Desperately Seeking Santa (2011) Movie Script

I taste the sugar plum
It tastes so wonderful
Everything is magical
with multicolored popsicles
Red ribbons with
the sleigh bells ringin'
It's, oh, so fantastical
My ears froze up like icicles
It's a beautiful feeling,
a beautiful season
Everything feels
so brand new
I can hear
the bells ringin'
The whole world
is singin' "I love you"
I make the gingerbread,
hang up my stockings
And with all the holly,
jolly big-bellied bearded men
Comin' down the chimney
All his milk and cookies
I just can't wait to see
everything's he's got for me
It's a beautiful feeling,
a beautiful season
Everything feels
so brand new
I can hear
the bells ringin'
The whole world
is singin' "I love you"...
Good morning.
Ah, perfect timing
as always, Ms. Walker.
Here's your nonfat double cap.
Thank you, George.
I can hear the bells ringin'
The whole world
is singin'...
Eddie, a little to the left.
Hey, Jen!
Need a blowout?
Tonya, I can't.
I have a meeting at corporate.
How about later?
OK. Good luck!
OK, thank you.
I can hear
the bells ringin'
The whole world
is singin'...
Don't you just love Christmas?
The only thing I love
about Christmas is the fact
that we're about to make a third
of our yearly sales in 6 weeks.
Every year around the holidays,
you put on this Grinch routine.
But deep down, I know
you are just a big softie
who loves Santa and babies
and rainbows. Admit it.
You watch too many
Christmas movies.
Are those the QED reports?
All right. Hmm...
It's not straight.
Oh, I thought it
reminded me of my ex-boyfriend.
Hey, Jen!
What do you think?
Does it look good on me?
You better hurry up.
We open in 5 minutes.
Oh, I am loving
the whole illusion today.
Who put that together for you?
Hmm, you guys did.
Aw, she's even wearing
those cute little black heels
we picked out for her
at the 75%-off sale.
You have 5 minutes.
(Siren wailing)
(Clearing throat)
Today, the official
countdown begins.
35 % of our
annual retail profits
are gonna be earned
over the next 6 weeks.
Now, is my team prepared?
Yes, sir.
Hmm? Are you ready?
Mm-hmm, yes, sir.
Yeah? Well,
so is the competition.
Last year, our holiday sales
showed a 12% decline,
yet Internet sales rose 35%.
So how can
Hillridge Malls compete
in this overcrowded market?
Incentivize customers
to come to us, sir.
Exactly right, Ms. Walker.
And here's the incentive I'm
offering to each of you today.
I'm creating a new position.
Vice president of
marketing and promotions,
overseeing all the malls
in the northeast.
The person with the
greatest increase in sales
by Christmas Eve
wins the promotion.
The losers get nothing.
You'll be lucky
to keep your jobs.
Good luck!
By the New Year, you're gonna
be working here at corporate
with me where you belong.
You heard?
I'm the VP of
strategic planning.
I know everything that
goes on around here.
Finally, a chance for you
to get out of that vacant dump.
It's not a dump.
I know.
But it's not the suburbs either.
I mean, how can I
compete with them?
Well, you do have
the lowest numbers
in the group at the moment,
but that just means you
got nowhere to go but up.
Hey, I have faith in you.
You can do this.
A move to corporate by
Christmas would be amazing,
and a year earlier
than I'd hoped.
Do you mind if I take a rain
check on our date tonight?
I just really wanna
focus on this competition.
Hey, Jen, you never have to
explain a work obligation to me.
Hey, that's why I love you.
If I get this promotion, I'll
be a year ahead of schedule.
Yeah, well, I'm already
a year ahead of schedule
to eat my weight in cinnabuns.
So we'll both have
something to celebrate.
I've got a ways to go
before I can celebrate.
I've got those sharks from the
suburbs breathing down my neck.
How can South Boston
compete with the ladies
that lunch in Hartford?
Especially when our working
class has been hit so hard?
I know. Remember when
all the rides were full?
I also remember you
throwing up on Jake Donovan
when you downed one of those
ginormous banana splits
from the food court.
I thought that one
was in the vault, missy.
I need something that
makes South Boston Mall
a destination for
holiday shopping, you know?
Something that inspires
people to come to the mall
from all over the city,
maybe even the suburbs.
Something that makes people
wanna open their wallets
and spend their
hard-earned money.
Isn't it
a little early for that?
It's never too early in the
day to start looking at hot men.
I mean the holiday sale.
We haven't put up
Santa's Village yet.
Well, clearly, it's working.
( Dance beat )
Thank you.
Oh, hey, girls!
- How are ya?
- Hi!
Checking out the merchandise?
Yes, yeah.
- He'll help you out.
- Hello there!
Have you seen our new line
of sequined party dresses?
This one is
only $129.99.
Well, I will take three.
You know what?
She's fine. Thank you.
Three? And he
called you "ma'am."
He can call me
whatever he wants.
Guess it's true what
they say. Sex really sel...
That's it!
We all know that the
majority of holiday shopping
is done by women, right?
So let me ask you.
What do stay-at-home moms,
20-something career girls
and desperate housewives all
want to unwrap for Christmas?
(Clearing throat)
I present to you
South Boston Mall's
Search for Sexy Santa.
- Whoo!
- That's great!
Now, the auditions alone will
generate all sorts of press.
We'll have a panel
to choose the top three.
And the audience will get
to crown their own Santa.
OK, like American Idol,
but with hot dudes.
Exactly. The winner will
get $10,000, half up front
and half at the end of
business day on Christmas Eve.
He'll do a whole dance number,
followed by photographs
and a sit-down on his lap.
Who can resist that, right?
Oh, you're in your uniform.
Well, didn't you call me in here
because you wanna get
a jump on the holidays?
Smart move, Jen.
Actually, Jim,
I called you in here
because I have to let you go.
(Phone ringing in distance)
What are you talking about?
Look, I've been Santa at
South Boston Mall for 17 years.
I'm a tradition!
I know.
But we're going in
a different direction this year.
HR has a severance package
waiting for you, OK?
That was so sad.
Like you fired
my dad or something.
Don't look at me like that.
I mean, I feel bad too,
but I am not gonna get
anywhere being everyone's BFF.
You'll see. This job
isn't as easy as you think.
No, I know, I know.
I got stuck
in a horrendous line.
Fifty guys? OK,
I'll be right there.
Yeah, I'm coming now.
Hi! Sorry,
Ms. Walker, it got cold.
But I'll make you a new one.
OK, thanks, George.
Hey, there's a line.
There is.
Yeah, man, you tell her.
Yeah, I know, I'm sorry.
I'm just late for work.
Yeah, work's a grind. But we
all got someplace we need to be.
You know, I think
what I'm late for
is a little more important
than your bike-messenger-delivery thing.
Wow! Well, number one,
I'm not a bike messenger.
And number two,
I didn't think you Beacon Hill
princesses came down here.
And what makes you think
I'm from Beacon Hill?
The outfit and the attitude.
Well, genius, I'm actually
from the neighborhood.
Born and bred.
Could've fooled me.
You know, I don't think
that would be a very
difficult thing to do.
Are you always such a little
sweetheart in the morning?
Only when confronted
with jerks like yourself.
Oh, that hurt.
That stung.
Yeah, that's true.
Once upon a time, I rhyme
about a dude named Scrooge
Huge attitude
and mood is quite rude
If you gave him a smile
He'd give a shrug instead
of Merry Christmas...
I can't believe
I am actually at work today.
There are so many hot men!
OK. So, guys,
we have one camera crew,
thanks to our guest panellist,
TV host Christine Mayweather.
Oh yeah, girl!
Remember, we're
looking for someone
who has the
sex appeal of Brad Pitt
and someone who has
the spirit of Santa Claus.
(Applauding and whistling)
OK, guys, you'll have
60 seconds to show us
you have the looks
and the personality
to be South Boston Mall's
new sexy Santa.
Now remember, only three of you
will make it
to the final rounds.
You have to give
a great first impression.
And good luck!
(Applauding and cheering)
Everybody's runnin' around
store to store
Isn't Christmas time
about somethin' more
Than fancy gifts, name
brands and high-tech toys?
It should be
about peace, love
And spreadin' joy
So come on
He looks like a jungle cat.
Please let's make a deal
It's not been said
until this year
Gonna give you somethin'
special money can't buy
You ain't never had a little
gift like this in your life
Yeah, yeah!
I can be nothin'
more than my dream...
Ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas!
Yeah, yeah
On me
Uh, name?
Uh, David Moretti.
Hi. Why are you here today?
Uh, I know it's
not manly to say this,
but, um, I love Christmas.
And my mom used to make it
very special for us as kids.
She's, um, she's
no longer with us, but...
I know she would get a huge
kick out of this competition.
Thank you.
No. Um, hang on.
He's not finished.
Go on, David.
Well, we used to watch
a dancing show together.
And I memorized the routine.
And I was gonna do a solo,
but can I borrow her?
- Yeah, go ahead.
- Please.
- Just follow my lead.
- He's so cute!
Chica, chica, love me
Won't you come and hug me?
Kiss and hug me
I've never seen anyone
as beautiful as you
Girl, you got it going on
The feeling, it's amazing
You got me going crazy
Crazy loco
So please believe my love
for you is true
I mean, he's OK, but what
do you think about this guy?
(All): Yes!
OK. And what about
Personally, I prefer the
juicehead over the pretty boy.
Let's just put male model
to a vote. All in favor.
- Yeah.
- Mmm, sorry, blue steel.
OK, this guy, Moretti.
Total poser, right?
What are you talking
about? He's perfect.
Are you kidding me?
Using your dead mother to
gain points: totally tacky.
I think he is a tasty morsel.
Total man candy.
This guy?
Are we talking
about the same guy?
Good night.
Oh, come here. What
do you think of this one?
Oh, you mean my future husband?
See? Look, hello!
You change your vote on David,
I will vote yes
on your juicehead.
You can't do that!
How badly do you want
metal guy in the top three?
Exactly. So let's just
say smooth and metro are in.
But the third position,
let's not fight over it.
Let's put it to
a secret ballot, shall we?
Just vote your conscience.
(Bike hitting bike stand)
(Horn blaring in distance)
(Exhaling sharply)
What are you still doing here?
Bike lock's frozen.
Ever heard of
public transportation?
I like the freedom
my bike gives me.
Oh yeah, it looks
really freeing.
I feel like we kind of
got off on the wrong foot.
Understatement of the century.
I hope you can be fair in there.
Listen, despite
what you might think,
I am a total professional
who makes impartial judgments
based on true merit.
If you didn't make the cut,
you only have yourself to blame.
So I didn't make the cut.
I don't know. I haven't
looked at the ballots yet.
I'll be calling the
finalists later tonight.
Have a merry Christmas,
Miss Walker!
(Horns honking)
Maureen! I thought you ladies
would be halfway through
your game of
cutthroat poker by now.
But then we
would've missed the show.
What are you talking about?
You weren't
supposed to see that.
Hello, brother!
Looks like all those tap
classes Mom made you take
finally paid off.
Yeah, yeah.
Ham, Canadian bacon.
What's the difference?
Nice of you to finally join us.
Hey, Dad hasn't
seen this, has he?
You flaunting your
lame moves for all of Boston?
Still not funny.
- David!
- I guess he has.
Hey, Dad, I'm...
Late again.
Take over for your brother
before he scares away
all the customers.
About the auditions...
I don't wanna talk about it.
I don't wanna hear about it.
I don't wanna see it.
All I wanna see is
you helping out here
when you're not going
to school or studying, OK?
Go on.
- Two colas.
- Yeah.
He's not in a good mood.
He hasn't been in a good mood
since the city
council's decision
to let the Death Star
put us out of business.
So that's why you did it.
- Did what?
- The Santa thing.
I heard the prize is $10,000,
which is about what the lawyer
said the appeal would cost.
Desperate times.
Dad's put everything he has
into fighting this thing.
Just don't get his hopes up, OK?
'Cause he's already resigned
to having to close this
place down on Christmas Eve.
I don't think I made it
past the first round,
so there you go.
Good. Because
the sooner we can all accept
that this place is closing,
the sooner Dad can deal with it.
David, you remember
how hard it was for him
to move on after Mom died.
And losing Moretti's
is like losing
another family member.
(Cellular ringing)
"Yo"? That's how
you answer your phone?
Is this Jennifer Walker?
Yes, I'm calling to let you know
you made it
to the choreography round,
after which I'll
be crowning the Santa
based on our audience votes.
Tomorrow, 4:00.
Please don't be late.
Oh, uh, tomorrow?
I'm sorry. Is that a problem
for you, Mr. Moretti?
No, I'll be there...
with my tap shoes on.
Yes, three of our hottest
contestants in this round.
(Phone ringing)
You did see the news?
Yes, um, David Moretti
did make the cut.
(Phone ringing)
You're sending a reporter?
Um, that's fantastic.
I will save you a prime spot.
Where is he?
You have 2 hot guys
in front of you
and you're worried
about the time?
Where is David Moretti?
He called and said
he might be a bit late.
I can't stand lateness.
If he is not here
in 2 minutes, he's cut.
He is the reason all
of these people came out.
You can't do that.
Yeah? Watch me.
Wow! You are so cold.
You know what? It's kind of hot,
like a corporate dominatrix.
(Imitating whip cracking)
Why are you here?
Mr. Hillridge
couldn't make it,
so I decided
to be his eyes and ears.
That's sweet.
Are you still getting
your hair cut here?
I thought I asked you to go
to Christophe in Beacon Hill.
He's really good.
I just haven't had time.
Hi, Neal.
Marissa, I didn't
even recognize you
underneath the poof.
That's so funny.
Wow, look at that!
Quite a crowd, huh?
I can't believe
the publicity we're getting.
I can. You're
a marketing genius.
I'm here! I'm here!
Just on time.
Get up there.
Hey, I'm really glad you got
to look past yesterday morning.
Oh, no, don't thank me.
If it were up to me,
you wouldn't be here.
Well then, I'm glad
it's not up to you.
5, 6,
5, 6, 7, 8.
I've been watching you all
night, night, night, night
'Cause, girl, you look
so right, right, right, right
Let's see you get it
down, down, down, down
I feel the pressure
mount, mount, mount...
(Cheering and applauding)
And now for the
question-and-answer section.
We want to know
why you guys think
you should be South Boston
Mall's sexy Santa.
I'm a hunk...
(Cheering and laughing)
With a heart.
Because Boston...
shouldn't be deprived of this...
for one minute longer.
My mom used to say...
"Christmas is about family."
And I know a lot of families
are going through
a tough time right now.
And to be honest, my family's
having a hard time too.
And if I can be Santa
and bring joy into
those families' lives
while helping my own...
I would be more than
honored to be a part of it.
(All): Aw!
Thank you.
OK, people of South Boston Mall,
we want you to cheer
as loud as you can
for the man that
you want crowned.
(Louder cheering)
(Loud cheering)
Well, well,
it appears we have a tie.
Let's try this again.
Just like a truckload of tar.
(Man laughing)
And I couldn't believe it
'cause Mario has got...
You look like a kid
who just lost his bike.
- But no, there it is.
- Mm-hmm.
So what could possibly
make you so upset
that you're late for
a second night in a row?
- Dad, I need to talk to you.
- Aw, you didn't win.
We can't all have a face
like this and abs like these.
Don't worry. I'll get you to the
gym, introduce you to the twins.
A little family reunion,
OK? Next year.
I thought you
were done with that.
Yeah, Dad,
we really need to talk.
It's OK, I forgive you.
The sooner you forget about that
stupid competition, the better.
- Right. Hmm?
- Huh?
- Focus. Focus on your studies.
- Right.
Get your EMT training.
Get into med school.
Become the first doctor
in the family.
One, two, three, huh?
Tonight, the first-ever
South Boston Mall
sexy Santa was crowned.
I feel the pressure
mount, mount, mount...
They chose that
poor sap over you?
And the winner is David Moretti!
Yay! Great!
Freak out.
I know you don't approve,
but that's why I came here
to tell you...
It's not that I don't
approve. I just don't get it.
I thought you were done
doing crazy stuff like that.
I'm worried it'll
interfere with school.
Well, it's only for a few weeks,
and $10,000 goes a long way
towards books and
tuitions and stuff.
I hope you didn't
do this for Moretti's.
David, I just spent
my entire life savings
trying to fight
these guys all year.
I don't wanna see you
do the same thing.
Come on, take that money.
Put it in the bank.
We can't win. OK?
OK. Oh...
(Laughing softly)
So you won, huh?
I did. I don't
know how, but I did.
Because you're gorgeous.
That's why.
Thank you, sister.
Guys, I don't wanna
get Pop's hopes up,
but Moretti's has been in
this family for 3 generations.
How do we not do everything
possible not to save it?
You're right.
We have to fight.
To the bitter end.
To Moretti's.
To Moretti's.
I really enjoyed our dance.
Aw, thanks.
You're... you're Britney, right?
Oh man! Come on!
I think you just hit an artery.
You haven't
been Santa for 24 hours,
and already,
you're acting like a diva.
I'm not being a diva.
I just need that leg.
Listen, I'm gonna
tell you a secret.
Fashion is pain, so suck it up.
Let me hear your
Christmas cheer
Let me hear your
Christmas cheer
Hey, hey, let me hear
your Christmas cheer
The day's gettin' closer
Are you gettin'
ready for it?
So much anticipation
Lots of decorations to get
5, 6, 7, 8.
The houses are aglow
And we're playin'
In the snow tonight
Well, all right
We've come together
this time of year
Get your voice,
we're all here
Hey, hey, let me hear
your Christmas cheer
Friends and family
far and near
Get your voice,
we're all here
Hey, hey, let me hear
your Christmas cheer
Let me hear
your Christmas cheer
Let me hear
your Christmas cheer
Hey, hey, let me hear
your Christmas cheer
Let me hear
your Christmas cheer
Let me hear
your Christmas cheer
David, look over here.
That's it.
One more. That's it.
Hey, hey, let me hear
your Christmas cheer
Hey, Henry, when
you go to swing,
make sure to keep
your front shoulder down.
And for the love of Pete...
(Whispering): Don't tell
anyone you're a Yankees fan.
Thanks, Santa.
Boom, uptown!
There you go.
Thanks, Santa.
- Have a good one, man.
- You too.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
I see you finally
found someone to talk to
on your level.
Well, kids love me.
I'm sure it has nothing
to do with the fact that
you're just a big kid yourself.
Tell me what's wrong
with being a big kid.
There you are. I've been
looking all over for you.
Sorry, I've just been
watching David wrap up a sale.
Neal McCormick, VP of
strategy, Hillridge Enterprises.
David Moretti, Santa,
South Boston Mall.
Well, hey, thanks
for helping Jennifer
make this promotion
such a success.
She keeps up this momentum,
she'll be sure
to move to corporate.
Hey, are we about done here?
We're gonna be late
for our reservations.
Oh yeah, we can probably
wrap stuff up. Let's go!
All right.
Nice to meet you.
OK, so I want you to go
right home. Get some rest.
Tomorrow's a big night
for all of us.
(Engine starting)
(Car driving away)
(Crowd exclaiming)
( Dance beat )
(Crowd clapping rhythmically)
Show time.
I hear the bells,
bells, bells...
(Man): Ladies and gentlemen,
South Boston Mall
proudly presents sexy Santa
and the reindeer dancers!
Go, go, go
Go, go, go
I hear the
bells, bells, bells
Through the snowy night
The Christmas lights, lights
shinin' bright
The gifts, wrapped,
all stacked up so high
Snow fallin' down,
it's just about midnight
Got our stockings up
on the fireplace
Everybody's waitin'
for the chimney shake
I hope we catch a glimpse
of Santa comin' down
Don't forget to leave
the milk and cookies out
We got a tree shining
All the lights are hangin' now
We've got the fire burnin',
speakers bumpin' to the sound
It's Christmas time, baby,
it happens once a year
So wrap it, wrap it up, and
get those presents over here
I hear the bells, bells,
bells through the snowy night
The Christmas lights, lights
shinin' bright
The gifts, wrapped,
all stacked up so high
Snow fallin' down,
it's just about midnight
Bells, bells, bells
through the snowy night
The Christmas lights, lights
shinin' bright
The gifts, wrapped,
all stacked up so high
Snow fallin' down,
it's just about midnight
Whoo! Yeah!
Whoo-hoo! Whoo!
That was so good!
Did you see those crowds?
They loved you.
No, they
loved us. Come on.
You two were so good.
Oh, thank you.
Good work, girls!
Thank you.
You were amazing!
Uh, you should
get yourself cleaned up
and get out there
for photographs.
There's already a huge line.
You got it, boss.
(Dog yapping)
(Camera clicking)
Have a good one.
Wow! Jennifer, you are
doing a fantastic job.
Mr. Hillridge would be
sufficiently impressed.
Really? Have you
heard anything
about how we're doing
compared to the other malls?
New Haven's doing a petting
zoo right inside the mall.
And Paramus hired
a couple of twin stars
to do a concert series.
But don't be concerned
about other malls.
Be concerned with
what's happening here.
You got lots of
people in the mall.
Isn't that a good thing?
Well, at the rate he's going,
that lineup's about,
what, 3 hours long?
When do we close?
Three hours.
People standing in line
can't spend money.
See you after work, OK?
Well, it looks like somebody
had a rough year. Smile.
(Camera clicking)
Just wait one little second.
Twenty seconds per customer.
That's the plan.
We're competing with malls
with double our revenue.
But it's Christmas.
Look at her.
Exactly. We have to exceed
our last year's holiday sales.
People in line
cannot spend money.
Santa has all the time
in the world for you.
So now tell me what happened
to that little wing of yours.
I crashed my bike
on the sidewalk.
Next time you're riding
a bike and you get scared,
think of me and I'll
be watching over you.
Really? Thank you,
Santa. You're the best.
Nah, you're the best.
Get out of here.
So sweet.
Why would you do that?
I know, I know.
I'm a terrible Santa.
No, one day, she's gonna grow up
and realize there is no Santa.
I don't understand it.
How does someone
who's so clearly against
the spirit of the holiday
be in charge of promoting it?
Don't take it personally, OK?
Jen didn't exactly
have the best home life.
And it's like you
said in your audition.
Christmas is about family,
and the holiday's just
a reminder of what's missing.
It's too bad.
(Whistle blowing)
(Whistle blowing)
Speed it up, Santa.
I'm going as fast as I can.
It's not fast enough.
Are you never satisfied?
I'll be satisfied
when I win my promotion.
I am smiling.
Like you mean it.
It hurts.
What's wrong?
Sit down.
Sit down here.
Can't breathe.
Are you all right?
Just sit down for a second.
Oh my God!
Are you OK?
Senior down in Santa's
Village. Someone call 911.
- Call 911.
- Roger that. I'm on it.
Security's on its way.
OK, hang on.
All right, she has no pulse.
- Oh my God!
- Come on.
Come on.
Oh my God!
Did I die and go to heaven?
Close. You're at
the South Boston Mall.
And an ambulance is on its way.
I'm in no rush.
(Siren beeping)
I had no idea you were
getting your EMT certification.
There's a little something
called conversation.
You ask me a question
about my life,
I ask questions about yours
and so on and so forth.
OK, great.
Mrs. Clark, you're
in good hands, OK?
I know.
You may wanna do
some tests for a concussion.
I'll help you with
that Christmas shopping
when you're ready.
It's a promise.
Where are you going?
Hey, would you punch me out, OK?
I'll make up the hours
tomorrow, I promise.
Dr. McSexy.
I think I'm in love.
(Siren wailing)
(Siren wailing)
(Knocking on door)
Is that David?
No, Mrs. Clark.
It's Jennifer Walker, director
of marketing and promotions
from South Boston Mall.
We met yesterday.
Don't take it personally.
She hopes everyone who comes
through the door is him.
You know, he spent
all night with her here.
Now he's all she wants to see.
I don't blame her.
He is one hot Santa.
Yeah. Look, Mrs. Clark,
I just wanted to make sure
you were doing all right.
Oh, I'll be a lot better
when I can get out
of this hospital bed
and then see Sexy in action.
(All laughing)
(Door opening)
What are you doing here?
Don't you have
a sales report to obsess over
or a holiday temp to fire?
Is that what you
really think of me?
Actually, I think you're
one of the more interesting,
complicated and yes, at times,
infuriating women I've ever met.
Well, if you'll excuse me,
I have to get back to work.
Those sales reports aren't
going to obsess over themselves.
No, they won't.
And don't be late.
Mr. Hillridge himself
is coming to check out the show.
Mrs. Clark kept talking
about the pretty girl
that came to visit
her this morning.
I knew we should've
cut your hair.
Not me,
smart ass. You.
I think, deep down inside,
you might actually be...
wait for it...
a nice person.
There's no secret
warm-and-fuzzy Jennifer.
I see a girl that
eats her meals here.
No time to go out and eat.
And laughs hard
when she's with the Jeremies.
They should be
a stand-up routine.
And loves this mall.
OK, I've been working
here since I was 17.
Of course I've developed
relationships and routines
with people, but that's just,
you know, a means to an end.
- Admit you love it.
- No.
"I love it."
Do you really
want that promotion?
I mean, this place
isn't gonna be remotely
the same without you.
Why do you even care?
You'll be long gone.
Besides, I've trained
Marissa perfectly to take over
when I go to corporate.
Whoo! I feel like
a Christmas present.
Da, da, da, da, da
Yeah, I could see that.
(Marissa laughing)
Just be on your
best behavior, OK?
And that means...
Twenty seconds per customer.
I get it, I get it.
Excuse me. Thanks.
There we go.
- The line's always busy, sir.
- Afternoon, ladies.
Thank you, Britney.
Have a merry Christmas.
Sir, I'd like you
to meet David Moretti.
Nice save out there, David.
I'm just doing what I can.
I see you got quite the crowd.
Oh, that's all part of Jen's
brilliant publicity strategy.
Yeah, and I make sure they do
not linger on my lap too long
so they can get out there
and spend their hard-earned
money at your mall.
You better be sure to keep
this one happy, Jennifer.
He's your golden
Christmas goose.
Yes, sir.
Nice to meet you, David.
You heard the guy.
It seems like everything's
running smoothly. Nice job.
So are we in the running?
You've moved up to 4th place.
That's great, right?
It's a little more
complicated than that.
I'm afraid there's more than
just a promotion on the line.
What are you talking about?
I've decided to close
the lowest-producing malls
after the first of the year.
And as of right now, yours is,
well, in the line of fire.
Sir, but we've improved so much.
Even if you're up 20%,
you're still way behind the
rest in terms of gross profit.
This little promotion of yours
is giving it a nice bump,
but it's just a bump.
Unless you come in number one,
we're shutting you down.
Mr. Hillridge,
you can't.
This is strictly confidential,
not to be discussed
with anyone on staff.
We have over 900 people
working at this mall.
This mall's the largest
employer in the community.
Couldn't we discuss this?
Come in first, and there
won't be anything to discuss.
(Engine starting)
(Car driving away)
All of my friends
are going to be so jealous
that I'm gonna be
on national TV.
OK, you do know that
Good Morning Boston
is a regional show, right?
Where is David?
(Siren wailing in distance)
(Cellular ringing)
Where are you?
Good morning to
you too, Miss Walker.
You have to be on in
30 minutes. What is your ETA?
Well, someone locked their...
Let me guess. Your bike.
I could take a bus.
No, that'll take too long.
I'll send you a car.
Why don't you come
pick me up yourself?
Look, a taxi would be quicker.
Well, you remember
what Mr. Hillridge said
about keeping me happy.
I'll be right there.
Make me happy.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
Get in.
I see you had no problem
finding the place.
Are you kidding me?
My mom and I
had our first apartment
right around the corner.
See that place there?
That is where I
beat up Tommy Callahan
because he wouldn't
let the girls play
in the street-hockey game.
You beat up boys?
I see nothing's changed.
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
So, Sexy, tell us, what
was going through your head
when Mrs. Clark passed out
right in front of you?
I wasn't really thinking.
I was more reacting.
And when she came to,
all I could think about was
I didn't want her grandkids
not to have her for Christmas.
(Women): Aw!
And Britney, you get to be
in this guy's arms every night.
You're the luckiest
girl in Boston.
I know.
Hmm! And I saw you guys
on opening night.
And you guys have such
amazing chemistry together.
Does that translate off stage?
Oh, I don't kiss and tell.
All right. When we come back,
exotic pets and the
people who love them.
Ooh, like reindeer.
And we're clear.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, a pleasure.
Really, nice to meet you.
Thank you.
Nice plug, Moretti.
I'll see you tonight.
Wait, wait, I gotta
go to Moretti's.
I gotta do lunch service.
Why don't you ask
Britney for a ride?
'Cause Britney gets lost in
the shoe department at Macy's.
So this is your place.
This was my dad's
favorite place.
I think he even took me
here once or twice.
No kidding.
Well, what's his name?
Maybe I served him or something.
That's unlikely.
He... he left when I was 5.
Well, my son the star.
You saw it.
Of course.
You're a local hero.
Oh! Dad, this
is Jennifer Walker.
My dad.
Hi! His boss.
- Oh! You poor thing.
- Yeah.
If anyone can understand
how difficult a job
that is, it's me.
Come on inside.
We'll make you a pizza.
Um, you know what?
I can't.
I have to get back
to work. But thank you.
You can't do anything
that's not scheduled in
your BlackBerry? Nothing?
I don't take no for an answer.
Come on.
It's true. He doesn't
take no for an answer.
- You have no choice.
- OK, he doesn't take no.
Um, I'd love to help. I just
have to get back to work.
Come on, do something
that's not planned for once.
That is the woman from the mall
David was complaining about.
No, I believe the words
he used were "unlikable bi..."
Uh, well, he sure
seems to like her now.
OK, what kind of pie
do you like to make, huh?
Um, I actually...
That's sweet, but I'm OK.
I don't eat pizza.
It's like carbs.
When I was a kid,
I'd get pepperoni.
- Ah, purist! I like that.
- Mm-hmm.
David, get an apron.
You're gonna learn
how to toss dough.
Oh, no, David, I...
He's the boss, so just do it.
OK. Oh!
(Clearing throat)
I think so.
Flick the wrist then let go.
Flick the wrist and then let go.
It's not too hard.
No, it's good.
You're using too much arm
and not enough wrist.
Gentle, gentle.
(David and father laughing)
Hey, uh, sorry. Pop can get
pretty persistent at times.
No, don't apologize.
He seems sweet.
I'm glad he cares so much.
So that must be your mom.
Yes, it is.
She loved Christmas.
She made this
giant feast every year.
It certainly sounds
like a better Christmas
than I had growing up.
Chinese takeout and
a bottle of wine.
The wine was for my mom, not me.
So is that the plan this year?
Chinese takeout,
bottle of wine with Mom?
Uh, yes to the Chinese takeout.
No to the mom.
She died when I was 17.
I'm sorry, Jen.
But nobody should
spend Christmas alone.
It's just another day.
It's not a big deal.
Are those yours?
Yes, I need to
study whenever I can.
So you what? You work
for your family.
You go to school and
you moonlight at our mall.
I had no idea you
were that ambitious.
Hmm! Because when
you first met me,
you thought I was
a bike messenger.
So I'm not really giving
you that much stock
in your powers of perception.
What's that?
That is a big corporation
trying to put us
out of business.
Come here.
To make room for that
beacon of steel and glass.
How can they do that?
That's how they got
the other local merchants
to give up the fight.
We're the only holdouts.
But we're running out of time.
So you're not
closing Christmas Eve.
Not if I can help it.
This building has
been around forever.
I'm trying to get it designated
a historical landmark.
You think that's gonna work?
Oh, it's gotta work.
I have just enough money
for one last appeal.
And the city council votes
on Christmas Eve. 10:00 a.m.
So that's why you
took the Santa job.
No, I did it for all the
pretty girls and free meals.
(Both laughing)
Hey, listen, um, Pop doesn't
know about the appeal.
He's too proud to ask for help.
That's very noble of you, David.
It's not noble.
It's family.
It's what you're supposed to do.
(Cellular chiming)
Oh no!
No, no, I forgot!
I'm late.
Pop's just about
to fire up a pizza.
I'm sorry, I can't cancel this.
Thank you.
(Door opening)
So, when's the wedding?
(Door closing)
Me and her?
(Laughing softly)
Besides, she's got a boyfriend.
Some corporate bigwig.
Your mom had a boyfriend
when we first met.
I'm just saying.
(Woman laughing)
( Joy to the World on stereo )
Oh, hey!
Sorry. The taping went
later than I thought.
Well, we only have
45 minutes for lunch now.
I ordered you a caprese salad.
I've got a meeting with
the lawyers at 2:00.
We're settling on some
condos in South Carolina.
I thought Hillridge
only invested
in commercial real estate.
Our business plans adapt
whenever there's
good opportunities.
Hey, did, uh, did Hillridge
say anything to you
about shutting down
the lowest-producing malls?
Neal! Why didn't
you tell me?
I'm responsible for the jobs
and the lives of 900 people.
I can't even imagine the effect
it'll have on South Boston
if we closed.
It's not gonna happen.
What about the
petting zoo in New Haven
or the tween concert
series in Paramus?
I can't compete with that.
The petting zoo in New Haven
was a P.R. disaster
after one of the donkeys escaped
And those tweens,
they had to cancel.
Jen, my dear.
You are gonna win
that promotion.
You're gonna come in number one.
You're gonna get out
of that dump.
You're gonna work
with me in corporate.
It's not a dump, Neal.
It's just a figure of speech.
So, I was thinking, um,
I usually celebrate Christmas
with my parents in Aspen.
Why don't you come?
We've been together
for over a year
and you've never
introduced me to them.
Well, they can be
a little hard on newcomers,
but, um, I think it's time.
I have an idea.
What if we do something
fun and romantic for once,
like a pizza-making course
together, just the two of us.
It'll be great.
Well, don't be ridiculous.
I mean, Aspen is the place
to be over the holidays.
I don't wanna upset my parents.
Don't be silly.
I wasn't thinking.
I was more reacting.
Well, when she came through,
all I could think about was
I don't want her grandkids
to spend Christmas without her.
Really happy our sales are up.
The Santa promotion is
working really well,
so we're happy.
Have a good night. Hey!
OK, you either had
a Scarface moment
or you need some
dandruff shampoo, pronto.
No, that's just flour
from David's restaurant.
What? You had lunch
with David? Dish!
OK, calm down. I didn't
have lunch with David.
I dropped him at the pizza place
and then I had lunch with Neal.
Tonight was our best show, yet.
...get those presents
over here
I hear bells
through the snowy night...
Oh my god!
You like him!
Anyway, Neal invited me to Aspen
to have Christmas
with his family.
Wow! Christmas with the
Stepfords, how fabulous!
Well, I'd love to
hear you bash my boyfriend,
but we really need to be
analyzing these numbers,
instead of my love life.
Why, I thought
we were kickin' ass.
I've just been going
over the latest figures,
and it looks like
we've plateaued.
I really need
to keep up the traffic.
I'm sure we'll get a bump from
the television appearance today.
Yes, but is he on Twitter?
Is he on Facebook?
We can't just keep relying on
what we've done in the past.
We really need to push
until we're number one.
You know, if we
weren't best friends,
I'd start to be
a little offended
that you're so desperate
to get this promotion
and get away from us.
If you could just
do your job, please...
Yes, boss.
What are you still doing here?
What are you still doing here?
Had the guys at Jamba Juice
put this in the refrigerator.
I hope you don't
mind cold pizza.
Are you kidding me?
My mom used to work nights.
Cold pizza for breakfast
was a Walker staple.
But I can't.
I know, I know.
The carbs, the carbs.
But think of Leo
when he finds out
that you threw away a perfectly
good Moretti's pizza.
- You wouldn't.
- Oh, I would.
I absolutely would, yeah.
And you don't want to be on the
receiving end of Leo's wrath,
believe me.
So this is what I've been
missing out on all these years.
Amongst other things, yes.
I'm not that uptight, OK?
I once ate an entire vat
of butter-cream frosting
from the food-court bakery
on one of Marissa's dares.
Shut up!
And this one time,
I drove the getaway car
when the Jeremys
decided to T.P.
Marissa's jerky
ex-boyfriend's prized Camaro.
Does Hillridge realize
that he has a criminal
mastermind working for him?
(Both chuckling)
You should smile more.
( O Christmas Tree )
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
Come on!
Come on.
This is what's making
all the noise.
How do you turn it off?
I don't know.
But do you want
to go for a spin?
I... I thought Britney
was your dance partner.
Britney's a great kid.
But Britney is just a kid.
You can tell me
anything, yeah...
Come on.
No, no, no.
This is happening.
No! Let me...
'Cause I love you for you
Take me as I am
So I hope you understand
I'm gonna love you
the same way
As if you were mine
As if I'm always there
The same way
As if you were home to me
Home to me
And I will never leave...
Jen, I'm sorry.
That wasn't...
So much of myself
No, this heart won't belong
to anyone else
I... I can't do this.
Wait. Jennifer!
What are you doing here?
Well, I heard what you
said about being romantic,
so I decided to come down here
and whisk you away for
a little midnight bite,
maybe a hard-earned drink.
That sounds fantastic.
Let me just go freshen up, OK?
I, uh, I didn't know
she had company.
Oh, we were actually
just gonna go out
for a bite of real food.
OK. Well, uh, tell her
I'll see her tomorrow.
You know what, David?
You're doing a wicked job here.
In fact, I'm pretty confident
that Jennifer will win that
promotion in corporate,
where she and I will
be working side by side.
Well, I hope she gets
everything she wants.
She will.
In fact, I'm gonna ask her to
move in with me at Christmas.
And I'd really appreciate it
if you didn't do anything
to stand in our way.
I would never stand in her way.
It's good to hear.
After all, you're nothing more
than a little
Christmas eye candy
that everybody's
gonna fill up on
and get sick of as soon
as Christmas is over.
Was there something else?
We were just leaving.
No. No.
Have a good night.
(Talking, indistinct)
(Talking, indistinct)
Loraine, get me New York.
Mr. Hillridge.
Hi. I just wanted
to show our latest numbers.
I'll take a look at these
when I get a sec. Thanks.
Uh, transfer it
to my office, Lorrain.
Our lawyers will set up
a numbered company
and take care
of all the paperwork.
Thank you.
- Jennifer!
- Hi.
Uh, did we have a lunch date?
No, no, no. I just came by
to drop off the newest reports,
to show Mr. Hillridge how
profitable our mall's becoming.
Well, great.
(Telephone ringing)
Was that Councilman Quinn?
What was going on in there?
Uh, well, I can't
really talk about it.
But it could elevate
the whole Hillridge brand.
I gotta jump on
a call right now,
but, uh, I'll see you tomorrow
night for date night.
(Telephone ringing)
(Cars honking)
I've been eating here
every week for 30 years.
You guys are like family.
I can't believe you're
closing Christmas Eve.
Don't count us out just yet, OK?
The city council's not making
the final vote till the 24th.
We may have a few tricks
up our sleeves. Hmm?
Where's boss lady tonight?
How should I know?
You haven't introduced a girl
to the family in years.
You must really like this one.
I don't introduce
girlfriends to you,
because you're
like vultures, you rip...
See? Now she's
your girlfriend.
No, you took what I said
and spun it around.
David and Jenny
sitting in a tree
(Both laughing)
Pops, they're pickin'
on me again.
What? What's up, Pop.
I just got a call
from the attorney,
the one you hired
to file the appeal.
I, uh, I can explain.
It's all right.
It's OK.
But all that money
just went down the drain.
City council denied the appeal.
What do you mean?
Our hearing was scheduled
for the morning
of Christmas Eve.
They had an emergency meeting.
They're not even gonna
hear the appeal.
So they're not even
gonna listen to us?
I'm gonna go down there
and explain to them
what they're doing.
Son, I really appreciate
what you're trying to do,
but it's over.
It's over.
Mr. Hillridge?
Jennifer, what can I do for you?
I really need to speak
with you about something.
I know! You wanna make sure
I saw your latest figures.
Uh, no. Actually, it's
about Archfield Towers.
Archfield Towers.
I thought saving the jobs of
900 people at South Boston Mall
was your number-one priority.
It was, but...
It is.
You'd be glad to know I've
looked over your reports.
You've now officially
moved up to 2nd place.
We have?
We don't have anything
else to discuss, do we?
Uh, no, sir.
Because you don't get to first
by taking your eye off the ball.
It's not like telling him
will change anything.
Don't you think David
should know he's working
for the very corporation
he's trying to fight?
If I tell David, he might quit
and that's not acceptable
when we're one week away
from Christmas Eve
and when we're one spot away
from being number one.
I don't get you anymore, Jen.
David's family is losing
their livelihood,
and all you stand to lose
is a stupid promotion.
I mean, have you really
gotten that cold?
It's more complicated
than that, Marissa.
Then let me simplify it
for you, OK?
Tell David before you become
someone I don't know
or like at all.
For about 10 years.
(Jeremy): 10 years? Let me
know if you need fashion tips.
- I would love one.
- Here you go.
Hey, David, have you
seen Jennifer?
Who is she and what
did she do to you?
OK, thanks.
If you want my advice,
tell her how you feel.
before things get too weird
and you enter that purgatory
known as the friend zone.
(Jeremy): Give me a call.
I absolutely will.
That's fantastic.
Would you like a drink?
Yes, thanks.
Maybe you should
take your own advice.
David, what are you doing here?
You have to be on in 5 minutes.
I know, but I found
something out today
that put everything
into perspective
and I really need
to talk to you.
Yeah, I did too. There's
something you should know.
I know you have a boyfriend
and I know you're on
this corporate path
that probably doesn't
include someone like me.
Someone like you?
David, anybody would be lucky
to have someone like you!
They denied our request
for an appeal.
What? I thought they weren't
voting until Christmas Eve.
Councilman Quinn ordered
an emergency meeting today.
Councilman Quinn.
They didn't even
let us argue our case
and then I couldn't
go through life
if I didn't do the same for you.
- David, I need to...
- Jen...
You have to admit you felt
something when we kissed.
I know I felt it.
I felt it like a ton of bricks.
I mean, I've never,
ever met anyone
who excites me or frustrates
me as much as you do.
I wanna give this a shot.
David, I don't know
how to tell you this.
Hillridge is behind
Archfield Towers.
He's the reason your family
is going out of business.
Wait, wait. What?
I'm sorry.
Yeah, but you know Hillridge.
You could talk to him, right?
I can't.
My hands are tied.
You knew about this all along?
I introduced you to my family!
How could you do that?
You don't understand.
You're right, I don't
understand anything about you.
I quit.
You can't.
Really? Watch me.
No, it's in your contract.
Hillridge will sue you if
you walk out voluntarily.
You'll lose everything!
I already have.
( Deck the halls )
It's like watching one of
those creepy, robotic Santas
in the department store windows.
I know. I've never
seen David this crushed before.
Trust me, I tried
when I first met him.
At least you can sleep easy,
knowing you did the right
thing by telling him.
Marissa, what's the point?
I mean, we're so different,
it'll never work.
I'm gonna miss you.
(Dancers chattering)
It's so sad.
Like the last day of camp.
Oh, don't, don't.
I'll see you around
the neighborhood.
Hey, and don't forget about
those community college
classes we talked about.
I won't.
Underneath her tough exterior,
Jen really does have a heart.
I know, but it's
buried pretty deep.
Hey, hear her out.
It's not as bad as it seems.
And besides, it's Christmas,
and everyone deserves
a little charity at Christmas.
Yeah, but Jen doesn't
believe in Christmas.
Marissa said, uh, to come get
my check from you.
You were worth every penny.
Glad I could help
advance corporate greed.
That's not what I meant.
I hope you have
a merry Christmas.
I hope when you get
everything you want...
that it was all worth it.
Me to.
(Siren in distance)
You know, I've worked
here my entire life.
I'm gonna look forward
not coming home
at night covered in flour.
I feel like they've
taken our Christmas.
Oh, come on, baby.
No, no, no.
Come on. What did
Mama always say, hmm?
(All 3): A good Christmas
isn't about gifts, it's about...
Family! And nobody can take
that away from us, OK?
So instead of dwelling on
all we lost this year,
let's count our blessings
on all we still have, huh?
A beautiful, healthy family.
Another baby on the way.
You OK?
I just don't understand
how Hillridge could take
Moretti's away from us
and to not even give
it a 2nd thought.
And to think, Dad,
I was part of that machine.
Well, you couldn't
have known anything about it.
Don't beat yourself up over it.
Well, is that the only
thing bothering you?
You told me she said she didn't
know anything about it
and that she was
brutally honest in the past.
Why would she lie
about this now?
People say things
to get what they want.
Hmm... I find it
hard to believe
that it's all about
the bottom line for her.
You know, Jennifer may have
a tough exterior, but...
I thought she was
a real sweetheart.
Jennifer Walker.
Mr. Hillridge.
Did I catch you at a bad time?
Uh, no, this is a perfect time.
I just finished going over
the numbers.
You've really outdone
yourself, Jennifer.
Your holiday revenue is up 25%.
I don't know how you did it.
Wait, does this...
Congratulations, yes.
You are my new V.P.
of Marketing.
Next year, you'll be working
with me at corporate.
You're kidding.
We're number one?
Uh, there's just one more thing.
I'm gonna need you to spearhead
the closing of the mall first.
Excuse me?
Don't worry, H.R.
will be in touch
about setting up
exit interviews.
Wait, you said that
if we came in number one
the mall would be safe.
Those numbers
aren't sustainable,
not without Christmas,
not without our Santa.
Look, Mr. Hillridge,
these are good people.
They need their jobs.
We will do a final
inventory January 31st
before making the announcement.
We gotta keep everyone
on their toes.
No, sir! Please just...
Look, don't let this overshadow
what you've
accomplished, Jennifer.
You've given yourself the
best Christmas present possible.
We'll celebrate at
the party tonight.
See you then.
Merry Christmas to me.
Is that Kate?
She's getting so big.
8 years old.
Can you believe it?
She made me take her
to see Santa about 5 times.
I think she's starting
to discover boys.
Heaven help me.
Hey, Jen.
on the promotion!
- Whee!
- We hate to see you go.
But what an exciting
Christmas surprise.
Um, I hope you don't mind,
but David invited us
to the Moretti
closing party tonight.
Oh, um, no!
Go, please, by all means.
I mean, have fun.
I have to stay with
the suits all night.
Listen, we know
you already have on
that boring, black dress,
but now that you're
the V.P. of marketing,
we thought you should
have something
with a little more fab factor.
(Marissa): Ta-da!
(All laughing)
God! That's gorgeous, but...
What? What's wrong?
I'm... I'm just really
gonna miss you guys.
Aw, Jen!
We're family.
And, hey, even though
you're moving downtown,
does not mean
you can't come here
and help me kill a dozen
Cinnabon every now and then.
Come here.
Love and laughter
Aw! Group hug! Group hug!
What comes after Christmas
candles lose their glow?
Where's the spirit
of the season
Celebrated long ago?
Why can't there be
A Christmas carol
Sung in your heart
The whole year through?
Look all around you
To discover...
Merry Christmas.
Welcome to the party.
Is that the Grinch
or Jennifer Walker
trying to sneak by Santa?
Hi, Jim.
I guess I deserve that, huh?
Look, if it means anything,
I feel really bad about
how I treated you.
I appreciated that.
I, uh, miss all my old
friends at the mall.
But, hey, I hear
congratulations are in order.
Looks like you got everything
you wanted for Christmas.
(Car honking)
Thanks, Jim.
( Jazz )
(All chattering)
I've been trying
to call you all day.
Where have you been?
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
You got what you always wanted,
a promotion to corporate.
Why aren't you celebrating?
They're closing the mall, Neal.
How can I celebrate,
knowing the people that
helped me get my promotion
will be out of jobs
by the new year?
It's collateral damage.
Don't worry. They'll
find something else.
You knew?
I know everything that
happens at Hillridge.
Come on, babe. Be happy!
Besides, you're not the only
one celebrating a promotion.
You are looking at the new
senior V.P. of Strategy.
Hillridge rewards
Is that what you call
brokering deals
with corrupt politicians?
Hillridge would never invest
in residential real estate.
You bribed the councilman,
didn't you?
We needed him to kill
the merchant's appeal
in order to push the Archfield
Towers development through.
Jen, we both did what we had
to do to get our promotion.
Don't look at me like that.
Well, maybe I don't
like what I see anymore.
I guess you call that
collateral damage.
Welcome, everyone.
To Hillridge Enterprises annual
executive holiday gathering.
But my first order
of business tonight
is to congratulate
our newest vice president,
Jennifer Walker.
She's a long-time employee,
having started out here as
a floater at the age of 17.
And her victory
was made possible
by a brilliant re-branding
of our holiday business model,
with the success
of her South Boston Santa.
Jennifer, a few words.
Oh! Well done!
Christmas was nothing more to me
than one of the biggest retail
opportunities of the year.
But as someone very wise said...
Christmas isn't about
sales reports or profits.
It's about family.
And since I really have
none to speak of,
the people of South Boston Mall
have become my family.
And collateral damage or not...
I can't just sit back
and celebrate the destruction
of that family.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
(Man): Jennifer!
Jennifer. Do you have any
idea what you're doing?
You close South Boston Mall
and I'll go public
with your backroom deals.
You don't wanna
play that game with me.
You should be proud, sir.
I learned from the best.
And while you're at it,
find a new home for
Archfield towers.
Doesn't fit in
the neighborhood.
Merry Christmas.
(Car honking)
Are you OK?
No, I... I can't get a cab
and I have to get to Old Town
before Christmas Eve is over.
Well, hold on.
I'll help you.
Why would you help me?
I... I probably
ruined your Christmas.
You can't ruin my Christmas!
Christmas is about
family, remember?
Merry Christmas, Santa.
Merry Christmas.
Moretti's Pizza.
( Jingle Bells )
I tried that!
Hi, there!
You must be David's brother!
Yes, younger and sexier.
You know, next year I will be
in charge of hiring sexy Santa.
So you wanna give me
a little preview
of what you got goin' on
in there?
I don't think you can handle
what I got goin' on in here.
Is that right?
That one.
( Jazz )
My mom's making me a
Christmas Tofurkey tomorrow.
You wanna come by?
I'll bring the soy eggnog.
You read my mind.
Great minds think alike.
I think about the day
There you go.
The first time that
we kissed in the rain...
Hey, big guy.
Hey, um, got an early
Christmas present for you.
And you don't need to thank me.
So, I want you to take this
and I want you
to put this towards
opening Moretti's
in a new location.
I've had a good run, son.
Don't worry about your old man.
I've lived through a lot worse
and I'm still here.
Keep it and you put it down
as down payment for med school.
It's what your mom
would've wanted.
Well, it's almost midnight.
Wanna help me take down
the Moretti's sign?
Thought it might look nice
hanging over the couch.
I can't.
I've lost so much lately,
I don't...
I don't think I could
dismantle the place.
Sorry, Pop.
Jen! Why aren't you
celebrating your promotion?
Some things are more important
than what's listed
on your 10-year plan.
Marissa, I'm sorry
I've been such a bad friend
these past few months.
Hey! We're best friends.
Forget it!
Come here!
Where's David?
He went home.
So should you.
Don't mind him.
You want David?
Follow me.
There he is.
What are you doing here?
I turned down the promotion.
I honestly didn't know
Hillridge was behind Archfield
Towers until recently.
But I should have
told you immediately.
I know, but I didn't want
to make the same mistake again.
So when I found that Hillridge
bribed Councilman Quinn
with a condo
in South Carolina...
I told him he wasn't
gonna get away with it.
You did all this for Moretti's?
I did it because it's
the right thing to do.
And I did it for you.
What? So...
Could you just let me speak or
I'll never get this out, OK?
We got off on the wrong foot.
The wrong planet, actually.
You bring out something in me
that I have never felt before.
I used to think that Christmas
was just another day.
I don't want to spend another
Christmas alone at home.
I want to spend it with family.
I want to spend it with you.
OK, you can speak now.
Stop telling me what to do.
Stop packing.
Stop packing, stop packing,
stop packing!
David, what's going on?
Well, thanks to Jen,
we are saving Moretti's!
Evergreen tips...
Isn't that great?
How can that be?
We'll explain everything.
If I'll sleep
All right. Grab that.
Under the Christmas tree
On three.
One, two, three!
Fa la la la la la
It's a beautiful world
We're all here...
- So I have a question.
- Hmm?
Now that I've saved
the restaurant,
does that mean I get to cut to
the front of the pizza line?
Warming by an open fire
Merry Christmas, Jennifer.
Open fire
Merry Christmas, Santa.
And now we're making angels
out of silver wire
Silver wire
Beautiful world
(Both laughing)
It's a beautiful world
Fa la la la la
It's a beautiful world
And we're all here
Your winter skin
Warming by an open fire
Open fire
And now we're making angels
out of silver wire
Silver wire
Beautiful world
It's a beautiful world