and his mobsters.
- But, Steve, you said...
- Never mind what I said.
No time to talk. They may be headed this way.
But the police said you were innocent.
There was to be no more running away.
Steve, you've been lying to me all the time.
I lied because I want you to be
happy and not scared half to death.
I love you, Anne. If I tell you to get
out of here now, you've gotta believe me.
So that's why we've been running away.
That's why you wanted to
hide me in a safe place.
Because you were afraid
of what might happen to me.
They threatened to hurt you, Anne.
I was never afraid for myself.
Oh, darling, darling.
Poppa, we are getting visitors.
where's Steve Randall?
Steve who?
Listen, Mother Goose, don't get
cute. He's here. we saw the truck.
Please, a little more respect.
This woman is my wife and this is my home.
Anymore out of you and I'll give
you a fat lip. Go ahead. Look around.
But I tell you there's
nobody in... we are alone...
Walt: Shut up.
Sit down.
There's nobody here, Walt.
Maybe we got the wrong joint.
This is it, all right.
- where'd they go? when'd they leave?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe if we pushed you around
a little, we'd get the answers.
- No. REYNOLDS: we're wasting time, Walt.
Let's get going. They
can't have gone very far.
- Driver. My wife's sick. Get to a hospital.
- why, she's going to have a baby.
Hey, she can't do that. It's
against company regulations.
- Let's see if this explains what to do.
- I'll tell you.
Hands on the wheel and step on the
gas. Please hurry to a hospital.
Okay, buddy.
- Nurse, how's my wife?
- Fine, just fine.
- Please tell her I love her and not be afraid.
- I'll tell her.
First time?
- Yeah.
- My name is Frank. Bill Frank.
Easy to remember.
what's yours?
Everybody thinks of automobile
insurance after the collision...
...and everybody thinks about
life insurance when it's too late.
Nobody knows what's gonna happen to them.
You walk down an empty street,
look both ways at every corner.
Nothing in sight. And just
like that... no insurance.
That's a tragedy.
But let me tell you about
our monthly payment plan.
You pay $9 the first of every month...
...and your wife and child collect $5000...
...the minute the old ticker stops.
Mr. Stevens.
How's my wife?
Almost as beautiful as
your new baby daughter.
- Daughter?
- Six pounds and 8 ounces.
- You can see her in about five minutes.
- Thanks.
Congratulations, father.
Now, how about that insurance?
- Haven't got time. Not now.
- I know.
You think it'll take time for the
medical examination. You're wrong.
My brother-in-law's a doctor
here. He'll take care...
Hey, wait a minute.
If I pass the medical examination
and if anything happens to me... wife will collect $5000 cash?
- Absolutely.
All you have to do is
sign on the dotted line.
You know, in my 31 years
of selling insurance...
...I never saw a better risk than you.
I hope you're right.
ANNE: Now, see here, young lady,
you've gotta drink your milk.
That is, if you wanna go to
California with your daddy and me.
Oh, now.
we're going to have our own gas station.
Steve Randall's Gas Station.
Oh, you like that, huh? well, so do I.
Come on.
There she is, Manny, it's all yours.
Okay, Steve. Night shift starting tomorrow.
All right with me. I can
sure use that extra dough.
- Nothing wrong with that.
- So long.
So long.
ANNE: Is that you, Steve?
Oh, hello, darling.
- You look awfully pretty.
- Thank you.
I was expecting the gas collector.
I was talking to Mr. Briggs,
the real estate agent...
...and he said that a gas station
in California is a good buy.
Do you know that the baby
and I were talking about it?
- She likes the idea too.
- No kidding.
Mr. Briggs says it's a perfect location
besides having living quarters in the back...
...and that's very important to us.
Oh, Steve. Steve, that's wonderful.
Just think, in another week we'll
have enough money for the deposit...
...and then you can send
it right on to the owner.
well, I don't know, honey. Mr. Briggs said
there's a hundred people after the place.
Being right there is better
than sending the money.
I don't think we should
wait. we might lose it.
Now, don't worry about it.
There'll always be another.
well, I'm not taking any chances.
You're leaving today.
I have your bus tickets and I
drew the money out of the bank.
- But, Steve...
- There's no "buts" about it.
There's a bus leaving at 8:00. You're on it.
- Steve, I...
- Look, honey...
...tomorrow I start on the night
shift. You won't be seeing much of me.
Yes, but darling, I thought we
were going to go away together.
I know, but look, I want you to
go out and get the deal settled...
...and fix the place up.
I'll stay here and get a few
more pay envelopes in my pocket...
...and then I'll join you, huh?
well, I...
There's nothing I can say, Steve.
There's nothing I want you to say.
Honey, this is the chance
we've been waiting for.
Bus leaving for Cedar City, Las Vegas...
...Barstow and Los Angeles.
You be a good girl and
don't talk to any strangers.
I'll give you one month.
Four pay envelopes.
Oh, Steve, we couldn't stand
it much more than a month.
we love you so much.
FERRARI: Very tender.
Very touching.
Nice kid you got, Steve.
They'll like it in California.
Hello, Mr. Ferrari.
Your old friends, Radak and
Reynolds, gave us quite a chase.
But we know they're in town and I want them.
- what about me?
- No. we don't want you anymore, Steve.
we almost caught Walt a couple
of months back, but he got away.
we nabbed Joe Daly...
...and a miserable little hoodlum named
Shorty Abbott who got himself shot.
He told us all about you before he died.
Oh, so now you know I'm innocent.
That's right, Steve. The DA
cleared you on all counts.
why don't you leave me alone?
Maybe it's all this running around
in the cold and everything...
...that's got me kind of soft
in the head, but I like you.
- You like me so much, leave me alone.
- wait a minute.
will Radak and Reynolds leave you alone?
I've got to be around. wherever
you go, they go after you.
Listen, Ferrari... saw me put my
wife and kid on that bus.
For the first time they're safe
and I don't have to run anymore.
All right, you wanna see Walt
and Reynolds locked up? So do I.
They're no longer interested in my
wife, they're too late to help Al.
- They wanna get even with me.
- They're going to kill you.
Sure. They took a shot at me today.
- So I got a right to carry a gun, haven't I?
- That's right, Steve.
Your life's in danger.
Go to the police station
and get yourself a permit.
I'll see you around.
Walt: Put him in that chair.
Looks like he was loaded for bear.
I've waited six months for this.
Walt: Hello, Steve.
Should've known better than
to try to get away from us.
I wasn't trying to get away,
Walt. I was looking for you.
You got something to tell me?
Yeah, I got something to tell you.
You're too late. You're too late
because they're gonna burn Al tonight...
...and because my wife and kid are
some place you can't touch them.
All you've got's me.
Right now, you're all I want.
In 15 minutes, they're
gonna throw the switch on Al.
And you're going with him.
Both of you at the same time.
It's not very much to do for my
own brother, but it's something.
It's all I can do now, I guess.
Guess Al's already had his last dinner.
You might as well have yours too.
Get the meal ready.
Nothing here but milk and
bread and some tired meat.
Make some sandwiches.
I'm sorry I can't give you
a choice of food, Steve...
...but it won't make much difference.
You're not gonna live long enough
to get any nourishment out of it.
You only get a good meal
when the state pays for it.
Isn't that right, Steve?
Oh, you ought to eat some of it, Steve.
It's your last meal.
I want you to have the same
privileges they're giving Al.
[ANGRILY] Go on, eat it.
I'm not hungry.
Have a smoke?
REYNOLDS: Don't bother reaching.
Oh, the clock's fast.
wouldn't wanna cheat you out of two minutes.
Al goes at 12.
Not a minute before.
I want you to get all Al's gonna get.
That your kid?
I missed you at the hospital, Steve.
I never did know. Is it a boy or a girl?
- Girl.
- Congratulations.
who was it said "time flies"?
OLIVER: Mrs. Stevens, it's Mrs.
Oliver. May I come in for a minute?
Okay, let her in.
But don't try anything.
- Hello, Mrs. Oliver.
- Good evening. Oh, excuse me.
I know it's late, but I saw
your light under the door.
we have some friends in and I
ran out of cream for the coffee.
Oh, help yourself.
- Oh, isn't Mrs. Stevens in?
- No, she left.
She's visiting my mother.
we're cousins.
OLIVER: Now, that's not
much of a meal for you men.
I'd just as soon bring down
cake for you and your friends.
STEVE: No, no, please, don't.
OLIVER: Oh, we have plenty.
Now, just let me take this upstairs and
I'll be right back down with that cake.
- Too bad.
- You can't do that, Walt.
She'll know too much.
Look, Walt. No use being crazy.
Let's take him downstairs in the car.
Yeah, there's still five minutes left.
And I don't want interruptions at midnight.
Come on. Get going.
FERRARI: All right, hold it.
OFFICER: You all right, lieutenant?
Go ahead and shoot, Walt.
You can't make me run anymore.
STEVE: You can't go much farther,
Walt. There's only the roof left.
MAN: I heard a shot. where did it come from?
Go on back to bed. The excitement's over.
Let's clear the hallway down here.
I gave him a chance to give himself up.
Hmm. Only fired one bullet, eh?
I heard five shots.
Radak must've been taking potshots at you.
Let's make a report, officer.
Walt Radak, while fleeing from the police...
...was shot to death on the fourth floor...
...of 2107 Sycamore Avenue, Mountain City.
The fatal bullet was fired in
self-defense by Steve Randall...
...from a gun belonging to
Detective Lieutenant Louie Ferrari.
I might get a special citation for that.
Say, lieutenant, he must've died
right at the stroke of midnight.
what date will I use?
Toss a coin.
well, you're all clear, son.
There'll probably be a hearing on this,
but we'll straighten them out about you.
A policeman's work is never done.
I'll probably be here two hours cleaning up.
But go ahead, Steve.
You can go.
Oh, Steve?
Give my regards to your family.
Thanks, I'll do that.
- US - SDH]