Desperate Measures (1998) Movie Script

Hold on!
S. F.P.D.
Okay, go ahead.
Come on, baby.
Here you go.
Yes! We're in.
This is our last shot.
Should've tried this six weeks ago|instead of wasting time...
with those television appeals.
Now we go finer.
If they all go away, we're finished.
Don't even think about it.
We got one! We got one!
Don't make a sound.
Thank you.
Oh, man.
He crushed his cell mate's legs, so they|put him in solitary through the year.
He's the real thing.
No formal education beyond the ninth|grade, but he has an IQ of over 150.
I appreciate what|you're doing for me.
McCabe has escaped twice.
Second time he took|two guards hostage.
Buried them alive,|used their uniforms and l.D.s.
If he'd done it two years later, they|would've put him in the gas chamber.
This is a mistake, Frank.
I have no choice.
You have a visitor.|Get dressed.
I have to warn you not just about|the physical danger...
because he's already killed one prisoner|and crippled another.
Also, McCabe is very sharp.
He likes to fuck with you.
Frank Connor.
You know why I'm here.
My son has leukemia.
He will die|without a bone marrow transplant.
He's only nine years old.
And somehow, somehow...
I've been identified|as a compatible donor...
for your son.
I was told you volunteered.
We're through here.
You lied to me, Frank.
You were identified by a computer match.
I broke into the FBI computer system.|I violated state and federal statutes.
Grounds for dismissal|from the police force.
That's right.|Give me a shot.
What's the problem?
No problem.
My mistake.
I went through all the other registries,|and there's nobody.
You're our last chance.
- What do I get out of it?|- You get to save my son's life.
Why do I care about your son's life?
Am I supposed to find redemption|in the eyes of God?
Do you want redemption?
You think I do?
You brought it up.
Don't try to get inside my head,|Frank.
If I want you in,|I'll send you an invitation.
Sorry. I thought|you were opening a door.
I killed...
a lady in a hat, a guy in a store.
That was real.
That happened.|I did it.
But I cannot make myself|feel bad about it.
I cannot imagine a god who would care.
I put my faith in the power|of my own mind.
Which is all I own|after half a life of incarceration.
I can appreciate that.
Then maybe you can appreciate|my amusement...
at the irony, that now...
after all those years being locked up,|I'm given the opportunity to kill again.
Cop's kid, at that.
All I've got to do is stay here.
What do you want from me?
-Have you been a good father to the boy?|-I've tried.
You tried.|Isn't that nice you tried?
Yep. Even my daddy can say that.
Beat the shit out of me every day,|but he tried.
I've never hit Matt.
I'm sure you didn't.
Where's the boy's mother?
She's dead.
You still wear a ring.
You feel responsible in some way|for her death?
She died in a car accident.
Dead wife.
Kid with cancer.
I'd wonder about myself, too.
Will you do it?
Will you give my son your bone marrow?
I'll have to think about that,|get back to you.
No. Tell me right now.
Because I haven't told him|that his cancer is back.
And when he went into remission...
he wouldn't even|let himself celebrate...
'cause he knew the odds.
And when I go back, I'm gonna tell him|that his cancer is back...
and that he will die if he doesn't get|a bone marrow transplant.
I want to tell him|that I found that donor.
- And I want to give him hope.|- To make it easier for you.
To make it easier for him,|and to save his life.
Well, since you have to know|right now, Frank...
my answer is no.
That's not acceptable.
We'll need more topicide.
I'll get back to you.|Mr. Connor.
- Hi, Doctor. How are you?|- Good morning.
Can we sit in my office a few moments?|I'd like to talk to you about Matt.
- I prefer to do this in private.|- Tell me right now.
I've learned about Peter McCabe planning|to be a donor, and I'm concerned.
Matt has blood in his urine.|His creatine levels are up.
And without a transplant,|we have very little time.
- Where is he?|- He's resting. Give him a moment.
I'm concerned about you, too.
I've learned one thing in a specialty|where you can lose many patients.
- You have to care for the family.|- Matt is not going to die.
We won't give up hope.
You may want someone to talk to.|The hospital has counselors.
For what? To adjust to my son dying?
I don't want to adjust to my son dying.|May I see him now?
Why don't you ask Gladys?
Can you build a rocket ship|out of tongue depressors...
without using glue or other adhesives?
That holds together without glue?
Dad, look.
He's going to be an architect.
- Thank you, Gladys.|- How are you doing?
- How are you feeling?|- Not so great.
Thanks, Dad.
Cool, huh?|Move over.
We saw this in the library.
P-47 Thunderbolt.
- See the Thunderbolt?|- What is that?
Its nickname is "Little Demon."
There's a little demon.|I think it's...
some sort of crazy monster.
The cancer's back, isn't it?
B-24 bomber.|This guy's nickname--
I think I found a donor...
for a bone marrow transplant.
- Really?|- Yeah.
- Is he compatible?|- He's compatible.
But he's thinking it over.
He might not want to?
He'll do it.
Dad, if he doesn't--
What do you mean, "if he doesn't"?|What did I just say?
Even if he doesn't,|or my body rejects the transplant--
'Cause that happens sometimes, right?
I just want you to know...
it's okay, Dad,|you did your best.
Excuse me. Mr. Connor,|there's a call for you.
You can pick it up in here.
Hi, Matt.
Frank Connor.
Frank, how's it going?
- That depends, doesn't it?|- Yeah.
I've been thinking it over. Why don't|you send Matt here so I can meet him?
Meet him? What for?
Look, if it's too much trouble--
Hi, Matt.
I'm Peter McCabe.|You can call me Pete.
Let's see, you're nine.
What is that, Matt?
- Fourth grade?|- Yeah.
You like school?|I fucking hated every minute of it.
Yes, sir.
Not "sir," Matt.
You just call me Pete.|All right?
Uncle Pete.
But you're not my uncle.
- Let's do it.|- Do what, sir?
I'm going to do|the bone marrow transplant for you.
Dad, he's going to do it!
- Let me talk to your dad alone.|- Wait for me outside.
- Thank you.|- Sure.
I will do this if, and only if,|certain things are done for me.
Name it.
You will instruct the warden|to give me back my smoking privileges.
Reinstate my access|to the prison library.
Allow me four sugars in my coffee.|And get me out of that one-man box...
and back into the general population.
I'll do everything I can.
Good, Frank.
Do everything you can.
What's on your mind?
You could have decided this|last time I was here.
I wanted to meet Matt.
This way, maybe he'd appreciate me more.
- Sounds like redemption.|- Maybe.
In a way.
Help a kid, help myself.
Who knows, right, Frank?
Who knows?
This is great.
I'm happy things are working out|for both of us.
Warden's never going to approve|all the stuff I want.
You're going to have to go|over his head.
At least you know I'm calling you|back again in half an hour.
The governor is tied up|in a trade show all day.
Frank, listen to me.
It's going to happen, all right?|It's going to happen.
What about the ventilation?
You think he can get through|the ventilation system?
Not in the new building.|But in the old building...
I'm concerned about the steam tunnels.
Shall we? Let's say hello to him.|He's right here.
- Good.|- Frank Connor, Nate Oliver.
This is Sarah Davis, Governor Walker's|assistant press secretary.
And she has some good news for us.
- What?|- Transplant's going to go down.
Congratulations, Frank.|The chief went to bat for you.
Miss Davis spoke to the governor,|and the governor spoke to the warden.
- I'm glad I could help.|- I don't know what to say. Thank you.
What you can say when the local news|interviews you...
is you'd like to thank Governor Walker|personally for what he's done.
Of course.
- Is that a deal?|- Absolutely.
Sign for these.
These cigarettes are stale.
Tell that cop and his dead kid|I won't stand for stale cigarettes.
Sign the form.
Why'd they put him in prison?
- Did he kill people?|- Yes, he killed people.
He's going to be inside of me, Dad.|He's going to be a part of me.
Definitely not. Not him.
If you get blood from an old person,|will it turn you into an old person?
If we could pick and choose,|maybe we'd take somebody else.
I know.
Come on, defense.
Get those hands up.
I know who you are, McCabe.
- I can't get you no drugs.|- I don't want any drugs. I hate drugs.
But you can get me Narcan.
It's an anti-drug.
It's a counteractive use for ODs.
And I want it in an ampule.
Not a vile, an ampule.
Who's winning?
The program's too damn easy.
Give me Kasparov.
You know what? Get me "Deep Blue."|That ought to do it.
- Finish up. Lunch in 20.|- Right, sir.
This is Ed Fayne, the prison warden.|He'll take it from here.
This old building was the|original hospital, constructed in 1904.
It was made into a prison ward 10 years|ago when the new hospital was built.
You did your homework. Don't let the age|of the old girl fool you.
Our security is state of the art.
This building has|two-foot thick concrete walls.
An inch of rolled steel|over every entrance.
The whole place is computer controlled.
After the procedure, we'll move McCabe|to the prison wing in a special cell.
McCabe, R45237.
Have prisoner secured.
We're secured at this half. Check.
Matt, this will take about an hour.|Maybe we should get started?
Make it so.
Just relax. You'll be fine.
Partner, you do your thing now, okay?
I'm with you.
I know, Dad.
I love this city.|Don't you?
This procedure will greatly weaken|his immune system.
Until he gets McCabe's bone marrow...
I don't care how good he looks,|he's without defenses.
If he gets an infection,|it could kill him in a few hours.
Let them have his scent.
- Here's the paperwork.|- Right.
We've got live feeds|from three stations.
- Reporters are out front.|- Not now.
Everybody wants a statement.
How's Matt?
I'm Dr. Hawkins.|I'll be doing the extraction.
Nice to meet you. I'm sorry|I can't get up and greet you properly.
Pediatric oncologist.
- Where'd you go to medical school?|- Shut the fuck up, McCabe.
- Do your men know where to go?|- In here until he's anesthetized.
Kellen is outside the door in pre-op,|Trimble in post-op.
- Let's get a gown on him, transfer him.|- No gown.
Unless you can put it on him|without removing the restraints.
Okay, let's get him to the table.
You're an attractive woman, Doctor.
Your competence, especially, is...
very appealing.
Excuse me.
I can't get to his hip|with his wrists shackled like that.
Can't you work around them?
Mr. Cassidy, we take the extraction|from the iliac crest...
which is at the base of the spine.
I insert an l.V. here.|I can't operate on him chained.
Unshackle him.
You a smoker, Doc?
Give him the Demoral right away.|Put him under.
Clear the room.
Where's my dad?
He'll be back.
- How you feeling?|- Sleepy.
He's breathing normally.
BIS is at 84.
- Is he out?|- Another minute.
- Is he out?|- A moment.
It's not dropping.
Check the probe.
I don't understand.|He's not responding to--
The laundry chute!
- Where does it go?|- Laundry. Basement. Help me here.
He's gone down the laundry chute|to the basement. Get people there.
- How did he get out of the restraints?|- The bastard dislocated his thumbs.
Come in, Frank.
- It's me.|- What's going on?
McCabe is loose. They're evacuating|the hospital. How's Matt?
He's got a little blood in his nose.|I thought you should know about it.
-His platelets are low. Where's Hawkins?|-I don't know. I haven't seen her.
See if you can contact her.|I'll be there as soon as I can.
You're not going to get very far|on that leg.
Your concern is noted and appreciated.
I've got the blood trail again!
It starts here.
Looks like he's gone into the ER.
Go in through the ambulance bay.|I'm gonna go in through this door.
- We should both--|- Do as I say, now!
Get Dr. Gosha down here.|We need extra help. I'll take this man.
The burn unit's swamped.
I'll take care of you myself.
I'll need another ten of morphine.
Now, nurse! Go!
I'm waiting.|I'll be right back.
What's the matter? This is an emergency|room. You're standing around. Give it--
You shouldn't let her|yell at you like that.
You'll lose your self-respect.
Now, put that in my pocket.
Atta girl.
Hold it! Let her go!
Let her go now!
Doc, tell Frank what happens when|you take bone marrow from a dead man.
Tell him.
- Move all patients into the hallways.|- That's enough. Let her go.
Don't fuck with me|or she's dead.
Put the knife down.
I'm not afraid to die,|so I'm not afraid to kill her.
You understand that, don't you?|Tell him.
The moment he dies,|his marrow becomes ischemic.
Without oxygen, the cells die.|It becomes useless to Matt.
You will never get out of here,|so let her go.
I'm counting to five in my head.
Put your gun on the floor,|or your son's doctor will be dead.
Come on.|I already started counting.
I'm putting the gun down.
Talk to me.|Let's make a deal.
A deal? What kind of deal|can you give me?
Eternal life without|the possibility of parole?
Do me a favor.
Open that curtain for me.
If you even think about pulling that|trigger, I'll cut her fucking head off.
Look at me. Stay cool.
Settle down.
Kick your gun over here.|I'm starting to count in my head again.
- One.|- I can't do that.
- Nobody is on your side except me.|- You on my side, Frank?
If you help me.|You put that knife down...
give my son a transplant,|I will go to bat for you.
I will do everything in my power|to make your life tolerable.
-Freedom for cigarettes. There's a deal.|-You'll never get freedom.
I have freedom right now, Frank.
I'm freer here now|than I was yesterday. Right?
- Five!|- Here! Let her go!
Get out!
Wilson, you kill him,|you kill my son.
Wilson to Cassidy. I need backup now.|I'm in the ER, got the suspect.
- Don't be a hero. He has nowhere to go.|- That's right.
I've got nowhere to go.
- I'm warning you--|- He's warning me.
You're warning me.|I'm warning you, you dumb fuck!
You shoot me, and I shoot her.
And Frank goes with us.
- Who's warning who?|- Wilson, lower your gun.
You will not shoot that gun.
- Go. He won't shoot.|- You sure about that?
I'll make sure.
- Lower your gun now.|- Frank, get out of the way.
Appreciate what you did for me.
If I need anything else,|I'll call you.
Stay with me.
I need help.
You gave up your gun.
I need help here.
I need some pressure on it.
Now. One, two, three.
It's okay.
- Bring him into the second bay.|- Check over there. Cover the doors.
What happened, Frank?
Talk to me. What happened?|Tell me!
We had him.|Connor let him get away.
How many people have to die tonight|so that your kid can live?
Get me out of here|before I do anything else.
I told you to stay out of it.
I want Connor locked up|until this is over.
No cuffs until you pass the press!
Sorry, Frank.
Let's go.
Matt had blood in his nose.|I think his platelets must be low.
I'm going to him now.
You tell him don't die.
Don't kill him.|Please don't kill him.
Get him out of here.
- Wait a second. Where you taking me?|- To the civic center.
Over here! It's me, Frank Connor!|I need to talk to you.
Don't believe the police.|They're lying to you.
McCabe escaped.|The police can't find him.
Office Walker will talk to you,|tell you everything you need to know.
Conner's getting away!
What's that light?
It's okay. It's the "Enterprise."
- Yeah.|- It's Hawkins.
- How's he doing?|- He's bleeding more.
Hi, Matthew.
- Hello?|- It's Frank.
- How's the bleeding?|- How is he?
He needs platelets|to help him control the bleeding.
He's fine. Hawkins is here.
They arrested you.
I escaped. Listen. You need to help me|get back into the hospital.
Time to go, Doc.|I need you.
- Matt needs me here.|- I need you more.
No, Matt, stay down.
Why did you hit him?
They told me what an asshole you were,|but now I know for sure.
Sometimes you don't have a choice.
Look, I just need your doc for a minute,|and I'll send her right back.
No, I want her to stay.
It's going to be okay. Hold that|on your nose. Stay in the tent.
I'll be back in a jiffy.
Where's the cyclopropane?
It's in the storage cabinet on four.|You can take my card.
Listen, I like you.
I like everything about you.
And I haven't been with a woman|since you were a virgin.
I'm trying to be a gentleman.
I'm going to ask you again.
Don't give me any more of that...
"Un, duh, here, take my card. Don't|worry about the lock code bullshit."
Or I'm going to forget my manners.
Now, where's the cyclopropane?
What do you say we go down there|and find it together?
After you.
Matt, don't touch anything.|Get inside the tent right now.
Right now. Get back inside.
- You okay?|- Yeah, I'm all right.
- It was McCabe.|- What?
He took Dr. Hawkins, Dad.
- What?|- He took Dr. Hawkins.
What's the matter?
Nothing. Where'd he take her?
He asked her where|the propane something was.
Dad, something went really wrong,|didn't it?
Yes, it did.
I'm not going to get my operation.
Hey, give me some hands.
Yes, you are. But I need you to get|some rest. I'll be back soon as I can.
- Look at me. Can I go?|- Yeah.
- Look at me. Can I go?|- Right. Go.
- Lock this door.|- All right.
Put that and two of those|in the bag.
You're going to show me|where the electrical room is.
Wait, Officer!
Hawkins, come here.
He's upstairs in the storage room.|4132. It's on the right.
He's got two tanks of cyclopropane,|one tank of liquid nitrogen.
- What is he doing with it?|- He's going to the electrical room.
Wait. I think this is yours.
Doctor, please don't call the cops.
I've got to go to the pharmacy|to get Amicar for Matt.
Thank you.
Police! Hold it right there!
This section of the hospital is locked|down. You'll have to come with us.
Hold it right there!|Hands up!
On your knees right now!
What are you going to do,|shoot me, Frank?
On your knees.
Get on your knees.
All right.
Don't shoot me. I'm hit.|I'm bleeding, Frank.
Step out!
Step out!|Let me see your hands.
All right, don't shoot me.
- Step out.|- All right.
Both hands! Both hands!
Check the generator.
The emergency lighting will kick in.|Don't panic.
Nate! Nate, can you hear me?
Yeah. The electricity, the ventilator,|everything is out. Where are you?
Get Matt to a sterile environment.
In the infectious disease lab there is|an isolation ward. No one's there.
It's in the old building. I've seen|the plans. How do I get there?
Via the walkway on five.
There's a lock.|The code is 7-5-9-5.
I'll get the Amicar|and meet you there.
All right.|Looks like we're moving.
Where's my dad?
He's out there somewhere.|Call him on the walkie.
Come in, Dad.
Tell him we're moving|to the old building.
Dad, the lights went out here.|Did they do out there, too?
They went out here, too.|It's kind of scary, huh?
It's not so bad.
No, not so bad. You're right.
- If I die--|- You're not going to die.
But if I do, do you think|I'll see Mom?
I don't know.|I don't know about that.
I don't remember her well anymore.|Is that bad?
No, that's not bad.|Things happen that way sometimes.
If I die, will you forget me?
Never. Never ever.
I'm never going|to forget you, either, Dad.
I have to go.
- Nate says to tell you we're moving.|- To the infectious disease lab.
Dad, we're going|to the infectious disease lab.
In the old building on the sixth floor.
We'll cross the walkway|on the fifth floor.
We'll meet you there, okay?|Dad, are you there?
I've got the suspect|on top of the walkway.
- I have the suspect.|- Take him.
Someone shot out our light.
Negative result.|Can't find him on five or six.
Return to the jail ward|and we'll reassemble.
Sulfuric acid.
Warden on the gate.
Tell him to open up and come out|of that booth where I can see him.
Open up the sally ports and come out|of the booth. Do whatever he says.
He's got a hypo|of sulfuric acid at my neck.
Face down on the floor.
Put your fucking hands over your heads!|Get the fuck on the floor!
- Where do I open the cells?|- There.
- No one permitted beyond this point.|- He's suffering from renal failure.
- If he dies because you won't let me--|- There is a killer out there.
I understand you're trying to protect|me, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.
My patients need protection, too.
Give me the director right away.
If you don't get me to my patient,|he will die.
You will be personally...
and I might add,|publicly responsible.
- What are you doing?|- Matthew is in there. He needs me.
Tell me how. I'll do it.
It's taken me more than eight years|of medical training to learn what to do.
Do you have that long?
Come on, let's go.
You have a problem with heights?|This is not a good time to find out.
I'm not just finding out.|I've always had it.
- Give me your hand.|- Don't touch me.
Okay, I'm not touching you.|Just stand up.
Look at me. That's it.|Nice. Chin up.
Okay, that's it.
Just count. One, two.|Don't go down.
About all I can do with it,|is run the lights and the cell doors.
That's all you can do with it.
-What are you doing?|-I'm locking the whole place down. Done.
- Isn't that dangerous?|- Lay down. It's all right.
This is Peter McCabe.
I'm in charge.
All you bulls walking around in the tier|have got one minute...
to get yourselves to the fifth floor|dayroom or I'll start killing...
all your buddies.
Fat boy up on six scratching your ass.|You hear me?
Move it!
Shut the fuck up!
It's good to be the king.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
One, two, three--
Look at me.
It's okay.
Get off the roof.
Return to the new building|and get off the roof.
- Try making another pass.|- Ten David to Air Eight.
Try and drop him again on the roof.
He's on the roof.
Listen and do not speak.|I want a six-seat helicopter...
with a range of 200 miles,|fully fueled.
If this does not take place|within 15 minutes...
I will kill hostages|at 60-second intervals.
There won't be any more negotiations,|and don't think of trying to contact me.
Over and out.
Get him his chopper.
- How soon can you get a man to--|- It will take a couple minutes.
Go, Frank! You see that?
There's a lesson for us.
That man has a goal and he's determined|to achieve it no matter what.
I was skeptical at first...
but now I really do believe|he loves that kid.
Sorry, Frank.
We are in a lockdown here.
McCabe, open this door now!
We've got a walkie.|Call him on that.
McCabe, Frank Connor.|Talk to me.
Frank Connor! Talk to me!
Frank, no one is supposed|to contact me.
Undo his cuffs.|We're going to the roof.
- You said 15 minutes.|- Did l? I changed my mind.
Let's go.
Ten David, I'm there.
- He's not.|- Can you get a shot?
Not from here with him there.
Listen to me. My son needs|medical attention right away.
Yeah, and I need a martini|and a blow job.
We'll both have to wait.
Son of a bitch!
Let's go!
Stand by, here he comes.
Matt is in your building.
He's in the infectious disease lab.|The doctor is here.
-Open the door. You can't possibly care!|-Cuff yourselves to that pipe.
He can see her in 15 minutes|if your friends do as I say.
You care about your freedom?
It told you before.|Don't try and get inside my head.
- I'm already in there, Peter.|- You're not behaving like a cop.
- I'm not a cop anymore. I'm a father.|- Yeah.
What have you got for me?
I can help you.
Sure, you'd help me.
I like that.
Don't presume to know|what I'm prepared to do.
Okay, Frank.
What if I've done my homework|like you did yours?
What if I know everything|that you know?
Hold on.
Here he comes.
What happened?
Just a rat, Frank.
I just shot a rat.
What were you saying?
You did your homework. Very good.|What did you learn?
Everything you learned.|The lay of the land from top to bottom.
Shit. Who else shares|this information?
Just you and me...
for now.
And we can keep it that way|if you open this door...
right now.
Connor's selling us out.
Can I trust you?
I don't know. Can you trust me?|Did you ever trust anybody?
Open the door, partner.
Frank, where are you?
If you had to, could you do the bone|marrow transplant in the isolation ward?
- Yes. I have the anesthetic.|- You go ahead. I'll catch up.
I'm here.
- Appreciate my work?|- You're a lifesaver.
We're a team now.
We've been a team|since the day I met you.
You begin to see that now.
I need to see my son.
"Thanks for the hospitality and|for putting up with a difficult guest."
That's it. He's moving.
So are we.
All units, this is Vargas.|Cassidy is on his way.
My, my! You girls need|an exercise program. Stop there.
Atta boy.
Take a break.
Son of a bitch!|Cassidy!
Cassidy, come in!
Get off this frequency, Connor.
Listen. Do not send your men.
Shut the fuck up.
- Do not send your men.|- He's giving the whole thing away.
I lost you, Connor. Completely.
Let's go now.
Come on, get out of there.|Get out of there!
Fall back.|Connor is shooting at us.
What are you doing, Frank?
I had them all!
All of them at once!
You're starting to piss me off.
It's okay. Lie down.
- Frank, Matt needs to see you.|- I'll be right there.
What's going on down there?|What the hell was that?
My official resignation.|I'll be right there.
If Conner did this, he's helping McCabe.|He could've killed all of us.
You know something?
I think he just saved our lives.
Let's go.
Suspect is not there.
Suspect does not appear|to be on the roof.
Nate, open the door. It's me.
Okay, Nate, I'm here.
Nate, open this door.|I'm outside.
Give me your gun, Frank.
Give me your gun.
Close the door!
- This is Peter McCabe. Acknowledge.|- Frank?
Keep the doors shut, Nate.
Nate, I cannot be killed.|I'm immortal.
Thanks to my kinship with Matt.
Frank, on the other hand,|will be dead in about ten seconds...
if you do not open|this fucking door right now!
Keep this door shut, Nate.
Matt, no!
- Lock the door!|- Dad!
Come out where I can see you, Nate.
Come on out, Nate.|Drop that gun !
Drop it right now.
Back into the room.|Let's go, Frank.
It's okay.
Let's go.
- Get over there.|- He needs another injection.
Come on, McCabe.
Nice try, Doc.
Frank, I need your help!
The bullet shattered the hipbone.|Put pressure on the wound.
- Where's the elevator to the morgue?|- Down the hall on the right.
Cassidy knows about the tunnels.|I told him.
- We had a deal. That was our secret.|- I lied.
Well then,|I'm going to need protection.
Get that gun away from my son !
We can dispense with the transplant|issue. I pull the trigger, it goes away.
You hurt my son,|I'll rip your head off!
You want to test my resolve?|My willingness to go the limit?
Do you want to find out where you stop|and I begin? Do you?
- Take me instead. You and me. Come on.|- No more deals.
I wasn't really going to shoot you.|I was doing that to make a point.
What will you do to me?
I truly don't know.
It doesn't matter.|I'm going to die anyway.
Your old man doesn't think so.
Because he can't face it.
Frank, grab my gun!|On the floor!
How are you feeling?
What do you think, Einstein?
You don't have to look at this.
I want to.
Come on.
Your old man's right|about this cancer deal.
You can't just decide|to give up and die.
You've got to fight,|and you've got to keep on fighting.
What for? So I can be sick|all the time?
Stay inside,|not play with my friends?
If I can't have any fun,|what's the point?
Connor, get the fuck out of there!|Let us do our job!
You wait here.
They'll come and get you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about the--
Kid, if I could|have done that for you--
- What the hell did you do that for?|- My dad's coming, and you've got a gun.
We do have the same genes.
No, we don't!
Definitely compatible.
Dad, I'm in here!
Open the door!
- You okay?|- Yeah.
- What?|- He went through there.
- Which way?|- To the left.
Go back to the elevator|and call out.
He's tired.|You can get him.
We'll need every car.|The sun will be up in 15 minutes.
If we don't find him now,|he'll get lost in the rush hour traffic.
Over here.
What's the problem?
Know who he is?|Here's his license.
- I'm on the job. This man have a car?|- He had a pickup.
Let me have that l.D.|I need to use your radio.
That's my car!
Assault suspect possibly driving|'89 blue Ford pickup...
California license plate,|3-Henry-6-0-6-Zebra-3.
A minute of sleep
Worrying about the way things|might have been
Big wheel keep on turning
Proud Mary keep on burning|Rolling
I have the blue '89 Ford pickup|eastbound on Van Ness.
Twenty-two, are you following|the vehicle? Come in.
Twenty-two,|are you following the vehicle?
Negative.|Now southbound on 101.
Come on, come on.
5-Boy-22, you said you had a blue Ford|pickup going south on the 101?
- Negative. I said northbound, didn't l?|- Shit, five miles.
S. F.P.D. What are you doing|in the East Bay, Officer?
- This is 5-Boy-22.|- Go ahead.
I need to speak to the bridge operator|at the Kakawanis Straits Bridge now.
That must go through the office.
This is Captain Cassidy speaking.|I have an emergency situation.
I need to speak directly|to the bridge operator now!
Get the fuck off me, Frank.
When do you want it?
In a couple of minutes.|I'll let you know.
Okay. He's 45 seconds away.|Hit the bars when you see him.
Somebody's giving orders to|the Bridge Authority using your name.
Copy. Let's take a look.
Raise it.
That's close enough, Frank.|Nice little trick.
You're persistent.
I'm motivated.
- You got any other deals for me?|- Redemption?
If you can't eat it, drink it,|fuck it or fire it, I ain't interested.
You're coming back with me|just the same.
I don't think so.|You got friends coming.
It's McCabe and--
Connor! Don't shoot yet!
- I'm sorry.|- Hold your fire!
Don't move. Stay protected.
If I stay, I end up back in that box.|That is not acceptable.
We're losing oil pressure.|We've got to land.
Best of luck.
Frank, I'm going.
No, you're not!
- Let me give you a hand.|- Get the gurney. Move it!
- Frank, you'll answer for this.|- Whatever. I'm going with him. Move!
Let's go. Get him in.
Inside right now!|I gotta keep him alive.
Get out of here.
- I don't think I can--|- Yes, you can and you will.
You're going to live|as long as it takes.
Tell me I'm right.|Am I right, Pete?
Tell me, Pete.
Guys, we got a saturated mess in here.|How much more do you need?
How many cc's do you have?
We have 220.
We've got enough.
Pete, you did it.
It's going well.
He going to make it?
He's stable.
He needs to rest.
- How's the little boy?|- What?
How's Matthew Connor?
I hear he's doing good.
His body seems to be accepting|the transplant.
They're happy up there.
I guess I can go now.
You're a tough bastard, McCabe.|You'll make it.
What kind of car do you have?