Detective Chinatown 2 (2018) Movie Script

"The Tao produced One; One produced Two;
Two produced Three; Three produced All things."
"Tao Te Ching by Laozi"
A dog killed him,
but not this dog!
The real murderer is...
Beat me to it again!
Purpose of your trip to America?
I... I...
Why are you here?
To... attend a wedding...
"Chin Fong"
"Chin Fong"
Old Chin!
Welcome to New York!
I lent the helicopter out,
so this'll have to do.
I'm hot, aren't I?
You are really...
Really hot?
Really disgusting!
College has not made you any smarter!
Where is Ah Xiang?
Waiting at the cocktail party.
I'll show you around for a couple of days,
Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty...
I wanna check out Queen's manuscript.
Qui Yin? What?
Ellery Queen...
This Queen guy's everywhere
and now he's in New York too?
Hooking up already?
What are you talking about..
Do you know Crimaster?
What is this?
Crimaster, an app.
It is THE community for
all the detectives in the world.
A lot of people upload real cases
for others to crack,
and in some countries,
the success rate of cases solved
has gone up quite a bit thanks to it.
How come your name's there?
That is the ranking of detectives...
You are ranked No.2?
In He Nan?
In the world.
What about my ranking?
You're not on it.
So? Without me in the PPT...
Can you call it a ranking?
A world wide ranking?
You can't be in it...
you must correctly answer
99 reasoning questions
in order to join the community.
Are you questioning my IQ?
Question number 1...
Whoever plays this kind of game is just sick!
Old Chin,
everyone is waiting for you.
The reception is here?
Yes, let's go...
They... are here for the wedding too?
Of course, they are all friends
and relatives of Ah Xiang.
Tomorrow we are going to celebrate together.
Who's that?
Ah Xiang's cousin.
How about this white guy?
Ah Xiang's ex-boyfriend.
You know
before she met me
she used to be quite adventurous
And he is?
Ah Xiang's cousin...
Half Chinese and half Japanese.
And this one?
Ah Xiang's grandmother.
She lives in San Ya,
she's tanned.
- You...
- Why do you
have so many questions?
First you should get over the jet lag...
Do I have too many questions
or do you have a problem?
- What about me?
- You are getting married tomorrow?
- Yes.
- Where is Ah Xiang?
- She...
- See!
Every time she's mentioned,
your eyes shift to the left,
a classic sign of lying.
There is absolutely no wedding atmosphere
because if there was
people would not be ignoring the "groom".
And most importantly,
you always check the calendar
before doing anything even taking a shower,
so tell me how come
you chose tomorrow to get married?
"Avoid wedding,
burial, and house moving"
you tricked me here for a case, didn't you?
How do you know?
The armed doormen imply that
the owner of this house
is an individual of certain importance.
Ah Xiang's "cousin" is using a portable server
which processes information 10 times
faster than a regular computer.
She's using Linux commands,
which reminds me of
the Hong Kong girl hacker Kiko,
ranked No.5 on Crimaster.
She solves her cases by
hacking into police database
and stealing information from it.
She can remove every penny from your account.
My account is penniless!
M37K combat knife,
B9 belt
and Danner combat boots
are all usual US military equipment.
Ranked No.9 that must be
US veteran detective
Wild Bull Billy,
who promotes the use of extreme violence
to solve crimes.
I can beat up 10 of him with my Mojia Boxing!
I saw...
I saw a man,
a lying man!
Even the Indonesian
Psychic Detective Aaimali Kunana
can tell that you are lying!
Ranked No.7, she relies on divination
rather than reasoning
to solve a puzzle.
Can she beat my Dowsing Rod?
He needs no introduction.
Noda Hiroshi from Japan,
the one who's competing
with me for the No.2 spot.
So... How did you infer that?
No need to infer.
He thinks he's hot
and posts way too many nude selfies.
I cannot beat this one.
What about the PRESERVED EGG?
The No.1.
The No.1, "Q",
is an anonymous user in Canada.
I'm not sure that he or she is in this crowd.
Plus, during the last 3 minutes
they have all checked out the hallway.
1 time,
5 times,
3 times,
2 times.
Everyone is obviously
waiting for a very important person...
The owner of this house
is not hard to look up...
Uncle Seven - Wu Zhiyuan,
the highest ranked leader of all Chinese gangs,
the "Godfather of Chinatown".
His grandson Wu Zhihao
was murdered four days ago.
You are not the one who asked me to be here,
he is, right?
I knew I couldn't fool you...
You know I hate being lied to.
Old Chin,
Ah Xiang is married!
I'm not the groom!
She is married to this guy!
He is not as handsome as me,
not as slim as me,
not as elegant as me.
He's such a playboy and
dresses like a peasant!
Just because he's richer than me!
So I need to have a lot of money
to win Ah Xiang back!
So... what does this have to do with me?
5 million!
If we solved
Uncle Seven's grandson's murder,
if you get 2.5 million, I get 2.5 million.
To hell with your 2.5.
Old Chin!
Are you really going to abandon me?
- I'm your uncle!
- Cousin.
We got the same blood running
through our veins!
I'm gonna go see Queen's manuscript!
Old Chin!
Do you know
how much Ah Xiang means to me?
I would die for her!
I will
never love another woman.
Ah Xiang?
Officer Chen!
Mr. Lu,
did you invite these clowns?
They may look like nobodies,
but you have no idea how hard
it was to get them all to come -
you are looking at a real
"World Detective Contest".
Why is there a kid here?
I am the detective,
he is just my butler.
Uncle Seven...
The doctor says
I have one week left
at most.
I want to
find Jason's murderer
before I die.
- Understood.
- Let's start.
Hurry up!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am Guofu Lu,
Uncle Seven's godson
as well as...
Shut up!
Let Officer Chen speak!
OK, OK...
this is the first and last time
that I will share this info with you...
Yes, yes.
...for Uncle Seven's sake.
I bet you can't understand a word.
Old Chin!
You're still here?
I know deep down in your heart
you care about me!
I'll only say this once...
Four days ago,
on July 1 st,
Jason Wu's body
was found in a temple in Chinatown.
He was found by the temple's staff.
Someone cut his chest open
and removed the heart.
The perpetrator made a Y-shaped
incision on the victim's chest.
No fingerprints were found
but two details stand out.
First, "sevoflurane" residue collected from
the deceased's nasal cavity and left hand
prove he was poisoned
before being dragged to the crime scene.
Second, from the wounds' vital reaction,
we know the deceased's heart was removed
while he was unconscious but still alive.
Any questions?
The killer is left handed?
That's right.
We also suspect, from the cut's direction...
No need to suspect.
The truth is the sevoflurane
is found on the victim's left hand
approve of that
What's the time of death?
Sometime between 9 and 10 AM.
Knowing that the gate of Zao Wang Temple
opens at 10am
So here's what's interesting:
The suspect dragged the victim
to the temple and killed him there.
The autopsy said
the victim was killed between 9-10AM.
However, the temple gate only opens at 10am.
Anyways, what I want to say is
even though the suspect could have been seen
why he chose this place, this time
to "punish" the victim
Do you know why?
What is he talking about?
He's taking away
our "Detective Chinatown" limelight!
Go ahead, say something.
Say something.
Chinese temple,
Chinese people...
I reckon this has nothing to do with religion,
It's connected to Feng Shui.
Chinese geomancy
Anyone here knows anything about Feng Shui?
Why are you pointing at me?
Don't you want to have the limelight?
It's your turn!
My turn?
My turn?
Two years ago
These two solved a gold robbery
and murder case in Bangkok.
They call themselves Detective Chinatown.
Chin Fong is currently a first year student
at the Chinese Police Academy.
Presently ranked No.2 on Crimaster,
but often surpassed by No.3,
Mr. Noda Hiroshi.
As for Mr. Tang Ren...
Intel shows he's more than likely a fraud.
So obviously this is a partnership made of
an "angel" and a "devil",
a genius
and an idiot.
I think I heard my name,
what is that girl saying about me?
She said you're hot.
Chin Fong says that
he knows Feng Shui
Let's take him to the murder site
and show us what he knows
No need for everyone to go,
I'll just bring these two
and that will be enough.
You know Feng Shui?
Just say YES!
Oh... YES!
So, do you wanna join me tomorrow morning?
Do you think we need to bring the rest?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have arranged rooms for everyone,
So have a good night sleep.
Investigation officially starys tomorrow.
You will have enough time.
Including tonight, you will have one week.
Feng Shui master, what have you found?
Wait, I'm a detective,
not a Feng Shui master!
the murderer came in through here.
And the back...
There is no surveillance video,
we've checked...
You can speak Chinese?
You don't know your opponent at all.
I'm mixed.
I told you he is a "chuaner (mix breed)"!
So... the last person to see the victim was...
Jason left his house
the day before around 11 PM,
and no one saw him afterwards.
But his car actually drove away
the next day at 4:05AM,
and 20 minutes later
was parked somewhere nearby,
where the surveillance camera couldn't see.
All that time?
Did he sleep in the car?
The surveillance camera did not get the driver?
If it did,
would she be here?
If you hack into the public grid again,
I will arrest you.
But Officer Chen, you'd need proof for that.
What's on the tape?
The murderer brought the victim here,
but didn't start immediately.
- Specific location.
- Specific time.
Specific method.
Specific 5 million.
If I'm not welcome here,
I'll get my ass outta here.
Please do...
but can you grab your own ass?
I'm leaving!
what are you doing?
To get close to the murderer,
you must put yourself in the victim's position.
Get up,
you are ruining the crime scene...
Get up,
Don't move!
do you know what this is?
I'm sure,
that this is a...
Of course it's a symbol,
but of what?
How should I know?
Can't find it online.
Let's stop wasting time.
Officer Chen,
you are NYPD's
criminal profiling specialist.
Would you please share with us
the killer's profile?
25-40 years old,
has stable income,
with some education
and a decent job.
He doesn't necessarily appear violent,
and may even be a gentle man.
Had a relative suffer
an unnatural death.
that's similar to the profile that I have.
Is Officer Chen
aware of
the East River case
that happened a week ago?
On June 28th at 6AM,
a man who was fishing in the area
found the body of a white female.
It had the same Y-shape cut,
except that this victim lost a kidney.
Sell kidneys in exchange for phone?
I'm wondering why you haven't
connected these two murders?
Officer Chen?
First of all, the districts are different.
Besides, these two cases
do not have a lot in common.
Don't have a lot in common?
According to your substation's data,
Michelle, this 35-year-old Saleswoman,
also inhaled a large amount of sevoflurane
and had her kidney removed while unconscious.
OK, besides that?
An Asian male,
a Caucasian female,
one missing a heart,
the other a kidney?
My gut feeling tells me
if we don't catch the killer soon,
he will strike again.
Can you access the surveillance video
for the next two days after the crime?
Piece of cake...
You cannot do this!
I will take the responsibility!
But Uncle Seven...
Officer Chen,
I don't have much time left...
Kiko, split the screen,
and get me the surveillance video
of the temple's front gate
for the next 2 days after the crime!
No problem. That'll take some time...
Two days...
too long...
Fast forward.
4 times!
8 times!
16 times!
Come on, Old Chin!
Be the fastest man in the world!
32 times!
32 times!
What are they doing?
81 % of the murderers
will return to their crime scene
to enjoy their "work of art",
except this time it's bad luck
for the killer because of us.
- Stop!
- Stop!
Go back 7 min...
Go back 9 min...
- Stop!
- Stop!
Zoom in on the person next to the police car.
Zoom in on the lower right corner
on the person who's about leave.
I will upload the picture to our database,
we should soon know who he is.
No need, I already found him.
His name is Song Yi.
He arrived in the US two years ago.
His visa has already expired.
- He has a sister named Song Chian
- Illegal immigrant
who came to America two years before he did.
She went missing a year ago,
hasn't been found.
Any other information?
It's all I have for now.
Chinese, male,
right age,
it must be this bastard!
Uncle Seven, let's go get him.
Let's go!
Not fair!
We are the ones who found the guy!
whoever catches this Song Yi
and brings him to me
gets the 5 million,
under one condition:
you must prove he is the real killer.
Alright let's go
I'll head to the station
to get a warrant for his arrest.
Wish you luck.
Officer Chen,
I see romance in your path,
you will meet your true love.
Tell me your birth date
and I'll predict your future marriage.
Only six days left.
If they don't find the killer by then
I will give all my money to the church
and you will get nothing.
we haven't discussed the things
that you have done behind my back...
The odds of an innocent person
appearing at both crime scenes
is almost zero,
therefore this case
is basically solved...
I'm going back to Japan this afternoon.
Let's find
a more difficult case next time,
shall we?
Old Chin, don't be fooled by him.
I could say I'm going to the Moon!
This dude will give up 5 million dollars?
Is he stupid?
Do you know who needs money?
Everyone needs money!
Poor people.
I have WeChat, add me...
I don't mean to be rude,
but we actually added each other last night.
But you were the one that wanted to add me.
Is there a difference?
See you later,
Chin Fong,
have fun hunting!
What is this?
We can team up.
Catch the guy and split the money?
The money is all yours.
What's in it for you?
I don't want anyone messing up my plans.
That guy likes that girl,
and that girl likes you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
New York is huge.
Where will we find the 5 million dollar man?
He is Chinese,
and where does a Chinese go
to survive in New York?
The Wind & Moon Night Club
is looking for a male escort,
and Xiang Manlou Restaurant
is looking for a cook.
We... are not looking for a job,
bi - bi - big... big... sister...
I must have scared you, young man.
It's not you!
He was born with the stutters.
Have you ever seen this man before?
Let's go!
OK, young man.
His family name is Song.
Let me tell you...
he switched jobs about 30 times
in just one year...
What a dumbass.
All of his files are here,
you can go through them yourselves.
Young man,
has a handsome guy like you
ever thought about taking a part time job
in Chinatown?
Shut up,
you're distracting him!
Come, come closer.
Look at you,
what a gloomy face.
Disaster will befall you
within three days!
Are you trying to tell my fortune?
When I started this business
you hadn't got your period!
You know what?
The disaster is right there.
This is a nation of laws.
I'll call the police!
Let's go!
How can you find a person with just a phone?
We're gonna lose our 5 million.
You care about the 5 million,
but I just want to know why he did it.
What are you doing?
The Manhattan Distance
is a mathematical model with
which I can accurately calculate
the murderer's place of residence.
I changed the crime scene to his work place
and got the same result.
When I apply the X and Y coordinates
of the crime scene into the formula,
it reveals the killer's pattern.
I can then use it
to further derive the probability
of his whereabouts.
The dots with the highest probabilities are
connecting and forming a zone,
which is most likely
where the criminal lives!
I found it!
We're gonna capture this sicko soon,
I'm getting excited.
Everyone says America produces serial killers,
do they all look alike?
Generally speaking,
serial killers all have
the three "McDonald" elements...
Coke, burger and fries?
I'm getting hungry.
Bed wetting, arson and animal abuse.
Cut into strips...
Cut into strips...
Cut into slices...
Cut into slices...
Cut into cubes...
Cut into cubes...
What entree (Zhu3 Shi2) would you like?
What pig slop (Zhu1 Shi2) would you like?
entre (Zhu3 Shi2),
not pig slop (Zhu1 Shi2)...
It's pig slop (zhu1 shi2)...
Pig (zhu1 )...
not pig slop.
Pig slop.
What's wrong?
Remember we said the murderer's left handed?
This Song Yi is right handed.
Do you wet the bed?
Have done it before.
I knew it,
you sicko!
You also set things on fire
and kill small animals, don't you?
You also kill people.
Not only kill people,
you take out their kidneys and hearts.
Cut into strips, cut into slices
and cut into cubes?
it's a misunderstanding,
a joke.
Just a joke?
Who are you?
You don't remember?
It's me, little Tang.
When we were children,
we used to pee together.
I used to wet the bed way more than he did.
And I peed higher than him,
farther than you...
It's all your fault.
What do we do now?
All this bed wetting talk made me wanna pee!
We were wrong,
he's not the murderer.
I don't care if he's the murderer or not.
We get him, we get the 5 million!
In your dreams.
Uncle Seven made it clear:
we must prove he's the murderer.
And why isn't he?
Just because he's not a lefty?
Of course my instincts also say no!
My instinct says he's our guy!
Mr. Song,
nice to meet you.
Take him!
Hurry up!
my students!
Time to fight the bad guys!
Help me!
I am your teacher.
You are greatly indebted to me!
shoot them!
Shut your mouth!
- Students...
- Gag him!
Gag him!
Take that!
Get out.
Release the bastard
on the way back.
Release him first
Release him?
Then catch him,
and kill him.
I see...
A dead man cannot defend himself.
So Uncle Seven will have to
believe he's the murderer,
Kid, you are way too smart...
Watch and learn.
Do I laugh like a bad guy?
Actually, Boss,
you look more like a bad guy
when you are not laughing!
They're gonna kill him!
You are going to lose the person and the money.
Old Chin,
in the name of justice,
we cannot just let them get away with this!
In the name of justice? You sure?
Let's save him. Now!
Aren't you afraid they'll know it's us?
Go and see.
Let's go!
Think this dumb lunk understands any Chinese?
Try him!
what's your name?
I don't speak Chinese.
I can teach you a few words,
what do you wanna learn?
Bastard, don't run!
How do you say that?
Hit me!
Hit me!
Daddy! Hit me!
Daddy! Hit me!
Daddy! Hit me!
Daddy! Hit me!
Daddy! Hit me!
Donald Duck
That's a chicken.
"Dog shit!"
"Let horse come on!"
What's he saying?
He says "bullshit, wanna fight?"
"Give you face, you don't want!"
I told him, "you are shameless!"
"Dog leg!"
He says we are tools!
"Dog son!"
"Kiss my ass!"
"Give him some color."
Come, let's beat them up.
Okay, okay, let's go.
Stay here.
Get them!
Spider man?
They're gonna kill you, run!
Hurry up.
Catch them!
Come on!
Catch them!
The chicken too!
Keep running!
Daddy! Hit me!
Tang Ren?!
It's not me! Not me!
Kill him!
Get down!
Catch them all!
This way!
This way!
There they are.
Catch them!
Catch 'em all!
I want the three naked guys!
You wanna mess with me?
I want the three Chinese men!
Uncle Seven?
You just had a baby?!
I'll be right there.
You are getting marry tomorrow?!
Of course I'll be there.
You gotta take the bullet, kid...
Don't tell anyone
about what happened in there.
- What happened in there?
- Stop it!
Stop it!
What the hell are you laughing at?
I was trying to save you!
Why are they after me?
Because you killed someone,
Who did I kill?
Zao Wang Temple and East River.
Why were you at the crime scenes?
I'm a detective,
of course I'm interested in homicides.
You're a detective?
You are a freaking detective?
Have you heard of "Crimaster"?
Master of Crimes.
I'm on it.
What's your ranking?
Currently around #1000...
# 1998?
1998 is around 1000?
Do you know how difficult it is?
Took me a year and half
to answer the 99 entry questions!
But enough about me,
what do you guys do?
You say you are on Crimaster
and you don't know who he is?
Have you heard of Chin Fong?
Chin Fong?
You are my idol!
...and you are?
Chin Fong is my assistant,
I'm just a tad better than him.
The legendary "Q"?!
"Q" my ass!
I'm Tang Ren,
world-renowned Chinatown detective,
Tang Ren!
Tang Ren?
Never heard of it.
Enough chitchat.
Old Chin,
let's bring him to Uncle Seven
and claim our 5 million.
He's not the murderer.
You can't get that money.
You can't just say that
based on one hand.
What hand?
Where were you
on the night of June 30th
and the following morning?
I was working in a bar the whole time.
Do you have any proof?
I have witnesses.
Tell that to the police.
Don't take me to the cops,
I'm here illegally,
I don't give a shit if you're illegal or not.
Did you forget
what happened to you in Thailand?
Old Chin, I... but I'm your uncle!
Listen, you want the money,
I want the truth,
the best way is
to find the real murderer.
- Agreed!
- Agreed my ass,
Say it again?
So... what do you suggest we do with him?
Both the cops
and the goons are after him.
You can't get rid of me.
The great Chin Fong will uncover the truth
and prove my innocence.
You really think you're with us now?
Not you,
I'm with Chin Fong.
Say it again?
We can't investigate wearing this.
Be careful,
this is America.
So what?
Sleep tight!
We have a busy day tomorrow.
Sleep my ass!
Last night I was in a huge mansion,
now because of you look where I am!
Give me back my 5 million.
Stop hitting me!
I've had it with you.
You've had it...?
Stop it, you two!
Just sleep while you can,
I'm afraid later we won't be able to.
It won't be that bad, will it?
time is running,
we have 5 days left.
Second, I have a feeling
that the murderer will soon strike again.
What are you, a boy band?
This is a robbery!
Are you kidding me?
What's left to rob?
Cut the bullshit.
This is a robbery.
5th Avenue.
Right under our President's Trump Tower.
What is this, some Chinese circus?
One is our main suspect, Song Yi.
The other two were hired by Uncle Seven.
I don't know how they got together.
Why hire these idiots?
Are we useless?
Can these Chinese handle this case?
Don't let these so called detectives
get in our way or we'll lock' em up!
And issue a warrant
for these two's arrest!
But they're detectives, not criminals.
Shut up!
They are if they're with the criminal!
The President should
build another wall on the West Coast
to keep these fobs out.
The white female lost her kidney,
the Asian male lost his heart,
there is no correlation between the two!
If we find it
we can crack this case.
I warn you, 5 Million,
do not steal my lines!
The report indicates
this is not the primary crime scene.
The river dragged the body here.
- The river...
- East River's so long,
where do we start looking?
Damn it, you are still stealing!
This will tell us.
The water's speed is 0.4 meters per second.
Based on the time of death and the time
the body was discovered
we can calculate...
It should be here!
That's a residential area,
an unlikely place to commit a crime.
I'm thinking
its farther upstream,
somewhere around here.
Go ahead, I'm not gonna steal your lines.
I don't want the money any more,
I'm calling Lu Guofu now.
An abandoned ship factory.
This is it!
What's with the blood trail?
I thought the killer had
dumped the body into the river,
but it seems
the victim crawled there herself.
Crawled there herself...
But if she wanted to live,
wouldn't she crawl this way?
There's only one explanation.
The killer was standing right here!
This is the first time he used sevoflurane.
He must have used too little,
so after removing the kidney,
she woke up.
How cruel.
So the East River crime scene
was just a coincidence?
Notify your Officer Chen,
don't let them fall behind too much.
My Officer Chen?
Old Chin, say it again.
Whose? She's mine...
It's that symbol again,
this is a serial killer as expected.
We need to find someone
who knows what this means!
Looks like we gotta go to my master.
Your... master?
That's right.
The expert on astronomy, geography,
music, literature and painting.
The wisest man.
The 46th generation descendant
of the South Style Mojia boxing:
Mo You-Chian!
Is this place going out of business?
Stop talking shit.
I'll show you how great my master is!
how impressive!
How come they all look photoshopped?
If you don't shut up
I'll cut you in half!
your should move your body more aggressively.
Look! My master!
Still teaching online at this age,
with students all over the world.
be bolder.
He sure is your master.
Signing up?
$20 per class.
10 classes get 20% off, 20 classes get 30% off.
Extra discount with
China Merchants Bank credit card.
It's me, Tang Ren.
It's been so long.
I missed you so much.
Tang Ren?
What a pretty girl,
what's your name?
I am a man.
I'm getting too old,
my mind's a bit rusty.
Who did you say
you were?
Tang Ren, master...
Tang Ren?
You don't recognize me?
What a pretty girl,
what's your name?
I think we came to the wrong place.
Just ask him the question.
can you help me
understand what it means?
What's your name?
My name is Chin Fong.
Little Fong,
what a pretty girl.
Yes, master,
can you please help me
understand what this symbol means?
This one...
should be an evil,
ancient Chinese "soul trapping" talisman.
Soul trapping?
What does it do exactly?
Usually, this talisman is used by
killers afraid of their victim's spirit
coming back to haunt them.
So they use the talisman
to trap the spirit
where it was killed,
This is a very unusual
and evil
I remember
there is a book that
talks about it in detail.
Master, please remember, which book?
What a pretty girl...
Can you stop saying that?
Think, which book mentions this symbol?
Yin Yang Wu Ji Shuo.
You can find it in
the NYC library!
Found it!
Is it this one?
this is the one,
just as Master Mo said.
Someone ripped it off.
What could it be?
Maybe it's the key
to this whole case.
You're overthinking.
Probably someone needed toilet paper
when they were reading in the bathroom.
Excellent reasoning!
They don't call me Detective Chinatown
for no reason!
"Can you do me a favor?"
"Say it"
"New York Public Library,
the borrowing record of a book"
"OK, send me the title"
"ls everything ok?"
"Our work are suspended by NYPD"
"Everyone starts their holiday"
"Only you two have
special rights, so keep going!"
"We have special rights?"
"Don't you know you two
are police's wanted person?"
We're wanted by the police.
Why do they want us?
We haven't committed any crime.
We're on the run with the suspect,
of course we are wanted too!
I'm wanted again,
- all because of you!
- Alright.
Forget it, there's no turning back now.
We have to find the real killer
to prove our innocence.
I've discovered the best use
for this book!
It perfectly covers the noodles!
Hurry up and eat it
"Sending you the borrowing record.
There is a person you can't think of."
"Can you help me check what's
on the missing page of this book?"
"Boss I'm not your employee. Sleep now."
"Talk to you tomorrow"
"This is crucial. Please be sure
to check it for me tomorrow."
"You didn't even say "thank you".
Are we that close?"
"Thank you."
"People with high IQ are all low at EQ?"
Are you flirting?
Who told you that?
How can you waste time on flirting?
I can always tell when you lie.
We have no more leads,
what's next?
Find a place to sleep.
We are wanted fugitives,
we can't stay in hotels.
Hotel my ass.
I had to ask Master Mo
for money to get the noodles.
There's a park nearby.
The benches are not bad to sleep on.
God damn it,
because of you,
all I do is sleep in tunnels and parks.
Let's go.
Song Yi,
Why did you come to America?
For the American Dream.
You're an illegal immigrant,
you get no American Dream.
You have a sister.
She went missing a year ago.
What happened?
Just went missing,
disappeared into thin air.
New York is a beautiful city,
but it has another name...
Sin city?
There are lots of hidden dangers here.
Especially for people like us.
Aren't you a detective?
Why don't you go look for her?
Get him!
Call the cops, save the victim!
5 million?!
Are you OK?
Did you see his face?
Chin Fong... Tang Ren...
The victim is dead.
Where's the killer?
He got away!
Song Yi,
is there anything you're hiding from us?
I will tell you everything.
I'd already read the book
you were looking for. A few days ago...
- What?
- Let him speak!
Because someone told me it had a clue.
- Q?
- The Preserved Egg ranked No.1?
He's also the one
who told me
about the two crime scenes I visited.
He's not in the US,
but he's highly interested in the case.
How did you guys make contact?
Crimaster's Private Chat.
Have you been in touch recently?
Ever since I'm wanted,
he stopped replying.
Shit, I'm in this position because of him.
I know!
Could the killer
be "Q"?
He set you up,
just like how I got set up in Thailand.
What? Could that be?
It's possible.
Otherwise what's his purpose?
He is the No.1 detective.
My idol!
He's No.1?
That's because I didn't play
that "PPT" with you guys.
This case just gets more and more interesting.
Old Chin, where do we go now?
Back to the crime scene.
We need to know more about the victim.
What a baby.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome
You OK?
It's another anonymous caller?
I'm sorry you have to see me like this.
It's perfectly normal,
I don't think women
should have to see that type of thing.
Want some gum?
Remember, no breakfast next time.
That's the trick. It stops the puking stuff.
It's fine.
Shit, how did the cops get here so fast?
Didn't you ask me to call them?
Did I?
You did. "Call the cops, save the victim!"
Do you do whatever I tell you to?
I want you to get me 5 million,
can you do that?
You two stop it,
did you see what organ the victim is missing?
It was so dark and I was scared.
We must get the victim's detailed file
as soon as possible.
The murderer will kill again. Soon.
We have to find out his pattern
before that happens.
What the hell!
What's this Lao-wai (foreigner) doing?
Act so charming...
What do you want from her?
You have competition now,
a strong contender.
I don't think so.
Let's take a look
at your rival.
Why don't they go back to the police station?
In the US, coroners don't get paid much,
a lot of them are part time.
There are less than 500
full time positions in the US,
but every year 2.5 million people die.
It's over, the entire hospital is his,
brother Tang Ren...
...Happy Year of the Dog.
If he's so rich,
why is he still a forensic doctor?
Is it to get girls?
It's called giving back, get it?
Volunteering, get it?
Stop talking.
We cannot do anything
dressed like this.
We are in the women's changing room!
All women products!
Let's get changed!
Let's get it.
Damn, he has a wife.
I knew he was a douchebag.
He even has a bed in his office?
Why would you put a bed in here?
What an animal!
Found it!
White male,
lost a liver,
cut with the left hand in the same way.
Excuse me?
Who are you?
Cleaning staff.
Cleaning staff?
Can you leave? Are you done?
Can you leave please?
I like her stocking
Apparently I have cleaning staff.
I'm sorry about your wife,
she was so beautiful.
I miss her so much.
When it's just the two of us
we can speak Chinese.
I just wanted to say that...
life goes on.
It's not that easy.
I haven't been with another woman.
Since I lost her
you could.
Can I take a look?
Of course.
Please. It's a bit messy
hope you don't mind.
What... kind of woman do you like?
Like you.
Slim, sophisticated like you.
You sure you like the slim kind?
Yes. What's wrong?
Am I interrupting?
Laura, this is Desiree,
my lovely assistant.
Hi Laura
Are you OK?
Sorry, it's me who's interrupting.
You are not interrupting.
- Sorry
- What did I do?
Laura! Are you OK?
Let me walk you out.
Where is Song Yi?
Where did you hide him?
You got the wrong guy,
he's not the murderer!
He's not the killer.
We saw the murderer last night.
We did!
Why should I believe you?
It was us who called the cops last night!
The ship factory too!
We wouldn't help him if he was the killer.
I still want the 5 million!
even if he is not the killer,
you need to come to the station
with me to clear this up.
We can't.
The killer's about to take his next victim.
Give me some time,
I'm about to crack his pattern.
You really think you're a genius detective?
Only three days left
till Uncle Seven's deadline.
You think you'll beat the NYPD?
I will try.
We will try.
I'll pretend I didn't see you.
If you lose,
you go on a date with me!
But what if you lose?
I'll go on a date with you.
Just once.
I see you're not that dumb
when it comes to girls.
I'm great at everything!
But where is 5 million?
"Diagram of the Ultimateless"
Where is Song Yi?
I'm not telling, even if you kill me.
I'm not telling, even if you kill him.
You wanna play tough?
I really don't know,
we lost him at the hospital!
Plus, he's not the killer,
what's the point?
I don't care if he's the killer or not!
I've only three days left,
if I don't bring him,
I don't get a penny from the old man!
Some love and kindness please?
I lure him in,
what's my cut?
you're shameless.
Shut up, I'm your uncle.
I don't want an uncle like you.
Stupid little stutterer. School-reject!
Liar. Pervert. Old hoodrat!
I'm gonna knock your teeth out...
Bring it on!
Little stutterer!
Take them to the dungeon.
- Flunker
- Old pervert!
Bite me.
Bite me.
You little stutterer.
You're a dead man!
Can you open the door?
It opens from the outside,
what can I do?
You think we're in a movie?
Things happen miraculously?
It's over.
Just three days left,
my 5 million dream is hopeless.
Since we're stuck in here,
let's go over the case.
This is what we have so far.
Based on the sevoflurane residues
found in the body,
the characteristics of the wound
and the symbol left at the crime scene,
we're officially treating these
as related cases.
Everyone, we're facing a serial killer!
Usually there's a clear pattern
in serial murders,
but in this case,
besides the symbol,
there's nothing else.
There's a three-day gap
between the first and second murder,
then a seven-day gap
between the second and third one.
No hunting pattern
in terms of time
or location.
There's also usually some sort of criteria
in choosing a victim:
young women, for example,
or a specific occupation.
But again,
no victim pattern either.
Maybe he's just randomly killing people
we're overthinking?
He's been careful not to leave evidence,
methodical even.
It cannot be random killing,
we just haven't found the connection yet.
Only if we find it,
can we know the killer's next prey,
even the location.
If we can't
those Americans can't either.
Not unless they use...
Locard's Exchange Principle!
Time is running, I suggest
we use all our Lab Resources across the city
to cross examine again
all of the physical evidence
the three crime scenes.
This is our only chance
to anticipate the killer's next move.
I'm sure you don't want a fourth victim,
What did the girl hacker send you?
A photo...
Lu Guofu's goon took it
before I had a chance to check.
A nude pic?
A photo about the Yin Yang Wu Xing!
Who says there's no connection
among the victims?
Of course there is.
What connection?
They're all dead!
No, no.
Take me through each case again.
The cases...
The first case -
Zao Wang Temple.
The victim is Uncle Seven's grandson, Jason,
The killer took his heart.
Time of death?
July 1 st, between 9-10 AM.
Of course! Zao Wang,
the Kitchen God, is related to Fire.
The heart organ
belongs to the Fire Element.
And in Chinese Astrology, this date and time,
July 1 st from 9-10 AM,
is a Fire hour.
Can't be a coincidence, can it?
Next one!
Second case, East River -
I know this one.
The victim is a white female!
Correct. Saleswoman,
killer took her kidney.
Judging from the geography along the river
the location belongs to water
in the Five Elements.
So does the kidney organ.
Water Element.
Time of death is June 27th,
between 11 PM - 1AM.
Water date, water hour!
The third case happened at 3AM this morning.
July 7th - wood date,
3AM - wood hour,
park and liver,
no doubt are both wood!
You're a human camera,
you must still remember
the three victims'
"Eight Characters of Birth Time".
There're dates of birth, no time.
The East River victim:
December 5th, 1982, at 11 pm
Zao Wang Temple victim:
May 22nd, 1986, 11 am
Washington Park victim:
February 27th, 1974, 6am
Of course,
the three victim's fortunes are
water, fire and wood respectively.
It's clear now
the killer chose the time, the location,
the victims and the organs
all according to the Five Elements Theory.
Tang, you're something else.
But why did he do it?
What did you see this time?
I see.
The killer's using New York City as his altar.
Five elements, five victims,
five organs to practice alchemy.
He... wants to...
become immortal!
can you tell me
what's the nearest Metal date?
So soon! It's today.
What about the hour?
Between 3pm to 7PM!
We have less than 10 hours,
we need to get out of here.
You know the time, but do you know where?
Let me find out.
Found it?
I don't remember the map's every detail
and cannot put together a lot of the buildings.
If I had a digital map I could do it,
but those goons took our phones.
Open the door!
Someone open the door,
Tell your boss
we know who the killer is!
Let us out and we'll find him!
Do we look stupid to you?
It's already 1:40PM,
there's only one hour left
before he kills again.
Open the door.
Open the door!
- Someone
- Come!
Let us out of here!
There are two days left,
don't you want to solve the case?
Go to your boss again,
we really do know the killer's next move.
One more person will die
if we don't act and
your Uncle Seven's revenge will never happen.
What are you trying now?
You want our empathy?
won't fall for that.
Old Chin, I don't think we'll make it.
But it's alright
he still needs to kill one more person
We still have a chance.
But we're talking about someone's life here!
But we're stuck here. What can we do?
Don't you know some ancient prayers?
Try them!
of the Dipper
and North star...
In the name of...
the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord...
Thank you,
Grand Supreme Elderly Lord!
You should thank the Mother Queen.
What's going on?
I hacked into their lunch delivery
and slipped some "special seasonings"
into their food.
Why didn't you hack their breakfast?
You should be grateful I'm here at all.
Who knows why they had lunch so late?
Are you in a rush?
In a rush to save a life!
What kind of black technology is this?
Awesome battery life.
After cross examining,
eliminating and filtering evidence
in collaboration with the other labs,
we discovered a material that
does not belong to any of the crime scenes.
What is it?
you know what this is?
an abandoned sugar refinery.
Wait... who told you we were there?
WeChat, right?
When you added me,
you started tracking me through GPS.
So... you?
She never quit the game,
she's just been waiting
for us to solve the case
and catch the killer herself
ahead of everyone.
When Noda Hiroshi left,
you guys were my only option
So sneaky!
The fact is
you didn't disappoint me.
He didn't disappoint you
because I cracked the case!
Old Chin, tell her it was me.
Look... "Q" just posted on Crimaster.
What is he saying?
He says whoever wants the 5 million
should go to the Wande sugar refinery now.
That's where the killer will strike next.
Thank God we're almost there!
Damn this Preserved Egg
what's in it for him?
5 million?
Where you been?
I was nearby when I saw "Q" 's post.
It's time. Everyone, be careful.
Let's split into two groups
call if you find anything.
Turn it off!
We'll be exposed.
do not
attack the cops.
I'm gonna kill you.
It's dark as hell.
How am I gonna catch 5 million?
You never know.
Fortune favors the brave.
Are you stupid?
Why did you turn on the light?
What if Song Yi escapes?
Nobody moves.
This is a crime scene...
Daddy, hit me!
You are stupid.
You think you are the boss now?
I'll turn it on if I want to!
Yes, I am your boss.
Damn it. I am the boss.
I am.
I am.
Stop playing with the lights.
What is this, a dance club?
Arrest them all.
We're detectives,
not criminals.
You just assaulted a police officer, asshole.
Everyone to the station.
Including the little one.
Cordon this place up and call Forensics.
And let these guys go.
Why are you letting them go?
Don't you get it?
They're Uncle Seven's people.
The mayor needs the Chinatown vote.
The Chinese are useful when it comes to voting
cause they're so many.
Why lock us up with the killer?
- He... he
- Allow me.
He's not the killer.
The three of them saw the real murderer.
So... we won't get the money?
You still can
but you need to catch the real killer.
But tomorrow is the last day.
It's impossible.
If it weren't for you people,
I would have gotten the money already.
Is Lu Guofu missing a lung?
What else do you know?
The killer is using New York City as his altar,
choosing his victims
according to the Five Elements.
The next one is Earth.
He'll kill in Midtown Manhattan.
Today's Earth Element hours
show some variables.
1-3PM or 7-9PM are all possible!
This is his last victim.
If we don't catch him now
we might miss our chance.
I understand,
But midtown is very big.
Where do we start?
I'll get the autopsy report.
You guys focus on saving Song Yi.
Your testimonies are
not enough to acquit him.
We can't quit now.
What can we do?
I feel like I'm missing something.
It's hard
Who'd have thought
Lu Goufu would be the fourth victim?
Tang, you are amazing!
You just said that you couldn't have guessed
the fourth victim would be Lu Guofu, right?
- Yes?
- But how did the killer know?
What do you mean?
I mean,
you managed to calculate their elements
which are water, fire, wood,
but they have no relation,
then how did the killer know them?
- Right.
- Unless...
The killer had access to their information.
Say, he works in insurance,
or a bank... or a police station.
We need to compare data.
But we don't have a computer!
Don't insult me.
How can a hacker
not have a computer?
Won't you go blind staring
at such a tiny screen?
Do you ring?
What do you mean?
Cuz you're dumb as a doorbell.
How dare you!
Hi, looking for James?
He should be in the autopsy lab.
Want me to call him?
I'll go myself.
Thank you.
Bank, insurance company, shopping malls...
The victims' data doesn't match anywhere.
Unless it's police station.
Chin Fong.
Chin Fong.
There is another possibility.
Check if the victims
have been to the same hospital.
Got it.
What did you remember?
I hope I'm wrong.
I'm here to get the autopsy report.
Am I interrupting you?
Oh, it's not done yet.
You look pale...
I didn't sleep well last night.
So this is this the fourth victim?
Is there a problem?
I'm just wondering
why a Chinese man would...
Would you like some coffee?
I'll be right back.
What are you thinking exactly?
Sherlock Holmes once said
there is no perfect crime.
The truth has always been in front of us,
just buried under all the noise.
Our work as detectives
is to filter it out,
leaving only the essential details.
And so?
We've been so focused on the Chinese rituals...
but who says the killer has to be Chinese?
I recalled what we know so far
and found there are some details I neglected.
The killer had a surgical knife.
His wife is Chinese and he knows the language.
The cancer treatment pills.
The mug's position
showing he's left handed.
More importantly,
I just remembered his wife's name
was on the library's check-out sheet.
I see!
You mean his wife's the killer?
I got the data,
they all have been to the same hospital.
The name is...
Please call the chief,
we know who the killer is.
You have to believe us.
I also know who the killer is.
It's one of you.
Damn it.
What do we do now?
They'll never believe us!
Call Ying,
she'll believe us.
She just said that
she was going to get the autopsy report.
Officer Chen...
What's her element?
I've compared our birth dates
and we are perfect match.
I'm Metal and she is Earth.
James's hospital is in Midtown Manhattan,
and his last name has
the word Field in it. As in Earth.
The hospital is his last altar
and Chen Ying his last offering.
Did you get through?
but she's not picking up!
Oh no! Something must have happened.
Don't panic.
Officer Chen left here around 2PM,
the killer is waiting
for an Earth time to do it
which is 7-9PM.
We still have time.
We don't!
We can't even get out of here!
Tang Ren is right.
We can't rely on anyone
but ourselves now.
To save her,
we need to get out of here.
And how we're gonna do that?
This is the NYPD.
it's time we all work together.
You all say you're great detectives,
Why do I feel like you're a bunch of frauds?
You're the fraud!
Which one do you mean?
I can crush you in a second. Wanna try?
When I solved my first case
you were still swimming in your daddy's balls.
big shots.
Look. We already found the murderer
and the time and place of his next move.
Will you help us?
How do we help you?
Prison break?
Prison break.
I hope you can help them get out.
Because this is not
just a matter of saving a life,
but more importantly...
We call ourselves detectives,
but if we can't work together
to solve this case,
what does that say about us?
Wouldn't that be a shame?
What the...?! Why would you do that?
Hey, what are you doing?!
Don't just stand there.
Chinese Kung Fu!
5 million!
Catch them!
Tang Ren,
You're in trouble?
Help me, Master!
In Chinatown
as long as you're my student,
who can dare to...
- I don't care who you are.
- I am...
- You are?
- I...
- You?
Stop my ass.
When the tiger is gentle,
some people think it's Hello Kitty.
Master, you are the best.
Child, the car is over there.
Master can only help you until here.
Outside of Chinatown you're on your own.
- Thank you, master.
- ...WAIT!
This girl is so pretty.
What's your name?
Master, he's my partner,
he can't be your wife.
See ya!
Let's go!
Shen Zhou Car Rental, at your service.
No time
for product placement!
Shen Zhou
reminds you to drive safe!
Remember to give me a 5 star rating!
What time is it?
It's OK to lead the police to the hospital,
just make sure they don't catch us.
Got it! I'm the best driver.
Get in, fast!
Come on!
We are surrounded!
This is what I call an action movie!
Look! Look over there!
Tencent Live!
It's hard not to be famous now!
Thank you, thank you.
Let's go.
It's a big place, where do we start?
Will the compass work?
Shut up!
This rod knows everything.
The rod and I are one, united by the Gods.
It's here.
It's not here, hurry up!
Time's running out.
What are you doing?
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Stop that.
Officer Chen is all right,
it's the sevoruflane.
But where's the killer?
Old Chin.
Old Chin!
Come out.
Come out!
Thank you.
Of course.
Come out.
Bring your ass here, will ya?
This is your last chance,
or I'll ruin your precious ritual.
Want to become immortal?
In your dreams!
Come out!
You have cancer?
That's why you're doing this?
I used to believe God
but he failed me, took away my beloved wife.
I turned to science,
Again it failed me.
And threatened my own life!
I have one choice
and that is...
The Five Organs Alchemy Ritual is a fraud.
Created by evil cults.
There is no "TAO" in it at all
The Tao produced One.
One produced Two.
Two produced Three.
Three produced all things.
We all are part human,
part beast
part divinity.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know how many lives I've saved?
Thousands of lives!
Like a God!
I am
Why can't I sacrifice a few mortal lives
in exchange for one immortal life
and keep saving lives.
Isn't that how it should be?
Isn't that how it should be?
You are not god,
you're crazy!
You got the alchemy positions all wrong.
Have you seen the 86's version
of "Journey to the West"?
The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's alchemy pots
are lined up in a row.
The road is between yin and yang,
you save lives during the day,
and slaughter at night.
Whether it is a god who saves,
or a beast who kills,
both are two extremes.
Only the center is where
all things carry Yin and embrace Yang,
and by breathing together,
they live in harmony... meaning, humanity.
You misinterpreted Tao,
trying to be god
or be a beast,
you forgot how to be a human.
He is neither god
nor beast in my eyes,
he's 5 million!
Fuck it!
I have good news
and bad news,
which one do you want to hear first?
Let's go with the good one.
No, the bad one first.
Uncle Seven died an hour ago,
your 5 million are gone.
What? What is the good news then?
The good news is that
all the assets under his name
are transferred to the church!
Aren't those all bad news?
Tang Ren,
thank you!
I am at your service.
Hey, where is 5 million?
I guess he left.
He is an illegal immigrant after all.
What? This kid did not even say goodbye?
So, what did you guys talk about?
Not much.
Nothing important.
Was it you who killed Lu Guofu?
Are you kidding me?
The first time I had doubts about you
was in the library.
Kiko told me that
your name was on the check-out sheet.
Of course you soon gave us
a reasonable explanation,
Because someone told me it had a clue.
but I still couldn't understand
why the murderer had
to tear out the "Wu Ji Map".
Someone ripped it off.
You tore out the last page.
What? Are you serious?
Then tell me, why would I do that?
Because after seeing this map
you clearly understood the Killer's pattern.
Wow, I must be a genius then.
Found it!
What is my reason for doing that?
Because you didn't want me to see the map,
so you could kill and blame it on him.
Blame it on him?
Let me finish.
That night when we left the library...
It was you that led us
to the murderer in the park
because you knew I suspected you.
There's a park nearby.
The benches are not bad to sleep on.
And there was nothing better
to dispel my suspicions about you
than letting us witness the murderer in action.
After the hospital visit,
you thought we might get in your way,
so you took the opportunity
to notify Lu Guofu about our whereabouts...
You drugged Lu Guofu,
then took his lungs like the killer would.
And then replaced the victim
at the Sugar Refinery
with Lu Guofu's body.
Where is the other corpse?
I think it's inside the trunk
of the car you brought.
I think that day you did not arrive with us.
You were actually leaving the refinery
when you saw us...
You must have calculated the timing
and informed the other Detectives.
But you couldn't have known that
Kiko would come to save us,
which caused us to arrive earlier.
It was "Q" who notified everyone.
Remember our conversation that day?
Could the killer be "Q"?
He set you up,
just like how I got set up in Thailand.
What? Could that be?
It's possible.
Otherwise what's his purpose?
You claimed you had been
following "Q" 's instructions.
I couldn't figure out "Q" 's purpose behind it.
You just said you must be a genius...
True, it takes a genius to understand
the killer's pattern
just by reading a map.
And that genius is you...
you are "Q"!
I am "Q"?
Only "Q" could have figured it
all out ahead of me.
What is it?
The genius committed a perfect crime?
Assuming you went to the first crime scene out
of curiosity,
then starting from the second victim, Jason Wu,
you must have planned it all out
so you could be involved in this case
in order to get close to Lu Guofu.
Tang Ren and I are merely your tools.
You did it
for your sister, didn't you?
I checked Lu Guofu's background.
He secretly ran an underground human
trafficking ring in New York,
we haven't discussed the things
selling illegal immigrants to South America
into prostitution.
That you have done behind my back...
A lot of women died because of him.
He is a real scum.
You theory is so good
that I almost want to believe it.
It was your right hand
that dispelled my suspicion.
Because after visiting the two crime scenes,
you found out that the murderer
was actually left handed, like you.
So you switched to use your right hand.
Even when you got on the carriage
you used your right hand!
at the moment you saved me,
you had no time to think
and acted on instinct.
That's when you used your left hand!
Your "divine" action
has revealed the beast inside of you.
I saved you,
and all you can think about is this.
Chin Fong,
are you a god or a beast?
So you admit it?
Why admit something you have no proof of?
You must not have had time
to get rid of the body in your trunk.
And these...
I took them from your classroom.
We can test them for fingerprints
to see if you used the left hand
or the right hand.
Should I do it?
Do you remember that Crimaster case?
The one who killed
the Government Official is the dog,
but the one who replaced his dog
with a killer dog
was his wife.
It's not the animal that kills,
but the barbarity.
Chin Fong,
When you stare at the abyss,
the abyss stares back at you.
you can look,
but not for too long.
Don't forget to call me if you ever come back.
One word go, JIA! JIA! JIA! JIA!
I indeed mean to!
Q's IP was deeply encrypted.
I spent the entire night to decode it
and you are right,
he's not in Canada.
I know.
But he's not in the US either...
He's not Q.
Are you disappointed?
If you do not let go,
I will report you
for assaulting an officer of the law.
This represents the long standing friendship
between China and the United States.
Thank you, Tang Ren.
No problem.
Please visit Beijing
when you have time.
I have time right now!
Right now?
right now!
You got it again and I didn't.
How did I get it?
Don't be stupid,
don't you see what "right now" means?
What does it mean?
How do you write it in Pin Yin?
LI-KE-YOU... like you!
you should improve your English,
or you won't be able to be my partner anymore.
This is him...
Such a difficult case!?
Ok, I'm on it.
- What...
- Old Chin,
there is a huge case waiting.
Forget about Beijing.
We're changing our flight to Tokyo.
Too difficult!!!
Wait, where is Ah Xiang?
Old Chin, please...
I lost the 5 million
and I lost Ah Xiang.
All I'm asking is this...
Old Chin.
Ah Xiang?
Ah my ass!
Ah Xiang!
Tang Ren,
what are you doing here?
Ah Xiang,
did you come to find me?
I knew you'd come to find me!
I came here to find you.
It's you.
You son of a bitch.
I've had it with you.
Move you ass like this,
and your hands this way,
like this...
Old Chin, please.
"'Crimaster' No.2
Detective Chinatown(Tang Ren, Chin Fong)"
Happy Chinese New Year!
Wishing you happiness and prosperity.