Despiser (2003) Movie Script

That's Kanjar's
just car alright.
Yeah, well where's Kanjar.
I hear you.
Spread out. Try and find Kanjar.
Oh Lord. Get 'em down.
Shadowman inside.
And I'm sure he
didn't come to pray.
Let's air him out.
Stay cool.
Lose your temper
you make mistakes.
Fumie, go around back.
See if you can find
another way in.
Charlie you stay here. Keep your
eyes open. I'll flush him out.
Wait, let me go in.
You're just a spring chicken,
girl. Remember, we're fighting
for peace.
Fighting for peace is like
screwing for virginity, Carl.
This is my show. You're my
backup. Besides I've been at
this a lot longer than you.
Ah, Nimbus I've
been expecting you.
Looks like somebody winged you.
Ah, yes I avenged myself.
Or didn't you find your friend?
What'd are you doing here
so far from your fortress.
You don't think you're gonna be
recruiting none of us now, do
I've come to pay my respects.
Well. You've come
to the right place.
'Cause you got a whole
lot of penance to do.
Let me die the death
of the righteous.
Let my last end be like his.
Be sure your sins
will find you out!
Joshua 23.
Nimbus injured?
You know he ain't dead.
Go after him!
You can destroy this body
but you can't kill me.
The hell I can't.
You were sleeping weren't you?
No. No I wasn't.
Yes you were. Okay. Let's see.
No no no wait!
Oh no. You erased it.
You didn't save it?
I was wo rking on
the final comp.
Don't you have an
earlier version?
I have a presentation
in two hours.
I need the cover image.
The cover image.
Oh. That's wonderful, Gordon.
I'm sure our clients will
find that very amusing.
Just a little something
to break the monotony.
Okay I don't have to put up with
this. I want my image right now!
Right now? Well you're gonna get
squat right now you
narrow-minded uncreative ...
... butt plug!
What did you say?
You're. You're fired
Gordon. Fired! Capiche?
No. I quit.
No. You're fired!
Son of bitch!
A butt plug?
I called him a butt plug.
Scribner ... about this morning
I just want to apolo ...
I just wanted to a ...
I just wanted to a ...
... just want to knock
your tonsils out your ass!
Ben? Norman?
Oh hey, Gordon.
What's going on?
Uh. Well.
We're helping Maggie move.
Yeah. She called us.
Maggie? What's going on?
Why are you packing?
Because of your delinquent rent
you are ordered to vacate the
premises by 6:00 p.m.
February 15.
They said they'd give us
another week.
Where we gonna go?
I'm going to my mother's.
Everything else? Storage.
Oh your mother's. Well
that's not so bad.
I'm going to my mother's.
Not you. She hates you.
That's just great.
Ever since I left the Navy
she thinks I'm a bum.
No she hated you before that
but at least then you were
bringing in a steady paycheck
Want a beer, Gordo?
Oh yeah. Yeah.
I was I was telling Maggie
earlier how sorry we all are
about all of this.
I'd loan you the money but you
know with taxes coming up and
Norm, we don't need your money.
Right. We don't need money.
Do you mind?
Did you talk to Scribner
about an advance?
Not exactly.
What happened?
Well ... we sort of had a ...
... a falling out.
and I a ...
I quit.
You quit?
How could you?
Well actually he fired me
first and then I quit.
Maggie hey you gotta know ...
... you got to understand that
it's the work is it's crap it's
Gordan, demeaning it's being
thrown out of your home.
Demeaning is relying on
my mother for handouts.
Demeaning is not owning
a pot to piss in!
Come on Maggie. You
had to be there.
The guy's a real jerk.
I know the type.
Self-important brainiacs.
They give me the willies.
Just stay away from
me right now, okay?
I don't need this right now I
could use a little support.
I mean okay fine. I'm not
bringing any money in right now
it's just a matter of time.
You've got to believe
in me, Maggie.
You've got to believe
in yourself first.
I mean how long have we been
doing this starving artists
shtick, huh?
Where's it gotten us?
Gordon's got Talent, Maggie.
People like him.
Obviously not enough to
keep him employed our
roof over our heads.
Look I just need a
little more time.
Gordan, I've had it!
I have supported
you for too long.
Okay, I know you want to
pursue your dreams, you want to
be a successful painter, a fine
but what about my dreams?
Living this bohemian lifestyle's
fine when we're in our 20s.
Well those days are past.
I want a little stability.
I am so tired of
working two jobs ...
... so you can fart around all day
and not even finish your paintings.
And then and then when someone
does offer you a couple days of
commercial work you freak.
I'll try harder.
You sit around drinking beer
lamenting about how no one
notices your art.
Well, Gordon how do you expect
anyone to notice your work if
don't market yourself.
I don't have time for this
I've got too much to do I've
got to pack all this crap then
I've got to do the bedroom.
All before I have to ...
I believed in you.
Thanks guys.
No problem.
So I'll call you tomorrow?
Help you unpack?
I'd rather you didn't.
V.O. Why does everything is
so surreal? So dream like?
Not having one of your
better days, are you?
What's going on here?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Who are You?
Look at you. You're not
the right kind at all.
Huh. Just not enough despair.
Well we'll fix that soon enough.
Hey. Hey, buddy.
I got no beef with you.
Oh you self sacrificers,
you're all the same.
You're like ...
you're like chiggers.
Hmm. Well we've got enough of
them around here as it is.
Kick his ass!
Come on you toads!
Beat 'em up!
Tear him apart!
What the hell!
Salvation is mine
sayeth the Lord!
Follow me if you
want to be free!
Get in the car, boy!
Oh, you pigs!
Stand and fight you, kurds!
Any defectors will be eaten!
Oh generation of vipers
flee from the wrath!
Fumie, the rocket!
Now I'm having a bad day!
Get up.
All of you.
Follow me.
You okay?
Damn, Carl. You almost singed our butts back there.
Night's not a total loss eh, Fumie?
What's going on here? Who are you guys?
Name's Nimbus. Carlto my friends.
And seein' how you had a good enough sense to ride with us ...
... you can call me Carl.
This here's Fumie Tomasawa.
He's an aeroplane flyer.
And over there in that car
is Jake and Roadtrap.
Gimee a candy bar.
It's my last one.
You little turd,
you're holdin' out.
Who are those crazy
bastards back there?
What is this place?
V.O. This place
doesn't look real.
It sure isn't Kansas anymore.
I don't reckon.
Probably closer to hell.
That's Fumie's
rice-head version.
Just kidding cowboy.
You a ... you a Christian, boy?
Oh don't tell me user atheist.
I don't much care for that.
No. I mean, yeah. I mean
I was a raised Catholic.
Well that's okay.
You'd probably know this
place is purgatory.
Who's that?
More of them?
Probably the same
ones more likely.
Mad as Hornets as
hornets too I reckon.
Faster. Faster. Catch them.
Bloody scrotes!
Another grenade!
Let's do it.
Oh. Thanks, dick!
Oh. Oh yeah.
Uh yeah, that's what I need.
Oh. Jeeze.
Damn road keeps changin'.
What's your name son?
Gordon. Gordon Hague.
Wher'e you from?
State or city?
The city. D.C.
Oh. I was there once.
In the summer of summer of 1913.
Visiting family. Nice
town. Washington.
19 and 13.
What kind of uniform is that?
92nd division.
Fought in the big one I did.
Yes I did.
How old are you?
This is crazy.
How in the hell did I get here?
Don't know how you got here.
But you must be strong.
Strong character.
Because you didn't succumb
to the shadow man.
You mean, uh, Mr.
Psycho back there?
Well there's two kinds
of people here.
The troubled ones. The rag men.
Most of them get enslaved by
the Despiser or the Shadowman.
Then there's the ones with like
my boys. Strong. They've got
inner strength.
Best I can figure is they all
sacrificed it lives for
That's why we're together.
You too.
Who'd you sacrifice
your life for?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
What's the last
thing you remember?
Ah, I was a ...
I was driving.
and these uh these kids
ran in front of my car and I
swerved to miss him but ...
Hit something.
Me too.
Mitsubishi dive-bomber zoom
into American destroyer.
Second chance. Make
good until worthy.
Are you saying that we are dead?
We ain't dead. Just trapped.
Only temporary. Till we're done.
Done what?
The Despiser.
You, Gordon, have
just been recruited.
Recruited for who?
The dude.
Oh no.
Pleasant dreams?
I don't know.
I'll let you know
what I'm awake.
Gents, this here's Gordon Hauge.
I ain't no gent, Carl.
He's a chauvinist, but sweet.
Charlie Road Trap's the name.
Repairing cars and
takin' grief's the game.
She keeps the auto
machines runnin'.
A woman.
Mercy me.
We're on a mission you know?
This ain't Washington you
used to know, Gordon.
Two weeks ago it
wasn't Washington.
Used to be Wyoming.
I don't understand any of this.
I'm not like you people.
I don't belong here.
There's got to be a
way out of here.
There's a way ...
but you got to have faith.
If you lose faith you
lose your spirit your
will to survive.
And then you end up
like the Ragmen.
Slave to the Shadowman
and the Despiser.
There's way out
here we'll find it.
We've all been in desperate
situations before.
Yeah and look where it got us.
You see Gordon with the
victims of a cosmic cock-up.
This place, purgatory, Amita,
whatever religious mumbo-jumbo
you want to call it
is screwed by that nasty
bastard out there.
We're God's trash men
sent to right the mess.
To take out the Despiser.
Waste him.
Free them folks.
All them souls trapped here.
A a hit squad?
What, did God personally
issue you people a warrant?
It was probably Jehovah.
I understand he was
pretty vengeful.
Eighty years ago three
beings crashed here.
In Russia.
In star ship.
As with all calamities
of the indecisive
they ended up here.
Here being purgatory?
We call it the Netherworld.
These were soulless beings.
For them there was
no heaven or hell.
No place for them to go.
Just this place.
Stuck here.
Others come for a brief time.
The dead.
The confused.
The unprepared.
Lost souls.
Until they find their
place in the universe...
... then they joined
their ancestors.
Move on.
To heaven?
Or seedier neighborhoods.
[Clanging sound]
Hmm. Smell evil.
That ain't evil. That's beans.
Shut up, Jake.
Check it out.
It's time for you
to earn your keep.
Come on.
[Ominous Music]
What are you doin'?
We're hidin' out.
Besides. You got the safety on.
Oogly. Nasty.
You never know what
you're gonna find.
What is it?
Don't know.
Probably came from
the Despiser's ship.
Go step on it.
Me? You step on it.
I ain't steppin' on it!
Oh. Here.
We'll use this board.
Whale on it.
Forget it!
[Creature screech.]
Oh! You let it get away!
What's goin' on out there, Jake?
There's some butt
ugly critter in here.
I ain't sleepin' here with
the thing in here tonight.
I ain't sleeping in here period.
Well. Come on. Let's go get 'em.
Come on.
[Creature grunting]
[Crashing & breaking glass]
What did you go in
the world, anyway?
I was an artist.
A painter
An artist?
The Lord does work
in mysterious ways.
All right. There it is.
[Creature panting]
All right, you ugly bugger.
Come to Big Daddy.
Oh my God!!!
[Growling] [Gun fire]
Start the car.
Wait. I'll go.
[Crashing sounds]
Carl! Holy, Christ Carl!
We just saw the meaning,
nastiest mother sucking THING!
Watch your mouth boy!
Where you been, huh?
Getting into more damn trouble?
Get into the car!
Where's Fumie?
There he is!
Nimbus san, look!
[Big boom]
Come to daddy!
Gordon. Let me help you up.
I got to get you to
the hospital, man.
Oh, wow.
You scared me.
You really scared me.
It was just a nightmare.
The whole thing was
just a nightmare.
Your heart stopped beating.
You died.
You're bleeding!
Your brains could be
leaking out of your ears.
I got to get you to a hospital.
You could have a concussion.
No no no. I'm fine.
[creepy music]
I got to take you
to the hospital.
Just take me home.
I got to take you to
the hospital, man.
No. I just I just
just take me home.
[distant siren]
I got some sleep stuff for you.
Thanks, man.
You sure you don't want me
to take you to the hospital?
Norm, I'm fine. Really.
Okay. If you need anything
I'll be right next door.
I guess don't let
the bedbugs bite.
Don't drink all my beer
while I'm sleeping.
Sleep well my friend.
Thanks for everything.
You got it.
[ticking clock]
[pencil scratching on paper]
[increasing heart beat]
[Heart beat growing louder]
[Intense music]
[echoing footsteps]
It's been confirmed.
The maggot has escaped back
into the tangible world.
He was sighted by one of
our pending recruits.
How is that possible?
He can leave and we can't.
Just when we think we've
calculated a way, a stranger
breezes in and out with casual
Kinda of pisses you
off, doesn't it?
I'll use my one influence
in their world.
Slip into the dreams of some
despairing soul and coax them to
our bidding.
We shall learn this way out.
So we proceed with the gadget?
It's a shame you lost
your form, shadow.
Tell me about it.
I hate these pathetic bodies.
If I could just ...
Just ...
Oh ...
Ah. Damn that hurts.
Not ... a good idea.
You. Come here.
Come here.
Nice bod.
You workout much?
Ever have an ache you
just can't cure?
Via con carne, baby!
What a blast.
[Phone ringing]
[creepy laughter]
You're gonna die. You're
gonna die. You're gonna die.
[Door slams]
God bless, sir.
God bless?
Feeling down?
Come back, sir.
Join us.
You've got the power.
Save us from our misery.
I ... gotta go
Come back, sir.
Show us the way.
Show us the way or be cast
down to the fires of hell!
We'll get you back.
And you'll show us
the way to freedom!
if you won't come then
maybe Maggie will.
What did you say?
I think it's time you moved
on to something better.
I know this nice young man
who lives two floors below.
He's a programmer.
He's a little dull
You have always hated
him, haven't you?
He's insecurity incarnate.
Riddled with fear. An
emotional car wreck.
I know.
You never could
pick them Maggie.
But an artist? No way
to make a living.
He's a very good artist.
You'll be supporting him
the rest of your life.
He's just hit a
streak of bad luck.
He lacks confidence.
You know I should have
been more supportive.
Supportive. He support
you to welfare.
He'll never amount to anything.
I think it's a good thing
that you're leaving him.
I didn't say anything
about leaving him.
Well then why are you here?
I don't know.
I just wanted to scare him.
Scare him?
Out of his complacency.
Time heals all.
I'll make us some tea.
[phone ringing]
[creepy music]
Hey, mom? Are you having
your windows cleaned?
What did you say, dear?
Excuse me, can I help you?
Oh my god, mom.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna jump.
I don't know. It's
a long way down.
It would make a terrible mess.
Call 911.
I'll tell you what. Why don't
you come on inside. My mom's
making some tea.
I don't want any tea.
This is terrible. I
can't take it anymore.
Well how about some coffee then?
Maybe some water.
Here you go. Here is some water.
You can just drink
it on the ledge.
It's a beautiful day.
So ... what's your name?
Hi Jeff. I'm ... I'm Maggie.
Do you mind if I come
out and enjoy the view?
So what's all the rumpus?
Well my bank ... it's lost
million billions of dollars.
It's my fault.
What bank?
Washington Central.
Hey, that's. I've got
an account there.
Oh see what I mean?
This is terrible.
Oh no no it's not worth
going splat for.
What would you know about it?
Well. I'm broke. I got
an account at your bank.
I got evicted from my apartment.
And I dumped my
husband yesterday.
How's that?
Yeah. It sucks.
That's terrible. You
want joined me?
I'd like to help you.
If you'd let me.
Why don't you come on inside.
Maggie ...
Come back inside.
Ah, there you are.
If she makes it through
the next 24 hours
her chances are good.
Can I stay with her for a while?
Mrs. Barkmen, may I
have a word with you?
Oh, Maggie I'm so sorry.
I failed you again.
I haven't been a very good
husband. l know and I'll try to
do better.
God, I love you
more than anything.
Don't leave me.
It's you we want,
Gordon. Not Maggie.
She's with us now.
If you want her to live,
then you'll return
and show us the way
from this purgatory.
Only then will I release
your beloved Maggie.
Okay. Okay.
Gordon, where have you been?
The hospital.
How are you feelin'?
How are you doin'?
Take that you little bastard!
I'm so glad you showed up at 3
a.m. and woke me up just to do
that for me.
Maggie's in hospital, Norm.
She's what?
What happened? Is she all right?
They got her, man.
Who got her?
She's being held prisoner.
She's being held prisoner by a
bunch of dead guys in purgatory.
It's my fault. I lost
hope. I gave up faith.
I died Norman.
I gave into despair.
And all these people,
they're slaves now.
And I gotta save Maggie.
Are you hallucinating?
Yeah, but not right now.
I should have taken
you to the hospital.
I need to borrow your car.
Come on. That bump on your head.
We could get you looked at.
You you gotta go
to the hospital.
And I need some guns.
You're nuts. You're
goin' Postal on me.
The light.
Yeah. I want the Walter.
You're out of your mind. I
can't let you use that stuff.
And the Beretta MG.
I'll take that.
Those grenades you showed me?
I want to take these.
That's illegal.
Yeah? What are you
doing with them?
I'm a veteran.
So am I, Norman.
I got them from the club.
That group of ferry
weekend warriors?
They won't miss them.
I'm not talking
about games, Norm.
This is for real.
Real! What real?
Listen to yourself.
You sound like a crazy person.
Maggie being held
hostage in purgatory
by some dead guys.
And just how in the hell
were you gonna get there?
You've got a point.
I'll have to die.
You'll have to save me.
Oh, you are out there.
No no no no no no listen.
That's how I got back
here the first time.
Don't you see?
You saved me, Norm.
I wasn't ...
it wasn't like it was
completely dead.
I mean I had a warm body to
come back to -- an anchor.
You see and you saved
me don't you get it?
You are so whacked.
Put this stuff down.
No. I'm talking about
Maggie's life, Norm.
I know you're hurting.
I know you're hurting.
And I want to help.
But the only way I can do that
is if you put this stuff down.
So you don't help me and I'm
dead and I have no way to come
back here?
I'm going anyway.
I can't let you do that.
I don't want to get physical
but I cannot let you do that.
Then I will.
Sorry, buddy.
[Engine starts]
Follow me, Norm!
That's it.
Stay close buddy.
You're gonna die.
You're gonna die.
You're gonna die.
You're gonna die.
[Police Siren]
Bad timing.
[Engine Accelerates]
Well. Cops know CPR.
You're gonna die.
You're gonna die.
You're gonna die.
You're gonna die.
Will you shut up!
Gordon, you are in the crap now.
Follow the flare. Follow the
flare. Follow the flare.
Follow the flare, you bastard!
[Brakes squeeling]
[wind sound]
Fool! Haha.
You're dead. You're dead.
You're dead. You're dead.
[Window rolling down.]
Hey! Hey! [grunts]
You bastard! Bastard!
[Gun cocked]
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot & Scream]
Some rescue.
I don't even know
where I'm going.
Pull. Pull!
Pull if you want to be free.
This is our deliverer.
One of many.
Almighty bomb, deliver us
from this blighted place.
Let's go.
On the truck. Get on the truck.
Let's go.
I can only stay a moment
before he discovers I'm gone.
I've been listening to him.
Are you all right?
Maggie, I'm sorry I'll get you
out of this it's just I don't
know what to do.
Find your friends. They'll help.
I don't know where they are.
Look by the river.
They're in trouble.
I must go now.
Maggie ...
... I love you.
I know, Gordon.
[Distant gunfire]
You won't need that.
Stand with us!
Be strong!
There way leads to damnation.
Give me that.
Got it?
Give me that!
You only get one chance!
They have Gordon.
We want Gordon!
Gordon can show us the
way from this hell!
The way to freedom!
Gordon! Gordon! Gordon!
This is nuts.
[distant gunfire]
Gordon! Gordon! Gordon!
Get them!!!
Bloody hell! They've got guns!
How are you doing?
Better than you!
I don't think so.
Here. Hold this.
[distant gunfire]
Ye stand fast in faith!
You all right, Jake?
Well now what?
We keep goin' up.
Let's go!
[Distant gunfire]
What now?
I'm out of ammo.
Last cartidge left.
I hate mornings like this.
Hey. Where are the recruits?
Last magazine?
Good day to die.
Ye taketh the wise in
their own craftiness.
Job. Verse 5.
What's that suppose to mean?
It means we'd better
find a way down.
[Dramatic Music]
This isn't it? Is it, Carl?
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Now that's a miracle.
Let's go. Jake.
You first.
Ah. Me?
Why me?
Because you're the most trouble
and if you fall I won't have to
worry about you.
Let's go!
Gordon! Gordon! Gordon!
That's it.
You guys are terrible.
All right.
Way to cheat death, Gordon.
You're next.
Go Fumie. Go! Go! Go!
Let's go.
All right.
You're next.
Right after you.
Tarnation, woman.
Who's in charge?
Move old man. I can cross
that bridge in half the time.
Come, Carl san.
Come on, Carl, it's easy.
Don't look down, Carl.
Come on. You can do it.
Carl, keep moving.
Carl, we need you.
Little further, Carl san.
Little further.
Come on, Carl.
All right.
Where'd they go?
Get out of the way!
Move, Charlie, move!
Hold on, Charlie. Hold on!
Oh! Scary!
Waw! I'm gonna fall!
Hold on, Charlie. Hold on!
Ammo, Gordon san. Ammo!
Out of bullets?
Nimbus give us Gordonr
and this one can live.
We all want the same thing.
That same thing!
To escape this world.
Give us Gordon and we can all
get out of this hellhole.
You belong here, you bastard!
[Sad Music]
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
[distant crows]
It's time for answers, Gordon.
We saw you disappear.
Can you leave this world?
Then what are you waitin' for?
Take us with you.
I don't know how.
My going back depends on
my friend reviving me.
You? I'm not sure.
Why did you come back?
I came to help.
Horse fritters, boy!
I came back for my wife.
Was she a troubled person?
Sittin' on the fence?
Go either way kinda gal?
What? No.
Did she commit suicide?
No! She's a good person.
Then why would she end up here?
Only folks who've fallen
into despair end up.
Maggie fell from a building
trying to save a man.
Then ...
Then she's dead.
Moved on.
I'm sorry no she's alive
She's alive.
That thing is holding
her life. Her mind.
Her soul.
It's holdin' a lot
of souls, Gordon.
Help me. Help me find her
and I'll get us out.
I thought you didn't know how.
I'll find a way.
I did it once.
I don't know what you're about.
Poppin' 'round like you are.
But none of us is ever
going back into the world.
Accept him, Carl.
I say we do it.
This road goes one way.
This road leads to that Tower!
Go in there?
Not ready.
Haven't a ...
... recruited enough folks yet.
So that's it.
Go up into the hills? Hide?
Wait for the day for you to
raise a righteous army?
How long have you
been at this, Carl?
Even if you do manage to
waste the Despiser ...
... you haven't a clue as to how
to get out of here, do you?
I'm not here by accident.
... somehow I'm the linchpin.
You sell yourself big, don't ya?
Maggie, says I
can't sell at all.
Last time we attacked that
fortress we got beat up pretty
Lost a lot of folks and when you
lose some here you lose him
No future. No heaven. Nothin'!
Llike today.
Can't always wait for
good weather to fish.
Now what's that
supposed to mean?
Let's kick us.
All right, Gordon.
You must be here to be morethan
just a boil on my butt.
I'll show you what
you're up against.
Can't catch fish.
Need wheels.
Let's go shopping.
It always cheers me up.
Come on, Carl.
How come I don't get a car?
Cause you get in too
much damn trouble.
Gordon, how old to you have to
be the drive one of these
Auto-machines in the real world?
Oh, hell. I'm older then that.
For now you ride shotgun.
Next stop? Ammo.
Yeah, baby!
Crazy son of a bitch.
You weary me, Shadow.
I weary you?
You try inhabiting these
wretched creatures!
Where is Gordon?
He's here.
Teamed up Nimbus before
I could get to him.
They've escaped.
Just into the hills.
We'll get him.
I see.
My poor beloved, Shadow.
You're hurting again.
You noticed.
You seem so human these days.
No need to get nasty.
You pulled another
bomb from the earth?
Two more like it and
well have enough.
Then I won't need Gordon.
We'll be able to blow a way
from this universe into theirs.
What's going to happen to me
when we're finally out of here?
My real body's gone.
I am not a God, Shadow.
Perhaps just a devil.
How do you spell relief?
It does beat death, doesn't it?
My dear Shadow.
Yeah. You've got a point.
We shall make this Gordon teach me what I have failed to discover.
We will be free of this place.
The inferno. Do we continue?
Of course.
But I want this man as a contingency.
I'll send a group up into the hills.
Besides, I think there are more missiles there.
To Charlie Roadtrap ...
... may the roads rise to meet you.
[Explosion/soaring sound]
It's getting worse, Gordon.
What happened?
Are you all right?
They're getting careless.
They dropped one.
One of the missiles?
Hurry, Gordon.
Before too long he'll have enough of them.
He'll destroy this world and be free in ours.
Maggie, what are you talking about?
The bombs, Gordon.
The bombs.
[rumbling stops]
You okay?
That's a hydrogen explosion!
Jesus! We're probably all sterile!
What the hell are they doing?
Yesterday I saw them haul a Peacemaker out of the earth ...
... with some sort of lightning thing.
What the hell is that all about?
A Peacemaker?
You mean them rockets?
Those Rockets carry as many as ten nuclear
That's the equivalent of 300,000 tons worth of TNT.
Judas Priest.
We dealt with this in the Navy I know of his stuff.
They got hundreds.
They're been stacking 'em up for years.
They're all around the tower.
Before long he'll ...
... destroy this world and free himself into ours.
Oh man, he's gonna blow his way out.
He's going to detonate them all at once.
Rip some kind of hole to escape.
This is twisted.
What's he talkin' about, Carl?
You mean ...
... he's gonna get loose into the real world?
Carl, we can't wait to raise an army.
The time to act is now.
They're bound to be rattled ...
... with all this goin' on.
There's one now.
There's another Peacemaker, Gordon san.
That's an Honest John.
About as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb.
I'll ... a ... explain that later.
Have you ever been in there, Carl?
Years ago.
With Captain Jack.
Captain Jack?
Captain Jack was our leader.
He tried to hold us together when the Despiser came recruiting.
We fought our way across them bridges.
Made it inside to the inner sanctum.
Met the Despiser face to face.
What did the Despiser look like?
Like nothin' on this earth.
A creature of damnation.
The devil.
No devil.
Just a being.
Chilled my bones to the marrow just to look at it.
It was Captain Jack who found the bullets.
What bullets?
The only ones that can kill the a Shadowman.
Made of some strange sort of metal from inside there.
Captain Jack found them.
We got one Shadowman left.
And I've got one bullet left.
It fries 'em up here.
Scatters their essense.
Or whatever them soulless bastards got.
A veritable kryptonite.
That's find for the Shadowman.
But what about the Big Kahuna?
Mr happy?
The Despiser.
How do we deal with him?
Took Fumiee a long time to make that.
What do we do when we cross those bridges?
I can get us in ...
... but it's up to you to get us out.
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow
of death I will fear no evil.
Psalm 23.
[Gordon chuckles]
We're on a highway to hell.
AC/DC 1980.
[engine start]
[Dramatic Music]
When we approached the gatehouse ...
... take out the guard.
Take 'em out!
You gotta figure it out yet?
Figured what out?
What were going to do when we get in.
How we're gonna escape?
Uh oh. We got hostiles on our tail.
Hells bells, these boys can shoot.
Fumie ...
A grenade.
[crashing sounds]
Yee haw!
Oh Lordy.
[crashing sounds]
Don't worry, son.
We got God on our side.
Just a few more degrees of elevation.
[tires screeching]
Go back!
They're in trouble!
Make way for Daddy!
[crashing sounds]
My rifle.
The rocket.
We never could get back ...
... could we?
Not back.
Not home.
You can only go forward.
Do me proud.
You boys need a lift?
Is he dead yet?
So much for the mad martyr.
Come, Gordon.
I've got a bone I'd like to pick with you.
I've got a topic I'd like you to shed some light on.
Oh, yeah?
What's that?
[screams & lightning]
[screams fade with thunder]
[tires screech]
The big gun?
We'll make do.
Divine winds shall guide you.
You are samurai.
[match strike]
[fire burst]
Where is everybody?
All ye all ye outs in free!
Come and get us you nasty bastards!
This whole place is wired. Ready to go.
Watch out, Gordon san.
You ...
You are Gordon?
Save us, Gordon.
Free us.
Save us.
Free us.
Save us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Free us.
Can you free them, Gordon?
Can you free us?
Despiser: Stop!!!
[quiet wind]
Don't give in.
[ominous sound]
Fight it.
Fight it!
Help us get rid of him and you can move on!
Fight it!
Fight it!
[war cries]
Fight it!
Get in the hole!
Follow the cables!
God forgive me.
[war cries]
Fumie! Move your fat ass!
Welcome to dead guy central.
[chanting Gordon]
Gordon san, all lines connect here.
Oh, man, look at this thing.
It's an MGS missile launch board.
That's the sequencer.
Crystal firing lock.
Fail-safe switches.
This thing can detonate all of those bombs all at once in a nanosecond.
Hey! Forget this crap.
Let's find the Despiser. Due him and get out.
Let's find the Despiser. Due him and get out.
Why hasn't he blown them yet?
Why hasn't he blown them yet?
We're wasting time.
Maybe he need more.
That must be it.
Maybe he needs a certain amount of mega tonnage to tear his way out.
We have to destroy this thing.
Fumie, he doesn't know what he's talking about.
Well, I'm not a hundred percent certain.
You led us in here for nothin'?
You don't know how to get us out of here, do you?
Do you?!
Just great.
We're all dead meat.
You want this thing destroyed?
Well let's not waste any more time.
Come here, little man.
Tell me how to leave here!
My eyes!!!
I'll tear you to shreds.
Gordon, I still have Maggie.
Ah, here she is.
Where are you?
My sight will return soon.
Time to say goodbye.
Do you know how long I've been stuck here?
I was a traveler among the stars.
But I crashed. Got stranded in this dimension.
But I crashed. Got stranded in this dimension.
Condemned to keep company with pathetic human wretches.
Condemned to keep company with pathetic human wretches.
There is no way out!!!
Don't you get it?!
You're dead!
Everybody here is dead!
There's no going back!
This is purgatory!
You're wrong, Gordon.
I transcend your feeble race.
Hold on, Maggie.
I defy your tribal superstitions.
I'm the closest thing you'll ever come to a God.
I'll unleash myself on your world and inflict such misery.
I know you don't have enough bombs to escape!
If I detonate them now.
You knew there was no going back?
Make good until worthy.
Stop him!
Stop him, ragmen!!!
Stop him!
Blow it, Gordon san. Blow it!
I believe in you Gordon.
Computer: Initiating detonation sequence.
Stop him, ragmen!
Computer: 9
Computer: 8
Computer: 7
Computer: 6
Computer: 5
Computer: 4
Computer: 3
Computer: 2
Computer: 1
Hurry, Gordon!!!
Now. Where were we?
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to make you suffer.
Then when you're gone continue with my original plan.
Do you trust me?
With my life.
I'll raise a tempest the likes
that your world has never seen.
Not if I can help it.
Oh? And what will you do about it little man?
What did you do?
Put an end to this nightmare.
[Explosions crescending]
[Big boom]
[Heavenly Music]
Son, you is lucky.
Thought for sure you was dead.
You saved my life.
Well .. yeah I suppose I did.
Thank you.
Thank you!
How'd you get in that water anyway?
Have a nice day.
[alarm sound]
Cardiac arrest!
She's going into defib.
Set 200.
Let's do it again.
Come on, Maggie.
Set 400.
Come home.
I dreamt you rescued me.
I dreamt you rescued me.
You just gotta have faith, isn't that what I always say, Ben?
Yeah, real pearls of wisdom , Norm.
Now. Tell me, Gordon. What really happened to my Jeep.
Oh, that's right. The Repressor of Bad Guy Castle got it.
Look, the insurance has paid on it, right?
Then shut up about it.
Then shut up about it.
No, you shut up.
No, you shut up.
You shut up.
Well you shut up.