Desperate Trail, The (1995) Movie Script

What did you say that thing is?
It's a farming implement
of the latest scientific design.
It's a present for a friend of mine.
Is that your kids?
Excuse me.
It's my brother and I as boys.
Afraid I'm just an old maid.
You need a family, boy.
Sea, it says in the Good Book...
"Take you a wife."
That's what he told Adam.
"Take a rib and make you a wife."
Mamie here is my helpmate and my faith.
Of course, a man's got to be
king in his family, only way.
So it seems.
Excuse me, ma'am, I was wondering--
I don't know nothing about farming.
More money in horses.
Did you break any horses back there
in New York, Cooper?
No, can't say as I have.
Make sure you stop them horses.
- Fergus, get them folks off the stage.
- Kill them?
Not unless they ask you nicely.
Excuse me, ma'am, I was wondering--
Busted me a horse last year,
must've been 1,200 pounds.
Gotta show them who's boss.
Same as with women.
It's Latin.
"Manly excellence flourishes in trial."
Excuse me. I was wondering...
Would you happen to be stopping
in Three Forks?
- Why?
- Well...
If you don't have any prior
engagements, with all due respect...
I was wondering if you'd
like to have dinner with me?
Go chase yourself.
Afraid Miss O'Rourke can't make it.
Needs her beauty rest.
Got an appointment bright and early.
I'll be damned.
I love it.
Let's go.
Get them people out of there!
All right, everybody out of there.
Who's a hero? You?
- How about you?
- Not me, ma'am.
Everybody all right?
Fine. Very fine.
Act stupid, and your face will
have a new hole.
Undo your gun belt.
Undo these bracelets.
Now move back.
All of you, get out.
- There's no need to insult me by--
- Move it!
You made me drop my box.
Now lock yourself to the stage.
See how it feels.
You, get that strongbox down.
Let's see what we got here.
You gonna add thieving to killing, girl?
If it gets me out of here.
What are you gonna do, hang me twice?
Hey, fancy pants,
get one of those saddlebags.
- Who? Me?
- Move it!
Bring it over here, put this scratch in it.
And don't get no sticky fingers.
No. Needn't worry about me.
How'd you get that shiner, ma'am?
- She fell.
- Anybody talking to you?
I didn't think so.
How'd you get it?
I fell down.
Looks like he fell down, too.
MY Bye.
Here's your scratch.
Ma'am, do you mind
if I ask you a question?
You see, I don't understand how you can
make a success of robbing when...
You can't hold on to the damn gun.
Good work, son.
- Shoot the bitch!
- Get over there.
Go on.
Go on. You too, miss.
Now, miss, if you'd do me a favor
and lock the Marshall...
And Mr. Hollister there around
the window, I'd appreciate that.
Well, I certainly didn't plan it like this...
But as my old Latin teacher used to say,
carpe diam.
So, what's her appointment for anyway?
I'm taking this whore
to hang for killing a man.
A little advice.
When you're handcuffed...
Refrain from insulting comments.
By the way, Mr. Hollister...
- How did your wife get that black eye?
- How the hell do you think?
I smacked her.
The Bible says love and protect
your family, not beat them.
I think I'm gonna be on my way.
You can keep that appointment
if you want to.
You son of a bitch! That money's mine!
Not as long as I got the gun, it ain't.
You all take care now.
I'll have a bed and a bottle.
I'll have the bottle now.
- I'll have a woman, too.
- Take your pick.
Right there. The one with the dark hair.
- Go chase yourself.
- Jane.
Kind of reminds me of someone I know.
Don't we all?
Janie, number 3.
What's in the box?
Something that stays with me.
Your property's safe as sin
in there, mister.
It better be, 'cause anybody so much as
thinks of those saddlebags...
And you're a dead man. Got it?
Where're you going?
I gotta water the flowers.
There's a chamber pot under the bed.
A gentleman never relieves
himself in front of a lady.
You see you a lady anywhere,
you let me know.
Don't go anywhere, please.
You was fast.
Got here as soon as I could.
Since I already paid for the night...
What do you say we have...
A little reprise?
Hey, what do you
have your clothes on for?
- How did you get in here?
- I want my money.
Well, that's an interesting
way of putting it.
- As I recall, that's Wells Fargo's money.
-Not anymore, it ain't.
It's Latin.
Loosely translated, it means:
"I stole that money fair and square."
Yeah, fancy pants?
I seem to remember you saying the
scratch belongs to the one with the gun.
In case you ain't noticed,
this Remington's staring at your face.
Well, that may be so.
But I have another gun
under this pillow here...
And it's staring at your
much more beautiful face.
Do you now?
I truly do, ma'am.
So whichever one of us gets hit first...
Tenses, pulls the trigger, then we both die.
Well, that's an interesting idea.
If you had bullets in that gun.
What'd you think I was doing
while you were in the shitter?
Swapping fingers with Miss Lorelei?
Think I'd leave that gun loaded?
I don't believe you.
Well, sir, is that a chance
you want to take?
Well, you are something, ain't you?
Now, where's my money?
It's downstairs in the safe.
Don't make me stupid.
I wouldn't wanna do that.
What is this thing?
- That's a farming implement.
- Yeah? What's it do?
It fixes the ground,
and, you know, makes things.
- Yeah.
- Right.
Excuse me.
Sorry to bother you at this late hour
but I need my saddlebags.
Is there a problem?
Get down!
Speakes, I got them!
They are over herein the bar.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I want that money.
Don't you want your damn life? Come on!
You ran them off, didn't you?
I thought you was out front.
You're a dip.
Get on!
Leave it.
We're all right for now.
It looks pretty clear.
You almost got me killed back there,
you idiot.
Yeah? You didn't have to stop, did you?
Yeah. Well, we're even.
Where'd you learn to shoot like that?
- My husband.
- A husband?
And where might that poor
soul-suffering gentleman be?
- We stopped seeing eye to eye.
- I can see why.
So where're you going?
- Away from you.
- Well, now, just hold on.
- From where I stand you owe me $2,500.
- I don't owe you nothing.
You do. After all...
I lost all that money because
he was following you, not me.
Hey, get down there.
You're lucky I don't kill you.
That was my money and my last chance.
Well, maybe we can make a deal.
- I could use some assistance.
- You need more than that.
I've been planning this particular job...
- This bank job. And--
- I stole to live.
- I ain't no robber.
- I'll say you ain't.
So, what're you gonna do?
A woman alone out here
in the middle of the wilderness?
None of your beeswax.
You don't even have a plan, do you?
Do you?
No, you don't.
You don't even know what you're doing.
Of course I do.
You got a plan? What is it?
I'm starting a cattle ranch, Mr. Nosybody.
A cattle ranch. Now, that's a great idea.
Where are you gonna get the money?
You want your freedom,
you gotta have money.
You partner with me
and you're gonna have plenty of it.
Fine. What's your stupid idea?
Six days from now...
Wells Fargo's gonna be
bringing in $75,000.
Now, with half that money...
You can buy all the cattle you want.
Where's the bank?
- You just trust me, okay?
- Right.
That's all there is to it?
We're gonna need a grubstake
if we're gonna, you know...
You play any poker?
Poker? I thought you said rob a bank.
The best way to get money out of a bank
is to put money in the bank. Get it?
Fine. I partner with you,
I get my money, and I'm gone.
That's a deal.
- Jack Cooper.
- Sarah O'Rourke.
One thing, partner.
This here's a business relationship.
I sleep alone. Get it?
I do, too.
Wells Fargo's offering $2,500 bounty
for the man and woman who've clone this.
They can be alive, they can be dead.
I'm moving out of here in 10 minutes.
Anyone who comes with me has
that reward. I don't want a penny of it.
What the hell have they done exactly?
You and him done all the shooting.
They robbed the stage, didn't they?
And they run off my wife.
God's gentlest creature
up and run from me...
After being influenced by them criminals.
And, by God, they done this to me.
Like as not you deserved it.
What did you say, mister?
You did deserve it.
But a good boy from Gatesville didn't.
That woman shot that boy to death
as cold as you please.
Some of you gotta have families.
You want that kind of people
roaming these parts?
- Who's coming with me?
- That reward.
All's we got to do is go with you?
You ain't gonna get that money
for doing nothing.
I'll deputize you, and I'll work you hard...
But I'll do the killing.
Seems to me like the only thing
you're good at killing is my windows.
You, funnyman.
Come here.
Have you got a safe in this shithole?
It's in there, but it's busted.
I thought so.
As Marshall, I'm confiscating
the contents as evidence.
Marshall, you can't just come in here and--
That boy took $2,500 off that stagecoach...
But he rode out of here empty.
I reckon it's sitting in your safe right now.
That's crazy, Marshall.
And you can't prove nothing.
You know what proof is, mister?
Proofs you lying on this floor
with a bullet in your head.
You want to keep that money?
Then come with me.
Otherwise, I'm gonna shoot you for
withholding evidence and petty larceny.
Well, what'll it be?
I get part of that reward, too?
If you live.
Let's see them.
Well, I got three dunces.
That's deuces.
Sorry, Mr. Honey,
but I'm afraid your "dunces"...
Can't afford passage
on this "boat" of mine.
Thank you very much.
You've heard of the luck of the Irish?
Well, tonight, my friends, you've seen it,
Mother of God.
It's your deal. Try to keep the faces down.
Ante up, boy.
What are we gonna play here?
What shall we play? How about...
Seven Card Draw?
Why don't we keep it to Five Card Draw?
We're traditionalists, you see.
Why don't you rein in
on that there, sonny?
Your luck might change.
Sir, if you had a wife like mine
you'd be drinking, too.
Here we go.
Oh, sweet heaven above...
Would that be herself, now?
She's a lovely, handsome woman.
I'm thinking maybe you're not
man enough to handle her.
I think maybe you should
keep your opinions to yourself, sir.
He's a terror when he's roused.
What in Sam Hill are you doing, Phineas?
You promised me you weren't
gonna do this no more.
Arrabella, my little flower.
Don't you "little flower" me,
you no good drunk.
How much you lose this time?
He's still got his shirt on.
But it would seem that
she wears the trousers.
Room enough for me
in them trousers, ma'am?
I've a mind to squirm in.
Why don't you shut your filthy mouth?
Why don't you get the hell out of here...
So your husband can lose in peace?
Why don't you try and make me?
Dear, we don't wanna ruin the game here.
It's going really well.
I believe I will try and make you.
Hold on!
What the hell you got under there?
Why, you cheating son of a bitch.
Excuse me, ma'am. What happened here?
- They was cheating.
- All of them?
All of them. Ain't that right?
Right as rain, ma'am.
All right.
Go on, sweetheart. Gather up your money
and let's get out of here.
Thank you. It was nice playing.
You, too, my friend.
- Who's there?
-It's me. Your partner.
Well, ain't you fancy.
You don't think it looks good?
You worry about the way you look
more than most girls I know.
Is that how you're spending my money?
It's our money.
Besides, it's an investment.
And, I got you a little something, too.
What is it?
Why don't you shake it up and see?
It's a sort of start for your cattle ranch.
Like it?
So what do you need money so bad for?
You said you're a farmer?
Well, I am. Or I'm gonna be.
In the meantime,
you just rob people, right?
Sometimes you gotta do
some wrong to do some good.
Yeah? What the hell did you ever do
that was so good?
You don't know me.
Maybe I've done a lot of good.
If you're feeling so guilty,
maybe you ought to...
Go out and find that Marshall
friend of yours...
And get yourself hung.
What do you think you're doing?
My experience with safes
in the last few days...
Have led me to doubt their efficacy.
- Cut the professor talk.
- Safes ain't safe.
- Yes. So why do you get to carry it?
Because I got the duster.
Look, a partnership is based on
mutual respect and a sense of trust.
Well, I trust you, Jack.
I'll just take my share now.
- Oh, Jesus God, woman.
- Now.
- All right.
- Come on.
All right. Here you go.
Better put it someplace safe.
Like where, Mr. Mastermind?
You might try your bloomers.
Nothing else will be getting
in anytime soon.
Nothing of yours, anyway.
So who's them boys in the daguerreotype?
Just mind your own
business and I'll mind mine, okay?
Don't have to piss your britches.
I'm trying to make company.
God, you're so rude.
Okay. it's myself and my brother,
if you must know.
And where's that poor soul-suffering fella?
He's dead.
Feel better now?
We were boys...
And we were playing back East. And
he dove in front of a wagon to save me.
He was a brilliant boy.
He was a brilliant scholar.
He was gifted in the natural sciences.
I couldn't hold a candle to him.
I'm really sorry.
If you need me, I'll be downstairs
laying in supplies.
I'll go with you.
That's a good idea.
Maybe you can be of some assistance.
- God knows how.
- What's that?
I said it's time to go now.
We supposed to sleep in this shithole?
Try the livery, if the horses will have you.
Speakes, I lay claim to that reward.
But they're here. I've seen them.
- Where?
- At the General Store.
I've seen them come out of the saloon
broad as daylight.
Katrin, give me Michael,
and get out of the wagon.
I've got to push the wheels back...
And I needn't be lifting
your behind as well.
Jacket's made of genuine India rubber.
Distracts the rain completely.
Wearing one of these...
Is like having a roof over your head.
Well, it's fine for folks too stupid
to get out of the rain.
- That's good.
- She'll take one.
So, what else you got here?
Take a look at some
of those Havana cigars.
Finest in the land.
Still in the Dry Goods.
Hollister, Will, across the street.
Frenchy, Clyde, over there.
Sanchez, inside.
Look at that. There.
Jesus Christ.
He'd had to ride all night to get here.
What is it between you two?
What're we gonna do?
Go over there and ask the nice gentleman
what kind of weapons he's got.
- Show me some of your weapons.
- Absolutely.
That there's a brand-new
Scattershot .44.
It's great for squirrel hunting.
Almost like making your
Winchester into a small bore shotgun.
- I'll take three boxes.
- How about a rifle?
I need two, actually.
You got the .44 carbine and .44-40?
44-40? Yes, indeed.
That 44-40 uses the same load
as a Colt pistol.
Makes life a whole lot easier.
Yeah. Why don't you show me
two of them Colts?
Two Colts.
Boy, you sure are gonna love
these little fellas.
Hey, you folks wouldn't happen to be
from back East now, would you?
- Boston.
- Boston.
Son of a gun. I knew it.
I'm from old New York myself.
Put her there.
Yeah, Boston.
Excuse me.
Boy, Boston.
Say, excuse me, is there anything wrong?
Not if you lie down
on the floor and shut up.
Yes, ma'am.
You don't have to tell me twice.
On your back, jughead.
Don't want you crawling off.
- At your service.
- How many of them you said you seen?
Six, maybe seven. Against two.
Against one, really.
You ain't worth shit in a fracas.
Why don't you just shoot some
of them for me?
What'll you be doing?
Like my fencing instructor used to say:
"Never underestimate the element
of surprise."
Let him have it!
Get out of there, God damn it!
Get off the street!
There's little children here.
Hollister, watch them people.
I got him.
I got him! I did it!
MY eyes.
Come on, woman. Come on.
Speakes! Where are you, Speakes?
You done this to me.
Stop it, Hollister.
What about my eyes,
you goddamn son of a bitch?
Where's my reward, Speakes? Where?
Damn it, man, I know you're hurting,
but it ain't no fault of mine.
Come on.
Just point me at him.
Right here, Hollister.
There weren't no cause for that.
I did him a favor. Now get mounted.
We can't stay here long.
They're gonna be right on us.
Don't you worry.
Can't see this place in the day,
let alone at night.
Just lay still.
Lost a lot of blood.
It's gonna be all right.
Don't worry.
Looks like the bullet passed right
through the fatty part.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Lucky it didn't puncture your systems.
You're gonna be fine.
You know, you didn't have to stop.
You could've just kept right on going.
Could've just taken that money and gone.
I could have.
But what about--
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's all right.
Why does Speakes want you so bad?
Seems like he wants you pretty bad, too.
That's true enough. But...
I believe you two were acquainted
when we first met, weren't you?
Well, weren't you?
There was this boy in my town.
He wanted to marry me.
Guess he liked the way I looked
or something.
He had a big ranch,
or his daddy did, anyway.
I figured an orphan girl
could do much worse...
- Than become a cattle baron, right?
Go on.
Turned out this fella weren't no man at all.
He started beating on me.
One thing I won't abide...
Man putting his hands on me
without my by-your-leave.
Don't take that from nobody.
So that's why he's after you,
'cause you killed your husband?
It weren't just my husband.
It was his boy.
That make a difference between us?
We'd better be moving.
Is something wrong?
I should've told you before,
I got some business to tend to...
And I'm gonna need to do it alone.
What're you talking about, Cooper?
I thought we was partners.
I'll meet you at Monegaw, that's the town
with the bank, in three days, okay?
Why didn't you tell me
about this little something yesterday?
Because it's none of your business.
I see.
You got yourself a little wifey
somewhere, Cooper? Do you?
All right, fine.
- Just give me my share of the money.
- You already lost your share.
You give me what's left, Cooper.
I don't think you're gonna find
any bullets in that gun.
It's a little trick I learned from someone.
- That's what you're always saying.
- Look, I trust you.
It's just something
I need to do alone, okay?
After what we done, Jack?
You're just a liar, like the rest of them.
Come on, Sarah. God damn it!
- I need to do this alone!
- You lie, and you pretend...
And you just do what you want.
All right. Okay.
- I'm going to my brother's ranch.
- Your brother's dead.
He's not dead. He's alive.
But you said he was dead.
Why did you lie about it?
I don't want him to get mixed up
in the things I do. I just...
I wanna protect him.
You can understand that, can't you?
You didn't have to lie about it.
Hey, there!
How are you?
- I heard you were sick.
- Yes, indeed I was. But...
At present, I'm full of beans, as they say.
I've been taking garlic
and a touch of kerosene...
A remedy of my own invention.
I've had visions, Jackie.
Let's go. Come on. Get out of bed.
No wonder you're not feeling good.
Look at this place. it's a damn mess.
My appearance is...
You are the first animal...
Vegetable or mineral that...
My dear brother
has ever deigned to bring back...
To our humble little ranch.
You must be very special.
Walter, this is Mamie, Mamie Hollister.
- Mamie, this is my brother, Walter.
- Pleased to meet you.
Oh, no.
The pleasure...
Is exclusively my own.
Sweet, sweet lady.
- Jackie?
- Yeah?
Did you bring it?
What? Oh, yeah. Yep.
There you go.
Wait till you see it.
- You are gonna be staying, aren't you?
- Well, we're gonna be heading out...
Tomorrow probably.
- What in the hell is that, Marshall?
- Smells kind of like you.
Somebody pissed on it.
Well, there's a fresh fire.
And lots of blood.
How long ago you figure
they been here, Marshall?
Not long, I reckon.
What is that thing?
It's a telescope.
A Cassegrainian telescope.
Can you believe it?
- You told me that thing was for farming.
- What?
- I almost got killed over a telescope?
- Hey, who're you poking?
You can see the craters on the moon.
The Sea of Tranquility.
- Isn't that a beautiful name?
- Yeah, it's beautiful.
What's that hole doing in the roof?
I gave you the money to fix it, didn't I?
Not for you, not for me, but for us!
God, not another one.
The stars bespeak the glory of God!
Walter, would you stop with that shit!
You know, Walter, we had a deal.
I was supposed to bring you that thing,
and you were to fix the barn!
Instead, you bust a bigger hole,
and you stick your telescope out here!
Jack, I had every intention, of course,
of fixing this roof.
- The telescope--
- The telescope!
There's a hole as big as a wagon
in the damn roof!
I don't know what the hell
is wrong with you!
Sea of Tranquility is a pretty name.
Can I look through that thing?
Mother used to tell us...
That the stars are like God's teeth.
And shine. That they shine
whiter than the belly of a fish.
And that you can always see the stars...
Because God's always smiling.
You and Jack are friends?
Yeah. Partner, friends.
If you and he are partners...
And he and I are partners...
Then therefore you and I
are partners, too, correct?
Reckon that's so.
Mamie Hollister, huh?
Well, you seen him.
You want everybody
in the territory knowing...
You're passing by this way?
Well, he ain't gonna say nothing.
He's your brother.
You've known him for five minutes.
You know him better than I do, don't you?
What happened to him?
I mean, with his leg?
We were boys. We were playing.
He got run over by a wagon.
- That's awful.
- Yes, it is.
You think this place is a shithole,
don't you?
I ain't said a word.
You don't have to say it.
It's written all over your face.
What are you talking about, Jack?
I think maybe it was a bad idea
you coming here.
I think maybe you should've just gone
on to Monegaw by yourself.
- What the hell is the matter with you?
- Nothing's the matter with me.
I don't like the way
you are looking at this place...
You're looking at my brother
like he's some damn cripple.
You're the one who's picking on him.
Look, I'm not picking on him.
He and I had a deal...
And he broke the deal.
And that's the way it is, okay?
And this is none of your business.
It was you, wasn't it?
You're the one who hurt him.
That's why you're acting so crazy.
Why is it that every time you bed down
with a woman...
She thinks she's entitled
to opinions in your affairs?
You go to hell, Jack.
She's a very pretty girl.
But I imagine the two of you
are no longer partners.
I imagine not.
I wouldn't.
You led me on a merry chase, girl.
You gonna drop that gun or die?
- More apparatus for that looking scope?
-It's a special lens.
- You can see Venus.
- Venus?
Daggit. I used to have a pair of bifocals.
They were stepped on and busted, though.
You can't keep nothing
in a house full of kids.
- Kids.
- The little packers.
They're the dickens.
Hey, Marshall, what you got there?
Present for the hangman.
Hanging a woman. Daggit.
Wow. She's a good-looking one, too.
I have to go.
What do you want me to do
with that big crate I got out back?
- I'll come for it tomorrow.
- Ought to stick around.
Ain't every day
you get to see them hang a woman.
Jesus, Walter!
What in the hell are you doing?
You're gonna kill those animals!
- I saw her!
- Who?
- Your friend.
- Where?
In town. They're gonna hang her!
She's all beat up.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna unload these supplies,
and then I'm gonna go finish the roof.
What are you gonna do about her?
You can't just leave her there.
She made a decision, Walter.
- She dissolved the partnership, okay?
- She's still your friend.
- She's still your partner.
- She's a grown woman, Walter!
Besides, I've got other responsibilities.
What other responsibilities?
You, for one.
I'm not your responsibility, Jack.
I can take care of myself.
You can take care of yourself?
Look at this place, Walter.
You don't think I could've repaired
that roof if I had a mind to?
You're not doing or fixing anything for me!
- You're fixing it for yourself!
- Bullshit.
- Everything I do, I do for you!
- I don't need it!
I know where you get that money from.
I don't need it!
You don't need it?
That money buys you that telescope.
That money puts food on your table.
And when I'm out getting money,
what do you do?
I'm looking at the stars.
While you're out there robbing people
and killing them for their money!
It's nice to have you around, Jack.
I gotta leave something for you to do.
You never come around.
But I saw her.
She looked right through me.
I haven't known her long,
but my guess is...
She'd cut out her tongue before
she would tell them where you were.
She'd do right by you, Jack.
Partners or no.
And on the toppermost floor...
We'll have special rooms...
With five girls in each one, naked.
- Good.
- And dancing for your pleasure.
And we'll call it,
"Tommy Donnely's Whorehouse."
Just like that.
If your brain was shit,
it wouldn't even smell.
Who already has a business sense?
Who already owns a business
with whores in it?
Sick whores.
If we're gonna take that reward money
and fix up a brand-new whorehouse...
Then it ought to be called
"Clyde's Whorehouse."
God damn it, shut up and play cards.
Exactly. Let's play some damn cards.
- Give me two.
- No.
How're you doing, missy?
Yeah, well...
Won't be long now.
All right.
You just make sure you pick up...
That crate bright and early
tomorrow morning, okay?
Yes, ma'am.
We'll wrap a necklace of good
Kentucky hemp around that neck of yours.
You ever heard the sound
a broken neck bone makes?
Like a carrot.
The only thing that scares me...
Is going to hell
and meeting up with your son again.
You think you're funny.
And you think what you did was right,
don't you?
The thing you got to realize...
Is you killed my boy.
His momma walked into that house
and saw what he looked like.
You know
what it's like to have a child...
Raise your son...
Love your children?
No, you don't.
You haven't got any idea.
You didn't want to.
I held that boy.
He almost died of influenza.
I was up three nights running
when he was just a baby.
And to see him go off
with a woman like you.
A woman like me?
Don't you think my momma and my daddy
held me in their arms once?
Your son weren't no man.
A man don't do that.
After what he done to me?
He's just like his daddy.
I'm gonna put that rope
around your neck myself.
Just keep it in the family.
Well. What've we got here?
Looks like somebody
pulled your stinger out.
I'm gonna give you a piece of advice,
little bumblebee.
You better get shy of this girl.
She's gonna get you killed.
Seems like she's done some killing herself.
Sir, I don't believe you're gonna be
stinging anybody for a long while.
Goddamn, I like this work.
Whitaker, keep an eye on these prisoners.
I believe I deserve a whiskey.
- Are you boys thirsty?
- You bet.
That was a dumb thing to do!
You didn't help me
and you sure didn't help yourself.
- You idiot!
- Shut up and leave him alone in there!
You'll both be dangling soon enough.
- You got a cigarette?
- Go to hell.
Come on, can't you be civilized?
You're gonna see me hanging
in two hours.
Guess there ain't no reason
can't practice a little Christian charity.
- Well, boys, how're you feeling?
- Good. Real good.
- Glad it's over.
- Fine.
- Good job, Marshall.
- When do we get our money?
Here's your money, Clyde.
Give me that bottle.
Come on, Donnely. Where's your liver?
Situation's under control.
After all we been through,
you're gonna blow us to kingdom come?
Yes, sir.
Jesus Christ.
Exploding sand.
Son of a bitch!
Weren't never meant to blow up!
Bastard's got something else in mind!
You got a cup of water?
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Do without!
Only make you piss.
For God sake! I only asked for
a cup of water.
You ain't gonna deny
a man his last wish, are you?
After the dance
we done on your kidneys last night...
- Expect it to come out red.
- Obliged.
Whitaker? Where'd they go?
Wake up and talk, or so help me I'll--
Killing him ain't gonna find them,
Get torches.
They ain't got far. Check the livery!
You worthless piece of shit. I had her!
Here you go. Take this.
Not at the livery stable.
They're nowhere else, neither.
All right. Get the horses.
Go on! Get mounted!
I'm going to find you, whore!
You too, boy. I'm gonna kill you both!
Who's there?
Daggit, Mr. Cooper, it's the crack of day.
I need that big crate.
If I can set up early enough, I could
possibly get set up by this evening.
You worry about them damn stars
like some men worries about women.
- The stars are the eternal verity.
- Yeah, well so is some women.
I had this girl bite me so hard once.
Bit me right there on the tit.
Left a horseshoe-shaped scar.
Shaped like a half moon.
Shaped like that.
Still hurts me when the weather gets cold.
You wanna see it?
- But what I would like is that crate.
- All right. If that's what you want.
My back's been hurting me,
though, you know.
Had this little piebald mare.
Threw me up in a peach tree.
- Took three little boys to get me down.
- No.
- Had to use a well rope and well pulley.
- You know...
- The crate.
- All right. If that's what you want.
- Are you all right in there, Jack?
- We're almost dead! Get us out!
- Good God! What'd they do to you?
- You should see the other guy.
That ain't true, is it?
- Yes, it is.
- Very true, yes.
However, a very unfortunate account...
That I'm sure our lovely guest is not
in the least interested in hearing.
This chicken is delicious, Mamie.
My name's Sarah.
All right. You may change your name.
And you two...
Will be a great help in my investigations.
What about that deal in Monegaw, Jack?
We really need to be moving out.
So, it won't wait.
- You'll be coming back?
- Well...
Sure, we'll be coming back. But...
Want some more chicken?
If you want to load that pistol,
we ain't got a lot of time.
I'm done.
No, you ain't. You got to load the pistol.
No. I mean, I'm finished.
- What do you mean, "finished"?
- I mean, I'm done with it all.
- I don't need to do this anymore.
- Jack, we had a deal.
- Well, I know we did, but...
- What about my cattle ranch?
How much do you think a ranch
would cost in South America?
- I don't wanna lose my brother.
- We'll take him with us.
- Those son of a bitches! Come on!
- Jack, wait! Let's do this smart.
Come on.
I'm gonna marry that girl.
But she's, hell, around 360 pounds.
She's a big damn woman.
Here, give me a sip.
You better start talking, son...
Or I'll turn the both of them loose on you.
Now, where are they?
Cover the window.
We ain't got much ammunition.
They'll blow this place apart!
I'm all right.
They got a guy in the barn.
I'm going to the barn now. Okay?
I'll be right back.
All right.
Jack, let me go.
I can shoot better than you.
That's why you're gonna cover me.
Bar this door.
- Lay still or you'll kill yourself.
- Why give those guys the pleasure?
Scattergood won't do shit at this distance.
Deer slug.
That's a different story.
Clyde! Red! Get over in the barn!
We'll finish her!
Marvin, go and chuck this thing
on the porch.
- We'll burn them out like rats.
- You burn it yourself.
I ain't going out there.
I sure as hell ain't letting you cover me.
Now do it.
I ain't gonna.
Then die where you stand, mister.
Good God.
Walter. We got to...
It's all right.
Jack. God!
You go on.
Go on.
You want me? Come on!
I told you she was gonna get you killed.
You should've stayed back East, thief.
Could be playing cards right now
in a warm bar...
Instead of dying in this shithole.
Go to hell.
Lay down and die, boy.
You earned it.
Speakes, leave him be!
I'm the one you want.
Say 900d night, girl.