Destination Love (2021) Movie Script

Come in!
- The Morrell account. On time.
- Just.
- It was a complicated audit.
The assets mainly.
I had to review their numbers tree times.
But it is all good now.
My desk is clear.
- Excellent. You have plenty of time for this then.
It's urgent, I need it by Monday morning.
- No problem.
Weekend overtime it is!
I know! I know!
Don't look at me like that.
You're at our cafe? Without me?
- It's cuz she's with me.
It's my cafe too, you know.
Hey, are you still coming to dinner tonight?
- Oh. I wish I could make it.
But I can't tonight. I have to work.
- But everyone's coming. We have news.
You can't work!
If it'a about Granger... - It's not about Granger.
I'm fine about Granger.
- Oh, really? The guy breaks up with you by text
and you're fine? I wouldn't be.
- He broke up with you by text?
- Quite a detailed text. Yes.
In which he said, he didn't like the way I text.
Apparently I use too many emojis.
And slang is an indication of "non investment".
I mean, we were dating a year.
He could've at least emailed.
- You are too good for Granger any way.
Comme to dinner!
- I'll be on my cell phone all weekend, Madison.
If you need anything.
- Madi, you need to get out of there.
You're stuck on a hamster wheel.
- I'm not stuck.
I am a very efficient and highly productive hamster.
- Hello.
Who's there?
- Surprise!
- God! You've scared me.
- You didn't come to dinner,
so we came to you with our news and champagne.
- No food, though. Hope you ate.
- The pizza dude might have liked that.
So, news?
What news? What happened?
- We need to celebrate because...
- Oh my god!
You're engaged!
- Yes!
- To getting married!
Finally! - Hey. It's only been 3 years.
- And college.
And when you moved our west.
What do you mean "only three years"?
- Well, he means three years and six months gap...
- We will not discuss the six months of darkness.
You, Lorri, were seduced by dolphins.
And you, Ben, ... for sulking.
- She left me for a bunch of fish.
- They are mammals and it was only six months.
And now
there's going to be a wedding!
- There is. As soon as possible we figured.
And we want you to come up with something crazy for us.
Plan the whole thing.
- Me? - Yeah.
- Look around!
My degree is in accounting.
- Come on! We trust you
and you always have such fun ideas.
Take some of that vacation time you've been hoarding
and come play a genuine event planner
you were studying to be in school.
- Before I got sensible after college?
No, Lorri, accounting's safe and solid.
And I'm good at it.
- What about creativity?
You were always so artistic in college.
Where's that gone? Where's mad Madi gone?
- Into the liabilities column.
- That doesn't make sense. She's an asset.
- Come on! Take some time off.
Help us to surprise everybody. - Yeah. But simple, okay.
No gift registering, no shiny talks.
- No big cupcake princes conventional white dress
or giant cake, and definitely
no chaires with giant bows, okay?
We don't want a massive glittery event and everything.
- Sure, That's great for most people,
but we want something small, simple and adventurous.
- Please Madi?
It'll be so good for you too. Please?
- Okay, okay. I'll try to come up with something.
- Yes! - Fantastic!
- Cheers! - Congratulations!
- Thank you! - Thank you!
- Adventurous?
Okay. A ceremony.
Flowers, photography, other.
Small cake.
Crazy wedding locations.
Let's see.
A zoo! Meh!
Clowns? I don't think so.
Too high.
Corney! Boring.
Come on! There has to be something!
- How's the merlot?
- I think this ready to try.
- This is going to be one of New Zealand finest.
I can feel it.
- To change.
- When you least expect it.
You've decided then, have you?
Already put something together.
My Subtitle
It's a great opportunity to open up the vineyard
as an event destination.
- So...
To letting it go.
And moving on.
- Bungee, beach, skydiving...
scuba, New Zealand, New York...
What? Go back, go back!
New Zealand?
Dream wedding!
Totally planned, affordable.
New Zealand!
- Yep.
- Wow!
Adrenaline does that!
I wish.
- Mm, nice.
Oh, wow!
I hate autocorrect.
- Why do I get those faces?
- What do you say?
He already said yes. It's all confirmed.
Thank you.
- In 11 days in New Zealand?
- In Waiheke? - On Waiheke!
It's this cute little island in the harbour.
- Oh, like Alcatraz!
- Nicer!
- What about the invitations? - Set to go.
Your wed site is already set up.
Wed site! Get it!
I just need your guest list
and the invites are just one click away.
And look at this place!
the vineyard is beautiful!
the island is full of orchards, vineryes,
great beaches, lots of hiking.
It's perfect!
- And spontaneous, and wild.
This is so original!
It's fantastic! And totally affordable.
- But there aren't any pictures of the actual wedding venue.
You aren't worried about that?
- How can there be pictures
of an event before it happens?
And I will be there to make sure that everything is perfect.
But the location like this...
how can it be anything, but...
- It's perfect!
And a trip to New Zealand? Who wouldn't jump at that?
- I've taken all my vacation days.
You, guys, are right. It is great to do something fun.
A crazy, yet simple wedding
for my dream couple.
How awesome is that! - Yeah.
And they have great designers there.
I could probably buy an amazing wedding dress.
And you'll have to be our witness and my maid of honour.
- I probably won't have the best man.
So, how about the best woman?
- Oh, yes! - Yes!
Just the three of us.
- Like we did Hawaiian fire walking.
- You chickened out of that.
- After a perfectly sensible risk assessment.
- To putting it out there.
- To New Zealand and the best, most amazing wedding ever.
- It's so beautiful!
- Oh! Wow!
- Hello.
Welcome! I'm David.
You must be Madison?
- Umm. - Hi.
I'm Madison.
- Ah, sorry.
- This is my real face.
No emojis. - Ok.
- I'm Lorri, bright-to-be, and this is Ben.
- Hey, nice to meet you. - Yeah, you too.
- Hello, there.
Welcome to Waiheke! - Leon, my partner.
- Hi. I'm Madison.
And this is Lorri and Ben.
- Hi. - Nice to meet you.
- You, look at this place!
- It's amazing!
- It's gorgeous!
I had a blast driving on the wrong side of the road.
- It's great to have you here. Should we help you settle down?
- Luggage? In the boot?
- Sorry? The boot?
- Bags in the trunk.
- Oh. - Sorry, we'll get those.
- This view is stunning!
Even better than the pictures.
- Yeah! - Beautiful, isn't it!
- There we go.
- You travel light for a bright to be.
Just one bag! - Yeah.
And the suitcase is Madison's.
- Oh, I'll get that.
- Oh, no, no, no! It is embarrassingly heavy.
I overpacked. I'm not used to vacation.
- It's fun of it.
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.
- No, no, no, it's okay.
It was already lose from the last time I overpacked.
- Are you sure?
Maybe we should get ready with that?
And then we can go over the arrangements?
- That sounds great! - Ahh!
The planning is my job!
You guys wanted surprises?
You are going to get them!
- Oh, great! I could take a nap after that flight.
And then we can look around.
- Alright. Follow me! - Okay.
- Cracked that wheel, did I?
- It was also the last time. I need new luggage.
- Okay. - I can take that.
- Oh, it's fine I could... - No, no, no...
that's alright.
- Oh, thank you. - You're alright?
- Yeah! Yeah!
- It matches your trousers.
So, what do you do, Madison?
- Oh, I'm in accounting.
- Ah! - Yeah! Excitement, danger,
and a lot of numbers.
- Through here.
- Oh! Oh! - You're okay?
It's alright. - Almost got away on me!
- Yeah!
- Hopefully it's not a sign of things to come.
- Look away.
- Oh! Wow! It's gorgeous!
I would love to look around
once we got rid of this, If you have time.
As wedding planner and best woman
I need to see everything. - Of course!
- It's beautiful!
Just like on the website!
- It's a lot hard work too.
Even the pretty thing have a purpose.
Those roses, they are there to attract the bees.
- Right!
And you're the wine maker? - Me?
Oh, no. No, Leon is
the vineyaron.
- Vineyaron? - Yeah.
Leon make the wine, I run the place.
Leon's a bit
I'm sure about what's holding him here.
He thinks it's a risky business.
And this last wedding
kind of proved his point, I guess.
- I'm sorry?
- The details are in the reception room,
just this way.
- Umm. Umm.
Excuse me?
- Fell over! - It's easier if I show you.
Oh, my...!
Oh my gosh!
This is...
And the...
I mean.
I'm sorry, but
this is. Oh-h!
This is from the wedding that fell over?
- Yeah. It got cancelled last minute.
- This was supposed to be someone else's wedding.
- Yes, it was.
Did want it to go to the waste, so.
- You should've been clearer about that in your ad.
- Well, hang on! I thought it was clear.
And in our discussion
I thought it was perfectly clear.
- And I thought it was a promo for the vineyard.
I mean, taking on someone else's wedding is like
buying a secondhand wedding dress.
Isn't it bad luck?
- Well, don't worry the dress isn't included!
- Jeez!
- Ouf! Giant bows.
- The plans.
- I didn't mean to be rude.
It's just...
This is really not what Ben or Lorri would like.
- No. You've made that very clear.
- Okay.
Now, let's just see what can be changed.
- If it can be changed.
This is a very... umm..
elegant menu.
- Too elegant?
Quail legs, grav legs,
- This is howmustard sauce.
It's a dill sauce with mustard.
It's actually quite nice if you give it a chance.
And what's this bird cage thing?
- That's the wedding arch.
- Of course! - It's already been built.
It's in the garden. I'll show you.
So, the chairs with the bows start out here
and then we move them inside for the reception.
It's a bit of a military operation
with so many people.
- No, there aren't that many guests.
We're expecting about 20 max.
- Maximum? - Uh-huh.
- Twenty?
I have to call the suppliers.
- How many more were they expecting?
- Few. About 150.
- You should've told me that. - Why?
Aren't all weddings normally about that size?
I mean it make the whole chair situation a bit easier.
No relocations.
- And definitely no bows.
- Well, at least there's only one wedding arch.
No roses on now, of course.
They will be attached on the day.
- But it's blocking that view!
- Yeah, but it's very nice, isn't it?
And on the day, there will be a cord
that the best man or best woman, in your case, can pull
and it releases the shower of rose petals
on the bride and groom. When, you know,
"you may now kiss the... bride".
- Lovely.
- Oh! And the bride wanted quinoa, not confetti.
- That's environmentally sound.
- So, what are these?
- Those are the floral centrepieces.
There's gonna be one for each table.
- That's a lot of centrepieces!
- Yeah, they are big too. Almost as big as the cake.
- The cake! Yes.
Wow! That's... - Also big, yeah.
It's a bit like the leaning tower of Pisa.
Apart from leaning, hopefully.
- Oh, we're gonna have to scale this way back.
Let's tart with how many tables we need to loose.
- Alright.
Hey! Listen about these
these changes for the suppliers.
I just, I really don't want to disappoint them
with massive cancellation, you know.
They'll never trust me again.
- Right, well...
You and I can talk to your suppliers tomorrow.
See what they are at and come up with some solutions.
- Alright.
I suppose that's an idea.
Those bows took hours to get straight, apparently!
- I'm think there may be way to...
reuse the fabric.
- How about for the window dress?
- We can use the glassware and the silverware but
we're gonna have to mix most of these tables.
The bridal table can probably go too.
- No bridal table?
- That's how the things are going these days.
More intimate, casual.
- And you know this because...?
- I have been to a million weddings.
- Okay.
- Plus, I used to study this stuff.
And, I think it's something
that could really work with this space.
Small, quaint.
No chandeliers. - Quaint?
So, no current then?
- Draw on your strengths.
Look at what's in your plus column,
minimize what's in your minus column.
- What was that? The accounting guide to event planning?
- To life!
I never really thought about it like that before.
- Hello! - Oh, no!
- Hi! - Hi!
Here you are. You're awake!
- We had the bet nap ever!
This place is so peaceful!
- It certainly is. All perfect!
- Oh my gosh!
- This is...
from the previous wedding.
Your is almost nearly done.
And it's so different.
It is all in here.
- Oh, okay.
Because for a minute there I thought...
Can I see? - No peeking!
You said, you wanted me to come up with surprises
and that is what I'm doing.
We. Us. David and I,
we have a plan. - We do?
- We do! - We do.
- Why don't you guys, honeymoon a little
before the wedding?
We want you guys to go off,
have fun for a couple of days.
See the island!
Lorri, you can get that wild dress you're talking about.
They have amazing boutiques here on Waiheke.
Right David?
- That's Waiheke. Oh, but, yes.
Great boutiques.
And we'll probably need a bit of time
to repurpose all this.
- Repurpose?
- Okay, so you're gonna use this for my...our wedding?
- No. - Yeah.
- No. - No.
- Your wedding is going to be yours.
Uniquely yours.
I promise.
- Hey, come on! When's Madi ever let us down?
- We will go exploring.
Let's drive right here on the island. Come on!
- Ok. Umm.
It really is beautiful. - It certainly is.
And there's butterflies and bees.
Go! Enjoy!
- Okay.
So, it is definitely
not to their taste then. - I'm sorry.
I know that this would
probably be perfect for some people, but...
Look, I have to get this right.
- I can see that now.
And, yes, okay.
I should've given you more information.
I guess it's better to know sonner rather than later
that some things are not gonna work.
I should probably know that by now.
- So, whose taste was this?
The bride or the groom?
I think mainly the bride.
Actually no, it was definitely
of the bride. - Oh, you've met her?
- Yes, I know her.
Really well, actually, she's...
I was supposed to be sitting over there.
You mean...?
Oh! I'm so sorry. -
this was my wedding.
I was the groom.
- It doesn't look like wine.
- No. We don't normally go with wine for breakfast.
So, apple juice from a local orchid.
Would you like one?
- Yeah, thanks, that'd be great.
You look very refreshed.
- Thanks. I slept well.
- Yeah. Well, you've just missed Leon.
He's off setting up the tasting for his new merlot.
It's on the mainland in a couple of days.
It's good promotion.
We are proud to get this place up to speed.
- Speed?
that doesn't really apply here, does it?
- No, I mean business-wise.
Waiheke's become something of a vintner destination.
I think Bay Wist needs to tap into that.
Well, Leon is right, it can be a risky business.
In case it poured.
- Yeah, I guess.
This is gotta be really difficult for you.
- No, no.
Don't worry. Really.
It was a mutual decision. Perfectly amicable.
Lisa and I, we just didn't
see eye to eye on so many things.
- Sounds like me and Granger.
- Eh, ex-boyfriend.
I'm fine, just
not so mutual of a decision
like you and Lisa.
Anyway, let's see if there's anything you and I
can see eye to eye on. - Hm.
- Em. - Sorry.
- Just a few things to discuss.
- Ah, yes, our plan.
- Yeah.
I did kind of drag you into this.
- Kind of.
- Well, thanks for going along with it.
Hopefully, I'm right in saying
you are not really into that wedding arch.
- No, I am.
The arch is fine.
But you're right, that view is the perfect background.
Why hide it?
- Well.
Maybe the arch can go into one of the gardens?
It's like a permanent fixture.
That was the arch still gets used
and Ben and Lorri's wedding gets the perfect view.
- Maybe they'll still want my shower of rose petals, though?
The romantic touch.
- Rose petals? Yes, great!
That was your idea?
- I can be romantic.
Even if my texting is a little bit formal.
- You'll learn heart emoji speaks a thousand words.
- Waiheke rose petals.
- I could shower them by hand.
- They are out of compromise.
You're quite a diplomat, Madi.
Sorry, do people call you Madi? - My friends do.
So, go ahead. - Okay.
Alright. Shall we work and talk?
Get started?
- Tools? - Uh-huh.
You are right the quinoa will get into people's eye.
- Thank you. - Too dangerous.
We'll go with rice.
But arborio, not long grain with pointy ends.
- Except, uncooked rice is bad for birds.
No, we can try some dry leaves instead.
It's the latest thing.
- Is it? Alright.
I'll talk to the florist, when we go see the suppliers.
- Okay. Oh, and I spoke to Joan, the caterer,
and I have arranged a menu tasting.
- A tasting. You're organized!
- The number was in the folder.
- Good day. - Hey. Good day.
- How is it going? - Very good.
Madi is gonna be tasting things.
I'm gonna be dismantling things.
- Well, I'll get to it. I'll see you down there.
- Yeah.
- So, Madi?
Is it really coming together?
- Of course! Yes!
- Great, because we've checked the website
- The wed-site.
- Everyone's confirmed, parents and friends.
- You were right. They've all jumped at a trip down under.
- That's great!
- They're gonna love it! This place is amazing!
There's a great fire payback there.
- I'm not going fire-walking again.
- No, easier option. Dinner by the fire.
Got up early to explore and
Leon made us breakfast. - He's a cool guy.
- I haven't got to know him yet.
- And David seems very friendly too.
And so good-looking and
he's single. I asked Leon. - Lorri!
Excuse us.
Leon was being discreet.
No, David's not in a relationship.
Where do you think that white wedding came from?
- I though it was... You mean?
- But it was cancelled.
- Last minute? - Yes!
So, off limits.
Even if he is... friendly.
Look. I'm gonna get down there. And you
go do some more exploring.
- What did she say?
- It's quite heavy.
- There we go!
- Tick.
- Wow!
- Wow! Great job, guys! Looks great!
- Leon, you're back?
Did you get the tasting organized?
- Oh, yeah, it's all coming together.
Maybe you could try some of my merlot
with you tasting plates. Joan's dropping some off.
- Yeah. - Let's go.
- Oh, wow!
What a gorgeous space!
Oh, and the food is amazing! Thank you Joan!
- Thanks. Thank you, Joan.
- Sure it does. And here we go.
- No label yet? - Em, no name.
Maybe you can help me with that?
David sometime can be hopeless.
- No, no. He claims I'm hopeless.
He rejects all my suggestions.
Fair enough.
I guess I'm not that creative.
- I'll give it some thought, Leon.
David, this crab legs with?
- Hofmeister sauce.
- Dill sauce. It's actually fantastic.
- See. - Thank you.
- Mmm, especially with this.
- I'm glad you like it.
I'll make sure there's some for the wedding.
It's made with arouja.
- Arouja, means "love".
- "Arouja", that's beautiful.
These canaps were obviously made with arouja too.
- They sure were.
They are delicious. Thank you, Joan.
- You are welcome!
- Out of many problems, that's gonna be a major
of the supply. - Yeah, I guess it is.
Especially if you don't want to disappoint her.
- No.
- Leon, how many people are you expecting to your tasting?
- Hoping for about a hundred.
- That's good.
- Why don't you use the extra canaps for the wine tasting?
You're a genius!
Oh, boy!
- Hey, you. We're looking for you.
You're ready to...?
What is that?
- It's supposed to be a coffee.
Didn't do a very good job.
- No, you're right there.
Never mind, it's not your fault.
You need a licence to drive that.
How about I buy you coffee in town?
There's a nice market nearby.
Cathrine, the cake-maker, has a stall there.
So, we'll catch up with her and sort out our cake.
- Great! I love coffee.
And markets, and cake.
- Then it's your lucky day then.
- Hey! Aren't you gonna lock the car?
- No need.
I love it here!
- Welcome to New Zealand!
- David!
- Hey, Lisa! - Hello.
- Oh, Lisa?
- I mean, hi. I'm Madison.
- Madison is a guest
at Bay Western.
- I'm sorry to interrupt. I was just wondering if I could
steal David for a moment?
- Yeah, sure. Absolutely!
I'll check out the market.
Maybe buy some things for people.
- Local olive oil is pretty good.
- I'll just catch up with you.
- Yeah, sure. Nice to meet you.
- You too. Enjoy your stay. - I will.
- I was actually going to drive to see you today.
You saved me a trip. -
- She seems nice.
- Yeah, she's staying at the vineyard.
- So you say it. And she's buying gifts.
For the wedding guests.
- Yeah.
Her friends are getting married.
- I wish you told me about them, David.
About the wedding, giving it away like that.
- I'm not giving it away.
Everything is booked.
No return.
It's not gonna all go to waste.
I should've told you.
But I just, I thought it would
just make things more upsetting for you.
- What was upsetting was
finding out from Joan, the catering company.
- Sorry. -
I'm sorry.
I'll leave you to get on with your day.
Thank you, David.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Oh, that's a lot of oil!
- She was right.
This is perfect.
- Great! Thank you, Alissio!
You're gonna have to go and press some more oil.
- I will, grazi. Ciao. - Ciao.
- Heavy!
You know, I think we've just made Alissio's day.
What happens when you cut something like that?
- David! - Hi, Catherine!
This is Madison, the wedding planner I was telling you about.
- Hello. - Hi.
- This is about the cake, yes? - Yes.
- And of course, we can downsize, but
I've already got all the ingredients in, so.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to work out what to do with them.
- Of course. - Yeah.
- The cake was like this one, right?
- Yes, it was.
It's the biggest one we do.
- Yeah, it is big!
- It is a masterpiece of engineering, Catherine.
- You see, the thing is
we're looking at under 20 guests.
- Maybe we just need the bottom section.
- Oh, well certainly, yes.
- But it'll be a shame to waste the ingredients
for all the other tiers, though.
- Yeah!
- Oh, I do have an urgent order for a nice young couple
and their flavours are the same as yours.
So, maybe we could... - Perfect.
I mean, yes.
- Yeah, of course. - David?
- Tell them it's a wedding gift.
- Oh, that's lovely!
I'm sure they'll be delighted.
So, just the bottom tier, then, Madison?
- Please?
Oh, and if you could keep the icing nice and simple.
I'll just decorate it
with grapes and vine leaves.
- While we're here, Catherine,
I'd love to get a couple of your famous cupcakes.
Just those two at the front
look fantastic.
It'll go with that coffee I owe you.
- Good.
- Here you go. -- Thank you.
That was surprisingly easy. - It was.
Everyone wins!
We get to have our cake and
someone else get's to eat it.
- So, what's next?
- Oh, the flowers.
I bet that'll be a bit more complicated.
- Especially with all those
pole punched dry leaves.
I think we're gonna have to do it ourselves.
- Yeah.
Lorri was right.
It's so peaceful here.
It's so quiet.
- Too quiet, I imagine, after San Francisco.
- Oh, no.
There's no such thing as too quiet.
Although my office is too quiet.
Head's down, columns of numbers.
- Pluses, minuses.
- More minuses than I realized.
I did an MBA in accounting because
I was sold on this idea
that degrees equals success.
- Right.
- It's no better.
- So, what does equal success, then?
- Happiness? - Hm.
- And what equals happiness, she asks.
- Following your dream, I imagine?
- Wasn't it always your dream?
- Yeah, pretty much. Yeah.
I do love it.
But now, when my mom and dad have retired
andI have to actually look after the place,
it's, em...
a big responsibility as well.
I mean the dream is actually my now.
And I have to make it work.
It's important.
- Following your dreams? Yeah.
I really liked it before,
when you called me the wedding planner.
- Did you? - Uh-huh.
I gave up on a career in event management
because I thought it was
too volatile a business, too fickle.
Maybe I made a mistake?
- Well.
We all make mistakes.
- We do.
So, let's forget al about them and eat these cupcakes.
- Oh, yes.
Half and half?
- I want the whole one. - Oh, but I mean
have both flavours.
- Who needs a florist?
We really did find a perfect spot for your arch.
You did a good job. - No, you did.
You've got a good eye. - My pleasure.
I do not get many opportunities to be creative.
- You waste it then. - Maybe.
- Hey, thanks Jack. - Hi, you're welcome.
- It's so lush and colourful.
We have everything we need for a wedding.
- Yeah. We have already ordered the flowers though.
And I do like the bridal bouquet.
would I be wrong in thinking that you don't like
the table arrangements either?
- You got me all figured out, haven't you?
- We do seem to be on the same page.
Nothing formal. - No.
Okay, so we just dismentle them, like the arch.
Just the loose blooms scattered across the table?
- Yeah.
And bunches of grapes. - Perfect.
And any leftover flowers
I'll just send them to my aunt Eddy
she lives in a seniors' home on the mainland,
and she lives with a bunch of very sweet old ladies.
- Who would love flowers.
Especially from Eddy's lovely nephew
who's charming and generous. They'll swoon!
- Right.
- Yeah, it is a perfect solution.
- Yeah.
- Morning guys!
- Hey!
- Everything's coming together? -Yes, it is coming along.
- Yeah, much quicker than expected too.
- Excellent!
Your friends have gone kayaking, Madison.
I think this afternoon they are gonna jump of things.
Sky-tower specifically. - Typical.
How's your tasting coming along?
- All set. The wine broker was so happy
with the surprise catering arrangements, so.
Thank you Madison. - You are welcome.
- And speaking of catering, I'm starving.
So, David, how about one of your famous
charcuterie boards? They are amazing!
- Mmm, I'll help.
I can steal your secrets.
- Tat-dah!
- Wow, David, you outdid yourself.
- Well, I had a very creative sous-chef.
- I'll be down in a minute. So, don't eat a thing!
- This is such a welcoming space.
- It's great to have lunch or even dinners
surrounded by all these beautiful wine barrels.
- You know, Leon might even go for that.
Rustic. - Mmm, why not?
That's the charm of the place.
Same goes for the reception room.
I mean, like I say, why go modern?
There are so many lovely things in the vineyard.
- Yeah, there are.
- Yum!
And service for the smile.
- I love the fantastic smell in here.
- It's great, isn't it? I love that earthy aroma.
See the barrels,
they give the wine its distinctive notes.
French oak, American, all different.
- I like to ask, how do you make wine?
It'll probably take you few hours to tell me that, right?
How about years?
-It took me years, anyway.
- Leon got interested in wine when we were still at school.
He would spend hours here with me and dad.
Then he went off to train in France.
Got a couple of job offers there too.
- But David lured me back.
- And fortunately for us he stayed.
- I can see how he got lured back.
It's an amazing place.
- I have more merlot if you would like.
- I'd love some.
- Ok, but you will have to keep working on the name for me.
- I promise, I will.
It really is a great combination of flavours.
- Well, thank you.
Maybe this afternoon
once we've sorted the things with the florist
we can take whatever's left of this
and I can show you around the island?
- There won't be much left.
- Do you ride a bike?
- I haven't since I was a kid. Not sure if I still can.
- Want to find out?
- Okay, sure.
Well, I can't let Ben and Lorri have all the fun.
- Oh, no.
- This is awesome!
- Not pulling off yet?
Would you like an apple? - Yeah.
It's calm in here.
- Nope. It's not perfect.
- Did I see lamas back there?
- Em, alpacas.
They are kind of like mini lamas.
They have lovely soft wool. -
- Afternoon tes? - Yeah, sure.
- Would you like some apple? - Oh, I'd love apple.
- Yeah, apples are good. They are my favourite.
- I got this.
- Uh-huh, you're good at that.
- Boyscout from way back. - Girl-scout.
- Right! - Dinner by the fire!
- How was the bike ride? - Yeah. Good, good!
- Here, let me take that. - Oh, thank you.
- You sit. You look exhausted.
- Huh, I am.
I think we did the whole island!
Those electric bikes saved me.
- Yeah, they do help. We'll be back with more food.
- What?
- So? - So!
- So, how was your day with him?
He's a pretty cool guy, isn't he!
"Quite the charming host".
- Relax! You just stoke in the fire.
- That's the dinner stuff? - Yep.
- Alright! You've been busy!
- I'm happy to help. You've been busy too.
It's great Madison showed up.
I mean for the wedding.
She seem to have made quite the impression.
- Yeah, she's really smart.
She's funny too. - And?
There's more adjectives lurking there somewhere!
- No, just... - Come on, David!
You like her. A lot! - Oh!
Hang on Leon.
It's way to soon for me to be liking anybody.
It's crazy! It's bad timing.
- Ah, timing? Yeah, well
as a wine maker I'm big on timing too.
The exact time to harvest,
the timing of finning the crops,
two stages of fermentation. Timing!
Important. - Hm!
- But we're talking about wine here.
the sun rises, the sun sets, the grapes grow, but
heart is not on a clock, David.
It's got nothing to do with it!
Timing! -
- What? - What's going on in there?
David? - Everything!
My job, my future.
This place.
I don't know!
Maybe I'm just confused, because I have time to think.
- Time to think?
You're supposed to be working tirelessly on our wedding.
- I am!
And I have enjoyed it so much.
I know that I'm good at accounting
I think I could be really good at this.
You knew that would happen, didn't you?
- You've given me a lot to think about, for sure.
- That's what friends are for.
To enter your confusion.
- Maybe this is what you should do.
When you go home, go for it!
- Easy to dream!
But it is even easier
to stick to my highly paid job,
stuck on the hamster wheel,
and maybe manage to find a little bit more time
to enjoy my two best friends' delirious happiness.
- Right now, the most important thing
is getting this wedding happening.
So, maybe
that's what I should just focus on.
- More supplies.
- More food? Let me help you there.
- You know,
there's nothing wrong with a little multitasking.
A little work,
a little recreation.
- That was a great dinner!
Give me a round for my money.
- It was amazing!
- I think I'll go for a walk before bed.
- Yeah, good idea!
- You know, I'm enjoying the fire
why won't you put some more logs, babe?
- I'll clear the table.
- Oh, thanks Leon.
- I can go with you.
If you want the company.
- Company's always welcome.
We can bring the lantern if you want.
- On the vines!
It's beautiful! - Yeah.
The great thing about grapes,
setting side unforseen natural disasters,
is that they are very easy to read.
You can tell just by the blush of the grape
whether it's ready for harvest,
whether it needs more water,
but it always needs protection from frost.
And sometimes it needs a little persuasion.
Life should be so straightforward.
- Are you having second thoughts?
About your second thoughts?
About giving your wedding up to a stranger?
- No, no, I'm
I'm just...
- What?
- I'm...
It's confusing. You're confusing.
In a good way.
Maybe just "concerning" is a better word.
- I don't understand.
- No.
Neither do I.
- Tables? - Yeah.
- The guy back there said, he's here for the tables
and he knows what to take.
- Oh, good. I'll give him a hand.
- Hang on! I...
I have an emergency. - Emergency?
- Yeah. I wanted to surprise Lorri by wearing a tux.
I rented one on-line, but...
they messed up and it's not gonna be here on time.
- That's not good. - Yeah.
Is there somewhere I can call? On the mainland maybe?
I need to find something fast!
- I think you might be cutting it a bit close.
- Yeah, I know.
- Maybe I can help.
- You can?
- Yeah, we are about the same size, aren't we?
I have a very nice tux.
Unused, still in the box.
- Really? - Yeah.
I won't be wearing it. So, why not put it to use?
Let's see if it fits.
- Thanks man! It'll be great!
- No worries.
I got the dress shirt,
bow tie, cummerbund that works.
- Well, if it fits,
Lorri will never know I had a problem.
- I won't be so sure about that.
If she's anything like Madi,
you'll never be able to slip anything past her.
- Oh! Madi's got you all figured out too!
- It does seem that way.
I wish I could say it was mutual.
- Yes!
- Very nice!
- And them?
- Oh! Yes!
- Ugh! - I'll be back.
- What do you think?
- Maybe.
- I love it!
Okay. Outrageous!
Check! Unconventional! Check.
- Check!
- But none of these feel exactly right.
- Okay.
Well, I guess
sometimes what we think we want
isn't what we really want.
Deep down.
- Meaning? - Meaning,
this is a wedding, right?
- It'd better be. We have 16 guests
arriving from the States tonight.
- And they're going to have an amazing time.
But we still need to get you a dress.
I have a really cool idea.
- Ben will never see that dress coming.
- No! You are really... I love it!
- And I love mine! You didn't have to buy me one.
- Of course I did! You liked it?
You're my maid of honour.
- Best woman!
Oh, maybe you should've bought me a girly tux instead?
- So, confusing? - What?
- You said, David said you're confusing.
- Ah! Yes, he did.
Last night.
- So,
- Lorri, do not give me that look.
- What look? - The same look
you got when you set me up with Granger.
and that turned out to be a disaster, didn't it?
- Eventually sure, but it still doesn't have to repeat itself.
- Lorri!
Okay. Two things.
One, I'm headed home in a few day.
Two, I'm here to pull this wedding together.
And he's off limits emotionally.
- That's three. - Whatever.
- And why? - Why what?
- Is he off limits emotionally?
- You know why!
He's on the rebound!
And so am I!
That's dangerous.
It's in the manual. - Ugh!
Forget the manual!
He said you're confusing.
Do you know what "you're confusing" means?
It means he's confused, and do you know why
he's confused?
- Ehm...
- Because they've just broke up.
And he's suddenly feeling things
he wasn't expecting to be feeling.
And he doesn't know how to handle it.
That is why he's confused.
And you, Madi, need to unconfuse him.
- You think? - Madi?
I know!
Whan I was on that Sky-tower yesterday
with Ben, I was thinking it is a very long way down.
With just a couple of wires to stop you from falling.
- And? - And.
Sometimes you just got to take the leap.
- Hey. I'll give a hand with those.
- I'm good. Maybe you can give Madi a hand?
- Ah-huh! No peeking!
Ben's probably got him spying on us.
- Maybe you can go undercover for me?
What's he wearing? A suit of armour or something?
- My lips are sealed
So, you do know!
- You ought to know. I'll tell my parents
not to walk me down the aisle if it is something lame,
like a strong stripper's outfit.
- It's more like a wookiee.
- Alright. Then you're just gonna have to keep guessing.
- And so, we leave!
- Have done some shopping yourself too?
- Lorri bought me a dress.
For the wedding! - Ah!
That's very nice. - Yeah!
- So, I was just... - About...
Sorry, go ahead! I was just...
- We should probably... - Start over?
- Yeah, good idea.
- You go first then. - Okay.
Well, I was just gonna say
that you had been working so hard
getting everything together for Ben and Lorri.
And you'd probably be even busier tomorrow.
I imagine I would!
Everybody arriving and very soon you will be gone.
So, I thought
maybe you should take some time for yourself.
Maybe dinner?
- Dinner? - Yeah. I thought.
I mean if you're too... - No.
- No.
Of course, I wasn't expecting you...
- No, no, no, I mean,
No, I'm not busy.
- So,
no, yes, it's not a "no"?
Yes? - Yes, sure.
Not "no".
The dinner sounds great.
- Great. Excellent. Okay.
I thought we could have it here?
I can meet you at the upper block
when the moon's up?
- Good timing.
- The moon or me? - Both.
You're both looking lovely.
Shall we? - Yeah.
It's cold tonight. - Yeah.
Juts the way they like it. The vines.
Cool, but not too cold.
And here we are! - Wow!
- Dinner under the stars. -
- Here.
No bows. -
Thank you. - You're welcome!
You're not too cold, I hope? - No.
No, this perfect.
- Ah! Stars!
Did you ever see so many?
- Every night. Yeah.
- Ah! I suppose you do.
It feels like you can reach out and touch them.
- Yeah, it does.
No city light to obscure them.
You know the air here is some of the clearest in the world.
It's a great place to just be.
- Just be! - Yeah.
- It must be nice being so secure
about your place in the world.
- Well, security is something best shared, don't you think?
- I honestly wouldn't know.
It's not something I've ever really ahd.
- Security, but...
isn't it what accounting is all about?
- The sharing part.
Real sharing.
This is a special thing to share, though.
Thank you. - It's my pleasure!
- Not really sure what we're toasting.
- No.
How about, to sharing.
- The real kind!
Madi! Madi! Madi!
Whatever you're doing?
- Good morning David.
Thank you for last night.
It was really special.
- Yeah, it was. Really.
- It's going to be a great selling point for the vineyard.
- I hope so.
Romance sells I guess.
- You mean the stars and the food. The wine!
- Look! Company! I mean, last night.
- And the setting, of course.
- Of course, the setting. Yes.
- But, tomorrow is the big day.
So, we need to focus. - Focus. Okay.
The guests have already touched down apparently.
- I know.
And the flowers arrive early in the morning
for us to scatter.
- Scatter. Yep. Okay.
- And I'm gonna to have Lorri get ready.
So, it's gonna be really tight.
- It will be, yeah.
- So, we should get everything else absolutely ready.
- Absolutely!
Would you like to join me for a coffee first?
That would be...
A distraction!
So, no. Thank you!
But I've got to get to work.
- Hold on! I'll come help.
Two is better than one!
- Okay. We'll start with where the tables go.
It needs to be informal,
but still focussed on the bride and...
The tables!
The chairs!
They took all of them!?
- No! This has to be some kind of a mistake!
They've taken everything!
I thought they new what to leave!
- Okay. Okay. Call them.
See what we can get back.
We're gonna need the furniture, the silverware,
the plate, all of the glassware.
- Hey, I'm so sorry, but I can't make it to lunch.
- You really don't want to come?
- I want to get everything perfect today.
So that I'm totally free tomorrow.
Enjoy your lunch.
Looking forward to seeing your parents.
Bye guys! - Bye.
No, no. Okay.
- Okay, they just drove off.
Hopefully on the right side of the road.
Did you have any luck with the rental company?
- No, they've rebooked everything.
- Oh! Well!
How about somewhere else?
- I've tried everywhere.
Madi, I'm sorry. There's nothing.
- Oh! Okay. - I'm sorry. It was my fault.
I was here, but I got distracted helping Ben.
- We regroup. The plus column!
We use what we've got.
- Play to our strengths. Yeah.
- Well, at least we don't have to get rid of
those hideous chandeliers.
Come on! This is a vinery! There has to be something
we can use.
Okay. Okay. This is a start.
- But nothing matches.
- Exactly! It's a mishmash!
What about the rooms? There's got to be more there.
Oh, yeah!
- Thank you, Catherine!
Load me up!
Thank you so much.
- You forgot this one!
- Thank you! - Good luck!
- Oh, it's perfect. Random.
Totally unexpected!
- Oh, we still need to sort out the situation with the chairs
and tables out.
- I have thought about that.
Those benches in the barrel room should be okay.
And we can put a tablecloth over that big table too.
If we can manage to drag it into the reception room.
- Oh, loose the tablecloth
we just polish the tables.
Even better.
Your earlier idea. - Which one?
- Come I'll show you.
Why don't we set everything up in here?
- Yes, that is a fantastic idea.
- Well, it already was yours.
To use this space.
It'll suit to our mishmash.
- This will look amazing!
And then we can dress everything with flowers
first thing in the morning.
- Okay. But what about the ceremony?
We're gonna need chairs out there, yeah?
- Bend your knees!
- Oh, that way.
- It's a bit heavier. - I don't think so.
- Up.
Alright! - Yeah, it's great!
- Perfect!
- Oh, man! We have some dressing to do.
- Madi, I just wanted to...
- Oh, I almost forgot.
I'm gonna need the florist's number.
We're not gonna have time for whole punching leaves.
I'm gonna have to order some more petals.
Oh, and I want some candles for the chandeliers.
- Okay. Sure.
But I would like to talk to you about...
- David?
- Hey!
- You do things already I see.
- Yeah, improvising like crazy.
- Hm, I'm sure it'll be lovely.
- Do you have time for a little chat David?
- Now?
- Go. Really. It's fine. I can find the florist's number.
- It's Waiheke Bloomz. Bloomz with a "z".
- You've been busy. - Yeah, a bit of work.
- Oh, that's the ...
- Yeah, I moved it here. It's nice.
- I thought you kind of liked it.
- I just prefer the view, that's all.
I think it works perfectly well here.
- Well, I'm glad you didn't let it go.
I wanted to talk to you about that actually.
Letting go.
After I saw you the other day, I got to thinking and...
We made a mistake, David.
Cancelling the wedding.
I know you wanted things simpler
and more laid back
and I know that I pushed too hard.
But it's not a reason to end everything.
- Lisa, we talked about this.
All our issues with the wedding or the disagreements,
it wasn't just about that.
I think we had a great friendship.
And a great deal of respect for each other.
- I think we need
more time, David.
We should get back together and try again.
- I can't just turn on a dime, Lisa.
- You've been spending too much time
with those Americans.
Turn on a dime?
- I can't just make a decision just like that.
- No? - No.
You made a decision to end things pretty quickly.
- I know.
- Hi, it's... Yeah, it's...
Yeah, I'm still here.
Oh, you can? That is terrific.
Yeah, thank you. Thanks.
- Madison,
we really need to come up with the name for the wine?
- Absolutely!
- Is there something wrong?
- No! Nothing! All good!
Looks like David and Lisa are getting back together.
Good news! Huh.
- Wow! That was amazing!
- Yes!
- No, I mean your performance.
You even sound like you meant it.
When you and I both know
you don't think that's great news.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- I'm talking about David's looking the happiest
he's looked in a long time.
I'm talking about, I'm certainly not knowing
what he's doing going back to Lisa.
And I should stick to wine.
Cause people are too hard.
Madison, when you make a wine
you put yourself out there.
Your reputation, your passion.
It's a big risk.
But that's aged like gold. Alright
- But don't you think that love is the biggest risk of all?
I mean there's no guarantee that you're gonna
ride off into the sunset and
"they live happily ever after".
- There's guarantee in anything.
the sunrises
and the sunsets.
- I think we just came up with the name for your wine.
- Just wind them round the back like garlands.
And then scatter some along each side of the aisle.
- Colours? - Go for it!
- Yeah, I'm just scattering them first, it's easiest.
- How do I look?
- Amazing!
Totally unexpected!
Thank you.
- For what?
- For helping me see what's been right there all along.
I've been so busy looking at columns of numbers
I forgot to look at where I was.
What I really wanted to be doing.
thank you.
- Yes?
Who is it? - It's me.
It's locked.
- You told me to lock it. - Ah! Yes, I did.
- It was a good idea
to get me ready in here instead of my room.
Because Marvin and Ben
have been snooping.
- I told you. - What've you been doing?
- Multitasking.
I just came to finish your make-up and then...
I'm going to have to take off again.
- I thought everything was already done.
- it is. But...hey.
Last minute touches are important.
So, don't worry. You sit.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
- You! Just focus on you.
It's your big day!
- I can't focus on me when my best friend
is clearly upset about something.
- Okay. Okay. Just...
Let's get it out of the way and then we move on.
I think he's getting back with his fiance.
I saw them together yesterday afternoon.
- And he said that they're getting back together?
- No. No, he hasn't said anything.
Now, lipstick.
- Wait. You think they are getting back together.
Okay, Madi.
You think is not good enough.
You need to be sure or else you'll always be wandering.
At least be honest with him. Let him know how you feel.
So, that when he makes a decision
he does it with all the information.
Now go sort this out.
- But your dress? Your hair?
- I'll have it done.
And if I have to be nice and conventionally laid,
who cares!
Now go! Come on!
Nope! You locked the door, honey.
Come on!
- Ah! - Hey!
- You've almost finished.
- You did most of the work.
But it's done now too.
- Yes. Just need the rose petals for the basket.
- Okay.
- It looks beautiful!
Thank you. - Thank you!
Maybe you can finish up the table?
I don't want to make a mess out or it.
- David, it's perfect!
- Alright then.
I'll run these down to the glade.
- Well you must be feeling much better now?
- Better?
- Yeah, now when you've resolved things with Lisa.
- Well.
She was having second thoughts about us ending things.
- Yeah! Yeah, I saw you two in the garden by the arch.
- Hm! Ah, and you thought?
Madi I think you thought wrong.
We haven't resolved things.
Well, we had, but not in the way that I think
you thought.
We decided we'd made the right decision
to end things amicably.
- Madi I think you're amazing!
-I... I...
You are so much fun and you're exciting and smart.
And just love being with you.
I hate the fact the you have to go back to America.
I don't want you to go.
I know that you have to and
that all of this is probably way too sudden and improbable.
- I love it here!
I've loved doing all this.
I love being with you too.
And the room looks great.
- Oh, yeah. The room looks fantastic.
I"ll finish lighting the candles while you at the ceremony.
- No!
No, you'll have to do it after.
You're coming to the ceremony with me.
And the reception.
You won't let me go without a date, will you?
- No, I would not do.
- Hey!
Madi? - Good day!
- No peeking!
- Ah! Fantastic!
It is such a great name! It sounds so romantic!
- She's brilliant! - Oh, yeah.
- And look at this room!
This table!
How good is all of this?
- Well, the wine is named.
- Just in time for the wedding.
- Yes. And you have to come too. Leon.
- I'd love to.
- Oh, no!
I have to help Lorri finish getting ready.
It's tough being the best woman.
Madi's vowed to never eat honey again.
- Okay. Okay.
I think I thanked everyone.
But our biggest thanks goes to our best woman.
Wedding planner and our dearest friend.
Madison! Madi!
Madi! Madi!
- Alright! Alright!
I would like to propose a toast to the bride and groom.
So, everyone, please, raise your glasses
of this soon to be gold medal merlot
- Tonga o te ra.
- Which means "sunset"
To the bride and groom, everyone!
As the sun rises and your future happiness.
And I would like to thank you
for pushing me outside my comfort zone
and helping me find my passion.
Doing this in a great place where
I can just be.
To Ben and Lorri!
The two most generous and supportive
friends one could ever ask for.
- Hey!
- Look at this cake!
- Oh, yeah!
- Okat! Okay!
- Tonga o te ra!
It's a perfect name.
I'm glad Leon likes it.
- And he seems to be warming
to the idea of the events like this one.
- Why wouldn't he?
It has been beautiful!
I'm tempted to extend my vacation.
- Sometimes it's a good idea to give into a temptation.
Whatever happens
I know I'm ready for a change in my life.
- It feels lik mine's already changed.
Or, maybe, I have.
But it finally feels like
I know the answer to what I'm looking for.
What I need.
And you have a lot to do with that.
Do you think, maybe
we could part of the answer for each other?
- Who knows?
A beautiful vineyard,
the perfect view,
so many possibilities.
Anything could happen!