Desperation Road (2023) Movie Script

[soft music playing]
- [birds chirping]
- [rustling]
[soft music playing]
[Maben] It's like you
wake up one day
and you're just here...
like a stone thrown
into this world.
But you don't know
who threw it,
or which direction
it came from...
[playful howling]
"Go back to Mississippi,"
you think.
Maybe there will be
a miracle...
some way to begin again...
- All right, turn
this side of your head.
- No.
Oh, look at how dirty
that is.
[Maben] I wish it was true.
God, I wish it was true.
[phone book rattles]
[Analee] Mama?
[Maben] Yeah, baby?
[Analee] Are we
in Mississippi yet?
Yeah, we are.
Can we stop walking now?
You said once we got
to Mississippi,
we could stop walking.
Is that what I said?
We're gonna get
a place real soon,
Now you got to go
to sleep,
and you better dream about
that chocolate ice cream
that you had.
- Mama?
- Yeah.
Tell me about Mississippi
Mm... okay.
[sniffs] Mississippi...
was your daddy's
favorite place.
- Did you know that?
- No.
He was born
and raised here,
and he swore
he'd never leave.
He said that Mississippi
was the place of miracles.
You think he'll give us
our miracle?
[Maben] Yeah, I do.
I think he's...
...out there,
watching us...
making sure
that we're doing okay.
- I love you.
- Mm, I love you too, baby.
- Good night.
- You gotta go to sleep.
- Okay. Good night.
- Good night.
[somber music playing]
[traffic passing by]
[siren whoops]
[patrol car door closes]
- What are you doing?
- Going back to my room.
Excuse me. I just wanna
have a conversation
with you, ma'am.
Please don't disrespect me.
Thank you.
Now I'm guessing
you know it's not legal
to go in them trucks
and do them dirty things.
I didn't go
in no truck.
Now I saw you
coming down
off them steps.
Ned called us.
All right? He's tired
of y'all trashing up
his parking lot.
See, this here
is a family establishment.
Well, I didn't do
nothin', so...
- Y'all never do.
- What are you doin'-- Hey!
I told you
that I didn't do--
I didn't do anything!
[Maben arguing in distance]
- What're you doin'?!
- [Clint grunting]
I got a kid in there, okay?
- You can't do this.
- Shut your damn mouth!
- I got a kid in there!
- Shut your damn mouth!
[breathing heavily]
- Hey... hey!
- [car door closes]
Hey. I have my daughter
in the room
and you can't leave her
in there, so...
- And I'm telling you
the truth.
- Aw shucks.
See, I didn't leave her.
You did.
- [sobbing]
- Oh, stop crying.
Now you're not
going to jail.
And if you were,
I'd have cuffed you
You just sit back
and relax.
And if you're
a good little girl,
if you're quieter
than a little church mouse,
you might even get back
to your kid quicker
than you think.
[distant train horn]
Now I know you know
I'm about to come back there.
A girl like you
shouldn't mind.
- [rustling]
- See?
I ain't gonna hurt you.
Maybe we could even
be friends.
How about
a little mood lighting?
[switch clicks]
That better?
[car door opens]
[tense music playing]
Take off them dirty shoes.
[shoes falling]
Good girl.
Now the rest.
Now swing them legs
over to me.
There you go.
If you wanna see
that motel room again...
you better goddamn behave.
[belt buckle clinks]
[tense music playing]
I wouldn't worry about that.
We ain't done just yet.
- You hear me?!
- [gasps]
Take it back off.
I thought that was
what you wanted.
Yeah, it was.
I did what you
told me to do.
And you said that you would
take me back to my kid.
What do you think
would happen
if that kid's momma
got picked up
for prostitution,
kid left there alone
in that shitty motel room?
There's no food
or nothing in there either.
- Huh?
- [phone line ringing]
Hey, old boy.
Got us
some new entertainment.
Well, why don't you
come on out
and I'll show you?
[Clint laughing]
Same spot.
Y'all can both come.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Gon' be a party!
We're gonna have us
some company.
You want me to go out
on the hood
and wait for 'em?
Now that's
the spirit!
And why not?
Be a nice
hood ornament.
Don't put nothin' on.
[Clint whistling]
Come on, then.
[resumes whistling]
Ain't got all night.
[winces] It's hot.
Can I get my shirt
to sit on?
Go on.
Hurry up.
- [whistling]
- [suspenseful music playing]
[Clint laughing]
Whoa, now.
Are you
fuckin' kidding me?
Don't you know not
to play with guns,
girl, huh?
That ain't a toy.
Put it down!
[casings clinking]
[dramatic music playing]
[passing car honking]
[Analee screaming]
[crying, screaming]
I know, baby, hang on.
- [sobbing]
- [Analee wailing]
It's okay.
Hey, baby.
Hey, I'm here, baby.
It's okay, shh...
- [wailing continues]
- I know, I know,
I'm so sorry.
[dramatic music continues]
[soft music playing]
[distant honking]
[brakes squealing]
[bus hisses]
[bag rustling]
Welcome home.
- [grunts]
- [groans]
[grunting continues]
[blows and kicks landing]
[Larry] They let you out
- [Russell coughing]
- ...but you still owe,
- You still owe.
- [man] Hey!
Hey, stop it right there
or I'll call the law.
- [Walt] Well,
call 'em, asshole!
- I will call them.
Just back off and go on!
[Larry] Don't you worry.
You ain't
out of my reach, boy.
You all right, man?
Home, sweet fucking home.
[soft music playing]
[water splashing]
Hey, there,
old man.
[deep sigh]
Heads up
would have been nice.
Told you I was
getting out soon.
Well, I could've
come pick you up.
Nah, I didn't want
to bother you.
Nah, it weren't
no bother.
[chokes up] Ahem.
This here's Consuela.
- Es mi hijo.
- S. Same eyes.
- [chuckles]
- Mucho gusto.
Nice to meet you.
Speaking of eyes,
what happened to your face?
Just a little going away
present from the boys
on the inside,
- I suppose.
- Hmm.
I figure he could use
a little meat
on his bones.
This woman can cook.
Come on, you look like
you need something to eat.
Come here.
- Jeez, I just walked
all the way over here.
- Oh, hell.
Where'd she
come from?
I went to visit
your uncle Clive
down in Bogalusa.
I saw her working
in a sugar cane field.
Big brown eyes
kept watching me
everywhere I went,
and she kept
laughing at me.
Anyway, I figured
I'd go and ask her
why she was laughing.
I mean, you should've seen
how he had them workers livin',
in them ratty shacks,
and... she didn't have
nobody and neither did I, so...
I asked her if she wanted
to come and stay with me,
and she said yes
and she's been here
ever since.
- And the rest is history.
- Yep.
You're speaking
Spanish now.
Muy poco ,
but she gets it.
I'll bet she does,
you sly dog.
It ain't like that.
You get your mind
out of the gutter.
Where she sleep?
Um, in your old room,
in the barn.
- You liar.
- Oh, gimme that.
[Mitchell chuckles]
[Mitchell sighs]
It got awful quiet here
when your mama passed.
Some nights I'd sit
out here and...
it sounded as if the world
had come to an end.
I tried to quit
feeling bad about it.
I hope your mama
Oh, I can't figure
she'd mind.
You can't feel any worse
about her than I do.
I know it hurt her
me being where I was
while she was dying.
Well, she loved you.
And that's all that matters.
I wrote you a bunch
of letters I didn't send.
You know, I figured
you didn't need
the extra weight.
You didn't need more shit,
mine or anyone else's.
Well, that's okay.
I'm here now.
Give me all the shit
you got.
[Mitchell chuckles]
[object rattles]
You still got
that old thing, huh?
You talkin'
about the Bible?
She and I sit out here,
helps her
with her English.
She reads.
Just like you and me
used to read when you
was learnin', remember?
- Yeah, I remember.
- You used to love
those old stories.
Daniel in the lion's den
was your favorite.
I don't really believe
in none of that no more.
What, that the lions
didn't eat him?
Nah. I don't believe
in none of it.
I used to go
to these prison chapel
meetings sometimes.
An old white-haired preacher,
a bunch of outlaws
sittin' in all
these folding chairs,
yelling their hallelujahs.
Preacher'd get up,
give his sermon.
And everybody get
to take turns,
getting up at the pulpit,
give their testimonies.
"Yes, I stole."
"Yes, I raped."
"Yes, I beat the shit
out of my fellow man."
"But now I found
the love of God,
now I see the light."
And so on, and so on,
and all their clappings
and "amens," and shit,
and I just didn't care
for it, so I stopped going.
Do you think it's fair?
What? Do I think
what's fair?
Well, that man can get
into the magic Kingdom
no matter what they done,
as long as they say
the magic words.
Words have power
if you mean them.
And it doesn't matter
what you and me think
is fair.
This Good Book
tells me that the door
is always open.
Let me ask you something.
How's what you did
'Cause I made
one big fucking mistake!
And I didn't mean it.
They meant it.
Damn right.
And you ain't them.
You made
a big fucking mistake
and you did
your time for it.
Well, in whose eyes?
Mine? Theirs?
I have an accident,
I get swooped away
and locked away
behind these bars.
Don't get to show
my remorse,
get my sorrys
to nobody that I hurt.
Ain't you, ain't me,
ain't nobody out there
just gonna snap
their fingers
and instill some sort
of forgiveness in me.
Son, you're being
awful damn hard
on yourself.
I got to believe
we can be forgiven.
'Cause if we can't, well,
then we're all fucked.
[Mitchell chuckles]
It was them boys that did
that to your face,
wasn't it?
Waitin' at the bus stop,
soon as I pulled in.
Yeah, fuckin' Larry.
Got you set up
at, uh,
one of my places there
at, uh, Michigan Avenue.
Here's your car keys,
got the keys to the place--
It's that old place
we put the shutters on,
you remember?
Oh, I know.
How could I forget?
Yeah, but, uh, listen,
why don't you
just stay out here,
you give those fellas
some time to cool off?
Oh, they ain't
coolin' off
any time soon.
'Sides, they know
where you live.
They can pull up the driveway
just as easy as I can.
I ain't bringin' that
out here.
Well, I've got
something for you.
Hang on to these.
Here. [sighs]
I don't recall anything
about no hunting rifle
in the New Testament.
Well, you can only turn
so many cheeks,
and I only got four, so...
I'd be breaking
about two dozen laws
just by having it.
I'd feel a whole lot better
knowing you're safe.
- Ain't gon' be that bad.
- Well, you don't know
how it's gonna get.
[soft music playing]
[Russell] Do you ever think
about that moment?
That moment I got
a little too big, too old,
too heavy for you to carry?
You think to yourself,
"Goddamn! I can't carry
my son no more."
You don't have to carry me
no more, Dad.
[bag thuds]
I'll be okay.
- [door bell jingles]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [waitress indistinct]
- Thank you.
Shot of Bug, please.
[pool balls clatter]
- [whooping]
- [bottles clinking]
[muffled screaming]
[breathing heavily]
- [insects chirping]
- [soft music continues]
[siren whoops]
Get out of the truck!
Show me your hands!
Get that goddamn thing
out of my face, Boyd!
Well, I'll be damned!
- When'd you get home?
- Noon.
- Noon today?
- Noon today.
Give me some love, man.
Don't stand there.
- All right.
- [both grunting]
[both chuckling]
Stop it.
We grown now. You can't be
lifting me up like that.
- Oh, I got you.
- [Boyd laughs]
Well, talk to me.
How was it?
About what you can imagine,
'cept way fucking worse.
How's Lacey? She still
turning backflips?
God no! She couldn't put
her right leg
in that old cheerleader
outfit if she wanted to.
[both laugh]
You gotta love her,
though, man. You got to.
So what's goin' on here?
[Boyd] Ain't no point
in keeping it a secret.
Be on the news
One of our own shot
with his own pistol,
which we can't seem
to find.
- Shit.
- [distant train horn]
Anyone I know?
Nah, this guy came down
from Tupelo or somewhere
a year or two back.
Been on thin ice
ever since he got here.
So I wouldn't be surprised
if something ain't catch
back up to his ass.
Just hate for Lacey
to find out about this one.
She stays worried enough
about me, you know?
Oh, I bet.
Well, they're gonna ask me
if I checked you out, so...
I gotta check you out,
see what's in the truck.
Okay, yeah.
Open it up.
Russ, you ain't been out
24 hours.
Shit, man! You know
you ain't supposed
to have no gun.
Just got out
of the damn cage, Boyd.
You don't know
what that feels like.
- You wanna go back
to the cage?
- No.
Didn't think so,
so if I was you,
get in the truck
and call it a night.
Yes, officer.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Brenda] This is it.
You have the whole place
to yourselves.
The doors lock
at 8 p.m.
If you go out,
you need a password
to get in.
Oh, hey, you wait.
You let me help you
get up there.
Well, let me help
put your bags away.
No. We're good.
Is, uh...
Is there anything
I can do for-for work?
I mean, I'll do
just about anything.
There's a bar
up the road
where you can help
with the dishes
and work in the kitchen.
Now, it ain't much,
but he pays out
at the end of the day.
Can I work today?
You look
like you need a break.
I don't.
You sure nobody's
following you?
We get that.
Didn't you tell her
that she could have
a hot dog?
- You want a hot dog?
- Come on, baby.
[somber music playing]
[birds chirping]
Sometimes I have a hard time
remembering how old he'd be.
I ride by here
just to remind myself.
You ever do that?
I could say
at anytime...
exactly how old
he'd be.
Twenty-five years,
three months.
Yeah, I wish
I could do that.
It's all right.
You got a busy life,
you got a family.
Ain't nobody blamin' you.
I remember enough
for the both of us.
Why do you always
do that?
His toll.
To bring him home.
There's always
a price to pay.
I like that.
Man, it's no wonder
these boys are stacked
like brick houses,
you feedin' them like that.
Well, they're hearty eaters.
Well, I thank you
much, Lacey.
That was damn good.
We're just glad
you're home.
I'm just glad these boys
took after you.
- [laughs] Your mouth
to God's ears.
- [Boyd] Hey, now.
Oh, I see
you're up to mischief.
[glasses clink]
- 'Bout that time?
- [dishes rattling]
Don't act
like you don't know.
[Boyd sighs]
Why the hell
you didn't call me
knowing you was getting out?
You know I would've drove
down there and got you.
You know it don't work
like that.
Tsk, see, uh...
that's where you're wrong.
I got special privileges.
Flash 'em the old badge.
[both laughing]
- Special privileges.
- Well, I'll just
show 'em mine.
That didn't work
- And it's bigger.
- [Boyd laughing]
Always has been,
always will be.
All fools.
Tsk. Larry had it figured.
That's what happened
to your face?
Sure is.
How serious do you think
the brothers are?
Oh, I don't know
how serious they are
I know Larry's
pretty serious
all on his own.
You want me to go
say something?
- 'Cause you know I will.
- No. Shit, no.
I've dealt with way worse
since the last time
I saw you.
Besides, Larry's
just a puppy dog,
comparatively speaking.
Yeah, an aggravating,
puppy dog, though.
There's a big difference.
Well, you know...
How you doin'?
You doin' okay?
Doing good.
Russ, come on.
How you really doin'?
Thought I'd feel
a little different.
Feels good
all at the same time, but...
I don't know.
You seen her yet?
No, not yet.
But it's a small town,
I'm bound to run into her
sooner or later.
[chuckles] Man...
We burned up a lot of miles
and a lot of time
out on those roads.
I missed that.
Turns out,
I missed you too, bro.
Oh, don't get
all gushy on me.
I missed you too,
I knew it.
I knew it.
[insects chirping]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [tapping on flask]
[cuts engine]
[curtain rings rattle]
[light thud]
[tense music playing]
[birds chirping]
[door creaks]
[Russell] How long
have you been here?
[Sarah] All morning.
Hadn't gotten up
the courage to knock.
You look the same.
- [laughs] Please.
- You do.
Well... you look like
you could use a hot meal.
You know, people
keep saying that to me,
but nobody's offered
to buy me any dinner.
[Sarah chuckles softly]
You all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
[sighs] Oh, yes.
I'm all right.
I bet your daddy's happy
that you're home.
I was sorry
about your mama.
[sniffles] Yeah, boy.
Sure would've been nice
for her to see me make it.
I bet she's smiling.
Hurricane last night.
[laughing] I bet.
That hurricane
got a name?
Oh, they usually do.
You still mad
at me?
I told you then
like I'll tell you now.
Ain't nothing
to be mad about.
Seems like you told me
the same thing.
I knows it.
I just wondered.
I'm the one that told you
to stop coming to see me.
But I'm the one
who agreed.
How many kids?
I got twin boys
and a little girl.
How old?
My boys are four
and the girl is two.
Man, all I want to do
is hold your hand right now.
Just for one minute.
[melancholy music playing]
[Sarah sniffles]
[Sarah sobbing]
There's a whole lot
between us now.
[sighs] A whole lot...
I can't keep it
But it's yours.
It was.
I gotta go.
[melancholic music continues]
[dishes clatter]
[soft music playing]
[Maben] Hello.
- Mommy!
- [laughs]
Hi, baby. Thank you
for watching her.
- What are you doing?
- Coloring.
Red? Too scary.
Too scary.
- Purple!
- Yeah!
Purple, a really
nice light...
- shade of purple.
- Yeah.
[Analee] Tell me about Daddy.
You have his eyes.
- I do?
- Mm-hmm.
And he would've been
able to make you
laugh so hard
that I think
you would've broken ribs.
[Maben chuckles]
And he was just...
so real.
And so kind.
And he was my first everything.
And together
we made you.
And you're...
the most important thing
in the whole world,
do you know that?
[soft music playing]
- Analee... Analee,
where's our stuff?
- Yeah?
In there?
Who told you
to empty the bag?
I-I-I didn't do it.
The lady did.
- Get on your shoes.
- [stammering] What for?
Do what I say
and put your shoes on
and get your stuff.
But I don't wanna go!
Baby, shh! I know
you wanna stay here,
- but we gotta go.
- W-what's happening?
Just listen to me.
Do what I say
and put your shoes on.
And get the rest
of your stuff over there.
- You said we could
stop walking...
- I know what I said.
- ...once we got
to Mississippi--
- Hey! Baby!
Look at me. I love you.
I'm gonna take care of you,
but you gotta do
what I'm telling you
to do right now.
Do you get it?
- Mommy, where are we going?
- [shushes]
I want my crayons.
- Mommy!
- Shh!
Okay, this way.
Okay. Now you have
to be so quiet.
No talking.
We're playing
the silent game
- and you wanna win, right?
- Yeah.
I want my crayons.
- You're gonna lose
if you say anything.
- [quietly] Okay.
[Brenda on phone]
I don't know...
[Analee sneezes loudly]
I found it
unpacking their clothes.
I get the feeling
they're in some kind
of trouble.
[breathing heavily] Okay.
Okay, listen to me,
baby girl.
Mommy messed up,
I messed up really bad.
Big mistake.
But you wanna stay
with Mommy, right?
'Cause I really want
to stay with you
and, if we're gonna
stay together,
we have to go right now.
And you have to do exactly
what I'm about to tell you
to do, okay?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Analee whispering]
Can we go yet?
[Maben] Okay.
Okay. Go. Go!
[phone ringing]
[Brenda] Hello?
Wait. Where's Analee?
She's not in the room?
Is the mother back?
[distant clattering]
[door opens]
Analee, is that you,
Is anyone there?
[dramatic music playing]
[grunting, panting]
[lighter clicks]
- [Maben] Don't move.
- [gun clicks]
Get in the truck.
Will you get
in the truck?
- All right?
- I'm goin'.
Hurry up.
Okay, just turn on
the car.
Turn on the car
and drive!
- [engine turns over]
- Where?
Just-just go.
Get a-- Get away
from the lights.
North, go North.
- Mama?
- Yeah, baby.
I gotta pee
really badly.
Okay, how bad
do you have to pee?
- Really badly.
Can we stop, please?
- We'll find her a place.
I got a place
for you to pee.
And you can lower
that pistol as well.
Lot of potholes out here,
don't need you
accidentally shooting me.
Didn't come this far
to have it read
on my tombstone
"Accidentally shot
by some woman."
If I shoot you,
it's not an accident.
Tsk. Understood.
[vehicle pulls over]
[sets parking brake]
You hurry up. Okay?
Go pee fast--
No. No!
Fucking give that
back to me.
Oh, I think
I'll hold on to that.
[gun clicking]
This ain't your gun.
Can you just
give me back that gun?
You can empty it out,
I don't care, just--
- Just give it back to me.
- I will...
when you tell me
who it belongs to.
- [Maben sighs]
- [rain pattering]
I tried to fix all this...
before it even started.
You know,
I went down...
to this place in New Orleans
when I found out
I was pregnant.
I thought it was
the right thing to do.
Maybe it was.
But as I--
As I was sittin' there,
in that room, waiting,
and I don't know,
I just started thinking
that, you know,
maybe everything
was going to be okay.
[voice breaking] I've tried
so fucking hard...
You know, I actually
didn't even know a person
could, uh...
could try that hard.
[sniffs] But you know, uh...
[sniffs] nowhere worked out.
Not Shreveport, not...
not Beaumont,
not Lake Charles, and...
I can't feed her.
[weeping] I can't put
clothes on her.
I can't give her
a fucking place to sleep
and now this.
So yeah... [sniffles] Uh...
If you could just
leave us here...
And what about
your family?
What about her daddy?
What about your mama?
[smacks lips]
Not everybody
has somebody.
[rain pattering]
So where to now?
I'll make you a promise.
I'll drive you anywhere,
within reason.
But we're gonna
take a rest tonight.
[Maben] I knew
it wasn't gonna end.
All I could see
was her face.
Thinking that I'd left her,
thinking that nobody
in the whole world
cared about her.
So I stole his gun
and I shot him.
I shot him
until he wasn't movin'
no more.
But you don't look
like a killer to me.
I've seen plenty,
I know what they look like.
[fire crackling]
[cigarette rustling in box]
Why are you holdin' on
to that gun, anyway?
You know that damn thing
gon' bury you.
If there's one thing
in the world
that could bury you...
would you wanna know
where it was?
What's your name?
- [insects chirping]
- [soft music playing]
[grunting softly]
Got her?
You guys just sleep in here.
I'll take the back.
My name's Maben.
I'm Russell.
You gotta be kiddin' me.
Cody, boy.
Big papa's home.
Hey. Hey, I--
Look, I know
that it's--
- You're not supposed
to be here.
- [stammering] I-I know.
- I know, I know.
- Go on, Larry.
Go on. Come on.
Look, look,
is-is he here?
- Is Cody here?
- 'Course he's here.
- Could I-could I see him
for a minute?
- Oh, Larry.
- It's the middle of the night.
- Baby, baby, please, please.
No, it's the middle
of the night.
I just wanna see him
for a minute.
I see you've been drinking.
Yeah. Yeah,
I've been drinking.
I just got
one question, okay?
Is-is-is he still
playing Little League?
- [sighs]
- Is he still playing?
Is he-is he--
Is he swinging the bat
like his Daddy showed him?
[sobbing] He's too big
for Little League, Larry!
You'd know that
if you saw him.
Well, fuck!
You won't let me see him.
That ain't fuckin' fair!
What are you talking about,
"if I saw him"?
I've been tryin' to see him,
that's why I'm here!
Get sober
and you can see
your son.
- That's what I said.
- [yelling] I'm fuckin' trying!
- Not hard enough!
- Cody, boy!
You fuckin' be quiet!
We got a restraining order.
I don't wanna have to call
somebody, please.
Who the fuck
you gonna call?
You fuckin' call 'em!
I remember
that restraining order.
Fuck you!
- Call! You call!
- I will fuckin' call
somebody out here.
I will call
somebody out here.
You get out! Get out!
- You hear that, boy?
- [door opens]
- Your Daddy's out here,
trying to see you!
- [door closes]
Don't ever fuckin' say
I didn't try, boy!
[sniffles] Don't ever say
I didn't fuckin--
[somber music playing]
- [distant howling]
- [sniffs]
[loud howling]
[howling continues]
- [birds chirping]
- Baby girl.
[both speaking indistinct]
- Time to wake up.
- Okay.
- Did you sleep okay?
- Yeah.
I have a present for you.
- You do?
- Yeah, I forgot about it
until I was lookin'
at you while you were asleep.
- In all
of your favorite colors.
- Thank you, mama.
- Thank you, mama.
- [chuckles]
- [grunts]
- All right, who wants
to get out of here
and go get a bite to eat
for breakfast?
I got us a plan.
What's the plan?
I know a place you can go.
Somewhere safe.
If I'm gonna trust you,
you're gonna have
to trust me.
We're gonna get
a little bite to eat, huh?
Oh, we'll fill that belly.
- [truck door opens]
- Sleep all right?
[truck door closes]
- [Boyd] G'morning, Mr. Gaines.
- [Mitchell] Boyd!
You happen to see Russell
this morning?
Uh, not yet.
Any idea where he is?
No, I was looking for 'im.
You went by the house?
I did, I did,
saw the windows.
Is that what this is about?
After we found our man,
Russell came drivin' up.
Just him, nobody else
all night, way out there,
so... I gotta ask him
about it, that's all.
Maybe he mighta seen
something that we're not?
- That's it?
- That's it, I swear.
I'm sorry to hear
about your man.
Thank you. Yeah.
Well, I just need his eyes.
Just have him call me, please?
I will. Oh, and Boyd.
Um, keep an eye
on them boys, will you?
Especially Larry.
I can guarantee it was him
that busted out them windows.
They already put a knot
on the side of his head
when they met him
at the bus station.
I'll pay attention.
Thanks, Boyd.
[insects chirping]
[Russell] You girls
sit tight here.
Got some company.
Oh, it's good to see
you're still breathing.
You gotta remember
there's people
give a shit about you.
What the hell
is going on?
I mean, the place
was all busted up,
I assume you didn't do it.
I ain't worried
about none of that
right now.
I'm gonna ask you a question,
all I need is a yes or no.
I need that old place
in the barn for them.
I'll explain
everything later.
Boyd was snooping around,
I mean, something
you ain't tellin' me.
Yes or no,
that's all I need.
Oh, yeah, there's something
you ain't telling me.
All right, well,
I got your back.
But you got-- you know,
don't keep me
in the dark here.
I want you to pretend
it's that first time
you saw Consuela...
and you did what you did
because you thought
it was right.
- [exhales sharply]
- They look hungry.
I make food.
Very kind of you,
Consuela. Thank you.
One more thing.
Don't tell anyone
they're here.
Well, I'm not
a complete idiot.
[barn doors rumbling]
- [Maben] It's pretty big.
- Well...
Here it is.
Go on in.
Bet you probably expected
something to go moo
when you came in then.
[Maben chuckles]
Hopefully this is
comfortable for y'all.
Bathroom is
right over there.
Don't judge a book
by its cover.
It's nice.
I'll get you
maybe some water.
I know your mama
probably said...
there's no jumping
on the bed.
Well, if there's one bed
in this whole world
that you can jump off,
it's this one.
You jump on that
with everything
your life's got to give.
- [Analee] Okay.
- I don't hear you jumping.
[Analee giggles]
Thank you!
- [pensive music playing]
- [bird cawing]
[Mitchell] All right,
slow and steady.
- Okay!
- Look, mama!
I caught another one.
Look at that!
Call it beginner's luck!
Could've used
this kid as bait!
[Analee laughs]
You gonna catch
another one
out here?
We're working on it.
- [Analee] Trying to.
- What's even out there, huh?
[Analee] Catfish.
[Russell] Hey, Mama.
I'm home.
I'm doing somethin' right now
that I think is right.
I'm helpin' someone.
I know you're watching over me.
I'll try and do right by you.
Anyways, I just wanted
to say I love you.
I love you more than anything.
[cheers and applause]
There he is! There's my boy!
You swing, motherfucker!
Swing it!
Swing at those fuckin'
fastballs, Cody!
How many times
I done told you?
How many times
I done told you?
- Huh? You swing--
- Hey! What are you
doing here?
- Hey! How you doin', Dana?
- You can't be here.
- I can be-- I can watch
my fuckin' boy--
- No, you can't!
- You can't be here...
- Shut the fuck up!
- ...and you know it!
- Get the fuck--
I ain't gonna fuckin'--
- I ain't gonna fuckin'
hurt nobody!
- Don't do this here!
- [crying] Please, Larry!
- Hey, get over here, boy.
Hey! You get over here, boy.
- You don't need
to talk to him, Cody!
- Shut the fuck up!
You shut up!
Don't talk to him, Cody!
What you doin' out there,
boy? You swing
at those fastballs.
- You don't take 'em.
- I'm tryin' to play.
Look, I'll come down here.
I'll show you how to play.
- I'll show you how to play.
- I don't need your help.
That's not
what it looks like, boy.
Hey... hey!
- Hey!
- [Cody] I ain't
talkin' to you!
You ain't talkin' to me?
You ain't talkin' to me?!
You ain't talkin' to me?!
You ain't talkin' to me?!
I'm your goddamn father,
What kind of boy don't talk
to his own goddamn father?!
What kind of fuckin' boy don't--
what, motherfucker?
- What? Sit the fuck down!
- [people clamoring]
- [siren wailing]
- You ugly-ass,
sorry-ass motherfuckers.
- Oh, you gon' done
called them again?
- [Dana] Yeah, I did.
You stay right the fuck there.
- What, you think I was gon'
hit you with this?
- [gasps]
- You think I was gon'
hit you with this?
- I fuckin' know it.
- Larry!
- Fuck you, Jay.
Fuck you, Jay.
You don't need
to come down here--
- Come on,
think about that...
- Come on, come on...
- [grunting]
- Dammit, Larry!
I'm your goddamn father!
You're my boy!
Don't fuckin' listen
to her.
- She'll ruin
your fuckin' life, son!
- Come on, enough!
She'll ruin
your fuckin' life!
[insects chirping]
[Maben] What are we
doing here?
Try not to look at me
when I tell you this.
I was
in an argument one night
'bout my relationship.
Done some wrongs,
beat myself up
pretty bad over it.
Driving around on back roads,
started drinkin'...
[tires screeching]
Drinkin' a lot,
feelin' pretty good...
Just drivin' the night away.
All of a sudden,
I get turned around.
Got lost on the way and...
started going pretty fast.
All of a sudden,
I come up over this hill.
There was a truck
right in the middle
of the road,
lights off.
[melancholic music playing]
[breathes deeply, shudders]
I'm cold.
Let me get you
my jacket.
- [vehicle approaching]
- Hey! Hey!
- Jason!
- [brakes screeching]
I couldn't slam
on the brakes
fast enough.
Next thing I know,
my whole left side's
all crushed up...
- Jason!
- ...someone's screaming...
Help! Please help me!
[Russell] And that's
when I left that truck...
- poor soul that was inside.
- [Maben screaming]
Had a feeling you might know
what I'm talking about here.
Thought you were in jail.
Got out a few days ago.
[catches breath]
I hated you.
Oh, my God, I hated you.
I hated you so fuckin' much.
I used to pray
every night...
that somebody
was beatin' you,
holdin' you down...
I used to pray for hours.
And one day,
I just got tired of it.
I got tired of it,
I got tired of...
Got too tired
to hate you...
But then, I was
a long way from here...
running on fumes.
Trying to save
my own life...
save Analee's...
And you...
didn't matter.
At all.
How old is Analee, Maben?
How old
do you think she is?
Maben, I've been praying
that wasn't the case.
I swear to God,
I've been praying
that wasn't the case.
Larry and Walt know?
They know about her?
Don't see
how they would.
- Goddamn, I'm sorry.
- No, don't...
I didn't get to tell you then,
so I'm sayin' it now that I'm--
- I'm sorry.
- No!
- I'm sayin' I'm sorry--
- No, you don't get
to apologize
'cause it don't change
It might make you feel
better, but it don't
change nothing.
It don't make me feel
any better--
Do not fuckin'
say it again!
We gotta throw this.
You think
you can pay for that
with a splash?
I already paid for it.
The only person I owe
is that boy
and I'll be paying
for that soon enough.
Shit, I believe
everything you say.
And I'm glad
you shot that asshole.
I don't know
who he was, but...
I can see him in my mind.
Shit, I...
Been many times
I wished I had a gun
to shoot whoever
had a hold on me.
Been many times
God heard your prayers
and He...
He damn sure answered to you,
be sure He's up there.
He heard me that time.
Not no other time.
Let me ask you...
Why weren't you
in the truck?
[dramatic music playing]
I guess so...
so we can be
standing here...
right now.
Well, I'll tell you
one thing...
They're gonna have to kill me
before I go back to prison.
I know
you already killed once
when the world
had you by the throat...
I'll do the same damn thing
before I go back.
You hear me?
Wait, um... wait.
I'll do it.
Wipe it down.
[exhales sharply]
What are you
doing here, bud?
You know me.
- Where you been?
- Out at Mitchell's.
Tell you
I came out there
lookin' for you?
- Well... found me.
- I have now.
You know I've been huntin'
for you for a couple
of days, right?
Why don't you just
tell me what you want?
We got
a dead cop, Russ.
Between you and me,
you're the only person
to be seen anywhere near him.
Now, that don't mean nothing
other than we need
to talk to you,
but then when I come
lookin' for you, it takes me
two days to find you.
- So what?
- So where you been at?
Comin' over here
early in the morning,
late at night.
Mitchell don't know.
You need to stop
going out there.
Then tell me what's going on,
because your name
is not the only name
that's been comin'
across my desk.
[paper rustling]
What's that?
You don't remember Maben?
Why should I?
Because it's the name
of that gal
that was with Jason
the night that he died.
Figured a name like that
tied to a night like that,
it might stick.
I tried to forget all that.
Why are you showing me this?
A woman named Maben came
into the shelter downtown
with a little girl.
The lady working there said
she found a pistol on her
before she took off running.
Now I know the last name
is made up,
but it's really hard
to make up a name like Maben.
Tell me
where you've been at.
Look, you probably
just missed me.
Been out at Mitchell's.
Larry's come by here,
busted out all my goddamn
windows and doors,
I ain't just gonna sit
around here waitin'
for his ass to show up.
You don't mind if I ask
Mitchell, do you?
I just wanna clear your name,
so the department lays off me.
Of course, go ahead.
Just call 'im first.
Don't just go
showing up out there.
Feel like enough burden
as it is.
All right, I hear you.
I hear you.
You know I hate
asking you these things,
Yeah, whatever
you say, bud.
Love you.
I'll pay you back
for that bail.
That's what you said
last time.
- Hey, come here.
- What? What?!
- Dude, what happened, man?
- It don't matter.
- No, it... it does.
- What's the matter,
I'm worried about you.
Look, it's j--
it's just us, man.
We're all that's left,
do you hear me?
It don't--
It ain't gon'
bring him back.
You gotta let him go, Larry.
It ain't gonna bring him back.
You fuckin' one of them now.
You're one of them now.
Don't say that shit, man.
- Fuck you, man.
- Come on, man.
- [kicks truck]
- Don't say that shit, dude.
- Get the fuck out of here!
- Hey, you gotta calm down!
You never had my back,
Get the fuck out of here!
Come on, man!
- Pussy-ass motherfucker.
- Get back over here, man.
Talk to me!
I'm your brother!
Fuckin' all there is
- is out here,
talkin' to myself.
- [truck departs]
Just out here,
talkin' to myself.
[pensive music playing]
Cody on first...
Jason on second,
Walt's on third.
What's he do--
he's callin' it!
He's callin' it, y'all.
- Fly fuckin' ball!
- [bat clatters]
It's out of here!
He's callin' it, playing
to the fuckin' crowd.
[breathing heavily]
He's making his way.
[continues indistinct]
He's making...
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[insects chirping]
[Analee speaking indistinct]
[Russell and Mitchell
speaking indistinct]
[muted dialogue throughout]
[tense music playing]
[floor creaks]
[footsteps coming up the stairs]
- Hey! Qu pas?
- Oh, shit, lady!
- I was just looking
for Mitchell.
- Prele.
- Usted no puede estar ac.
- Okay. Relax.
- Relax!
- Vyase. Fuera de ac ya.
Settle down, okay?
Settle down,
I'm leaving.
- Voy a llamar a la polica.
- I am the damn police.
How you doin', Boyd?
I mean, I wasn't
plannin' on sellin',
but, uh, feel free
to have a look around.
on the front door first.
Didn't hear anything.
Thought I heard you out back,
so I went looking for you.
Well, you were
on the ball, Deputy.
Everything all right?
I just need to know
if Russell stayed here
with you the night
before last.
- Yeah, he did.
- All night?
Well, I didn't set up
all night watching him
snore or nothing,
but, uh, as far as I know,
he was here.
Okay, good. Anyone else
can attest to that?
Well, um,
you musta seen 'im.
Yes, I can.
You speak English. Okay.
Yeah, she'll do that...
All right.
Thank you.
Have a nice day,
[engine turns over]
[car approaching]
- [car door opens, closes]
- [whispering] Shit.
You're lyin' to me
about where you've been.
Your whole family is!
What I can't
understand is why.
It don't matter what I say.
You got some big idea.
Call it a big idea,
call it whatever you want.
I'm here so you can talk
to me, man. Me!
Without talking
to nobody else,
but you're not making it
easy on me.
Now when I get
to that office,
I'm gonna tell
about not being able
to find you
and about this woman
named Maben, who has
a pistol on her,
because you're leaving me
no damn choice.
Just because
you didn't see me
lay down in bed
don't mean
I didn't sleep in it.
Russell, there's ways
of getting to whatever it is
you seem to be
dancing around, man.
Talk to me!
Then put the cuffs on me.
Or get the hell out of here.
Not until you answer me
like I want.
All right.
You don't wanna leave?
I will.
[chair drags across floor]
Wanna arrest me?
Arrest me.
Get the hell out
of my damn house.
[soft music playing]
Where's Mitchell?
Yeah, you and me
got to talk.
Boyd was back here
snoopin' around--
He see Maben or Analee?
- [Consuela] Very close.
- What did you call her?
You heard me.
You're gonna have to go.
We're not talking
about forever here, Maben.
- We're talking about
a couple of weeks, okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah. [sniffs]
Just a-- [sniffs]
Just a couple of weeks.
Hey, I don't see
any other way around it.
Been livin' that way
for a while.
We'll just sit out here.
Let the sun go down.
I bought you a bus ticket.
[casings tinkle]
There's one heading out
late tonight.
It'll take you to Memphis,
you just get off
wherever you feel.
I got you money too,
it's just all over
at the house.
No. I don't need
your money.
I know you don't.
I don't need you
to give me nothin'.
I know I don't have to.
Seems like you and I...
we're tied together
by some sort
of invisible rope,
and it's always been there.
It ain't lettin' us go.
That girl's gonna be
damn fine sittin' here.
You gotta get out of here,
you gotta be safe.
You gotta be safe for you,
you gotta be safe for her.
And I promise you
I ain't gonna let
a damn thing happen to her.
- I promise you.
- [sniffles]
I promise you.
[suspenseful music playing]
[inhales deeply]
Just a little bruise.
[breathing heavily]
Pull it.
Come on, motherfucker.
[breathing heavily]
[exhales sharply]
You fuckin' pussy.
It's gonna hurt.
It's gonna fuckin' hurt.
[Mitchell] We'll take
good care of her,
don't you worry.
You wanna wake up Analee,
say goodbye to her
before we take off?
[crying] I fuckin' told her
I'd never leave her
and here I go,
leaving her.
Every single fuckin' thing
I've done wrong,
I've brought down
on that little girl.
Hey, life's a whirlwind.
We're all caught up in it.
You're a good mama.
Hell, anyone can see how much
you love that little girl,
you love her so bad,
it hurts.
And if it didn't hurt,
you wouldn't be
doing it right.
That hurt never goes away,
it doesn't matter
how old they get.
Just do the best you can
for right now,
and you don't worry
about tomorrow
until it comes.
You're doing
the right thing.
- Take care of her.
- Oh, yeah.
[Mitchell] Ahem.
[Maben sobs]
[suspenseful music playing]
[exhales sharply]
[breathing heavily]
[car doors open and close]
[footsteps approaching]
[light switch clicks]
Coast's clear.
I've got everything
ready here.
Got you a bunch of supplies.
Can I use your bathroom?
Sure, down the hall.
- [Larry yells]
- [crowbar lands]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [both grunting and groaning]
- That's all you've got?
- [Russell] Yeah!
[grunting and groaning continue]
You killed the wrong one.
You ain't fucking perfect.
You should've killed me.
[Russell breathing heavily]
It's over now, boy.
[Russell groans]
[breathing heavily]
I've been waitin'
seven fuckin' years
for this.
[rifle clatters]
[body thuds]
- [Larry groaning]
- You okay, son?
Dammit, Larry,
I'm sorry.
Why don't you sit down, son?
I'll call you an ambulance.
[Larry groaning]
[shotgun cocks]
[Russell] Maben!
[shotgun thuds]
Goddammit, Mitchell!
I told you to stay
the hell out of this shit.
- [tires screech]
- You can damn me later.
We gotta get her
the hell outta here.
Damn, I knew
he'd do something wrong.
Careful there.
Be safe, son.
[Russell] Get home!
- Get rid
of that fuckin' gun!
- Yeah, yeah.
[dramatic music playing]
[extended, insistent honking]
Come here, boy.
Cody, boy...
[yelling] Cody!
[mumbles indistinct]
Jesus Christ, Larry...
- Where is my son?
- What happened to you?
- Who did this to you?
- Where is he?
- Larry...
- Mom, what the fuck's
going on?
- Go call 911!
- Why is he here?
- Dad, why the fuck
are you here?
- Call 911!
- Why? What's going on?
- [Larry mumbling]
- Is he fuckin' bleeding?
Why are you bleeding?
- Go call 911, Cody!
- He needs help!
- Go call!
Come here, boy...
Let me touch my son.
[panting] Larry,
don't move, please. Okay?
- Try not to move, Larry--
- Get the fuck away from me.
- Goddammit.
Hey, listen.
- [groaning loudly]
Stay right there,
okay? Don't move!
- Imma get you help...
- You all did this to me.
You all did it.
You all did it.
- [dog barking]
- [groaning]
[breathing heavily]
- [Dana] Hey, you can't go!
- [Cody] Dad,
what are you doing?
Dad, stop!
Where are you going?
You can't drive like that,
Larry! Come on!
Oh, shit, he's driving!
He's driving!
Please hurry!
Somebody help!
[dramatic music playing]
Somebody help us!
Maben... we're here.
- [nurse] What happened?
- She-- she fell. She...
hit her head.
Her head flipped back.
[mumbles, pants]
- [dramatic music continues]
- [sirens wailing]
[music swells]
[truck crashes]
[phones ringing]
I heard your address
on the wire. Shots fired?
Hell yeah,
shots fired.
What the hell happened?
Walked in my place,
Larry was there.
Had a woman with me,
he hit her over the head
with a crowbar thinkin'
it was me.
Him and I got into it,
I got ahold of my rifle
and I shot 'im.
Who is she, Russ?
You know goddamn well
who she is.
Russ, you gotta tell me.
What the hell you got
to do with all this?
[woman over P.A. indistinct]
I'll explain
everything to you.
You gotta promise me
you ain't gonna listen to me
like a lawman.
What do you want me
to listen to you like?
I want you to listen to me
like you're you...
and I'm me.
Okay. Okay.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Russell] The pistol
you're looking for
is over in the lake.
Same one Maben held on me
when I walked out
of the Armadillo
a few nights ago.
That's when she got to talkin'
about how some deputy
made her do everything
that he wanted her to do,
even called
his goddamned friends along
to come have a go at her too.
Next thing she knew,
he was down, dead,
and she kept on runnin',
kept on runnin' straight
until she ran into me.
Why the hell didn't you
and her just both
come straight to me?
Nobody would've believed her
and you know it, Boyd.
She'da lost the kid.
And I'll be goddamned,
but I believe
everything she says.
My road's the road
that brought us all here,
led by what hand,
I don't know.
But here we are,
and I ain't lettin' this go.
Shit, I'm only telling you
all this so you know
when I ask you
just leave her alone.
I ain't tellin' you,
I'm askin' you.
Just let it fall.
Let it fall?
Just let it fall.
Do you know
who's at my house
right now?
Yes, I do.
And do you know what the boys
at Parchman would do
to a sheriff's deputy?
Huh? It'd make your time
look like summer camp.
Where's the proof,
[vehicle approaching]
[casings clink]
[dramatic music playing]
What does that
look like to you?
[music swells]
[pensive music playing]
[muted dialogue]
[Maben] The days are slow.
They get that way
when you're waiting
on something to happen
that you hope never will.
You can't help but wonder
if today is the day...
they'll be sittin' there,
then here they come,
over that hill,
down the driveway,
lights flashing,
sirens calling out your name.
Russell told me
about this dream
of being back on the inside,
about how the light
was always grey,
and there was always
this voice calling out...
Just some cry,
echoing through
an empty prison...
and he never knew
what he was supposed to do.
If he was supposed
to be helping it, or...
if it was there to help him.
[Analee giggles]
[Mabel speaks indistinctly]
[Analee screams]
Sometimes I think it was me
he was hearing...
[soft music continues]
I don't guess there's no way
of knowing what's coming.
Never has been.
Never will be.
But, for once,
I'm not afraid.
[Analee giggling]
- [laughing]
- [muted dialogue]
[birds chirping]
And when the daylight fades,
and it seems okay
to breathe a little...
that low light
gives her this long shadow,
like her arms are spread out.
As if she's saying,
"Come here
and let me hold you..."
[indistinct chatter]
I don't know...
- [laughing]
- Get-- get up! Get up!
Here, stand up.
Maybe there is
such a thing as a miracle.
I got you.
All I know for certain...
she's mine.
[music ends]
["Desperation Road"
by Garrett Hedlund begins]
[song continues]
[song ends]
by Sanders Bohlke begins]
[song continues]
[song ends]